smallman1 wrote:

Comes across like a right idiot

Is that because he came across as very positive?

I do like the boilerroom set he did, his cluberia set is pretty good too.

There's a b2b set from them in Italy from a couple of years back which is great, much more acidy than hypnotic when it's weatherall & smagghe.

I don't think I've heard Ewan Pearson play before

r.babicz - Cloud Surfing … rfing-beta

Andrew Weatherall & Ewan Pearson are playing at Corsica studios next month in the meantime smile

cool smile
What's EE though?

I really enjoyed it, the visual aspects of the night fitted the music perfectly. Trippy music, lots of lights in different colours, strobes, freakin' lasers!
It was a bit too disorienting at the beginning (I actually thought to myself: ah man, I'm getting too old for this) but everything fell into place after a while.
They played until just after 4 but I went up to before they finished.

Also back in 2013, saw them play the whole night back to back, they were great.

Blaze - Lovelee Dae (20:20 vision remix)

Playing at xoyo tomorrow night for bugged out, anyone going?

liquitech1 wrote:

That link didn't work for me in the end, looking forward to watching this later....

This may help … 1456324608

The link still appears to work for me.
Missed the AMA sadly.

The Eric Morillo essential mix from earlier this month. … wn-jr-pres

I read the topic & thought it was a "back to mine" smile

5 hour Garnier set, there's also another from from 2014 but no downloads available on soundcloud

Sasha once followed me on twitter...

As he did with most people when he first joined twitter.