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liquitech1 wrote:


..new mix I put together this evening. It's still processing on Soundcloud for some reason so here's the Hearthis link. Enjoy mateys! cool

https://hearthis.at/httphearthis.at2mtk … ember2016/

01. Oona Dahl - You Gave Me LIfe (Petrichor Remix)
02. Bender - Think Green
03. Brandt Brauer Frick - You Can Buy Me Love (DJ Tennis Remix)
04. SBTH - Ribolla
05. Dusky - Long Time (Patrice Baumel Instrumental/Remix)
06. Michael Mayer, Barnt - Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen (Patrice Baumel Remix)
07. Rico Puestel - Remembering October 3rd (Oliver Shories Remix)
08. Khen & Guy J - Prism
09. Jimi Jules - Hundeblick
10. Matador - The Resort (Darren Emerson Remix)
11. Savvas K & David Brilli - Tangeri (David Durango Remix)
12. Sfire - Sfire 3 (John Talabot's Tribalist Rework)
13. Fort Romeau - Secrets & Lies
14. Funk D'Void - All That Matters

Nice. Will give it a spin at the gym tomorrow.


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Ger_Stokes wrote:

Sound quality is grand, unless you're talking about the file quality. If it's after been ripped from the YouTube vid then it's only going to be around 128kps.

Yeah? I gave it a bit of a run through and agreed with the original uploader who said it wasn't great. But if you say it's grand, cool. The breaks bit he goes into at the end is great. Nice to hear Smith/Selway "Move" getting a play. I'd recommend jumping on this now as I could see Sasha asking for it to come down given he has his LNOE podcasts.


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Sound quality isn't the best but it's alright over headphones if you want to get an idea of what he's playing these days...

https://soundcloud.com/avidmuzikfan/sas … n-dec-2016


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Know he's a popular one on here...


[03] Sau Poler - Esperits (LOR Remix) [Atomnation - ATM 038]
[06] Einmusik - Bullseye [Katermukke - KATER 126]
[10] Quenum - Solitaire [Cadenza - 110]
[15] Cassy - Move (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Aus - 102DG]
[18] James Ruskin & DVS1 - Page 1 [Blueprint - BP 2016]
[20] Gel Abril - Contemporary Thoughts [Rejected - REJ 058]
[22] Breach & DJ Dust - Win Ugly [Aus - DTM 100]
[28] Kocleo - And On [Audiomatique - AM 73]
[30] Jozef K & Winter Son - The Fabled Lost [Chiwax - 009LTD]
[42] Digitaline - A Journey To The Stars [Get Physical - GPM 357]
[44] System7 & Derrick May - I Travel [Groovin' High - GRVH 04]
[51] Gene Farris - Black Licorice [Farris Wheel - FWR 097]
[54] Ep2 - Dance (Kerri Chandler Centro Fly Mix) [Champion - CHAMPDL 1040]
[56] Phil Weeks - Funk In Your Trunk (DJ Tool) [Robsoul - RB 166]
[57] Johannes Heil - By Night (Part Three) [Odd Even - 006]


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Not for this year, I dont think? As long as the event was listed on RA the vote counted. So, its still open to potential neferious activities.

Yeah? I didn't vote but that's how the used to do it. And agreed. Not exactly a perfect system (as if one could even exist).


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zackster wrote:

you say that like it's a bad thing

I'm not saying it's a good thing. And correct me if I'm wrong, but RDJ has been known to do his fair share of fan trolling. Not to mention that Moderat isn't exactly Judge Jules here.


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zackster wrote:

choosing moderat over aphex twin should be a bannable offense

Hey at least you know what you'll get with Moderat. Fucking Aphex Twin could spend the better part of an hour playing literal sandpaper with some 240 BPM gabba track over the top just to be a weirdo. Not to bash him or anything.


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It should be noted that the only way to vote for a DJ is if you RSVP'd to an RA event with said DJ on the bill. That sort of filtering really warps the results; not that anyone should really care.


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zackster wrote:

wtf is up with this patrick topping dude? i'm running a monthly night with a guy who loves his tunes. he talks my ear off about him every chance he gets. don't get it. id never heard of patrick topping until we started the night a few months ago, and i have no idea why he is popular. his tunes are so bland and average. it's like "underground" tech-house according to an avicci fan.

and adam beyer? can't lie, i used to like his stuff. but thesedays, both he and drum code are top sources of nondescript, vst, paint-by-numbers, subbase techno.

strange list imo.

Yeah I'd never even heard of Topping until seeing this list. Maybe he's the new Ricky Ryan.


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The Black Madonna smashes it. She's excellent. I think the list is pretty good. Nice to see DJs like Jackmaster, TBM, Hunee, and Gerd Janson getting some respect. They're a nice break from the over-the-top seriousness much of dance music falls into. They just play fun music that actually makes people dance rather than stare at their fucking shoes (looking at you Tale Of Us).

Johnny Utah saying "vaya con dios" to Bodhi is cinematic perfection IMO.


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I live in Oakland. Went to the Ghost Ship about a year ago. It was a crazy place. Amazing, really. Like an antique warehouse. Ornately designed. Interesting stuff everywhere. To try and put the space in perspective, I didn't even realize that there was a second floor when I was there. It was that much of a labyrinth. While the blame game is inevitable, I have to admit that a fire never even crossed my mind. In retrospect, it's so painfully obvious the danger that place put people in. To try and find one's way out of there in a panicked situation...imagining that...it's honestly hard to stomach. The economic pressures here have made the arts/music scene quite small and very tight (those same pressures, to a degree, created the circumstances under which this horrific event occurred).  Oakland is a small, hardscrabble town. I honestly don't think it'll recover from this. I thankfully didn't know any of the 24 who were killed, but I know people who do. It's just a tragedy. All around.


