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jamie wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

..love this from Mixmag - "An eyewitness has detailed the shooting at the BPM festival." Eyewitness then goes on to say there was a shooting, giving no details.

those mixmag journo's must wonder what the fuck is going on.

first a shooting in a club they were in.

then having to deal with the expectation from the worlds media that they are in fact, proper journalists.

Also having to deal with the fact that they were quite possibly off their rockers too.

Should be able to pull this off.
Vuvuzelas, wtf is this Cape Town 2010


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loopdokter wrote:

Best site for purchasing music hands down.  They're fair to the artists and basically allow artists to sell direct without middlemen.

I frequently buy stuff on there - often physical things like CDs and vinyl because it's the label or artist themselves selling it, not some third party.

I've also discovered many an artist on there as well.


Bandcamp has been the platform that has finally got me.going digital. Yep, be been pretty slow on the take up.

I have a yard of ale.

Used to get used a fair bit actually, but is now gathering dust in the attic.


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So what / who exactly was broadcast, and is the stream worth me checking out?


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delged wrote:


I really fancy seeing Loco Dice but £28 is lumpy....

This appealed to me too, £19 on the door for members is alright.

Landstrumm and Boddika in Room2 wets my whistle


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Anyone get tickets for this weekend?

I just want to tell you both, good luck.

We're all counting on you.

dutchy101 wrote:

First time I saw Hernan was at the Cream 8th Birthday and I absolutely loved his set. Made an effort to see him every time he played there over the next couple of years but really started to get tired and bored of his sound and cds in 2003 or so. Saw him a couple of years ago and left the room after half an hour. Monotonous plod.

This was a beast back in the day however. Would love a rip if anyone has it. Mine was nicked from a mate's car that was broken into.

I've got it (somewhere)

Also a fan of his Perfecto CDs from.back in the day.

tbf, thoroughly enjoyed his Balance effort proper from a year or 2 back, especially the "downtempo" disc.

A DJ I have never managed to see live, but fair props to him for continuing to fly the prog flag.

Swans - The Glowing Man
David Bowie - Blackstar
Caretaker - Everywhere at the end of Time
Death in Vegas - Transmission (fairly electronic though, some good acid in here)

I need to check out that latest DIIV album still.

I'd say 80% of the stuff I listen to is electronic so I'm probably not a good benchmark for guitar musak


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Apparently he choked on a chocolate bar that was in his Christmas stocking.

He was careless with his Wispa.


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I'm sure somebody will come up with a Last Christmas joke.
I have Faith.


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lol, I guess it worked.
No extremists were reported injured in the North that weekend.


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To those "horrified" by the presence of armed police patrolling the Christmas markets at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Middlesborough last weekend.....

Tough shit.

Had to double check it wasn't headlined by ABBA


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Looks like fabric having a bit of a reg over re-opening weekend tickets.

There were some being put aside for fabricfirst members, but they have now decided to put them online for sale and have no tickets on the door.

So if you want to go, buy them now. Or it might already be too late. Again.

Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve decided it’s best we go 100% ticket only for Friday and Saturday nights on the reopening weekend in January. So, we’ve just upped the remainder to purchase now on our website and Resident Advisor.

Please note that there will be NO tickets available on the door on the night, so if you’d like to join us then you will need to get one out of this release.

There are still some there

The extended set ethos certainly makes it sound favourable for an Uncle John visit.....

The extended license thing is also great news - I remember (? lol, sorta) that 2 of the stages for Glade went on until 10am, then opened again mid afternoon.

It's a great venue.
There's a natural crater in the middle of the forest, Glade Festival put a wooden floor in there with bass bins under it and stacked it full of function one. Best sound I've heard at a UK festival.

Severely tempted by this.


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millsy23 wrote:

I'll eat my hat.


Is it one of these?


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I've seen Aphex 3 times now.

First time was fucking ace - 3 hours of acid, techno, breaks, drum & bass, all sorts chucked in and it worked really well (festival set). Then he had a garbage set, then most recently it was good.

If its Aphex Twin LIVE as opposed to a DJ set, then i'm definitely there. 

Whereas both times i've seen Moderat do their live thing it was tremenballs, both in the early days mind (which was their better output imo).


Also, nothing wrong with 240bpm gabba.


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Odd's on that Moderat and Aphex Twin clash. 
Therefore, i'm not paying £70 to only see one of them.

liquitech1 wrote:

..managed to blag a couple of tickets for the balcony last night. What an incredible gig. Cooper is the daddy. Some of the stuff he played was mind-blowing. The visuals were ace too. It was going right off at one point, the whole place giving it socks. My brother was saying the sets are up on Be@TV. Well worth checking out. Vessels were great too.

Good stuff, big fan of Vessels. Dilate is a killer album.


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And this year, Nigel Farage is on the shortlist.


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Ok. Well I guess that makes it slightly easier to get to than Matter.

Good luck to them.