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Jesus on a chopper ..Why is Tim Farron putting himself front and center on these posthumous pardons to all convicted gay men aka Alan Turing( whom i have the upmost respect) etc etc.?. is there any sword of righteousness he wont pull from a stone in front of the TV cameras?.

Do us a favour Farron, take off the chain mail and promote a cause with dignity and on the QT for once. If not, fuck off back to top of the pops 2 dressed as Belouis Some introducing Mick Karn And David Sylvian kitted out in Kimono's singing about Ghosts

toothy slag.


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im not a well man. Jo keeps threatening to trade me in for fresh young vigorous cock of any colour or creed as im 'incapable'.

apparently last night while she was watching the great british  bake off, i was having convulsions reading the evening standard and  polly toynbees article on calais refugees .

i didnt realise it At the time but i was speaking in tongues  like the Strigoi in 'The Strain' ..Last Days In the bunker Job .Cyanide capsules in my  false molar Filling with  Pervitin eye drops  fueling  my suicidal Ranting Monologues. 

she hates me.


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Watching  Dianne abbott this Morning on BBC 24 Im in no doubt, no doubt at all, that she has some  boyish emaciated orphan strapped to her oil drum thighs , constantly performing cunnilignus at her behest , which she then discards for a new one every 24 hours, as the old one chokes to death on the copper wire pubes and scaly protein deposits.

the orphans body is then rendered down for its water and wax to be resold as candles to augment the fund to increase the girth of corbyns child like welt , which plunges  into her helplessly  like a fucked chernobyl graphite rod .

Or something like that.

still playing this on a daily basis on the 8.13 chingford liverpool street.

Tears your heart out and sling shots around the kuiper belt. magic.just magic.


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One of the showroom Dummies on the Sky Newspaper review this morning had the temerity to ask the Presenters where the women are amongst this Tranche of Man Childs arriving from The Calais play pen at Croydon.

A fleeting moment passed of Deep space Silence where the female red headed presenter with the Normas Knockers, had to regulate her breathing as taught to her by her Islington based Brazilian Mixed martial arts Sensei at the callousness of this question. 'The women will be arriving shortly !' She replied in haughty Margo from the Good life tones, Before espousing some timothy leary psychobabble about the difficulty identifying male from female when they are young children, i.e 32 years old.

At this point for my own safety and those around me, and indeed the betterment of society, i went for a wank over a Moving pictorial via the internet of a fiscally bereft middle aged housewife  fucking to ashes a well hung Idris Elba look a like  to keep the top bar of her electric heater on in her slum flat, while her screaming mulatto brats cries went unattended in the damp mouldering bedroom .


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Lauren Booth's looking mustard these days..

Her old man must have to launch a 3 month expedition to mount Booth for a bunk up . The North face eiger would take a team of sherpas and Yaks to conquer.

I reckon even sir Earnest Shackelton jacked up on an eight ball of kendal mint cake and bovril would rather take on the flemish cap.
A pin head. She could do a variety  act with victorian beast oddity, John Merrick.
What a behemoth.


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https://twitter.com/DiscoDroid/status/7 … 8901229568

https://twitter.com/DiscoDroid/status/7 … 1761175552

just about getting the hang of this twitter Karaoke. I joined 3 years ago but only started posting 3 months ago as i couldn't work out how to download my avatar..What a fackin Ludite. Anyway , its Nirvana for a bitter twisted husk of a man like me to pointlessly  attack  Celebrity cunts that rupture my eyelids in rage.


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I was Impressed to hear Hillary Clinton state last night in the debate that while Donald Trump was recording 'The Apprentice' for his own self promotion , She was engaged serving the nation by Heroically "Monitoring the capture of 'Bin Laden".

If thats the case then I also served Queen and country last night by 'monitoring' Ben Dover and his elite squad of 9 inch-on-the-slack Gonzo Praetorian Guard , fuck to Heavenly Nirvana, Two malnourished heavily pregnant lactating Canning Town single mothers smacked out on opiates for the fiscal reward of some single eggs, single nappies , 20 Mayfair cancer sticks , a bottle of white lightening and tube of fiery Jack anusol.

Send the purple heart to North Chingford Hillary .

only the septics can make sitting on your arse with piss running down her leg in fear, drinking coffee while watching others on a tv screen get on with the dirty job at hand and thus risking their lives, 'monitoring' and acting like their general ulysses s. grant.


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Grant wrote:

Where's Glenn when you need him?

Last night's Evening Standard has got a photo of Lily Allen "Weeping for Calais Camp Child Refugees"

Even annoyed the shit out of me.

https://twitter.com/DiscoDroid/status/7 … 6756767748


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Good to hear Political Kraken Rufus Hound this morning on Essex Radio analysing the facts at hand pertaining to the IQ of people that vote Trump and Leave .

Actors stick to fucking acting. If we ever need a drama workshop to teach us Marcel Marceau window mime techniques in Dorothy Perkins Denier Tights and require harnessing a remedial ability to recycle passages of 'Martin Chuzzlewit' whilst holding an arthur c clarke skull at arms length , we'll give you a shout.

