ive been like the laughing policeman on nitrous oxide all day at labours 'in the thick of it ' moment...

since Mark Reckless UKIP MP quoted rock anarchists 'The Levellers' last night in his magnificent victory speech , i took it upon myself today to listen to the dirty chemical beats of this popular beat combo for the mangy dog on a string crowd.

i didnt see them on the bob geldof ebola band aid song or indeed doing cover versions of mariah carey on last weeks 'The X factor'.

however, given Mr Reckless love for the band ...Can i book them for the north chingford ukip xmas do at the kings head this year??..ive got a list of really catchy culture club and spandau ballet songs from 'the hit parade ' i want them to cover..

gold !!!

ETC'Full FGM service now available from the back of a white van'
(50% discount upon producing st georges cross voucher)

shaunstrudwick wrote:

lol @ both of those

by the way i think the social commentary that whatserface was making is bang on

there is a deffo a certain 'type' that support UKIP

generally white van driving Ingerland flag waving "nothing wrong with calling a Chinese person a 'chink' " cunts

but you must admit that Emily 'Capa' Thornberry ex MP, really captured both the nations zeitgeist , AND the evocative images of urban decay, with the homosapien indigenous white van man hopelessly trapped in his guilded cage / natural habitat..

i bet she could take photographs for freemans and littlewoods, and on a good day ...elziabeth duke for argos.

#wedding/bar mitzvah/kidsparties/funreralphotographer for hire


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i say put one of those magic fish you get in xmas crackers in his hand :

" if it curls , his member it  unfurls,
if it retains its shape, then surely , he did not rape ..."

ETC' still laughing at his own jokes since 9am '


Yant wrote:

whats the little box called on the back of a sky dish ...'the councils'




oh this day of days....

whats the little box called on the back of a sky dish ...'the councils'


mr rossi wrote:

Serves the stupid bitch right.
Ps I love my white van.

ive died and gone to you ukip heaven..all i need now is john barrowman to be caught using diabolical expermentation , his own bizarre  organic surgical instrumentation like on 'eXistenZ' on minors at barnado, s and i'll fuckin well blow my muck higher than the sun.


ETC' wallowing in pig shit, and as happy as a sandboy all day'

Big Fella wrote:

At least they can get Virgin high speed broadband.



As i tarried my way to ye olde stratford town this fine english morning for another day in servitude to the crown, ones attention was drawn to a most spectacular sight!!!!...i have witnessed the Taj Mahal, christ the redeemer, the Aztec Pyramids in the valley of Tenochtitlan , but nothing could compare to the unique sight of st Georges flags and a white fan outside an otherwordly structure 'known as a council house'..

i was so excited!!!, i thought id better tweet it !!


its called " house in maryland"..

where i believe magical , mythical, salt of the earth creatures dwell in cheap casual sportswear from jd sports, only leaving the dwelling on their white ford transit sleigh to work on things called 'building sites' and make 'deliveries' to 'people' and possibly eat at restaurants known as 'cafes'

cant wait to tell my friends back home in islington ,once ive burnt my protective paper suit and been de loused , then a dinner dinner party , where a slide show of these jolly yet filthy shanty towns, no doubt riddled with leprosy and teeming with lice, and their spawn vitamin c deficient  , will raise awareness of these jingoistic plebs....they simply wont believe it.!!

as you so wisely put it  emily...



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a timeless classic from colin dales 'outer limits'


i want to get on.it.


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i say put one of those magic fish you get in xmas crackers in his hand :

" if it curls , his member it  unfurls,
if it retains its shape, then surely , he did not rape ..."


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you fools, according to guardian readers this morning , blonde she hulk " Gemma Collins is bringing  bring down reality TV from the inside until producers give up and realise that they may as well spend the money on persuading talented writers, directors, actors and all sorts of other creative types do give us something fresh, exciting, thought provoking and truly entertaining."

so its gemma 'che' collins..the enemy within.

a new symbol of rebellion...i can only wait for the day when revolutionary Gemma strikes an Ernesto "Che" Guevara pose clad in swarosvki crystal battle fatigues with a back drop of the sugar hut logo fluttering in the decadent essex breeze.

perhaps with a micky norcross philosophical PMA ! quote to complement this proletarian diana doors tribute act .


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following on from troubled malky mckay's diversity course , we can offer a place for him to study in east london.

we have been on an extensive diversity education course for the last 40 years.

we've completed foundation,and intermediate levels and we have been embracing even more diversity at advanced level since 1997.

so much so we have forgotten who we are.

luckily with a ratio of 1 in 30 Latvians, 1 in 30 Lithuanins and 1 in 60 poles now living in the uk and growing , i can embrace it even further.

punishment for asking when this exhaustive course is ending is punishable by being called a racist by shouty people called polly and julian who live in notting hill.

