meeting up some twilo veterans there tomorrow.. based on feedback here from the last few parties we are in for a treat

Logan 10/10 for a comic based movie.

8/10 overall smile

ukhursty wrote:

Video diggers pushed out on social media sounded brilliant!

ye that was great! 

aaand someone was waving a Texas flag in there hjhah

3 has very similar vibe to what went on in Miami ...
great great stuff

Looove CD1,., cleared my mind in no time!

Homegrove wrote:

Whole thing listened through. The star was mighty bumby (dunno if the man himself agrees with me, but I loved the not-yet-sure-where-I'm-taking-this-ship-feel, made me feel he's not imperfect in the booth), but after King Roc - The Beginning it was damn near perfect. Even though the mix ended two hours before the actual end it felt right, so nicely done deciding that bit.

isn't that what makes a good DJ.. one that actually cares to figure out the musical direction for the night.. I love seeing/hearing that bit the most

John's party at treehouse a few weeks ago was incredible.. loved it .. it would rank in my top 10

last year burning man at the robort heart .. I roll up tripping lightly at around 2am and there is this amazing music being played by some unknown to me DJ. heavy acoustic chords, slow rolling basslines on top.. beautiful vocals.. I have no idea what that shit was, but it was beautiful. the whole set sounded like it was tailor made for the desert. I've never heard anything like it. then at one point he drops some cover of Valya Balkanska's - Izlel e Delio hajdutin , now if you haven't heard her voice, its incredible.. hearing the sound of her voice sounding trough the neveda desert is probably the most beautiful thing I've ever heard to date...

here is the original

impossible to pick just one


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The best analysis I've seen thus far based on testing and rule changes for 2017 … -irfane%2F


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What oil conspiracy?

Stereo Montreal or Fabric would be great

beautiful music..

I will be there, but can't bring myself to go to the ultra thing... just no

treehouse it is

what is this mad darkness ?

^ very niice!

Sounds like the magic was in the air that night.. good for you! smile

I am hoping for him and JD in there at some point this year..

I will be there but not going to that.. 90-100 minute set doesn't make much sense

Sad they won't play any proper parties after tho..

hoping to catch Sasha on a boat and Digweed in a club


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They won't broadcast John's set unfortunately

dné - These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere
Esperanza Spalding - Emily's D+Evolution
Jean-Michel Blais - II
The Range - Potential
Kamasi Washington  - Throttle Elevator Music Iv
beats antique - shadowbox
a tribe called quest - we got it from here
rufus du sol - bloom
Bon Iver - 22, A Million
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree


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^just wait for the sasha&jd night

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

New wettie & surfboard...AND for my in-laws to fall off a cliff into a patch of cactus.

not sure if all hype, but I've seen quite a few in the water and feedback seems to good for the price

Nocturnal Animals - 8/10
Arrival - 9/10


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Got to see Dixon and Seth Troxler this year.. I would take Troxler's set 9/10 times over Dixon's for the reasons discussed in the article. It almost felt like those two are on the opposite sides of the scale..