GuyMiddleton Just heard your latest set in Soundcloud. Really nice set!!!

Thanks for the post. This is the true Sasha that made him famous. I wish we could have this kind of music nowadays. It's quite nice the democracy that technology brought to everyone you don't need a huge expensive studio but the thing is we have a lot of crap being produce daily like never before. In the past you really had to prove yourself in order to able to use the studio and press some vinyls, you needed someone to back you up and trust your talent. We don't have this kind of filter today. You can produce a track in a day and be able to sell it digitally online in no time.  If no ones buy your track, fine! But if no one buys the 5000 vinyls that the label pressed, then you are FUCKED! A Lot of thought and feedback was needed before pressing the vinyls.