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As the Source of Gravity era closes, I was asked to do the first slot on the new Soundscapes Digital show. Source of Gravity's sister label takes on the new monthly on Proton Radio featuring mixes from the label's many artists and associates.

1 Alex Niggemann - Angular [Aeon]
2 Kevin Yost - More [Leena]
3 Kidnap Kid - Birds That Fly [Birds That Fly]
4 Chicola - Nux Vomica [Sudbeat]
5 Maribou State - Rituals (Sasha Remix) [Last Night On Earth]
6 Marc Romboy - Counting Comets (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) [Bedrock]
7 Guy J - Release Me [Lost & Found]
8 BOg - Rewired [Bedrock]
9 Lopezhouse feat. Angela - Crosses & Angels (Guy J Remix) [Plattenbank]

Saw the photo this morning, I did a sex wee

Sasha & Digweed back to back last night?

Bookies have cut the odds on a new Northern Exposure album this year to 2/1 from 16s

Please bring it on... or at least a tour, calling at Albert Hall in Manchester please John ;-)


1st Hour - Ben Andrews

1. Yone B - Sable (Tehnofonica Rcords)
2. Christian Loffler – Unknown (Just This)
3. Ben Hoo – Blueshift (Kindisch)
4. ZK Bucket – Bonus Beach (Zaun Records)
5. Gem Club – Braid (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Re-Touch)
6. Parra for Cuva - Borneo (Monaberry)
7. Parra for Cuva - Champa feat Moonsiren (Trashlaggon remix)
8. SAAND – Mysterious Power (Powel Remix) – Sol Selectas
9. Born To Jam – Love Philosophy (Seven Villas)
10. Kevin Yost – More (Leena Music)
11. Masaya(CH) – Angel – Petar Dundov Remix (Mina Records)

2nd Hour - Marcus Graham

Ilias Katelanos & G. Dellis - Hammock Dreams (Nikosf. All Day I Dream Remix) [Limitation Music]
Filter Bear - Eternity (Original Mix) [Traum]
Berry Nixon - Work's a Problem (Original Mix) [unreleased]
Sandrino & Frankey - Fornax (Original Mix) [Drumpoet Community]
Cubicolor feat. Tim Digby-Bell - Falling (Edu Imbernon Never Enough Remix) [Fayer]
Satin Jackets feat. Emma Brammer - We Can Talk (Larse Dub) [Eskimo Recordings]
Memory (ARG) - Spoon Of Baby (Original Mix) [SexOnWax Recordings]
Eagles & Butterflies feat. J.U.D.G.E. - We Get High (Henry Saiz Remix) [Get Physical Music]
Amateur Dance - It's Really Something (Original Mix) [October Records]
Pion - Are We There (Estroe 'Im Here' Remix) [A Must Have]
CRYSTAL VIBE - Change is the Only Constant (Original Mix) [Altar Records (CA)] … e-jan-2016

Henry, I swear I enabled downloads when I uploaded it... i've given the Source of Gravity promotion guy access to my account so he can do his promo thing, he must have changed the settings. I've re-enabled now though, apologies for the inconvenience.

Cheers Jules!

poirot wrote:

Hello , hello, Marcus is on the board. Wouldn't happen to have a couple on new mixes in the mixes section by chance?  Well fuck me, fancy that.

Yes... do you monitor everyone's attendance on the board or just mine?

Guess what? You don't have to buy it or listen to it, so, no need to sound like a Sasha's ex-bird club.
Looking forward to hearing it myself.

Downloads open...

January Show: … nuary-2016
1. Agoria - Independence [Ellum]
2. MiraculuM - Neurone [Stellar Fountain]
3. Gorge - Tayo [8Bit]
4. Downgrooves - Seven Nights [Soundscapes Digital]
5. Darse - Alone (Love Over Entropy Remix) [Be Free]
6. Chymera - Screenshot In Technicolour (Funk D’Void Remix) [Outpost]
7. Reset Robot - The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon [Truesoul]
8. Brian Cid - Aurora [Lost & Found]
9. Alex Preda feat. Amber Long - DNA Matching (Arnas D Dub) [Manual]
10. Dave DK - Kronsee (Ulrich Schnauss Mix) [Kompakt]

December Show: … ember-2015
1. Blusoul - Modular Memories [Lost & Found]
2. Ben Shaw - Above The Clouds [Sudbeat]
3. Sterio & McClellan - Timewave Zero (Tobias Hoppe Deep Space Remix) [Soundscapes Digital]
4. Monojoke - A Better Place (Simos Tagias Remix) [Clinique]
5. E.F.G. - Dots In Between [Stellar Fountain]
6. Kiasmos - Swept (Tale Of Us Remix) [Erased Tapes]
7. Khen - Sunflakes [microCastle]
8. Subjected - Ambro [Arts]
9. Steve Parry - Flippant [Bedrock]
10. Solomun - Zora [DIYnamic]

I'll just do another festive logo for you to use, it was much more appreciated than the 3 hour mix I did last year... cheaper and less time consuming too!

