I would also make use of low-cost ways available to promote the events - print 250 business cards free and hand them out in the area prior to the event has been the most effective campaign to this date, guerilla marketing seems to be gaining the long deserved respect.

stripped99 wrote:

one for the bbq this weekend smile

Indeed! I've just boasted about having one, and here goes the warmup! Thanks for sharing.

Just BBQ'ing with a few mates, playing some records and battling the sun in the evenings.

Oh man, excellent for a tough week, thanks!

Well, I am definitely loving the artwork on the cover, and as for the mix - different strokes for different folks they say!

Ah, Ben Watt, ever since the days of ABTG, I've been a fan and the Buzzin' Fly production remains outstanding to this day, managing to remain on top, keeping that thread of that best dance era, ever.

Thanks for this throwing this together, last Decade was so great with music.