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Dan Harwood wrote:

Plus, this toerag as a right wrong 'un back then:

Is that Winston?


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poirot wrote:

Is there room in the Jacuzzi for Hooky then Marcus?

The invite is there, but he rufuses to get his leather pants wet.


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poirot wrote:

The artiste formally known as Flaresy has got a touch of the Babbitt about him but he's generally correct in what he's saying. Hook is a horrible cunt. Infact they were all cunts, especially how they watched Ian Curtis implode infront of their eyes without doing a fucking thing. Lot of guilt on their part. They let him down. And they know it.

They probably feel they did, but I don't think anyone realised the meds that were helping him cope with his epilepsy would have such tragic side effects... I think they spent a few evenings/early mornings looking after him after his fits.


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Ncable wrote:
MarcusGraham wrote:

I think Hooky's ego demands that the bassline is a bigger part of the track when he's in the band, which is no bad thing he's brilliant

He's a bang-average caner who's been dining out on being in Joy Division for his whole career. This mythology about Manchester is getting more fatiguing the older I get - there's something in the water up there promoting unrealistic self-importance in people, particularly the creative types. Always reminds me of Warhol's Factory era nonsense and the delusions of grandeur held by a very small group of pretentious twerps who weren't as important as they thought they were. This overspilled into the New York punk scene, CBGB's etc etc and eventually contaminated the UK - reading John Lydon's preposterous new biography demonstrates this perfectly.

Lets be clear about this. The Roses put out one good album. The Monday's managed two. New Order are a superior singles band who's albums are generally disappointing. Only The Smiths can lay claim to major cultural relevance, but only due to the disarmingly self-reverential English music press - America largely ignored them and their fate was sealed by the time The Pixies arrived, who are a superior band anyway.

Mancs have always lived in a bubble of their own creation. The sensible amongst us just laugh knowingly and pat them on their greasy little heads.

F**k me! Did you really go to the trouble of writing all that just because I think Hooky is a brilliant bass player? Thanks mate, i'm touched.


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MattBlack wrote:

No Manchester shows, disappointed in that

They're on at the Warehouse Project Sat 5th & Sun 6th December.

Album's not a patch on Technique like the press are saying... It sounds more like Electronic to New Order, although there are some good basslines. I think Hooky's ego demands that the bassline is a bigger part of the track when he's in the band, which is no bad thing he's brilliant. I was hoping for more big synth solos with Gillian back in the band.

Best tracks on the album are the guitar heavy tracks, in my opinion, Academic and Nothing But A Fool are classic New Order, i'm not too keen on the dancier tracks, they sound like snide 90s remixes.

poirot wrote:

Marcus' ideal night would consist of himself, Sasha, Diggers and Nick Warren all in a Jacuzzi with him sponging them down.

Yes! I have that dream too... you clown.

Here's last month's mix from Ben and meself...

https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/be … ugust-2015

Nick Sneddon wrote:
MarcusGraham wrote:

Japan Ultra festival, they're/were on the same line up. Not sure, but i think that's a first in a while... a step in the right direction.

Let it go ffs

Ffs no

Course they do, playing back to back forces an entirely different set.

Japan Ultra festival, they're/were on the same line up. Not sure, but i think that's a first in a while... a step in the right direction.

Seen photo evidence of them dining together in Japan, Northern Exposure 4 - The Reunion, marking the 20th Anniversary, is on, it's official in my head.

Cheers Jules!

https://soundcloud.com/justaddsunshine/ … oton-radio

Tracklists in the track info.

July https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/ju … ay-special

- 1st hour mixed by Ben Andrews -

1. Pedro Aguiar - Western Digital (Darkroom Dubs)
2. Felix Harreus – Caldera (Traum)
3. Trulyors – When There Is No Sun(Grandmoms Hands)Re-edit (Dushe Label)
4. Jay Tripwire & Dance Spirit – Lamentation (Supernature)
5. Few Nolder & Kurak – Houly Pouly (Dave DK DJ Version) Exotic Refreshment
6. I Have A Tribe – Yellow Raincoats (Frank Wiederman Remix)/Joze Gonzales – This Is How We Walk On The Moon – Ben Andrews Re – Edit
7. Booka Shade & Yaruba – Black Cow (Blaufield Music)
8. Quivver – Takin Over (Bedrock)
9. DAVI – Metanoia (Tenampa Records)
10. Kidnap Kid – Freedom (FFRR)
11. Petrichor – Louba (Soma)
12. Clarian – It’s Only Sex (m83 remix edit)
13. Greg Chin – Dashboard Angels

- 2nd hour mixed by Marcus Graham -

14. Aaron Ahrends - Casiotone 401 (Dave DK Edit) [andmusic]
15. YokoO - Break The Light (feat. Seabourne & Seth Schwarzs Violin)
16. The Box - Sketches of Pain (Luca Bacchetti Remix) [Endless]
17. Davi - Illusion [Tenampa Recordings]
18. Chaim - Escape Velocity [Rumor]
19. Powel - Perelin Der Nachtwald [Keller]
20. Flow & Zeo - Looking For (Adana Twins Remix) [Warung Recordings]
21. Clarian - Kill For Love [Anjunadeep]
22. Andhim - Boy Boy Boy (Joris Voorn Remix)[Black Butter Records 15]
23. DJ Koze - XTC [Pampa Records]

