Popped up on my feed this morning. Really enjoyed on first listen and a good return to form for what started out as a brilliant series.

Would recommend Josh Dupree and Real Gone Kid mixes also.

Great work mate, really appreciated.

Pinned for train to/from fancy London tomorrow.


Big Fella wrote:

And he was rubbish at one of the first Warehouse Projects at Boddies, where it was freezing.

Remember that. Playing to about 12 people in the side 'room'.

Wasn't Sasha on in the main room that night? foggy memories.....

Been listening to this for a week or so, is a good un


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All pish...

Daddy = http://baxuanballahjeoqoj.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/voll-damm-god.jpg

Whilst these are all nice ditties, Bigg Snoop Dogg paid tha cost to be tha Boss.

You should run all Boss - related items past Snoop going forward.


Might be age, but I occasionally dig out old Mix Comps that used to be on heavy rotation and slap them in with great anticipation...

Only to find that nowadays they sound like 4k bpm nosebleed shite and get lobbed straight in the bin.

Every now and then though, a real cracker resurfaces that still sounds good today.

This week, I am mostly giving two thumbs up to....

Digweed's Transitions Vol 2.

Pwopah Monsta cool

Feel free to leave similar observations, should you have them. Or don't, it's your call.

Anyone knows where I can buy me this on MP3?

Can only find digital version on eye tunes. Bit out of the loop but assume eye tunes is still drm protected?

Funny, was looking at that Gerber mix earlier!

Have only bought Nick Warren's Renaissance this year. Was going to buy Danny Howell's Balance but not taking to it after listening on Spotify

Getting to that time of year again. What comps cut the mustard for you in 2013 and why?

Grant wrote:
michael231423423 wrote:

I really liked the mix CD.  It was his best mix CD in a while.  I loved it.  It got me through a stint at the hospital where I discovered I had heart trouble at only 37 years old.  Thanks John.

Was it broken?

PM system appears to be, not received mine yet.

djdiggers wrote:

we would love to hear any feedback on the album


John & Nick


If you can send me a copy I'll have a listen and let you know.

PM for address.


A Midnight Drive Through Yoker - Domenic Cappello

LWE 167 - DJ Nature

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Translation: 'Trolling Flares and an Anorak represents some sort of unwritten priority in my life, even on some subconscious level.'

Evidence: Rarely posts on any thread which doesn't have Flares and an Anoraks' input. (see: Opian, Phil)

Conclusion: Smashdad is a lonely, genitally-challenged cockwipe maintaining an unhealthy obsession for Flares and an Anorak.

Recommendation: Kill yourself. Soon.

You could write exactly the same about you & your chimps trolling Andrew's posts / slating his mixes like insecure little kids in a playground to be honest luv.

Conclusion - Smashdad knows a cunt when he sees one.

Thanks Andrew, will have a listen tomorrow...

Miserable cunts, have a word with yourselves...


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(20 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion)

It's all good, until the trannies get on the bandwagon & start droning on about their man / 'girl'friends <delete as appropriate>...

Laughing Jack wrote:

Been listening to a load of my old house records that I finally dug out of the stables.  This was a massive tune for me and switched me onto House Music and all the fanny that goes with it.


Vocals, Percussion, taxi for me and the lady please....

Fo sho, great times. Just inspired a Strictly Rythmn retrospective and then ordered this;

Roger Sanchez – Hard Times - The Album, off've that there discogs.

Unbroken1 wrote:

...there was a fucking brilliant Rocky & Diesel one on the Faith board, I'll see if I can dig up the link

Attention caught...

The Orb & some Abbo's. Some sort of smoke - off??


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Fonks solution.

Listen to first half of Andrew SLattery's mix.
Use Involver pennies to buy Jozifs CD & DJ Sprinkles' "WHere Dancefloors stand still".


A 2 disc pack, cunning!

Need to figure how to split into 2 MP3's to be honest hmm

Loved this right up to about 1:20 mark, straight after Ultraista - Smalltalk, perfect headphone mix.

Bit too uptempo thereafter, but I am 38 next week neutral

If you could cut off around 1:20 would be the perfect Involver for me, the rest are a little too uptempo for me nowadays!

Gets pipe out, etc...

Great work, really impressed.