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MarcusGraham wrote:

Car crash?

She couldn't get a word in edgeways, which happens to every guest that isn't a Tory on that program.

your quite right she did manage to cough out that all their polices are available on their website 64 times.

shame she didnt seem to know them though. it was like watching magnus pike on johnny balls 'think of a number'


nice hermes scarf though.


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labours views on try before you buy jihadists, a human rights lawyer...

astonishing. starts off smug then gets ripped a new one.

Andrew Niel...

"the niceties of international law are dripping roast for lawyers such as yourself, but they dont keep us safe on the streets of this country."


islingtons finest, more chance of me donating to the Poland pugalist society of wimbledon university lecturers benevolent fund than voting labour. in fact theres a greater chance of me having dinner with emily thornberry mp , discussing proposals for a latvian sex case builders benevolent fund , while wilf the d day war veteran and her islington constituent crystallizes into a stalactite through the cold.

btw,  im very disappointed no ones come up with 'Thatcher the milk snatcher' yet on here.at a time when we couldnt even afford to bury the dead in this country, or power up a lava lamp after reggie bosanquat finished reading out the football results on news at ten.

if anyone can come up with a better rhyme than' thatcher and snatcher' before then, can they please send the results to suge knight of death row records, they havent had a hit for awhile.


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'Behold, as a wild ass in the desert, go I forth to my work'

edward the confessor
verse 3 chapter 1


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whenever i see a green party election candidate knock on my door , on the box,  or simply alive using oxygen,

its the only time i wish we had gigantic sandworms on earth , like the ones on 'arakis' in 'Dune' to put me out of my misery.


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"i have nothing to offer you but blood , sweat and prog 1996-2001.'

Churchill Remembrance day 30/1/15

"i ask of you only this......build a church in my image and toss me off into a 'VAT 69' glass with the dispassionate economy of a stepford wife handmaiden'

ETC,  while watching 'location location' last night


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you fukin slag redknapp.
i'll be on the oxycontin till this foul spirit leaves the club.

bombing out a young player today, jordam mutch, to cnting palace who has been selected for u17, u19,u20 and u21 after less than ten games. less than 6 months after buying him from cardiff for 6 miilion.

no doubt for some south american/european paraplegic travelling willbury who will cling to harolds arse hairs like a wingnut until it falls off into the pan to be dispensed into the tides along with all the other shit he signs.

hes a child like god king at qpr who grows bored of the trinkets and shiny baubles he collects on a whim, spoilt to fu ck and indulged by his creator, tony fernandes.

weve created a monster.

if your the devil harold, i ask you , make yourself and your cloven hooved subordinates disappear, or is that much to a vulgar display of power?.

the spirit of edward the confessor  compels you to leave this devine place.

do you know what he did ?, this cun ting manager?......

........he sold jordan mutch.

youre just a kenny noye brass..all fur coat and no knickers..

your a stain on this club and all the omo in the world wont shift it.
i just cant fathom what fernandes is letting him do , running amok like this.

he's the joseph mengele of the premiership.

he'll be stitching grey friars bobby to shola amoebi next and grafting the quads of craig makail smith into a book cover before this transfer window shuts.


'it is not safe' under his command.

what next , a cheeky bid for bob larchford, colin lee, dave swindlehurst or ray hankin you cnt.

odds on..just another cu'nt to go with the shower of cu'nts already here

im already hoping harold becomes radicalised over the weekend, finds allah , and fks off to fight for IS, Before being sent to suck off 72 virgin 'Dani's' , via an american drone .


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Big Fella wrote:

You said Vi lived across the road, Glenn?

my methods are sound, i like to create a mike liegh style  vista, with the constraints of physics have no meaning.

but yeah, she does live opposite.

i do have pat living next door about 80.lived there since the 40's .never married.church goer. still refers to her long dead mum as 'mother'.

i have such plans for her.


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Big Fella wrote:

Big Hitters don't vote labour because of the proposed mansion tax.


my pierre de terre in north chingford must be pushing the envelope on the 2miliion threshold.

even more so since i knocked through to vi's.freehold job.deeds in the safe.dont bear thinking about.worked all her life.some cnt comes along, and bang.its gone.terrible really.still if she had left it to the government they only would have fuckin given it to a battered asian womens refuge or a needle excahnge for queers.disgusting.on winston churchills anniversary an,all!.he didnt oversee the deaths of millions so john barrowman could get his hands on vi's gaff!.dont know what the countrys coming to.diabolical.obscene.unjust.
god cry for harry king and saint george.daft cunts.


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millsy23 wrote:


nice aviator style shirt.distressed.nice.must see vi.get some dough together.pension top up.see me right.xl.44" chest.refusal will be frowned upon.dont bear thinking about.


