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millsy23 wrote:


Lavelle about to take on his first bush tucker trial here.

Whose producing this Masterpiece?,  a collective of Ernest Borgnine, Lee van cleff , Jack Palance and  Elii Wallach ?



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What an absolute Toast Topper. My hankering to fashion a pipe bomb from the contents of Jo's hair products, to take Kayne out , is was overwhelming. In fact Ive got 3 tubes of unused brylcream extreme hold hair gel that i can use in the same way an eastend capital gadge uses boiling water and sugar to maim a sex case on 'E' wing.


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Its all About FGM these days in the standard , Cara 'D' has taken a lower profile  in recent times

In fact ,  This modern Day scourge of FGM which blights millions of everyday working class londoners lives,   going about their daily business to put food on the table for their kids , it simply  doesnt get enough coverage.

  Walthamstow council Have hired an FGM expert to Accompany  an ice cream van at festivals , carnivals, sports days etc etc to inform the general public the dangers of FGM, while dishing out the 99's , Rockets and flakes to a melodious soundtrack of   'Green sleeves'..

The kids love it, as does aunt flo and uncle bert who love nothing better to hear the tangible dangers of female circumcision that corrupt  their lives on a hourly  basis, after ther've been for a walk round ridgeway park with their grandchildren who just want a cornet and to get back home and watch  power rangers, without the image of sawn off beef curtians in their young minds.


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Jamie Redknapp And Thierry Henry waltzing onto the studio floor now like Barry and Yvonne Stuart Hargreaves, the ball room dancers on Hi di Hi .

70 fackin quid a month im paying to watch Henry blow his unique brand of tantric snails muck like Sting on climax delay cream And Redknapp sitting there like one of Ronnie Krays Boyfriends before a heavy duty session of scatology with Ronnie in the basement of the blind beggar public house.


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The scene in my front room @ 4.42pm North Chingford, as i digested the sight of a bloke punching the air behind Jim White in the back up office , working a piece of machinery Like a Mentat computation science officer in 'Dune'. Before Passing The over the grid references of Emmanuel Adebayors movements to Jim like a code breaker at bletchley park .

BREAKING SSN NEWS..Ed De Goey has just bought a 51% controlling interest In A Transgender reassignment Emporium In Clacton.

FFS what am i watching.. There appears to be a Dominatrix presenting with Dr Mengele , the white haired Angel of transfer deadline day . I can only hope he conducts cruel expermentations as to the growth patterns on ian holloways jacket and carries out dental work on matt le tissiers rotten railings .

Never watched this show before.will never watch it again.Someone actually sent in a picture of their dog dressed as Jim white. I Wish i was back in rehab making chess pieces on a pottery wheel.


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I havent Heard Corbyns Dr joesph Goebbels,Owen Jones On the BBC for at least 12 hours..

Love the the way the Beeb roll him off the production line like demented 'HAL 9000's ' in some kubrick Nightmare . Anything to do with The 'empowerment' @ copyright owen jones, and 'engagement'@copyright owen jones , of the so called working classes and the 'disenfranchised' @copyrigh owen jones, And the BBC are like a 'whiteburger danny .

An e'd up raver from 1990 declaring overwhelming love thus imagining this utopia where its people flow together in harmonious one love.

Someone should send out a rescue party For the milky bar kid of the left , There hasnt been a ripost on his twitter account branding someone a bigot before writing a strongly worded letter to the Guardian on how he vanquished an SS joy division with a jaunty flourish to icelands where he studiously avoided the purchase of south african crispy pancakes before enjoying a vailla infused twirl with the working classes of islington.

*this post was not inteded to incite a riot, im just bored shitless at work , all ive done is read 3 newspapers, and sunk enough coffee to rip joe meek to the tits.

bit of fackin culture before i embark on a day devoted to unknown pleasures all over the West essex area with some mates from Brentwood.

good day to you sirs.

apologies for being juvenile on a top thread, but check the camp blakes 7 extra going radge at the start of plex's eponymous journey through the highways  and byways Of his set.

3 ins 30 secs in

great list mate.

I Implore You Gentleman , please watch that plex boiler room video on the list..the only thing thats missing from the crowd is a fucking Pin head...

MattBlack wrote:

Not that id have it in my list,  but I always rated belfunk the better Track. Quirky.Sprinkling  of magic dust in THAT breakdown.

This, definitely the better track for me

just went back and had another listen matt.  no question , The better Track.

Not that id have it in my list,  but I always rated belfunk the better Track. Quirky.Sprinkling  of magic dust in THAT breakdown.
Horse 'careful'  sasha horse with no name mix  lords it over most of that list..IMO

"I'll tell you what you can do with your eye-teeth and your Prog list, you can take scorchio and 80% of that list  and all that other rubbish I have to go about with and you can stuff them right up your arse!"