Ben's on top form here, some lovely tracks from the likes of YokoO, Kiasmos, Robot Koch and Christian Loeffler, plus a free David August tune to start things off (download link in the comments).
My half, from about 60 mins has a touch of techno to it, with tracks from Mathew Jonson, Nils Frahm, Guy J, Tale of Us and we've both included tracks from fantastic Clarian and Mano Le Tough.

Full tracklist will be added at some point (apologies for the slackness), but you can download, so 5/10 for effort. … ember-2015

Track 5 on the South disk of Northern Exposure: Revisited

I heard this was remixed for next year's release Northern Exposure Revisited... me, Guy, Sasha and John were chatting about it in the hot tub.

Rvltion-909 wrote:

Enjoyed this one for sure. Loved the overall vibe. The selections are unique and stand out. The energy shift about mid-way through was also a nice touch.

Thanks for the kind words mate, glad you enjoyed it.

smallman1 wrote:

This is ace.

Reet enjoying it.

I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me, I just cried.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

There's nothing worse than making love to oneself with said 128kbps mix in the background, and no TL in sight.

Don't you get pissed off with yourself, ID'ing tracks in the midst of such a passionate exchange? My Mrs hates it.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

The more I think about it, the angrier I get.

Haha, sorry, i'm so used to few giving a shit.

smallman1 wrote:

No TL no DL? No listen.

Dem's the rules!

Give it a go now.

Apologies, i've been busy!

Downloads open too. … tober-2015

Jamie Stevens - Healing Crimson [microCastle]
Information Ghetto - Wertouk [Seven Villas]
Aparde feat. Anne - Prologue (Powel Remix) [Keller]
Guy J - 8 Minute Flight [Bedrock Records]
Sandrino & Frankey - Acamar [Innervisions]
Lauren Ritter - Glass Hours [All Day I Dream]
Frankey & Sandrino - Cephei [Moodmusic]
Noraj Cue - The End Of The Beginning [Manual Music]
Tale Of Us & Mind Against - Astral [Life And Death]
J.E.E.P. - Aramco [Seven Villas]
Pig&Dan & Mark Reeve - Daydreamer [Terminal M]
Jos & Eli - Insomnia[Sudbeat Music]
Joeski - Earth Cry [Kittball]
Rick Sanders - Eccentric [Smiley Fingers]
Noraj Cue - Forever Brothers [Manual Music]
Chris Fortier - Losing Wait (Deep Dub) [FDS Recordings]
Helmut Ebritsch - Flamingo Park (Paul Loraine Remix) [Lucidflow]
Booka Shade & Yaruba - Black Cow [Armada Music Bundles]
Nicolas Masseyeff - Flagrance [Systematic Recordings]
Horixon - Colours feat. Else Born (Petar Dundov Remix) [Eskimo Recordings]


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zackster wrote:
MarcusGraham wrote:

do you think i can genuinely get a few quid for my collection before the wife takes it to the tip?

if its prog, no.

if its model 500, yes.



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I've read a few stories about it making a comeback, little vinyl shops opening, record record sales in the US... Is it just a beard thing, hipsters convincing each other it's the only way to mix tracks and they have superior ears that appreciate the analogue sound of digital music pressed to vinyl, or, do you think i can genuinely get a few quid for my collection before the wife takes it to the tip?

My latest Proton show, please give it a listen and let me know what you think...

1. Noraj Cue - Forever Brothers [Manual]
2. Helmut Ebritsch - Flamingo Park (Paul Loraine Remix) [Lucidflow]
3. Yaruba - Black Cow [Blaufield]
4. Rodriguez Jr. - Chrysalism [Mobilee]
5. Michael A - Stars (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [Genesis]
6. Nicolas Masseyeff - Flagrance [Systematic]
7. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z feat. Amir Darzi - Small Heart Attack (Guy J Remix) [Lost & Found]
8. Horixon feat. Else Born - Colours (Petar Dundov Remix) [Eskimo]
9. Jos & Eli - Insomnia [Sudbeat]
10. Guy J - Nirvana [Bedrock] … og-october


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Plus, this toerag as a right wrong 'un back then:

Is that Winston?


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poirot wrote:

Is there room in the Jacuzzi for Hooky then Marcus?

The invite is there, but he rufuses to get his leather pants wet.