Just back from a weekend in Lisbon. Highly recommended...

Beautiful city with a mixture of traditional/historical stuff to do, and some more modern sights. Lovely food and wine which I found really reasonably priced compared to other experiences in Europe in recent years. Great bar options and (apparently) some good clubs which attract some top international DJs, though we didn't go to any while we were there.


the more popular marrillion re mix for the masses


fuck me its good to be alive.

Included this in a spin just a couple of weeks ago. Brings back some amazing memories from '99 or thereabouts....


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Amps wrote:

Ticket paid for, picked up a camper van ticket too... now I just need to find a camper van...

We used these guys last year.


Handily about half way down the A303 for us, so just dropped off the car at theirs when picking up the van, and were in&out on the way home.

They're well set up for Glastonbury goers as well.

Oh, and if we're talking Chicane, surely it's.....



Dermo wrote:

beach Hoi An


Is that Cua Dai or An Bang?

Vietnam - have always loved South East Asia, and am fascinated by the legacy of the Vietnam War.

Tanzania - its my 40th in a couple of years, and as a treat, am heading off for a week in the Serengeti during the wildebeest migration, then a week chilling out on the beach on Pemba Island.

simeon79 wrote:

Does anyone remember Red Jerry's Elements nights at Cross?

Don't know about the Cross, but I went to a bunch of Elements nights at Electrowerkz in Angel?

The Cross was my favourite London club by a distance. Never found anywhere else that had the magical mix of venue, crowd and music...

A lot of it comes down to your individual palate. Taking Islay as an example, a lot of the whiskies made here have a smokey flavour from the peat content of the soil. I really like that flavour, but m'dad hates it. He prefers the lighter Highland whiskies like Tomatin and Highland park which tend to have a lighter and slightly sweet (in some cases) aroma and flavour.

He used to be the research director at Tomatin, and his PhD was entitled 'Aspects of Whisky distillation' so I tend to reckon he knows what he's on about....


severe wrote:

chicken or fish?

Chicken. Obvs.

loopdokter wrote:

You have a thread like this without at least 20 Whoop! releases and Marc Mitchell under his 'Human Movement' guise while his missus croons away.  The lead is in this is still perhaps one of the best lead lines I've ever heard from an electronic music record. 

Human Movement - Vidapura (sadly cut short though)

On the same Nigel Dawson Renaissance disc! And probs my favourite Human Movement / Sunday Club track. Awesomely massive stuff...

Nigel Dawson's Renaissance presents disc from around that time was awesome. And very true to his sets closing the Cross for Renaissance...

This particularly is a belter!


Wolf of Wall Street. 9/10 - loved it. Me and Mrs laughed out loud through a lot of it, although we caught ourselves laughing quite a bit at some of the very funny and very accurate drug scenes when others around us didn't. Thought the three hours flew past. There was only one part I thought could have been cut to reduce the length, and then only because I've heard others talking about it being too long, so it was already at the back of my mind. DiCaprio is brilliant in it, and his relationship with Jonah Hill is brilliantly written. Highly recommend...


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Sabs and I have done the deal.

His is a lovely Café Del Mar-esque meandering of lushness. Top bombing.


Yeah, but what do you REALLY think?

Desolation of Smaug - 7/10. Thought it was a lot better than the first instalment, and the pace generally rumbled along more effectively. Elves > dwarves, and I want a dragon.

Primer - 3/10

Highly recommended by a couple of friends who are bang into their movies so gave it a go. Load of old shit. A vaguely interesting plot that is ruined by a film maker who's intent on showing how clever he can be. I don't mind complex films, but this was just trying to be obtuse for the sake of it.

Grant wrote:

Requiem For A Dream.  One of my favourite ever films.  Horrible.

This. Amazing, horrifying, awesome film.

Looper - 6.5/10. Interesting premise, but thought the mid section where Willis and Gordon-Levitt are 'trying to make sense of it all' was a bit weak. Enjoyable though.

In Bruges is one of my favourite movies. Brilliant, brutally funny script.

What Paranormal Activity for the first time over the weekend. 7/10. Thought it was a little irritating in places. The woman in it more than anything else. Some proper scary bits though.

American Hustle - 7/10. Not as great as I was expecting, but enjoyable nonetheless. Thought Cooper's cop slowly going slightly mental routine stole the show.


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namistai wrote:
fadass wrote:

At least get a good batch of roasties from the fat?

That's what I did when I boiled the wife down.

Not a fan of goose fat for roast potatoes, it never gets them crispy enough. I usually do them in olive oil.

This. But I use groundnut oil so the potatoes actually taste of potato. Never been a huge fan of goose/duck fat roasties. You need to get them close to incineration to get the kind of crunch I like...

After family filled festive frolics, yesterday was missus and my first chance to inhabit the sofa without any interruption. As a result:

Seven Psychopaths - 6.5/10. Both huge fans of In Bruges, and had expected (hoped for?!) similar style of dialogue and comedy here. It's there in flashes, but a very different film on the whole. Sam Rockwell is excellent, and Christopher Walken does what Christopher Walken does very well. Moments of brilliance interjected with extended periods of trying too hard.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale - 6/10. A recommendation from a work colleague who is the resident film nerd. Quirky but likeable telling of a Finnish Santa myth that has Santa being not very nice.

Trance - 8/10. Given Danny Boyle's repertoire, I half expected this to be a club based film, and thus liked all club based films a bit shit. Instead, it's a fairly complex and twisty tale of hypnosis and a heist gone wrong. Well written and directed, James McAvoy continues to sound a bit strange when he speaks in his own natural accent. Recommended.