Wally wrote:
vinnyt77 wrote:
Wally wrote:

There's some 1210's in there too btw.

These still going? Mate of mine is looking for a pair....

Yes mate - they are still up for grabs.


Cool - PM me yer email address and I'll ping it over to the guy that's lookin...

Wally wrote:

There's some 1210's in there too btw.

These still going? Mate of mine is looking for a pair....

Awesome, cheers Erik.

erik.b wrote:

If you can't find Simon's remix let me know and I'll dig it up later and upload it

Yes please...

Michael of Norcross wrote:

Off to Twickers tomorrow.

I see Heineken has muscled in and stopped the sale of Guiness in the ground, you can only get Heineken, fuckin Bulmers and John Smiths !

Likewise. Lookin forward to it.

The Heineken deal means Murphys is on sale instead of Guinness.


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jamie wrote:
erik.b wrote:

The Thatch in Croyde

A 2 minute stroll from some cracking surf.

been there a few times - lovely place smile

In the UK it was The Stephen Langton in Friday Street  -


Tucked away in the Surrey Hills - great food and perfect setting.

Around here it's The Feathers just around the corner from me -


If I was in the uk it would be a dive but out here it's the best of a bad bunch. It's dark, dinghy, got sticky carpets, bad decor, pictures of breweries on the walls and a couple of dartboards. Also one of the best selections of Single Malt Whisky in the whole of North America which is a bonus smile

Love this place. Went for a walk up at Friday Street a couple of weeks back and had lunch in the pub afterwards...

Sadly, most of the decent pubs around my way have closed in recent years, or been bought up by shitty, generic chains.

When I lived in Bayswater, this was my local.


Great place to spend time, and the landlady used to open early on a Sunday for us when we crawled home from whichever club we'd been out to....


Can't wait for this to get started. Off to England vs. Wales at Twickenham in a couple of weeks which should be awesome...

Dan Harwood wrote:

I used to play for the Hamlet and still have many ties to the club.

I assumed it was your influence that caused an influx of Kabanos and Kielbasa at the hot dog stand....


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Duran and Aytek - First Sight is one of my favourite 5am records...

jamie wrote:

warm up sets for D Ream and M People in the mid 90's.

Warmed up for Jamie a couple of times....

https://www.mixcloud.com/timirvine1977/ … nnium-mix/

I think the whole thing is put together brilliantly, the mix (transition!? FFS...) between Oliver Moldan - My Destiny and Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing (BIR) starting at 21:58 and finishing at 27:30 is amazing.

8.5 years with my first company out of university (though did 4 different jobs for them in that time...)

Rapidly closing in on that as I've been with my current company 7.5 years, and can't see me leaving any time soon.

Spending 3 weeks in Vietnam in February. Amazing place.
Partying for 10 days in Croatia for Garden Festival. Good weather festival type thing with awesome music.
Getting a promotion at work - for the first time in a few years, am actually enthused about my work.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Ahh, always thought Tilt was Parks, Wilson and Quivver.

Way back, it was. Started to break up around 2002, and has been a collective of various folks since then. Mick Park's always been a member though...

Resonator was Tilt, which in their current guise is Mick Park, Nic Britton and Alex Brown?

Dan Harwood wrote:

Clarke, Lehmann and their selectors will be picking up their p45 after the weekend unless a miracle happens tomorrow and they somehow haul themselves back in to this contest.

Surely they'll leave it until the end of the series? Aussies aren't usually known for airing their dirty laundry during a tour, waiting to slaughter their first-born behind closed doors after the fact...



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After a week in Croatia at Garden Festival, I can't imagine ever wanting to go back to Ibiza...

303 abuser wrote:
vinnyt77 wrote:

Apparently same for  me...  What's yer birth date?

nov 2nd, you?.  we just missed out on star wars apparently haha.

Nov 8th...

303 abuser wrote:

bloody hell, no looking cool here haha

Apparently same for  me...  What's yer birth date?


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MattBlack wrote:

Probably not hearing Sasha at Notting hill carnival and missing the Tyrant parties as it was midweek and i was working so couldn't go, also wish id seen Radiohead when they were in Manchester a few years ago

Did anyone else see Sasha at Notting Hill the year he was in a giant washing machine?


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Would have loved to have been at the live show that was recorded as disc 2 of Hybrid's Wider Angle....

zackster wrote:
furry wrote:

Gas all the way for me.

defeats the purpose

This. Kind of...

Ideally I'd love a gas bbq as well for midweek evenings when it's less practical to fire a whole chimney of charcoal just to grill a couple of steaks or some fish. But I love cooking in the fresh air during summer, and reckon I would do a lot more of it if I had a gas bbq.

Was cooking on one of these at my folks' a couple of weeks back, and the results were better than I expected...


Dancook kettle for grilling


Weber bullet for smoking