… der-geibel

You should upload a better quality version, this is not 2000, 128kbps is too low smile
Ideallly VBR high, but 320kbps CBR is cool, 192kbps at a minimum.

Cool, looking forward to hearing it *downloads* … 15-a-swans

MarcusR wrote:


Great track, also like this remix of it … sympathy-1

The Move D set I just posted up in the mixes section. … 2015-05-31

nice mix, shame the download link is not enabled. … ansmission

1) Muslimgauze - A Small Intricate Box, Which Contains Old Blue Opium
2) Fire flower revue - Beating of small wings
3) Plankt - unreleased
4) Bee Mask - Vaporware
5) Shed - Another Wedged Chicken
6) Ability II - b - pressure dub
7) Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)
8) Ry_Frank_Wiedemann_-_Howling_(Ame_remix)
9) Mathew Jonson - Symphony for the apocalypse
10) Ben Frost - Theory of Machines
11) John Maus - Hey Moon
12) Rone - Nakt
13) Pantha du Prince - Saturn Strobe … e-extended

Joris Voorn posted up another version of the set … oris-voorn

I assumed you'd be a subscriber tongue
Didn't post a link because it was intended to be a discussion about the new episode but for some reason it got moved. *shrug*

b2b with Joris Voorn, I preferred it to the first episode. Wish he wouldn't do the interviews or talk so much throughout the mix.

Sven Vath boiler room from 2012