It was fucking mint

Downloaded this one last night for the commute next week.  Looking forward to it. Like the names on the track list.  LOVE the Five track... caned that so much looking forward to hearing it in a mix again


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20 mins in. Nice selection as always, Japes.
My 4 year old has asked me to "PLEASE turn it down Dad" twice... usually a good sign.  Hope all well with you and yours mate

Style council - long hot summer.  Could perhaps be a bit melancholic in terms of message but who fucking cares because that bassline takes over everything and thats what makes it an essential bbq sunshine tune.

everything else needs to be old skool 80s hip hop.  At a push i would allow logical progression disc2 and possibly very later on an 80s playlist of absolute turd records that remind me of my yooot (basically school disco tracks.... anything nostalgic)

When you have 2 young kids at home and you are completely incapacitated the following day when you're meant to be doing easter bank holiday stuff and you turn up home 2 hours later than expected it tends to wear thin on the fairer sex indoors.
Grow up time for me.

If she thinks that's the last time i see Diggers play she's only fooling herself

I had more of a shocker than you did getting home mate.
We left at 5:50 (cannot believe he played Age of Love at 6am aaaaaah) and i didnt get home til 9am!
Quite frankly for all the hassle i should have just stayed til the end and walked to st pancras... me and public transport whilst battered do not mix well

According to my missus that was my last ever music night out.
Properly properly epic night

Jesus wept

Lolz loving how autocorrect is changing chuggy to "chubby"... Definitely fitting that chubby house is my fave of the last five or so years

smashdad wrote:

Tracklisting compiled...

01 Trujillo feat. Bernardo Risquez - Send Me Away
02 Weval - Gimme Some
03 Blackbelt Anderson - Sandoz
04 Marco Dassi - Amigdala (Mushrooms Project Remix)
05 Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca - Complotto Geometrico (Andy Weatherall Remix)
06 Neurotic Drum Band - Neurotic Erotic Adventure
07 The Blaxploited Orchestra - The Pursuit (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt Remix)
08 Fetsum - Waiting For You (Paskal & Urban Absolutes Remix)
09 Somerville & Watson - Melt
10 Je' Couleur - Space Dancer
11 Monkey Boots - Whitworth Strut
12 Mudegg - Minerva
13 Anders Ilar - Remember
14 Moonstarr - C-Minus Particles
15 Essay - Morning Mountain
16 Laid Back - Feels Like Heaven (M.ono Remix)
17 Rodion - Medusa
18 SwitchSt(d)ance - Acean … p-01012015

This is a mix I've wanted to do for ages - sums me up to a musical tee - only had four tracks in mind when I started it and the rest just fell in.

2014 was the first year in about 28 years that I didn't set foot in a night club, next time I go to one I want to hear stuff exactly like that lot above...

This has been on all week and pretty much all the week before as well.  You know my take on it.  Keep on keepin on

Co2o is a joy all of its own as a standalone 12 minute journey but it works well in the mix in its short format too.  Easily one of the best records of last year
Good mix KS


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Cracking mix this - really enjoyed and a perfect reference point for many of the big tunes from last year.  Nice one

Didn't think I'd write this considering how good the spring smorgasbord was but;
This is on par if not slightly better than Spring.. Excellent mix mate, once again really good programming and flow... Love the chubby paced stuff as I've mentioned before.  Have played it a lot over the last few weeks especially on holiday.
Looking forward to the next one with low bpm's

I've fallen sideways into Ian Rush whilst having a slash in a hotel bogs in Dublin.  Embarrassing and a bit weird especially when I shouted "yes Lads its Ian fucking Rush" and no one else was in the pissers... he laughed about it... Let's face it he probably quite enjoyed it.

Pissed up and fallen out of a newsagents into Darren from Big Brother 1 (or 2 - who fucking cares or remembers) and he told me to fuck off.

I tripped up out on the piss in soho near the dog and duck and nearly chinned myself on a bin only to look up and see Paul McCartney grinning to himself at my expense, the rich cunt.

(I did a fair amount of falling over between 99 and 2005)

I received a reciprocated smile from Timothy Spall at a pedestrian crossing on Shaftesbury Avenue when I was 12.  I didn't have a clue who he was but knew he'd been on the telly.  Quick; call the feds; Operation Yewtree


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Sasha GU009 by a country mile.
def agree with Saiz disc 1 but I do like both mixes.
Would have to revisit Pappas nu breed, pretty sure I like both discs but the last 20 mins of disc 1 is exceptionally good (Lydian & the dinosaur.... fucking epic tune)
Also stating the obvious but northern exposure 1.1 and northern exposure  2.1 both smash the she shit out of the second discs in each instance. Ne1.2 does have its moments to be fair.

Thanks for the links gents good work.
slowly making my way through the stuff on Spot, Sullivan cheers mate

Mate I knew I could rely on you... Pretty sure it was one of your mixes that introduced me to Broken.
That Andre Bratten tune is perfect... More of the same please!!

I am currently trying to compile some boss tunes for myself/a mate on spotify the blueprint example of which is below... If you know of anything which comes close to (or betters?!) Jobe's "broken" then please post it below for me.  Massively appreciated, not sure where to start with different ideas..have done 2 weeks prelim on this but I don really know other artists to check out... However,you lot in this section of the board know your onions and I would love to hear your ideas...bass driven/deep (dare I say it; funky) house.  Cheers, H

Must admit John Paul the bleepy section nearly lost me (as per Shaun's thoughts) but then you brought it back mate and there's some fucking superb music on this one.  Good work, will be giving it another go next week on the train.

Comfortably one of my favourite mixes of the year so far this... Absolute class

PS you've come a long way since the roast chicken crisp incident... Frightening to think that's over 10 years ago now.

Cracking little mix fella.. Very enjoyable, you managed to squeeze in quite a few different musical vibes within it and some absolute monster basslines/melodies which is what I would expect given the title... does what it says on the tin!  Well programmed as well mate which is always nice to hear.

Had a 2nd go on this during the week... Another solid mix mate.  Some absolutely insane tracks on this one.. Think they're around 2/3rds way through will be looking up on Spotify!
Cheers fella

Absolutely superb.  Only half way thru pt1 but this is essentially the pace and stuff I've been into for the last 5 years... Ever since that Ivan Smagghe resonance mix (the one which he apparently played as sun came up)...
Anyway, lush pace, melodies and trippy noises, house music you can LISTEN to. Spot on