June https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/be … -june-2015


- 1st Hour mixed by Ben Andrews -

1. Andreya Triana - Lullaby (Shigeto Remix) Counter Records
2. Zen Baboon - La Maison Vert (Balearic Records)
3. Thrupense - Bells (Phonetic Records)
4. Trashlagoon - Feel (Delicieuse Records)
5. Jamie XX - Girl (Young turks)
6. Public Service Broadcasting - Go! (Kauf Remix) Test Card Records
7. John Talabot & Glasser - Families (Young Turks)
8. Trentemoller - Come Undone Remix Edit (In My Room)
9. Turtle - Floor
10. Maribou State - Verkala (Counter Records)
11. Dance Spirit - Beauty & Sadness (Supernature)
12. Maribou State & Pedestrian - The Clown (John Beltran Remix) Counter Records
13. WhoMadeWho - Ember (Fran Seven Remix) Get Physical Records
14. YokoO - Timeless Love (Musik Gewinnt Freunde)

- 2nd Hour mixed by Marcus Graham -

15. Anjey Sarnawski - Dawn On The Gold Coast - Noz Recordings
16. Kommune Zwei - Dusty Cabin - MBF ltd
17. 16 Bit Lolitas - Not The Only One - Anjunadeep
18. The Glitz - Friends - Voltage Musique
19. Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - Heimat - All Day I Dream
20. Daniel Trim - Novi - Glasgow Underground
21. Marc Houle - Pepper (Monkey Safari Remix) - Minus
22. Chymera - Erku - My Favourite Robot
23. Esteble feat. BeatuniQue - Marlborough Sounds - Diynamic
24. Fred Everything & Shur-I-Kan - Common Ground - Tsuba

Here's another Just Add Sunshine. Sorry no tracklist on this one yet, i'll sort that out as soon as I can.

https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/be … e-may-2015

Here's the latest episode of Source Of Gravity - a bit more uptempo than my usual offerings.

1. New Sense - Mini (Intro Edit) [Wight Label Records]
2. Simos Tagias - Blue Sun [Per_vurt Records]
3. Andre Sobota - Solaris (James Teej Saturn City Mix) [Microcastle]
4. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Hour After Hour [Diynamic]
5. Chicola - Addikted (Guy Mantzur Remix) [Plattenbank]
6. Andre Sobota - Morning Lust (Microtrauma Remix) [Microcastle]
7. Sterio And Mcgrath - Gulf Coast (Hellpass Remix) [Soundscapes Digital]
8. Sasha - Ether [Last Night On Earth]
9. Patrice Baumel - The Vanishing [Kompakt]
10. Joel Mull - Soursweet (Petar Dundov Remix) [Trigonometry Music]

https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/so … m-may-2015

Here you go mate...

Round - Glass

https://pro.beatport.com/track/glass-or … ix/6118695

Cheers mate, that one's been around a while, it's Pole Folder & Amine Edge - Minor Theory

https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/be … april-2015

Here's April's edition of Just Add Sunshine from Ben Andrews and Marcus Graham.

In the first hour Ben begins with a re-issue of a classic Apparat remix and one of the album tracks from Michal Lewicki's recent album on the excellent Project Mooncircle label. A subtle mix of electronica and house with new material from Kiasmos, Dave DK and Fort Romeau and Max Cooper to name a few.
Marcus takes over on the hour with the stunning 'I Remember' by Jon Hopkins, then on to techier sounds from the likes of Nhar, Lake People, DJ Tennis and an old favourite from Pole Folder.

Full tracklist to follow...


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https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/so … april-2015

Back with an other episode of the Source of Gravity radio show, exclusive to Proton Radio, first aired on Saturday 25th April.
Catch next months show: Saturday 23rd May at www.protonradio.com

1 Aparde - Loom [Stil Vor Talent]
2 Aidan Lavelle & Robbie Akbal Feat. Shawni - Stars [Culprit]
3 Jonas Saalbach - Hyperiider [Moodmusic]
4 Espen - Ambition [Soundscapes Digital]
5 Super Flu Feat. Dortmunder Philharmoniker & Philipp Armbruster - Volkwein [Monaberry]
6 Carl Craig & Green Velvet - Party [Relief]
7 Olivier Giacomotto - Bipolar Star [Noir Music]
8 John Tejada & Arian Leviste - She'S A Six [Areal]
9 Scuba - Why You Feel So Low [Hotflush]
10 Bwana - Tengo [Aus]

jules72 wrote:

Marcus doesnt look like you posted your end March Source of Gravity on here... Very nicely polished mix indeed

Cheers mate, April's show is on Proton this Saturday at 5pm

https://soundcloud.com/marcus_graham/ma … march-2015

Been up a few weeks already, but here's last month's show in case you missed it.

1. Kiasmos - Looped [Erased Tapes]
2. Guy Gerber - Midnight Sketches [King Street]
3. Pedro Aguiar - Audacity [Flow Vinyl]
4. Source Of Gravity - Full Moon (Chris Cargo Remix) [Source Of Gravity Digital]
5. Glenn Morrison & Brian Cid - Innervisions [Extinct]
6. Jimmy Van M & Maxim Lany - Escape Reality [King Street]
7. Matter - You Are Here (Matias Chilano Remix) [Balkan Connection]
8. Pedro Aguiar - Airhead (Petar Dundov Remix) [Flow Vinyl]
9. Sasha - Vapourspace [Last Night On Earth]
10. Arthur Oskan - Lovebug [Cityfox]

Defo one of the best so far, both Ben and Millsy on top form at the mo!

poirot wrote:

Did they pick you up on the sunshine bus?

Millsy was designated driver, ben was doing the barbeque


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millsy23 wrote:

Erm...how massive is that King Unique/Jamie Stevens track? Jesus.

Thanks for the invite to join the Just Add Sunshine gang mate.

It's huge mate, reminds me of 'Roaches' a bit, but bigger!

Your choice of tuneage suits the concept mate and like Drew, you offer something different to me and Ben, but keeping things sunny, without the pina colada... Looking forward to it!