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Getting the overnight ferry from Birkenhead over to Belfast on Wednesday evening.
Hope the swell has died down by then otherwise its going to be a fairly fruity crossing.


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The Inheritors was actually a great album


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4 years into marriage, now with 2 kids. 

Managed one festival this year as a working volunteer, and no clubbing (yet).

Make of that what you will.

Billed as a "Resistance" night, interestingly a Bugged Out night has also been pencilled in at Motion Bristol.  I'm still gonna hold out for an event at Printworks, which also has a Bugged Out thing going on...?

My wife has her catholic (irish) mother and CofE (english) father who met in the army in the 80s. The marriage probably ruffled quite a few feathers in the irish contingent of the family and I've not been privy to that particular drunken history lesson (yet).

Me? Technically catholic parents but I was not baptized and never went to church as a young'un.

We were married in a CofE church 4.5 years ago, and have not been back in a church since other than for weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Happy to be branded a non-believer.

Damien Kingstar wrote:

Just got caught up in it all and bought one. Fk knows how am going to watch it. 933 left when i paid.

422 left now, flying out still it seems.

Bet Global Underground are kicking that they didn't get this gig.

elrobertos wrote:

1000 more just added.

Damn, missed it again.

Cocoon: The Return

Homegrove wrote:

The first three are all great movies.

Agreed. And Crystal Skull is fucking dire.


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Grant wrote:

I've seen her twice and she's blown the roof off. I think she's brilliant.

But what about Anja?

Swipe right?

As long as she washes her hands afterwards.


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Good man.

In light of no Sasha&Digweed / Bedrock announcements, I have bagged a ticket to the Hydra party happening at Printworks,


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Yeah, our baby no.2 arrived in May.

I went to the pub a few weeks ago? Stayed for a couple then headed home.



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Dunno, kinda leaves it open for another series but also could definitely be an end.

Episode 17 was GREAT! Hammy fight scene with some of the old cast hanging around, heroic stuff with good vs evil etc. And if that had been the end, I would have been ok with that.

Episode 18 is what Lynch does best, fucks with our expectations.  It was full of weird suspense and drawn our sections that give us time to think/ponder.  The horror element comes from what our mind envisages rather than what is explicitly shown on screen (See Laura Palmer sat in the car with Dale, wondering if they are being followed. Nope, its just her worrying about being followed when nothing else is happening).

There is a fuck-ton of stuff to chew over from this series if you can be bothered, and personally I have loved it all and am very glad he got to make the show he wanted.

Definitely won't have won him many new fans and possibly lost him some old ones, but the daft old sod will (hopefully) pick up some awards and as a lasting legacy for TP fans we can't have asked for much more.

:-) ALL

Good news.

The way W10 was deployed, coupled with compatibility issues I had, means that I ended up installing Ubuntu (Plasma) on my home computer, and recently also tried out Gnome which seems pretty stable and user friendly too.


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I can't understand why they limited this series to only 7 episodes when they have clearly already covered more ground in 6 episodes than they used to with 10.

Fucking stupid how they can now travel the length of the continent during an ad break, yet Tyrian took a while series to do it when he joined the black watch.


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But for those who got in, was it any cop?

Or just shit and expensive.

The world was flipped on its head when you got "instant" loading C64 cartridges.

Desert Strike, Jungle Strike and Urban Strike.  Spent an age playing those game.


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Most powerful man in the world needs an advisor to tell him not to stare directly at the sun.


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Whats this? Solar crisps?

Dermatron wrote:

5 kgs is fuck all to what she'll nail on over the next ten years.


Personally, Oliver good prog trance album.

roberto wrote:

Anyone go? Sounded pretty decent.


Sorry to derail this football thread, but the festival did indeed look decent.

I went to both the Glade Festival's that were held on the same site and its a boss venue with natural amphitheatre's, woodland, sculptures in the grounds of the old house etc.

Definitely on the list for next year if it gets the green light (apparently there were some noise complaints they have to deal with first)


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I wish I had photoshop skills.  The map needs a skull & crossbones next to a treasure island or something.


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And he raped her on their interbred son's coffin, so that's one ticked off the bucket list I suspect.