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Dermo wrote:

ill do you the 15k one if you like

Presto's gone through a lot more Kleenex than that.

GregWhelan wrote:

Let's be honest lads, no matter what the club, Rodgers or Suarez say or do they won't be able to win with you lot, you'd always find something to moan about!

That's because your club will never change: offended by everything, ashamed of nothing.

Big Fella wrote:

Perhaps this tommyLFC chap...

http://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/ind … 07394.2000

I think it's important to not let this change us as a fanbase. Just because Suarez let us down after we stood in the trenches beside him doesn't mean others will. Just because Torres thought blue would make him look prettier than red doesn't mean others will.

Don't let them change us.

It bloody hurts now, of course it does. Fuck me I nearly came to blows with lads down the local pub defending Suarez. And looking back, I feel like a fool, and let down at the same time.

But then I think of a lad like Daniel Agger. Someone who has been here since the years of Champions League finals, through to Hodgson and he's still standing tall. With YNWA tattooed on his knuckles no less. A man who was last week linked with Barcelona, but there was no "it would be hard to turn Barcelona down" from him. A man who was linked with City all summer last year and ended that summer by signing a new contract in August. A man who I genuinely feel gets excited by walking out at Anfield and wants to take us back to the top. A man who I feel we should get attached to. A man who I will jump in the trenches with, without fear of being let down. Maybe loyalty isn't dead.

Don't let them change us.

Then I look at Coutinho and that kid can reach the sky. It's easy to think he'll just bolt at the first flash of Chamopions League knickers, and not get too attached to him. But you know what? I love how attached I (and I'm guessing a lot of you) get attached to players and treat them like mates rather than footballers. Or as Rodgers said of Suarez, we treated him like a son. And I'm convinced that will have a huge affect on 95% of footballers.

Don't let them change us.

Who knows where we'll be in 10 years? Maybe we'll be saying Coutinho is the best Liverpool player in history, or Mignolet has shown loyalty is alive and well. Maybe Martin Kelly will be kissing the European Cup and lifting it up high before passing it to Lucas. I like to think that we as fans make our players feel 10 feet tall, and we do that by emotionally investing in them and treating them like long lost friends. Just because we've been let down before doesn't mean we will be again.

Don't let them change us.

The cast of Brookside will release a youtube version of this upon Suarez's departure.

Amps wrote:

You could easily see this backfiring for the dopey prong. Flirt with Arsenal in the hope Real pull their finger out, only for Arsenal to put in some mad £60m bid and us to sell him.

Even if we got proper bonkers money for him, who's out there that would come to us? We're mid table with lots of mid table players, and an un proven manager, £40m+ players don't want to walk into that dressing room. At present out future lies in unearthing more Saurez/Coutinho players, which is hit and miss and generally quite difficult, so I think we will be holding out for stupid money as at present he is basically irreplaceable to us.

See it from the Yanks perspective:

Finish sixth with Suarez or finish sixth with £40m in the bank.

No brainer (in their parlance).

Beijing Dave wrote:
Presto wrote:
flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Luis is their only decent player, their talisman and the fuel for an engine which only limped to a measly 7th place last time around,

They seemed to playing just fine without Suarez at the end of the season.

Interestingly, Liverpool's win percentage without Suarez has been significantly higher than with him for every season he's been at the club (including the long suspension for racially abusing Evra - 58% of games won as opposed to 44% with him in the side).

Flaresy needs to get his hands on the FACHTS.

As much as I hate Suarez, the sample size is too small to be quoting stats like that. However, long term a stat like wouldn't surprise me - he seems more of an individual than a team player.

Dermo wrote:

i seriously wouldn't want to be a Dr. of any medical persuasion. Worked into the floor and a life of sleep deprivation and hardly any social life. Got two friends in that industry, ones a surgeon the other an ER Dr. Both look like death and never have the time to do fucking anything and work to the point they are like zombies.

A lot of GPs (not locums) spend half their week on the golf course. It's a desperately boring job but massively overpaid compared to hospital and specialist doctors.

fadass wrote:

Anyone know what Benson's job is?

He never mentioned.

MattBlack wrote:

He sends people to sleep

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Fuck me, I should write for the Times Sports Supplement I'm that good. Might send Patrick Barclay a sample.

I thought you were Patrick Barclay - massively opinionated yet atrociously dull.

MattBlack wrote:

Why didnt they put the Aussies back in to bat, could have bowled them all out again and had a day off

England's batting is prone to collapse. They clearly didn't fancy chasing 150 to win on their bogey ground.

starcreeper wrote:
simonr wrote:

twice the player that £55m Cavani is


Poof that Danny Tenaglia shouldn't be allowed near animals.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

if Madrid offer Higuain & cash - i'd take that

obv would prefer him to go Madrid - tho i expect Madrid to also bid for Aguero given the glut of strikers now on City's books

If Suarez moves to another English club it'll be easier for the dippers to shed themselves of the racist image.

You'll still be a bunch of murders who feel the world owes you something but it'll be a step in the right direction.

Presto wrote:

Benteke's signed an extension. Fucking lol.

Presto, you've probably watched Benteke more than most. On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely is it that Benteke is a one season wonder?

Villa should cash in, imo.

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Like we already have for Rooney, Suarez and Higuain? The Rooney offer was 20 mill and was rejected outright; Higuain transfer was all but done until moneybags Napoli stuck their oar in and now Madrid apparently want the thick end of £37 million for him instead of the 23 we'd agreed; Wenger has been given green light to sign Suarez for 40 but now Liverpool have decided he's worth £55 million all of a sudden. There's growing a pair and there's having the piss royally taken out of you. If the Dippers won't play ball I say fuck it off - he'll end up going anyway, they'll spend the money on a load of shit like they always do and end up finishing nowhere, like they always do.

As a good a manager as Wenger is (was?) I question whether he could handle the egos and baggage that come with Rooney and Suarez. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Arsenal need to target good players who have failed at their current club - just as they did with Henry and Bergkamp.

Fair play to simonr for trying reclaim his title of board whopper from Flaresey.

fadass wrote:

haha - he was too busy setting fire to the Ivory Coast flag and running amok up in his hometown.


Big Fella wrote:

If United bid for Messi I think we then have all bases covered.

Between the papers, Sky, Twitter & Bedrock they produce some monumental bollix.



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Flaresey and simonr AKA two bald men fighting over a racist comb.

Presto wrote:


Fucking skills.

He who laughs last.......

Why would you want Suarez? Wenger needs ratface like he needs a hole in the head.


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It's been a terribly dull summer for football rumours/transfers. The big story of the day is that Paul Ince's son has turned down a transfer to Cardiff. hmm

The season should start sooner.

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

I could work you, talk you, read and write you under the table without breaking a sweat, and since we're on a music website I could piss you up the wall with my creative abilities as well

You've got serious status issues.

Lol. Proper Durgal.

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

So in order to be a worthwhile member of society a person just needs to have a job?

A lot of unemployed believe this to be true.

There's a well established correlation between employment and self-esteem, mental well-being and physical health.

Work is good for you - give it a try.

How long before the abuse of Flares-y turns into pity? It can't be easy being stuck at home and trying to pretend you're a worthwhile member of society via a messageboard.

Give the man a break. Or better still, a job!