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we chingford  fremen have a name for shaun, it means  'the base of the pillar', and it has proved to be so on bedrock.

i shall name him 'usal'

or possibly 'strudders'

happy birthday mate


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nice one steely, been around for a long while has justin, i remmeber a few pages just on him in 'alterded state' by matthew collon(imo the book on dance /house/e culture) .

yep off the heavenly comp. robertsons journey by dj mix is incredible.

execpt the title.... A Monumental Mix, A sonic vista through the dreaming spires of dance'.


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any remixes/mixes/original lionrock/solo/anyfackinthing.


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Yant wrote:

Yep been rocking a beard for about 2 years now.

Makes me even more irresistible to the ladies.  If that's even possible.

porsche trainers AND a beard.. the pieces are starting to fall into place..

i seek yant here i seek yant there
my reo speedwagon seeks yant everywhere.



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jimmy saville again in the news today.

really sickens me to my very core......................

......not only do the gutter press refer to him as 'saville' omitting the 'MR', they dont even afford him the dignity of his 'OBE' monicker as well.

poor show all round.

also george osborne who in every interview refers to the 'northern powerhouse'. when we all know its us southerners that prop these cotton mill dwelling,    laudanum imbibing , ray langton looking cunts up.


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i think its quite clear to anyone with even a scintilla of common sense  , that anyone under 30 should be subjected to logans run 'the final solution'

they simply havent served their apprentership in the dojo of life , drink, drugs etc etc and behave in a responsible manner when intoxicated , i.e with dignity and deportment

at 47, neither can i , but you know, its besides the point.


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quite simply .what a fucking slag.

went down like old vi across the road when i tan her across the cannister with me rice flails.


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Big Fella wrote:

Fair play to HG for keeping it old school.



memories are made of this..


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muslims offer up a fine beard. ive seen 12 years olds in stratford that make rasputin seem like ben sheppard.


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Homegrove wrote:

Missus loves it, my parents hate it. And it's not even that big of a beard.


fair play to hannu, walks the walk.

i did note the...

12 seconds.

one for the kids


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smashdad wrote:

Last time I shaved was NYE so I'm eight weeks into mine - went through a stage a week or so ago where I figured it had to be trimmed 'cos it was all over the fucking place but I resisted and a week later it seems to have grown enough to straighten itself it again.

First time I've ever grown one - wish I'd done it sooner - acknowledging all previously plumbed depths are there any takers for Bedrock Beard Banter...?!

arise 'Smashy the longshanks'.


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i grew one in the winter of 2010.

i used to dye it with 'just for men' as it was grey but ended up looking like an asian honor burns  victim or recepiant of  the contents of a canning town sniper jiff bottle .

the clean lines and angles were something to behold, akin a cameo video from the mid eighties.

for a time it looked quite magnificent , 'bluto' and 'co co the sad clown' were some of the jealous comments i drew from the brentwood tribes.

now , some 5 years later , it is de riguer among the general poplus.

prog by name, prog by nature.

lifes what you make it.


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been playing this over and over for the last month or so.

it pleases me dont you know.


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cliff may or may not indulge his slack wet lips around phallus , one suspects he probably does, but if only the barry allen like expediance that the south yorkshire police demonstrated on national TV, over an allegation from 30 years ago , could have been applied to children in the same area having petrol poured on them and having their holes marinated in exotic semen by taxi drivers hanging around outside takeaways under their noses for the last ten fucking years.


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Ncable wrote:

I met Nicky Holloway in 1998 in his club, a midweek night he was apparently 'playing' at. Myself and my colleagues stood perilously close to the booth whilst Holloway interrupted his entire set with personal appearances, cavorting in and out of it during tracks waving a bottle of champagne around and trying to undo his flies, which appeared to be stuck fast. By the time the featured DJ came on he was sweating profusely and stripped to the waist, his repulsive, corpulent torso disgusting everyone who was close enough to view it.

A man bereft of social nuances, on closer inspection his face looked like the north face of the Eiger and I can't recall making sense of a single word he bellowed in my direction all evening. That this man is fundamentally connected to the very inception of British dance culture leaves me feeling deeply disturbed on many levels.

i enjoyed that. coke head of some note in his day.


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when i played at a night i had in aldgate back in 2001(it lasted a year ,incredibly )

i played the same cunting 12 records in the cunting  order every cunting  month...

