Interesting that most people cite the Chable remix, it's all about the deephead pass. smile
Remember when it was the opening track on the phatplastic radio show? … -sleeping/

on now

MattBlack wrote:

Thats what i was thinking, accept thats in East London not Dulwich

One nation, etc?

monostereo wrote:

The night in question took place in a disused public toilet cubicle in East Dulwich. This of course was before East Dulwich became overrun with bell ends.

*ahem* public life?

Big Fella wrote:


S.W.I.M wrote:


Gah! I meant which club in Brighton tongue

S.W.I.M wrote:

Did anyone go to their gig in Brighton the night before Fat Boy Slim and Digweed on the Beach?

I went to the Zap to a tyrant night but It was only Lee Buridge.
Where was this party?

Will the shop at heaven be able to stock all that merchandise?

Wondering if John will leverage the power of the board & start a sticky asking for photo of members in their bedrock tees … 1878843392

missed it, will be practicing my browser refresh skills this weekend in preperation for next week

millsy23 wrote:

Nice track, strange video.
Anyone able to ID which limited edition bedrock t-shirts they're wearing?

Cattaneo's Balance, CD1
Compliments Octobers Sound Garden set

Nick Warren's October sound garden … tober-2014

jules72 wrote: … stigations

Beautiful Dire Straits cover from earlier this year...and free to download - what more do you want.....

Ah, Nick Warren played this on the Sound Garden smile

Last track on Tenaglia's beatport live set

Last night on earth top, bedrock tattoo
Nice evolutionary theme there

be sure to vote in the DJmag top 100 merchandise efforts

Ralph Lawson Live @ Womb, Japan … womb-japan