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people who send their reviews into the 'good doctor' mark kermode and the lumpen simon mayo on the friday afternoon film show on bbc radio 5.

invariably a pointless film/media studies virgin  in  a mysteron  t shirt,sparse ratty beard that sprouts from his face  like the hairy spores on a black widows back or some party chick  student with big tits and a permissive attitude to group sex until she ends up on a mortuary slab ... going on and on and on and on about 'the narritive' 'the genre' , 'gaelic romance' and 'the juxtaposition' of dwayne 'the rock 'johnsons latest bio degradable action shit flick..

hoping that kermode and mayo will acknowledge  their talents as the next orson wells and give them a column in some wank art mag with a circulation of 2 ,  when every cnt knows thay have the imigination of a cost accountant in a briar pipe manufactures .



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theres nothing worse than a lank greasy pony tail on a receeding hair line.



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wonder how many people in that video are still alive?, indeed,who is the harry patch of the rave scene, such as it was, in blackpool 1990 ??

the last rave tommy.

i shall be holding a remembrance service, opposite the kings head chingford ,monday at 11 am.

we shall never see their  like again.

http://www.anzacday.org.au/education/tf … t_post.wav


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i tell what really fucks me right off...Nigel Pearsons hair.

just look at it. theres something not quite right here. it stinks of heresy and blasphemy.

i can only bear to look at it indirectly in a mirror like medusa's head of snakes less i be turned to a pillar of salt


its neither meat nor fish nor fowl.

what a fucking cunt.



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im trying to master the vulcan mind melt from here in stratford..kill joey kill...


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cant wait  for chris ramfukker ramseys press conference today..im hunkering down to go in some kind of trancendal state , an altered state, if you will.. as i wait for the shepherds bush maharishi to impart enlightenment to his flock of nobbys nuts acolytes.


just hang on Mien ramfukker liege, while i push two chairs together aka 'our man flint' where i can pluck your shamanic sawtooth configurations from the ether as to why greyfriars bobby zamora has a longer shelf life than catherine deneuve's vampire in 'the hunger' and the abdication of all repsonsibility by yourself and the players at man city was due to scorpio rising being in conflict with saturn and your patrick moore xylophone sticks being used as chopstick by our left back suk yun.


forgive me chris, im a bit  overexcited, what with it being bank holiday an 'all and just one more game of QPR being casually overwhelmed by a team playing at 30%.


"yes i see it now !! by stopping my heart beat and lowering my internal algorithm suspended between two louis XIV chairs , a left wing of clint hill and karl henry at home to west ham is our salvation"

my lament is great chris.


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Boring wrote:

Cheers Dave, .....

a quick question , when can i crush your thorax at your earliest convenience you lying tory sack of shit. ?

It took me a couple minutes to realise you meant Cameron and not Beijing.

hahahaha..good to have you back boring..hope youre well mate.


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Big Fella wrote:

Love that version of Batman.

still makes me laugh when batman hits the shark... i cant help wonder what they used in the sound effects department..

sounds like a housmaster gently thrusting his way into a whelp of a boy in his quarters after tanning a bottle of grouse but not quite hitting his marks.


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unfortunately no 'ecliptic spin' on the 'aa' side of this 12"downloaded on you tube.

its friday, lets all get on it and kill ourselves.


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the old racist card being flung around on bbc radio 5 this morning like robert duvall in apocalypse now on dead vietcong.

when theres no one left in the probation service in london to deal with the effluent that is rising to the top from eastern europe and the old bill are overrun like a scene from worl war z , you can shine the bat signal in the midnight sky for for shami chakribati to resuce the citizens of east london and emma thompson on the batphone speed dial to hampstead to bring the violent human traffickers, brothel owners and pimps of ilford that i deal with ,to book via twitter hashtag campaigns and cous cous nights with punks skins rastas's and the romanian beggar with no nose outside stratford primark..

good luck luvvies, ypu'll need it.


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less of a 'gertcha' more of a track i.d really..drives me quite mad..

Its that  catchy little ditty  that ISIS always play on their videos, you know the one. its not the one they play when going into battle or beheading non believers .

its the one they play when their destroying ancient works of art  , priceless artifacts , antiquities and  erasing the cradle of various civilizations with sledge hammers .

they seem to be having a rollicking good time smashing to fuck ancient scrolls and manuscripts to this quirky ISIS jam...it really draws the listener in , becoming quite infectious..upon hearing it again today i took to obliterating  my own priceless antiquities ansd work of art such as my john lowe dartboard cabinet , my replica  'pete beal ' tankard and jo's nest of fucking tables. Vi's retro bar remains unscathed..although vi herself wasnt so lucky as the ISIS culture beat sent me into a frenzy and i kicked her cunt right off.

put the old girl out of action if truth be told. no 'wreck a pum pum 'for linghy for a while it would seem

im sure yourd  forgive my horseplay if you heard it yourself..it sounds a bit like missy elliots 'get your freak on' and the chemical brothers 'piku'

looked on discogs and hard to find records,  but not a dickie. Damn hard to find , even more so than krystal's' burning flame' off the oaky new york global cd.



