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steelydan wrote:

Ads with 20 seconds of some truly horrific music (mostly dubstep) to listen to some decent music

my thoughts exactly!

this mix/release is absolutely quality smile

Hi All,

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collie79 wrote:

can anyone please id this track

Electric Rescue - Lili

eddieconway2012 wrote:

Hi. been huntin this tune down for ages and had no luck.. it says in one of these videos posted by digweed it will b released in 2012 ... heres 2 videos of the track from different events.. need this track its amazin!

Its the track before marco bailey& tom hades - stars and shines!!

Marco Bailey - Whispering Leaves

erik.b wrote:

Juluis Geluk - The Shift

the original mix of this reminds me of DJ Tim & Misjah Access

I like all three of them. Nice one

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seanc80 wrote:

In fairness she is a complete weapon, attention whoring the shit out of it since the year dot.

My thoughts exactly haha