^ haven't heard CD3 yet.. sounds like I will enjoy it quite a bit..

Argentina's CD4 is one of my favorite from the series

Great news for divorce attorneys.

Had a late night drive and got to listed to cd2 from start to finish.. its amazing.. so far both 1 and 2 flow really well. Should get to cd3 soon.

Got the physical copy a few days ago.. great little package.. thanks John!



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I get excited about software in general, so ye..


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It looks like they put in some effort behind this, and I do like it, but the final image kind of looks like something they threw together in PS and not a real world thing..


Only had time for CD1 in the car today.. superb mixing/track selection.. flows like an old river

Not their best set, but very few were recorded on video like that.. either way, china cat into I know you Rider and Bob Weir was on point that day smile

1st set
"Let The Good Times Roll" (Cooke) >
"Feel Like A Stranger" (Weir, Barlow)
"Built To Last" (Garcia, Hunter)
"Me and My Uncle" (Phillips) >
"Cumberland Blues" (Garcia, Lesh, Hunter)
"It's All Over Now" (B. Womack, S. Womack)
"West L.A. Fadeaway" (Garcia, Hunter)
"Desolation Row" (Dylan) >
"Deal" (Garcia, Hunter)

2nd set (starts at 1.05)

"China Cat Sunflower" (Garcia, Hunter) >
"I Know You Rider" (traditional, arranged by Grateful Dead)
"Playing in the Band" (Weir, Hart, Hunter) >
"Uncle John's Band" (Garcia, Hunter) >
"Standing On The Moon" (Garcia, Hunter) >
"Drums" (Kreutzmann, Hart) >
"Space" (Garcia, Weir, Lesh, Mydland) >
"The Wheel" (Garcia, Kreutzmann, Hunter) >
"Gimme Some Lovin'" (S. Winwood, M. Winwood, Davis) >
"Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad" (traditional, arranged by Grateful Dead) >
"Not Fade Away" (Hardin, Petty)
"We Bid You Goodnight" (traditional, arranged by Grateful Dead)


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Presto wrote:

Simple fact is most malware gets in to an operating systems via the user. Since Microsoft introduced UAC I don't think I've ever had a virus/malware on Windows. It's there so you get to decide what get's privileges to install software (and have elevated rights), but problem is people just see it as a nuisance, and click through it, without checking what it is that wants those rights.

They are "sandboxing" pretty much everything on Win10 including the old win32 programs so it should be even safer if you stick to downloading stuff from their store.. waiting to see how many win32 devs would bother putting their software on there.

As far as I understand win32 apps downloaded from the store will run in some sort of a VM which would make it even easier to remove them as well.

You can still sideload whatever you want, but I think you will have to turn that option on in the settings.

And ye.. windows defender works pretty well for me.. haven't had any issues


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Looking good..

the surface pro 4 would probably replace my current machine when it comes out


Can't wait to hear this


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Skydney wrote:

My money is on San Francisco

Solid night..

He played longer than he was supposed to.. I think 4am was cut off but he kept going.. stuff weren't happy, but we certainly were.. smile


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The set he played in San Francisco right before WMC was on the dark side... I am hoping for that one

Just saw on xbox musix.. this is great! thanks for sharing

Good read

http://velvetgloveironfist.blogspot.co. … n.html?m=1

The opinion polls were way off eh?

Seat changes


Just got a pair from American Optical. High quality all around. $50 on eBay.


http://www.forbes.com/sites/ryanmac/201 … -festival/

The Robot Heart guys know what they are doing, so this might work..

It will be interesting to see cancellations stats on some of the high profile DJs out there... some seem to do it more often than others.

I think Digweed would rank very low on that list.. I don't even recall a canceled event by him but I am sure he has a few.

http://www.npr.org/2014/06/27/322910178 … ng-a-remix

Interesting perspective

Do I hear elements from The Traveler at around the 26min mark ?


Lifetime memories from that night.. thank you John!

Yant wrote:

For anyone that's interested, here's a link to John's EM from 2002 that i mentioned in my magnificent post earlier in this thread.

https://soundcloud.com/onisor/essential … ven-london

this is really good.. I can only imagine the energy in there

Thanks for sharing ..

Ahad Adump wrote:

Nice Adriatique remix of Spirit Lights played in Dublin.

yum! please bring that vibe to San Fran next month...


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Green Bay didn't convert when they had the chance in the first which kind of lost them the game.

Check this


CD3 would be the bliss/blur moment for me ,., its a perfect example of what this music was meant to do on a dance floor smile