A Guy Ornadel Beast ..complete with silent harmony's  'save the whale ' sample.

fuckin'Hell.. i was young once.


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how comes the Derek Nimmo Of Politics , Tim Farron is always infesting my tv screen with his filthy pestilence ?. Farron, the Venlafaxine vicar who pops round for tea and dazzles the women's institute with his inoffensive manner and skullfuckingy  boring personality.. A Provincial Local Councillor who should be photo bombing the local papers coverage in Tendring of a  fund raising rummikub night with  poverty stricken pensioners , a white hankie over his face inbetween photo's to disguise the stench of ammonia piss  burns down their legs.

Moreover, he's got a big tongued Gob like Jamie Olivers.

.. id love to see him work with me for a day in the probation service , He'd probably thrust a Pro EU pamphlet about the welfare of bees within the Union as a rehabilitation tool into the hands of a plaistow post code gang member whose been hitting the lily of the valley crack pipe since he was 12.


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steelydan wrote:


...save me....Because i am  lonely.....i thought you were,  haaappy..

Great track Mate...welcome back

cheers Steely, you handsome snake hipped Devil.


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Squidgy wrote:

Lol, can you share what you said?

i'll pm you squidge!


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...save me....Because i am  lonely.....i thought you were,  haaappy..


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Squidgy wrote:

Please do give James O'Brien a piece of your mind ETC. Fed up of all the posts on FB at how he's some kind of hero.

he blocked me on twitter Squidgy. But Uncle John has started Following me, it was probably by mistake but i was  higher than  Chuka umunna at the bottom of a macdonald' s plastic ball play pen with his stunted cock out,  at school chucking out time.


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fadass wrote:

Edward, great to have you back. Lol

thanks Guv'nor !


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Dan Harwood wrote:

ETC, have you thought of submitting some of your work to Stewart Lee?

I dont think that judith chalmers doppleganger  will appreciate my humor,  its not progressive. I did try to get on the James O'brien show on LBC two weeks ago when he was bullying some caller about Billy Bragg..Some poor cunt living in Dagenham was being admonished for racism by the pete beal fruit and veg stall coconut matting haired O'brien , as he wondered why Billy Bragg now living in a village in Dorset,  Feels the need to pop back to Barking 3 times a year to call old Flo at number 22 a  stormtrooper, because she objects to former child soldiers of the congo spraying ammonia into her face via a jiff bottle and nicking her purse on pension day .

is it me , or does Lee these days look like his been bench pressing 350lb free weights with lou Farrrigno on the gravitational g forces of Uranus?. Squashed.


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mullykid wrote:

Shaded - Touchfade [SCI+TEC]  I believe!

thanks for that  my old friend.. sheer alchemy..the talent is breathtaking.


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1. Turn laptop on
2. See pop up advert begging for funds For the Guardian Newspaper to stay afloat with Polly Toynbee dressed as a latter day Oliver twist in a £650 Hermes Chiffon Scarf
3. Turn Lap top off.


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Alas I missed the autumn statement, Hopefully the BBC , Sky , Lib Dems and Labour have been explaining to us that Immigration has underpinned our Growth in spite of Brexit and without Their fiscal alchemy of producing inbred cyclop harlequin Babies and Huge families to claim infinite Tax credits , we would surely wither and die upon the Vine.

Ive often thought that the Muslim Cab Drivers of East Ham and ilford  have played their Role as a collective in refurbishing the economy in lean times and thus our fiscal Praetorian Guard.

Any BBC or Guardian economist worth their salt and living in Surrey , could tell you that the mini cab  drivers of Manor Park with an 8" lock knife pressed Against the throat of their female passengers demanding full penetrative sex on a piece of tarpaulin in their lock up, or ranting about white women dressing as whores before launching into a crazed pervitin Blitzkrieg soliloquy about the Koran while dropping them off to the pub or Tesco's, has been the very tesseract of this growth.

Moreover , their need to quench their raging sexual thirsts by harassing Women and young girls in their tuberculosis , B.O, and stale spunk soaked Cabs for unprotected anal intercourse , is an effective tool which surely reduces John Nash's Governing Dynamics thesis to a Johnny ball think of a number tea time Sketch .