There was once an english word spoken in what was East Ham. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish... it was so fragile. And I fear that it will not survive the winter.


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Big Fella wrote:

Get an F5 Skybox Glenn.

i'll look into it paul, cheers.


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as ever grant .. much love .

smalls , should be a cracking fight and a great undercard as well...bit pissed off its on pay per view though, i was hoping the £70 odd a month i pay to sky might cover a domestic tear up which means fuck all to anyone outside the uk.

hope bellew does him.


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Rio Ferdinand        ✔ @rioferdy5
So many grey areas in everything to do with the FA - not even including the hair & suits

Can we just send this self publicising carrion into the jungle to replace gemma collins, where he can regale tinchy, crack mary craig charles and the rest of the gang with passages from his seminal bestseller?..

"ere tinchy!....did i ever tell you the time i had a private audience with pope john paul the second, he prayed for a truce between the peckham ruthless rap assasins and the erith snipers with me acting as a conduit for gods omnipotent love , thus bringing to an end 20 years of post code turf war,....... no ?....well it all began in the summer of 96 and a call from bob geldof............."


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liquitech1 wrote:

I don't think enough people have labelled her a fat pig yet, can we stretch another 2/3 pages?

i hope ive avoided that one my old mate , ive stuck to insults of a sexual nature to avoid any misunderstanding.


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GEMMA should have listened to essex bhagwan Mickey Norcross recent tweets for inspiration

Michael j Norcross @micky_norcross  ·  Nov 17
Eventually all things fall into place. Until then,laugh at the confusion, live for the moments,& know everything happens for a reason #PMA X
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Michael j Norcross @micky_norcross  ·  Nov 17
How true is this "When you're happy you enjoy the music but when you're sad you understand the lyrics."Enjoy the music and have a nice dayX

Michael j Norcross @micky_norcross  ·  Nov 18
Always Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder. #PMA! X
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Michael j NorcrossVerified account
Don't ever think about giving up, just remember why you held on for so long. Have a nice day #PMA! X

is it so very wrong to wish dropsy and gout about his person?


will be interesting to see Duncan from 'Blue' imparting a root and branch grilling to millybandy on the economy and pixe lott , eschewing the harsh doctrines of formation dancing to popular music , so prevelant in the hot to trot' top 40' these days , to school ed in clamping down on bankers bonus pay outs

different klass.


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word reaches me through the brentwood grapevine that she gets paid the full amount as she had to complete 72 hours to trigger full payment.

as ever squire a fine selection of prog..^^^^^^

prog....it's thin-skinned, temperamental, ripens early. It's, you know, it's not a survivor like techno , which can just grow anywhere and uh, thrive even when it's neglected.

No, Prog needs constant care and attention. You know? And in fact it can only grow in these really specific, little, tucked away corners of the world. And, and only the most patient and nurturing of Producers  can do it, really.

Only somebody who really takes the time to understand Prog's potential can then coax it into its fullest expression. Then, I mean, oh its sounds , they're just the most haunting and brilliant and thrilling and subtle and... ancient on the planet.....


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smallman1 wrote:

ETC - You've lived a life so colourful I can't imagine I've got up to half of what you have.

And I certainly can't wax as lyrical about my shenanigans as you do, my vocabulary is limited to kitchen sink, hold tight for feedback and you heard it here first!

i live my life through you , joey p and steely dan these days , you flashing young blades with your hairless chests and sculptured torso's, always on the look out for the next high jinks with like minded fellow mates for good clean, honest christian fun .

keep us posted .

ETC' turning the other cheek in mock outrage since 10.14 .o5  am This morning'

anyone up for a gam ?


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steelydan wrote:

Love to but working away all week in Kent till Jan

Gigolo ?


Call me (call me) on the line
Call me, call me any, anytime
Call me (call me) oh my love
When you're ready we can share the wine
Call me


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both myself and Vi await the golden strands of melodious prog to ones lug holes

ETC'sitting in pious judgement since giving up the kibble.'


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‘I was meant to lose weight before I went in the jungle, but I couldn’t stop eating, so losing weight once I am in there will be great!’

‘Hopefully I’ll walk out of the jungle in three weeks’ time with my head sorted out, my heart repaired and I’ll be 3st lighter. I’d be so happy.'

It's going to be difficult for me, but, you know, no one takes the GC down. Yeah, every time I feel down, I'm just going to take a deep breath, and go, "You can do this. You can do it.’

She added: 'That's what I'm going in with, that mindset. Nothing can kill me.'

or possibly not ......'GC'

i simply cannot pass Further comment or 'i'll be sent to the john barrowman  pleasure hives .