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I wish Cameron would turn it in.

His  Pro EU musings On the TV in perpetuity Have as much chance of success with me, as me enticing an Only way is Essex-Big titted-Sugar Hut-Creosote Baboon into bed with a Wilfred Owen poem book, Who has previously spent her entire life being reared on Gangster cock, Krug, Charlie and Fisher price Generic house music with some cnt playing the bongos over it.

Just Piss off.


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millsy23 wrote:

I think Pete Doherty died a few years back Glenn. Have you checked her over?

The strange thing was i checked her purse and she went out with £60 and came back with £120!!. She wouldnt let me check her minge for rogue , so i killed her using my argos Sander.

she may be a corpse now but she has a lovely fine grain finish to her.


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oh my good gawd..

Jo, went to see Pete Doherty at the Hackney empire friday night .  She had a great time Eulogising over the events of the evening when she got back. I noticed she was slightly drunk but decided not to take remedial action by physical means as i was just glad she wasn't raped and hacked to death in Hackney before being set on fire by migrant street urchins and post code gangs.

I let her carry on for a while as 'Nazi megastructures' had just finished on the History Chanel and I  believe in given her a certain amount of freedom of expression as long as she doesn't stray into politics .  Unfortunately for both Jo and the polish on my world war two joy division knuckle duster , she mentioned that Doherty organised a collection bucket for the Calais refugees and she felt obliged to put a pound coin it.

We had planned to take a tour of the medicinal waters of the Frinton on sea coast this week, Alas a  fractured ribcage has put this excursion into abeyance for 4 weeks until she heals. Plenty of time, i'll wager, for her to think on and reflect on her actions.


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Tiger Beer = Flat Fairy Liquid.

Steely Dan certainly has the minerals. Smashy is the  tesseract . Everyone on here knows their prog  onions.

Given my age, my upbringing etc there isnt a gadge on here who can out mineral me on Punk, new wave , 60's Mod etc, id give most a run for their money on prog rock ,70's 80's Soul/ funk / rare groove/hip hop. 70's + 80's popular beat combos and of course the golden era 1996-2001 of Oaky.

anything after 2001, im fucked basically.


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dutchy101 wrote:


i actually heard a white guardian type  bloke say 'Rassclaart Bloodclarrt Rasta four eyes' once at a party in the early 90's.

ive never got over it. what a fucking stork.


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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … t-row.html

'Luvvie is as bad as the N word, claims Tom Conti'

I might vote Remain if Ben Dover Signed that Luvvie Letter in the guardian yesterday . Im a Big admirer of his Body of work within the sphere and parameters of his chosen Muse, Adult Gonzo High Rise Erotica . The Esoteric dark arts must be encouraged and its creativity never stunted, Less it wither and die on the Vine under the Tory Junta.

If this means casting my vote to keep a 90 year old MEP Belgian corpse in Clover for perpetuity, so i can watch the Abstract expressionism movement of Ben Dover and Pascal annihilate a Kate o'Mara look a like in a sink estate lock up with Cordless Dewalt Power tools, then so be it.

Only the protective yolk of The Eu will keep Pascal chucking his tantric snails muck like Jackson Pollock On Mescaline in every council tax B banded Shithole and thus fill the gape of the creative void .With spunk.

If we vote Leave then the wrought iron shackles , forged in the puritanical fires of Brexit , may well force us underground to Vicki Raisins the Maltese pornographer ,operating just off the old Kent Road, to meet up on the first Wednesday of every month For Dirty DeeDee on those old grainy super 16 projectors. The Wednesday Wank they call it.


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It' s gotta be a loose fit
It' s gotta be a loose fit
especially if your a fat cunt like me.


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I miss the Pink leather belt my mrs had when she finally fucked off to live with abraham lincoln in the amish Community in the forest of dean.

she used to turn of my gas with it until my eyelids ruptured. the sweet bitch.


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glorious . just glorious.


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ta everyone.

Cameron, As useful as Del Trotters blow up sex doll at an Elton John and David Furnish Chem Sex party.


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303 abuser wrote:

so what are the little things in life that you take the time to appreciate? or maybe things you didn't realize you needed until they weren't there?

we lost one of our dogs at 8 years of age to cancer last weekend, had no idea he was sick until the day he passed.  i always made sure that i spent time to working and playing with him everyday and to enjoy that time, but i still feel that i took the little things for granted.

i'm completely heart broken, but i'm also so happy that i got to have him as part of my life.  sometimes life moves too fast and stuff like this puts things back into perspective.

ive only just  read this and cried.

Your dog is settling in for a long nap..by the light of his new sun..