Until then, return to the actors guild of resting 9 months in between jobs with Lithographic material Of sailors in their bell bottoms on shore leave playfully wrestling each other or swapping racy vignettes of Derek Jarman In his pants with young men you have plied with muscle relaxants on your chesterfield sofa ,corking his cock in the half glow of the tiffany lamp.

Now, if its all the same to you , we'll get on with the fucking job at hand, i.e keeping the earth turning paying our taxes and putting up with somalis masticating khat on the 7.38 chingford to liverpool street service and Poor old Flo of east ham stepping over used rubbers and skag needles in the street on the way to the halal butchers for diseased neck of lamb for her weekly treat.

You can keep your end up by continuing to flog elizabeth duke personalised gold plated money clips and fat free grillers on QVC kidding yourself your Larry Olivier Playing Sir lawrence of Arabia in a bedouin tent in Marrakesh to Grace Kelly of Monaco.

When were eating dead rat in an upturned tin bath in an apocalyptic europe, i'll thank my lucky stars ive go some cunt opposite me than can tell me how to vote and mime pulling on a rope and simultaneously complain about the state of avant garde theatre with a book on his head, retaining his deportment.Arseholes.


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Sky News Summary 5pm 11/10/16 ;

Trump is pitched somewhere on the mean ,mode and median range of Josef Fritzl , John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy who before breakfast, practices Necromancy in a pentangle of coarse salts covered in crude blood stock Incantations depicting sexual union, twixt man and Jackal.

Most unlike The Shamanic Clinton, who Travels the Jacobs ladder of divine ascent and thus sits by the side of God .

Brexit ; we'll all be bartering Chewing tobacco, animal skins and pumice stones for scrag Mutton and living off tree bark when we trigger article 50. Possibly culminating in a frenzied orgy of Event Horizon Carnal fucking , With every Man , Woman, Child and Kellie Maloney all sunk to the nuts up each other and indeed the beasts that roam in the field .

A bit like Ancient Rome Or Something.

so they say.


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Ken Clarke Arrives at BBC2 Studios For the Daily Politics ShowToday  @ 11.50am ;http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/560/cpsprodpb/9979/production/_90298293_p040jbqn.jpg

Ken Clarke at @ 11.55am ;

Ken Clarke at @12.01pm ;


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ive just purchased 6 bottle of polish spice melange  called 'Perla'  from the offy on the way back from the boozer.

this must be what  pauline Cafferkeys sputum  tastes like .

whaes got the fackin Kib.I want all the fruits... all the fruits you slags!


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The Ching is a sweet bitch and a cruel harsh Mistress.

She giveth and taketh away in equal measure , leaving you in her servitude , bereft of fiscal funds and dignity.

god,  i love her.

Spare us the cutter
I couldn't cut the Mustard.


The Prog Must Flow.

La Nausee wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Well that's one more for my fantasy dinner party guests list then. I'd sit windows next to Sigmund Freud.

LOL.. Tell you what,  as i look around me at work at these uniform grey faceless voids of humanity , empty of breast and soul, give  me windows Jim , gardner dave and My mate Johnny Wingnut ( who ive mentioned on here a few times) over the sea of spartan banality which engulfs  my every living day.

Characters.Without them life is existing under a thx 1138 Junta of conformity and its entities discussing  House Prices, Marathon running, Sky Football , Diets  and gym sessions in perpetuity.

You just need some blue- sky thinking, Glenn. You know, that helicopter view. This cunt that I work with speaks almost exclusively in bullshittery. I have to ask him to explain, en anglais, cos I haven't a fucking scooby-doo half the time. "Yes Phil, I think we have a good chance with this particular customer. We're getting in over the wall and firing some bullets in through the window"

Er, ok. I'd hate to see the cunt ordering a meal. "Yes, I think, nay concur with my spouse, that we may avail of said activity in the kitchen area to perchance, yes, to order some culinary delights from that place wherein said cooking may take place."
"Do want the 6 inch or the 12 inch mate?"

LoL !

cunts at work...all around.



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Emily Thornberry with her  CSE in domestic science for  making Butterscotch Angel delight ,admonishing ftse top 100 Companies that they do not have enough LGBT people in their Boardrooms  while  salivating manically  like Peter Sutcliffe with an half brick in the cab of his Lorry listening to Pete Murray playing Justin Haywood , Casually observing the working girls  finishing their afternoon backshift outside elland road.

God, I Hate her.


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The High Sensei of the  ridged Crisp dojo, gary Lineker.

I would describe him as Carrion, but at least carrion has the decency to rot and decay into the soil..unlike this Omega man of virtue signalling nothingness  who hangs around on our tv screens  in perpetuity like John Barrowman in the under 12, mixed race section of Barnardos.

He looks like a half hearted new romantic. Also  his twitter account is as painful  in its content as  me  chipping off the Hardening  aloe vera gel from my ball sac , or  my fuzzy felt  poison pen letters to Rufus Hound  going unrecognised by all and sundry.

god i hate him.


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Grant wrote:

Bolton lost 2-0 at home to Oxford United. Oxford.

We're a fucking shower.

our glory days, such as they were, seem a distant memory. lean times.

anyway, behold The Fulham Striker Chris Martins Miss vs My Lot on saturday . 50 seconds. What an incapacitant.



