Kinda agree on CD3 not being the most entertaining for home listening, but in a club it would have been "heads down lads lets get on with it" followed by a "where the fuck did the last hour go?" moment.

A good excuse to post this

Was gonna stick it in the Toronto thread Re: Pots and Pans techno.

I am totally loving the fact that melodies are back.

Listening to the full mix of the Livio & Roby track on the vinyl release and it is beautiful.

If you compare these tunes to those that featured around the Bedrock 11 era then currently the bedrock output wins hands down for me

DJ.... Digweed.  Been on top form this year.
Producer.... Ital also loving Daniel Avery.
Film.... Not actually seen any new films this year. And If I have, they were meh as I cannot remember them.

Unlucky Simeon79.

millsy23 wrote:

Thoughts and prayers lads. Lol

If I went to the effort of releasing a commercial mix CD showcasing my branding / label, I would want everything to be correct.

Jus' saying.

Dear Bedrock,

Just putting it out there, but I am happy to proof read sleeve notes for any future bedrock release.

I won't charge you for my time.

But obviously will need to hear the music to verify sleeve note authenticity.

Thanks and looking forward to working with you.


Brilliant track. Might have to give the Hernan perfecto CDs a blast again

Has anyone actually missed it?
Been very quiet over there for ages.  Post less there now than I do here.  The mixes/downloads section is / was boss though.

Gold. Great work!

Big Fella wrote:

lol at these two belters...

  • Tartan Hat

  • Oversized shades (bonus points for being worn inside)

  • Waistcoat (bonus points for pleated collar / oversized buttons

  • Loses points for no facial hair / sideburns

Pretty good score, if he added an overly cumbersome wrist watch he would be right up there.

CDs 1 and 2 are golden, sterling stuff Mr. Digweed.


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The Sheila at 1:45 throws a handbag punch, then watch out for the bloke next to her get a roundhouse to the face.  Lol's


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I would be pretty aggressive with that sort of racket playing.

Email Scott, they may have some spares?

It arrived today! Bedrock should look into a download option for those of us who forked out for the physical releases, even if its just the continuous mixes and not the separate tracks. Would be a nice touch imo.

Just getting into disc one and the first two tracks are immense.

Sleeve notes are messed up though, disc one and two are labelled the wrong way around in the booklet. More often than not there's something wrong with bedrock releases! Versus and Argentina had errors from memory. Never mind, the music is class....

Postman been and gone.

Reg central.

So glad I forked out £10 for postage.


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jamie wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:
steelydan wrote:

but, does he play a load of dross? I'm off to soundcloud to check!

Just good house music

really enjoying his 2014 mastermix.

His 80s megamixes are quality, they were on his soundcloud for a while.  Great to stick on at house parties if nobody can be bothered mixing or you need some high class cheese.

Linky -

There are 4 of them altogether if they are your thing, I remember No.3 being full of love and power ballads, ace.

Presto wrote:

Postman has been and gone. sad

Same here. Mortified tbh.

Can somebody shed some light on the Phil Thompson and Danny Howells never doing bedrock warmup slots again saga.



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I cannot actually pinpoint the exact time when Richie Hawtin truly became shit, but his falling out / parting with Magda and a bunch of the other original M_Nus crew definitely sparked a rapid downward spiral in his output.

millsy23 wrote:

Just read the real line up. John Creamer for four hours.


and Erik Prydz ambient set to finish off the last 3 hours.

Remember the SOS night being rather great, I was also present for Fabio & Grooveriver which was pretty damn special.  There was an Xpress2 night later on when they had just upgraded the soundsystem in there - POWER.

This was also probably my favourite night at Bedrock...

Holden and Lisle in Dakota was boss

Just noticed a few words from John over at RA:

Why have you decided to return to Heaven?

Out of all the clubs in the world that I have played at I have the longest history with Heaven. I was a regular on the dance floor at Delirium most Thursdays catching the likes of Frankie Knuckles first ever UK gig while dreaming of playing the main room one day. In 1991 my hard work paid off and I was resident at Rage, one of the most successful underground nights in the UK at the time. For me Heaven is amongst the most iconic venues of all time. It's a proper acid house event space and is one of the last great clubs from that era.

We know it holds a very special place for Bedrock and the memories we have from so many great nights there. Bedrock at Heaven was the start of the weekend for many people and it’s been a very long time coming for our return. Weekend dates at Heaven are very rare as the venue has in-house nights every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. When the opportunity arose to bring Bedrock back to Heaven at Easter, this time on Easter Sunday rather than our traditional Thursday date, we grabbed it with both hands. Furthermore, there is a whole generation of clubbers who have never been to Heaven and this was a major reason for our return. We are expecting loads of new faces who never had the chance to experience the magic of Bedrock at Heaven.

What moments stand out from previous Bedrock parties at the venue?

The beauty of the night was that it was the crowd that made it so special. They trusted us with the line ups and supported every DJ the same. The price was always £5 for members whether it was Deep Dish, Danny Tenaglia, Basement Jaxx, Chris Fortier or Danny Howells playing. One stand out night for me was Rabbit in The Moons only ever UK gig. The atmosphere was electric and the reaction was one of the best I have ever seen there. Those that remember those nights will know what to expect, those that don't better hold tight.

erik.b wrote:
fletcher wrote: … r-mix-2014

A *perfectly* timed promo mix from the man-like Moonface.  Diggers please take note and get him on board for the warm-up please! This mix is great.

A lovely bit of wishful thinking.  Won't ever happen sadly.

do spill the beans

millsy23 wrote:

the one that's split into two?

Is that the one with the underground passage between the two halves.  I think i've been in that one.