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Not quite up to Wally's 676, buy along the same lines...


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Someone didn't read the whole email....


Avoid. Fucking rancid.


I've pinged him a Facebook message as well to let him know you're trying to get hold of him...


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Think it's their own rework of the Pink Floyd track. Was Pete Tong's essential new tune last Friday if you wanna check...


Been enjoying this a lot recently...


Massive Way Out West fan over the years, but this album felt a bit flat - just a collection of fairly forgettable club tracks... Think Don't Look Now was their last standout album.

fadass wrote:
Grant wrote:

I couldn't work on my own like that. Sounds awful Vinny

Did it for years before I retired. Fucking great. Don't need to interact with wankers in the office, cunts in cars or geebags on public transport.

This. Most of the folks I actually do any work with are in the US, so no need for me to be in an office to get stuff done. The 'UK' office is just a frontier outpost full of sales people.

Oh - and my missus works at home as well - so there's always someone to talk to...

12 metres - downstairs from bedroom to my desk in our living room.

On the very occasional days I have to go to the office, it's 90 minutes each way. Try not to do that more than 6 times a year if I can...


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apyssjw wrote:

Sasha playing on Friday as well. Really looking forward to it.

Where's Sasha on the Friday?

Take her with you Dan! Isn't your wedding anniversary in September - closing party!?

Resident Prog God Harwood way back in the day. Dude on Facebook trying to ID the track playing. You guys are normally pretty good at this sorta thing! Any ideas?


Boring wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

We all should meet here one day lads -


Will be a top top night.

Despite Ed's crap fish and chips recommendation I'm going to give this a go in December. It looks like the darts except with food instead of darts.

Been to the Hawker House one in Canada Water a few times. To be fair, the food was fucking boss.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Nothing I've ever had in London compares to imperial dining in Beijing at places like Li Jia Cai, but I hear Four Seasons on Wardour Street is respectable.

+1 for Four Seasons. Used to eat in the Queensway branch when I lived there 20 years ago, and the Wardour Street is, if anything, better.

Dan Harwood wrote:

Who the fuck gets Married on a Thursday?

*Raises hand*


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Does three hours really represent an 'extended'  set?!


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My local Tesco has started stocking these. My favourite American pale at the mo...


They do a decent session IPA if you're planning on having a bunch of them.


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Surely Operation Lenor / Fabric softener thing has got to be a wind-up?!

Well in buddy!

IN. (Brighton)




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Player                 Tests (as captain)     Average as captain      Average not as captain         
David Gower         117 (32)                         43.59                        44.50
Mike Gatting         79 (23)                           44.05                        32.21
Graham Gooch     118 (34)                         58.72                        35.93 
Alec Stewart         133 (15)                         39.22                       39.59
Mike Atherton       115 (54)                         40.58                       35.25
Nasser Hussain      96 (45)                          36.04                       38.10
Michael Vaughan    82 (51)                         36.02                        50.98
Andrew Flintoff       79 (11)                         33.23                        31.53
Andrew Strauss    100 (50)                         40.76                        41.04 
Alastair Cook        106 (25)                         42.36                        46.36


http://news.sky.com/story/1648611/horri … n-champion

At least he and his wife are still in one piece, that but that kinda experience must be fucking horrible.