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no, thank YOU  greg and nitron, for the those kind words.

thank you steely dan for putting your picture up on twitter, i look at it every day and pay special 'tribute' to it on  X Hamster . you special, talented, handsome  , hairless young man.

thank you indeed..

Again, Thank you lads, all of ya,  for putting up with me.

i mean it.

youre a fucking good bunch.

thanks diggers for making it all happen.


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fadass wrote:

Lol - thanks Hannu for starting this thread which is destined to end well.



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thanks to the kib.

since giving you up ive put on 3 fucking stone.

oh and thanks to all for the golden year prog thread and the new tunes which has dragged me out of my sensory deprevation tank (1996-2001)


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nitron wrote:

Babelicious always was quite simply that. Steroids for the eyeballs every time. It was the little knee-high boots that used to get me most aroused. Slender legs, soft skin. Big doe-like eyes....


hehehehe..old maurice looks like the bloke who used to cut my hair in ilford.

defo a south american spice merchant.

and why not.


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i witnessed a truly wonderful display of fireworks, let off with joyus abandon by gangs of Bengali teenagers down leman street , aldgate east on the afternoon of 11th september 2001 .

how they enjoyed themselves.

i wonder where they are now?, Strapping roman candles to christians for IS perhaps.


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Top Tip to recently divorced middle aged women 'dating'on the internet .

after dancing in your local ritzy over '35 club Cum travelodge to gloria gaynors ' i will survive' with the grim determination of a pre glasnost kiev shot putter on your face , whilst downing pints of bicardi.....you may want to tread with caution giving some gadge in nigeria £179,000 in a month...

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … rampant-fr

‘I spoke to some girlfriends. They all agreed it sounded plausible"

and theres me working my 'mark', old vi over the road like a good 'un. all for a bit of gambling and drinking money.mugs game.dont bear thinking about.dopey slags out there for the taking .a shoulder to cry on and a sweaty cock to suck.dopey slags.



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who goes to NYE London  firework displays.???

is it the same people who go to england home games, kids, o.a.p's ,sikhs in full national costume , bisexuals and tourists.

ive just looked at their web site . a diabolical vision of left wing armageddon.

im gonna have to watch 'till death us do part' to cleanse myself.



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given flares popularity on here it might be an idea for everyone on here  to take a leaf from would be zodiac killer victim , journalist paul averys book,  and wear a badge like so


changing the name as appropriate.

no one wants to be a victim of the hurdy gurdy man.



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joe jordan and kevin bond.

Whenever i look at these two sitting on the touchline with 'bondy' looking like a secondary school PE teacher being asked by gordon burns on the krypton factor to solve an interlocking 3Dpuzzel, and joe looking as if he's waiting for a home help to mash his carrots and nick his dragoon medal from the boer war that he keeps under the antimacassar in the outdoor shit house ..i ask myself.. why??.

why keep these two carrion who are more out of date then alan turing dressed in tweed with a briar pipe clenched in his teeth, on the pull at a muscle mary industrial techno night with the chat up line "are you just so??"while asking the dj to play the latest noel coward sonnet, or siegfried sassoon rap.

do we really have to suffer 'bondys' thousand yard stare not seen since charlie sheen in a gook jungle and old joes locked in syndrome for another season .

cmon harold you wobbly man boob, shake it up a bit., be our theolonius monk...play jazz.


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go on frank my son.

crazy jazz drums

"a great big lardydar"


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"I think the lady fix...yeah..she fix.."

the running commentary from 'red willie' is  off the charts..

Rush @1991.

deep south red neck trouble funk.


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good to see my letter  re cara , made a difference to the evening standard!!

page 3 again today.....................



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hehehehe, i got lumberd being with the name  'mederios' for the whole cnting summer that was out...

thanks for the erection section tunes !!

this used to get the plaistow boys up for it on a friday night down 'club 85'.

cockneys dancing to eighties soul lite ...a most wonderous sight , before the chivs broke out just as the sax solo was kicking in.

