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Player                 Tests (as captain)     Average as captain      Average not as captain         
David Gower         117 (32)                         43.59                        44.50
Mike Gatting         79 (23)                           44.05                        32.21
Graham Gooch     118 (34)                         58.72                        35.93 
Alec Stewart         133 (15)                         39.22                       39.59
Mike Atherton       115 (54)                         40.58                       35.25
Nasser Hussain      96 (45)                          36.04                       38.10
Michael Vaughan    82 (51)                         36.02                        50.98
Andrew Flintoff       79 (11)                         33.23                        31.53
Andrew Strauss    100 (50)                         40.76                        41.04 
Alastair Cook        106 (25)                         42.36                        46.36

Crikey. … n-champion

At least he and his wife are still in one piece, that but that kinda experience must be fucking horrible.

Don't know why, but I woke up with the piano riff from this stuck in my head this morning...

Stayed in last night. Bugged out at the Old Queen's Head today. We've got tickets for Dixon as well, but might give that a swerve...

I saw a review that mentioned that,  and likened it to the development of the iPhone.  Original iPhone was great at the time,  but iPhone 6 beats it hands down.  Same basic premise though -  just an evolution of design and technology.  The original premise of the death star was sound - so they've just evolved it in the intermittent thirty years...

That said,  it's failed miserably twice.  Maybe they thought third time's a charm....

Thought it was great. Didn't try 'too' hard, and had some proper funny moments...

Have read a few reviews saying there were too many links back to New Hope. There obviously were some, but I actually thought they helped the narrative rather than detracted from it.


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I can't believe you're both so wrong on this one...

Rumours is an astoundingly good album.


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Prince would be awesome. Adele - meh.

Would LOVE to see Fleetwood Mac at Glastonbury, but doesn't sound like next year is the year...


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Week in Val D'Isere in March. And a weekend in Tignes in April hopefully...


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Tonight - nowt.
Tomorrow - birthday type lunch for me and Mrs with the family, followed by beers and music for Vicky Pickles' birthday.
Sunday - as little as possible.

Grant wrote:

Love The Departed. Did you fly like it was 1985 and not have other film options? Entourage?

Options a bit thin on the ground to be honest. And was utterly knackered, and wanted something easy to watch. And quite enjoyed the TV series. And and and....

Long flight yesterday, so...

Southpaw - tosh. Updated Rocky for the 21st century with an angrier (and worse) soundtrack. 4/10.

Entourage - enjoyable tosh. Haterz gonna hate (etc), but was a pleasant enough way to pass 90 minutes. Just felt like an extended episode of the TV show... 6/10.

The Departed - excellent. Cracking cast, well written and directed etc etc. 8.5/10.

liquitech1 wrote:

Watched 'It Follows' over the weekend...poor mans 'Fallen' 5/10

Also watched. Thought it was dire.




Dazed and Confused. Haven't watched this in about fifteen years. Great trip down memory lane... 8/10.


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Slightly surprised you won't be at this Smalls....

Wally wrote:
vinnyt77 wrote:
Wally wrote:

There's some 1210's in there too btw.

These still going? Mate of mine is looking for a pair....

Yes mate - they are still up for grabs.


Cool - PM me yer email address and I'll ping it over to the guy that's lookin...

Wally wrote:

There's some 1210's in there too btw.

These still going? Mate of mine is looking for a pair....

Awesome, cheers Erik.

erik.b wrote:

If you can't find Simon's remix let me know and I'll dig it up later and upload it

Yes please...

Michael of Norcross wrote:

Off to Twickers tomorrow.

I see Heineken has muscled in and stopped the sale of Guiness in the ground, you can only get Heineken, fuckin Bulmers and John Smiths !

Likewise. Lookin forward to it.

The Heineken deal means Murphys is on sale instead of Guinness.


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jamie wrote:
erik.b wrote:

The Thatch in Croyde

A 2 minute stroll from some cracking surf.

been there a few times - lovely place smile

In the UK it was The Stephen Langton in Friday Street  -

Tucked away in the Surrey Hills - great food and perfect setting.

Around here it's The Feathers just around the corner from me -

If I was in the uk it would be a dive but out here it's the best of a bad bunch. It's dark, dinghy, got sticky carpets, bad decor, pictures of breweries on the walls and a couple of dartboards. Also one of the best selections of Single Malt Whisky in the whole of North America which is a bonus smile

Love this place. Went for a walk up at Friday Street a couple of weeks back and had lunch in the pub afterwards...

Sadly, most of the decent pubs around my way have closed in recent years, or been bought up by shitty, generic chains.

When I lived in Bayswater, this was my local.

Great place to spend time, and the landlady used to open early on a Sunday for us when we crawled home from whichever club we'd been out to....