Delta Lady - Anything You Want (Delta Dub Charge)


Any cop?

bah, they're messing with my music collection! I had this thing somewhat organised! *tut* smile j/k

December's installment of The Soundgarden … ember-2016

Thanks man, I'm really interested in why iTunes on OS X dislikes these files. Ruled out the computer being the issue as I see the same on another Mac running OS X. iTunes version is here.

Podcast is available via another aggregator now? … enterprise


(500 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion) … e-download


(500 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion)

Needs a instagram account to allow download >( … ayer-remix

Needs a facebook account to allow download >( … moon-pheet


No download link :s … elections/

hmm, files are fetchable but itunes deletes them as it reckons they're unplayable. Files do play however if fetched manually???

Yay, June to Octobers sets were post on the podcast feed last month smile

the Harrison BDP mix in the download section which I've just realised has no download option. hmm

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Yes, https would be better,  but it all depends where the server is located and the laws that apply in that particular country in terms of privacy.  Here in the US,  I think in the next several years you're going to see a constitutional amendment which explicity outlines a right to privacy, but right now it's implied through a few other different amendments to the constitution,  which makes it very ambiguous  with special respect to intellectual property, search and seizure, and probable cause.   Imagine trying to enforce a search warrant for intellectual property!   The problem right now is that the laws simply cannot keep up with the emerging technology and the modalities involved.

So sit this one out and see what red tape is introduced?

you can talk about tor & vpns but still, site is served over plain old http. You're still exposed after your traffic leaves an exit node or the vpn provider.

The site should use https & there is no reason not to. there is no longer a cost involved in obtaining a certificate either.