Check any East end Muslim Cab drivers glove box and in 90% of cases , you will find a thick knotted rope , masking tape , a packet of durex, heavily cut drugs , tesco value scotch and halal goose Fat..as any Labour Mp or BBC Reporter will tell you , This is an ancient islamic basic tool of measuring their output and productivity via time and motion studies.

In Fact , Pakistani cabbies via the afridi tribes now settled in upton park  and mooching about for hairless split peach at the local Primary school and armed with muscle relaxing bath salts , are in fact the very bedrock on which to cultivate these fiscal green shoots.
Moreover, their cumin spiced harry monk infested with ebola ,crusted and splattered upon the leather back seats , is the baby bio rooting powder of exponential fiscal growth.


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Ive just witnessed An Amazon Advert featuring a Priest and an iman sharing a cup of tea and buying each other christmas presents...

Just the One Question .. how good was the uncut south american quakers oats that the Pony tailed advertising Exec's from the agency skulled up their beaks through gold plated straws to end up passing that shit off??..Did that cunt Richard curtis direct it ?..Ive not seen such unhinged depravity,mutation and mouldering filth since dandy fop hugh grants airport scene in 'Love Actually' giving common-as-muck Martine mcCutcheon the stinky pinky.

someone pass the Cordless Dewalt Power tools..im going full on Patrick Bateman.


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Had the Mix on all morning..great track at 31 minutes  cant hear what John is saying to i.d it properly .. 'shaded touch phase'   on psycho/syco ?

John Digweed ..the eternal Gatekeeper at The Prog Tannhauser Gate.


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RIP The Colonel.This cynical middle aged blue eyed cockney soul boy from East London will never forget you.

'If It Moves..Funk It.'

Gertcha with hairy bollocks on.

This is what im all about..Its Like God Gave Schubert a minimoog.  Event Horizon EDM . I even  Had the makings of a tear in my eye at the end of this track. What a work of Art this track fucking well is.  Send it on a deep space Voyager probe to inform Terrestrial Beings  that there   is still intelligent life on Earth.  remarkable. Glorious.

'My Art..My Art Keeps Me Sane..'
@Scanners 1981

I cant help but think Renton looks a right cunt in the trailers for Trainspotting two , like he's been living in Florida for 2o years and a 5th dan shaolin monk of Yoga , practicing  in perpetuity  with his brazilian Sensi and living on macadamia Nuts ..i mean,  what cunt still has a 30 inch waist at 47?.


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I reckon David haye would catch up with Bellew around the 6th round in the same manner as adonis Stevenson.

Although the Upcoming Tony Bellew Vs David 'The Haymaker' Haye has the makings of a good Fight, Surely The Promoter Eddie Hearn , with his keen eye for a pound Note , Can see the potential in a Thomas Mair Vs Barry George Bout at the O2 Arena in 2046 ?. Its one Tear up this Fight Fan wouldn't miss for the world!. Unless Im Dead of Colon Cancer or something.


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..two Gorgeous little Humpers on transitions 639  at   18 minutes and 24 minutes. Id nail those tracks to the front door frame if i could with 9inch nails so i could listen to them everyday .


still an incredible work of art this mix.

"nae friends in this Business..Jist Associates.."

enjoyed listening to this more than  a few times, irvine Welsh   playing the music that shaped his life and his writing.


im sure all like minded fellows on here that are plotted anywhere on the X Y axis of Welsh adulation like me will love it , as i did. have a listen to  the Roxy Music Track from 1972 featured on his show 'if there is something' ..

utter shite for the first 1min39 seconds Then my head came apart.Ferry Sounds like a deranged stalker going on about nailing roses to a door of this women he loves and 'growing potatoes by the score '

blew me away.

Demented.Insane.Glorious.Fkin incredible track.

Re trainspotting 2. Outside of seeing Dennis Hopper reanimate on film to open the valve on his Nitrous to tastefully stick a bit of blue velvet up isabelle rossellini's vag , Seeing them back together in the trailer has me higher than oakenfolds coutryard in 1997 on 6 micky mills coming up to Lsg remix of Transa's 'Prophase'

when renton says to spud ..'I missed you too Spud..' That tore my heart out and slingshot it around the kuiper belt.

