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got the 'blade artist '  out of habit as ive got everything welsh has ever done. it wasnt begbie, it might as well have been about john barrowman  . total dross.  but being the welsh skag head that i am. i'll buy whatever he produces. and always will.


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I know its the weekend and all that caper but if Tim Farron will insist on being interviewed on the BBC This afternoon , The electorate may take this Charlie Drake a bit more seriously if he didnt dress up as leigh bowery chatting to Steve Strange in the queue of the blitz club circa 1981.

He looked like he had on Martin Kemps Kilt from the 'to cut a long story short' video, topped off with a Lord Byron billowing chemise.  poor show, if truth be told,  from the bloke that used to present 'Picture box ' on itv schools.


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Yet Another BBC They-shoot-horses-dont-they debate on Brexit. It never stops.Like a chemical brothers remix it plays on in perpetuity . Hammering away with the gusto of Keith Moon on his pictures of lily drum kit with Kit Lambert blowing marching powder up his arsehole with a nesquick straw.

Its exhausting.

I Remember going to an escape from samara shin dig in the 90's . I didnt sleep for 3 days , travelling the ley lines to the palace of wisdom via a prolonged derangement of the senses and as one with the four-to-the-floor hypnotic and melodious beats .

Watching the BBC Is a lot like that. only with cunts.


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Ive yet to cross the rubicon , even in the wilderness years, but if i did, i wouldnt be adverse to slipping my phalus up Billy mckenzie from 'the Associates ' kippax.

not now though , hes been dead for quite a bit and the ring piece must be slacker than the fan belt on my kia soul


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Just returned from the off licence for libation in the form of samuel adams lager and noobys nuts (dry roasted) and i was accosted outside by a bevy of braxton hicks (heavily pregnant females, at the end of the 3rd trimester on the piss and smoking 40 bensons) asking me for a quid.
One can only assume her previous cubs have been taken in by another pride or eaten alive by her current boyfriend , the alpha male who offered my a wrap of bi carb or saxa salt for £4o.

North chingford really is going down the farkin tube. Surely the going rate is £30.

theres fucking hundreds but off the top of me head.


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for me , Adam Boulton of sky news shares the same rarified beasts wing air as that belgium guy verhofstadt. Looks a total fucking sex case that freeze dries the heavily soiled knickers of his victims in food bags , then revitalizes them on the radiator for a lusty wank a few months later.

Basically a bit of a cunt when all said and done.



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liquitech1 wrote:


the kings of banta not feeling it today, no? Piss poor.

I was referring to my base feelings on the  England football team mate, not you,  a chap With whom i hold in high regard.


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when i joined this board a few years ago,i found home, a place where my head came apart and the top of my skull let loose a stream of consciousness, that many of you good people indulged and tolerated.  Beyond thecall of duty.  I will continue to express those opinions that are shaped by what i see the ten yards in front of my medicine ball  face.

this thread has  indulged sneering petri dish stereotypes from a lofty astral plane as freely as those  cabbage cunts on the tram. But dont or will not see it.  I've yet to see freddie Starr walk down green street in full fA cup final day nazi regalia that he wore on saint and greavsie.  Bestial Acts like that on the tram should be neutered by any means necessary.

It seems to be fair game in this debate, across this nation,    to knock this country on its Morality and economically . Caring not a flying fuck on the fiscal impression it makes in the Markets across the world , only caring about their Public Image Ltd in front of 16 year olds on twitter. Abhorrent.They want us (brexit) to fail and fail in totality.

Now we have to suffer the ignominy of Gary lineker morphing into the new Jon snow and tweeting his thoughts on Racist brexiteers every 30 minutes.It really is  humbling to dwell in the high dojo of the ridged crisp sensei and his hounds of love.

Its odd but ever since i voted leave , ive noticed that Jo  looks a bit Eurasian Around the eyes. Ive made a note in my files and may report her to the relevant authorities .


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'fackin aids..'


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Nothing more virtuous than Party Apparatchiks  on both left and right Bringing Racism to the fore such as Highlighting in perpetuity the  Graffiti on the Polish Embassy,  which has been dressed up to the levels of Assault on Precinct 13,   while The very same fuckers hid like thermal wall insulation cavity foam when Rotherham was in full swing .Bastards.


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Im going down the co op for some nobbys nuts...I may be sometime.

Does my cunt in rucking like a electric soup tramp in his shitted knickers on here.  Life's an evil fucker as it is reading about Cara delevingnes  recipe for Salted Boiled hamand cloves  in the evening standard on the 6.13 to Chingford.

