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Really looking forward to this now, had become a little disillusioned with English Cricket but that NZ series has definitely put us in a more positive position.

Big series for Root, Stokes and Buttler. Had never heard of Wood before, but he looks to have something different.

This team seems to have some spirit and togetherness at last, let's get amongst em !

http://www.theransomnote.co.uk/music/mi … -note-mix/

Really enjoyed this from Ride / ex Oasis member Andy Bell.

Not quite Balearic enough for the Balearica thread !

steelydan wrote:

Great to hear this out on Friday

Absolute classic ! Still sounds fresh today.


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Mixes of this quality are why this board needs to continue.

Hope the banned members have a think about this during their period of gardening leave !


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The perfect soundtrack to me assembling the hot tub last night.

Great stuff.

Will be be listening to it again whilst in the hot tub this weekend.


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Really enjoying this Jamie, great track selection.

MattBlack wrote:

Spike Island, a group of lads try to get to see The Stone roses at the legendary Spike island gig, pretty good representation of the time, good soundtrack as well 7/10

Who played Smalls ?!


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Doves are superb live. Seen them 4 or 5 times. Obvious electronic roots coming from Sub Sub. Always a brilliant show, wish they would reform.

Black Rivers worth checking out, more Doves like than Jimi Goodwin's solo material which is also worth a listen.

Here ETC, I see our mate Chaka 'Umunna' Khan has pulled out of the leadership race due to private life scrutiny !

Has he been reading the board ?!

Chaka Khan let me rock you, let me rock you Chaka Khan.....

Welcome to the board Ed Balls !

Good post Dan. I agree.

And also The Labour leader's pledge to redefine Islamophobia as an aggravated crime will be cheered by child sex-grooming gangs in Rotherham and across the country !


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Why can't you like two different genres of music ?

I'm a huge Prog fan but am also looking forward to hearing the new Blur album released today.

What's wrong with that ?

Celeda - Be Yourself.

My Bedrock Classic.


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Be brilliant when Monaco falls into the sea and all the Formula 1 drivers and Bono have to swim back to to the UK and pay income tax !

Still another European failure from us. How we let them beat us 3-1 at the Emirates, God only knows.


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MattBlack wrote:

Bye bye Gus

Has Taricco been sacked or is Poyet leaving his number two in the dressing room again ?


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Amps wrote:

Probably for the best J.

Anybody here see Sasha at Shellys? I was actually invited along to see him play there, but I was 15, didn't have a clue who he was and was far more into Operation Ivy/Face to Face/Black Flag/Minor Threat at the time. Told her to fuck off.

Met a lad from Stoke on holiday in 91, me and my mates were into raving (Fantazia et seq), he said that the clubs in Stoke were quality, so went up for the weekend. Drove by Shellys,saw the crowd and went to rave club Entropy instead.
Absolutely gutted, when we got into the Sasha / Digweed Renaissance vibe a couple of years later to have missed out ! Cracking night in Entropy mind.
Still in touch with mate from Stoke, he went to Shellys regularly.


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You have got to have seen them play a Vinyl set back to back for any serious Prog Credentials !

Babealicious - Hastings Pier 1994

Shaking Sasha's hand after his Radio 1 Essential Mix set at the Que Club in Birmingham 1995.

Stood between the pair of them as they looked at clothes in Richmond Classics, Bournemouth 96 after playing at The Opera House the night before, with a copy of Castle Trancelott – Indoctrinate in my hand, just purchased after Sasha hearing Sasha play it !

Proper Prog Credentials Gents.


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Arsenal have had a shocking record against Utd in recent years, we couldn't beat the Moyes side and lost earlier in the season at The Emirates.

So we are right to celebrate and enjoy it, it's been a long time coming.

Yes, Arsenal have their problems too. But Coquelin has made a huge difference recently, especially away from home where we can be a bit soft. Credit to him after being on loan at Charlton.

And a decent semi final draw too (cue the upset !)


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My first Heaven visit was for Northen Exposure with Sasha and Digweed in November 95. Absolutely amazing night, Diggers first, then Sasha. Epic House era. Love to see some setlists but can't find a thing.

Bedrock at Heaven, used to enjoy the breaks in the Star Bar, Adam Freeland (before he turned into a bit of a knob).

Then to Diggers in the main room, heads down, prog pumping. Celeda - Be Yourself, big Bedrock tune for me, still gives me goosebumps when I hear that intro.

Great thread, very nostalgic. The memories.........


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The Quietus massive will be blurting their loads all over this !

Anyone seen Kingsman yet ?

Between this an Ex Machina tonight.


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Brilliant stuff, cheers for the introduction to some excellent new music / artists Millsy.

Long way to go but mix of the year so far !


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Those paperboys of today won't have the same joy as I had in the 80's !

"Who is it today lads, Suzanne Mizzi, Gaynor Goodman or Rachel Garley ?!"

#bring back our dirty pillows


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Only spend £20- £30 per month on vinyl now.

Used to love looking at the rareities on the wall in  Music and Video Exchange back in the day. Think I blew £30 on the white label of Sub Sub - Space Face back in the early 90's. Sold a few for the same amount around the late 90's on ebay. Discogs takes the fun out of it all a bit, but is blooody great all the same for picking up some forgotten gems for next to nothing.


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I really rate Liam Howlett and loved the Dirtchamber Session mix compilation he did.

The Prodigy released some groundbreaking stuff in the early to mid 90's but this release is not for me. Perhaps they are aiming it at the younger generation as I could think of nothing worse than hearing this loud when out !!! Must be getting old.