couple of gems from GU London

Jam & Spoon - Acid Nikon
on that DJ Three set

DJ Three at Burning man 2014 … g-man-2014

Unbroken1 wrote:

...mentioned on here a few weeks ago, (technically released on Seismic, later on Platipus), heard it only yesterday in that DJ Three Robot Heart/Burning Man set, still sounds great:

That DJ Three set is awesome, first mix Angel Moraes - Welcome to the factory \o/

millsy23 wrote:

Mix this into some Kenny G and watch those panties drop

"deeper love"

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remastered & re-released last month

Garnier & Yousef b2b @ The lab, Mixmag … %20Lab.mp3

Anyone had a play on one?

simeon79 wrote:
Neko wrote:

Danny Howells on the Freaky Tikki 2011 … ls/s-eQP1P


*notices Simeons name allover the comments section dated 2 years ago* smile

simeon79 wrote:

ace track & amazing comp!

Subtech - Flowtation is another fave of mine

Ulrich Schnauss … m-note-mix

MattBlack wrote:

I actually preferred the MOS set but the majority of the sets he has released for public consumption recently have been a bit shit

The MOS set was much tougher, I preferred the deeper set smile
Did you go to either nights?

simonr wrote:

Only the soundcloud rip for part 2.

Shame, it was funny that there was a backlash for publishing the first part

I loved that set from Fabric, such a contrast between that set & the week? before at MOS which he also published.

This is why I'm gutted I'm going to miss his set this time.

liquitech1 wrote:

..looking forward to the 27th when judgement shall be used appropriately

nearly four years on from this … -9-10-pt-1

I hope he posts this years sets again

Did the high quality version of part2 from the 2010 ever surface? I know sound cloud rips were around

Danny Howells on the Freaky Tikki 2011 … ls/s-eQP1P

ah hmm

Phil Opian wrote:

Each to there own but that was horrific, especially the mixing All over the show like he just played the first 6 tracks on his USB. No effort, no thought, no planning. Just riding the wage packet if you ask me nowadays.

Is it about eveything but the music coming out?

Phil Opian wrote:

Didn't think he could get worse than that Pete Wrong essential shambles but looks like he's trying.

A bigger horror sight must be Pete trying, he never managed to grasp that thing called mixing in all those years