great stuff smile

simeon79 wrote:

Best EP for 2016 so far....classy tracks!

Nice, reminds me of Terry Lee Brown Jr

DJ Harvey's late night sessions

afeworki helen wrote:

A-Team !


Unbroken1 wrote:

...yeah absolutely, (although for me it's largely in isolation these days).

I guess we all just need something to bring everyone out of the woodwork and back together in a low key way?

Unbroken1 wrote:

The enthusiasm of the crowd I mean really, totally uncynical, leaping about and wanting the night to go on forever, everything about it all so new and fresh smile

It's amazing how regulated it is now in comparison as well, so many rules and enforcers. I appreciate fabric in some ways that once you're inside there is no hassle & you can let go to a certain degree. Would be cool if you could still take a sound system out of the club to the beach to continue the party in Brighton today smile


We still have the enthusiasm for the music don't we? looking past the limited edition t-shirt sales

Sasha San Fran
Danny Howells Mix Collection
Guy Gerber's Fabric


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hopefully part 2 will be made available once the exclusivity wears off smile