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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
digitalfix wrote:

Even ISIS aren't jumping on this one. Nailbombing kids. Horrific.

I just read that they claimed responsibility.  The sooner ISIS is exterminated, the better.

Yep they claimed it.

I'm fucking seething about this.

But apparently we should all hold hands, sing songs and stay positive.


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So sad to hear on the news this morning. 

Cannot begin to comprehend what goes through someone's head when they decide to blow themselves up in a packed room full of families. Fucking atrocious.


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Going to watch it tonight.

Hold tight for spoiler free reviews


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Dermatron wrote:

Next year? Its May. Wont it all sound like a tired old vagina by then?

Sasha's got a busy summer ahead with John tbf

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fletcher wrote:

£7.5k... geez. No wonder so many people cycle around London.

Very happy with my 8 minute door-to-door drive through a couple of villages to get to work.

Bit of a long cycle from Bournemouth mate.

Hah fair do.

My mate cycles from Guildford to Embankment 3 days a week and that keeps him trim.  Thursday is work from home, Friday is #trainbeers.

Most truth filled thread on this forum in a long time.

£7.5k... geez. No wonder so many people cycle around London.

Very happy with my 8 minute door-to-door drive through a couple of villages to get to work.

DJing the afters

Grant wrote:

I don't avoid paying any tax whatsoever and I couldn't give a shit if they increase my taxes as long as it's spent well.


I am OK with tax increases if I know that they will sort out the fucking potholes in the roads and that when my great aunt goes in to get a pacemaker fitted they don't cancel it an hour beforehand because of windows XP or some other shit excuse.

Do I trust labour to handle my tax money efficiently? Fuck no. They want to nationalise the post office, which is only just starting to get its shit together and become a reliable service for letters and parcels.  Leave it alone.  If it only just turns a profit as a private concern, what makes you think Diane Abbott et al will miraculously turn it into a money spinner?

Did that political compass questionnaire last night and apparently I align somewhere between Plaid and the SDLP.  This is all very well, but I cannot see either party having a candidate in West Oxfordshire (although we used to get a shed load of independents standing against David Cameron), so I probably won't bother to vote this time around.

Pricer wrote:

CD format is perfect for me. Only time I get to listen to music these days is in the car anyway.

Great album, cheers.

Same here, CD player in the car keeps the format alive for me.

Disc 1 is slick. Keeps getting played here


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smallman1 wrote:

I'll be your friend was his best track.


Hopefully thats a trollop post young man.

Anyways... RIP, I was 14 when Children was released and I have fond memories of it being part of my dance music catalyst.

Another fan of Lynch's Dune here.  Pretty sure I would hate whatever gets made as a reboot.

4* in the times yesterday for covenant. I'm ready. Bring it on

Wally wrote:

3 stars from empire for covenant. Swerve.

Guardian 3* too.

IMAX booked.

Me and the missus voted Liberal in yesterday's council elections but expecting nothing less than a Tory landslide in Oxfordshire.


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He's not dead yet.

But fair play for still "working" at 95. Most others would have given up 20 years ago.

ukhursty wrote:
benson wrote:
roberto wrote:

So we all want what Corbyn has said he'll do, but, the papers tell us he's rubbish so we ignore him.

he is rubbish.

And all the papers are heavily biased, but people read them and believe the stories are true.

It was interesting how much the media hammered Abbot for muddling up her numbers. Yes it was a mistake, but they properly laid in to her to, almost too excessively from my point of view. I wonder who was driving that campaign?

It was excessive. It was painfully so. She fucked up an interview, so what. Corbyn clarified it afterwards.

The only criticisms you see of May et al are via social media / meme sites.

But anyway, I honestly believe that Corbyn and Labour cannot pull through with all the promises they are making. Or they may have some fag packet calculations jotted down to work it out, but clearly they need to sit around a table and work it out properly otherwise they will end up with more Abbott scenarios. And we need to hear the consequences of their promises. If they also detailed that, I may be a bit more inspired to take them seriously.

Grant wrote:

What's wrong with taxes going up? It'll make things better.  We can start by making sure we tighten up on corporation tax, that's a fucking disgrace - the Tory's have done fuck all about that in two terms.

I'm ok with taxes going up as long the money does actually end up benefiting society in some way and not just shitty pie in the sky ideas like the Thames garden bridge design or scrapping complicated NHS computer systems before they get implemented.

Put road tax up if it means the roads get fixed (probably at a local level)

I'm a big fan of the idea of sending patients a receipt when they are discharged from hospital, showing them how much their NHS stint has cost. People might respect it a bit more then.  And it may also possibly help the NHS identify and reduce their costs.

Its OK
Jezza Corbyn* is going to pay everyone more money and give us more bank holiday and our children will be safer.

*Taxes will go up.

Beijing Dave wrote:
fletcher wrote:

I just cannot see how these early election promises that Labour are making are going to be paid for.

Smaller class sizes for pupils!
Wage increases for GPs!
4 extra Bank Holidays for all!

Some desperate vote grabbing headlines there imo, with no detail of how any of that is going to be paid for (hmm... seen all that before...)

Oh, the irony! Did you Tory cunts think of how Brexit was going to be paid for when you went on a drunk-on-cheap-nationalism spastic vote-hoovering rampage? No you instead painted 350million more for the NHS on the side of a big bus.

Fuck you and the bus you rode in on you absolute wanker.

Today's vote grabbing headline was 800,000 extra police*

*Actual number may vary but I don't care

I hope he makes a return in the run up to the snap election.

Stay strong, bro

smallman1 wrote:

Isn't there an argument that any lost revenue is made up with all the extra spending that happens on bank holidays?

This is John Maynard Keynes signing out.

You mean when Home base have a sale on to get rid of all their out of season shit garden furniture, and have to pay their staff double time

Grant wrote:

We should cancel the ones we've got then, eh?

Good question.

I did see an argument for cancelling bank holiday altogether and giving employees the option of extra holiday to take at leisure. 

Rather than giving us all 4 extra days bank holiday, how about 4 extra days to your annual leave allowance to be taken as and when it fits in with you / your employees schedule? That makes more sense to me.

Ok found it other places too.


The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) estimates the cost of each bank holiday to be £2.3bn, though the think-tank admitted it was "difficult to calculate".

That would put the annual bill at £9.2bn based on these calculations.

To put that in context, the budget for the Department for International Development is £11.1bn and the cost of NHS pensions is around £10bn each year.