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Traumprinz RA podcast mix
https://soundcloud.com/raoul-freytag/tr … nt-advisor

yeah, the tale end of some records went off on one, hence why there was lots of drop mixing.

nevermind the kissing, DJ Kid Paul mix of Cafe Del Mar - Energy 52 smile

It was ok, they played back 2 back from 2 to 6. There was no real flow to the set, they just played a load of great records. It was very up and down and there was times that the following record was drop mixed rather than beat matched.
If you didn't attend you didn't miss out but it wasn't a disappointing night.

jamie wrote:

Nice track smile

cheers smile

Corsica studios again, see you down the front with LNOE attire?

yes, I really like too, found it on the end of that 2014 Lee Burridge set from burning man.

Guy Gerber boiler room set from last year

https://soundcloud.com/fknyc/francois-k … 06-25-2008

co-incidentally on a Twilo theme
Sean Cusick https://soundcloud.com/nokturnalist/tai … o-classics

smallman1 wrote:


Big banging fcuk off tribal - right up my strasse!


"now let me see you work"

strummerjones wrote:

Instrumental mix is classPosted that vid.in the acid thread a while back.

Would love to get a copy of the album this is on, an expensive luxury however.