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is it me, or is everyone who goes to lovebox a cunt. ive had the great misfortune to go twice 2007 and 2008 and witnessed cunts of every creed colour and denomination, myself included.

watching a  dwarf having a stroke in the tony de vit tent at creamfields @1998 pleased me greatly.

what a cunt.


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Cheers Dave, according to official figures released today by yourself, just the odd 318,00 net migration figures to the UK for the last year ,the highest since 2005.

over  640,00 People came to settle in the uk  last year . 100,000 more than live in sheffield.

with a further 180,000 from eastern europe last year ,no doubt the 60% of my case files which are eastern european will rise further. the probation service is at breaking point you fackin chump and people are leaving this profession in droves.

why did i bother to leave the city to retrain for 4 years and earn less then 50% of what i was earning in 2004. to process romanians ?? to sit here day after day facing the same old faces with the same old bullshit . with 1500 of them getting nicked every fkn month were at the shitty end of the stick and if you would forgive my candor, dave, i would like to shove said shitty stick tipped with ricin spores down your japs eye

i will endevour to clear out my old neolithic garden tools to forage a bit more space in my garden shed to ease housing a greater number of people coming to blighty every 12 months than live in Preston or Swansea or Nottingham or Reading or wigan, or indeed coventry .

a quick question , when can i crush your thorax at your earliest convenience you lying tory sack of shit. ?


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from last saturday night , top night was had. good little venue and the boys as superb as ever.


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'the game' on bbc2 cold war spy drama set in the early 70's.

not a patch on the tv series tinker, tailor..which captured the grey, bleak decay of london in the seventies but i'll take it over anything else on the box at the moment.

except 'vikings', which is pretty good.

i bailed out on 12 monkeys, and ressurection on sky a few weeks ago after sticking with it for ages..

looking forward to the next 'strain' series by Guillermo del Toro


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if we (QPR)do get a fiscal windfall from a Raheem sterling move,i believe 20%,  would it be possible to apportion some of the funds for a new wardrobe for Chris Ramsey.

His unique sartorial hybrid of a fusion between the right honorable Elijah muhammad , albert steptoe and sir ernest shackelton atop the beardmore glacier , displeases me greatly.

Les always looks the part Ramfukker, at least put your wolly tifter in the club wash along with niko beau brumels linen pantaloons.

it looks like yourve been using it to strain the oil sump on your horse and cart.


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James de gale (2o fights 19 wins  1 defeat) vs andre Dirrell ( 24 wins  23 wins i defeat)saturday night .super middleweight in the states .

degale, imo, was very unlucky to lose to a  split decision to Groves, and dirrel's only defeat was to froch, again in a split decision.

be worth watching with a few beers and a tapas of course.


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i must gorge upon chocolate like some desperately lonely single mother in a high rise council flat surrounded by screaming ginger brats that spends every evening on her crisis loan DHS sofa, leaking discharge into the fabric , watching ' love actually'.. imagining shes martine mcutcheon as love crosses all boundries and hugh grant sweeps her off her feet for a life of bliss.

fuking hate football.


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ive got 39 years in the Bank with QPR, but they can simply fuck off.

fernandes has installed a lord charles puppet to sit upon his knee .

the problem with qpr fans is that there docile thick cunts. i cant believe i breathe the same air as these chip shop vinegar smelling lank haired uriah heeps.

i wouldnt be surprised if fernandes names a constellation or nebula after ramsey for the ability to pull his skin back and piss straight in the urinal.the cnt should be handing  out murray mints in 'desmonds'


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Big Fella wrote:

I have faith in Jules72, i think he means its his favourite film with Steve Coogan.

Blates better than Alpha Papa.

would like to give coogan a bone handle chiving about the hair line and scalp him, however i thought the look of love' , the story of paul raymond was a good film ,which one enjoyed immensely.

love 'almost famous' .. heavily kibbed , i bought a stack load of 'rolling stone'magazines from the mid seventies after watching it for about £250/£300 on ebay, it may have been more i cant remember .

ive read two.


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i remember reading one of the many terrible books written about the twins.. there was a passage where reggie stated that his favourite past time was 'sitting in his cell 'thinking'..'

wonderful stuff..

also reggie would hold parties in his peter with hooch and horsemeat the order of the day.

whenever he talks about his young friends in his books , he always mentions that they "have certificates in disco dancing',,,i see reg...i see...

nothing invigorates the soul more than an 18 year old boy that has spent his life in barnados ,gamming the housemaster , doing the funky chicken in his cut off denims to k.c and the sunshine band for reggies delectation in confined quarters.

"shake shake shake, shake shake shake , shake your booty"