Sometimes i just feel like throwing my hands up in the air !.

C'mon Bedrock..your've got the love I  need to see me through.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Stand down Glen, apologies. I am pissed off, but you're alright in my book. I shouldn't be spraying bile at you.

im sorry too. Feel a right cunt to be honest.just saw red. in fact i look at some of my earlier postings on here a few years ago and i fucking well cringe. I know im an annoying verbose ex druggie no good cunt. i know that. Ive been chased by The NF for being' a paki loving jew' and been to fucking hell over having a mixed race son in east ham in the 80's . ive been fucking Disowned by ignorant cunts in the east ham hive. I dont want to be disowned by my mates on here for something that isnt right or true.


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Homegrove wrote:

English is my second language. Various local sayings my 56th.

It really is a humbling experience to abase myself at this seat of learning. Another day On Bedrock another day of adding to the body of human knowledge.


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Homegrove wrote:

Are you threatening me with physical violence Glen?

what the  fuck are you on about. If blokes ive had discourse with on here with for 4 years without ill , quite out of the blue call me racist then present yourself to the fucking court.

Laying a cable in my neck off the woods means taking time out i.e a ban. Not kicking someones cunt in with me red or deads.


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Cheers wally. can you deliver it in a black roll neck ? Mr Moonlite style.


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millsy23 wrote:

Yours is a hard job mate, and I thank you for standing at the front line and doing something I could, hand on heart, never do. It will likely be a lot harder soon too, but apparently give it, oh i dunno, between 5 and ten years I guess, and it will be all gravy baby. Possibly.

I love you,  you fucking fucking cunt.Always fucking have.

I believed with all my fucking heart in what i voted for as you all did, but  bedrock never, ever call me a racist cunt unless you can do it to me face.  Best for all if Hannu lays a ban cable on me for a time, because im gonna annihilate the stoat cunt all fucking ends up.


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millsy23 wrote:

I'll say again, when did I call you a racist?

Did i say you stu ?. I appreciate you reasoned earlier reply, but look through the last 6 pages of this thread. its infested with implication and direct accusations at myself. im a fucking probatio n officer man!, 90 % of my client base is fucking ethnic. Not one single cunt on here has walked my shoes and Thus can call me fucking Racist. and an embittered old cunt . like im gonna sit here and be abused and wear that like some cuckold mug.   Any cunt wants my address on here by pm they can fucking well have it.


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millsy23 wrote:

You've lived a thousand lives Glenn, I get that. Never seen you as a racist, but there can be no denying the leave vote has legitimised this worldview and given it a platform, however hopefully short-lived.

whether ive lived a thousand lives or one life on a camp bed riddled with the pox with a copy of Razzle in my hand , in a shed .  i'll be fucked if im gonna be called a racist cunt by people that live in different time zones and were going to 6th form in the late 90's with their initialed tuck box in a satchel. 

fucking green flash fuck.   You might as well lay a cable on me now hannu . im gonna let my hands go on  that thin boned Carcinogenic reedy fuck .


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millsy23 wrote:

yes! Lovely stuff. Let's all just fucking ave it!!

Lairy Mclairy from Donaldson's Dairy. D'ya want some?

thats shining bright i'll just sit right back and be called a cunt and a racist cunt. like suffering fuck.

I voted leave . im a jew, with a mixed race son and was married to a hindu girl at a time in east ham when the NF would burn you alive for holding hands with a 'paki' in east london.. who lived in east ham for 25 years., which half of you would shit thru your jogging bottoms if you had to live there.

  if you all fancy a fucking purge on me  step into the arena.sneering petri dish wankers.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

It will be interesting to see how many people signed that 2nd eu referendum petition  that have a registered address at the ' Sea of Fecundity,  the Moon'.

Glenn, I find you vaguely amusing sometimes, but you are a washed-up embittered old cunt and people like you have voted for the ruination of my country.


bring it in on then you snide cunt.  nice to have it in the open at last.about fucking time.

im going to feast on you boy like theres no fucking tomorrow.


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With the Notable exception of 1990 and 1996,    its been the same old fucking scene from 1970 to 2016 and all points in between .

The only thing is it doesn't hurt as much at 48 and a half years old as it did  at 14 and a half.


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the thing that really gets me, that really gets on my chocis chewns tit,  is that this will be forgotten in july , when SKY start showing their epic flashy adverts for the new premiership season to Rihanna soundtracks . I fackin hate modern day football.

What have the English national team become ?, nothing but An atrophied parasitic twin of the premier league.