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Operation Lenor? >(

KLF - Chillout

the Driftwood Records mix in the download section


01. elias - imagination [#07]
02. jeremy - b2 [#10]
03. robi uppin - fade [#06]
04. da kine - sunshower [#02]
05. da kine - ganja mist pt.2 [#05]
06. drain pipe - low life [#04]
07. ronin - coming over to you [#09]
08. da kine - mellow tip [#02]
09. da kine - samoa [#05]
10. monsoon - night cap [#03]
11. jeremy - where the heart is [#08]
12. elias - dub soba [#07]
13. jeremy - sensitive pt.2 [#08]
14. elias - explain [#01]
15. elias - selce nights [#07]

https://soundcloud.com/onukaofficial/on … skin-remix

delged wrote:

From his social media, yes. Used to enjoy S.O.S upstairs at Bedrock Heaven.

Pretty cool.
Yes, they even posted part of the set from the first one smile

steelydan wrote:

Two minutes in and I wanna get bang on it.

Great track

October fancy dress!

Demi is Tenaglia's tour manager?

how about some remixes in 2017?

*ditches bedrock t-shirt*
*pull out I heart house music t-shirt*

the beatport mix he did prior to that was excellent. I've not listened to the boiler room mix yet.

"Fancy dress recommended." on the ticket page.
*goes to look for a bedrock t-shirt*

smashdad wrote:

*Ooooh, this sounds interesti - hang on - FANCY DRESS - fuck that shit*

erm, anyone know how to get a refund?

MattBlack wrote:

I thought Tenaglia retired, or has he unretired again?

The Egg gig was his unretiring gig.

smallman1 wrote:

If you haven't heard Danny play a 38 minute re-work of Rui Da Silva's Touch Me you haven't lived basically.

A master of the CDJ500s smile

Not until October but first round of tickets are out now
http://www.theransomnote.com/events/new … een-party/

yep, last time I saw Tenaglia was at the Egg a couple of years back, Demi warmed up for him & then he played until 7? in the morning.

smallman1 wrote:

The line ups these days ay?

sounded a tad jaded didn't it.

meh, Sw4 afterparty & Digweed is on the same bill, got excited thinking It was going to just be Tenaglia

Tenaglia in London??