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This is excellent. Carl Cox is fucking boss. Tremendous DJ.

https://www.mixcloud.com/SuperbMixes/ri … utput-nyc/

Know he gets a lot of flak on here but I thought this was pretty damn enjoyable.


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As an aside, it's nice to see people really pulling out all the stops for the Essential Mix. There are so many mixes available and limitless forums for putting them out there. But artists do seem to put that extra bit of effort for Tongy. After all these years it's refreshing to see so many, a lot of whom being quite young, still considering it the gold standard. And unlike the RA Podcasts, the EM isn't always trying to show off. Viva la EM.


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About half way through and this has been excellent thus far. The unknown tune at 028 sounds like something X-Press 2 would've knocked out many moons ago. Recommended (even if the low-end is a bit lacking).


01) 000 - A Cidade - Maria Rita Stumpf (Bwana’s Rio 2016 Edit)
02) 004 - TCP - A Voice Across The Nile (Moscoman Rework)
03) 011 - LOR - Boy's Brigade
04) 018 - Mike Dehnert - How Close To Be
05) 023 - Jody Barr - As The Wax Runs Down
06) 028 -
07) 036 - Bwana - Generation Nostalgia
08) 042 - Mattheis - Osi
09) 048 - Acid Pauli - Nana (Underspreche Private Remix)
10) 054 -
11) 062 - Vaal - Wander To Hell (Aera Edit)
12) 071 - SHMLSS - 4AM At The Kebab Shop (Bawrut Remix)
13) 079 - Xanga - Boom Boom Boom (Nite Fleit Remix)
14) 083 - Dubfire & Miss Kittin - Kittin's Ride
15) 088 - Cowboy Rhythmbox - Soda Jerk
16) 094 - DJs Pareja - Club De La Locura
17) 099 - DJ Tennis - Convex
18) 105 - Tiga - Sunglasses At Night (Alter Ego Mix)
19) 114 - Brassica - Wryders


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rich cartwright wrote:

Missed the boat on a lot of his recent stuff over the last 2-3 years. Aside from the Sunday School mix (which is still a belter) and the most recent LNOE Nov '16 Mix... Are there any others you can all recommend?


RA Podcast was pretty good.

https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amste … ha-mix-248

This is surprisingly pretty good. Nothing complicated or groundbreaking. Just some straightforward tunes that many have probably all heard too many times.

01. Tame Impala - Let It Happen (Soulwax Remix)
02. Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl (Deetron Remix)
03. Booka Shade - Lost High (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
04. Rampa - Necessity
05. Black Coffee - Buya (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix)
06. Davis feat. Cameo Culture - Blind
07. Benedikt Frey feat. Javolenus - Out Of Here (Roman Flügel’s Cosmic Rework)
08. Drones Club - Feel No Pain (Lemmy Ashton Remix)
09. Booka Shade - Body Language (Chi Thanh Remix)
10. DJ Tennis - Convex
11. Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Hunter_Game Remix)
12. David August - Ouvert

https://soundcloud.com/dkmntl/dekmantel … -the-isles

Live recording. A bit same-sounding but I could see it doing wonders at a festival.


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Grant wrote:
fadass wrote:

The last series of The Wire relating to the press was absolutely fucking shite.

Tru dat. I re-watched it and it's a total waste of time.

I didn't like it when I was watching it as the episodes came out. Found it a bit better upon a binge re-watch. The worst of the seasons but I still think it's better than most any other show. Seemed like too much axe grinding on the part of David Simon and his history with the Sun, though. Interestingly, they had a sixth season idea, focusing upon Latino immigration to Baltimore's urban core, but Simon and his writers didn't feel knowledgeable enough to do the topic justice. Shame. As it is something that deserves attention.


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Cheers for this. Enjoying it immensely.


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Josh Wink was the first DJ I ever saw use CDJ's well before the proper Pioneer decks came out. I'm not going to pretend that anyone gives a single shit about that, though. He was always...okay.

Would've loved to have seen Ricardo Villalobos at his best but those days are more than likely well behind him. Haven't seen Ben UFO yet. Heard nothing but good things. Laurent Garnier would be good to see as well. But this country's politics seem to dissuade a fair few. Find that a bit lame but that's their choice so fair enough.


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Whatever one's personal rankings are, it is pretty incredible the run that HBO had for a few years there in the early and mid-2000's. The Sopranos. The Wire. Six Feet Under. Deadwood. Oz. Band of Brothers. Carnivale.

The Wire does require quite a commitment. And each season tends to start slow before snowballing towards the end. I also work in public health in areas with a lot of poverty and open air drug markets. So, admittedly, I enjoy it more than most partially due to having a personal connection with the content. It's worth the time IMO.


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Dermatron wrote:

Just started S1 of the Sopranos again 17 years after the first time. Luckily for me the drug addled remains of my cerebral cortex have allowed me to watch it just like it was the very first time!

Absolutely superb. Hasn't dated at all. Imo in nearly 2 decades only Narcos and Gomorrah are in the same league.

I still rate The Wire as a smidge better but I wouldn't argue with anyone who rates The Sopranos as tops. Both are just incredible television.


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