Well I obviously lead a very sheltered life.


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Thought Goldie was excellent, very tasty jungles.

Modeselektor were banging too - 90s techno set.


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Homegrove wrote:

Scratch that, probably (and hopefully) Output on NYE.

I'm going for this.

A couple of months to clear the tracks seems about right.


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monostereo wrote:
jonthechef wrote:



Yo flares!

Damn, we were got


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It's not unmixable, just get some other tunes of a similar speed.


£40 for Autechres Confield on vinyl is most expensive 2nd hand I've bought.

New was probably the warp 20 box but that was fairly good value with a lot of content for £80 I think? I shouldn't have opened it because they go for £200+ in unopened mint now


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Dermatron wrote:

Think he gave him something supposedly mind altering. I think the gist was with a mind already so fucked up, mind altering substances were pointless and they realised torturing someone who probably had a hard on during it was futile and not actually in their best interest.

Yep that's how I see it.
Lots to wrap up for the finale next week, bound to be loads left open for season 2, if it gets made.

Suspect there will be some torture complaints to add to the incest complaints, so aunty beeb might not go for it.



ukhursty wrote:
ukhursty wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

Bedrock in May too?

Just got an email saying diggers is playing on the 13th May @ MoS

https://m.ents24.com/london-events/mini … ign=alerts

No one got any info on this?

Appears to be incorrect listing.
That is the lineup for Easter bedrock, for 103

The pop song that samples Booka Shade - Body Language.

It's possibly Rhianna or some shit like that.

Storm did a tremendous boiler room sesh recently, jungle deep digging dubplates only

MJH wrote:

Was looking forward to seeing him in Bournemouth in a couple of weeks, but it's being rescheduled as he broke his leg hmm

Yep, his Oxford gig last week got canned for the same reason.

Hope he recovers quickly


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smashdad wrote:
hitachi wrote:

Oh and clearly there shouldn't have been a yes/no vote on something so incredibly complex.

Virtually everything is far too complex for virtually everybody...

However, given the way 99% of them spoke/behaved in the build up the entire subject was evidently far too complex for our politicians so who else was there to decide?  The Judiciary?!

100% agree with your long Facebook pastes. Europe is heading for a train wreck and we might just get off the stop beforehand.

Did I vote leave?

No I begrudgingly said remain in the vain hope that we might be able to do something to help.

Am i ok with the fact we are leaving? Hell yes, it's going to happen so let's just get on with it.

(Have I had any sleep? No. )

Phil Shiner.
What a grade A cock.


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smallman1 wrote:

Hope Brexit isn't causing Dave too many problems in Beijing.

Was thinking the same...

Can he still claim winter fuel allowance?


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Wally wrote:

Expect to see a mass "Brexodus" of people leaving to get away from this shit tip of a country after it triggers. Tech industries especially. Going to be a massive brain drain.

And then perhaps a "Brarrival" a few years later when they realise that the rest of Europe has gone to shit too.

Homegrove wrote:

People who like Lynch's Dune.


I am one of the dozens.


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Squidgy wrote:

Well, well... the people have spoken! LOL

Majority of 384.


The labour party continue to divide themselves.
Another happy day for the Torys.

Another reboot, brilliant.

Where do they get the ideas from.

This one actually made me lol

http://wundergroundmusic.com/syrian-pro … cord-time/

roberto wrote:

Baby due 16th April....


Good work!

Ours is due 2nd May, which leaves me plenty of time smile

Hour 2,
[026] 747 - Tourmaline [Aquaregia - AQR 005]

This had me peaking early! Massive when that bassline dropped.

seanc80 wrote:

An unmerciful racket for two days.

It's four days long.

Unless you like what's on for the other two.


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Fair play for getting another gig reorganised so quickly.