You need to see the footage of this, looked stunning.


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Australia having a right old reg in their 2nd innings against Essex.
They were 54-4, a minor recovery and just lost the 5th wicket at 138.

Every little helps, keep it up Essex lads


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monostereo wrote:

All U failed 30 something bedroom DJ h8erZ all be hating here? MAD props going out 2 Yeezys wuz MAD hench. I wuz at the front n the crowd wuz HYPED.

Couldn't get over how PUMPED i wuz when the crowd sung "Niggers in Chester services". Managed to crib an XL hoodie too which looks GOAT. LAterz player H8erZ.... I gotta bounce.

Reported for blatant use of the N word.

^ Great call on Speedy J, brilliant album indeed.  Must dig it out for a spin, got it on vinyl smile

Currently enjoying the recent crop of fabric mixes.  Rodhad, Joseph Capriati and Art Department all rocking it hard at present.

poirot wrote:

Omid 16B - Heart of Silence

Such a good tune. Needs releasing!

Yep its on South Beach vinyl 1, lovely tune


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He named it after the message board dontcha know.

This forum has been much more pleasant of late, even with some bantical musings of a tolerable level.

Cheers mods.


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I'm just crying a bit inside that I missed it.

Sounds like some ledge bants gone totes ridick

steelydan wrote:

great for topping up those fatty deposits


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4-1 for England, 4-11 for Oz.

I'm not a gambling man, but I would like to think England can scrape home a series win following scares, rain draws and D/L scores that will piss off the convicts.


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Cricket seems to have a good following amongst the bedrock forum establishment.

So my thoughts on some of the initial team selection for England:

Bell - obviously has plenty of experience against the Oz and hopefully he can come good under the pressure.  Would hate to see another crumbling Trott situation.

Rashid - Last minute call up for an uncapped Ashes spinner smells of panic imo, he wasn't even at the team training camp in Spain.  Hopefully he can pull out the goods, would have liked to have seen him play in the Windies.  You can blame the previous hierarchy for his non-inclusion on the Windies tour, but he really should have been with the rest of the team in Spain.

Root - Big summer for him with the bat, hope he can grab a few wickets too.

(Looking to build a comfortable 10 pager with this beauty)

Bonus points for the nice new packaging, looks pretty sexy.

Also, not spotted any spelling mistakes yet.

Disc 1 gone down a treat, lovely build up throughout, stays fairly subtle but driving... The odd vox here or there, perfect disc 1 shenanigans.

Worth the wait cheers John

Package received, with the vinyl.

Stand by for review.

steelydan wrote:

My Aunt once gave me a brass paperweight one year. It's been sat in it's cardboard box in the draw for over 10 years.

Scrap brass prices are not too bad at the moment, you might get a couple of quid for it at a scrap dealers

Loving the Richy guestmix, proper bumping summer vibes.

Johns set was a slammer too


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Ncable wrote:
Grant wrote:

I can't believe the size of the crowd watching him.

They'll turn up regardless. Put anybody up there, it doesn't matter. Still, that crowd gets bigger every year. How many roughly, a hundred thousand? Check out the aerial photos of Glasto, they're mental...

Lionel apparently pulled the biggest crowd of the weekend, circa 100k+


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BBC Subtitle guy clearly doesn't know what a laptop looks like.

Deadmau5 however - I watched one "performance" where he did actually press play on a track, then sat down on a sofa at the front of the stage drinking a beer with some guys dressed up as animals. 

RE: Lionel.
Yes, it was amazing, did a little dance around the lounge.


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poirot wrote:

Yeh Underworld and Orbital do the same. Great if you've never seen them before but if you have then it loses its appeal. Wheeling out the same tunes over and over.

I thought they did well last night, mashed up quite a few old tunes together and sampled plenty of bits from early stuff.  The new tunes worked well in the set too.

The visuals to Elektrobank get me every time, love it.

So in fact, pretty much what you expect from any established act at a festival.

Shock horror, they play their most well known stuff.

Loved it, would have been a massive end to the weekend.


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Didn't have this thread down as a 24-hour 7-pager.

Fair play Bigfella.

Dexys Midnight Runners, Come on Eileen.

1982 was a belter of a year for pop music to be fair.


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poirot wrote:

To be fair to the pig it was an easy mistake.

I too sympathise with the pig.

Bet he was the laughing stock of the sty the next morning.


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Has to be said, its never let me down.
Probably had it 10 years now and its still going strong.
£25 well spent.


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BedRob wrote:

Did you copy and paste your Amazon review ?

Nope this is an abridged overview, kept the word count lower to cater for the messageboard concentration span.

The full review is out there if you care to look for it.

smallman1 wrote:

Recondite's 2012 album 'On Acid.'


Lovely album that is Mr. Smalls.

On the player last night - New Energy (Daniel Avery tunes remixed).

Great selection of tunes, love the original album too.

01. Drone Logic (Factory Floor Remix)
02. All I Need (Roman Flügel Remix)
03. Platform Zero (Volte-Face Remix)
04. Naive Response (Ø [Phase] Remix)
05. Spring 27 (Silent Servant Remix)
06. Free Floating (Matt Walsh Remix)
07. Knowing We'll Be Here (KiNK Remix)
08. New Energy (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)

01. Drone Logic (Rødhåd Remix)
02. Need Electric (Audion Remix)
03. Reception (Perc Remix)
04. These Nights Never End (Ricardo Tobar Remix)
05. Simulrec (Conforce Remix)
06. Water Jump (Powell Remix)
07. Taste (Special Request Remix)
08. Naive Response (Danny Daze Remix)


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I got myself a Troop man bag.

Purchased mainly for festivals and keeping valuables on me, but can also cram in enough for an overnight stay somewhere.

A few separate zipped pockets, heavy duty doubly stitching and adjustable strap make for this to be a comfy to wear piece of apparel that looks great too. 7.6 / 10 would buy from them again.