the drinking law in California holds it back, otherwise.. special place indeed. In terms of music tho.. i would take London, NYC, or Berlin any day

millsy23 wrote:

any good drops?

hah..i promise i wasn't trying to time them

I felt like the first two hours of the set were a bit shaky, but he found the groove around 3 AM and it was spot on until the end around 4:30 .. good times : ))

^ love this

Going with some friends tonight.. hoping to hear more of this

will post a few pics/vids later

sound system is decent and the crowd is usually up to the task : )

I really wish I can catch him on a good night like that.. Every time he comes to San Francisco the sets are usually short and the sound system at the venue he plays at is awful. His Miami gig/appearance : ) (not the boat party) this year wasn't very memorable..

Its surprising but the best set I've heard from him was at EDC in vegas a few years ago..

Pricer wrote:

After seeing Sasha for the umteenth time last Sunday I've come to the conclusion that he's crowd reactive. If the crowd is up for it from the get-go, then he'll put on a special performance.

Looking back all the bad Sasha shows of been to have generally had a bad crowd.

That's probably the case for a lot of DJs out there.. even from Sasha's caliber. Its hard to play a good set to a mushy crowd... its energy exchange and if the flow towards the dj booth sucks its no bueno.


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Bill Burr's one hour special from 2012 is very good


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Chris Turner

BedRob wrote:

I rather like Sean Lock, My Mrs says i am just like him....except he's funny

He is very good.. I watch 8 of 10 cats every once in a while just to hear some of his new stuff


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I thought we could share stand up or any other type of comedy we like here...

Andy C wrote:

Forums are few and far between, but those that perceiver are of great value compared to the smash and grab nature of social media these days. The original social networks if you will.

Never thought of it that way but yeah.. they are the original social networks along with mIRC I guess.. frankly, I prefer both to the current "modern" stuff.. except maybe reddit, but I can't really find anything good on there in terms of music

this is a complete mess

maybe we can collectively "fix" it lol

the techno sub is pretty dead

Its amazing but you might want to rent one of these or something similar

it makes the whole experience much better

oh and

Bonnaroo > Coachella

That's the best I've seen England play in a while and they still loose .. this games makes no sense most of the time lol … inworldcup


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transitions 450

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Disc 3 is really interesting. Border line chill out in the first 15 minutes and then it just goes insane. Proper fuck with your head mix, reminds me of 5AM with diggers, where the drugs are sorta wearing off and you're wondering if you need to drop again.

There was no need I don't think.. the music and the energy in the room was so good that it just carried me until the end..

150mg @ 1ish and by the time he played sugar daddy around 330 ... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

disco kings -> vibe       is sublime.. that ~15min window in the club alone made my trip to Miami well worth it : )

forgot how good Cordoba was..


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ahmedfadooq wrote:

A DJ is only as good as the music he can get at the time - and John Digweed is no different.

The synergy thing is bollocks - 10 boring tunes can't magically be made good unless the listener is a twat who likes stuff more because a 'reputation' is playing it.

Renaissance 2 will always outshine Live in Miami/Argentina because the music and situation was better in 1995.

Maybe if you gave those 10 tracks to 5 different DJs you will end up liking one of the mixes more than all the rest...

namistai wrote:

The Dutch entry was genuinely brilliant and was utterly robbed by some bearded prick in a dress.

It has a country vibe to it.. still nice


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Thank you! I was able to attend the last 3 parties there and they were all amazing!

Also, thanks for signing these in 2012 smile

Makes him closing the set with the end by The Doors even more fitting..

Sad.. it was the only place you can hear him play an extended set in the US

MattBlack wrote:

Maybe if Diggers wants to attract more women he should start playing more girlie house music, like he used to at Renaissance

Lee Burridge's sound seems to be well liked amongst females.. not really sure why tho

10 points wrote:

I know that this post is not going to change much but it looks like john digweed is not making that effort anymore and his sets are just of one size fits all type of sets.

The set I heard in San Francisco last month and then the one at the Vagabond in Miami a week later were very, very different sounding..

Also I've gone from a an EDC stage set to an after party in a small club and the music he played was very much "tailored" to both venues.

And then if you play Slovenia after Cordoba for example.. not much in common there either

hah you could also apply the 1 or 0 scale, it saves time and mental energy

the USofA is underrated..

Foxy Stoat wrote:

Spent a stag weekend in Bulgaria a few years back and didn't see anything under forty that you wouldn't smash.

The coast around August is packed with 10s