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Nick Sneddon wrote:

Ill be honest, thats a bit steep for a NYD gig

All the cool kids go out NYD. The promoters seem to have finally cottoned on to this... Hardly seen any NYE flyers yet


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The boat hits an iceberg and sinks at the end

Jim-bob wrote:

Best live gig they've done I reckon.


Everything Everything is clips from a load of gigs from their 1998 world tour.

I saw Armin van Burrito play a very good "power progressive" set at passion in Coalville when he was a resident there around 2000.  He opened the main room playing stuff by James Holden / Sasha / Circulation and to be fair the guy can mix quite well.

Also seen Tiesticles, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, PVD, Carl Cox, Gareth Emery and Richie Hawtin.

8/100 not bad, must try harder.


Also Oakenfold. At least 3 times.

Objekt - Flatland (was streaming over at Pitchfork, might still be up if you want to listen. Amazing fresh techno released on PAN)

One track is available here - http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/171 … d-witness/

*Double edit*
Full album stream - http://pitchfork.com/advance/572-flatland/

This album has been on repeat all week.  Sterling work.

In sections it reminds me of Boards of Canada, with the trippy beats and melodies all over the place, the spoken word bits add to the BOC vibes and I keep noticing little background sounds and that I didn't notice on previous listens.

In fact, its a better Boards of Canada album than the tripe that was "Tomorrow's Harvest" they released last year.


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A yocal farmer chap in the pub was calling it Eboli and it really annoyed me and I wanted to correct him but he looked like the rough sort so I let it slide


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Only just gotten around to listening to this, wish I hadn't bothered.

Down at the bottom of the Sarsha pile with Fundacion.

CD1 is great.
CD2 lacks momentum and seems to plod along without any real aim.  Need to give it another go.

Still loving the Traveller CD - proper good music on there.

liquitech1 wrote:

Excellent stuff, I'd love to hear Charlie do another Technodubfest, long overdue..

Love that compilation. One of the better of the Ministry CDs.

I personally want Charlie to do another Sasha artist album.

liquitech1 wrote:

Wouldn't mind catching Doc Martin either....top notch disc jockey right there..

This. Love his Fabric CD, was the first one I purchased.

Set times would indeed be much appreciated, was half tempted to do the Sunday as gonna be in town for other reasons.

Generally a great release for Balance after a few mixes that have fallen short IMO recently.

First track on the second disc is kinda prog breaks, Matt Black was right

First disc is brilliant. Full of melody and foot tapping beats, very impressive. Will give disc 2 a go tomorrow.

I knew 3 different groups of people all at the gig last night and my facebook was full of updates, photos, videos and merriment.

Is that word I want to use even allowed on here anymore?


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Where can I hear this? Mixcloud hasnt been updated since 525.

roberto wrote:
michael231423423 wrote:
fletcher wrote:

And you obviously havn't obtained this legally

On the digital version there is a mix its the 14th track.  I obtained it from Juno download. I live in Texas there are no cds of the traveler in Houston. I never steal music.  I want the artist to get paid.  I am unemployed I had to scratch and save to buy this.  I couldn't afford the cd through amazon so I went digital so I could hear it.  I didn't download the tracks, Ill do that and piece together the mix order.

Ignore him, he's just a grumpy dad with no sleep wink

Hah OK owned wink
Juno has the tracklist and track lengths  where you downloaded the mix from so you can probably figure it out from there....

Just wanted to say I really enjoy this album, it really does work as a continuous body of music as intended. A great concept album that works really well. Just noticed Stay in the Present has vocals by Justine Digweed, awesome.

2 of the 3 last nights I've done at Fabric have seen Craig Richards sets being the highlights.  The other night was Digweed.

michael231423423 wrote:

I have listened to the mix 4 times and each hour melts away.  It is fantastic.  Does anyone know the track selection on the mix?

And you obviously havn't obtained this legally

Quick bump to say both CDs are great, the second disc starts off a bit electro/off-kilter and gets a bit dirtier.  Not downloaded the "thank you for buying this CD" mix yet, anyone heard it?


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MattBlack wrote:

Wonder whose going to remix the theme tune

Venetian Snares remixed a recent David Lynch track. His take on twin peaks would be immense.


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zackster wrote:

blue ray package is excellent, and the price has seriously dropped on amazon. well worth picking up, even if you have the gold box; the missing pieces from "fire walk with me" do not disappoint. the full david bowie scene is a stand out moment.

also, just been announced that twin peaks will return for a third season in 2016! 9 episode all written by frost/lynch, and all 9 will be directed by lynch. if it were anything else id say its best left alone, however i have full faith that they will make something of substance. more david lynch fanboy posts to follow.

Yes this was very exciting news yesterday. If they get as many of the original cast back on board (which have them have died since???) it should be fairly epic.  9 episodes is a decent length to have a killer storyline without it turning into filled mush.  I have faith in Lynch and Frost to pull this off.

Never picked up the blu-ray box in the end, but as you point out its gotten cheaper on amazon so I may grab it now.

Finally home with my wife and newborn son who is currently "chilling out" to disc 1 of the Pig & Dan album.  Traveller up next, cheers Diggers

Looking forward to getting this, always been a fan of Hernans mixes.

Dug out his perfecto mix recently and had forgotten how good it was

Quite gutted I cannot attend this, looks like it will be a rocking night. Wasn't really expecting to spend the week in the JR in Oxford but that's life

Squidgy wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

In terms of clubbing it is without doubt Digweed at Fabric in June 2004. Fucking mental night. Off the scale.

Think that was when my mate was so cunted he did the 'Piranha' where somehow his lower jaw detached and his front bottom teeth touched the end of his nose in the most epic gurn I (and a circle of people around him watching in awe) have ever seen.

actual hearty LOL