"You're an addict. So just be addicted to something else".
Too Radge Catboy. Too Radge.


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viz Magazine. Stopped buying it a few months ago  after a 20 year+ subscription.

Metronomic lower 6th form political barbs (that wouldnt look out of place at a walthamstow College), on every page.   I Imagine their storyboard studio being dominated by writers dressed in captain black Mysteron t shirts and playing warhammer with tooled up orcs and wizards on their lunch break. then  Possibly Wanking furiously to the shape and outline of sue storm's Vulva in her fantastic four catsuit ,while  being restrained by Doctor Doom in an iron maiden.

The only exception to this being the recent Farage comic strip , jumping the English channel on his motorbike to trigger article 50 . It  was genius.


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without tasting it I brought some cruz campo lager  back from Nerja . I wouldnt use it strip the yellowing piss off the armitage shanks .

The Uncle Ernie, offal eating, Name of the Rose ,Adso of melk, short eyes, clarty sex beast, identikit E wing, top button done up, denim shirt stoat of beers.


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Yant wrote:

Yes Glenn!

Nice to hear from you again.

Speaking of boxing, this happened 30 years ago today;

hello Yantino, ive not been around because the old Man East Ham Dave has been in hospital and ive taken 3 months off work (unpaid ffs!) to look after him at home..hopefully he's now on the mend .

The highlight is washing his bollocks everyday!

I thought i better get back on here as The Guv'nor Mr Digweed,  has started to follow me on twitter...I  now have a legion of 6 followers.

hope all is well with you ,the Mrs  and the young'un mate


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It displeased the Iron Duke of North Chingford, i.e Me, to have to witness the unsavoury spectacle of two 'Comedian' / 'Celebrities' on SKY this morning still groaning beyond the ozone about Brexit and Trump .

Ive never seen such furtive , doe eyed , supplicant apprehension since Alan Minter Stepped into the Ring With his ears wiggling in fear against Marvin Haggler at wembley in 1980 , Or Cabin boy Cameron, playing out that Master and servant homo erotic vignette at the behest of his heavily greased Phallic personal jesus , Donald Tusk in the wood panelled EU Boardroom.Whipped Mutts.

I was so enraged at their pathetic musings which were greeted by the SKY presenters as if they were George Harrison fawning in the presence of the Maharishi ,( i thought we were going to get a harmonious rendition of my 'sweet lord' dedicated to polycystic Merkel and Hilary Clinton ), that my capillaries broke and ruptured across my cheeks and nose as i roared fuckinnnnnn cuuuunt !! so loudly into the black of the night , that Poor Jo  pissed down her leg and the cat hawked up its felix kibble on the kitchen tiles.

It must be so enraging for these Cosseted celebrities to know that their Vote is no more important than the vote of an Injection moulded sheet cutter from castleford and that their influence among great swathes of our population, carries less gravitas than the panel of loose women discussing Vaginitis at 1.30 in the afternoon to a bused in studio audience of low risk self harming  teenage female attention seeking Bulimia Nervosa Patients .

Rendered Impotent as John Bercow's Perma flaccid member dangling lifeless and limp as Sally seeks to sate her holistic aural pleasures and thus being perched on the end of sundry cock in the eponymous Avenues and Alleyways of south London Yardie crack houses and the semi static flat roof homes of do as you likey bare knuckle pugilists.


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Although i firmly believe Corbyn is about as useful to the betterment of mankind and the political tesseract  as a colostomy bag of half filled sediment piss with skin on top , witnessing that bag of boiled bones flounder about on PMQ'S  has me higher than Long John Baldry dancing to Chuck Berrys 'memphis tennessee' at the Pink Flamingo with Zoot Money and Rod The Mod ripped to the tits on Black Bombers and Mandy's before fucking off to the scotch of St James private members club, to slip Julie Driscoll and pp arnold a length up all six holes in the old fashioned way.