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The sound in LA was pretty bad as well.. Rear left was cracking really bad at times.. I don't think I will go back there. John should move it club Sound in Hollywood.. They have that room dailed in

Coachella has been going downhill for years.

John should hit Burning Man instead..

crazy p - Walk Dance Talk Sing

Man I always end up buying a digital copy + physical because I don't want to wait.. $12 on groove music,, re:structured sounding sublime so far


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so there was a guy in the middle of the dance floor wrapped in a British flag and every time John hit the spot he would yell

"the British are commmmming!" or "the British have arrived!"

it was fantastic.

I flew away during this segment

and then at like 430 we got this..

Thank you John for the amazing music and for giving us 6 hours of it.. the staff weren't all that happy at the end, but oh well : )


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seeing jd on the night of .. the Halloween theme usually works out


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I think he lives in NYC

lee burridge

simonr wrote:

Thought the venue has really improved with its re-config .. great atmosphere, the vid says it all.

How about an early Feb gig there .. petition started.

Better than Vagabond ? : )

MattBlack wrote:

Pretty much this, musically they're too far apart these days. It would be like a rock band who can no longer stand each other getting back together for one last hurrah

And that's okay .. the Grateful Dead did exactly that a few months back and it worked : )

Are they really that far apart musically that they wouldn't be able to pull it off ? Maybe a few "rehearsals" and they can dial it back in

This looks good

http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2015/09/r … ll-fans-2/

$50 on steam

Grateful Dead - American Beauty
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - No More Shall We Part
Foals - Total Life Forever
Fatboy Slim - Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars
The Wood Brothers - Ways Not to Lose
Miles Davis- Kind of Blue
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Leftfield - leftism
The Doors - The Doors
Madonna - The Immaculate Collection


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Here is another one discussing the same issue

http://kernelmag.dailydot.com/issue-sec … ent-model/

I am one of the few who uses xbox music (got it really cheap on Pi Day) and while I do like it, I am sure its not different to the other ones when it comes to profit distribution. The whole model needs to change..


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I wouldn't bother with a console..

PC + Steam is the way

get this


free upgrade to win10 and maybe an SSD if you want to speed things up further.


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smallman1 wrote:

Hope Windows 10 is working out for all concerned.

This is Ed "MacBook Air" Smallman signing out.

Are you planning on running Windows 10 on it ? I hear it runs better on windows..



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read that its running on 60+ million machines already.. cray

Presto wrote:

Upgraded my laptop, this morning.

It froze on the first boot and crashed on the second boot. Good start.

Hopefully just a bedding in thing else I'll be back to 7.

Driver support for some chipsets is spotty.. but nowhere near as bad as vista


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Installed it on 3 machines.. stable so far.. digging the new start thing, multitasking/desktop, and cortana

The new groove music app is much better, in fact most built in apps are better than 8.1

OneDrive integration is not as good as 8.1

the new browser eats a lot of RAM compared to IE11 ...almost as bad as Chrome


matttymm wrote:

Overall this is a strong mix in the series and a gigantic leap forward from Miami, which for me was the only time I’ve heard Digweed play and been glad that I wasn’t there .

Obviously the music is all personal preference, but I can say with confidence that you missed an amazing party smile

ye.. CD3 is prime..

I missed on Miami this year, but after attending the show at Mighty SF the week before I knew the Miami gig would be a treat smile

Keep putting these out JD.. its really a great series! Tons of diversity so we can all find something we like, beautiful music, sublime programming, and on top of it all it really showcases your skill, which I think its the main reason we are all here and support you.


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Nice comp here

http://www.theverge.com/2015/6/30/88633 … pple-music

They all have around 30 million "songs" on there but I guess they vary quite a bit.

I got xbox music for ~30usd/year on Pi day and its not bad at all.. just got to listen to the new Fur Coat Balance yesterday which was a nice surprise.

Not very many Fabric comps tho.. are they all on Apple Music ?

^ haven't heard CD3 yet.. sounds like I will enjoy it quite a bit..

Argentina's CD4 is one of my favorite from the series

Great news for divorce attorneys.

Had a late night drive and got to listed to cd2 from start to finish.. its amazing.. so far both 1 and 2 flow really well. Should get to cd3 soon.

Got the physical copy a few days ago.. great little package.. thanks John!