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smashdad wrote:

Morales on the mix...

Good call, much prefer the dub remix

Part 3 is up

Fuzzy Logic -- Obsession (The Quantum Loop Mix)
the screaming vocals on the break gives me goose bumps

Choice - Acid Eiffel

posted part 2, haven't had a chance to that yet so can't comment

What's that? a tasty snack! you don't wanna eat a snack like that!?

*phew* swerved a swerve smile

yep, looking forward to part 2

part 1 of Joris Voorn @ Output (see mixes section)

Part 1
https://soundcloud.com/joris-voorn/jori … 231015-pt1

Part 2
https://soundcloud.com/joris-voorn/jori … 231015-pt2

Part 3
https://soundcloud.com/joris-voorn/jori … 231015-pt3

roberto wrote:

was that when he was set-up on a desk in the middle of the dancefloor?


Opening track on the Jose Padilla essential mix: Coconuts - Tarao Thunders

And then there was that time he opened up for Charlie May at Cable smile