Splendid stuff...



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Excellent, glad to hear!


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Will I ever be forgiven for this non-downloadage scandal? It's there to be downloaded if you want it.

Cheers Yant, much appreciate you taking the time to listen!


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This video shows what the US get up to, the latest Isis tale is all related:


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liquitech1 wrote:

..The Saudis hold 16% of the American economy so they get a free pass though..

Aye, them 'n all... they're not in any trouble for funding Al Qaeda either.


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I'm not saying the IS (of America) aren't a horrible bunch of c**ts, but, you have to look at the bigger picture.

Conveniently, these terror groups keep popping up and hiding in countries rich in profitable natural resources and the US and the mainstream media (pretty much run by Murdoch) want to scare us into thinking we're all doomed if we don't go to war, so, public opinion polls approve another war, there's more death and destruction and these angry 3rd world muslims are forced to flee the area. Power is then given to pro-western leaders who do a good deal with rich and powerful western friends, angry muslims get angrier and it starts again.

Look up 'Genie Energy'; who the big investors are, the project they've got going on and where it's based.
Look up who has made $billions from the wars in Iraq.

Compare what Isis are doing to the number of civilian deaths in the middle east caused by US led or supported invasions/air strikes... then ask why so many from the middle east hate the west, it's a no brainer. War won't fix the problem, all it will do is provoke more extremism and the vicious circle will continue, but unfortunately, it's going to happen whether we like it or not.


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Downloads open...

Phil Opian wrote:

He's been banging on about it since the tape came out. Its like his little piece of history. I've just texted him.

Big 80s fan then? Walked the minute he heard it had been cancelled?


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millsy23 wrote:

I got it and downloaded.

But didn't say thank you.

I'm so very sorry Marcus.

Good stuff, i'll refrain from calling you a cunt.


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nitron wrote:

To be fair to JD, i was expecting this to be much MUCH worse...

https://soundcloud.com/jakki-degg/barbi … e-basement

Some tunes in there!


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millsy23 wrote:

I think we're seeing the other side of Marcus here.

Not a pretty sight, hairy as fook!

Did you not get this in the soundcloud message I sent you yesterday then?


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First the phone hacking scandal, his investment in oil exploration projects in Syria, and now this, is there no end to the man's immorality?


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smallman1 wrote:

No download, no listen.

Sort of like "no likey no lighty" but not quite as catchy.


Here's a private download link via wetransfer, it will expire in a week or so I think:



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jules72 wrote:

With Shaun on the download thing - i listen to mixes on the commute...if a mix doesnt have a download tab though, there are ways and means to download

Sent you a link too mate!

BedRob wrote:




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shaunstrudwick wrote:

can't be dealing with streaming i'm afraid - need to d/l and get it on my phone for the commute to and from work

so it's a no from me

I get yer, you've got mail!

Is this the one?

https://soundcloud.com/dan-wells-14/sas … d-northern

steelydan wrote:

Still love this mix and the story how to was put together smile

https://m.soundcloud.com/everybodywants … j-mixup-ne

The link's gone, as has everybodywantstobethedj, the bastards have killed it :-(


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millsy23 wrote:

I've interacted the bejesus out of it. I want a signed CD and a Tshirt now.

Haha, you've not got your soundcloud message then?

Found this Nick Warren set from 1993... nothing from S&D in 96 though.

https://soundcloud.com/oldskooler/nick- … e-big-love


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nitron wrote:

Why should anybody thank the musicians, isn't it all about the DJ these days?

Yeh fuck 'em, just thank me for my ability of buying MP3s from Beatport and slapping them together.

steelydan wrote:

I was always after the NE set they did at Universe's Big Love in 96. It went out live on Kiss along with live sets from Robert Miles (remember him?)

They did an NE night at the Hacienda around that time, pretty sure it was a Thursday night, only about 200 people there if memory serves me right... I could be getting my nights mixed up though, I can remember a remix of Simply Red's 'Fairground' being played by someone!


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Cheers for the kind words fellas, tracklist added and Beatport links in the Soundcloud track info.

I'll open downloads when the activity dies down a bit... I know streaming is a bit of a shitter, but at least it forces people to interact with the person who's gone to the effort of putting the mix together, given the chance, most people just download and fuck off without so much as a thank you, or a nod to the musicians.

I'll send you a D/L link if you deserve it ;-)

furry wrote:

Also this thread is a disaster.

Happens every time Furry, they always get off to a good start but by page two, they're talking to each other in some sort of cliquey code about some tool with a personality disorder who's been banned, by page three you've forgotten what the subject was.

Just for you love...

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NORTHERN-EXPO … 2ed667697e

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SASHA-JOHN-DI … 51c3083bb8