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Im glad to see Gus and ETC make a farewell post, my favourite board members of recent times.

Fare thee well travellers.

FAO Uncle John D - any chance of digging out a vintage set from the halcyon days of 2001 at Heaven for a transitions show?  Please give a farewell shout out to the message board regulars.  Job done.  Cheers.

I'm signing off from the new board, cheers for all the banter / musical knowledge over the years chaps.

A shit slinging free for all on a roller-coaster of "top bantz" probably wouldn't be very good for my productivity / mental health big_smile

Zabiela has played techno for years though.

Will grab this, cheers for the info.

After the board shuts, I will probably miss releases like this unless they pop up on RA.

Seeing a frustrated Steve Smith after not reviewing Cook this morning raised a chuckle.

Genuinely glad I managed to bag BT Sport for free.
Otherwise Trevor Bayliss would be getting an invoice from me once this whole debacle is over.


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I log in to see the cricket score then this.

Shoot me now.


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God gave rock and rolllll to yoouuuuu


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jules72 wrote:

If the 50bn EUR figure is anywhere near correct, it shows just how weak the UK's negotiation hand is... UK shows its hand, EU says bollocks to that, and after the passage of time and growing probability of a hard brexit, the UK folds.

And on the other hand it just shows how desperate for cash the rest of the EU is.  If "they" can hold us to ransom for an ever increasing pot of billions, why not?  Keep putting the bill up.  Its free money to the rest of the EU and gawd knows they probably need it just as much as we do.

From BBC:

The UK has offered a larger potential "divorce bill" to the EU - which could be worth up to 50bn euros (£44bn), the BBC understands. There has been no final agreement on a number but the offer was given a "broad welcome" by Brussels, BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said.

"broad welcome"

lol, of course.


£6 for a pint of strongbow at printworks last weekend, or £5 for a 330ml can of "lime and kiwi" cider. 

No wonder so many people choose other commodities.

I'd deffo take a draw at the Gabba.  Smith out in the first hour of day 3 and it's a different story.

For the lager and the soap operas.

jules72 wrote:

Bitcoin is currently going up a lot in price because people are seeing others profit from holding it...history shows these sorts of speculative excesses dont end well.

Yep. Ride the wave whilst you can.

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Here's an interesting one.  Recorded by a Chilean Military Helicopter using FLIR.  Don't care for the soundtrack mind you.

Can't be bothered to look through crackpot tin hat websites, but was this legit released by Chilean government? Quite cool footage if so.  One for the chemtrail and ufo fans out there.

Decent opening day for us, chef going early was not too much of a surprise on his recent form but impressive stuff from Vince and Stoneman.

Ozzie mates on Facebook moaning about the slower pitch, which suits us more especially with the rain delay.

Derms should be in for some play

TMS for me.


Hard to predict this series, but i'm calling 2 drawn tests and a 2-1 win to ______


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Printworks was great fun.  It is a huge space but still manages to feel strangely intimate.  Recommended, hope they can keep pulling the numbers through the door otherwise it will be another "Matter" - easier to get to though which is in is favour.

British Murder Boys, James Ruskin, Mumdance, Marcel Dettmann and Clark all on top form.
Didn't have the minerals for Fabric and enjoyed a pleasant sleep in the hotel afterwards.


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Recovered from ear infection, had them syringed yesterday.
Could have bagged up the wax and sold it off as liquorice; lovely stuff.

Therefore dusting off the cobwebs and doing Printworks followed by Fabric this Saturday.

jamie wrote:


absolutely no shock value at all.

Agreed, sadly.  Unfortunately we are now so numb to mass shootings in Mericuh that it just seems weird when a month goes by and there isn't a massacre.


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Congrats.  Straight on bedrock forum to spread the news, good work.

Jane Fitz knows her onions (and records).
Objekt is a cracking DJ, no dispute there.

This is a valuable source of data if you want to keep up to date with who's been shot / killed in the good old u s of a.



smallman1 wrote:

£5 a pint and you'll pay £5 for a bottle of beer in XOYO.

Outside of London it's £1.65 for both.

Crumbs, where do you drink that's £1.65 a pint?
I know Oxfordshire ain't a cheap county, but its pushing £4.50 a pint in the trendier establishments around these parts.


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Got horrendous ear ache, viral infection. Any plans I had have gone out the window.