… oiler-room

Homegrove wrote:

I just bet that when they changed it to this people bitched and moaned. I was probably on the Ezboard too, but can't remember for sure.

There were some hangers on, until the EZ board died due to silence smile

yep, that spans from 99 to 2002, has mirrors of that, should also apply to the hooj forum & GU forum

just past it earlier this month.

I wonder how many endless threads of lists are buried here smile

worst reviews eva! smile

Mostly Robert Babicz's Lucidflow Radio set since yesterday.

steelydan wrote:

goes a bit Bill Oddie in the middle.


What does that mean? … recordscom


clearly the OP should've stated that such links were available on site roll

*walks away before stepping into another blunder*

smallman1 wrote:

Take note of how I give it the hard sell before posting the link Neko.

There are lessons to be learned!

bah! The mixes I post don't need no hard sell!

*ahem* You have to play them for yourself to decide


jamie wrote:

heard Cicadelia track off of his new album today along with a few of the other tracks. first impressions are - phenomenal record and probably my album of the year.

I'll check it out, this was also on 6music radio show Digweed showed up on the other week … -july-2016

where's the d/l button? swerve!

For Fabric <3

Manna From Sky mix in the d/l section … recordscom … uotient-66