Naff all.
Just finished a shift at work.

Saving my beans for Junction next weekend.

Only 3 Ibiza dates for Sunday's at Space.

I retract my statement.

It's here, and cd7 is boss.

Cheers Postman Pat!


Wonder if my copy has arrived on time for once?

If not, looking forward to hearing it sometime end of next week once everyone else has digested it / pirated it, as per the norm.


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Loads around here, mainly due to the RAF base and the repatriation route up to the hospital in Oxford.

I have no problem with it.

Annoys me how its got this racist tag attached to it if you fly a flag, where the truth is if you don't like seeing the flag flying then that possibly makes you racist.


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Yep it looks great.

Really enjoyed the Fire Walk With Me film (which I had never seen before) and all the out take bits, Bowie is creepy as fuck in that.


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Where possible, I do it myself.
Always have "issues" with work that other people have done in my gaff.

For example the "professional" kitchen we had fitted at great expense - some shady as fuck geezers came to install it and we've had constant niggles with it from day one.  They put the U-bend for the washing machine drain BEHIND the built in oven which means you can't fucking get to it to clean it out - which took me about 4 hours to sort out the other night.

Like to think I am fairly handy at this sort of stuff, but the main thing for anyone is knowing your limitations.

And I wish my limitations were flat pack then I wouldn't start all these projects off then whinge I don't have any time to do fun stuff.

Autechre just dropped 4 hours + of new music across 5 digital EP releases.
Thats me sorted for a while then.


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Grant wrote:

I bought Silence Is Easy.  I reckon I've listened to it three times.

Thats 3 more times than anyone else has listened to it.


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Clashes with Junction 2, otherwise i'd be there, sorry.

Wally wrote: … -004-solee

Got some cracking tunes in it - the tune on 22 mins is a belter.

This is great, thanks for sharing.

Finally getting round to the Dixon / Ame essential mix, good so far

At my great uncles house for a family party when I was 13, got drunk on special brew with my cousin sat under the snooker table. He had a much worse hangover than I did - and he was sick. He was 14 and I felt like god.

I should have quit while I was ahead.

Shit news.
Hope they get recovered or the twats lose their bollocks


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smallman1 wrote:

Nice one Fletch, see you in there for a beer hopefully.

Sounds good, I've not met too many of the Bedrockers.

Booked my train last night and I'm getting into Brentford for midday -

Great movie.
OK ish sequel.

28 months later apparently in the pipeline.


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I'm in.
Currently looking at the after party too - Ame and Adam Beyer on duties

I'm Andrew, 33 from Oxford.

I should probably like Radiohead more than I do, but there are some complete melters around these parts who love them far too much and that puts life / worship of a band into a clearer perspective.

Notable experience:- 17 years old at the Oxford Mayday Ball, Paul Oakenfold drops his remix of Street Spirit and everyone goes ballistic.


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Todays shock headline news:


(If we vote to leave the EU)

He is probably a Jaded regular


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All you need is Foobar2000 (or WinAmp) plus a 2TB external hard disk.

And yes John, I will continue to buy your "Live In" CDs if you make any more.

Vinyl next time too please?

Job done.


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Presto wrote:

I've flat out refused to install iTunes, and let it take over my library, from day one.

And that's all I have to add to this matter.

No indepdenant candidates standing in the Thames Valley.

I am 10000% confident that the Tory chap will get re-elected due to his excellent work over the past X years.

^ same here Erik, no info received, no canvassing.

Apparently it's all on a website but ive not even been informed what that is.


You might have just persuaded me to vote.

Thames Valley Police Commissioner voting only in our region - and why they have to be alligned to a political party is beyond me.

If there is a Commissioner Gordon on the list, i'm voting for him.

smallman1 wrote:

Leave it the pro's lads.

^ to