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I really like the ability to download the music in multiple formats. It's annoying that Juno & Beatport make you choose.


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Anyone else fan of the site?
seems much nicer than the commercial outfits as there is a mixture of indie & small acts amongst common names. I'm hoping the artists that once tried to host & sell independently but failed post their content there for the music to continue to be available.

https://soundcloud.com/groove-magazin/g … n-flugel-1

01. Tortoise – Onions Wrapped In Rubber
02. Tangerine Dream – Sequent C
03. Windy & Carl – Venice
04. Fripp & Eno – Meissa
05. Tod Dockstader – Flight
06. Death In Vegas – Transwave
07. Aris Kindt – Snowbird
08. B.E.F. – Rise Of The East
09. It’s A Fine Line – Blinkar Reprise
10. John Roberts – Plum
11. The Black Dog – Disench

https://soundcloud.com/gregwilson/talki … cho-killer

new album by The Orb

some like moderat, some don't and that's ok smile

I like the Head Hight remix

Neko wrote:

Is this also bad?

Wrong question, do you also dislike bad kingdom?

Beats'N'Pieces wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
Neko wrote:

That my friend, is an absolute tune!

I thought that was terrible, one step away from commercial.

Perhaps it's better as a part of the album, I like the programming of the beats just pummelling down.

Is this also bad?

fadass wrote:

That moderat is like something off MTV club bangers or some shite. Horrendous effort.

in general or just that track. I like their latest album, though it seems too short.

smallman1 wrote:

Currently listening to an absolutely awful The Orb mix that Neko posted.

Give it a mahoosive s to the werve.

Ha! smile

http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/201 … video.html

there's no swerving your questions, ey?! smile