Phil Opian wrote:

He's been banging on about it since the tape came out. Its like his little piece of history. I've just texted him.

Big 80s fan then? Walked the minute he heard it had been cancelled?


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millsy23 wrote:

I got it and downloaded.

But didn't say thank you.

I'm so very sorry Marcus.

Good stuff, i'll refrain from calling you a cunt.


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nitron wrote:

To be fair to JD, i was expecting this to be much MUCH worse... … e-basement

Some tunes in there!


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millsy23 wrote:

I think we're seeing the other side of Marcus here.

Not a pretty sight, hairy as fook!

Did you not get this in the soundcloud message I sent you yesterday then?


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First the phone hacking scandal, his investment in oil exploration projects in Syria, and now this, is there no end to the man's immorality?


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smallman1 wrote:

No download, no listen.

Sort of like "no likey no lighty" but not quite as catchy.


Here's a private download link via wetransfer, it will expire in a week or so I think:


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jules72 wrote:

With Shaun on the download thing - i listen to mixes on the commute...if a mix doesnt have a download tab though, there are ways and means to download

Sent you a link too mate!

BedRob wrote:



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shaunstrudwick wrote:

can't be dealing with streaming i'm afraid - need to d/l and get it on my phone for the commute to and from work

so it's a no from me

I get yer, you've got mail!

Is this the one? … d-northern

steelydan wrote:

Still love this mix and the story how to was put together smile … j-mixup-ne

The link's gone, as has everybodywantstobethedj, the bastards have killed it :-(


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millsy23 wrote:

I've interacted the bejesus out of it. I want a signed CD and a Tshirt now.

Haha, you've not got your soundcloud message then?

Found this Nick Warren set from 1993... nothing from S&D in 96 though. … e-big-love


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nitron wrote:

Why should anybody thank the musicians, isn't it all about the DJ these days?

Yeh fuck 'em, just thank me for my ability of buying MP3s from Beatport and slapping them together.

steelydan wrote:

I was always after the NE set they did at Universe's Big Love in 96. It went out live on Kiss along with live sets from Robert Miles (remember him?)

They did an NE night at the Hacienda around that time, pretty sure it was a Thursday night, only about 200 people there if memory serves me right... I could be getting my nights mixed up though, I can remember a remix of Simply Red's 'Fairground' being played by someone!


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Cheers for the kind words fellas, tracklist added and Beatport links in the Soundcloud track info.

I'll open downloads when the activity dies down a bit... I know streaming is a bit of a shitter, but at least it forces people to interact with the person who's gone to the effort of putting the mix together, given the chance, most people just download and fuck off without so much as a thank you, or a nod to the musicians.

I'll send you a D/L link if you deserve it ;-)

furry wrote:

Also this thread is a disaster.

Happens every time Furry, they always get off to a good start but by page two, they're talking to each other in some sort of cliquey code about some tool with a personality disorder who's been banned, by page three you've forgotten what the subject was.

Just for you love... … 2ed667697e … 51c3083bb8

Erm, what the fuck does this mean?


Big Fella wrote:

Can somebody just post you tube clips of all the tracks and have done with it.

No need to go all Pierce Morgan on us Big!

Amps wrote:
MarcusGraham wrote:
Amps wrote:

Would love the first and second NEs to get re releases.

I was thinking the same, but all tracks given the S&D remix treatment!

Erm, no, no fuckin way. There about as perfect as you will ever get them, especially NE2 disk1, just re release them as they are. I just want a fresh copy as mine are battered.

They're on Soundcloud: … d-northern

The originals will always exist, I just think a 20 year anniversary revisit would be alright!

Amps wrote:

Would love the first and second NEs to get re releases.

I was thinking the same, but all tracks given the S&D remix treatment!

shaunstrudwick wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

The mix album that basically opened my eyes to progressive house. Just a timeless, wonderful couple of CDs. Every tune is fantastic and I listen to it all the time to this day.

out of all the released stuff that they have done together this is easily my favourite and i agree with all sentiments above

Not just me then? My all time fave and in 18 years very few have come close.

Any news on this? In a totally unrelated post a month or so ago, which is now lost in a sea of less important waffle, I put in a polite request for John and Sasha to kiss and make up and produce a new Northern Exposure, to mark 20 years of the original release. I did ask nicely, from what I can remember, so come on Sir John, give the people what they want... you've got just over 2 years to sort it, I have sources telling me it came out in September 1996.


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Here's a new mix from me, slightly darker than my Just Add Sunshine mixes.

Please be patient, it does get going... … ember-2014

Stimming feat. Piper Davis - China Tree (Original Mix)[Pampa Records]
Alexander Skancke - Ravelle (Original Mix) [Neo Strictly]
Daniel Bortz Feat. Nils Corssen - The Misery (Nu And Pauli Vs Acid Remix) [Suol]
Henry Saiz & Pional - Uroboros (Permanent Vacation Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
The Ohohohs - Wu (Einzelkind & Robin Scholz Remix) [Compost]
Partial Arts - Taifa (Original Mix)[Kompakt]
Gui Boratto - Joker (Dave DK Mix) [Kompakt]
Quenum - 5AM (Mathew Jonson Remix)[Serialism Records]
DJ Tennis - Anatomy (North Lake Remix) [Life And Death]
Bedouin - Empire State (Original Mix) [Supernature]
Odd Parents - Learn To Fly (Maceo's Flight Home) [Ellum Audio]
NTFO, Karmon - Metropolis (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
Luca Bacchetti - The Space Between Us (Original Mix) [Endless]
Chymera - Aloof (Extended Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings]
Andre Hommen - Epiphany (Original Mix) [Objektivity]
Uner - Flying Suns (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
Henry Saiz feat. Eloy - It's Not Over (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
Luca Bacchetti - No Gravity (Original Mix) [Endless]
Phon.o - Whi5tleblower (Original Mix) [50 Weapons]
Olafur Arnalds - Only The Winds (Ryan Davis' A Letter From Far Away Variation) [Anjunadeep]