Unemployment falling (again), average earnings are up, Ed and Sturgeon having a tiff on the telly over working together....

....its all falling into place for Dave and Nick to bring it on home for round 2


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roberto wrote:

A concerning lack of black pudding chat so far...

As long as it is


Black or White pudding, game on.

poirot wrote:

Try growing up somewhere with a population of 165k and then adding 15,000 immigrants in 3 years. Like I did and that's on top of one of the largest West Indian populations already residing from the 50s. Believe me from my experience (I was 34 when I left) integration of cultures works a lot fucking better in Australia than it does in the UK.

Oxford is a very ethnically diverse place to live. 

Oxford is an ethnically diverse city.  22% of residents were from a black or minority ethnic group in 2011, compared to 13% in England.

    An additional 14% of residents are from a white but non-British ethnic background.

    Ethnic diversity increased between 2001 and 2011.  The number of people from all ethnic groups increased, with the exception of people in the White British and White Irish ethnic groups.

    The largest non-white ethnic groups represented in Oxford are Pakistani, Indian, Black African, 'other Asian' and Chinese ethnic groups.

    The child population is considerably more ethnically diverse than the older population, which is one reason why the population is expected to become more ethnically diverse in the future.

I always drop these into my summer BBQ tunes - keeps the Oxford locals happy

Foals - My Number
Supergrass - Stereo
Stornoway - Zorbing

Also, anything by Napalm Death.


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In fairness I never progressed to the digital age in terms of DJing.  I do still buy the odd bit of vinyl for home listening pleasures, but RSD has got  bit out of hand.


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poirot wrote:

I'm sure that's what dozey Aussies are getting fed too. It defo ain't chocolate anyway.

Don't they get a lot of Boursin Australia?


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Its the same as the cunts who go to the pub on Christmas eve, and never set foot in their local for the rest of the year.

Support your pubs all year round people!

j.p sykes wrote:

Well, that was quick...

https://soundcloud.com/mercuryserver/tr … 2015-04-05

Great set, and I remember being front and centre for all of this, racking the pints up on the stage before it got too crowded.  The lads next to us were obviously BIG fans (or mates) of Danny, heckling him and screaming / whooping at every opportunity (as can be heard on the recording).

To be fair, Howells did look proper wobbly when I saw him later on.

Good to know we can blame a bedrock board members younger brother.


roberto wrote:

seems to me like you can vote for the ones that fucked the arse out of the economy or the ones that, whisper it, have fixed it.

Pretty much this.
Life has been alright round these parts for the last 5 years, so I'll probably stick with voting for what has been working.

And yes, this is Tory heartland, full of rich twits in big houses. But let's be fair to them, rich people do spend money and it does filter down to the rest of the locale. If they can just close a few of the offshore accounts, I'm pretty sure we can have this country fixed in time for Polo at the weekend.

drwho13 wrote:

Lee Burridge's latest burning man mix.

It's great.

Yep, solid 3 hours of lovelyness.

Currently listening to the new Stornoway album called Bonxie. It's even more melancholy than their earlier stuff, less upbeat moments but still very good lyrics and harmonies. Bit of a fanboy tbh.


Today has been all about the DJ Heather and Doc Martin fabric mixes as I go about getting my garden in order.

Busting out the tunes in a Titchmarsh stylee

smashdad wrote:

No mentions of any of the other rooms/DJs so far...

I wandered through the Star Bar a couple of times to no great effect - the third time I wandered through it around 0330 it was virtually empty - at 0530 it was basically shut.  Only stuck my head in the Soundshaft for ten minutes when I first got in but similarly it was empty late on...

Caught the end of Jozif and start of Will Saul, it filled up a bit but never got proper going.  Apparently there was something else going on in another room.

Walked into the Soundshaft and promptly walked out again - shoddy soundsystem and screaming loud.

djdiggers wrote:

Forthcoming on Bedrock

The words you always want to read.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
poirot wrote:

People remembering tracks at 5 or 6 am in the morning? Poor form.

Was thinking the same - lol

When Diggers drops Age of Love at 5am and your reaching for the lasers, water bottle in hand and cheshire cat grin at full tilt - its a fairly difficult thing to forget tbh

Work has been an absolute struggle today.  Why the hell I didnt book the day off I don't know.

But I consider it a personal achievement that I have pulled through, in the name of prog.

Another highlight from the evening:-

Someone in the downstairs bogs, asking the hand cleaning guy if he was the same guy who worked at Heaven 7 years ago.
His reply: "Yeah man, I've worked here some time"


I left at about 6:30 so that's where I guess I missed king of snake and believe. What time did he finish up?

Also think he may have played that new Leftfield track, universal everything

Didn't hear Baguio track. Can anyone confirm?

Raff and Freddy - Listen.
First tune I think.
Also just remembered Age of Love got dropped around 6am

Diggers congratulated me on my 4-pint carrying skills as I headed from the bar to front centre during the Howellers set. Natch.

RIP Dakota but hello balcony bar, my saviour

Mouth to Mouth followed by Aftermath somewhere around 5:30am. Don't think my brain has left the ceiling yet. Diggers had a piss break during.


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Rave Lizard wrote:
fletcher wrote:

Yep it still runs all night, once an hour.

The worst feeling is missing it at 4am by 5 minutes then wandering the cold dark streets like some homeless zombie for what feels like eternity until the next one.

Hotel: justified

Did that after many a night at The Cross, Gallery, Home and Bagleys. Was even worse for me, I used to live in Witney so I would have to wait for another bus when in Oxford. Halcyon days.

I see your Witney and raise you Carterton! Well... That's where I used to live, slightly less hideous part of the county now. The 100 bus was a whole new world of horror past midnight.

Big fan of Satoshi's Saw Recordings. Still rocking the slipmats.

Should probably mention planet mu, buy a lot if their stuff and definitely not pigeonholed to any specific genre.

Phantasy has been my favourite label / new find of the past couple of years.

The only 4ad record I own is this mortal coils song to the siren so that gets a nod from me.


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Yep it still runs all night, once an hour.

The worst feeling is missing it at 4am by 5 minutes then wandering the cold dark streets like some homeless zombie for what feels like eternity until the next one.

Hotel: justified