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Regardless, your original sentiment holds true.

Fuck the E.U

Yeah, last 30 minutes have flown by, all belting tunes

Where is the live tracklisting update?

I listened to this last night, great mix.  No babes to be seen though.

snorky004 wrote:

Could they not have put this in room 2 at Fire?


3pm June 15th (GMT).


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This is a forum, not a chat room.  The Roman's gave us forums so that our opinions could be aired publicly.  Yant's opinion is "fuck off"

My opinion is, Disc 1 looks better than Disc 2 smile

This is up there as well

Big Fella wrote:

a right pain in the arse

No need for that sort of attitude

I too enjoyed the events at Matter.  I see Cocoon are on their second event there now since its reincarnation as Building 6, first event looked busy on the youtube vids.

Got tickets.  Didn't think the last birthday event was as rammed as some of the heaven nights used to be.

Agree that a bigger main room should be sought out for Diggers - lets be honest everyone is there to see the main man.


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I remember a renaissance night at Amnesia with Sander K and Diggers.  Top notch evening that was, and I have loved the club ever since.

Space has to be the top pick, although I have not been back to Ibiza since they covered in the terrace.  The main room is (was) pretty spot on though.

I thought they were trying to save the Balance mix series?

john bon digweed wrote:
DuFunk wrote:

He played some decent house and prog between 01-04 on his show.  Ironically R1 went seriously down hill after he left.

I almost he forgot he had a show on Sat nights. Was it Lottie or Yousuf who did the slot after him?

Yousef took over after Seb.  I never really got into Seb's show, the music always seemed pretty flat.  Fergie played some alright stuff towards the end of his tenure once he had got into techno.

Here's one for your old school ravers out there - Seb Fontaine is playing at the 25th Anniversary Dreamscape reunion at the MK Bowl this summer.


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My review from seeing him at Fabric a while back.

"quite good"

Moody and minimal stuff, they kept the lights low and on that soundsystem it was pretty effective.  If you are familiar with his music beforehand then you shouldn't be too disappointed. 

If its dark in there you can always slip your bird a hand to tide you over.

munkyn wrote:

It will be interesting to see what  John does for his 500th episode...something or someone special no doubt

Hoping to hear some of the Village Underground set.

A live broadcast from Easter Bedrock would be nice though.

Who mixed it?

Was caning this over the weekend.  Some great tunes in there, not so great hairstyles.


Power prog at its best

Disc 1
1. No more ghosts - Gary Dubbs
2. Silver man tango - Jas
3. Twister - Weekend World
4. The search - Frencesco Farfa meets the Pleasure Team (Weekend World remix)
5. After 2 - Pete moss feat. Terra Deva
6. You are sleeping - PQM
7. Storyreel - Interflow feat. Anna Robinson (Chris Hampshire's Flying@earth mix)
8. Phased - darko (Blackwatch spanish harlem mix)
9. I can see the lights - G-Pal presents GHOS
10. The way - PQM (PQM's deephead dub)
11. Landing - Hernan Cattaneo (Martin Garcia Edit)

Disc 2
1. Topaz - Circulation
2. Chilling moments - Shmuel Flash (original mix)
3. Lights out - North Atlantic (Lemon 8 remix)
4. Western nights - Izdatso (Harry Paet's desert storm remix)
5. My Lexicon - Sander Kleinenberg (Cass and Slide remix)
6. Lazy Monday - Paul Rogers
7. Walking on fire - Evolution feat. Jayn Hanna (original mix)
8. Headstrong - Tilt feat. Maria Nayler (relentless vocal mix)
9. Numb - Archive (Nick Muir remix)

Ceephax released an album last year called Cro Magnox and its absolute killer.  Check it out if you like your acid, nothing *too* over the top (see his earlier releases for that).


Tom Middleton's Sounds of the Cosmos... on a regular basis.  All 3 discs are mint.

Recently ducked back into Jimmy van M's Bedrock, the end of disc 1 with the Struggle for Pleasure remix is awesome.  I have it on vinyl but its badly warped and i've never gotten round to trying to sort it our.

Pye Corner Audio currently doing the business.  Volume 4 of his "black mills tapes" is full of class.  Think Andy Stott with Boards of Canada and you're sorta there.

Another vote for fundacion. What was I thinking paying for that. Absolute mess.

I've got Eddie haliwells bosh! Mixmag CD. Not bad actually, well mixed and some high energy tunes. Did exactly what it said on the tin.

Amps wrote:



Give over.
This is a quality comp.


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Grant wrote:

This games looks absolutely fantastic - multiplayer only, Xbox exclusive that swept the board at E3

http://www.gamesradar.com/titanfall/vid … UmSUHnE18/

I'm 43.

Requires: Friends who also want to play FPS games.



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Love Moderat.
Wasn't completely bowled over by the new album but its starting to grow on me.

Hope they get some festival dates in the summer, would like to catch them again.