1. samel barbers adagio for strings...(fkn 'ell..)
2.  'open your eyes' ..naline and kane
3    'india' ..e razor
4    'rez'...underworld
5.  'dark blue...cabala
7.' newborn' ..muse/oakey or cm/tilt  dream universe
8...speedway revisited' amoeba assasin
10.'i want  you'...z2
11.'nautical bodies'...planet heaven
12. 'street spirit' .....radio head vs wonky

one had to strike a balance tailored to the need of the 'patrons' of the bar. so it was a k tel version of global underground tracks.

maybe a change here and there but essentially i was razzed to fuck on the south london kib by the time mr barber got into his second movement.

its odd as i cant remember the  years of my first 2 marriages were but i remember that line up like the QPR squad that lost the league title to liverpool by a point in 1975/76.

it was essentially a place were bullys, thieves, junkies and cunts from the metal exhange/lloyds of london would imbibe and then cry in the bar holding thier knobs by the time i got to the amobea assasin track.

wonderful days ladies and gentlemen . they really were wonderful.


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when i typed in the words 'whoop it up', 'velvet rooms,' 'nicky holloway' back in oct 2013 that led me to this portal,

little did i know it would result in threads like this.

dont bear thinking about.


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to Ian Taylor head of  QPR  media and communications.

Last Nights nights fans state of the nation meeting.

Dear Mr Taylor,

thanks for all your hard work. interesting points were raised and certainly 'food for thought'.

can you let me know if the QPR LGBT group as suggested by the QPR podcast panel is any nearer to forming ?.

i know i can speak on behalf of millions of QPR fans world wide and beyond when i say such a progressive move will enhance our profile , particularly on the graham norton show and fans of 'the big bang'

perhaps we can take a leaf from councils up and down the country who run Black history month exhibitions for 2,345,986 consecutive months.

A QPR LGBT history month will ensure maximum exposure in the evening standard .

a tasteful vignette of Nedum Onhura  'in flagrante delicto' on the ten pole tudor,  would kill two birds with one stone as it were.

May i respectfully suggest a nice a glossy laminated pic of Charlie Austin .

such a bold move by the club would sate the growing anger among fans in the pubs , clubs  bars and whorehouses in and around shepherds bush among fans on the 12th pint and 2nd gram of kibble.

john amaechi and gareth thomas are always good for a quote on these matters although , i will conceed, their lack of any knoweledge of assocaition football and QPR could be a hinderance.

Still,  a nice quote or two comparing john and gareths courage   to nelson mandela on cook island from tom daley , will add much needed ballast to our pic of our charlie  in apache indian guise.

many thanks



* if Charlie  is unreceptive,  one of niko krancjar in his ziggy stardust phase in platform boots and striking red leathers will most certainly suffice

millsy23 wrote:

Handy Hindus? lol

This guy on speed dial?


I assume he's Hindu. They pretty much all are I think.


i think they are basically all the same mate...

Moreover, when you think about it, are  we not all under the one rainbow banner of punks, skins, rastas and handy hindus when you strip it all down.

all except john barrowman .he's a right cunt.

millsy23 wrote:

will there be claret on the streets?

hahaha, the old mans got quite a tidy little firm of alcoholics, degenerates, weirdo's ,gamblers, divorcees living above pet shops and handy hindus to call upon.

i also expect the east ham dave you have highlighted probably left the area in 1983.

dads like a middle ages fuedel lord  , the duke of his fifedom.....

....which is in east ham.

alas no millsy...not seen that, will have to let the old man know thursday when i see him for a beer.

this man seems an imposter to the real east ham dave...

...of east ham.


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millsy23 wrote:

that Green Party LBC interview is absolute GOLD!!! I'm sending that to my friend who has decided to stand for thr Greens in Bournemouth.

Massive lols in his general direction.

brighton council leader , green , 'jason kitcat'

hahahahahaha, up there with 'goodluck jonathon' , and 'baxter basic' as the best name in politics.


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http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/934 … ote-green/

hahahahahahaha...coughed up  my pituitary gland laughing

'Green Brighton now ranks 302nd out of 326 councils for its recycling record.'

Sbando wrote:
Uncle Bazza wrote:

Really? I cant understnd why it would upset anyone unless its suddenly dawned on them they aren't big hitter material.


It's upsetting the fact that this Board is more or less a private chat room for 15 or so big hitters, unless that refers to cumshots.

chortle, ive been thinking that for the past 6 months

i love uncle bazza and n cables increased body of work.

love it.