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http://store.hmv.com/film-tv/blu-ray/tw … paign=awin

Blu ray box is currently £17.99 at hmv, free UK delivery. Worth a shot for all the TP fans out there who didn't spend £45 quid on it

Grant wrote:

Fuck me, how good does that look?


It does indeed look quite good.

Im having a massive reg and not going after all.

Even got a free guestlist offer for it.

Prog tatters once again.


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Can I request the same numbered edition as my main Montreal box?

Then my life will be complete thanks.

Im no bully.

plz don't ban me sad

Presto started it!


Presto wrote:
kiz wrote:

Digweeds music is like a fine bottle of champers. It is to be enjoyed and savoured.

But you still have to buy the fucking thing first.

You beat me to it.

Which is what Kiz might find when he goes to his favourite Champagne emporium and finds some other chap has bough his favourite bottle

Bang on.

roberto wrote:

Bad Company....are back cool

Dang right!

Have you heard the dBridge "heartdrive" project?  Some dang sexy autonomic-style hybrid d&b business going on there.



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millsy23 wrote:

Had this on while working earlier Fletch. Very nice soundscape indeed. Enjoyed it mate.

Thanks a lot.  My first released mix in about 10 years and I rather enjoyed making it.

Working on a techno mix at present.


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The Sam Tarly of the board.


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furry wrote:

Made this for you....


Very good!

But you missed a crucial detail, so I updated it for you.

https://40.media.tumblr.com/93eaba1c8bf … o1_540.jpg


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aural wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

are we going to be disappointed at 9pm tonight Ryan?

Well - not going to give anything away - but this episode kind of just set up where the characters are currently. There wasn't much action. There is an interesting scene at the very end since you are into Melissandre smile

.... still would? wink


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Yep, im a fan.
Best ongoing series on the telly for ages.

Melisandre - you definitely would.

Also, this bird who used to be in Hollyoaks:-


Schwing! She disappeared in Season 2 I think, was kinda hoping she would come back into it.

Great sounding tune.
Shit crowd though but at least they turned up

Hudson Mohawk just "remixed" Amo Bishop Roden by Boards of Canada, and fucking ruined it.  I think there was a thread here last week.


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Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life

He tried his best.
Mad as fuck, bless him.

Loved Lets go Crazy, 1999 and a load of his other stuff.


Deep Point wrote:

Has to be the rest of Montreal on Transitions.  Same photo, 'missing piece of the puzzle'...  Step up your game people.

The completist in me wants him to release 2 or 3 more CDs from the Montreal set that can be inserted into the box - theres plenty of room for them.

*wet dreams*

It is a puzzle though, right?

I hope we have a cryptic bread crumb trail of deep net espionage and hacking in order to figure out exactly what this is.

Or a facebook update.


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It's a Bedrock Jigsaw puzzle, blatantly.

Bet it's one of those 1000 piece ones with loads of awkward colours to match too. Possibly Johns face and the dangly B's


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Studio essential mix please


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Bloc EEA negotiations at the WTO

This can't be a positive point for you, Shirley?

Being part of the EU means we don't have our own seat at the WTO so have to go along with whatever is decided by the EU representative.

Shirley having our own seat back at the WTO table would be better for our international trade negotiations?


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Todays Osborne report is pure bullshit. The man who has missed all of his targets as Chancellor.

Each scenario has a strong negative impact on the economy, according to the report, but the forecasted 6% hit to national income growth is based on the Canadian trade model with the EU.

I cannot see how basing their growth forecasts of the "UK out of the EU" on a barely implemented Canadian trade deal has any credibility whatsoever.

Basically, every time (daily?) some rubbish "IN" story is published, it kinda helps to detract from their credibility.  The Leave campaigners must be loving it.  The media really aren't helping the cause.


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I listened to his bloc / BBC residency interview with Surgeon, quite interesting really.

He talks about listening to Autechre then going to Hardwax records in Berlin and buying techno.

Bloke seems like a right geez.


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MattBlack wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

...would it be ok for somebody to realise they're wrong and then come to a better decision, Matt? Or is that not allowed at all.

Course it is, but how can you be anti something all these years and then all of a sudden go, oh, maybe i was wrong all along. Corbyn was against joining the EEC in 75, he was against Maastricht in 92 and against Lisbon in 2007 yet now all of a sudden he's for staying. Cameron has been anti EU pretty much since he became Conservative leader but now all of a sudden he thinks we should stay at any cost and is willing to risk leadership of his party to do it, does that not strike you as odd?

Yes, yes it does.

The first album / mix has to be good to get noticed / picked up and released.

And yep, usually years of ideas and their best works condensed into the first album, followed up with a hastily put together 2nd attempt a few years later after fan and record label pressure.

I still consider James Zabiela's original "Four" promo mix CDs to be his best works.