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looks like the video has now been taken down hmm
Anyway, there's a track which talks about D.E on there.


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Heaven to Heaven & losing wait are my favourite Fade productions

ah, thanks smile

I wonder if this'll be made available for download??

Nick Warren - Delta FM, July 2014

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/del … 0&mt=2

furry wrote:

That got a lot of plays from me. Nice one.


Looked up the vocal sample used on Bent - Always on discogs, this was it smile

Pete Goodings Cafe Mambo compilation

simeon79 wrote:

still in love with this track just like 12 years ago:-)

Love this too, one of the amazing records on the 2002 NYE S&D set

No regular play - live
https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/wlp … 1&mt=2

"All the stuff he did along side Gaëtan Shurrer with Sasha is still some of the best sounding club mixes ever"

GU San fran
So much love x

The Jules Verne mix of Netherworld is not by Oliver Lieb though smile
I really liked his remixes of Humate - Love Stimulation.


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erik.b wrote:

Who is/was Peter Jones? 

Flares or Dermo?

no idea


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bah, just seen Peter Jones offered a jesture of good will in another thread


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as a sign of good will from John, is there going to be a sale of limited edition t-shirts to celebrate these changes?


djdiggers wrote:

i am sure you guys will be able stay in touch somewhere for your banter

If you don't have a change of heart, I might as well take the opportunity one last time, how will you be keeping in touch for shifting the t-shirts if this board closes down?

I hope you have a change of heart, there's a lot of history here & it'd be shame for it to go, some of us put some effort in on wasting their time on here over the past 14+ years over the two message boards :'(

smashdad wrote:

Had the two Circulation albums on for the last couple of hours - so many quality tracks - this is the one I've got back to again today...

One of my faves, such a pain to mix though, track really didn't sound right above it's original speed.

Nice mix, anyone know what the last track is?

Nick Warrens transitions guest mix