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I always liked some proggy breaks - even if it was more along the Freeland/Tectonics style. These being two I still pull out....


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These are fucking great. Fantastic find, Zackster.


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http://web.archive.org/web/200604150205 … 4a4c44e80d

"Poll: How Stupid is TwoChord"


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loopdokter wrote:

Bill Hamel having a right one go at the board and then casually dropping he was off 'to do lunch with BT' and getting ambushed after doing so.

YES! I forgot about that! That board sure was good at pulling people back down to earth. That's for sure. Gotta love all those charts with the [CDR] as a label too. Wasn't there some group - like Bluroom or something - that got caught ripping off someone else's tune at some point? The live tracklisting of Sasha's essential mixes and how infuriated some got was always hilarious as well.

Oh. And Ricky Ryan.


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snowstorm wrote:

Phil Lobsinger

Oh man that guy was amazing. Pimping out his like 9 year old son as they next big thing.

THE Pete Hellar was a good one. The mockery of Ariel Cybana and her "baps" was pretty damn funny. The skewering Funkagenda got for his Laurent Garnier rip-off was well deserved. Great board that. Such a random cast of complete weirdos who took themselves far too seriously. Roman S was always good for a laugh with his incessant trolling.

https://soundcloud.com/nokturnalist/jam … 2014-08-22

[00] Mason - Get Back [Boysnoize (BNRMM016) - 2]
[11] Michael Otten - Make Me Feel Like Dancin' [Tonspur - 100714 25]
[15] Hauswerks & Saul Somers - Just Want U [Moda Black - MB 028D]
[20] Head High - Megatrap (Mix Mix) [Power House - PH 505]
[24] ?
[30] Rekord 61 - Vostok (Spencer Parker Workmix) [Konstruktiv - KONSTRUKT 007]
[45] Deetron Feat. Ben Westbeech - Rhythm (Instrumental Mix) [Music Man - MM 169D]
[49] Paul Woolford - ID


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Been a fan of the guy's productions for a while now but, wow, his DJing is pretty damn amazing as well. Been listening to this today at work (headphones on, obviously) and it's well worth a listen. Most of his sets are (as well as his DJ Kicks)

http://www.mixesdb.com/w/2014-10-05_-_J … sta,_Ibiza

Would love an ID of the track at the 44 minute mark. This mix from that into the Kieran track is fantastic. Proper prog.

There are some annoying voice overs but whatever...


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Haven't been the biggest fan of his but the dude is really good at what he does. This set is great. His mix of Gus Gus from earlier this year is just nuts as well. And you all are right; the bit from The Smiths through Royksopp is relentless. Reminds me of Slacker when they were knocking out remix after remix of proper prog.

Also, who wears a bow tie to a club?


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Sneddon. For his long mixes spanning a genre and era of dance music. Nick! Make a powerprog retrospective! You coined the term afterall. A few recommendations:

Extramode - Beautiful Day (Beast Mix)
Groovezone - Eisbaer (Hard Mix)
La Forge - Second Contact
Jan Driver - Drive By
Ricardo Villalobos - Lugom-Ix

That last inclusion might get some backs up but, hey, it sounds like powerprog to this guy.


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He's amazing. Saw him on his first US visit back in 1996 or 1997 and he just blasted out the sort of tech house that wasn't around San Francisco at the time. Saw him again a few years later and it was relentless electro (the legit stuff). Then Fabric prior to his CD release for the club and he just smashed the place to bits. Now he's playing the slow, drugged out stuff and he's on top form with that. He's really a national treasure for the UK. I truly believe that. Just incredible ear for music and always taking challenges.


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Saw Tony Humphries at the EndUp some years ago and he was just dreadful. There were times the record would just end and it would take a good 30 seconds for him to get the music going again. No idea what the issue was and am willing to say it was a one-off bad night given the opinions of some I've read on here and other forums (from people I do respect).

Saw Sasha around 2002 and he was just boring as all hell. But had so many other great nights and nobody is perfect so whatever.

Other than that I've had pretty good luck.


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I think the album is great. There's no way it could possibly be as groundbreaking as his previous stuff but that's impossible because of time and youth and things like that.

This Aphex Twin album sounds like Aphex Twin and that's good enough for me.


[EDIT] Gonna be hard to pass this as my favorite album of the year. Or of all time. That last bit is a lie.


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chromosome_junction wrote:
Big Fella wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

He was very good in Tigerland, BigFella

He couldn't even put in a decent performance in his own production with that black girl.

Farrell's an extremely gifted actor who stopped giving a fuck pretty soon after his first three major roles went to #1 in the box office. His best three performances imo are:

3. Ethnic minority report
2. Phone box
1. Daredevil

Joking apart, he's really good when he tries.



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Sister turned me onto "Almost Royal" the other night. Man, that show is funny. I recommended "Nathan For You" and she seemed to like that as well. Both actually make me laugh which is pretty rare given I am a miserable human.


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Ariel Cybana obviously #baps #longliveGU


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furry wrote:
jamie wrote:
furry wrote:

Way too many to mention. But with the risk of getting out of control. Ill mention Zero7@Park West and recently Nils Frahm@Constellation.

Nils Frahm is playing in Toronto in November and I am thinking of going but I'll most likely be billy no mates and will be on my todd. Is he that good?

I absolutely love his stuff and was actually thinking of taking my FIL who is a classical music nut as a bit of an experience for him (he has dragged me out to a couple of absolute shit opera's in the last year so it could be payback)

I really think you should go jamie. He was absolutely brilliant! Not sure how you are but I'll fly solo to gig's if I can't find someone to go with. I really don't mind. I'm guessing the FIL would enjoy himself though.

Good to know! I grabbed two tickets to see Frahm here in San Francisco. There's a full Red Bull Academy recording on YouTube. Really amazing stuff. Didn't watch too much in case it'll be similar to the show in November. But for those looking for an introduction, it's a worthwhile watch - really quite hypnotizing.


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Thomas Gandy & MATOM "Love Mistakes" on Planet E Communications.

It apparently has Radio Slave's fingers on it. While I'm don't really care for that dude's techno stuff, this is far closer to his Quiet Village project which I've always been into. Really interesting and a welcome step in the right direction for Planet E as their releases seemed to be incredibly blah and formulaic in the past few years.

Highly recommended.


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Probably Daft Punk at Coachella in 2006. That sort of LED set-up was something I'd never seen before and it was nothing short of incredible. While the whole "EDM" thing has gotten well overboard on this side of the pond, it's still a pretty incredible shift in what constitutes popular music. And it can all really be tied back to that one benchmark event.

Had some great DJ nights with the likes of Sasha and, laugh away, DJ Dan way back when.

The Roni Size/Reprazent shows were always a good time as well.


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dutchy101 wrote:

First time I went was in 99 for the Sasha Ibiza album launch. It was perfect. Shame they touched it from then.

Probably not a very popular opinion here but that era was my favorite for the likes of Sasha and Digweed - probably because that was when I was first introduced to them. Christ, that night must've been immense.


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Really enjoying this. Being stateside I don't get to see Richards very often but the few times I have he hasn't really done it for me. On the other hand, all of his commercially released mixes, from the first Fabric to this, have been on point.

First half looks great. Second half not really my style but I'll give it a spin later on today.


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smallman1 wrote:

Anyone who holidays in their own country is a massive neanderthal.

Not sure where you live but there's more than enough places within these bounderies to have a good time.


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stylustrouble wrote:

Just to stop those that are going psychotic with rage from having a further nervous breakdown,here's on that's less than 10 years old......


Milton Jackson-Cycles

Great track.


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Some of those are great. Especially that last bit with Thom Yorke.