Big Fella wrote:

Mandingo was Mississippi's Frederick Lamont, Lingy.

i know that mate but that fucking cunt doesnt!.

mandingo, a master of his genre .

bit of 'x ' in the morning cleanses the soul for the day ahead paul

some toolbag on the daily mail website today...

"However where Farage is concerned I feel obliged to comment, tho not on his party's policies. I'll just mention that I went to school with him. He was a very open supporter of the National Front, and frequently racist, again openly, and some comments even by the standards of the time were quite shocking.

I'll leave it at that, and you can decide if you think he's changed; or he hasn't changed but still feel comfortable voting for him."

hope he liked my response , got 34 thumbs up arrows

"i went to junior school (upton cross) in upton park with black stud and gonzo porno star 'mandingo.' real name wayne taylor .

i can tell you this more than comfortable watching his racial equality films with blonde essex milfs, especially with a tub of texturised goose fat to hand. Although his remmington has grown a bit in stature since then.

just like nigels powerbase in fact... uncanny."

im so wound up today im gonna hit the office junior lika a fukin thunderbolt on the way out.

and while im sitting in this piss hole office waiting to die with all these wankers around me breathing my fkn air,It's also fascinating to me how the left have embraced the SNP (a scottish nationalist party) whilst demonising UKIP (an English nationalist party).

It's intellectual chauvinism  At that's from an old fashioned dialectic red,  before cnting blair showed up that is.

as peter cook said, "there all cunts out there"

Matt,  i had some 12 year old  cnt from notting hill trying to tell me on saturday that as a QPR supporter' I should be ashamed for voting UKIP'.

'all football fans support labour ' according to this faux class warrior on daddys allowance.

support labour ..never me old china, never.never.never.

im from a long line of east enders going back over 150 years and ther've always supported labour, my grandad and dad worked on the print for the daily mirror for a combined 76 years and red ted, my grandad lost his hearing to the printing presses.

ive seen what supporting a bunch of chinless fuck planks from millbank who waltz into the east end in white paper suits and shake hands with the local rasta , before going home to die of fright , and burning said paper suit, every 4 or 5 years to get your vote , gets you.

living in a shithole. abandonded.forgotten .abused.

these fkrs have relied on tradition and become complacent . arrogant thinking that working class east enders will still vote labour cause they have red DNA in them. docile quisilings . fk that.

People like my old man And his generation are turning away from labour , yes  some to vote for other parties but many abstaining.

one thing they wont do is fack off to essex like thousands of other labour voters have done. they were born there and despite labour and emily thornberry best efforts , they will fackin well die there.

ive been labour  since   1977 the year of drowning in salaiva with the slits, banshees and buzzocks. i'll be fked seven ways from sunday by the ghhost of bernie grants phallus  if im going off to support labour now .. i wouldnt use a red labour rosette to clean lord janners harry monk up with.

UKIP by any means necessary.

nigel thanks you for your vote , please join him , myself and other like minded individuals for a meet in the countryside where we can discuss the final solution for islington labour mp's.

One suggestion i propose is to make them live in east ham/upton park/plaistow /forest gate for 12 months and actually live among the people they purport to support while taking jemima khan, sir ian mckellan, emma thompson , lilly allen ,eddie izard and their colonic irrigation practitioner off their speed dial.(Those fair trade alfafa grape nuts are a such a burden to pass in a single bowel movement)

leave your note book at home though.

ive also booked victoria ayling the fem dom ukip candiadte for grimsby , for gentlemans relish later in the evening, she's showcasing harriet harmans husbands gonzo porno film while using kitty ushers root perm  as a dildo.

we'll be releasing clare short and mark duggan into the wild to mate , then we'll hunt them for their lush mocha skins to be made into a rug for vigorous hustings of rent boys in front of fire at party HQ.


Fu ck me, the Alan 'fluff' freeman Of politics.

tourettes suffering ,triangle blue pill popping worzel gummidge in a saville row chalk stripe. The Madame Cynthia Payne of the Lib Dems.

Do us all a favour Paddy and get the 'art of self deliverance' Out from your local library you daft old bifter. Dont worry about the late charges on the book , i'll take care of it. Now fck off you daft old craggy cnt. oh look , your tourettes is catching.


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tony fernandes And his ever loosening grip on reality
tweeted after the west ham game..

