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I'm off to the Guy J thing, I'd assumed it was the pacha building too

Vril live from Berghain here

Presto wrote:

Now why doesn't the Heaven Scent remix have an entire side of vinyl dedicated to it? http://i.imgur.com/1MvXE.gif

dont start wink

DuFunk wrote:
Matty303 wrote:
DuFunk wrote:

Cassy at Cocoon Heroes London Dec 12

You got a link to this mate?

http://www.technosession.com/live-set/t … -download/

Actually from amnesia last june! London Promo mix


DuFunk wrote:

Cassy at Cocoon Heroes London Dec 12

You got a link to this mate?


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MattBlack wrote:

Goes up to £40 tomorrow

Appears to only be £30 on "first release"

fletcher wrote:

Boddika and Pearson Sound, happily both are booked to play at Simple in Oxford before the years out.

+1 for Dixon, great EM would pay money to catch him.

Dixon NYD mate?

can capture it using http://offliberty.com/

Check this for more of the same http://joesbakery.org/?p=595
The Sherwood/Acid story in part 4 is genius


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wrongun wrote:

charging for a day event at Carnival is kind of missing the point isn't it??  especially that price

I used to love a good Sancho Panza session on a Monday

Marcus Lexus was a fucking legend

Exactly what I thought wrongun, it's not in the spirit of carnival really

dutchy101 wrote:

Is that Sasha's dad in the 7th picture?

Yep that is Sasha's Dad


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30 quid for the Monday though

wrongun wrote:
danose wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Enjoyed Sasha on Friday.

Didn't play for long enough but nailed it regardless.

agreed, he was excellent for the time he was on. not sure who it was came on after him but he was bloody awful, totally killed it.

It was Thermalbear, and you're right he was pretty shit.

Sasha was indeed gooder but you did feel shortchanged by the short set.  Not his fault but kinda poor from Mixmag - you;d expect the headline act (that you;ve essentially paid £22 for) to be on longer than that.

Did think Simon Baker (before) Sasha was spot on

Believe Thermalbear played warm up, then Robert James (also on after Sasha).
Agreed Simon Baker played some good stuff.

smallman1 wrote:

I'm off to see Sasha on Friday.

Hold tight for feedback.

May bump into you

Would be interested to if possible

humfer wrote:
DM wrote:

Still waiting for my CD, boo.

Me too :0(

And me

Nice mix Kev though I've only heard the first half so far


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They were good at the Red Bull Music Academy gig in Great Southwark St warehouse a few months back


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simonr wrote:
No saint but a sinner wrote:

Garnier at El Row 29th June as well Simon.

Cheers !!! That's Saturday night sorted smile

That'll be proper madness!!! See how many inflatables/random objects you can bring back Simon wink

My thoughts are with you and your family Tom, you know we're here for you mate sad


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erik.b wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

Gardening Club and Club UK were also favourites

agreed one or ideally both of these should have made the list

The article does say "We’ve picked our Top 5 such venues, all of which were in stumble-home-from distance for Kentishtowners (that’s why there’s no Club UK for example, if you’re wondering)." Not sure that The Gardening Club should be excluded because of that though.

Unbroken1 wrote:

..I have Matty, saw it the other day and not that keen tbh, if they had something along the lines of the DDJ-SX, the Serato version, I'd be more interested, side-by-side the T1 looks like a toy

Heard that this was on the cards but that Pioneer are unhappy about NI making their own hardware and it's unlikely to happen now

That's a shame that Pioneer probably wont release an updated TX version


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Damien, you looked at the Pioneer DDJ-T1? A mate's got one, looks like a solid piece of kit to rival the S4.

liquitech1 wrote:

For all those complaining of poor viewing standards on BoilerRoom; Nina Kraviz is on tonight...

Was pretty good viewing

What was Area called back in the day? Not the Chunnel Club? Does anyone know?