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chromosome_junction wrote:

imagine how good our schools and hospitals could be if we didn't fight wars that most people didn't want and had a legal system that didn't regularly waste money on shite like this.

Good point and without the wars most of us didn't want, there's a pretty good chance this fuckwit pychopathic wouldn't have felt the need to convert to Islam and mow down a soldier in the street claiming it was a revenge attack.

Sorry Jules, i was away last week, downloads are now open!

Here's last weekend's show, i'll put the tracklist up this week.

First up is me playing an hour of Balearic type stuff and the 2nd hour comes from Torky, who won our DJ competition last year.

https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/ju … ine-marcus

Cheers mate... not that I don't appreciate John's dulcet tones, it's good to hear uninterupted tunage.

Noticed the Transitions forum is a bit quiet, so, just thought i'd share the news here, that i've only just discovered this beauty...

https://soundcloud.com/everybodywantsto … ny-howells

What a mighty fine set this is, only just got my ears on it...

https://soundcloud.com/everybodywantsto … ny-howells

Anywhere you want Dermo, but pre-recorded unfortunatley.

Broadcast Saturday 8/3/2014 on Innervisionsradio.co.uk / Sunday 9/3/2014 on RadioBoker.com

https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/ju … en-andrews

Walrus Ghost – Fragments
Valentin Stip – Correlation [ Ben Andrews Just Add Sunshine Edit ]
Valentin Stip – Regards Sur L’enfants [ I et II ]
Yumi & The Weather – All We Can [ Vondalpark Rework ]
DFRNT – Synesthesia
Warmth – Sun-Drenched
Rocket Emire – The Inside/Coming Up For Air
No Logo – Easy
Philip Grass – Mt St Helens
DFRNT – The Hunt
David August – Velvet
The Beatles – Come Together [ David August Rework ]
Beacon – Feelings Gone [ Fort Romeau’s Shibuya Edit ]

Dead Heat - The Dam
Lawrence - In Patagonia
Timelapse - Who Loves the Sun
Soul 223 - Fear of Stopping (Maxi Mill Remix)
Peter Benisch - Skymning
Name In Lights - Naughty (Axel Boman Remix)
Powell - Cloud City
M.A.N.D.Y - Superstitious
David Mehr - Sacred Circles (Pole Folder Remix)
Henry Saiz - I Can Feel It Coming
Supacooks - Anthill (Giom Remix)

Cheers Jules, new Just Add Sunshine show going out on Innervisions this Saturday, with a guest mix from Ben Andrews, which i expect will be brilliant, not heard it yet.


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How does all this affect World Cup 2018?

Cheers again mate!


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http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/inte … 4030384174

A bit of progressive tech house from me and deep house & electronica from him...

https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/se … nervisions

Cheers mate, new one on Innervisions this Thursday night!

furry wrote:

Drink more water Marcus.

Does that get rid of snot?

Snot. Although it's an effective method of removing bacteria and virus, i've had enough of it.

MG still isn't me by the way, i'm the one with the shit jumper who only comes on here to promote stuff... the jumper is available to hire.

Defo having the Sasha night if anyone wants to twat me and I'll be begging her-in-charge for a second freedom pass for the Gorilla night, both unmissable!

700 capacity in the main room at Gorilla too and I don't think venue capacity calculations are relevant to today's beefed up kids.

Are any of you miserable fuckers having these?

Here's a special 2 hour mix I recorded for my new radio show, broadcast in Argentina on RadioBoker on Sunday:

https://soundcloud.com/mgds-2/just-add- … radioboker

Tracklist is in the info.

Dermo wrote:
mikb wrote:

im off to the moderat night in a few weeks.

Fucking well jealous. Where at?
Have been hoping they tour coinciding with a return home but never seems to happen. Got a feeling I may never see them :-(

Manchester this Friday night...


MG wrote:

Hitting the Hot Since 82 / MK / Huxley gig in a few weeks, sure I'll have a ball there!

Hot Since 82 was grand at the Warehouse Project with Steve Lawler... if only Pete Tong had left the night to the experts.

mikb wrote:

im off to the moderat night in a few weeks.

Really fancy this myself!

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:
MarcusGraham wrote:

Gutted to say, we had to cancel, too much hard work and expense.

Think of the kids Marcus - your sacrifices keep them dancing.

That's just it, I was thinking of the kids, I've got three of them and they look so well on a diet of ground rice and water.

Dermo wrote:

MG - Marcus Graham?

I'm afraid not, I don't have time for fun activities like this with my multiple personality disorder, just a coincidence I hope.