MattBlack wrote:

Maybe if Diggers wants to attract more women he should start playing more girlie house music, like he used to at Renaissance

Lee Burridge's sound seems to be well liked amongst females.. not really sure why tho

10 points wrote:

I know that this post is not going to change much but it looks like john digweed is not making that effort anymore and his sets are just of one size fits all type of sets.

The set I heard in San Francisco last month and then the one at the Vagabond in Miami a week later were very, very different sounding..

Also I've gone from a an EDC stage set to an after party in a small club and the music he played was very much "tailored" to both venues.

And then if you play Slovenia after Cordoba for example.. not much in common there either

hah you could also apply the 1 or 0 scale, it saves time and mental energy

the USofA is underrated..

Foxy Stoat wrote:

Spent a stag weekend in Bulgaria a few years back and didn't see anything under forty that you wouldn't smash.

The coast around August is packed with 10s


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great vibe/crowd the set was indeed special.. I think that this is his best gig here in the US and also by far the best one during WMC

simonr wrote:

Vagabond was amazing .. and the recorder was there.

First two hours were absolutely stunning and John built from there and just got better, all new stuff by the sound of it .. plus less of the techno bangers, just hard dark heavy sounds with muscular beats. Pure alchemy.

The club is great too, nice venue without being pretentious .. bargain drinks prices, fuckin' great sound system, low ceiling, dark club packed full of people there for the music. Definitely a few kitchen sinks thrown.

Don't forget the outside area with the fire pit.. great touch

my gf pointed out a few interesting things that I never noticed before but it makes a difference. I don't know if they meant to do it, but their layout is very, very good

There are two different ways to get in and out of each room, and the outside patio area

which allows for much better energy flow and most importantly, you never feel "stuck". The music is also played trough the whole venue so you never feel like you are missing out no matter where you are. Most clubs kind of resemble a "fish tank" .. one way in one way out.

Great venue.


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I got one from the pool party and two short ones from the vagabond .. amazing party


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it worked well

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Looks good doesn't it? A big, dark room full of men. Brutal.

That looks awesome!

I am going to two parties back to back.. Mighty SF and then Vagabond Miami if he plays there this year, but I don't see why not. Considering the feedback from his recent shows.. can't wait

I had the pleasure to hear your sets in Miami (Vagabond during WMC), Las Vegas (both at EDC and the after party at Lavo), and your recent one in San Francisco at the Mighty..

Thank you for the phenomenal music experience and memories..

I will try to make it down to LA for your NYE party as well smile

I like the diversity in vibe/music between the two nights, but it still works as a whole.. 3 and 4 will get you moving for sure : )

I know that this is way better, but there are a few Nokia phones out there that have HAAC mics on them .. the results are surprisingly good overall.

CD1 and 2 are really good.. haven't heard the rest yet

The DVD is awesome.. great mini set smile and those shows look amazing. Very well done.

I was introduced to Sasha in the early 00's so I don't have the perspective most of you here have, but from what I've heard from his older sets he really played some amazing/influential music. His zen afterparty set is probably one of my favorite sets..

Despite the fact that i gravitate towards Digweed's sound more, I am really glad that he is still out there playing whatever he likes.. I like it, and I would go see him play any chance I get. 

liquitech1 wrote:

Without sounding cheesey, he still has a certain aura around him when he djs....even if you don't like the music he currently plays, you cant help but be excited when he steps into the booth. Most djs Ive grown out of dont have that same pull anymore.

I agree..  I had a chance to see him at EDC in vegas earlier this year and his set created an "atmosphere" which non of the younger/trendy DJs managed to do in the same manner.. in fact.. not even close. 

Dan Harwood wrote:

I cant believe no one has mentioned his ability to be the most fucked person in the room and still turn in an amazing set time and time again.

