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Like Tears In Rain..


For Me,  the Bedrock dojo awakened the benign pineal gland from its dormant slumber and unlocked the ganglia to conversation and music as yet uncharted with like minded souls. 

Good or bad, It was always different. At the very least it was that. For a time, I Thought it was is the greatest discovery since van Leeuwenhoek first looked through a microscope and saw an amoeba.

A forum on a different astral Plane,  the polarity to  mumsnet football forums populated by the empty of breast foot soldier regurgitating formulaic mouldering normality  and a fulcrum for discussing yeast infection vagimosis treatments or what age baby joshua should be eating his first fucking solids and the resulting correct fat content of his first crap in the mothercare plastic pot.

Thank you, Uncle John.

Formerly The Iron Duke Of North Chingford / EdwardTheConfessor.

millsy23 wrote:

My top ten list of Bedrockers at risk of gout this year:

1. Glenn
2. Fadass
3. Smashy
4. Me
5. Roberto
6. Sean
7. BedRob
8. Strudders
9. Naus
10. Wally

Stu, Jo reckons she's got another 4 or 5 years with me until my fucked lungs, heart or kidneys pack in on me. Or possibly a stroke that wont quite kill me off that leaves me in constant Pain.Then its off to the slum old peoples home where i'll sit in my own filth , talking to myself and still thinking its England in 1982. Much like I am today.


Merry Christmas to all ye scurvy salty sea Dogs upon the goodship Bedrock.

Too kind gents.  The sycophantic Audience gets on my tits as well...sitting there like those THX-1138 thought control droids clapping to the beat of Lineker and co's tune.

What i wouldn't give for someone like the departed Alex higgins to walk up on stage , off his skate, headbutting  a  pansexual badminton player before breaking down in tears at the state of his marriage,not seeing his kids and a large tax bill from the HMRC.


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Jo's nephew is making his own Gravy again this year..Last xmas it took him 2 hours to make the stuff while everyone pandered over him ( he's an actor ), so the dinner was fucking cold . The cunt put Rosemary in it . Rosemary!!

im getting melancholy in my old age.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

What do you think of Prince Charles' Radio 4 Thought For The Day ETC?

As an admittedly humorous but staunch frothing-at-the-mouth right-winger do you have an existential crisis if a royal says something directly contradictory to Farage's brownshirts?

Unusually for  a cockney , im not a royalist .The royals have never played much of a role in my life in the east end, or me dealing with post code gangs, wife beaters and sex fiends  in my daily job of work. I have humble backgrounds begat of East Ham Dave, of East Ham, Whose blood flows freely with Carlsberg export , jellied eels and the fumes of benson and hedges cancer sticks and thus i know my forelock tugging place , saving my scorn for the Progressive Credo of the Left and the simian excesses of the Right.

If charles fancies living above a paddy power in Plaistow for 3 months using the local services rather than commenting from a salmon farm in the Highlands munching on a dutchy biscuit  i might cross the rubicon and see the royals in a different light. Unlikely it would seem.

In addition I got Blocked on twitter by the lead guitarist of new wave beat Combo 'Department S' yesterday.I wouldn't fucking mind, but he's my cousin..


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just caught  sight of Bono on BBC news 24 ,on an end of year montage ..

It is abundantly clear to me that his parents, (as the chosen birthing vessel of the Beast Of disobedience), worshipped degenerate idols, false deities and fucked each other senseless upon a catafalque within the parameters, and indeed confines , of a pentangle of untreated coarse salts and beating sheeps hearts.

possibly with a rooster headed god with a Welt like john bindon threaded through 6 half pint pots joining in.Probably.


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Just back from the wine factor in North chingford High street.. purchased 2 crates of Lone star , 6 bottles of  vodka, 1 whiskey, 2 Gin and 5 bottles of monkey Shoulder to cover the Christmas comedown period next week. On top of that  The Brentwood Pikeys have dropped off 6 wraps of translucent Bogota Spice Melange..  £600 all in.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the kids I wouldn't fucking bother.


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steelydan wrote:

If its shit then hopefully my memory of it will fade..Like tears in Rain.

Or something like that.


Knew you'd post that one.

'ere, Handsome dan...ive been thinking of that polarity drive of prog mix you sent me
ages ago....The one with the epser machine at the intro..

we need to get together this year for a few beers and to discuss the Dojo Prog


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I am unashamed to declare 'Forever in love' and 'Loves come quickly' as fine bodies of work.


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imo  remakes of 'Marathon Man' , 'Performance' and 'Eolomea' would be interesting.  Failing that 'the life story of malala yousafzai' starring Emma Watson and rufus hound would be fucking nifty.

Grant wrote:

I love ETC. Fucking hell

i love you to Mate.


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If its shit then hopefully my memory of it will fade..Like tears in Rain.

Or something like that.


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Lets us pray that Actor turned activist Michael Sheen can negate the Mantra of Far right populist Rhetoric on twitter today from those questioning the peaceful doctrines of islam in Berlin.