Tony FernandesVerified account
Tough day. Deserved a win. But how many times have I said that. All that matters is table. still supremely confident that we will stay up

what a cnt bubble.
how about this you slag

Tony Fernandes ✔@tonyfernandes

tough day .still supremely confident that a labour SNP coalition will rule for a thousand year reich and purchasing an extended warranty on an 'alba' DVD Player
is a canny investment
#syphillis is rotting my frontal cortex

the whole season has stunk higher than carrion on the african savvanna, and epitomised with that impotent flaccid performance on saturday from all concerned . if it was a brass we would have got a refund.

from the root to the fruit this club needs a fucking makeover


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labours private rent controls.

fuck them.

i just thank the lord i got out of selling blood diamonds at the peak of the market . Moreover ,my portfolio in the import / export of cocaine and fair trade khat augmented with my money lending shop on the high street next to a sprawling council estate of somalis , single mothers and the disabled has hit record highs .

the yield on my legal highs head shop, supplying bath salts at a 500% mark up to impoverished students in the sink estates has proved also to be most fruitful thus rendering my leafy estate in north chingford not fit for a man of my means.time to cash in what what.

as luck would have it my property has gone up 90% since i bought it 2006 thus releasing funds for a charitable donation to the 1922 comittee benevolent fund.

but charity begins at home my old matron at boarding school would say, so i also popped a new tea bag in the romanian beggar with no nose top pocket this morning ,outside primark in stratford..oh the joy in her face!,, tears of joy wetting the ruddy dry cracks in her cheeks and a wail of ethnic good tidings ringing in my ears.

ive heard that asian sweat shops mass producing 'this is what a feminist looks like' t shirts to islington mp's is more profitable than my brothel supplying bulgarian women to pakistani men in ilford lane .. i must look into it.

my hedge fund is on the up and up and my libor interest is higher than the sun , so if labour tighten up the laws on my renting sheds out in walthemstow to 13,000 poles that they said would come to england, then one must'nt complain to loudly..ive had a good run.


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in addition , one should always find your niche, so to speak ,in the market when pimping youre wife out to keep you in chang, tapas , betting funds for the fucking nags and nobbys nuts.

kay was small and indian with a mouth like a navvy..her obvious punter was the middle aged buisnessman who, having no access because of the social circles he mixed in, was partial to exotic sweet meats with a gob like nancy from 'oliver twist' or the cockney slag in' pygmalion' before social upgrade.

i was able to charge a tenner a skull for a line up in a piss soaked matress round the back of the booby moore stand , even with a condom thrown in the profits were fucking astronomical. for teenage kicks right through the night i used to take her to stamford bridge the week after to give those cnts in the shed the clap.

ETC im as free as a bird.I am that bird that cannot chayyyyyyange.


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

haha, Sorry that came out wrong. Just got engaged two weeks back... the actual wedding is in January.

Thanks fellas!

@Derms - Yup, kissed and made up last September.
@BigFella - Proposed on the day we thrashed City! Timing couldn't have been better.


Wanted to ask, generally how much do you spend for an engagement ring? Two months salary? Gave her my mum's 25th anniversary ring, but want to get her something with my own money.

congratulations my old mate.

as an unwritten rule regarding the engagement ring .. for my first three wives kay, michelle and jo , i spent a tidy sum on their 'rings' in so many ways other than fiscal , but in order to recoup this outlay i had to pimp them out for all they were fucking well worth. you have to get all that bicardi and fag money back . i do believe i made a tidy profit on the deal too.

to sweeten the deal you may wish to take a gilt edged leaf from my published book on matromonial bliss 'the rules of engagement.' By G.linghorn the bon viveur of chingford

an extract from chapter 4 ...simply entitled 'a daft cunt'

"when me and the mrs returned home(the second mrs L)After our reception ,she was a bit pissed, and kept looking over the multitude of toasters,kettles,john lewis vouchers,duvet covers and all that kind of fucking shit they love so much.

