9 hours in the basement of pub in Lancaster Gate. Was the leaving party of the landlord who was a good friend, and used to open early on a Sunday for us after we'd crawled home from some club night or other....


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

went there 10 years ago or so thought it was fucking awful, just a massive building site. prolly a lot different now though

Was there last year for a mate's birthday. Still a lot of it is a building site... That said, the old town centre is beautiful, lots of great bars and restaurants etc.

I saw a lot of people before we went describing it as the Barcelona of Portugual. Bollocks - Barcelona > Lisbon by some distance...

Garden in Tisno. That's about it for this year...

millsy23 wrote:

Are you streaming HD porn to your phone 24 hours a day Vin? I barely touch my 1GB a month.

I watch a fair bit of Sky Sports on my phone connection which tots up pretty quickly. Also use as a mobile hotspot for my laptop when I'm not around a free wifi service.

Last couple of years I've got through 2gb a month easily enough. Difference between 2gb and 6gb for my new contract was only a coupla quid a month.

dutchy101 wrote:

Ordered the 64gb S6 just now. Looking forward to getting my mits on it although must admit to getting peeved that my contract is now £46 a month. Spending £600 a year on a mobile phone seems madness but we're all sucked in

How much data you getting for that? Was looking at 6GB a month for £40 a month...

Looking at the S6 as well, or maybe the HTC One M9. Had an HTC M7 for a couple of years and thought it was a great phone...


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Spent 2 months travelling round India 8 years ago. Realised as I packed that not far short of half my 23kg weight allowance was taken up by books. Used a Kindle, then a tablet with the Kindle app ever since...

poirot wrote:

I agree that stock Lollipop is fucking wank. So many annoying user unfriendly tweeks. But like someone said just change the launcher. I use one call Everyday Launcher and its totally customisable.
I can only sypathise with Strudders tech guys.

D'ya mean the EverythingMe launcher?

Happy Birthday chief!

loopdokter wrote:

I wish he'd start producing again though.


Out this week....


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Yoghurt with puréed fruit, 1/2 a melon, black coffee, bottle of water.

Legend. Such sad news.

His voice will forever for me be associated with England getting humped in the 80s and 90s...

Amps wrote:

have a read of Masters of Nothing by Matthew Hancock if you want to get an idea of how inept they where last time

My best mate shared a house with Matt Hancock at Oxford. Been preparing himself to be Prime Minister since the age of seven, and can't hold his drink... Some sound ideas about the economy mind.

http://www.discogs.com/Evolution-Walkin … ease/42090


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Tomorrow - family lunch
Saturday - boozy lunch with mates locally
Sunday - Bedrock
Monday - will tell ya Tuesday.

I love my 92, and it's still going strong.

Bought it 8 years ago off a mate who was moving to Australia to get married and needed to flog some gear and raise some cash sharpish. Bought his year old Xone 92 and 2 x CDJ1000 Mk3s for £1,300.

Sadly, he and his missus split up, the wedding never happened, and he ended up staying in the UK. Had a crisis wondering whether I should offer to sell him back his decks and mixer at the price I paid for them. For about a minute...


Was on a Digweed mix from '99 from 3Beat, out the back of the Jam and Spoon mix of Tubular Bells. Mix was what made me want to start DJing... Only found out what it was about six months ago?!

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/j … k-199902xx


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Does it have to be Sasha and Digweed on the same bill in Ibiza?


The owner and chef at Dabbous is my best man's little brother.



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I've had mine for about six years, since I had a shoulder operation and couldn't shave for 4 weeks. My Mrs now absolutely insists on it, and says I look weird without it. Shave it off when we're going away somewhere hot, but always grow back. Usually keep it trimmed at around 10-14 days worth.

I always used to have a pretty good idea of my first 3-4 tracks, and then had sequences of 3-4 tracks that I knew went well together and could raise/lower the tempo and energy level if I wanted to. Beyond that, see what worked and what didn't...


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Beijing Dave wrote:

... he'll just fucking moan about the leadership as he has since year dot but then still get out and vote for them.


I just don't see the core Labour vote deserting the party as there are no pragmatic alternatives available to them (except in Scotland) whereas the Tory base has more distractors. That said, whichever of the parties most effectively occupies (or appears to occupy) the centre ground is likely to win in May. I'm inclined to agree with Smashy - unless something goes hugely wrong for them, I think the Conservatives will end up being the largest party. Whether they squeak a majority or not, I'm not so sure...

£350 sounds pretty cheap for a xone62! Is that the going rate these days? I looked at selling my 92 a few years back (before deciding to hold onto it...) and ebay auctions were topping out at around £1,200 or so...

Ex Machina - top bombing, 9/10. Love the premise, love the cinematography, great performances, want that house.

Skydney wrote:
smashdad wrote:

Might have to change the name of this next time to 'Between Halloween and Easter Mix Swap'...

That would be more appropriate. Guilty as charged, I'm afraid.

Head hanging in shame here as well. Not sure I'm gonna get it done before I head off to Vietnam next week - so likely end of February. Shocking performance...