Ooh, top of the fantasy league too for the minute.

It's all down to the clipboard.


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In addition:



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mike kampf wrote:

Jesus im so fucking  tired of Spurs fans milking themselves in public. One fucking season and its like they've actually.You know. Won something. It really is the epitome of small time.
Gareth bale good player done fucking nothing in the league. Plus he will be wearing the shirt of a big club sooner rather than later.

Yanito. Look at me, look at me. Fuck off.

Bored of tiresome cunts like you.

What are we meant to do exactly? Not improve? Not get better? Not beat teams? Or do Arsenal fans own the right to taking their dicks out in public when they tell the world about THEO and JACK?


Oh dear.

Homegrove wrote:

How many episodes is it going to be?

11 more.

namistai wrote:

4-0.  Worst possible result for England because now the red tops and spastic fans will be back on the Capello bandwagon, we'll breeze qualification again and then it'll all go tits up when it matters, same old story.

http://shutthefuckupclive.wordpress.com … icked-yet/


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Agree with Starcreeper, to a degree. vdV has under achieved for a chunk of his career after much promise, but his stint at Hamburg and his time at Madrid hasn't been too shabby at all. Made up about this transfer. Hoping it works out well. If only we could have got rid of Keane (again) and signed another forward.

Moon on a stick.


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So, anyone else get a PM linking out to Hitler. Or am I just special?


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Fuck me, so basically, we're not meant to be happy for a job well done because we might get smashed to bits in the group stages? Hopefully we can ask UEFA if we can give it a miss altogether so we don't get ourselves into an embarrassing situation.


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mike kampf wrote:

hahaha fucking hell i cant believe spurs fans are complaining about getting Gallas. You are spurs for fuck sake., You were bottom of the lge this time last year. You over performed for one season now you think you have the call on players that are far better than the club warrants.
The side is full of average players and is poor in general and have virtually no Euro experience including the manager. A side that struggles to win in their domestic piss poor league beat you this week and put 3 past an average defence.
This season will see them settle back to top 8 where they belong. With gallas or without. SHUT FUCKING UP.

Oh do fuck off. Over performed? Wipe the cum stained shit off your eyes and stop choking on the girth of propaganda that Sky Sports is ramming down your throat, you silly slut. The EPL is not half as good as what it was 5 years ago when the 'top 4' were worlds apart from the rest. Spurs had the players, but they lacked structure (I'm talking 2 seasons back). Harry made a mockery of past managers by going back to basics, and it worked. It's not that big of a task getting fourth now. Spurs dug deep last season. Deal with it. We're going to do the same this season. We're be up there and money is we'll beat City to 4th again.

Who do you support by the way? Go on, surprise me.

Planet Jedward

   1. Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)
   2. All The Small Things
   3. Everybody
   4. Ghostbusters
   5. Fight For Your Right To Party
   6. I Want Candy
   7. Jump
   8. I Like To Move It
   9. Rock DJ
  10. Teenage Kicks
  11. Pop Muzik

Out on Monday. Unmixed.

manimal wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Spurs are no way near the title.

I doubt they'll qualify for the champs league proper and if they do, they'll get dealt with in the group stages, playing away to half empty stadiums as no one in Europe remembers them.

Ive already (a month ago) bet my mate 50 nicker that they go out in group stage if they even get there that is. Fuck me Spurs fans going off like they are Barca or something.

Stop making shit up.

Oh ffs. He doesn't actually mean that does he.  If we aim for 1st spot we might just finish 4th again. It's just a state of mind. Harry likes a soundbite. Nothing to see here, move along.

Good ep, liking the return of the series in it's original format. Didn't love the 4 part eps of the previous one at all.

I'm loving this at the minute:

http://www.thepresidency.gov.za/orders_ … p?show=482

Gone off buying music from itunes after the debacle of my James Zab renaissance purchase where itunes crashed (yes, it really did what a shocker there) and was unable to recover/continue the download and Apples system to report such fuck ups is a mess, thus leaving me with unmixed tracks and no mixed track and the odd missing track. So anyways, life story aside, I prefer to buy cds, rip with cddex and be done with it.

It's how I roll. Old skool.

So the live mix is not available as a stand-alone download from iTunes?

All this hating on 11. Quite enjoyed 11.

Got Structures this lunch time, and from the looks of it, won't be disappointed. If it's only marginally better than 11 then its going to be great.

starcreeper wrote:

When the old political fuckwits at FIFA fuck off we might see some progressive changes. Simons point about money is well-taken, tv is driving everything now. The lack of a mid-winter break also needs to be looked at imo. Most players look bolloxed by the time the summer tournaments come around.

And I know theres no excuse for a pro not being able to control a football but the Jambulani is a fucking disgrace. I thought they got the one in 98 to fly straighter, why the fuck do the balls need to be upgraded all the time? Its ridiculous. It could bounce out of the stadium its that bad.

Because Blatter is a cunt. He always seeks to change something fundamental about the game when it requires no change.

Might be wrong, but the FA rejected using the Jambulani because of their contract with Nike. You'd think knowing its going to be used at the WC, we'd do our best to do anything to get the players in the best condition, and that would have involved using the new ball in the lead up to it. But God forbid we put football ahead of money.

Does she even have a sister? Seems this story reappears every 2-3 months, with a slight amendment and another excuse why it's all still tied up in the courts.

Personally, I prefer the version which includes a sex tap, £60K, a 'gangster' named Pancake and...etc etc, fill in the blanks.

The official case is a 'bumper' and costs £25 and its the first time Apple have ever directly produced and sold cases for any of their phones.

smallman1 wrote:
spooky wrote:

So, the shirt storm commences. Plenty of new owners complaining that the signal drops when holding the phone, so Steve Jobs tells them 'You're holding the phone wrong'.


What's a "shirt storm?"

People set fire to their shirts and stuff. Angry mobs, they do anything for attention these days.

So, the shirt storm commences. Plenty of new owners complaining that the signal drops when holding the phone, so Steve Jobs tells them 'You're holding the phone wrong'.



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Natural wrote:

Lennon again? Are you for real?!


Why play him when the tactics isolate him on the right side of midfield with Johnson constantly running into his space (it's okay to overlap, but ffs, in moderation please), unable to run onto any balls because he's hardly given the chance to do so because he's hardly given the ball. If you're going to play Lennon, at the very least try and take advantage of his abilities. Otherwise, just play a right-sided midfielder in his place.

Like SWP.

Oh...wait a sec...