Well.. I seem to recall a party in San Francisco not long ago where he just sat on a couch behind the opening dj for a few hours and never came on... but yes, I've heard the stories smile

dutchy101 wrote:

6 hours of a man in his peak form.


flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

I often forget myself when it comes to the age of people on this thread....first heard of Sasha in '99? Fuck me, I'm such a grumpy old goat, I'd almost got fed up with him by then. First heard him in '92 on the aforementioned Universe cassette tape, which was a big deal amongst the tokers, cool kids and Fiesta Mark II racers around my rural area. Saw him early '93 for the first time at The Wall in Southampton - what a fucking night that was. This was basically before prog - heard Tony di Bart's 'The Real Thing', Screen II 'Hey Mr DJ' on Cleveland City, and he was kind enough to leave Acperience 1 until I'd peaked on my amphetamines. Thanks Alex. He stood there like a statue the whole time - never smiling - just watching the crowd intently during his work. Pretty sure I locked eyes with him a couple of times - it was like being stared at by Sid Vicious.

Diggers obsession followed within the year, again via a mixtape which featured amongst other things Revolution by Route 66, an early prog classic. Those days seem so far away now...Orb's Blue Room squelching out of sub systems in the car park on Portsdown Hill; Menage A Trois boatparties on the Solent; happy hardcore nights at Tonic on Bognor seafront. Maybe this is why I feel such a spiritual bond with John and have ended up living close to his hometown. We seasiders understand the mystic link between prog and the south coast. If you haven't grown up with it it's hard to understand, but it's quintessentially English and steeped in the ancient lore of Albion.

Thanks for sharing.. it gives perspective to those of us who came to the "scene' later on. It really is important to know a bit street history about the music I enjoy today.

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

My I refer you to the Glasto 2010 set .

is this the one?

gIzzE wrote:

The thing with Sasha, and Digweed for that matter, is they know how to work a crowd and play the stuff that needs to be played on the night and at the time they are on.

Essential skill.

I noticed this with Digweed a while back.. and even more recently.. The stuff he released from Punta del Este and the one from the the WMC cruise are very, very different to Live in Slovenia for example.

Also I had the chance to see him play two different venues in the same night, one being a big stage at a festival (EDC Las Vegas) and the other a small hotel club (Club Lavo) a few hours later.. killed at both venues but his sets had a completely different vibe.

Impressive.. considering what all the younger DJs are doing.. not even close. I really hope that someone can pick up where Digweed lets off eventually.

I am guessing that Sasha can do the same thing..

smallman1 wrote:

How many times has everyone seen Sasha?

9 times.. all in the past 10 years.

jamie wrote:

His 6 mix this years was the first decent thing I have heard from him for about 10 years now. Everything else has been boring ploddy rubbish..

What about his mix for Mixmag ? I thought that was really good.. also the live thing he did for them a bit after that

mr day wrote:


Only if I had a time machine..

Played the mixed CD in the car during a long drive earlier today... punchy flow.. amazing music.

I've only listened to CD3 once but I really liked Timestone and Hollow World.

Packaging and all.. great album overall

^ ah, there it is smile I heard Sasha play this in Las Vegas earlier this year and haven't been able to id it..

at 33min

Sublime from start to finish.. thank you!

Sadly I've never seen them play together.. I missed the whole thing, but I do enjoy their styles.. separately.

I've seen Sasha play live 4 times, 3 of which were in San Francisco, and only one was memorable, and I've see John like 9 times .. all of which were pretty amazing.

Now.. after seeing them both at a festival couple of weeks ago, I have to say that the "mini journey" you are talking about is very much what I though when I saw Sasha's set. He managed to make that outdoor venue feel like a small intimate club.. and it was amazing.

I managed to record his whole set, but since I can't post links.. just search for

Sasha live at EDC Las Vegas 2013 (full set)

on youtube

John's set was great as well.. hardcore, straight to the point.. which is what you would expect from a short festival oriented set ..

But then I went to his Bedrock after party (the same night) and that was.. well.. way better than anything I saw at the festival, not even close.. but it took about 4 hours, where at the festival he only had 90 mins or so.

Search for: EDC Las Vegas 2013 - John Digweed (full set)

Which brings me to the question.. why do they need to play b2b ? Can't they just do.. Sasha opening for about 2 hours, and then John comes in and smashes for another 3-4hrs ?

After seeing them both in the same setting, I think that would work beautifully smile