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and with him getting sentenced on the 18th December he will be locked up just in time for the annual HMP Belmarsh screaming of Men in Black... Men

zackster wrote:

that gem was snapped in a bed and breakfast bath room before a wedding. and my tie is obviously a square bottom knit.

If you turned up at my wedding in that outfit, you would have been to told fuck off and swiftly escorted off the premises.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
jules72 wrote:

Anyone got links to one of these legendary Jonathan Lisle mixes

have recently found about 6 cds of JL's - all around 2001/2002 - will try and get em up online

what's that new hosting site called again?


Squidgy wrote:
Steve Arnold wrote:

it's my 30th on 23rd December so she's paying. 2 birds


The 2 birds is particularly thoughtful too.


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starcreeper wrote:
drwho13 wrote:

I watched about 40-43 episodes 30 of which I thought were pretty good.

The show kept getting worse and worse. So yeah, I think it was a good show that turned to shit. Not so crazy.

Such a shame you gave in. Last nights episode was the best entertainment Ive had from TV in years. Its been a slow boiler but fuck me that was good.

A very entertaining episode indeed. Looking forward to the final 2 now, I wonder what other surprises they have written in?


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What a bunch of cunts, that is really quite pathetic, given all the support they asked for when a property company wanted to build across the road from their club with the threat of closure.


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I'd love to smash her backdoors in.

fadass wrote:

I have a copy of Sasha Ibiza mixed in the exact same order from Dermo.

And it sounds better than the GU one.

Isn't this sweet, your little internet bum chum bigging you up in front of all the non believers.

Dermo wrote:

glad you're loving my work still fadass. was a bit special that mix admittedly.

Internet dating working its magic here folks


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Yant wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Fair old craic at Jessie's afters mind you.

Like a smalls after party, I'd imagine.

What? 3 lads sitting around (not a bird in sight) crapping on about Star Trek.

Extra lolz when I read that.

Dermo wrote:

Want to know what i'm like, then hop on a plane and find out where I play.

You are an even bigger cunt than you make out to be.  I had until recently spent many in years living in Sydney and anyone that knows their onions there will know exactly how small the scene is, especially in respect to nights that book DJ's who play good music. There are 3 or 4 decent nights and that is it. I am good friends with the people that run them all and you are certainly not playing at any of them that's for sure.

So run along back to your garage and dust of the those 1210's and come back join us when you have finished playing in fantasyland.

As someone pointed out earlier you are most definitely all fart and no poo.

Dermo wrote:

I'm a dead set 9. But after 20 years of playing out probably need an absolute no-mark nobody like SimonR to endorse my ability.

Either put up or shut up. I am involved in a monthly podcast and there is a slot in October that I can make available. If you are as good as you say you are, then it's yours. Can't be fairer than that?


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Grant wrote:

Could a pack of frozen Macedonian vegetables sort out my printer and its associated wi-fi network connection issues?

Fresh Romanian assorted legumes will definitely fix it.


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furry wrote:

That's sorta fucked.

sorta fucked? Is fucked I think you will find.

furry wrote:

Are these city employes?

Define city employees? Are you referring to those in the financial markets sector?

shaunstrudwick wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
Phil Opian wrote:

Tall Paul? LOL

With all due respect Edward that's the kind of information you would keep to your self. Your musical heritage is now thrown into question.

That was back in 1998 chief.

He absolutely smashed it that night tbf.

have Ed down as a Malibu Stacy punter back in the day

Far too you to have been a Malibu regular.

jules72 wrote:
smashdad wrote:

If this takes off - and I emphasize the 'if' quite wrongly - then perhaps flares could also be prevailed upon to decree on various other topics which his expertise equips him for?

Not Dear Deidre, but Dear Flaresy....the agony aunt thread

Surely this would be more fitting

Dear Flaresy....the agony arse thread

Some favorite's for me are

Mihai Popoviciu    <-- His 'Call Me' track is one of the best tracks I have heard so far this year.


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loopdokter wrote:

Took place in Toronto apparently.

Why am I not surprised.


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Dermo wrote:

Hi Phil, I considered the hypocrisy of my remark whilst writing my post. I don't find his tunes boring I find him and his hair boring and the knack he has of turning great tunes into an hour long monotonous racket. Which I consider boring.
Hope that clears it up for you.

Crystal fella, his forthcoming remix of Nothing But Pleasure, should be right up your strasse then.


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Dermo wrote:

Boring as fuck is guy j.
Hes also adept at showcasing loads of his tunes in his mixes then never releasing any of them. Really fucking annoying.
And his hair cur is an abomination.

If you find him "Boring as fuck" then why get annoyed if he showcases his tunes and doesn't release them?


Danny Tenaglia - Turn Me On (John Digweed & Nick Muir's Bedrock Mix)

Black Sun Empire - Killing the Light



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I enjoyed watching Australia struggle to get one past Iraq last night.Fucking Amateurs