Lol sounds fucking vacuous from reading this.

Mad Max vs. Woodstock sounds about right though

Tasty mix mate, listened to about 30 minutes before I had to actually do some work.


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I'll chuck in a score (hell, maybe even a pony) IF he completes the Cinnamon Challenge from the VIP Balcony of Fabric, with only a glass of Veuve Clicquot to cleanse the pallet.

Presto wrote:

Already booked the Monday off.

Sounds sensible.
Might have to do the same tbh.
Then Tuesday is my last day before the break.

Already in the diary


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

what a bell end

Pretty much this.

I didnt realise this was a "thing" on the net.

How sheltered a life I must lead.

If they play that god awful head and shoulders song then its a massive SWERVE from me.

I heard it on the Sean Keaveny breakfast show a few weeks back and thought it was Sean singing a parody song, and in that respect it was OK.

Then he announced it as the new single by Leftfield and I spat my Jordans Country Crisp all over the table

Looking forward to some slightly wonky posts on here today then.


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steelydan wrote:

is Tom touching that bloke up?

Looks like Kevin Bacon

BedRob wrote:

Looking forward to later.

The Mrs's aunt just been rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack this morning. Feel bad that she has to deal with this alone while i am cutting some serious rug

Actually i feel fine

Glad you are OK.

Have a blinder tonight one and all

poirot wrote:

All single men without kids should enjoy their life whilst they still have one.



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simonr wrote:

ETC can't make Friday .. hr's just having a quiet chilled ibiza without the mayhem of clubs etc.

Just so you are all aware. Please respect the guys decision and go easy on him. He has his reasons.

The guy is high enough up the board power rankings to do whatever he goddamn well wants.
Peace and respect due.


It was the 3am finish that put me off going tbf.

If it carries on until 4am or later then i'll be a bit peeved - could have strung it out with a trip to a fried chicken shack before getting the first train home.


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Hopefully he is ledging it at a villa party right now, Daiquiri in hand, propped up on his shooting stool and chatting to a spanish lady who is probably the cleaner

To ID I need a bit more than a 10 second drum loop, if I'm brutally honest.


Hoping the fall of others has meant that I'm climbing the rankings (just like the Welsh rugby team)

Maybe it coveted MKs set which by all accounts was quite good … structures

Basically everything leisure system release is gold, especially from Rob Clouth. His Vaetxh stuff is very out there glitchy stuff, but under leisure system he makes very nice (almost) dancefloor friendly techno

Needs bumping up a few bpm to fit into my sets tbh

Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:
Presto wrote:

Oakey will be shite. I can guarantee you that much.

I decided to try and torture myself the other day and listen to one of his recent Planet Perfecto mixes. You know, for Trance it wasn't half bad. Thankfully with the sync button he no longer needs pots and pans to transition from one track to the next.

Not that I'll be listening to another one, mind.

Same, I listened to one of his podcasts on mixcloud a couple of months ago.  It was a "flouro" special, so it was hands and cocks in the air from the word go but it helped speed up the ironing

Most welcome after the mixed bag that was Magda


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smallman1 wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Corsica would be good

Too small.

Unfortunately yes its too small for the S&D double header, as much as I love that venue.

I would like an excuse to go back to that club though, Danny Howells should do a dig deeper in there

That's pretty cool, I've seen the flame thrower pipe thing on a documentary before. Pressure of flame changes along the pipe as standing waves are created, nifty

Good push for a top 20 finish from our man Gus. Pulling out all the stops with the gifs, jugs and tunes all in one post


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Presto wrote:

I'd smash the fuck out of his sister, mind.

Even if Steve asked to watch?