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MattBlack wrote:


oh fk me here we go .... ertha kitts , left pissing chiwawa's  who only awaken from their inert state in the placenta pool of dripping left wing goose fat, when prodded with the spear of nigels farages destiny,  snapping at the heels in shrill outrage of nigels hand stitched , churchills brogues(when not on the throat of nick clegg obviously)

a sonnet to ones lug holes.

what a beautiful thing it will be to see labour and the snp in coalition , within six months will be sacrifcing canning town virgins,if the legend can be believed, in a wicker man to sate the pagan gods and praying for our crops to flourish instead of PMQ's. food banks will seem like a baroque banquet in comparison.

looking forward to the next islington labour mp travelling through custom house , east london like a 21st cent shackleton in a pope mobile to stop off and barter sugar, whiskey and opium with the local tribe for their votes, chewing tobbaco and a poultice for keith vaz's anus warts made from bark, and then , with gods good grace ,  carrying typhus back to millbank.



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have a good time absoulutely ledgeing it all over the fuckin gaff smalls, ill miss you.


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'I wanna be engorged'

hulking 12" phallus mix.


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steelydan wrote:

Mani hands make light work



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millsy23 wrote:

mate of mine is planning to run as the green candidate in my constituency. He's currently head of the local Greenpeace branch. Makes his own cider and was a massive caner back in the day, so can't wait to sell some mud to the currant bun.

people who sell stories and their pious musings about celebs to the red tops are fucking scum

especially if they use the fee to buy  an ounce of chazz.


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millsy23 wrote:

Tom Daly was on the box last night talking about his brave fight againt the phobia of the 'twist' dive that cost him Gold at the London Olympics. What a brave young man, I thought.

"The scale of this issue is massive," he said. "I'm trying every single thing possible to try and get it back to normal. I'm going under different types of therapy.

"It is almost trauma therapy – to get myself to process the things that have gone wrong on it to get it to a stage where I can forget about it and feel positive about it.

"I am literally terrified of it. I suppose you could call it a phobia and I don't know what my heart rate is when I go up there and do it but it's definitely above 180, something ridiculous, because it is so terrifying."

That's Tom Daley, professional diver there, afraid of diving, basically. Cheer up Tom, at least you've done 13 cover shoots for Attitude Magazine while you've been bravely recovering.

You big, gay Gertcha!!

good solid amusing work millsy. im simply stealing it .

that adrian chiles is a right fucking cunt an'all


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If labour get in and form a diabolical splice with the SNP, im taking you all out with me on a  rampage of lamentation , Prog 1996-2001 and kibble ingestation , on a scale hither to unseen Since a primate threw a femur bone in the air.

then killing myself on the 8th of may.

lets all get on it etc etc..


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the fa cup draw on the bbc 'one show' last night with alex jones

I erupted like linda blair 'la plume de ma tante' as i saw this evil unfold in front of my disbelieving eyes.

when oh when will the bbc realise the dire need for more lesbian , gay , transgender , women and indeed welsh presenters across all formats of their output.

the old boys club of ted croaker, bert millichip and sir stanley rouse cradeling velvety ball sacks live on air and whispering seductively into the microphone to excitable young boys, some 8 and a half hours before the watershed , was a national disgrace .May their blood line be stricken from the records .

you know, what next ?, john barrowman as 'nancy' from 'oliver' in dickensian emerson fittipaldi leathers, live from monte carlo with tiny tim (brian dowling) discussing drag reduction system?.
why not get rid of the fleetwood mac theme tune and replace with the 'weather girls' ?, now theres an institution we can all be proud of.



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niko kranjcr should spot the gap in the market and take a tribute act out on the road.

RIP demis , your seminal version of 'una paloma blanca' healed the sick and touched the heart of even the most evil nazi war criminal in patagonia.


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never off the i pod in  jo's pink smart car , crusin the  autobahn of sexual impropriety

