£350 sounds pretty cheap for a xone62! Is that the going rate these days? I looked at selling my 92 a few years back (before deciding to hold onto it...) and ebay auctions were topping out at around £1,200 or so...

Ex Machina - top bombing, 9/10. Love the premise, love the cinematography, great performances, want that house.

Skydney wrote:
smashdad wrote:

Might have to change the name of this next time to 'Between Halloween and Easter Mix Swap'...

That would be more appropriate. Guilty as charged, I'm afraid.

Head hanging in shame here as well. Not sure I'm gonna get it done before I head off to Vietnam next week - so likely end of February. Shocking performance...

Nick Sneddon wrote:

they remixed Leftfield?

Remix of  Your Eyes is tremenballs.

jules72 wrote:

I didn't want kids until we actually had one - it is usually the woman who wants one in any case (the biological urge or whatever)… now I wouldn't go back and change anything. It's hard work but I look at people who don't have them and think their lives are empty ...yeah i know you're going to travel round the world blah blah blah… but Ive done that smile

I don't doubt it, but fair play to you for having the stones to go ahead with it if you weren't sure until the point it happened! Neither Vicki nor I have ever had the urge to have them. I've got plenty of mates that just haven't been able to wait until they can start a family. Different strokes and all that. I think for us, we'd both be petrified at the idea of taking a punt that we *might* end up thinking it was the greatest thing ever, when I suspect it's just a case that neither of us are that way minded...

Absolute won't. Love our mates' kids to bits, but just never wanted any of our own.... We're planning a six month sabbatical in a few years to travel round the Americas. Fuck all chance of that happening if we had our own kids.

I think most of our friends and family have got over the 'strangeness' of not wanting to have kids. Helps a lot that my sister delivered the much wanted grandchild for my parents a couple of years back though.

Neither of us have ever had that burning desire to start a family, and frankly we're far too selfish about protecting the lifestyle we lead to risk fucking it up.

If I want to wallow in my misery:

If I want to lift my mood:

The drop at 7:20 is one of my favourite moments in music...

Yant wrote:

Anyone seen this?


I'd lose a minimum of five pairs a year.

On the sleep front, usually about 6-7 hours a night during the week, and 8-9 at the weekend. Trufax.


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I reckon the first Ian Ossia classics boat party that Talent Audio did a couple of years back. Their parties are always bouncing, but that night was amazing - real crowd jumping stuff...

Birdman - strong 8.5/10. Thought Keaton was excellent in it, and the dark humour had us laughing a lot. I'm not usually one for being too bothered about this sort of thing, but thought the cinematography was standout...

Nightcrawler. Solid 7/10. Interesting premise, and thought Gyllenhaal was excellent as the slightly deranged nutjob.

There for Garden the week before, and staying on a few days. Might head out on a couple of the EE boat parties before we head home...

About £30 - £40 a month on digital stuff.

When I started spinning in 2000 when I earned about a third of what I do now, I was dropping about 4-5 times that a month. Idiot... Mainly shopped at Plastic Fantastic in town, and Juno online.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

so apart from me & Fletch who else has got tix?



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Alas - we are no longer in touch.


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I went to school with Mike Rutherford's son, Tom.

Also, when I was at university, I played hockey in the same team as Chris Martin and Will Champion of Coldplay. Chris had long curly hair back then, so when he played he tied it up in a ponytail on top of his head. He looked like a poodle, so we called him Pooch.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Trance without melody. Durr!

Example please.


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I jammed with George Harrison and his son Dhani at George's house (estate) near Henley.

When I say 'jammed' I mean I stood around not doing much, occasionally picking out a chord on a guitar while others played music.


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What is melody-less trance Dan!?

Matthew and I have been in contact. Think we'll both be finishing our mixes just before or after New Years...

Isn't it always dark in Turku at this time of the year?

Place Beyond the Pines - 5/10.

A film of two, no - three halves. Didn't really know what it was trying to be. Enjoyed the first third, the middle was mediocre, and the end was fairly mind-numbing.

That Dominion track is one of my favourites. Remember Nigel Dawson using it a lot late in his sets at Renaissance at the X.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't 'Zanzibar' Rowan Blades of Breeder fame?

jamie wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

Jamie, you might be getting this mixed up with the Junction parties at that place on Kingly St. I'm sure that Burridge played they, but that wasn't until the early noughties rather than late 90's. Presto famously disgraced himself by falling asleep on the toilet with his kecks around his ankles on one of the nights.

I 'remember' going to a Sasha launch do for Airdrawndagger at another place ("Reds" iirc) on Carnaby St. I didnt exactly cover myself in glory that particular night.

I don't think this was Kingly Street - more over towards Old Compton Street way - Romilly Street rings a bell - I seem to remember it being on a Tuesday night. It was very brown with round leather stools etc. This is going to bug me now.

You're thinking of the Two Thirty I reckon. Was a house night on Tuesday which I and a few others played at in 2000/2001.

The exuberance of youth - being able to go out partying all weekend, have a break Monday, then get back on it on Tuesday night...