Quite gutted I cannot attend this, looks like it will be a rocking night. Wasn't really expecting to spend the week in the JR in Oxford but that's life

Squidgy wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

In terms of clubbing it is without doubt Digweed at Fabric in June 2004. Fucking mental night. Off the scale.

Think that was when my mate was so cunted he did the 'Piranha' where somehow his lower jaw detached and his front bottom teeth touched the end of his nose in the most epic gurn I (and a circle of people around him watching in awe) have ever seen.

actual hearty LOL

loopdokter wrote:
zackster wrote:

i've only givin syro one listen, but my first impression was very positive. production and mastering are both out of this world. its a very accessible album, imo.

Describing Aphex Twin's music as accessible is akin to saying there's no war in Syria right now and you should go there on holiday to see Aleppo's famous souk!

Have you listened to the album? Its fucking class


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Scotchy is a legend. Aside from the gameboy gabba he also now plays bass for Seefeel. He also has a techno project called Scotch Bonnet. Man has got skills as well as the mental gabba stuff which had now got a bit boring given he's been doing it for 10+ years.

An entertaining watch if for some reason you get the chance to see him live...  He certainly had plenty of energy for the performance so you can't fault him for that.

Pete Tong @ gatecrasher NEC. Only endured his set as he was on before Underworld and I wanted a good spot front and centre. He fucked up a fair few mixes and totally ballsed the bushwacka remix of Billie Jean (the outdo section tempo drops, even I knew that but tong obvs hadn't done his homework)

August 2002 for We Love Sundays, Sasha, Sander Kleinenberg and junkie XL in the club.  Can't remember who was on the terrace but caught a resident guy and it was wicked times.   

Sander K was on fire around then, smashed it.

Grant wrote:

The original Madstock was absolutely horrendous.

Its a good job Yant didn't go to that one then.

Chemical Brothers at Reading Festival 1999 opened my eyes to electronic music proper.
Slacked off the bands (Blur and The Offspring I think?) on the main stage the next day and spent the evening in the dance tent rocking out to Roni Size reprazent and Breakbeat Era.  Boom.

And yes... echo Underworld at Brixton Academy... amazing night... this one to be exact.... wish more bands released "live" albums from tours.
http://www.discogs.com/Underworld-Brixt … se/1720350

Some people must like this - currently sitting 2nd in the Radio 1(TM) Top 40.
Good effort for a recluse loony from Cornwall.

Yep picked this one up, good to get a decent mix compilation through the post again.  Not given it all a listen through yet but CD1 starts off really well.

Also got the wiggle20 CD which sounded "quite good" on first listen but not as upbeat as the fabric CD.

Great label. Must dig out the cd compilation for a rinsing.

Was also a fan  of the Gecko spin-off label


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

no one in their right mind would pay for tickets for this tho

People who will be buying tickets to this:-

People with RG  / TW / SW postcodes.


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Alice Deejay - Better off Alone is a stone cold classic and I will hear nobody say otherwise.  A perfectly crafted pop dance record.

Sbando wrote:

I will re-up them all, in time.

Legendary, thank you.

Will pretty much finish with soundcloud now.  Given up on making "music" and given the dwindling number of dj mixes on there in general, its dead.


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Probably already in this thread somewhere, but worth posting again anyway...

The "friendly" Eng vs. Scot scheduled for Celtic park in November should be interested, regardless of which way the vote goes...

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Skydney wrote:
monostereo wrote:

The funny thing with Natasha Bedingfield is that she sang the vocals on this beast of of tune back in 1998 when she was about 14.

Hah never knew that. Picked up a copy of this from Massive Records back in the day.

My go:

Gus wins the thread with the truth bullet


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liquitech1 wrote:

I don't believe a lot of the scaremongering, who knows what way it will go...yesterday I saw a report that if Scotland breaks from the union they'll be the 14th richest nation on the planet, make of that what you will..

Only because they don't want to inherit their share of the UK debts.

Let's be honest, being rich wouldn't last


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That would be "nae moor tats"

Great interview but part of me thinks the entire thing is a giant troll effort and the journalist got owned.

And his 6 year old son sounds like Mark Fell? He went to see Skrillex at Glasto? Not sure if piss take.

Also, the new tune sounds good...

Aphex Twin - minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]: http://youtu.be/RUAJ8KLGqis

simeon79 wrote:

still listen this....lovely mix from Jose Padilla!
https://soundcloud.com/hypcro/1997-07-2 … ixesdb-com

He was on the "6mix" last Friday night, still up on the iPlayer


Homegrove wrote:

Ashley Caselle from 2003.

Yes this is a boss mix.

After the Oliver Lieb "love-in" the other week, I nominate his e-mix from 2001....
http://www.essentialmix.nu/index.php?mo … amp;id=536


While i'm at it, and probably not forgotten..

Sasha @ Gatecrasher, Millennium eve.
http://www.essentialmix.nu/index.php?mo … amp;id=361
Everything played at +7!

Big Fella wrote:

It's the only one released for a few years James.

That is probably what he meant

Hello new mod.

What are your prog credentials?