"its kenny fackin g lads!!  c'mon!!!!, hold up... whose that mothers cunt lookin at, stripe him!.


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for all you lovers out there...for those that were there in the mid eighties..you'll understand the pain.

a cancerous time for music..the tony blackburn soul show etc etc

god the horror, the horror...the stench of  charlie perfume assualting the senses as you fingerd the latest slag from ilford under the glitter ball of love.

think 'towie 'uber cnt mark wright still plays this shit on his 'club classic show' on heart fm on a saturday night

BF, I just want to shake you down.....


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"Millwall going Mental...Chelsea going Mental"
@john king , 'the football factory'

wonderful old clip..

"questioning the referees parentage" on Harry the dog /F troop.


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apologies gentlemen, just nightmares from a damaged brain.

PMA ! xx.

btw lads, whatever happened to our old mate Mr boring???, hope he's OK.

dont really hear from chuffer much or hodgy either..


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we have had this PMA ! (positive mental attitude) mantra  sweeping through essex like hippies moaning "lay lay lay "in john mills quatermass.

its normally accompanied with a meaningless platitude of some kind by a renound essex gangster/villian/performer/sawdust ceaser/cu nt bubble.

ie micky norcross' towie' club owner, empressario and an all eggs- in- one- basket simpering pan pipe villiage idiot (again i think of john mills in ryans daughter).

people in work sellotape his pious musings to my desk each morning........

People too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours. Have a nice day. #PMA! X

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. #PMA! X

Only look down on people that you are helping to get up. Have a nice day. #PMA! X

oh do fuck off!


pubs in essex are full of brentwood sweep hairstyles in stone island clad shouting into each others faces theses PMA! phrases whilst hanging in to the pub tables swaying as if under fire from romulans on kirks enterprise bridge off the nuts on south american spice.

if your not in on the gig, your seen as some sort of carbon based life form from titan.

fk that for a game of soldiers.

i'll be dancing to joey essex's 'nightclub anthems ' naked but a feather boa petruding from my arsehole if i cant voice an opinion on what i think is a crock of shit. .

PMA !..Get tae fuck.


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screen grabs / watergate plumbing...

" i love this game!!"

@jonathon E/ETC.


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The mind of a bigot to the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour on it, the more it contracts.

@oliver wendall
harvard academic and muse of 'arrested development' Mr Wendall..


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cara = illuminati.

http://www.pseudoccultmedia.net/2013/05 … -cara.html

i knew it.


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MattBlack wrote:

Seems fair


where next on the world stage for  brave patriot John barrowman of Los Angeles after this courageous molestation of fresh chicken????? , thus showcasing the Bigoted amoeba assasins we truly are.





"i aint got no quarrel with them muirhouse cong"


perhaps he can dress up as nancy from 'oliver ' and knock out a tune to harness the power of the hiroshoma bomb akin dr manhatten from 'the watchmen'.



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millsy23 wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

I think the question we all want to know is if one of the Krankies votes yes and the other votes nooo will that be the end for the duo as we know it?

Jimmy Krankie is now 56. He became a woman in 1997 and married his Dad.

crazier than kellie maloney window paining HRT direct into his optic cluster nerve.the daft cnt.


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jesus h christ..eddie izzard on the radio now at some "no" rally for the patients of one flew over the cukoos nest.

a high heeled wearing foundation caked millionaire socialist who looks like he's in the final stages of parkinsons.

you tell eddie,,,,,,tell him im coming with the bone handle...


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millsy23 wrote:

these millbank academia graduates and educating rita lecturers , celebrating that 16 year olds are voting in this referendum..

'ENGAGING YOUNG PEOPLE' seems to be the buzz Phrase.

do me a favour, i would have voted for the bastard love child of magnus pike and doris hare, Mr micheal Foot in 1983 if i had been offered 20 benson and a four pack of long life beer.

dont know your arse from your elbow when your sixteen. 


lol. I chose Barclays Bank over The Midland because they gave me a £2000 interest free overdraft and a Tamagotchi.

hehehehe i got 'zaxxon' for my coleco vision..