on repeat

sounds good so far! Like the track begining at 27:00

Homegrove wrote:

This is really really good.

https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amste … kids-remix

Out on the 25th.

thanks! was looking for that one since I heard transition 500! First I thought it's a depeche mode vocal.

http://www.mixcloud.com/Soundwall/sound … v%C3%A4th/

soundwall podcast 200 - sven vath liveset, pretty good!

Are you Sladek the third?

Rome is also really great for a weekend! also good for going out, if you're there be sure to check out Goa club, they always have great lineups http://www.goaclub.com/category/events- … r/?l=lista

Big Fella wrote:

Zurich is a really nice place but i enjoyed Lucerne, plus they have a clockwork railway which takes you up Mt Pilatus which is breathtaking.
Thought Geneva was a bit shit though

good idea! I second that and not just because Zurich is my hometown lol, but I wouldn't go to Berne (capital) it's just too boring there.
Any advice on where to go and what to do in Berlin (nightlife)? I'll be there in june

then stop bitching about the "all time board mediocrity"

why are you posting then if you don't like this board?

comical_ali wrote:

[...] recent months. [..]

says the fucker registered in april 2014 LOL

probably better suited for the guilty pleasures thread LOL

universoGus wrote:


simon can you post a quality download link for this ?


[i don´t trust on that uploaded thing from that gimp on mserver]



shaunstrudwick wrote:

pretty sure someone has mentioned that before...

30 sladek threads in 7 days lol, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at the highest level. Good job sladek!

maybe it would help if a moderator would allow him only to post in his own general thread and withdraw the rights to create new topics?? would this be possible?

just a great track, heard it in a great thugfucker set!
https://soundcloud.com/robot-heart/thug … g-man-2012

happy owner of both


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Did John also play at the festival? Those sets should be recorded..

sladek, why don't you use your own fucking general thread for posting questions like this in the near future??


thanks for the link!
Edit: someone please put it on zippyshare! uploaded.to is too fucking slow...
Edit 2: never mind, found it


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I think this one makes a great last track

another great track by ten walls, can't wait for the release

https://soundcloud.com/taleofus/tale-of … 842-meters


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I'd love her to blow my whistle wink

thanks for all the great answers! Totally forgot about the Dixon EM!

@furry: No it's for my flatmate who asked me what this music is he's hearing from my room and if I could send him some links. I sent him the joris voorn best of 2013 and solomun best of 2013.