"look how much stuff we ,we've got darling , people are so generous."

weeping like some sort of woman,  or a crazed chimpanzee who is about to be shot into space , who had clearly  just realised she had made the biggest mistake of her fucking life.

i was nodding sagely thinking to myself ,'yes my dear ,  you dont know how much, i've purloined £300 for ching you daft cunt.

the cunt left me  2 1/2. years later.what a cunt , i ask ya!!."

stick with me and you'll be winning vouchers for john lewis on mr and mrs in no time.

cor blimey an interesting read through this thread. reminds me of a sketch from 'bottom'

eddie hitler ..Bloody Nora! Neil Kinnock's grandparents were homosexual Martians! He's kept quiet about that, hasn't he?

richie rich : Lucky I read that, I was going to vote Labour.

i conducted  a poll on a QPR website , and believe me the demographic makes the badder meinhoff look like the frinton on sea womens institute. for example They voted the daily mail as more hateful than famine, racism , war and social inequality.

to mention martin luther farages name on this board has them out in hives and there over devloped adama apple bobbing about like a warhammer player when he stands behind a blond fuckpiece in the queue at aldi's.

the results are thus

Ukip 42
tory 36
labour 31
green 17
liberal 11
plaid cymru 5
dnp 4
snp 3
independants 12

161 votes cast

and there me thinking i was the only poster on that site  washing nigels feet with my hair and a bowl of london pride.

we'll see on polling day, what people say and do in the sanctuary of the booth is quite different.

just my opinion, thats all


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poirot wrote:

Glen me old fruit . Dont want to piss on your parade but it came out in 89!

Anyhow fuckin legends. Seems them a ruck of times, maybe 5 or 6 times. Never failed to have a ball even though some of the performances were, well, extremely shite! And unlike smalls i actually did go.

Bummed is proper bo. Love it , love it.

i know mate ,  i realised my faux pas  after i posted it but hoped i would get away with it !

the original vince clarke mix is a stormer as well.


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went to see them back in 91/92 ?, in the town and country club . bez had the broken arm via the water ski accident .

you could sense it was all coming to an end, fuck me , i was standing next to  kevin rowland from dexys , a sure sign that the scene was dead. a bit like manfred man appearing on ready steady go and killing the mod movement in '66.

as dave said they owe a debt to producers such as the genius martin hannet , but in their pomp they were a force of nature my old son.

i seem to recall things all going to shit for them after a rough interview in the NME and bez getting the boot because of it.

always makes me laugh this video, a young keith allen on stage (white t shirt)in 1990 on the mondays american tour.ripped to the tits .

bez's 'freaky dancin' is well worth a read.

congrats . 3 marriages made me the man you see before you today.

a broken husk.

seriously , all the best


(Big fellow..aunt peg?)

love it.


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25 years old next month.

I wrote for luck
They sent me you
I sent for juice
You give me poison.

just edges the vince clarke mix.

your top happy mondays track ?


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cheers steely!



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.. due to the wilderness years missed out on this..bedrock board introduced me to this (among other tunes)..

took me back to being 26 again.

right in my DNA..

above all, for this tune..thanks bedrock.


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roberto wrote:

I'm a bit of a Behind The Wheel fan, however, picking one track from them there halcyon years is tricky. Anything from the 101 live album, or Violator, or Songs of Faith and Devotion would do...

There's a bar in Tallinn, The Depeche Mode bar, they just have it all on repeat and the carpet is black with the Violator red rose all over. Alright for an hour or two....

fkn 'ell...Tallinn..i never leave chingford.

imagine what basildon was like in 1978.. all dr hook and baccara..then depeche came along.

anyone point me in the right direction for vinyl.


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hero worship among my 'clients' for this firm.

'Where there's a will - and there is a fucking will - there's a way - and there is a fucking way'


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Amuse an old man..if ive put this thread up before i apologise..

humor unckie glenn.. your number one depeche track.

what gets me about these fkrs is that they still look fukin great.

I was marching to the wrong drum
With the wrong scum
Pissing out the wrong energy
Using all the wrong lines

3 years on the kib wagon this weekend...and i still feel wrong.

what im i gonna do... take up gardening....
meeting my sister and brother for the first time in ten years this weekend in cambridge..

dont miss the anxiety , the bollocks..but still love the music and this board and the memories..

you loveable middle aged cnts


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..8men...strong and very graphed, it's going to take all night. Good boys, gotta be good boys. Reliable, positive's very important...very important. That's what we're looking for...

gentleman what can i say ..your all cunts!.

wheres the divy up for the bedrock board london firm?..

dont hold out on me dutchy..vic dark is waiting for his slice


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jo's birthday today and the cunt still wont let me see her being violated by winston silcott and adebayo akinfenwa in some crude newtons cradle of organic fking .

it began in africa.

or possibly chingford, who can say.

happy birthday darling



always break this tune out when the weathers getting better ..

as bing crosby would sayto david bowie .."pretty little thing aint it.."

oh for a toot of the soothing lilly of the valley powder to this , on a beach bar with a beer in my mitt..


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benteke. you absolute cunt.