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Because of the kids, I won't be able to make it, just like when I missed your last Manchester appearance at Gorilla, which i've heard was on top form. So, i'd appreciate it if you could record this, for the kids.

Hello Dave? Is that Dave? Is Dave in? I've got a mix for you Dave.

KU, Matthais Meyer and Daniel Avery all very good calls!

And obvs Nick and John, consistantly great DJs

(keep this up, we've almost reached 2 pages)

At this point i'd like to mention I am available for sleeve/cover artwork and club promotion, haha.

Glad you like it chaps, I feel I've finally contributed to the forum.

Big Fella wrote:
MarcusGraham wrote:

Chable's remix was one of, if not THE best track of the noughties in my opinion.

Bold statement that Marcus.

Agreed, I always forget the noughties was probably about ten years long, it's defo one of the best tracks of the decade though.

Chable's remix was one of, if not THE best track of the noughties in my opinion.

Festive innit!

How do you upload images by the way?

1. DJ - Henry Saiz
2. Producer - Luca Bacchetti
3. Film - Kodak

smashdad wrote:
MarcusGraham wrote:

Smashdad, I've emailed you a picture, it's nice.

Nothing received this end Marcus...

What's best to send it to? I used the email address on your profile.

Smashdad, I've emailed you a picture, it's nice.

millsy23 wrote:

oh Marcuuuuuuus


Haha, the film was about me, I requested they used a black actor to preserve my identity, there's also an Australian actor who stole my name to further his career, he likes men.

Message sent to Dave 'khankra' Morrison.

Image being made.

Argh!!! My eyes! My eyes! It hurts... I saw a man put Nesquick in his arse, dance, then shit it out and drink it.

Indeed, it was a good gig too, you would have loved it, I would have too if they hadn't of cancelled it.

Anyway, you want to get your name down for the festive mix swap over on the main discussion section.

Are we waiting for Diggers to put his name forward?

Following you, sounds good.

By the way, I got booked for a gig in Holland once and the daft buggers put your name on the promo, true story!

I'll have a go then, count me in.

Nicely done!

jules72 wrote:

cheers Marcus - will have a listen

Nice one, I hope it's good enough for a £2 donation to the Booth Centre... justgiving accepts Paypal ;-)


European Space Agency - A Singing Comet Esaops – A-singing-comet
The Field - No. No... (John Tejada Mix) KNM www.beatport.com/track/no-no-john…jada-mix/5547223
Stimming, David August - Der Schmelz (David August Revision) [Diynamic] www.beatport.com/track/der-schmel…revision/5720567
Gianni Callipari - Modular [Cadenza] www.beatport.com/track/modular-or…inal-mix/5731339
Alex Niggemann - Materium (Ripperton Remix) [Poker Flat Recordings] www.beatport.com/track/materium-r…on-remix/5655743
Lake People - Uneasy Hiding Places (Original Mix) [Permanent Vacation] www.beatport.com/track/uneasy-hid…inal-mix/4929377
Alex Niggemann - Earth Symphony [Last Night On Earth] www.beatport.com/track/earth-symp…inal-mix/5636211
Clarian - Dystopia [Multi Culti] www.beatport.com/track/dystopia-o…inal-mix/5718070
Pablo - Wrong Copy [LACKREC] www.beatport.com/track/wrong-copy…inal-mix/5798233
Roland Klinkenberg - Yani [Green] www.beatport.com/track/yani-original-mix/5716005
Guy J - Once In A Blue Moon (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records] www.beatport.com/track/once-in-a-…inal-mix/5927199
Una - The Astronomer (John Tejada Remix) [Cool Jewel Records] www.beatport.com/track/the-astron…da-remix/5840322
Livio & Roby - Ananda (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix) [VIVa MUSiC] www.beatport.com/track/ananda-luc…ss-remix/5899246
Jozif - Waikiki [Culprit] www.beatport.com/track/waikiki-or…inal-mix/5803753
SiYuDer - Open Your Eyes (Nick Warren Remix) [Hope Recordings] www.beatport.com/track/open-your-…en-remix/5825384
Alan Fitzpatrick - For Fear Tonight Is All (Original Mix) [Cocoon Recordings] www.beatport.com/track/for-fear-t…inal-mix/5658222
Slok - The Trip [My Favorite Robot Records] www.beatport.com/track/the-trip-o…inal-mix/5732227
Pete Tong, John Monkman - The Bumps [Suara] www.beatport.com/track/the-bumps-…inal-mix/5724339
Robert Babicz - Tonefabrik [Selador] www.beatport.com/track/tonefabrik…inal-mix/5817560
Inxec - Remember [Extravaganza] www.beatport.com/track/remember-o…inal-mix/5724664
Alex Niggemann - Abaton (Quantum Entanglement Remix) [Aeon] www.beatport.com/track/abaton-qua…nt-remix/5903087
Timo Maas, Santos - Z Panorama [My Favorite Robot Records] www.beatport.com/track/z-panorama…inal-mix/5496533

Here's the November edition of Just Add Sunshine, full of spacey techno this month...

https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/ju … ember-2014

Also, trying to raise a few quid for Manchester homeless charity The Booth Centre - http://www.justgiving.com/Marcus-Graham, Please donate at least 67p - discovered the minimum donation on Just Giving is £2, can you spare the extra £1.33 for such a good cause please?

He's a damn good DJ our Ben isn't he!

Haha, sorry fellas... downloads open!

Nice one mate, i've enabled downloads now if you want it.