It's back on, Dave an I have talked. Uploading to Soundcloud now.


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Thoroughly enjoyed it mate, had it on in the office without complaints which generally means it's shit hot.

Looks like Dave has left the building.

My mix is ready, it's a 3 hour 'journey' made up of my JAS mix, SOG mix with a bonus hour of peak time techno bangers.

What do I do Smashdad?


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Just had a quick jump through, sounds awesome. Next week's train soundtrack I think!

Hope i've got everything right this time... tracklist, downloads and a smile :-) … nuary-2015

Support my chosen charity here:

Here's January's edition of the Source of Gravity show - I have taken over the controls for 2015 - broadcast 4th Saturday of every month on Proton Radio

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01. Maceo Plex & Gabriel Ananda - Solitary Daze [Ellum]
02. Navar - Moments In Life (16 Bit Lolitas Remix) [MicroCastle]
03. Alex Niggemann - Abaton (Chymera Remix) [Aeon]
04. Junge Junge Feat. Kyle Pearce - Beautiful Girl (Audiofly Dub) [Get Physical]
05. Miriam Vaga - Cocoon (Guy J Remix) [Nordic]
06. Clarian - Unrest [My Favorite Robot]
07. Brian Cid - Jukebox [MicroCastle]
08. Dave Seaman & One Million Toys - Everything Comes In Threes (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) [Tulipa]
09. Lonya & Mike Griego - Acid Culture (Roger Martinez Remix) [Perspectives Digital]
10. Porter & Blain - Surrounding Darkness (Original Mix) [Source Of Gravity Digital]

Almost there Dave

Downloads open > thanks again Jules, anyone else feeling the need, the button and link are in the mix.

First i've heard of this!

What's the last track called?

Big Fella wrote:

Assume you are referring to the Drew mix as I haven't posted on this thread asking for download or tracklists.

Me mentioning the no tracklist download option is an obvious joke in relation to previous threads you have created.

Just to clear that up as you seem a bit thick.

Yes, i'm a bit thick, you're clearly a top bloke, I apologise.

Big Fella wrote:

What should I be grateful for Marcus?

You posting a link to a mix I didn't ask for nor will listen to?

Or you single handedly saving the worlds homeless while constantly telling everybody about it?

Sorry about that, not sure how else I could raise money for the charity without mentioning it.

Weird that you complained about the lack of tracklist/download of a mix you had no intention of listening to.

You bring shame on that profile pic Big Fella... you're a bellend!


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Really enjoyed this, will be on repeat for a while!

WOW! Another generous donation (just got the email), you're a lovely man Jules!

jules72 wrote:

Stingy git Smallman lol - it's charity.

I've donated involved with the charity other than this set of contributions?

Cheers mate! I'm only involved with this Just Giving thing... I've passed a lot of guys sleeping in doorways this year and wanted to do something to help that's all, i'm sure we can all afford to spare a few quid (one of my chums donated £50!!!) and The Booth Centre make sure it's well spent.

Haha, sorry, I was trying a bit of Geldof, whilst having a go at Big Fella for being an ungrateful twunt...

£2 (or more) to a damn good charity, that's all I ask, we've raised £112 so far.



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Defo got most of the best tracks of the year in their! … w-27-12-14

Tracklist in the info Big Fella, if you like the look of it, buy a homeless a meal or two by clicking the DONATE button and i'll let you download it. They're my terms... no doubt this one will get zero downloads then.

Big Fella wrote:

Apologies but i turned off at Let's Dance, what a horrendous track. Never liked it, never will and couldn't even move the mix to after that track, i was so gutted.

I officially had to cancel Christmas and have only resurfaced from the cupboard under the stairs.

But on the brightside, Mrs Fella had an awesome Christmas!

Cheers mate, I missed this one!

Thanks for the donation Alex Li!

Downloads are open now, but if anyone wants to give a couple of quid here:
It goes to a very good cause, it's f'ing cold out there today and The Booth Centre provide blankets, gloves, hot meals, aswell as education and re-homing opportunities.
Please take this seriously, you can't even buy a pint for £2, but it is enough for two hot meals to the charity.

Right yer shitters, downloads enabled...

jules72 wrote:

So far the first hour was rocking....nicely placed vocals to break up the chug. A cheeky and very welcome appearance by David Bowie, although its near sacrilege to remix that track! Anyway, top mix...thanks Drew and Marcus

Took me by surprise that, followed by Vanishing Point, lovely touch!

spadang wrote:

Will be checking this over Xmas Marcus, for sure.

Your previous mix was a bloody belter!


Cheers Pete, but as Rindhoops has rightly pointed out, i've not done this one... It's by Bedrock board favourite Drew K and it's damn fine!

millsy23 wrote:

This is bound to be good

It is indeed!

jules72 wrote:

cheers Marcus - will give it a whirl

Good man!