An obvious fave but an absolute fucking gem of a tune

The use of that cliff martinez melody from the drive soundtrack in the first tune is immense.  Really enjoyed the pacing and build on this mix, right up my street.

Finally got round to this during the week. Liked it so much I finished it and went straight back to start and played it again.   Best you've done thus far imo Mills (and the others were quality so that's saying summat)
will get onto part 2 next week.

Can't remember where I heard this ...it's a bit quicker than stuff I'd usually go for...doesn't really go anywhere just a very hypnotic groove/bassline

smashdad wrote:

Bit more of a recent one...

As per Spotify masterlist.  Fucking tune... Nick warren used it on a sound garden mix if memory serves

Much required new tuneage for commuting... Will have to download tomorrow night mate.
Any mix which features Jobe, Rodriguez Jnr and Pig & Dan is for me.
Nice one

One of my favourite house tracks of all time.  Simple but brilliant use of the sample

smashdad wrote:

Fucking tune mate.  Think I've got it on an old colin dale house and garage mix from Sterns '92.  Could be wrong though given that is 22 years ago!  Christ wept

Link should be fixed now!  Was listening to that at full blast in the car today and it had to go up on here absolute peach of a tune.  Funnily enough also had Who keeps changing your mind track on too... Aaaah the good old days when Ministry turned out ace house compilations

furry wrote:

On point ^

Here https://soundcloud.com/mattwalsh/matt-w … show-24-03

Finally an id for the last tune.

Comes out in a fortnight.  Absolutely fucking mint tune from easily one of the best mixes out this year.


Get it sorted and sent to us all forthwith.


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Try and get round to downloading this for a full headphone commute to work listen mate.
Trust all is well.  You should at least try and make it for a beer before Easter bedrock unless you're off somewhere for wkend?


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smashdad wrote:

Looking forward to the invention of the smart woman.

Racist, so....


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I've not played those fathers of sound CDs for ages.  Quality house music.
Cine City - "Are you sure Joe?" Absolutely brilliant record and totally still playable in a modern set in my opinion.  Some absolute belters on there.


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millsy23 wrote:

Ignore them Sean. You're from the future

Hahahahaha - fucking quality


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Unbroken1 wrote:

..hah, you may as well go for it then mate, the full-works


Wow, I know it went badly for Lance Armstrong after the USADA thingy but never guessed he'd go and do this.

Halfway through this.  Fucking quality as always mate, very much looking forward to second half

I know this slightly crosses over with another thread from recent weeks, but it also fits into here somewhat:
The mixes I categorically know I will listen to once a year without fail are:

Ren2 all 3 discs.

These to me are classics beyond reproach.

I'm not saying that the other well known comps aren't also immense, it's well documented how good the first discs off both gu009 (I actually love mix2 as well) and gu013 are...but personally I don't recall listening to either of them last year, maybe not year before either, so I wouldn't place them in the same category as the above.  I'm sure there's big love for the original Ren comp as a classic but again I don't remember listening to any of those mixes for a while now.  I used to think Id listen to the first tyrant compilation every year but that lost its appeal by comparison to the above list.

Each to their own but obviously anyone who disagrees hasn't got a fucking clue and should add their own name to the things that can simply Fuck Off thread.

starcreeper wrote:

Im curious to know why the Sasha Zen mix is a classic and Diggers R2 isnt?

Diggers R2 is a classic.. Anyone who says that the JDJ mix is better than R2 needs fucking psychiatric help.  JDJ doesn't even come close to the same level. The end.

Sasha - Zen Afterparty Mix - Sept. 2 1996 at Mark Hunt's House
The entire 6 hours of this which just builds and builds, fucking epic.

Plus the entirety of that three hour triple j mix up 1997 northern exposure sasha and diggers mix.  Unbelievable tunes.


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Big Fella wrote:

It certainly pisses all over that JDJ cd that is a fact.

The JDJ cd is not even remotely in the same league in my opinion.  Whilst it has some good records on it, it does not remotely come close to being a classic.


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I remember that giveaway and Pleb very well... Some amusing stories about that lad.

On the R2 front I ended up allowing myself to get taxed 50sheets for a second pristine copy off ebay when I found one of my CDs scratched in my copies from 95.  Mug punter, I know, but worth every penny to me.. Have to have clean originals of these discs

millsy23 wrote:
Hodgy wrote:

Played this about five or six times this week

Man after my own heart Hodge. My appreciation of Jobe is well documented on here.

That bassline deserves an award.  Mint producer