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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Not so much a fall from grace, but I'd like to see Burridge and Howells get some more 'legendary' love. They're pretty much under the radar these days.

Burridge is pretty well established here in California. Not sure if he moved out to SF or LA but the following is strong; especially with the bell-end Nu-Burner types (not meant as a knock on Burridge).


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Great mix from Dixon here. Not far from the Weatherall/ALFOS/Optimo style of business and really well put together. The Innervisions sound has become a bit formulaic but the guy is still an amazing DJ and well deserving of the press.



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That release used to be on Beatport but no longer. Same with Ame's early album that had loads of good music. I think it might have something to do with when Innervisions was a sub-label of Sonar Kollektiv. They split around the time this and "Rej" came out if my memory serves me correctly.


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Homegrove wrote:

A lot of these trendy jocks are I think. The Berlin-guys all play the same records, it's like the prog-circles in 2000, just based in Germany. And you'd probably get killed making that comparison in Panorama Bar. Not that I complain, I happen to play the same records because I like them.

+100. The level of noodling, chin stroking, and sycophancy is exactly the same as the old prog days. The music isn't too far off either, albeit about 10 BPM slower. Dixon is the only one that really stands out for me. He's an exceptional DJ even if his sound has become a bit too much of a brand. He used to just play and release good songs - Innervisions has become very predictable in recent years. Still a good label though.

John Talabot is the guy who really stood out for me this year. Ben UFO being another one. Likewise with Daniel Avery. Some of the older guard (Digweed, Weatherall, Michael Mayer) are still amazing as well.


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Wally wrote:

>> I Break Horses - Faith (The Field Remix) (Bella Union)


Hadn't heard this before. What a monster of a tune.


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Saw him last night here in San Francisco. Really, really good show. I highly recommend checking him out if he comes to your neck of the woods.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:
zackster wrote:

not really, no. he's always been a good producer.

the Audion Fabric is the worst thing Ive ever heard

The Weatherall Fab that came out around the same time is boss.


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John Digweed makes music I would typically never buy sound fucking amazing.


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His mix of Daniel Avery is top notch as well. Proper producer is Fluegel.


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zackster wrote:

will buy nina's dj kicks once its out next year. tl looks good.
1. Egotrip - Dreamworld (Acapella)
2. Nina Kraviz - Mystery (DJ-Kicks)
3. Area - Broken Glass Everywhere
4. Prototype 909 - Atma
5. Goldie - Truth
6. Bjarki - Revolution
7. Nina Kraviz - IMPRV
8. Bjarki - Polygon Pink Toast
9. Population One - Bonus Beat
w/ Flatner / Ingram Project - Da Comin' (Jay Denham RMX) Acapella
w/ Parrish Smith - 1.0 / 8.0 Afrika Genocide Acapella
10. Breaker 1 2 - In The Distance
11. Steve Stoll - Pop Song
12. Bradley Strider - Untitled
13. Stanislav Tolkachev - I Will Not Pee In The Pool
14. Armando - Pleasure Dome
15. Nina Kraviz - Prozimokompleme
16. Baby Ford - 24 HR
17. Fred P - Higher Mentalism (edit)
18. Exos - Nuclear Red Guard
19. Steve Stoll - Corona
20. Freak Electrique - Parsec
21. Population One - Out Of Control (Vocal Mix)
22. Exos & Octal - Grow
23. Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN - Complaints A
24. Plaid - Oi
25. DJ Bone - The Vibe
26. Adam Beyer pres Conceiled Project - Pattern 1
27. Polygon Window - Quino-Phec
28. Nikita Zabelin feat. dBridge - So Lonely
29. Rizhome - Corridor

Isn't she going to be incoherently rambling over it like a complete pillock though?


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loopdokter wrote:

I honestly never understood the fuss over this tune and always found it to be dull as dishwater.


It features airplanes in the picture and was released on 9.11. You insensitive dickhead.


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Great start to that Sasha Gatecrasher Essential Mix when he completely smashed the place to bits at 140 BPM or so. Never had much use for it after that though. That's one of my favorite "peak time power prog" sets now that I think about it.

http://www.mixcloud.com/YeahRadio/sasha … 8-06-2000/

    Sasha & Emerson - Scorchio (Dub)
    Sasha - Scorchio
    Soul Driver - States Of Mind
    Touche - Tattabox Inhibitors [United]
    DJ Nukem vs Chab - Shaiva [Cyber]
    Junkie XL - Zertonine (Slacker Mix) [Manifesto]
    Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (Humate Remix) [Data]
    Fortress - An Angel Saved My Life [Supersatan]
    Junkie XL - Bon Voyage
    Mory Kante - Ye Ke Ye Ke (Hardfloor Remix) [FFRR]

That Evan Baggs (#1 on on their list) Fabric Promo mix is very good. Never heard him before. Nothing fancy - just straightforward underground house/techno mixed well and at a good pace.


