Looks great, will blast this one out tonight whilst I make lasagne

MattBlack wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

I'm probably gonna get caned for this but i quite like some 'trancier' sounds now and then

There is sometimes some good tunes on Anjunadeep but that is pretty awful

Anjundeep is full of good tunes, but that track is Anjunabeats.  A subtle difference of approximately 10 BPM and good/bad.

simonr wrote:

John was excellent in Miami last night. Treehouse, small dark room and great sound. The music was perfect for Bedrock too. So all set up for an amazing night next weekend.

Good to hear.  Getting excited for the weekend now, been a while since i've caught an extended JD set.

Just scouting google maps for half decent ale pubs in the area - most of them seem to be shut on Sundays! Any recommendations from anyway?

Just found The Harp on Covent Garden.

Homegrove wrote:

Nick Warren's guest mix this week is stellar.

Yep, and Johns mix is wicked as well.

Cannot wait for Sunday!

No pre-party shenanigans for this then?


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Showing The Prodigy how to stay relevant.

Lost Language always was a trancetastic label though.

It is the perfect first hour of an extended set.


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Tuesday blues right here.  Pretty heavy weekend.


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There is a photo of me in the Es Paradis VIP section in 2000 at an 18-30s "agua" party. Totally being ignored by Boy George. I asked him to pose for a photo and he said yeah sure, then when my mate took the photo he turned away. Ledge. Must have been the peak of his prog times. He played Mothers Pride "learning to fly" during his set, the only tune I remember.

Both tracks forthcoming on the new Ground_Under cd


Also nice to hear another outing for I Feel Love.... and that Heaven Scent remix cool

+ dang.... can only dream of crowds that size / enthusiastic in the UK these days.


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zackster wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:
zackster wrote:

that's a top 5 fabric right there. audion "just a man" is such a fucking tune.

its fucking crap, mate

disagree. great mixing, tunes, and flow, imo.

but i'm also a bit of a matthew dear fan

Agreed, quite like the Audion fabric mix, and the Villalobos effort actually.  Both "marmite" mixes for sure.

As for this Magda effort - heard some  of the preview bits but it could be hit or miss with how it goes.  I am a big fan of Shackleton and love his track Cast the Die which is on here.


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The klang in this thread is off the chart.

Good work people.


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Late to the table (as per), but I can confirm many Bedrock @ Heaven events between 2001 and when it finished.

Digweed @ Amnesia in 2002 with Sander K for Renaissance, Sasha @ We Love Space a couple of nights later. Big prog week on the white isle. Underworld at the MTV Ibiza party in 2000 should also get a mention.

Failing on point 3.  Only seen Diggers in London / Brum / Beefa, Sasha in Liverpool / London / Beefa. Nevermind.


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Just a bump on an old thread as I was listening to this and pulled out the flyer from the night that I kept in the sleeve. 

Then realised it was 10 years ago this week.
Doesn't time fly.

Did the set ever get broadcast anywhere? Would love to hear it again. 

I still remember how shit I felt at work the next morning, sat in the corner eating a bag of wotsits and trying not to attract too much attention.....

Even sadder when you can't spell his name correctly.

Fond memories of reading The Colour of Magic at school and then getting wrapped up in his crazy world. 


Thats tonights playlist sorted then - Cheers Mr. D

It is proper annoying especially for those of us who only get 2 minutes at a computer before having to go and do some work


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roberto wrote:

Then some more recent stuff is Moderat's 1st effort.

Annoyed I forgot about this. A very important album for me, didn't like their second album for a while but its kinda grown on me a bit more recently. Read they are back in the studio again which can only be a good thing


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Bass clef - Reeling Skullways
Andy Stott - all of his albums on modern love are master classes in minimal electronic production, recommended
Machinedrum - Rooms. The only "footwork" producer I like, and its not really footwork. Ital Tek's Nebula Dance is similar in style, fast drums and nice melodies. Both on planet mu.

This set sounds lush.  Hope I'm not bouncing off the walls too much when the doors open, I would like to enjoy the warm up


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Presume you mean one of these?


Lol what did I just watch. Its like the prog version of Keef Flint prowling the stage.

I guess you had to be there, and it would have been awesome


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Keeping it "dance" rather than electronic:

Daniel Avery - Drone Logic
Josh Wink - When a banana....

Very impressed with Ital on planet mu, his recent album End Game is pure trippy deep techno

The Pig and Dan Bedrock album is very solid as well.