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benson wrote:

Seems like a lot for a spot of fraud.

A spot of fraud?

Bit of an understatement don't you think?
That's a bit like saying Saville committed a bit of kiddy rape.

Glad the greedy twat got a decent stretch. Hopefully more to follow.

I'm gonna have to sit out of this one.

Easter @ Heaven was a blinder so I am happy to have had a decent Diggers fill.  Will try and get to fabric (lol, say that every year)

Swann needs to prove his cricket cred pretty quickly otherwise I can't see him becoming a mainstay on the TMS leaderboard.
I prefer that bird over him


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smashdad wrote:


Lol, bless.

He must just really want to be part of this board.

Like Darren Emerson wishing he had never split from Underworld, sorry but its fine without ya....


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Shame he didn't make it up to "L", would have been a nice personal milestone for him.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Brainbug into cafe del mar was a great sequence.

One more time came off quite well too.

Agreed on Belfast, difficult one to pull off, and I give the lady 10/10 for effort on trying to sing it but the levels were all wrong and I could hardly heat her. Might have been different on the hall though.

Boring wrote:

I've missed the whole day again. Have the commentators started talking about Headingley 81 yet?

I definitely heard this mentioned, think it was Aggers or Tuffers around 2pm.

Boring wrote:

Missed it all again! Is the ball moving around?

If so England will want a lead of 130 or whatever number Geoffrey Boycott says. That bloke is always right.

It moved well for Jimmy.
6-47-2-14, nae bad at all.
Simon Hughes informed me on the C5 highlights that he was utilising the "wobble spin" to great effect.

We have to bat through tomorrow.  Simple as that.


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Thought that said "Cowpander Street"

Also: Nice use of Roman Numerals.

Obviously a poke at DogmanStar XXXVIII (or whatever iteration he is on now) from the powers that be.  Good work.

I knew we should have played Finn from the start.
If he carries on this way for the rest of the game, Mark Wood may as well retire


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If its on, Lock'n'Load will be pimping the hell out of it at SW4


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Would have thought we would have seen advertising by now.

Shame if there's no Bedrock at all given that its the birthday bash.


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heh, nicely dark.

The faces remind me of "Frank" though

Is that Floella Benjamin in the group photo, I thought it was for amateurs only.

I suspect the only damage was to the pilots seat, which suffered from extensive perspiration and soiling issues to the fabric.

Congrats to him.


and the only half decent Stu I can think of is Broady of the England Cricket team.


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I hope this is the tip of the iceberg, and a bunch more of them fall after this. I can see it now.

Sewel, hoping not to be isolated as the scapegoat for this sordid debacle, takes up a healthily paid job as chief whistleblower for The Sun On Sunday, raking in over £1000 a week (plus expenses) to which he can continue to fund his fluff/shag habits and keep his family sweet.

Imagine the homecoming reception he would have received this morning as he returned to his castle in Aberdeen.


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erik.b wrote:
roberto wrote:

. Using a bloody five pound note!!

Burlesconi is out there laughing at us Brits.

i noticed that too, and surely he can afford better hookers that £200-a-night

Not if its every night.
Depends how much he's waxing on Sheen every day too

I've been to Canada 3 times.
That's more than any other foreign country I've been too (outside of the UK).

Therefore, I consider myself an authority on the matter.

loopdokter wrote:
chromosome_junction wrote:

Don't listen to them Jay, I'm sure it's a really good book and will look great in your rack between the definitive histories of dance music in San Diego and Utrecht

I can write Utrect's history as we speak... Skinheads listening to shit gabba, influenced by Canadian label Plus8 and shit shranz techno that guys like Zackster dig.   Probably all students.


San Francisco's history would be interesting.   They were a prog town for a good while with clubs like Spundae. San Diego's I'm not so sure...

I'm holding firm lads.   I wouldn't have posted if I wasn't fully aware you were all going to come off high and mighty that things may have been happening concurrently outside of Barnstaple, Berlin and Chicago.

I like schranz. Much more interesting sounds than gabba. I have some killer 12" EPs with loads of locked grooves on.

Utrecht is also home to the infamous "breakcore gives me wood" forest parties. A state of trance and trance energy also have homes there these days.

Can I defend Canada?


seanc80 wrote:

Didnt think much of that EM to be honest. It wasnt half as strong as The warehouse project one in 2007

13th October
John Digweed from The Warehouse Project

Martin Buttrich – ‘Hunter’ (Cocoon)
Gold Ryan – ‘Collapse’ (White)
Phonogenic – ‘Last Beer on Earth’ (Cocoon)
John Digweed – ‘Gridlock’ [Digweed & Muir's Stripped down Mix] (Renaissance)
Ubu – ‘Pixels’ [Guy Gerber Late Check Out Remix] (Azuli)
BookaShade –‘Numbers’ (K7)
Unknown – ‘Untitled’ (White)
Josh Gabriel – ‘Summit’ [Remix] (White)
Ed Rush and Optical – ‘Untitled’ (White)
Andreas Hennberg – ‘Waters’ [Pierce mix] (Piermont Rec)
Maxime Dangles – ‘Love Water’ (Kompakt2)
Phoenix – ‘Rise Up’ [D Dub Mix]
PoPoF – ‘My Toyz’ (Skryptom)
Pedro Madeira – ‘Long Shadows’ [Christian Prommer mix](Buzzin Fly)
Jack Rock – ‘Formation Flying’ [Guy Gerber Jetlag Mix] (Tic Tac Toe)
Kaliber – ‘Kaliber 15 A’ (Kaliber Music)
Kaliber – ‘Kaliber 15 B’ (Kaliber Music)
PoPoF – ‘Lost Though pt1’ (Skryptom)
PoPoF – ‘Lost Though pt2’ (Skryptom)
Nick Muir – ‘G.Platz’ [Pig & Dan Remix] (Audio Therapy)
Armand Van Helden – ‘I Want Your Soul’ [Dusty Kid Mix]

This is the definition of modern day pure power prog.

And the crowd go wild!

Love this mix


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I've still got one of these bad boys


This thread has turned into Ariel mess.

MattBlack wrote:

All tickets sold out in 3 minutes, must be a record

http://www.mixmag.net/read/four-tet-jus … nutes-news

Might beat the record for number of touts / resales as well then