Swans - To Be Kind.
Massive droning noise rock with plenty of balls and swagger.  Not usually the sort of thing I listen to, but quite frankly its rather bloody good.  Will check out their last album "The Seer" which according to reviews is even better.

A friend of mine Ags released his debut album earlier this year, a singer song writer of Americana country type stuff.  Again, not my usual bag, but actually really rather good.

He has received great reviews from the "country circuit" and those in the know.  Watch out for big things in the future.
He has a great voice for singing, and rather different to his Oxfordshire yokal speaking voice.

That Darkside album from last year was rather good too, Nicholas Jaar does it again.


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Forgot to add Anjunadeep 6 by Jody and James, some quality tunes on there.


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Bought a few this year,

Craig Richards - Get Love VII
Wiggle - 20 years
Hernan Cattaneo - Balance
Digweed - Miami

The Craig Richards effort being my favourite so far.

Faark I could churn out 10 of them on my lathe for that price. PM me for setails.

Maybe I should be branching out (damn that should have gone in the tree thread)


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Live In... The mind of UniversoGus


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Looks like a balance presents... mix (like the Jozif and Guy J mixes) given that its only one disc.  I could be wrong though.


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MattBlack wrote:
Diminished Responsibility wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Wasn't Lupus the b-side of the Sander mix of Scorchio?

Yup, I think so. Have it on vinyl...

This one?

http://www.discogs.com/Sasha-Unreleased … ease/92296

That's the one I have, never seen any other mixes or indeed an original


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Scorchio was/is a great tune. Hit the spot for me many a time.

Also enjoyed the sander k / JVM lupus remixes.

This tune came out around the same time as Scorchio and I pretty much wore the groove right off the record, absolute class big time summer stuff

Homegrove wrote:

Standout mix this week. I mean really good.

https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/transitions … 014-10-24/

I can confirm that this mix is indeed 'the tits'


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Your last pun has left me rather ashen faced.


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King of Limbs down near Swindon, quality tree that is.

Other than that, all I gotta say is that this place is not as seed-y as it used to be, with top quality Oak-ay threads like this!


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I should probably check out his balance mix, it kinda passed me by. Same as the Nick Warren balance... I missed out a whole chunk of the series

I went to ceasars once, 20 quid all you can drink. Was a proper shocking night, fights kicking off on the dancefloor, gangs of bouncers in and out of the loos all night dragging blokes out.... All the "free" drinks were shit house spirits and warm plastic bottles of lager.  Everything cold you had to pay for.   To top it all off, it was Garage night.

Much preferred his son's musical output.

I know a few words that might be suitable.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

Ill be honest, thats a bit steep for a NYD gig

All the cool kids go out NYD. The promoters seem to have finally cottoned on to this... Hardly seen any NYE flyers yet

The boat hits an iceberg and sinks at the end

Jim-bob wrote:

Best live gig they've done I reckon.


Everything Everything is clips from a load of gigs from their 1998 world tour.

I saw Armin van Burrito play a very good "power progressive" set at passion in Coalville when he was a resident there around 2000.  He opened the main room playing stuff by James Holden / Sasha / Circulation and to be fair the guy can mix quite well.

Also seen Tiesticles, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, PVD, Carl Cox, Gareth Emery and Richie Hawtin.

8/100 not bad, must try harder.


Also Oakenfold. At least 3 times.

Objekt - Flatland (was streaming over at Pitchfork, might still be up if you want to listen. Amazing fresh techno released on PAN)

One track is available here - http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/171 … d-witness/

*Double edit*
Full album stream - http://pitchfork.com/advance/572-flatland/

This album has been on repeat all week.  Sterling work.

In sections it reminds me of Boards of Canada, with the trippy beats and melodies all over the place, the spoken word bits add to the BOC vibes and I keep noticing little background sounds and that I didn't notice on previous listens.

In fact, its a better Boards of Canada album than the tripe that was "Tomorrow's Harvest" they released last year.


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A yocal farmer chap in the pub was calling it Eboli and it really annoyed me and I wanted to correct him but he looked like the rough sort so I let it slide


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Only just gotten around to listening to this, wish I hadn't bothered.

Down at the bottom of the Sarsha pile with Fundacion.

CD1 is great.
CD2 lacks momentum and seems to plod along without any real aim.  Need to give it another go.

Still loving the Traveller CD - proper good music on there.