Wondering if John will leverage the power of the board & start a sticky asking for photo of members in their bedrock tees

https://twitter.com/WastedHeroes/status … 1878843392

missed it, will be practicing my browser refresh skills this weekend in preperation for next week

millsy23 wrote:

Nice track, strange video.
Anyone able to ID which limited edition bedrock t-shirts they're wearing?

Cattaneo's Balance, CD1
Compliments Octobers Sound Garden set

Nick Warren's October sound garden
https://soundcloud.com/djnickwarren/sou … tober-2014

jules72 wrote:

https://soundcloud.com/matias-vila/priv … stigations

Beautiful Dire Straits cover from earlier this year...and free to download - what more do you want.....

Ah, Nick Warren played this on the Sound Garden smile

Last track on Tenaglia's beatport live set

Last night on earth top, bedrock tattoo
Nice evolutionary theme there

be sure to vote in the DJmag top 100 merchandise efforts

Ralph Lawson Live @ Womb, Japan https://soundcloud.com/ralphlawson/ralp … womb-japan

on bigcartel.com

didn't managed to make it, how was it? how long did he play for?

Mr. James Barth - Stealin Music

Martin Røth - fall sextape

I can't remember smile

Transitions 517 - Ibiza Special

Fairly cheap on a Boris bike, no?

Tomorrow night, I've counted my pennies & I should have enough to get in + a bottle of water.
Anyone else going?

They'll be available via the Corsica Studios website


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On the Fuju launch night Lawler played housey e.g boy own remix of perfect motion & li'l mo - ying yang
Not a fan of the darker tribal sound he'd play


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Fuju launch party at Bedrock, Heaven with Steve Lawler & Futureshock was fantastic. Specially Lawlers set

Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye out.