Hi all,

long-time reader here. I have two tickets for tomorrows bedrock party for sale, as I cannot make it.

I will give them away for 10GBP each. Please pm me if interested. Thanks!

Any chance someone recorded Digweed's live set last friday? It was aired on pioneer dj radio from 01.00 - 04.00 apparently.. Unfortunately I couldn't find a recording so far.


Agreed, second half is a bit boring

https://soundcloud.com/patrickmclaughli … odcast-482

very good so far

Prydz just released a new EP, only old tracks. It's his best one since quite some time.


Pryda - Annexet

out now, finally! Imo one of the best so far unreleased prydz tracks

edit: together with pete tong ID!

https://soundcloud.com/circolocoibizaof … -22nd-dc10

some good tracks in there!

Does anyone have a download link for the set ?

currently re-listening the Village Underground set from last february. I put all the different transition episodes in one playlist. https://soundcloud.com/m-hirl/sets/john … m-village. Thanks to sbando for the upload.

http://concert.arte.tv/de/laurent-garni … r-festival

https://soundcloud.com/hichem-chlayah/d … e-set-2015

David August set from this year, no idea when and where this actually was recorded but it sounds great!

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x243y3 … _lifestyle

https://soundcloud.com/factmag/skream-s … hape-remix
solid remix by redshape

My favourite track from Voorn's EM. The Drifter Remix is ace too.

https://soundcloud.com/tamaratief/solom … 2015-01-16

half an hour in and sounding good so far!

Anyone got an ID for the track starting at 1:09?

no stream of the innervisions party tonight? sad( what a pity....

was this one here before? its a good one

shaunstrudwick wrote:

It was featured on one of his Drumcode shows

Think there's a rip on Soundcloud - will check

ok great, its that one right: https://soundcloud.com/beau-lucieer/ala … ford-remix

shaunstrudwick wrote:
kovy71 wrote:

I somehow missed this one last year, sounds pretty good in my opinion!

all about the Jel Ford remix - which i have been mithering Adam Beyer about on Twitter

got a link to that one?

I somehow missed this one last year, sounds pretty good in my opinion!

thanks. I like this one alot!

jamie wrote:

DJ Tennis / Mind Against Remix of Trentmoller -

https://soundcloud.com/lyamsterdam/tren … ed-preview

wow, great track! any idea when the release is due?