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I always liked some proggy breaks - even if it was more along the Freeland/Tectonics style. These being two I still pull out....


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These are fucking great. Fantastic find, Zackster.


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http://web.archive.org/web/200604150205 … 4a4c44e80d

"Poll: How Stupid is TwoChord"


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loopdokter wrote:

Bill Hamel having a right one go at the board and then casually dropping he was off 'to do lunch with BT' and getting ambushed after doing so.

YES! I forgot about that! That board sure was good at pulling people back down to earth. That's for sure. Gotta love all those charts with the [CDR] as a label too. Wasn't there some group - like Bluroom or something - that got caught ripping off someone else's tune at some point? The live tracklisting of Sasha's essential mixes and how infuriated some got was always hilarious as well.

Oh. And Ricky Ryan.


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snowstorm wrote:

Phil Lobsinger

Oh man that guy was amazing. Pimping out his like 9 year old son as they next big thing.

THE Pete Hellar was a good one. The mockery of Ariel Cybana and her "baps" was pretty damn funny. The skewering Funkagenda got for his Laurent Garnier rip-off was well deserved. Great board that. Such a random cast of complete weirdos who took themselves far too seriously. Roman S was always good for a laugh with his incessant trolling.

https://soundcloud.com/nokturnalist/jam … 2014-08-22

[00] Mason - Get Back [Boysnoize (BNRMM016) - 2]
[11] Michael Otten - Make Me Feel Like Dancin' [Tonspur - 100714 25]
[15] Hauswerks & Saul Somers - Just Want U [Moda Black - MB 028D]
[20] Head High - Megatrap (Mix Mix) [Power House - PH 505]
[24] ?
[30] Rekord 61 - Vostok (Spencer Parker Workmix) [Konstruktiv - KONSTRUKT 007]
[45] Deetron Feat. Ben Westbeech - Rhythm (Instrumental Mix) [Music Man - MM 169D]
[49] Paul Woolford - ID


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Been a fan of the guy's productions for a while now but, wow, his DJing is pretty damn amazing as well. Been listening to this today at work (headphones on, obviously) and it's well worth a listen. Most of his sets are (as well as his DJ Kicks)

http://www.mixesdb.com/w/2014-10-05_-_J … sta,_Ibiza

Would love an ID of the track at the 44 minute mark. This mix from that into the Kieran track is fantastic. Proper prog.

There are some annoying voice overs but whatever...


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Haven't been the biggest fan of his but the dude is really good at what he does. This set is great. His mix of Gus Gus from earlier this year is just nuts as well. And you all are right; the bit from The Smiths through Royksopp is relentless. Reminds me of Slacker when they were knocking out remix after remix of proper prog.

Also, who wears a bow tie to a club?


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Sneddon. For his long mixes spanning a genre and era of dance music. Nick! Make a powerprog retrospective! You coined the term afterall. A few recommendations:

Extramode - Beautiful Day (Beast Mix)
Groovezone - Eisbaer (Hard Mix)
La Forge - Second Contact
Jan Driver - Drive By
Ricardo Villalobos - Lugom-Ix

That last inclusion might get some backs up but, hey, it sounds like powerprog to this guy.


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He's amazing. Saw him on his first US visit back in 1996 or 1997 and he just blasted out the sort of tech house that wasn't around San Francisco at the time. Saw him again a few years later and it was relentless electro (the legit stuff). Then Fabric prior to his CD release for the club and he just smashed the place to bits. Now he's playing the slow, drugged out stuff and he's on top form with that. He's really a national treasure for the UK. I truly believe that. Just incredible ear for music and always taking challenges.


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Saw Tony Humphries at the EndUp some years ago and he was just dreadful. There were times the record would just end and it would take a good 30 seconds for him to get the music going again. No idea what the issue was and am willing to say it was a one-off bad night given the opinions of some I've read on here and other forums (from people I do respect).

Saw Sasha around 2002 and he was just boring as all hell. But had so many other great nights and nobody is perfect so whatever.

Other than that I've had pretty good luck.