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With the Notable exception of 1990 and 1996,    its been the same old fucking scene from 1970 to 2016 and all points in between .

The only thing is it doesn't hurt as much at 48 and a half years old as it did  at 14 and a half.


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the thing that really gets me, that really gets on my chocis chewns tit,  is that this will be forgotten in july , when SKY start showing their epic flashy adverts for the new premiership season to Rihanna soundtracks . I fackin hate modern day football.

What have the English national team become ?, nothing but An atrophied parasitic twin of the premier league.


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Yant wrote:

Jamie Vardy not looking his best, there Glenn.

I remember wearing not disimilar clothing in the early 90's when i went through that fucking poncy giles peterson / acid Jazz Phase. I looked a right cunt in dick Emery  Honky Tonk hat and Hitler youth shorts going to Dingwalls to see Galliano , Mick Talbot and some cunt on a clarinet.


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smallman1 wrote:

"Cheers Grant, im like a P reg MK 3 Cortina on a frosty morning, just need a bit of choke to get going."

Really made me laugh that!

Thanks Ed!.

I Just got off the phone with my eldest..Its odd , I can remember every line that Dennis Hopper said In' Blue Velvet' , and what trousers Steve Strange was wearing on Top of the pops in 1981, but I go through the names of the Durham Pipers before i get the names of my 3 kids right.


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Never seen it. I was going to watch it  as i had recorded the first series  but swapped from SKY to Virgin Last Wednesday and  Alas all those episodes were  lost in time..like tears in the rain.

Glad i could oil the wheels of this thread along.


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Yant wrote:

Let's be honest lads.  If we can't turn over Iceland then we should royally fuck right off.

We should be stuffing them comfortably.

Ive been saying that since 1974 yant. I stopped saying it after the 2004 euro championships when we had the So called Golden Generation.

disappointed that  QPR old boy Raheem Sterling may be playing tonight. The Icelandic right full back must feel like he is up against Wilfred Brambles Shopping for Pot puri and a bread bin in The Brighton Lanes , circa 1971.


'Right full Back'  , thank fuck i stopped myself from saying 'Wing half'.


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you know you're getting old when you can name the England 1982 world cup squad but only know half a dozen or so of the Current England team.  Think it could be a tricky one tonight..Very far from straightforward.



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With Angela Eagle in such candid form this afternoon , Isnt it about Time she revealed the wherabouts of Keith Bennet ?.


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The Sun TV ✔ @TheSunTV
Rylan Clark-Neal and hubby set to become the first gay couple to present This Morning http://thesun.uk/6010BQ0qO
10:20 AM - 27 Jun 2016
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Will the tectonic plates ever stop shifting. The contents of my armitage shanks is more interesting . Unless Rylan Clark Neal is going to suck off his partner into a cocked hat on the DFS sofa in front of Doctor Miriam Stoppard during her agony aunt section, his sexuality is of no interest to me or the beasts than roam in the field. Fackin' 'ell.


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Grant wrote:

I love Monday mornings when Glenn hits his stride.  Well in.


Cheers Grant, im like a P reg MK 3 Cortina on a frosty morning, just need a bit of choke to get going.

I think i said Ive got a round robin of about half dozen letters that i fire off to the evening standard. I e-mail them off when im bored shitless at work.which is all the fckin time.
Ive got a solicitors letter from them last year on my desk which i have framed Asking me to desist sending offensive and inflamatory material . . They have such a high staff turnover and thus turmoil they never carried out their threat of legal action.


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To: letters@standard.co.uk
date: Mon , June 27 , 2016
subject: Justine Greening Mp Coming out Full Page Interview 24th June 2016

Dear Sirs ,

I would Like to Congratulate Justine Greening Mp and indeed Jamie Micklethwaite On his Interview, which was carried out in the same Reverential Manner as Walter Cronkite interviewing JFK in the Roosevelt Room.

Bravery Cannot be measured in simple terms .The Courageous Mission Statement of Ms Greenings Sexual preference, issued in the immediate shadow of a Divided Nation Still in shock over Brexit , Girded our loins in these Dangerous times. I was Stiffened , as was my resolve, to hear of Miss Greenings love of Dishonorably Discharging her Coital Fluid , Bumper-to-Bumper with a same sex partner.

