Ralph Lawson's Transition mix (in the download section)

Lazaros - GE (Nautilus Rising)
Unknown Artist - A1 (Hostom 001)
S.A.M - Louisiana (ISEE)
Oliver Klein - Hey Baby (Chris Lattner Remix) (Kling Klong)
Bonar Bradberry - Ain't Me (Spirit Catcher Remix) (20/20 Vision)
Bontan - Rewind (Ralph Lawson Remix) (Madtech)
Lori - Spaciotemporal (Phonica White)
Ralph Lawson - Lost in The Storm (Rui-Z Remix)
Midland - Blush (Graded)
Rhythim is Rhythim - Nude Photo (Transmat)

https://soundcloud.com/ralphlawson/ralp … itions-609

http://shop.littlepinerestaurant.com/co … ts/ambient

Danny Tenaglia - Balance 025

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

What the fucking hell is that? Didn't that come out on Prolapse Records?

Not according to discogs, I found it very informative. Who knew that people aware of the metric system were so serious smile

smallman1 wrote:

Love that FC Kahuna track Neko.

thank you for not swerving smile

Anyone looked at sonic pi?
Comes with a 303 sync & a copy of the amen break sample! smile
Runs on anything capable of running supercollider & ruby - from a Raspberry Pi to a full blown desktop.

Squidgy wrote:

Big fan of the flip side too smile

Last track on the excellent Moderat essential mix smile


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yep, slowly builds up to the last 45 minutes

zackster wrote:

great call niko. i bought a copy of that at the 611 closing sale for 99 cents. awesome tune.

nice, it reminds me of the DJ Koze remix of Matthew Herbert - It's only