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Sasha GU009 by a country mile.
def agree with Saiz disc 1 but I do like both mixes.
Would have to revisit Pappas nu breed, pretty sure I like both discs but the last 20 mins of disc 1 is exceptionally good (Lydian & the dinosaur.... fucking epic tune)
Also stating the obvious but northern exposure 1.1 and northern exposure  2.1 both smash the she shit out of the second discs in each instance. Ne1.2 does have its moments to be fair.

Thanks for the links gents good work.
slowly making my way through the stuff on Spot, Sullivan cheers mate

Mate I knew I could rely on you... Pretty sure it was one of your mixes that introduced me to Broken.
That Andre Bratten tune is perfect... More of the same please!!

I am currently trying to compile some boss tunes for myself/a mate on spotify the blueprint example of which is below... If you know of anything which comes close to (or betters?!) Jobe's "broken" then please post it below for me.  Massively appreciated, not sure where to start with different ideas..have done 2 weeks prelim on this but I don really know other artists to check out... However,you lot in this section of the board know your onions and I would love to hear your ideas...bass driven/deep (dare I say it; funky) house.  Cheers, H

Must admit John Paul the bleepy section nearly lost me (as per Shaun's thoughts) but then you brought it back mate and there's some fucking superb music on this one.  Good work, will be giving it another go next week on the train.

Comfortably one of my favourite mixes of the year so far this... Absolute class

PS you've come a long way since the roast chicken crisp incident... Frightening to think that's over 10 years ago now.

Cracking little mix fella.. Very enjoyable, you managed to squeeze in quite a few different musical vibes within it and some absolute monster basslines/melodies which is what I would expect given the title... does what it says on the tin!  Well programmed as well mate which is always nice to hear.

Had a 2nd go on this during the week... Another solid mix mate.  Some absolutely insane tracks on this one.. Think they're around 2/3rds way through will be looking up on Spotify!
Cheers fella

Absolutely superb.  Only half way thru pt1 but this is essentially the pace and stuff I've been into for the last 5 years... Ever since that Ivan Smagghe resonance mix (the one which he apparently played as sun came up)...
Anyway, lush pace, melodies and trippy noises, house music you can LISTEN to. Spot on

I will get round to it fella, promise!
Still haven't managed a proper listen of Quicky's stag inspired ibiza rave-up mix.... Quicky's stag in ibiza.... Now there's a truly frightening thought.  Surprised you're still alive to tell the tale.  "Cooooh deary me...."

Really enjoyed this HG... Some absolute belters on there, and I do mean belters.  Proper class mix thanks for the dl

millsy23 wrote:

I actually have soft spot for Walking on Fire because I remember Diggers playing it as the last tune at one of the Bedrocks and me being totally spangled beyond belief, hands to lasers etc. As a last of the MDMA, just before lights on tune it really does rule even if the vocal is cheesy.

This is the same reason I will always love the record... Some unbelievable (hazy) memories of reaching the end of the night, lights come up, still just about vertical/standing and this tune would start and the lights drop out completely, then the lazers would destroy you and then the old eyes are gone and your praying for the night not to end.  Oh to be 22 again.

Anyway, cheers for sending the list over Sullivan... Was good fun and brought back some cracking memories and the resultant mix/es have been excellent.... I did start the other list you sent and know that I need to add to it but getting time to actually put it together with you is proving fucking hard!  Parent duties and work etc etc...usual shit.

I've put this on my phone for the train next week mate.
Tracklist looks good.

Finally had chance to get through both of these mate... Very very good work... So many absolute belters and memories attached to them.
White room strapped is comfortably in my top 5 bedrock tunes released thus far I'd say.
Yunus and mass schizophrenia is also right up there... What a tune.

Another quick 6 hour effort then Sneddon?!
Very much looking forward to getting stuck into this... Looks right up my street.
Cheers fella hope all is well, H


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Downloaded and ready for next week mate.
Tracklist looks great.  Cracking opener smile

Can't really compete with Smallmans feedback to be honest but suffice to say what I've heard is absolutely mint thus far...I'm up to the sander remix of Helsinki and very much looking forward to finishing it next week.  Cheers Hannu.

This was and is an absolutely smashing mix and it will be on my iPod for a long time to come.  First class programming/flow have played it loads.

Good work as always mate.

Love that chymera tune.. Played it in car the other day, it's a corker.... Not reached that part of the mix yet though.  Will report back in once I've been all the way through


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.. To all those who make the effort to share their mixes on here... I don't have much spare time anymore due to workload and fam so I can't be doing with all that other fucking nonsense in the General section (properly tedious) and in reality haven't visited much at all ... The "what are you listening to" thread seems to be the only place I can ever really be bothered to check in on and that is becoming increasingly less frequent.  On here however I know categorically that I will get my best fix of fresh tunes and people actually discussing music they like which is surely a large part/reason for using a message board affiliated with a top quality record label.

Anyway, this has turned into a middle aged rant but just wanted to say cheers to all you folks who populate this part of the board frequently to share new music... without you and the mixes my commute would be a hell of a lot tougher, so nice one and as ever; keep on keeping on.

An obvious fave but an absolute fucking gem of a tune

The use of that cliff martinez melody from the drive soundtrack in the first tune is immense.  Really enjoyed the pacing and build on this mix, right up my street.

Finally got round to this during the week. Liked it so much I finished it and went straight back to start and played it again.   Best you've done thus far imo Mills (and the others were quality so that's saying summat)
will get onto part 2 next week.