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Don't worry chaps, the banks will "come back" when everywhere else goes tits up, and blighty is still at it.


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The bastards all probably like Postman Pat as well.


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liquitech1 wrote:

..I've no idea if Ian McWhirter is one to avoid when it comes to columns but thought this was an interesting read

http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/1481 … _buffoons/


A bitter Scotsman who wanted to leave the UK.  Say no more.

Presto wrote:

Meh. I enjoyed it.

Agreed, it was most likely a boss night.

It was never going to be a South American style all-nighter though, was it.

benson wrote:

sorted. cheers.

see you there, front and centre. Anyone want a concorde ticket?

From all the whinging about the "extended" night, it looks like you made the correct choice Mr. Benson.

As have I, see you there.


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Anyone want to be chalet buddies?


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Good to see Space branching out now that the Ibiza club is shut.


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monostereo wrote:

It's all jam tomorrow from the Brexiteers.   

Meanwhile here's an interesting article from the Economist re the pound taking a stiff one up the arse: http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/2 … g-pounding

Many Brexiteers wrongly conclude that the pound’s slump is nothing but good news. Their argument is that a weaker pound will send exports soaring, herald a manufacturing renaissance and “rebalance” the economy away from services. Yet recent experience suggests that British exports do not respond quickly or strongly to a cheaper currency. The volume of exported goods is actually lower than it was before the Brexit vote. Exporting requires importing of supplies and other materials, and these are now more expensive. Within just a few weeks the year-on-year change in producer prices has neared 10%, the highest since 2011.

The Brexiteers also fail to acknowledge the immediate hit to living standards that the pound’s slump has caused. Britons enjoy consuming things from abroad. Some 5% of household spending goes on foreign holidays.

Now maybe that 5% of household spending can be spent HERE IN BLIGHTY! Just imagine, seaside coffee shops and b&bs having a roaring trade. Butlins opening up new venues. Centre Parcs living the dream. Etc.

smallman1 wrote:

You can't teach the bants Dave, you know that.

Evidently, he doesn't


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smallman1 wrote:

Heaven help any cafe knocking out fry ups using foreign products.

Horse sausages are never a good luck on a Friday morning


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Didn't think it would take long for Jimmy Cranky to start harping on about this again....

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-s … s-37634338

If they get a second independence vote, does that mean we can vote again on Brexit?


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On the plus side, I've seen more British Steel in our workshop over the past few months than I have in the past 5 years. Am keeping some of the makers stamps just in case they become rare collectors items in the future (sad lol?)

Yes, I'm a metal basher by trade... Holding aloft the limp flag of British manufacturing.


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roberto wrote:

thought you were an outer Fletch?

I did vote remain. Narrowly.

Saw pros and cons for both arguments, although the campaign was shit from both teams. The gutteral side of politics won.

In the end I figured not to rock the boat too much was probably the safest option, and what we are currently experiencing is the usual banking knee jerk reaction causing media panics (hopefully).

Long term hopefully this will all sort itself out.


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Imagine the alternative reality where we narrowly voted "remain", and the government, lead by pig Fokker DC, have decided to go "hard remain".

So we get to join the Euro currency, Schengen kicks in, and we start getting French / German bilingual signs going up everywhere.

Then some.kent says we cannot buy a pint of beer anymore, and reduces it to 500ml or some shit like that.

Just imagine.

Yep this is on the must purchase list.


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ukhursty wrote:

Europe isnt exactly looking all rosy,  look at how many economies are seriously up shit creek, there are plenty.

I'm glad we'll be out when those countries like Italy,  Greece,  Portugal and many others start folding.

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Well yes, even if we are fucked, they could be gangbanged.

Brexit negotations need to happen ASAP, the longer they stretch it out the worse its gonna be.


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My megadrive still works.

Happy days.

Conjures up fond memories of studentish (and often cuntish) shenanigans does that.


steelydan wrote:

€100 a ticket.....Adios Space and your piss take prices/entry.

Thats not bad given you had 6 areas to choose from and 20 hours of music from a fuck ton of DJs.

SW4 is £70, 9 hours and similar length sets.

I know which one I'd wanna be swinging my hips at.

Watched Sasha's set this morning while eating my toast.

Live club streaming / notifications etc is one of the few reasons I keep my facebook account active tbf.

Zabiela gets 30 minutes.
Sure, he can bust out a fair few tracks in that time, buts it's going to be big tune-arama all night.

No wonder Diggers is giving it the s.werve


Found my flier.

And just for transparency, a bit of my old mate Armin was experienced a few nights after. Boss week.

Sander Kleinenberg in the Discoteca, July 2002. Nailed it. Then some guy called Sasha was on after, junkie XL live too. Epic night all round.

Mr C on the terrace, same year. Some random Thursday afternoon after party thing, main room wasn't open and it was fairly quiet. I remember vomming in the toilets then losing the plot for a while, spent a fortune on vodka red bulls as it was the only available option for getting back on it.


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Top work ETC, welcome back.