Beijing Dave wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

My fave version of Open your mind....

Good early chug there, Millsy.


I don't think the quality is great on that SC link (thanks anyway Jamie!).

Any chance of a couple of easy/obvious ones, pretty please:

Mezzomatic - Just Another Life

Chris & Kai vs Levin - Gone To Heaven

Paris & Healey - Blue

Bombdogs - I Can't Explain (Lawler Mix)

Cheers Joey.

Great find - somehow missed this when it came out.


steelydan wrote:

It's great isn't it smile

Not quite, Dan.

Though, far worse than that... with no European football to worry about, I can see Liverpool winning it this year.

MattBlack wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Chelsea will be lucky to finish in the top 4.


Pains me to say this, but Matt, you may be onto something there.

Things are still not well at the Bridge.

MattBlack wrote:
erik.b wrote:
ricky b wrote:

Any ideas on the 'Usura - Open Your Mind' remix/edit that Sasha played?

Was it a remix or special edit?

It's High Tide's Dan Reid under the alias Choke Hold i believe

I heard it was Alan Fiztpatricks

Thanks chaps, will keep my eyes peeled...

Any ideas on the 'Usura - Open Your Mind' remix/edit that Sasha played?

Was it a remix or special edit?

Just caught up - that was a tad uncomfortable.

Hindsight eh, what a wonderful thing.

All the Essential Mixes are out there, but does anyone know of (or have) any of Tongy's old radio shows knocking around?

Seeking a nostalgia fix, anything pre 2009 would be grand.


'Damn Words' is a monster of a tune.

Only went twice – Summer 06.

Nice memories of Tiefschwarz dropping this at We Love.

And then a few days later, back for the Essential Mix with Diggers & Cox.

Oh yes oh yes.

Good times.

Congrats to all concerned with 14 years at the top - I see the bantz is as strong as ever.

Thanks chaps.

Shame the mix hasn't delivered as it was an interesting concept.

I assumed it was in safe hands.



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ricky b wrote:

Sturridge is going in the dream team as of today - it's the only way to guarantee he stops scoring.

Works every time.

Never had a problem with Rafa tbh - Did a great job for us under tough conditions.

Some of our fans are embarrasing, at times. Shocking atmosphere again tonight.

smallman1 wrote:

Eden Hazard is so far away from both Ronaldo and Messi it's ridiculous.

Probably the worst I've seen him play tonight.

chromosome_junction wrote:

sulky cunt

I'd still have Ronnie over Messi though, best player of our generation IMO - and he seems to be getting better.

Dermo wrote:

Ronald's last goal tonight was immense.

Wasn't it just.

Jesus Christ.

Although not a huge gamer by any means, I can't remember so much hype over a game before - seems like it's going to live up to expectation though.

Opted for the Madrid game tonight, pleasure to watch. Can't see anyone getting near them this season with that attacking firepower.

Ronaldo hat-trick, again.

21 hat-tricks for Madrid now... crazy.