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On point ^

Here https://soundcloud.com/mattwalsh/matt-w … show-24-03

Finally an id for the last tune.

Comes out in a fortnight.  Absolutely fucking mint tune from easily one of the best mixes out this year.


Get it sorted and sent to us all forthwith.


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Try and get round to downloading this for a full headphone commute to work listen mate.
Trust all is well.  You should at least try and make it for a beer before Easter bedrock unless you're off somewhere for wkend?


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smashdad wrote:

Looking forward to the invention of the smart woman.

Racist, so....


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I've not played those fathers of sound CDs for ages.  Quality house music.
Cine City - "Are you sure Joe?" Absolutely brilliant record and totally still playable in a modern set in my opinion.  Some absolute belters on there.

Absolute top of my fucking list now going straight in at #1 and taking over from traffic lights on roundabouts:

People who actually say the abbreviation "lol" instead of fucking laughing during a conversation in person.



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millsy23 wrote:

Ignore them Sean. You're from the future

Hahahahaha - fucking quality


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Unbroken1 wrote:

..hah, you may as well go for it then mate, the full-works


Wow, I know it went badly for Lance Armstrong after the USADA thingy but never guessed he'd go and do this.

Halfway through this.  Fucking quality as always mate, very much looking forward to second half

I know this slightly crosses over with another thread from recent weeks, but it also fits into here somewhat:
The mixes I categorically know I will listen to once a year without fail are:

Ren2 all 3 discs.

These to me are classics beyond reproach.

I'm not saying that the other well known comps aren't also immense, it's well documented how good the first discs off both gu009 (I actually love mix2 as well) and gu013 are...but personally I don't recall listening to either of them last year, maybe not year before either, so I wouldn't place them in the same category as the above.  I'm sure there's big love for the original Ren comp as a classic but again I don't remember listening to any of those mixes for a while now.  I used to think Id listen to the first tyrant compilation every year but that lost its appeal by comparison to the above list.

Each to their own but obviously anyone who disagrees hasn't got a fucking clue and should add their own name to the things that can simply Fuck Off thread.

starcreeper wrote:

Im curious to know why the Sasha Zen mix is a classic and Diggers R2 isnt?

Diggers R2 is a classic.. Anyone who says that the JDJ mix is better than R2 needs fucking psychiatric help.  JDJ doesn't even come close to the same level. The end.

Sasha - Zen Afterparty Mix - Sept. 2 1996 at Mark Hunt's House
The entire 6 hours of this which just builds and builds, fucking epic.

Plus the entirety of that three hour triple j mix up 1997 northern exposure sasha and diggers mix.  Unbelievable tunes.


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Big Fella wrote:

It certainly pisses all over that JDJ cd that is a fact.

The JDJ cd is not even remotely in the same league in my opinion.  Whilst it has some good records on it, it does not remotely come close to being a classic.


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I remember that giveaway and Pleb very well... Some amusing stories about that lad.

On the R2 front I ended up allowing myself to get taxed 50sheets for a second pristine copy off ebay when I found one of my CDs scratched in my copies from 95.  Mug punter, I know, but worth every penny to me.. Have to have clean originals of these discs

millsy23 wrote:
Hodgy wrote:

Played this about five or six times this week

Man after my own heart Hodge. My appreciation of Jobe is well documented on here.

That bassline deserves an award.  Mint producer

Yeah pretty much!
Check it out though if you fancy a good 900 page effort.. Dead easy to plough through it quickly, quite the page turner it is.

I've nearly finished jake arnotts "the long firm" trilogy.
Fucking brilliant, evocative and very easy to read... Fictional underworld London spliced in with some true old villain names/"faces" starts in the 60s and finishes with rave scene in the 90s.

Played this about five or six times this week

Cartsy I'll sort it mate... I'm out tonight so do it over weekend for you.


putting on weight.spilling out of shirts like a fucking lava lamp.looking like max wall in black jeans.looking like vic reeves 'o'hare' in a jumper.going up 2 fucking cunting sizes since last easter in all good mens attaire.ever seen a salad dodger look good in kenzo.exactly .

weight gain   fuck off!!!!!

Hahahahaha the real fucker with this is when you go to stick on a whistle and it is so ludicrously  fucking small.. I'm always completely incredulous and it is absolutely anybody's fault but my own: "but this is impossible, what can these fucking retards at the dry cleaners possibly be doing to a suit that makes it shrink this way??... This is outrageous service, entirely unacceptable blah blah blah"  No fat lad it's impossible to shrink a suit and you know it...you just managed to put on 5kilos in a fortnight, now it's gonna take you six months to get rid of it. Repeat every fucking year until you die except every five years the amount of weight doubles and the amount of time to lose it triples.

Anyway, shrinking suits can fuck off.

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shaunstrudwick wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

He's added a bit more to the Strobelight mix, sounds a bit more punchy halfway through. Fantastic track. Fantastic mix actually. Always love his mixes, why did he not get behind the decks more in the halcyon days? He always delivers imo and his South American Promo mix is still a top 5 mix of all time for me. Just faultless.

is this readily available?

https://soundcloud.com/wearecontrast/ch … promo-2010

(You click the above link with your left mouse button mate. Not the actual mouse button, but move the cursor over to it, that pointy arrow thing, then click the left mouse button on it. Cool? Nice one. Enjoy mate)

That SA Promo mix is a fucking treat.  I remember the week it got upped on soundcloud I played it to and from work and all day out in the car on a fucking loop non-stop and never got bored.  Literally well over ten hours of it in one week at top volume, just superb... The unreleased/untitled tracks are absolutely immense, notably May's own effort at the very end.  Class.  So many lush moments in it

ETC have you ever taken mescaline at all?
That's not a loaded question per se, I'm just intrigued...

At ear bleeding levels in the car...

If it turns out you haven't heard it Flares then you must uppercut yourself 10 times to the chin

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Not sure I've heard of that. Can't be as highly rated as the JDJ then.

Wtf?!  You've not heard of Renaissance 2?!?  Please tell me this is a wind up!!  In my opinion those three discs are by a country mile the best thing Digweed has released on cd.