Very nice. Looks better than the tanaglia one to me


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Why didn't Paris do the challenge too. I'm so confused.


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Nobody else bothering this weekend then?

I'm buying if they are selling.


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If they had charged for this, I wonder how many people would have actually paid for it.

Out of the "Warp" old school crew, Autechre are my personal favourites.  Their early albums like Amber and Tri Repetae are beautiful slices of electronics.  Over 20 years old now too and still sounding great.

Sure, their recent works have definitely divided opinions (and if you Bedrock chaps can't stick Aphex or Squarepusher then I definitely do not recommend that you listen to Draft 7.30 or latest album Exai).  But they are well ahead of the game in terms of sound design, track composition and actual "new" ideas.

Squarepusher is generally a lot of noodly bollocks IMO - especially his output from the past 5 years.  He seems to be trying to experiment a bit too much.  His 90 - 2000s output of jungly live bass stuff was pretty good but lately its all jazz / improv / funk stuff and robot musicians.

I am quite on the fence when it comes to Aphex - he has this aura of being a god to a lot of people, and sure his early output (SAW2, SAW 85-92 and the recently released Caustic Window) is up there with Global Communication and the early Orb releases as some of the best ambient house stuff (or whatever you want to call it) ever released. 

Window Licker was a stroke of genius IMO - really raised his profile and got his name out there to a lot of people.  I expect he has made a dozen tracks since that he could have released and made money on, but thats not really his style.  His Analord series has already been mentioned in this thread - great acidic techno that really defined a sound.

I hope this new album is so varied in styles and experiments with stuff nobody has ever thought of before - this will hopefully yield a 3.4 review from Pitchfork and in ten years time it will be heralded as the instigator of a new genre.  Or some bollocks.

Rambling over.

smallman1 wrote:

Didn't Aphex Twin use sandpaper for vinyl or something like that?

I think the story behind this was something like:

Promoter keeps badgering Aphex Twin to play a gig for him.

He repeatedly says no.

Promoter keeps upping the booking fee until eventually Richard caves in and says yes.

Richard turns up, plays a sandpaper / drill / noise set to fuck off the promoter and walks away with a shitload of money.

Fair play I say.

nitron wrote:

Richard D. James' eventual legacy in electronic music will dwarf that of 99.9% of every act ever associated with prog house, past, present or future.

Fairly correct.

simonr wrote:

Little under-whelmed by this one.

Already got the best track "The Field - No No No (John Tejada Remix)" .. which is amazing plus 'Cassiopeia'. Pallmaille was out last summer ?

"Heuriga" sounds like a German umpah band.

Which other tracks impressed you H ? Will check out longer clips.

They didn't release a Total compilation last summer, which accounts for some of the tunes being a bit older.

Still all crackers though.

It was flying outside the beer festival on Saturday. My mate who was there knew nothing about it, but apparently there were some quite good ales on offer.

Enjoyed both mixes muchly.


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Going on Saturday. Would have preferred Sunday but gone with the majority vote.  Regardless, taking the kitchen sink along for this

Fabric 15th Birthday in October, but that will no doubt be Villalalalalalaboss again.

Looking forward to SW4 and spending most of the time in Sasha's tent - its been a few years since i've done SW4.  By all accounts its just got bigger and quieter?

loopdokter wrote:

That said, drum n' bass at 100 BPM just isn't going to work, so there are some genres best left within their 'typical' BPM range.

Well the dbridge and instra:mental fabriclive CD was awesome,  which according to the release blurb was 85bpm and 170bpm ( - it sounds fresh and IMO is ferkin lersh but I guess its not "normal" d&b.

MattBlack wrote:

This is an article Kareoki wrote himself, i dont know whether to laugh or cry … -cake.html

"It’s of course important to mention that when DJing, I’m building my own story through the music."

Kleenex at the ready

Really enjoyed the Daniel Avery fact mix from last week.

I have no problem with slower bpm music, check out this 90bpm techno from Russia thats really hypnotic.... they released some good tunes on their label all around the same bpm. … no-podcast

Some of the trance I have heard recently has been a lot slower than say 5 years ago, for example the popularity of the anjunadeep label has been rubbing off of on their anjunabeats output.  Trance seems to have a better impact at higher bpms IMO - the slower stuff seems to lack the punch required.

There is definitely a time and a place for faster music.

I might buy a ticket on the off chance that my little 'un is born a fortnight late and my missus wont mind me sneaking off for one last big night out.

Thats all a bit "if" really isn't it.

Yant wrote:
fletcher wrote:

To be fair, most of the people voting in the djmag poll won't have a clue who the other three in the photo are.
In fact, its fair to say, most of them won't even know who Oakenfold is.

A very good point.

Most of them looking for David Guetta.


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Seven Cities is obviously a smasher.  I seem to recall a certain Armin van Buuren dropping that into his midnight set at paSSion in 2001.  Ahh, the (good?) old days.

I am also partial to this tune:-

The original mix is great too.

To be fair, most of the people voting in the djmag poll won't have a clue who the other three in the photo are.
In fact, its fair to say, most of them won't even know who Oakenfold is.

Pricer wrote:

lots of whoooosh sounds.

Pretty sure that's the ice cannons firing off every few minutes to keep the kids cool

Went to see Moderat a few years back when it was at Piccadilly, main room was a horrific crush during their set but the sound was alright.  Clark played afterwards and pretty much cleared the place by playing industrial glitch techno and weird gabba stuff - proper good stuff but none of the scallies could understand nor dance to it.


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Bit gutted I can't attend this tbh.

But i'll be seeing Josh Wink at SW4 for my pre-baby send off / lost weekend in London over the bank holiday.  One last big hoo-hah, making it count lol


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Enjoyed that July 4th Mix.
And always enjoyed his Balance 3CD effort, I know there were a few haters but I love it


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I don't really understand the hate for Fire.

Generally its a great venue, bit of outdoor space, plenty of smaller rooms to wobble about it.
Main room layout is a bit gash but hey ho - cant fault the soundsystem and to be honest wherever they host it, Diggers room will be rammed.

Heaven again would of course be awesome smile

Wont be at this one however - 4 days after baby Fletch's due date is probably cutting it a bit close