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I see the Villa Manager has left. Can i suggest they take a look at Chris Ramsey who despite being sacked a year ago, can still be found cleaning out the shithouses at QPR with Sandro.

Also regarding Jermaine Jenas , its abundantly clear to me   that he's following the same Alan Turing endorsed course of emasculating chemicals to self geld and willingly become asexual to curry favour with The esoteric percentile of the match of the day Audience.


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'A' Level Result day In the Evening Standard

To: letters@standard.co.uk
date: Thur , Aug 18th , 2016
subject: 'A' Level Result day In the Evening Standard.

Dear Sir,

It is with Great anticipation that I look forward to reading your Publication this evening on my commute home. This is the day when Lives of Vibrant young Londoners originally from Tehran to Katowice to Hyderabad can Change forever, 'A' level result Day.

A Big Day In the Evening Standards Calendar, when its readers are treated with metronomic precision every year to front and centre page cliched pictures of 'It ain't half hot mum' chorus lines of young girls in hijabs frozen in mid air and in Perpetuity, celebrating their results with gusto.

To keep this well seasoned event from going stale this year , It may be advantageous for the Editor to Discard your Stock in trade picture of former Eastern bloc sex workers from Ilford In Joyus Union with ex child soldiers from the Congo now suckling the teat in East Ham , Toasting their 'A' level D grade Successes in Umayyad Dynasty Islamic Textile Studies .

To Freshen things up This year, I suggest replacing the above with a 5 year old child genius from Xi'an now Living on a Barking Council estate, Receiving his Applied Bio-Marine Science studies 'A' grade, from the local Mayor. For added colour perhaps augmented with a Touching story of his illegal passage to England with his mother, secreted in a Patio heater.

Finally , I trust I can ensure you to Keep to your Modus Operandi again this year of never, ever acknowledging Emma From Hornchurch Or Tom From Emerson Park receiving their 'A' Level results.

Yours Faithfully

North Chingford.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

LOL. Legend. A few days late, but welcome back chief.

Thank you Henry.
Grant, Occasionally they just threaten me with legal action and call my  Missives to them Obscene and inflammatory.  fuck them.

to:    letters@standard.co.uk
date:    Thur  MAY 27, 2016
subject:  My Beautiful Calais Launderette.

Dear Sirs,

With reference to your Shocking Picture In Last Nights edition,  of 'The Jungle' and the Appalling conditions these abandoned shipwrecked vessels of Humanity  are forced to live in.   May I recommend  to the 36 year old child refugee , Mohammed of Eritrea  Who Heavily  featured in your moving testimony ,  The heavy duty 5 line retractable , Carbon Fibre,  lockable tension washing line from John Lewis( the after care service  is first class),  for a Very  Reasonable £199.99.  Instead of using what appears to be a length of umbilical cord ripped from a Swan or sundry wildlife creature to dry their Shitted pants  upon.

Your Faithfully

North chingford.

millsy23 wrote:

Well that's one more for my fantasy dinner party guests list then. I'd sit windows next to Sigmund Freud.

LOL.. Tell you what,  as i look around me at work at these uniform grey faceless voids of humanity , empty of breast and soul, give  me windows Jim , gardner dave and My mate Johnny Wingnut ( who ive mentioned on here a few times) over the sea of spartan banality which engulfs  my every living day.

Characters.Without them life is existing under a thx 1138 Junta of conformity and its entities discussing  House Prices, Marathon running, Sky Football , Diets  and gym sessions in perpetuity.

I did love him millsy..he was a tortured soul borderline genius / Criminally insane. ex army.

His father was a violent alcoholic as was his father before him, ( that reminds me of the cinema scene in donnie darko with the Frank the rabbit lol).

Poor old jim.never stood a chance. as a fetus more of an incubating tormented alcoholic than a Baby.

if it all got a bit much for him, rather than go out and face the world, he used to look out of his window through his old rifle cross hairs to see if he could find you in the pub across the road and call you up on the moby,  and ask to bring him over a pint .

Looking back , it must have been some form of self beatification and cleansing punishment  with his love of Fem Doms, the more brutal the better. He had a huge collection of s&m mags at £15 a pop, that he used to buy from under the counter at a haberdashery shop in Grays , the husband of the owner  sold this hardcore stuff on the side under the counter.

right full on stuff it was.. Chemical Castration, being gelded, flashburns  the fuckin lot. he didnt know when to stop.
  He used to smash up his furniture and burn it to keep warm in his flat, one time he sawed off the top half off his thumb pissed  sawing up the furniture.

poor jim..

god i miss the mad old cunt.

Grant wrote:

LOL.  What's windows Jim up to these days?

I last saw Windows jim,  at evening  rush hour , Holding a home made steak and kidney pie above his head and a tea towel over his arm waiter style  on the train, pissed out of his atrophied mind travelling from Brentwood to Romford. I asked him were he was going and he said he was delivering his home made pie to his mates in the slaters arms romford. He then started giggling to himself manically like Cesar Romero .

I told him i loved him very much, and i never saw him again.

that was in 2012.