It certainly sated my ill founded fears of our immediate Fiscal well being. Congratulations Again Ms Greening, We must Brace ourselves over the coming days against the politics Of hate, Expunged by those who wish to belittle your fortitude by announcing your lesbianism to a nation that couldn't give a flying Fuck.Or ever will.

Respectfully Yours,

North Chingford.


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It will be interesting to see how many people signed that 2nd eu referendum petition  that have a registered address at the ' Sea of Fecundity,  the Moon'.

A  selection of Steve Mcfadden / Phil Mitchell In  various stages of inebriation through the ages across the Cold War Political tesseract.

Genius . What a brilliant Mind.

https://twitter.com/Coldwar_Steve/statu … 5412934656

https://twitter.com/Coldwar_Steve/statu … 9584507904

https://twitter.com/Coldwar_Steve/statu … 0909453312

https://twitter.com/Coldwar_Steve/statu … 0059589632


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Micheal Hesseltine on SKY yesterday  conveying the sunday lunchtime image of the Statesman at work rest and play in his Lambswool crew neck sweater at home by his fucking bookcase. No doubt stark bollock  naked from the waist down having cocktail stick dropped into his engorged japs eye in a Diabolical game of 'Kerplunk' by a tussle haired minor. What a cnt.


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24 Hours until a shadow cabinet of Marcus Brigstocke, Rufus Cunting Hound, Lily Allen, Damon Albarn, Jude Law, David Schneider, Charlotte Church and the Esso Blue haired Hag with the ulcerated Yeast infection from Question Time.

I will sit right down, waiting for the gift of Labour Fission.

dutchy101 wrote:

I know its been posted in here before, but just bought this in a shop on the High Street for £1, which was nice.

Paid £9 for that back in 96/97 , Is the hhc mix on the b side ?. its a beauty.

did you find your wedding ring Dutch ?


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chuffer wrote:

he offered the crucial  information that he is gay


Thanks my old friend..i keep plugging away.


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There is  a gay gentleman on the James obrien show (lbc) at the moment , (he offered the crucial  information that he is gay), who runs  a dog walking business in Enfield. He is in tears and threatening to pack up and leave blighty and take his lucrative Venture to foreign shores.
damn this Referendum..Damn it all to hell.


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tough times ahead. Not everybody has the intestinal fortitude of Brendan Fox at a time like this.


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'That's a very good question on immigration Mr Dimbleby , but what really concerns people that I've spoken to on the doorsteps of my constituency in the North East * /Midlands*/Wales*/South West*/ The south West* /Home counties* /South east*/The North * .....is something else entirely that I prepared earlier. Such as the safety of the white tailed bumblebee within the EU.

*Delete as appropriate.

stayed up all night, and the moment will straw , Chuka Khan and emily thornberry appeared at 4.25 am this morning looking like the victims of a Salvadorian death squad,  i knew life would never, ever get better. Even Better than those Vintage petrol washed glaciers of romford gak that sustained me in the summer 0f '97.

ive died and gone to sweet sweet heaven.


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Just watching SKY and news of this Powerful drug Fentanyl (50 times more powerful than skag which offed The Purple mincer ) , which is sweeping through America and Leaving its addicts to sleep under upturned tin baths and using their own rotten teeth as ornamental decoration on their snug new Homes.

I have been thinking about it over a klix Machine coffee and a Vienese Whirl for the last ten minutes and I Say this..

Top Tip For these Fentanyl Addicts , Simply stop .

Utilise your new augmented Fiscal budget in more efficient ways That will impact your well being in a more harmonious manner Such as A set of Golf Clubs , Golf lessons with some cunt dressed as Kenny lynch at your local course at 7 o'clock on a fucking sunday morning.Trips to B&Q for Garden Fencing and Turf , A new George Forman Lean mean grill perhaps.

You could enjoy double dates and perfunctory dinners in soulless generic Restaurant chains with your Wifes best friend and her husband who you have nothing in common with .You could host Dinner Parties and discuss the Dietry health merits of tofu over Quorn with some beardy whispering bob harris fuck who works for a housing charity.

You could ...but upon reflection i would simply carry on tapping the vein with this wonderful new potion and using your own toenails as a doorknocker on your bath tub.

Ps, I eagerly look forward to seeing This wondrous new elixier cross the Atlantic and watching it mutate my client list of men good and true, in the probation service.