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so many prog credentials in shreds... like the shreds in marmalade

By the sweat of your brow you will discuss sasha until you return to the ground,
since from it you were taken
for dust you are and to dust you will return
and to the earth we return, begat of prog credentials
dust to dust , ashes to ashes
we know major toms a junkie

loopy 12:7


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millsy23 wrote:

wankers paying for their morning £2.30 train coffee with a card. 'Are you ok with contactless?' the kindly coffee man asked the lady. 'No, I would rather enter my PIN. You can never be too careful!'

Oh lol.

lol. Let's all lol at the funny lady.

I hope your coffee spills all over you daft breasts as we pass Woking at speed you fat bifter.

a small puncture wound , no larger than 9mm diameter, to the brain stem should wipe the smiles from their fucking faces millsy.


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millsy23 wrote:

The judge in the case described Linghorn's actions as: 'A sustained campaign of hate against a well-loved national celebrity that has caused unnecessary emotional turmoil leading to said celebrity shaving off her eyebrows and throwing herself in front of the DLR'. He then rejected Linghorn's mitigation of 'but the cunt was everywhere m'lud' before handing out a lengthy term.

The deceased's father, Charles, said: 'Cara's passing could have been prevented' before wheeling out eight more daughters he had kept in the wings for such occasions.

hahahaha..excellent work with solid foundations..

..Grand Masterflash once lamented "its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how i keep from going under". With yesterdays news that Jemery Clarkson & Zayne Malik are leaving their employment , The hip hop beat combo sage words certainly resonated with me. Fortunately the Standard was on hand to print a double page spread on Cara delevingne to sate my emotional wounds. Moreover you raised the stakes even higher by now referring to her as 'Cara D'.My commute is now no longer a jungle, its the garden of gethsemane.


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Big Fella wrote:

Wonder what alias Doggy/747 will come up with next.

i know im a confused old man but i dont know what the fks going on with this alias stuff

if someone can explain whose who, that would be great.

if they can mash up my carrots for me as well before they leave me in my bed of stale urine and bed sores ,so much the better


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to:    letters@standard.co.uk
date:    Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 8:55 AM
subject:    Cara D and Dyslexia
mailed-by:    gmail.com

I have suffered with Dyslexia all my life , yet thanks to the Evening Standard and your daily printing of the word 'Delevingne'  many times over,  has helped me enormously to engage in hand to hand combat with this condition.

the word 'Delevingne' has entered my subconscious and i can now spell it correctly along with other tricky words such as 'Vinyl' and 'Onyx' 

Tahnk Yuo.

Glenn Linghorn, Chngifrod.


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Big Fella wrote:

Pretty sad that a star cannot give someone warm ears if they didn't sort him a hot meal.

I bet there are plenty of times you have cuffed the butler in your northern powerhouse paul, due to an inadequate choice of cold cuts

To be fair, a poor charcuterie selection is criminal.


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millsy23 wrote:

lol @ all the Clarkson fans having a cry.

ive got something in my eye.

now if you'l' kindly excuse me, im going to read my cara delevingie letters to the evening standard.

in private.


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starcreeper wrote:

lol, impressed with the cred of most of the boards prog warriors. ETC serving up some beauts.

I was a regular at Sides and Sir Henrys and I stood on Dave Seaman in the Cross. Loved Renaissance 2, a release which is mixed into the cement of the foundations, in this prog dojo.

one does what one can mate, armed as i am with the roscoe tanner racket of eclectic soundscapes on the outside courts of bedrock.

serving 140 mph prog to order.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Lee at his best:

dont know what it is about the geezer , but id really like to see an IRA nutting squad go about their job of work on him , behind a pubs outdoor shithouse in some northern slum, like cheshire or any other northern powerhouse for that matter.

im sure i can see terry christain grow kuato like from his left tit.


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starcreeper wrote:
Yant wrote:

It's a shame but they didn't really have a choice.

Yeah they did have a choice, they could have told Oisin to pick up his fucking handbag and do his job and let everyone get on with the show. This is not the reason they sacked Clarkson. Theyve been waiting for a reason for years.

good to have my old mate vic back and stickin' it to the man. the cunts.

its been too long my old friend.


