smallman1 wrote:

My MacBookAir is basically a Rolls Royce minus the wheels.


Changed from Windows 18 months ago. Never looked back.

Julius Papp's 'Lazy Days' mixtapes on that there soundcloud

Pricer wrote:

I'm a bit disappointed that the first two discs aren't properly mixed? Says on the box "compiled and mixed"


Piss take. Won't be getting my dough for this.

It is one of your better ones, by a mile.

Difference being it's well paced and doesn't sound like it's trying too hard to impress.

IMHO of course.

Thanks for sharing

Popped up in my feed today.  Looking forward to giving it a spin in the FUV tomorrow.

Congratulations on the exposure.

Found this in my feed last night so only managed the first 20 minutes on the drive to work.

Sounds great and you can instantly tell it's one of your mixes

Look forward to listening to the rest.

Thanks for putting up on tinternet

So I thought to myself, "Ignore the baccy pouch obsessed clowns on the Bedrock Board, buy the thing and see what it's like. That'll fucking show them."

FUCK ME its atrocious, unlistenable bilge.

One of the following must apply;

1. Magda is making some sort of ironic post-modern statement about mix CD's.
2. The care in the community guy in the Balance office paid up-front for this so they had to release it to try and recoup a few $.
3. You need hard core elephant tranquillisers to listen to this.
4. I am not trendy enough to 'get it'.

Would love to have been a fly on the wall when they received the masters for review.

Anybody want a cut price copy. Could come in handy for stopping wildlife from shitting on your lawn.

More great stuff, keep it up chaps

smallman1 wrote:

I've gone off Doris Dj's.

See Maya Jane Coles as an example - absolute rubbish nowadays.

Highly informative stuff.

Many thanks

Anybody listened to this yet?

Full length tracks only on Spotify, makes it difficult to get a feel for the mix.

Connaisseur Mixtapes # 9 - Kollektiv Turmstrasse on t'Soundcloud

smallman1 wrote:

David August's Boiler Room set -

This is tha shiznit. Thanks for pointing out. As well as a quality set I like...

1) Man with a stick.
2) David doesn't need headphones.
3) it seems to have been filmed in the mental home from American Horror.

Memo to self to watch more of these.

benson wrote:

fucking love acid eiffel.

Listening to some of those takes me back to my first proper night out. Billy Nasty at the Zap in 96 or something like that. Didn't have a fucking clue about life the universe or fucking anything.

Brutal techno.

Ditto. Voodoo @ Le Bateau in Liverpool. First proper techno night. Primal sh1t. Proper eye-opener.

universoGus wrote:


cd 1
from this … p?id=58989 is super Far


Agree Gus.

Check these out. Some you might like … ed-sundays

dubmick wrote:

Craig Richard's one is on spotify

Do they play gapless / mixed if one plumps for premium?

Put off buyng Miami by experience with London. Sounds shitty in the car on Cee Dee, so bad I binned it.

Just looking back through one's Compilation procurement history this year and realised only bought 1 comp that came out in 2014 - Nick Warren's Soundgarden if anyone's interested...

Has there been owt else decent released this year? Any standout Shizzle that I'm oblivious to?

Been eying up Will Sauls DJ Kicks and the Craig Richards jobby for no logical reason.

Insert subjective opinions below, or feel free to ignore.



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Popped up on my feed this morning. Really enjoyed on first listen and a good return to form for what started out as a brilliant series.

Would recommend Josh Dupree and Real Gone Kid mixes also.

Great work mate, really appreciated.

Pinned for train to/from fancy London tomorrow.


Big Fella wrote:

And he was rubbish at one of the first Warehouse Projects at Boddies, where it was freezing.

Remember that. Playing to about 12 people in the side 'room'.

Wasn't Sasha on in the main room that night? foggy memories.....

Been listening to this for a week or so, is a good un


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All pish...

Daddy =

Whilst these are all nice ditties, Bigg Snoop Dogg paid tha cost to be tha Boss.

You should run all Boss - related items past Snoop going forward.


Might be age, but I occasionally dig out old Mix Comps that used to be on heavy rotation and slap them in with great anticipation...

Only to find that nowadays they sound like 4k bpm nosebleed shite and get lobbed straight in the bin.

Every now and then though, a real cracker resurfaces that still sounds good today.

This week, I am mostly giving two thumbs up to....

Digweed's Transitions Vol 2.

Pwopah Monsta cool

Feel free to leave similar observations, should you have them. Or don't, it's your call.

Anyone knows where I can buy me this on MP3?

Can only find digital version on eye tunes. Bit out of the loop but assume eye tunes is still drm protected?