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http://www.lbc.co.uk/left-wing-more-ups … i&cmp=

martin luther farage.


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Yant wrote:

Farage licking his lips.



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transa me up.

its friday ..lets all get on it and kill ourselves


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mr rossi wrote:

He's saying it won't be paid by December 1st.
Which means he will have to pay it back later

he'll pay it on dec 2nd.

a pussy whipped countach of the highest order.

the bone handle chiv must be released i say!!!


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News has reached me in beautiful downtown Chingford  , that because we in thE UK are outperforming our European partners in terms of economic growth, we have today received a rather unfortunately large bill.

Can we get Sting from quadrophenia to open his chequebook to pay it??
"can i pay now your honor Barroso?"

thatcher would have lent back, lit up a cigar, lifted her stout skirt and fired off two pin pong balls out of her snatch with the words 'fu ck' and 'off' written on them.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … ebate.html

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/eu … st-4496527


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does it count if i want them dead?


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millsy23 wrote:

boom di di boom

floor filler , 4am voyage into trance mix.

Genuinely love that tune.

its been a difficult week for me millsy..yourve been a tower of strength to me throughout the week.

i hope i can continue to count on your support.

please pop into chingford whenever your passing through for sweet meats.i have no friends to speak off.in fact i dont know anyone, or indeed have ever existed.

i merely am.


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makes me want to get right on.IT.


why in the name of suffering wank am i in this fackin piss hole of an office..


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MattBlack wrote:

It's Mike Reids UKIP anthem, ETC will love it

just sounds like any ub40 song after 1981..


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boom di di boom

floor filler , 4am voyage into trance mix.


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incredible record....

cheating a bit


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ive been blending this UKIP anthem  seemlessly into  samuel barbers 'adagio for strings', knocking out the high hats , boosting the pitch to +4 and holding out the reverb, whilst simple, yet economical use of the cross fader brings in the lush tones of the taste xperiance and the ubiquitous 'summersault'..

the kids love it.

bit of fun  and all the great enraged of hoxton have shat themselves in outrage.

i didnt see the outrage when  the drum and bass don's 'earl and grey' dressed up like lord greystoke !!


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BedRob wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

I thought BedRob was the resident "thoughts and prayers" man?

Appreciate the nod Ed, however, been somewhat tied up with work this week.............but as ever............

Thoughts and prayers etc.............................

when i die rob of the inevitable cancers coursing through my broken, wracked body...i want you to come and say a few simple words while my ex wifes, estranged children and creditors hurl themselves with grief /rage/hate on mr charred remains.

if jo shacks up with huge black phallus before the cucumber sandwiches curl..im coming back to fucking well haunt her.



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steelydan wrote:

Always loved this scene

never seen it before...love it


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Squidgy wrote:

That scene from Bad Lieutenant where he gets fucked up and does some weird, naked twirly dance whilst saying "me me me me me me me....."

I would post the link but it would take me about half an hour due to the country I'm in (not Wales). Hope u understand.



i do remember it squidge...we had a mate in brentwood who would  get so fucked (Alcohol) ..he would twirl around naked down the stairs to pick up his booze from the offie below his flat....this was opposite the pub, the essex arms ..and we would see (jim meston)  sillohette twirling  around in his own alcoholic world..back in his flat.

we used to sit there and invent scenario's where poor old jim was in his head at that time...perhaps in   pre war , romantic paris in a fine restruarant playing the piano to a collection of france's finest bohemian crowd ..indulging in the finest wines known to hummanity

only to wake up covered in vomit and dorito's and a crumpled errection in his hand with a bill for £120 for outstanding kibble on credit .


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...one of the funniest for me 'mad max' from the 'wolf of wall street' going fucking radge when interuppted trying to watch ' the  equaliser'..especially the bit where he's so enraged ,  he unknowingly  puts on  dirk bogard clipped english tones ordering- a- cornet- in- an- oxfordshire- hamlet  @circa 1954..

jo reckons i do the same when her mum rings when im trying to facking watching all the nazi/hitler  documentries on the history channel.

she done it last week when i was trying to watch 'hitler UFO vaults'

Anyway i was coughing my lungs  up like reflux patient on 80 cancer sticks a day after this ^^



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"come on fellas..lets twist!!"

r.i.p shane.



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Big Fella wrote:

Alvin Stardust as well, RIP.

fuck no!!!...

my coo ca choo..

loopdokter wrote:

Passport?  Why would I require such a thing?  That would imply I might want to travel outside of the greatest place on earth.  Have I told you all about Canada yet?

In all seriousness, mine has gone from looking like a skeletal surprised and skinny skaghead, to a fat and frowning skaghead with no chin whose 3 wives have left him after the bender he was on and is still on for the last 13 years.  It's a wonder I get stopped at the border every time.  I personally don't see why.

Thank fuck for 10 year passports now.

we have much in common you and i..

only you go to better parties

flash cunts.  ^^^^^


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"bed time now vi, i'll tuck you in..get up those bleedin apples my gel.."

steelydan wrote:

I fear that last weekend was my last on the bumbles…it's killing me midweek more than ever. Maybe coke is the future?

never done me any harm..what can possibly go wrong??

can we get back to what our passport photos looked like and what they look like now please gentlemen.

or i'll post another vi short story..

loopdokter wrote:

Vi, recounting later in the Daily Mail: "He was always a nice young fella.  He'd come 'round at least once a week to say hi and check in.  After Charlie passed - I don't have much family y'see - he was all there was left.  Sure, there was a couple of quid missing from my wallet each time he dropped by, but he assured me it was going to charity that benefited underprivileged children in Essex.  He never once mentioned his cavorting with drugs and alcohol.  He wasn't that man anymore anyway.  Now he's going to spend the rest of his life in HMP Belmarsh to live out his remaining years.   I just don't understand!  He was so kind and such a dear!"


poor old vi!!


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popped over to vi's this morning. electric facking been cut off.had to facking hook a cable up in the daft sow's kitchen.only had a look on her boat all moosey faced like !!...i says vi my gel, vi i says "if you cant do nothing for a neighbour in need we might as well go in live in the jungle like that bird at number 22" i says..cannabals i says.

"one step up from the pg tips monkey" i said.lovely arse though vi i says...phwooar!!.could do me a turn that black gel i says to vi like.right on my boat .get the juices flowing right enough.no need for your leccy then vi!!.nah good woman,  thats what i need.i says to vi, i says "you want to make yourself a bit more presentable"."fuck this lymphoma".one for the road.i said to vi , "you probably havent had it since old wilf was on horseback" ave ya my gel!.

no laugh no smile no nothing!!. so i tanned her across the jaw, just playful like.told her to put on those surgical stockings to keep warm.funny thing was though, when i saw 'er all kitted out, crying and vunerable... fuck me if i didnt have a babys arm on the go!!.well what could i do."get your laughing gear round that my gel "i says.

bit of a bonus really.dont bear thinking about.old enough to be me grandmother.terrible.state of the nation.wheres the old bill when you need them.i blame the darkies.lovely blow job though.