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its a sign of the times , i had to beat Jo half to death with a home made house of commons 'black rod', basically two black 12" dildos loosely strung together with butchers string , For serving my toast 'blonde' this morning.


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now he's had the tin tack one would hope that isnt the end of the matter.

i for one wont rest until the bbc arrange a meeting( no note taking) in the country side , to take place in a stately home and discuss the final solution .The removal of middle aged men from society and our screens, to toil in the harsh slave pits of harriet harman the merciless.

may his name and blood line be stricken from the record and the scripts to 'little miss jocelyn' and 'citizen khan ' be read at assembly to the nations young saplings , like pledges to a thousand year BBC Reich OF 'snog marry avoid'each and every morning.

and can we have more muslim prayer from the 'maoohd' family on 'eastenders' please.. 3 times a show isnt nearly enough.

thank you


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jesus fucking christ, whats the fucking point of getting up in the fucking morning when i have to read this fucking shit
fucking shit cnt.

  i quote..

'Stella Creasy labour mp, was also up for the Funniest Tweet gong for her Coldplay put down, when she wrote: “ARGH ARGH ARGH its coldplay on @bbctw makes mad lunge for remote control as ears begin to lacerate”.

"other winners, Labour leader Ed Miliband MP scooped the ‘selfie of the year’ award for his shot with, among others, Joey Essex and Oscar-winning actor Emma Thompson."

“Huge congratulations to Stella for her well-deserved victory.

"It’s a tough juggling act for MPs to make their Twitter feeds interesting and engaging to constituents as well as to a wider audience but Stella has achieve this balance with aplomb.”

fuck sake.

http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/1 … ar__award/

what next?.. awards for having the mental capacity to wipe my own shite encrusted arsehole.

beyond gertcha.


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@tweet . Hi ! tony fernandes here!, did we lose??, keep strong,all is not lost. i watched the solar eclipse through a pair of latvians hookers fishnets and saw a celestial vision.Beta ursae majoris in joyus coupling  with the parralax zamora rising .the gods have spoken.

#see you daft cnts down the sprinbok #nobbys nuts will quell the peasants revolt.
# i like to wear cox pippin apples on my wrist.


p.s We received a telegram from Mr Fernandes himself at his perre de terre
to Les ferdinand .DOF.

: long ball missiles to bobby zamora in trenches: excellent idea stop. But must insist that c . Ramsy be Manager.stop.

P.S. Don't let him ever... stop.

Interesting stuff there lads, some would work, some not.

listening to this on the train this morning, which made me think of this thread.

timeless and left well alone..

38 years old.

great theme tune.kraftwerk 'computerwelt'

mmm richard skinner, tommy 'the nightfly' vance, mmm??..'hot legs' rod stewart ..the skids' working for the yankee dollar' mmmm? marvelous , dads favourite annie nightengale, still a tune to be played there my son.marvelous. quick! rush goalie to woolies and the top 75 on the wall. oddessy zippin up their boots.mmmm isnt it ? marvelous.

knock on wood.great days.

Unbroken1 wrote:

..I'm sure Visage has been tackled a couple of times, not sure Killing Joke would be improved by a remix tbh

i'll look out for those mate.. always loved that killing joke track.

i remeber dave clarke dropping john foxx's  underpass in an essential mix..

just a wish list to make an old man happy..


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seanc80 wrote:

Is there a more overrated player in the world at the moment than Raheem Sterling?

glad we let him go to liverpool for the sum total of £18.50

to whom it may concern ..before i die , Epic prog remixes for these please.

thank you.


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nomate,  i put that bit in for poetic licence , i dont want the fackin CSA after me again!


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thanks lads..

i like to take the cuttings out of my wallet and read them to myself on the 7.29 from chingford every morning and chuckle to myself while no ones looking.

im gonna take that tiger outside for a ride. what a life..


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" and this is where phil jagielka  took the ball of me ,when i was clean through , while assembling the sump system on his airfix ark royal.....do you see?"
#toothfairy zamora


sasha playing this striaght after a kraftwerk gig.cant remenber where the fuck i was.. 97/98 creamfields/ mount universe/tribal gathering ???

spent 6 months looking for a track called the 'lion tamer'