… y-tenaglia … ssion-by-6

Without voice over … itions-484

Ray-ban new wayfarer … hristian-s
laid back house mix … oundgarden
53% to being funded

& many more airing in Fabric & Matter since smile

Communicate for me, never appreciated it at the time

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Schiller came out in 1999. Mid-decade was borderline electro-clash nonsense. I dispute the validity of that track selection.

*points to last track of the worlds biggest progressive house dj, John Digweed @ Beirut 2004 presented by bacardi breezer*

smallman1 wrote:

"Cabin crew? Negative."

Fcuking love that line.

Weekend world / Skydiver put out some amazing tracks, didn't like the more recent tracks (>2004) where it went electro.

Francesco Farfa - Twister (Weekend world remix)
Skydiver - Tales from a backroom e.p

The original mixcloud link points to this article so I assume so, not sure tbh

Andrew Weatherall & Ivan Smagghe @ Snafu, Aberdeen … -strikes-4

Thank you smile

I love CD1 … s-memories


i prefer to look back on his body of work with misty eyed nostalgia ,that was so long ago it flickers in black and white

Viva Oaky!


*sad face*

He comes across pretentious but I didn't mind it.
This & the Que Club essential mixes were a big part of my teens, so it was cool to hear again in a far better quality than the tapes I had at the time

Rebroadcasted again with commentary from Oakenfold himself about the mix & track selection.

Anyone have a copy of this set on MP3?
Danny Howells - Live at Global Underground Miami GU #27 Party, Womb, Tokyo, Japan (02-07-2005) … 2-07-2005/

CD2 of Singapore is really good except for Slam - Lifetimes

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Loved CD1 of Buenos Aires, those dutch liquid tracks were really cool & still play Awakenings to this day, didn't rate Cape Town though.