Sasha & Chris Fortier Live @ Icon … 002-part-1

Thanks Faible

looking forward to hearing this \o/

stumbled across it for the first time yesterday, had never heard it before smile
Looking on youtube there seems to be some trancey remixes of it, yes.

Anyone know about the Ambiental mix??

looks like the video has now been taken down hmm
Anyway, there's a track which talks about D.E on there.

Heaven to Heaven & losing wait are my favourite Fade productions

ah, thanks smile

I wonder if this'll be made available for download??

Nick Warren - Delta FM, July 2014 … 0&mt=2

furry wrote:

That got a lot of plays from me. Nice one.


Looked up the vocal sample used on Bent - Always on discogs, this was it smile

Pete Goodings Cafe Mambo compilation

simeon79 wrote:

still in love with this track just like 12 years ago:-)

Love this too, one of the amazing records on the 2002 NYE S&D set

No regular play - live … 1&mt=2

"All the stuff he did along side Gaëtan Shurrer with Sasha is still some of the best sounding club mixes ever"

GU San fran
So much love x

The Jules Verne mix of Netherworld is not by Oliver Lieb though smile
I really liked his remixes of Humate - Love Stimulation.


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erik.b wrote:

Who is/was Peter Jones? 

Flares or Dermo?

no idea


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bah, just seen Peter Jones offered a jesture of good will in another thread


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as a sign of good will from John, is there going to be a sale of limited edition t-shirts to celebrate these changes?