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Still Peaky Blinders. Still Imperious. Still get excited when its Peaky Blinders Night. Imperious.


''Get a decent haircut man..Were going to the Races !.."

Tried watching that alien invasion shite 'colony' for a while ..gave up
Tried watching that Jfk thing for a while ..gave up.

Still Vinyl was magnificent. Except for jaggers son.


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Im for cutting out Human Beings Altogether and handing the Moderator Riot stick to Non humans.

surely the technology is there to build THX 1138 Androids To moderate us with ruthless efficiency and Brutal Logic.

This will encourage the correct form of political thought, it is only when we all agree and say the same things and think correctly will there be progress, and a common purpose progressiveness in its purest absolute form, can be attained.




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ive got a rather limited arsenal of about 12 letters/templates which i send off to the evening standard every few months as you know  . I just change the names and dates to suit current trends. Ive got two solicitors letters from them which must have been written by johnny cochrane. such was their disgust.

they never chase me up with any further letters as they have such a high staff turnover.

to: letters@standard.co.uk
date: Fri , May 20 2016
subject: Stephen Lawrence (who was killed by white racists) Bingo

Dear Sir,
I am writing to ask for your assistance in a most important matter.

Following the multiple appearances of Mr Lawrence on pages 3, 15 and 29 in your Wednesday edition , can you print another of him on page 6 this evening, (Fri)
This will enable me to win the Stephen Lawrence bingo competition we hold on the 6.13 liverpool street to chingford Commute every evening.

We have had to scrap the number one as he appears on this page too frequently ,and thus gives an unfair advantage to those participants lucky enough to draw that number.

Moreover, I would be in your eternal servitude if you could add to his picture on page 6 in todays edition, your well used subheading, 'who was Killed by white Racists '.This will enable me to win the bonus prize of a diseased goldfish in a plastic bag.

yours faithfully
North Chingford.


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Dermatron wrote:

Props to Jude for handing out free copies of his latest film on dvd to the refugees.

Gave me a chuckle.  i wouldnt put it past him.


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"the sleeper must awaken.."


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hopefully we shall get to see Actors such as Rufus hound, Martin freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jude law etc etc adding some much needed clarity to the debate over the next few weeks by telling us how to vote, as they do for general elections.

Having spent their formative years in Dorothy Perkins Denier Tights and harnessing a remedial ability to recycle passages of 'Martin Chuzzlewit' whilst holding an arthur c clarke skull at arms length, i eagerly await their analysis of being chained to the EU Fiscal carrion corpse.

I also see that the Toothy Idiot Savant and 2016 answer to Derek Nimmo ,Tim Farron and Poison Ivy Caroline Lucas are campaigning together for 'remain' Today. A Guinness book of world records Entry if ever there was, for 'Most inconsequential pairing since Bernie Winters teamed up with his slobbering gelded Mute Beast , Schnorbitz.'


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They say that As a Human Being, Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.Its Some artifact of a higher dimension that we can't consciously perceive.Yet  I would happily cross the universe to give Cameron the 5mm tread of my Red or Dead Chukka Boots Down the side of his Adso of melt Face. Work that one out.


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I was concerned to see Jude Law at Calais recently Seemingly pleading the case for 36 year old children with full beards and engorged erections soaked in lambs fat , to come to the UK to spatchock our British children and Thus use their bodies as vessels ,in an organic newtons cradle of fucking.
Imagine how relieved i was when Jude cheekily winked at the cameras and then raised his eyebrow like Roger Moore in 'Moonraker'. I then realised how silly i am to have had such fears and that i am in fact, a disgusting Racist .


Choose Love, Man.


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just seen your Dreadful news Smashy.  Gut wrenching.

http://www.theguardian.com/politics/201 … -#comments

'British cultural stars sign 250-strong letter backing EU'


Actors stick to fucking acting. If we ever need a drama workshop to teach us Marcel Marceau window mime techniques in our stockinged feet while the world burns around us , we'll give you a shout.

Until then, return to the actors guild of resting 9 months inbetween jobs with a pot of lube and racy vignettes of Derek Jarman In his pants. Now, if its all the same to you , we'll get on with the fucking job at hand, i.e keeping the earth turning while you flog elizabeth duke personalised gold plated moneyclips on QVC.Arseholes.

good to see people treating it with the utter disdain it so richly deserves.

When were eating dead rat in an upturned tin bath in an apocalyptic europe, i'll thank my lucky stars ive go some cunt opposite me than can mime pulling on a rope and Can complain about the state of avant garde theatre with a book on his head, retaining his deportment.


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hope you had a good one Dan.

youre my favourite.