smallman1 wrote:

I'm now voting Labour.


4 more bank holidays a year.

2 bank holidays in March?

Give over!

If it turns out to be every Friday in August then I'm listening.

benson wrote:

currently you pay an effective marginal rate of tax of 60% on the next 23K you earn over 100k

40% tax and then another 20% because you lose £1 of personal allowance for every £2 you earn over it, and you pay 40% tax on that pound.

That's fairly savage taxation

The NHS is fucked for a number of reasons but it is salvageable. The biggest crisis is going to be workforce. About half the nurses I work with are EU, and they are really good at their job. We cannot afford to lose them.

They promised 5000 more GPs but there are now less than last year. Almost all I know over 55 are trying to retire early.

Retire early, only to come back straight away as a consultant and earn double ££ per hour?


Just think how many Garden Bridges we could build over the Thames for that.

So our best option is that everybody will decide to vote Liberal Democrat.

Closely followed by hiding.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

I don't mean to have a pop, btw. Because I think from your board bants you are a decent chap and I like reading your posts. I just don't understand why anyone would want to vote Tory if they genuinely care about the way the country is going .

So lets look at the options.

Flat-cap-whippet-haunted tennis ball overlord who was jeered all the way through his commons speech yesterday and cheered by none of his MPs?

That bloke who runs the lib dems (sorry, I cannot recall his name) although apparently he is a homophobic god botherer.

That bloke who runs UKIP (sorry, I cannot recall his name) although apparently he is a homophobic racist.

Green party - LOL

Don't bother voting because we are all doomed anyway, lets move to Canada with Joey

I used to vote Lib-dem but swung to Tory when I moved back to Tory-ville (Oxfordshire).

The local lib-dem candidate pushed a decent campaign in 2015 and convincingly beat Labour for second place, I will wait and see the manifestos to decide how to go.

Agreed the NHS is fucked.

Lib Dem to do alright out of this.
Labour are fucked.
Tory stronghold remains.

Corbs and Krankie asked for it, now they have to live up their word.

lol, good luck.


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Fucking awful weekend.
Didn't eat any chocolate.


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Noticed that sash and digs didn't bother with the sheet at Ultra this year. It's so 2016.

Squidgy wrote:

£7.50 for a beer.... do they want people to take drugs instead?

Don't remember prices being that steep. That's crazy.


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Just checking in from Screwfix. Glad it's open until 8pm tonight.


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53 is no age to go.

Damn, big fan of his works and methods. He did a collaboration with Sean from Autechre that was basically both of them making stuff completely separately then layering it together (think it was called telepaths or something like that). Pure sonic exploration that needs to be done to move things forward.


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Happy to be able to provide the lower limit benchmark so that everyone else can have a rocking weekend.


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The washing machine has been slowly leaking under our laminate floor for approximately the past 6 months.

We only discovered it because the warm weather has made the festy water start smelling, and now we are getting flies.

Thankfully the home insurance is covering it, but it looks like my easter week will now be boxing up all of our kitchen and lounge (I put laminate floor through the whole ground floor), shifting furniture into the garage, ripping up the laminate, and waiting for plumbers and joiners to turn up en mass Tuesday morning.

Coupled with the fact that the missus is now about the drop our second kid at any time.

Fun times ahead.  Stayed tuned for updates on my "crazy" Easter.

The postman has delivered the package.

I repeat.

The postman has....

Homegrove wrote:

Same for Live in Montreal. Still. Doubt they've sold a single copy. Traxsource is not a good place to buy compilations in lossless.

On to CD4 and it's full on vortex.

That must mean you are on at least beer 4 by now. Steady on!

smallman1 wrote:

Why is playing a Muslim prayer track considered to be so disrespectful?

Its more to do with the country he played it in.....

Dreadzone @ Glade Festival, 2007.
Following 16 hours of continuous rain that flooded most of southern england, those of us who got to the festival before the storm and had the foresight camp at the top of the hill had a great weekend.

This video is well worth 8 minutes of your time if you need a laugh

They opened the set with Little Britain, the sun broke from the clouds, and it was fucking tremenballs for the next 3 days (although, very very muddy).

Homegrove wrote:

Could've preordered it from the Bedrock-store for next to nothing too....

Well if previous bedrock-store orders are anything to go by, I will receive it sometime end of next week lol

Fucking hell - a year in the box.

smallman1 wrote:

Has anyone here seen Status Quo live?

Meant to be tops.

Yep. Went to the children in need concert at RAF Brize Norton in 2005, they were joint headliners with Girls Aloud.
Which reminds me of the worst musical act I've seen.

Quo were tops though, and needed to be because it was fucking freezing stood inside an aircraft hanger even with 15,000 people.

smallman1 wrote:

Making your own pizza?


Mrs Fletch kneads a good pizza dough.
I'm a home pizza convert.

Underworld.Brixton Academy, London, England. 01.11.2008.

1. Parc
2. Cowgirl/Rez
3. Born Slippy
4. Oich Oich
5. Always Loved a Film
6. King of Snake
7. Pearl's Girl
8. Beautiful Burnout
9. Two Months Off
10. Rowla
11. Strumpet
12. Spoonman
13. Jumbo
14. Born Slippy .NUXX
15. Nu Train
16. Moaner

Absolutely top notch day out drinking in London with my mates, followed by this storming performance by Underworld.  I've seen them 9 times now, and this was the definitely the best.

(Also helps that the CDs of the gig got released, so thankfully I own a copy, and its also on youtube if you search)


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

First mistake:  leaving Silver Planet.  Second mistake:  creating Border Community.  Third mistake:  DJing.

Border Community definitely had some beauts.

We have Nathan Fake, MFA and Luke Abbott as thanks.