Perhaps a twitter tutorial on retaining ones deportment while walking around with a book on ones head while quoting Michel Foucault and how his credo pertains to Flo in east ham being a Sexual deviant for complaining about bengali flaming shit parcels through her fucking letterbox. He may well  be able to assuage fears of the insidious  'Far right' men,  women and children going to christmas markets in east london today,   through the medium of a marcel marceau rope pulling mime or by  slapping his upturned palms against an invisible window.

if a bloke who spent his formative years dressed in dorothy  Perkins fishnet tights reciting passages from Martin Chuzzlewit cant gird our collective loins against the politics of hate than i dont know what will.

At least the BBC have finally moved on from their initial Narrative last night treating the Berlin 'Accident' In the same manner as a provincial radio station reporting on an upturned Milk Float on the A13 to Southend Hinterlands. No tweets as yet from Maria Eagle apportioning blame so we shouldn't jump to any conclusions , but i expect the guardian will end today with a Campaign to Award Bana Alabed the Nobel Peace Prize .


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Wally wrote:

Plug The Iron Duke Of North Chingford into  the Voight-Kampff for this one.

Dont know if Vangelis is involved this time around but the Score from the trailer pays it due respect.

'.... Gimme a hard copy right there.'

It does doesnt it? Modernises yet respectful. The chills when the main theme kicks in. Oooohhhh! smile

yep , that bit got me to mate!



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I'd rather sit on a Phallic Rocking chair impregnated with Bacterial Vaginosis than  watch it. I percolate a burning magnesium fluorescent hatred for most of the presenters and the progressive vehicle it has become. if its possible to get a yeast infection of the anal tract, id rather have that then watch Lineker and clare balding dish out the elizabeth duke silver platter to some cunt from the hindu kush who runs the 800 meters in 4 hours on the account of being a moribund spaz. The epoch of the show has mutated  from John Conteh getting a firm hand shake from  Frank Bough dressed in his Carnaby street lord john velvet dinner suit , to john barrowman weeping for 40 minutes while we watch a montage of mekon headed children kicking a fucking ball about with David Beckham and idris elba.

If live to see a future where mankind procreates by rubbing our hind legs over a royal jelly compound to nourish our pupae,  i'll never see a more cunting tv Programe than this.


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Plug The Iron Duke Of North Chingford into  the Voight-Kampff for this one.

Dont know if Vangelis is involved this time around but the Score from the trailer pays it due respect.

'.... Gimme a hard copy right there.'


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I do wish my chigwell mother in law wouldn't cook xmas dinner like shes on pervitin eye drops.

The fucking 'roast Potatoes' come out like boiled spuds as hard as Bet lynch's love eggs.

what i wouldnt give for just staying at home one year to cook my own fucking dinner and then in the afternoon read some cunts autobiography and get rassed to heavenly nirvana on super bock.

every fucking year i have to eat this pulp that frankie fraser in his ramton romper suit wouldnt eat.

furthermore, left over brussell sprouts are far nicer in bubble and squeak than cabbage.


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keith vaz reacts to the news Now that he is free to pursue good clean family fun with hairless young men with Huge Cocks & plenty of Yayo in thier Pants.


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also, when i was working at Lloyds in the 90's and noughties, all the lickspittle  staff endlessly went on about going to the Gym, Marathon running ,  rehydrating , Bananas and the aesthetic design and shape of water bottles .   A modus operandi that this poster  has  never subscribed to ..my lunchtimes were spent more fruitfully , wanking  myself half to death in joyus union with the precious kibble, ultimately chucking my prolonged cockney muck over black and white photocopies  of  sexual  intercourse between consenting men and women.

including cum shots.


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smallman1 wrote:

An apt name for a band and their fans.

if there's music we can use it Ed

copyright Larry Blackmon


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smashdad wrote:

Top 3 tracks.

1. Glittering Prize
2. Up on the catwalk
3. Speed Your Love to me.

Nice.  For what very little it's worth mine would be,

Promised You A Miracle
Someone Somewhere In Summertime
New Gold Dream

i concur smashy.



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At 49 years old , 5ft 11,  fifteen and a half stone with kib damaged heart ventricles,   and who needs to take a breather when taking the top off a tuna tin , there's more chance of The Muscular Tour de Force Tim Farron,  to be Cast as Frank Booth & Don Logan in 'Blue Velvet' & 'Sexy Beast' Sequels in 2017,  Than me ever running a marathon.


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All this 'mad friday' bollocks trending on twitter..an opportunity for left leaning twenty something graduates with a degree in Umayyad Dynasty Islamic Textile Studies and who currently work in the city filing bought ledger invoices (suppliers 'A' to 'E') for a venture capital conglomerate , get to showcase their Party Animal Credo at the office xmas party . i.e tossing off the ACCA qualified chief accountant's 3 inch Chode over the yule log once his finished singing 'Layla ' by the Derek and the cunting Dominoes on the cunting Karaoke .

this being the case,   for GramLine Friday ive Cuckolded an 'Enry of Guatemalan Granola,Smashed the Granny out of 8 pints of Eggnog & had it on the Cobbles with a fukin' Elf.