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Thread is irrelevant without photos.

Good work from Ireland this morning, if only the English players had that much determination when faced against a decent total.

Enjoyed listening to Zimbabwe chasing the Windies decent knock yesterday, been fairly entertaining so far this world cup.

A highlight of my short but sweet DJ career was playing the main room at The Institute in Coventry (formerly known as The Planet / Eclipse back in the day).


Its nice to think I've played in the same venue as this lot with such a lot of history.

Such was the allure of The Eclipse though which slipped through a gap in the law like a naughty kid through a fence to launch the country’s first legal all night party and become the club at the epicentre of the national rave scene. Secret warehouse shindigs, farmers field and squat raves were making way for legitimate events and Coventry City Council were powerless to stop them.

International DJs like Roger Sanchez and Moby, along with homegrown musicians including Sasha, Fabio, Grooverider, Carl Cox and Boy George were invited to play at the former cinema on Lower Ford Street and Coventry was spearheading a genre which had before been scaremongered. Bands such as Leftfield used the venue to launch their careers and for a fee of 60 pounds the man behind the Eclipse, Stuart Reid, gave The Prodigy their first ever gig.

I had an hour from midnight to flex my prog / trance credentials and this set was planned perfectly.  All on vinyl back then of course, so there was room for error (which did occur).  Went alright actually, finishing with my live mashup of Sander Kleinenberg's "My Lexicon" with the acapella of Reflektive ft. Andrea Britton  -"Breathe Life" lovingly chucked over the top.  Worked a treat.

Shame the night was a bit of a failure, but the 50 odd people in there seemed to enjoy it (mostly stood watching from the bar).

Some guys played trance / hard house later on which got people dancing.  Bloody midlands.

I am happy to remain one of the boards Nightswatchmen.


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Grant wrote:

The Poo Fighters more like. Criminal they're headlining at Glastonbury

Why is there so much Foo Fighters hate for their glasto gig?

Seen them live 3 times, a perfect Festival band tbh.  Sing-a-long lyrics, they can make the crowd bounce around, a bit of sense of humour. Girls get their jubblies out.

27 in over 6 against Finny.

Ah well, at least we got the 2 "hard" games out the way first.

The game against Afghanistan should be interesting!


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fletcher wrote:

I'm guessing Foo Fighters will headline one evening, they are already in town for their Wembley gigs and they are probably due a gig after the (success?) of Metallicock.


roberto wrote:
Odo wrote:



See thats a good lyric.



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On the flip side, I had the KU remix of Candyland on at +14% in a recent b2b session


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What what what what what are you doing?

The Vengaboys are on tour around Europe this summer - best book tickets now



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Looked like an easy bowl out against the Windies yesterday, be nice if we can give the Ozzies a game. 

Didnt realise Scotland had made it to the world cup, fair play.


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Found my "black" records last weekend and played through them all, loved the dark tribally sounds. 

Would put together a mix if my equipment was more reliable - anybody ever done a black only mix?


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Whatever he is up to now, the 4 seasons EPs will always be great, especially part 2.


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The plight of a wannabe troll really is quite pathetic.


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loopdokter wrote:
staygold wrote:

I got thinking about DJ Buck and Tyler Stadius the other day. Didn't hit the heights of the previous jocks mentioned but seemed to have disappeared without trace all the same.

Tyler's still doing stuff out in Vancouver I believe.

Yep and just last week I was listening to some of his "Frying Pan" mixes.  Great DJ.

Big Fella wrote:

Is Mully part of the OI OI brigade that you get at these Irish concerts?

You lucky people!


'ere we fook'n go

djdiggers wrote:
mullykid wrote:

Another highlight - Beacon Fault Lines (Dauwd remix). I was humming it all day today! smile

Sure you was at the same party - as I did not play this or for what you dream of on friday.

Top night for sure


4 interested, 1 of which is one of them female types.

A few quid in the tin is not a problem and it would be a pleasure to meet a few more of you forum lurkers.


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Is sasha not back then?


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aural wrote:
Ncable wrote:

I've had Audio Hijack Pro on all afternoon ripping them and I've only just scratched the surface. There's smoke seeping from the side of my Mac...

You should really Google "soundcloud downloader" and save yourself countless hours.

Looks like Aphex upgraded to a premium account, you can download all of it in 320 now


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More new tracks posted this morning.

Seems to be roughly in chronological order as the music's getting a but more "obscure"

shaunstrudwick wrote:

Anyone got their tix yet?

as in received them?

Yep got my ticketweb tickets through a couple of weeks ago.

BedrockMysteryMod wrote:

Pager at the ready smile

Back on point : shall we do an attendance list for the 5th ? Be interested to see who from here will be in attendance to dance.

Bit early for a roll call, but since its kinda sold out I guess theres no harm in it...


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Ed should have gone to Tresor.

They let anyone in.

(They let me in).