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I can't understand why they limited this series to only 7 episodes when they have clearly already covered more ground in 6 episodes than they used to with 10.

Fucking stupid how they can now travel the length of the continent during an ad break, yet Tyrian took a while series to do it when he joined the black watch.


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But for those who got in, was it any cop?

Or just shit and expensive.

The world was flipped on its head when you got "instant" loading C64 cartridges.

Desert Strike, Jungle Strike and Urban Strike.  Spent an age playing those game.


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Most powerful man in the world needs an advisor to tell him not to stare directly at the sun.


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Whats this? Solar crisps?

Dermatron wrote:

5 kgs is fuck all to what she'll nail on over the next ten years.


Personally, Oliver good prog trance album.

roberto wrote:

Anyone go? Sounded pretty decent.


Sorry to derail this football thread, but the festival did indeed look decent.

I went to both the Glade Festival's that were held on the same site and its a boss venue with natural amphitheatre's, woodland, sculptures in the grounds of the old house etc.

Definitely on the list for next year if it gets the green light (apparently there were some noise complaints they have to deal with first)


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I wish I had photoshop skills.  The map needs a skull & crossbones next to a treasure island or something.


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And he raped her on their interbred son's coffin, so that's one ticked off the bucket list I suspect.

A nice read that.  I've had 3 Villalobos DJ experiences and all of them good to great.

Houghton Festival will be a belter this weekend, guaranteed.


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Maybe Aquaman will come back from the dead and save him


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zackster wrote:

danny and jon in the cave was fucking putrid. so danny has gone from being suspect of jon to have full knowledge and understanding of the children of the forest? righto. "oh i know. lets mix jon's last cave sex scene with prometheus!" great writing boys.

the battle sequence cool, but it's a bit redic that no one of any substance died. i mean, i like bron and all, but did he really need to live to fight another day?

Hah, I instantly thought Prometheus too. Worst bit of the series so far.

I assume it was Bron who saved Jamie Lannister at the end (but then probably got him drowned I dunno)

Come dine with me?

Volunteer lock keeper for the environment agency?

Homegrove wrote:

Had he done an actual club-album I doubt it would've aged this well.


Legendary, thanks for the link

jules72 wrote:

Lol The Express.....come on mate

Yes well, first link I found.  Others have already been posted, choose your source but they all show the same video of the same Finance Minister telling the same story, just depends how you want to spin it afterwards.

Last week:-

http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/822 … omy-and-EU

BMW have announced they will build the new electric Mini in Oxford.  Basically the same car but the battery / gear box / gubbins is being imported from Germany.  Interesting to see how the import/export cost differentials affect this over the coming years - the train line from Oxford down to Calais and beyond has been busy for many years.  If businesses continue to show investment then this is surely a good sign for EU relations going forward.


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Good call on the Bedouin essential mix, downloading now.

Yep, RIP Gus. This place is now flatter than a Dixon headline set.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

ADID party on Sunday - would defo have dragged my arse to London for that but have a broken foot sad

So you would drag your arse, but not your foot.

The Field Day LP is actually really good.


Non-linear countdown clock has been running for a few weeks.  Has seemingly been getting slower as it gets closer to 0:00.  Richard really likes to fuck with his fans, will probably be nothing when it finally reaches zero, but you never know.
It may be the barnstorming prog album that Smallman craves.

smallman1 wrote:

Is there any way we can prevent Brexit from happening?

We should have all voted lib dem and got another referendum?