and for american aor/mor

anyway , our drive cd comp for france later this year


The Old Grey Whistle Test (40th Anniversary Album)
Rhino Records (2) – WMTV173, BBC – WMTV173
3 × CD, Compilation
Rock, Blues, Pop
Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Prog Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Rock & Roll
Disc 01
1-1    –Led Zeppelin    Trampled Under Foot   
1-2    –Who, The    Baba O'Riley   
1-3    –Free    My Brother Jake   
1-4    –Thin Lizzy    Whiskey In The Jar   
1-5    –Rod Stewart    The Killing Of Georgie (Parts 1 & 2)   
1-6    –David Bowie    Oh! You Pretty Things   
1-7    –Roxy Music    Do The Strand   
1-8    –Linda Ronstadt    It's So Easy   
1-9    –Randy Newman    Short People   
1-10    –James Taylor (2)    Fire And Rain   
1-11    –Stealers Wheel    Stuck In The Middle With You   
1-12    –Bad Company (3)    Feel Like Makin' Love   
1-13    –Doobie Brothers, The    Listen To The Music   
1-14    –Focus (2)    Hocus Pocus   
1-15    –ZZ Top    Cheap Sunglasses   
1-16    –Allman Brothers Band, The    Jessica   
1-17    –Cars, The    Just What I Needed   
1-18    –Talking Heads    Psycho Killer   
Disc 02
2-1    –Elton John    Tiny Dancer   
2-2    –Bob Dylan    Hurricane   
2-3    –Eric Clapton    Let It Grow   
2-4    –Fleetwood Mac    Go Your Own Way   
2-5    –Lynyrd Skynyrd    Free Bird   
2-6    –America (2)    Ventura Highway   
2-7    –Foreigner    Cold As Ice   
2-8    –Chicago (2)    25 Or 6 To 4   
2-9    –Robert Plant    Burning Down One Side   
2-10    –Moody Blues, The    I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock & Roll Band)   
2-11    –Yes    Owner Of A Lonely Heart   
2-12    –Steppenwolf    Born To Be Wild   
2-13    –Golden Earring    Radar Love   
2-14    –John Martyn    Solid Air   
2-15    –Jim Croce    I Have To Say It In A Song   
2-16    –Don McLean    American Pie   
2-17    –New York Dolls    Personality Crisis   
2-18    –Blondie    One Way Or Another   
Live Disc
3-1    –John Lennon    Stand By Me   
3-2    –Alice Cooper    Under My Wheels   
3-3    –Sniff 'n' The Tears    Driver Seat   
3-4    –Simple Minds    Life In A Day   
3-5    –Magazine    Give Me Everything   
3-6    –Altered Images    A Day's Wait   
3-7    –Aztec Camera    Walk Out To Winter   
3-8    –Tom Waits    Small Change   
3-9    –Sad Café    Hungry Eyes   
3-10    –Joan Armatrading    Love & Affection   
3-11    –Janis Ian    Stars   
3-12    –Robert Wyatt    Shipbuilding   
3-13    –Ralph McTell    Sweet Mystery   
3-14    –Little Feat    Rock & Roll Doctor   
3-15    –Atlanta Rhythm Section    So Into You   
3-16    –Chris Rea    Guitar Street   
3-17    –Iggy Pop    I Wanna Be Your Dog   
3-18    –Ramones    Rock & Roll High School / Rock & Roll Radio   


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'suffer little children , that come un to me, for thee will know my pego'

the book of agamenmon.
barnado's, mixed race section.


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Ive managed to sneak out some blurry images of Training today at QPR.

by bravely rendering Flo the 92 year old paraplegic cha lady unconscious with a crude cosh , I then concealed a box brownie in the bottom of her hostess trolley while i dispensed sustenance at very reasonable prices.

please be warned there are some shocking images which may contain, angel cake, stollen, battenburg and harolds favourite, the cincinnatti bow tie slice.

5 am ...God king harold arriving at his barret box portakabin with en suite 5 gallon shit bucket , a lithograph of mary millington in barry sheen bikers leathers and a tub of goose fat.

A busy day for the omnipotent war monger as he has requested an early private audience with a boyishly handsome youth team player for an assessment of his troublesome shin splints, thighs and glutes.

Despite having no medical training whatsoever Harolds healing hands will ease the suffering of this young footsoldier by applying ancient potions of johnsons baby oil....."the one with the brown cocoa skin and curly black hair" The god king commands...


4.45pm ..The homo erotic devine one, sets to work on a diabolical plan to conquer and smote half the civillised world via a flip chart, an assortment magic markers , post it notes and chanting the bhuddist mantra " chack it in the fackin mixargh for bobby z' over and over , ...sometimes up to 3 times in one sitting, Hes work doctrines knows no bounds.


4.48pm.....The Prince Albert lover offering devine words of enlightenment to brave Gorbals spartan , Joe Jordandas before training ..."Rio, he aint never gonna boot it up the pitch...am i not kind!"


4.49pm ....The Cockney Gold leaf tyrant adresses his legion of ageing warlords, faithful generals and favoured thralls of sports hacks ... before departing for a game of crazy golf with odin , zeus and loki for fourballs. "if only you would kneel at my feet"..

5.01 pm hunchback kevin Bond smells a rat and discovers my hostess trolley/box brownie combo....run !!!!...run!!!


..I can hear the guard dogs coming, please forward theses images of crimes against humanity to the relevant authorities ...and tell the world what is happening here ... i must go.... i can hear hunchback bondy outside...spear  drawn...the world must know....arrrgggghhhhhhh.......tell the world i want to be remembered as an humanitarian and a maker of exceedingly good cakes...arrrrrggghh..

fucking hell.

in see a quad in the harbor ...you lucky git joey.

i'll pm you in the week if thats ok for two or three mate.

thanks jamie/joey.



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upon viewing the video of this  geezer in the OP operating  some diabolical instrument , for some reason i thought of this at 2mins 40 sec .

progs ' pancake day'