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Enjoyed that July 4th Mix.
And always enjoyed his Balance 3CD effort, I know there were a few haters but I love it


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I don't really understand the hate for Fire.

Generally its a great venue, bit of outdoor space, plenty of smaller rooms to wobble about it.
Main room layout is a bit gash but hey ho - cant fault the soundsystem and to be honest wherever they host it, Diggers room will be rammed.

Heaven again would of course be awesome smile

Wont be at this one however - 4 days after baby Fletch's due date is probably cutting it a bit close

Jeesz this cream mix is an absolute belter.
Thanks for sharing this one - would love to be able to hear "proper" trance like this in a club again.


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MattBlack wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Lamur isn't on the club mix. It finishes on the Mistress Barbara track.

Its on the digital only version i believe

Its definitely on my CD and its a belter of a remix


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Don't think he signed these ones.


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

what happened to the guy who was stapling the bedrock CD booklets? Surely he deserves a shout out for mod?

He stapled my Versus insert incorrectly.
Has potential imo.

He released a new ambient album just last week - http://psychonavigation.com/post/809958 … -voices-cd

Andy Peters wrote:

I just got an email from this thread!! From 12 years ago!!!!!  Hello !!!

Nice Alias.

2002 - back when the word "cant" was used. My, how standards have slipped.

Bit annoying its only the dub mix of the Stavros track on the club CD, but I guess Bedrock can't give away all the bombs at once.

klooptheloop wrote:

Pappa's mix from Darkbeat's Boat Party has been on all this week for me.

https://soundcloud.com/darkbeat-1/antho … april-2014

Great mix, best I've heard from Pappa in years.

The new Dusky mix for Resident Advisor is sounding good too.

The first CD is great but the vocals on the JvM track dont really sit well with the "poolside" vibe IMO - its a bit scary / droney for sipping a San Miguel on a deckchair.  Other than that, its all good.

The club disc is full of great stuff.  Agree with MattBlack those are my favourites too. 

A shame that disc 2 is not mixed really - the DJs will download the separate tracks so why not mix the CD for home use? Seems a bit silly to me.

Jodie Wisternoff


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Ben Wand wrote:
smashdad wrote:

It's nonsense like that that makes it essential that some of the harsher swear words are not banned...

Quiet, you absolute cheeseboard.

Requires a chortle.
Good effort.

Mods... Whoever steps forward out of this swampy mess

3 strikes and your out

Board meet and greet at a high profile prog event in London, event TBC but we should all welcome new members and get the new mods a pint to say thanks. JD would be invited along to fins out first hand that we can all get along and be good eggs really.

Music discussion
General discussion
Mixes / events

simeon79 wrote:

as i mentioned a couple of months ago...if i had to choose only one record....

jesus wept....... what a track.

That track is awesome - don't think i've ever heard it before.


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Ben Wand wrote:

In a related note, I also call for a ban on the word 'cunt'. Believe me, it'll make a world of difference.

And this.  There is probably some forum software that allows you to find/replace all instances of the word with something else more tasteful.  .


You complete and utter cheeseboard.

Other suggestions for find/replace gratefully received.


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MattBlack wrote:

As well as a moderator the board could do with a bit of an overhaul, why do we still need the Balance promote forum, also the radio forum hasnt been posted in since 2011! Maybe have a Transitions forum for tracklists to the shows, a general music forum where people can discuss music and things music related, a general discussion forum where people can go for banter and nonsense but know what theyre getting themselves in for and then the mixes forum

Yep, basically this. 

Banter Forum
Music Forum
Transitions info / Announcements / Tour dates

Thinking about it, I would actually be up for helping to moderate the general music forum.  I have done it before for boards of a similar size.  I probably wouldn't have time to keep an eye on a banter forum but I could certainly help out in a lesser capacity (similar to what SimonR does on MS with his weekly transitions info threads, links etc).  I would be happy to keep tour diary up to date etc (Hi John, PM me!)

Saying that, we do have a baby Fletcher on the way in a few months so I will probably find myself "staying in" a bit more from now on... might be a bit more time available, or maybe less!

CD1 is brilliant, love that Nils Frahm track.
Hope there are more volumes in the works.


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jamie wrote:

I don't post much but read a lot.

as far as I can see, the obvious one is millsy.

then probably one from presto, erik.b, liquidtech or unbroken IMO.

all of the above are passionate about their music and from what I have read, rarely get into arguments / slanging matches with anyone.

Basically exactly what you said.
It just needs someone to step forward and take the baton....

Had a few years "off" from this forum, and last year realised my account was still active and was surprised the board was still running.

Was not surprised to see the same old inane banter and general negativity from the same old faces.  Nothing had changed.

A change in moderation including a "general banter" subforum would make this place much more hospitable.  It could be a much more useful space without having to sift through all the newb bashing / homophobia and general assholery.

A great place to discover music, some of your mixes are great (usually stick on Matt Black's mixes and have loved the loop music mix shows over the years).

Hopefully someone can step forward as a moderator to keep this place going, otherwise good choice from John and keep focusing on doing what you do best!

Universo Gus will be sorely missed, dude... do you have a blog or something where I can keep up to date with your stream of consciousness please?

*double edit*
Back when this forum started, Bedrock was a monthly party where there was always a "who's going to the next party?" thread, plus constant reviews and plenty of music discussion to get our teeth into.  We have all gotten older, the (UK) bedrock parties are now few and between, and this board has generally become full of shit threads to fill the 6 month gaps until the next Easter party or bedrock birthday gig. 

Obviously John has pretty much constant worldwide DJing commitments these days, so monthly London / Brighton parties are pretty much never going to return (would the demand even be there?) and the demand for a message board has also dropped off.  We also have plenty of other social media outlets these days - although message boards like this are still my personal preference in posting.

I was there too. Boss night.

Grant wrote:

I was at Lord's on Friday and it was pretty shit all round.

Going to Trent Bridge and Lord's again for India.  They are just days out on the piss with mates now, we'll get torn a new one.

Trent Bridge is always a good laugh mind.

We never pulled our finger out in time to get tickets for Trent Bridge, sold out now.

Scotch eggs music sure has calmed down a lot over the past few years.


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I am pretty much in the same situation. My cross fader is a bit screwed and it's generally seen better days.

I ideally just want 2 maybe 3 channels, no gimmicky effects. Maybe USB input.

Disc 1 is great.
Disc 2 starts great then loses me a bit.
Disc 3... I don't really get the hype. Maybe I'm not old enough to know the classics but for a finale its a bit of a whimper.