Just got a pair from American Optical. High quality all around. $50 on eBay.


http://www.forbes.com/sites/ryanmac/201 … -festival/

The Robot Heart guys know what they are doing, so this might work..

It will be interesting to see cancellations stats on some of the high profile DJs out there... some seem to do it more often than others.

I think Digweed would rank very low on that list.. I don't even recall a canceled event by him but I am sure he has a few.

http://www.npr.org/2014/06/27/322910178 … ng-a-remix

Interesting perspective

Do I hear elements from The Traveler at around the 26min mark ?


Lifetime memories from that night.. thank you John!

Yant wrote:

For anyone that's interested, here's a link to John's EM from 2002 that i mentioned in my magnificent post earlier in this thread.

https://soundcloud.com/onisor/essential … ven-london

this is really good.. I can only imagine the energy in there

Thanks for sharing ..

Ahad Adump wrote:

Nice Adriatique remix of Spirit Lights played in Dublin.

yum! please bring that vibe to San Fran next month...


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Green Bay didn't convert when they had the chance in the first which kind of lost them the game.

Check this


CD3 would be the bliss/blur moment for me ,., its a perfect example of what this music was meant to do on a dance floor smile

1. Digweed
2. pig+dan
3. Boyhood

Ace wrote:

sound system was just awful that night.

that sucks!

I thought they had phazon in there ? Probably not set up correctly..

saw him in Miami a few years back..sounded a bit flat but this is much better


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I think the first time I heard casa bulga was on that Beirut set from 2004.. amazing track.. the Bulgarian folk motif is a very nice touch


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smallman1 wrote:

Live in Casa Smallman would be great.

Diggers tearing it up chez moi with some of the best bants known to man going on in the background.

A potent combination.

I can't figure out what bants mean in that particular context


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Nokia is still an independent company.. they just sold their device manufacturing to Microsoft. They could enter the market again after 2016 if they want, but it will be very hard to scale at that point so its unlikely.

Homegrove wrote:

Bought a new Nokia yesterday. I got into the smartphone thing too late get too invested in random apps, so Windows works for me.

That actually looks good.. congrats! smile  I think that most of the higher end Nokia phones have HAAC mics so they fare well in the sound recording department.

Is there a decent soundcloud client on WP ?

I am still using a Nokia 808 and its a great device but they are slowing shutting down services on that platform so eventually I will will have to switch.

I have to make it out there for one of these.. maybe next year


The last bit is nice.. the idea of a live "retro" set sounds really good for some reason

Saw him last weekend play alongside Nick Warren...spot on.. fun party .. can't wait for 026 smile


She brought back the full schedule booklet thing (lots of interesting stuff in there) and on one of the pages they had scheduled an interesting "dj battle"


lol.. I guess they do some sort of prank/joke every year

here are a few more pages, I like the uk rave smile


some pics

this is the embrace and they placed right in front of the rising sun


and then its all gone


cool DJ booth, and the sounds systems were pretty good for the most part.. all in all for it not being a "music festival" they are very well prepared


you could talk to God


the man


a few mutants


desert sunset


one of the "streets"


and a few vids

I think this is Guy Gerber but not sure

some cool visuals

the playa at night,, it looks like a big carnival

man goes up in flames

and this is at one of the stages.. u climb in and peeps spin it around smile

^ nah.. there is no cell service out there so I have no idea what's going on.

Unfortunate news:  http://blog.burningman.com/2014/08/news … n-event-2/

Hop_Head wrote:

She's going to be drug addled in a free love fuckfest. Not to say she won't remain faithful mind you but she will be surrounded by penises with enough upward mobility to afford the trip away. Come to think of it, the outlook is pretty grim. Thoughts and prayers.

I would say that's a realistic summary.. a lot of Silicon Valley's finest are attending, I am just trying to pretend that the generalization of them all being nerds is 100% true.

Some of my friends are being very supportive.. one send me the horoscope for her sign today which said "opportunity for a new romance is very likely"



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Diggers tweeted that he came to one of his parties in Ibiza... I wonder if he learned anything


^ like most such occasions it all kind of depends on your company, mind set, and overall willingness to look past the obnoxious. It seems like there is enough diversity in terms of entertainment, art, music, etc. to provide a chance to enjoy yourself. The location itself is very unique.. the desert at night, zero light pollution.. that sky at night must be simply mesmerizing.. good music.. shiny lights.. the whole gifting/barter concept..

It sound good to me but I've never been so I really have no idea.. your friend has a more realistic perspective for sure


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I've seen him twice in Miami during WMC and it wasn't really memorable.. of course it didn't help that I was at Digweed's parties the next day which were on a different level.. It could also be just me not being into his sound..

It seems like he is pretty popular amongst the younger crowd these days.

Live stream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/4917009

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Deadhead, I've been here and this will only spell trouble.

Nonetheless, fair play on putting up a brave face and helping her out on this trip.

I am not going to worry about it until she gets back, but yeah.. its going to be tricky