'The Chain'is  ok, but always thought 'clayface' sounded better out and about. 'new york fm' another just as good,  imo.

nutrasweet prog like a can of tab


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millsy23 wrote:

lols all round Glenn. What was Delavigne's opinion on the plight of the immigrant washer women?

Cara is the root of unhappiness.. the root of unhappiness.. the root of unhappiness..the root of unhappiness....

dutchy101 wrote:

fk me ..nice one dutch!!^^^

prog prog prog .

beyond the 5th dimension at 6 mins..


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to:    letters@standard.co.uk
date:    Thur  27, 2015 at 2:51 PM

mailed-by:    gmail.com

Dear Sirs,

With reference to your Picture( In yesterday evenings edition) of 'The Jungle' and the Appalling conditions these abandoned shipwrecked vessels are forced to live in,  May I recommend The heavy duty 5 line retractable lockable tension washing line from john lewis( the after care is first class) for a Reasonable £189.99, instead of what appears to be a length of umbilical cord ripped from a swan or sundry wildlife creature (pictured)to dry their Clothing upon.

North chingford.



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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

She was placing cocktail sticks in me bollocks accupunture style to paralyse various nerve centers  to stop me from going off to soon into said cocked gestapo hat .Bit like 'ker plunk' but with my harry monk replacing the marbles , If that helps you picture the scene with more clarity you dirty cunts.

LOL. Thanks ETC. That will be my bank holiday entertainment with the missus sorted then.

nice one Henry,  I think i partially took it from one of my dads porno mags in the mid 70's . The sight of a heavily dimpled ball sac  waiting to erupt under the auspicious diktat of a fem dom  with cocktail sticks placed in and around   the radial artery veins,  like a spiral tribe sound system on lay lines, was an arresting sight for an 8 year old with a basin haircut, and a sgt pepper cloth badge on the knees of his flared jeans

in addition , Im pretty sure i  was the first boy in my class to use the word 'Quim' at 7 years of age,  beating my peers by some distance. Someday i always knew id end up on here,  telling my Prog fellow-mates.

..Just seen on sky News , hahahahahahaha


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Owen Jones . That absolute Piper of all things cunt , seems to have taken up permanent residence on the BBC like a pint sized Nero.

This Tristram Fourmile Milky bar kid , with brain rot due to syphilis contracted in unprotected sex with one of his own Political Tantric 6 hour soliloquys , is on the fackin box more times than a re run of del boy falling through the bar hatch.

The fucker looks like a pea in a tin of baxters broth ....FFS labour , get this leadership election over so this village of the damned , blue eyed blond haired being can go back to putting ships in a bottle or writing angst poetry as to why girls ignore him, even though hes a deeply shy , sensitive boy with a lot of love to give , to the right Girl/Man/Feral Goat .


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The News of the World goes on:

“For all these years I’ve clung to a belief that me and Jermaine  might be together one day—but all he wants me for is sex,” sighs Stephanie Moule.

“He’s obsessed with my 36GG boobs. He loves it that he can fit his head into one of my bra cups—and he’s happy just sitting there in my bedroom like that, with my bra on his head.

“Immediately after he climaxes he wants to go again. So he does naked handstands up against the wall because he believes it helps speed things up.



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Really Missing the QPR tunnel Cam this seasonnow were out of the Prem..  the sight of athletes at the summit of their chosen profession in reflective mood after doing battle in the white heat of the premeirship ampitheatre , such as Clint Hill  emptying his nasal passages of troublesome mucus all over the floor and nedem onhura  tossing his claggy jock strap on the floor .

I suggest a shower cam this season ..I have no hard Evidence as it were ,tO back this up , But a shower cam May very well confirm my theory that Clint is hung like Pascal in the gonzo Porn bendover films of the 90's. Junior Hoilett is hung like 'Midge' from 'Mary mungo and midge', and Armand Traore is a hermaphrodite.

One would imagine that Karl Henry is within the mean mode and median of 6 inches when proud of lust for margret thatcher.


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Presto wrote:


Any takers?

IIRC, didnt some bird sell her story to the news of the world about ten years ago, imparting such facts that jermaine does handstands inbetween making love 25 times a night to replenish the  blood supply.

it reminds me of homer in the venus dimilo/baby sitter episode ..

Simpson scandal update..

Kent Brockman :" Homer sleeps nude in an oxygen tent which he believes gives him sexual powers!"
Homer: HEY! That's a half-truth!



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..Jon Pleased Wimmin ?

Quite Simply , Shit.