Well, I'm 100% Polish / Canadian smile  Living in Canada now. Not shure what that gets me  tongue  but cheers to the Hungarians as well. Our countries have a long history together.

I am assuming you are asking about playing the entire length of your sample.

The patterns in Redrum are 16 notes long, but you can increase that to 64. Also you can make the pattern play slower (without affecting the speed of the wav file) with the Pattern Resolution knob, thus effectively increasing the time of the loop.

For long loops, however, the sampler would be a better choice. Then you can draw the note length as long as your sample time.

Another solution. For long loops, it is easier to use another program (Acid, Cubase, etc) and rewire Reason into its mixer. This way you have the flexibility of editing and cutting loops in the audio program and playing the instruments from Reason.


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Check also with your CD Burner vendor website for the latest drivers for your CD-R drive. If there isn't an updated driver, try re-installing the one you have. If that doesn't work, then you know it is a Windows problem.

Strictly from the main GU series, these two hands down for me:

John Digweed - Hong Kong
Sasha - San Francisco

Nice Deal! I wish I was in London or even in the UK to pick it up  sad

Both are very expensive. They offer very little storage space and yet charge quite a bit. Here is the one I use:


I have the business package and it is realy worth the money.

Oohh!! That Matt Darey! Tosser!!!

Now go and vote for me :laugh


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All those choices are good, but they will probably pick Nick Warren for a seventh one  tongue  Isn't he supposed to be on every second GU from now on? LOL

Thanks. Things are heading in the right direction  smile

Sounds like you did the right thing.


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Good answer!  big_smile

I am working on a few new mixes as we speak (between finishing off my Album) so you will definitely get something in the mail. I also do live sets (laptop and synths) of my material (in the tech-house / techno genre)monthly - would you be interested in that as well?




Defo not in LA after his NYC gig, As i was hoping he would be but hes not

Yeah, he's playing here in Montreal with Danny Howells on the 4th!


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umm...I'm guessing Montreal, Canada is too far as travel expenses go  tongue