I was at that one too.
Was only 30 minutes away from my parents house - my mum dropped me off at the gate lol.

Looking back, pretty decent lineup to be fair.

http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/g … neup.shtml

Signed and spread.

A few of them were available at the time.
Picked this up from £5 in the Fopp bargain bin a few years back!

https://www.discogs.com/Sasha-Global-Un … ease/38340

IMO, looks guff.


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deadhead wrote:

GB 1936-2004: 73 Golds
GB 2008-2016: 75 Golds


Its all down to Boris for making GB Great again.

simonr wrote:

All new music. Nice club. Fun night and great to see H out. 

Will be back. Berlin is ok.


Glowing reports

Dan Harwood wrote:

Dont think so? Drove past the venue today and they had the event still on the bill outside.

Ok I read their press release wrong.

It was a different venue last year - Moat Park.

Rave Lizard wrote:
Wally wrote:

Maybe all is not lost


But you never know what's said behind closed doors and if it's just paying lip service to the issue. Wasn't he elected with protecting London's club scene as part of his manifesto?

Four deaths in two years is going to be hard to ignore.

They seem to ignore alcohol related deaths quite easily. When was the last time you heard of a pub getting closed because someone drank too much?

Moving the venue would have cost a few quid....


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ukhursty wrote:

Have to say, Bedrock @ MoS was class.

I will be missing it though, sprog numero deux will have arrived by that point.

Sneaking in the social fest though!

Good man, on all counts.


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Big memories of one particular d&b night around 2003 with Andy C in Room 2, plus James Lavelle and the Stanton Warriors in room 1. Absolute carnage.

Also met some great people through fabric, a few guys from Bournemouth way who I ended up spending many crazy summers with at Glade Festival.

Digweed Christmas 2005 was a monster - specifically remembered as I had to work on Sunday hmm

A wicked Villalobos / Richards night where they did individual sets and b2b all night. Rolled out of there around 10am.

Everyone has their first time trying to get those taps to work outside the toilet block!

Biggest fabric regret: Getting so pissed that I ended up going home and never saw John Peel DJing in room 3.  He died about a month later sad

If the curtains are to be drawn (which would be a fucking disgrace to be honest) I would be gutted - but agree that they need to have a massive closing party if possible.

If that's all you need to do, then Audacity does all that (and more) and it's free.


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Dermatron wrote:

There's absolutely no point in going to a club without class A's

So that's where I've been going wrong for the past 17 years


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Would be immensely shit if this was the end of fabric.
If one club has maintained it's integrity and passion throughout, it's fabric.


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Phil McRrackin wrote:

Ha! Update from Flares on there too!


Geoffrey Boycott.

Bradley Wiggins.
Jamie Oliver.
Pete Tong.


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Another bitter thread, cowering in the success of others.


delged wrote:

Just had an email from bandsintown saying Uncle John will be at MoS on Sat 19th Nov.

Any other sources confirm?

Was going to opt for the Electric Brixton, but I am all over MOS if true.

They should probably just look at the bandcamp business model and realise that people don't actually mind paying for music if they like it enough.

Dense & Pika are class.


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Plenty of Boiler Room broadcasts from over the weekend.

Was Ed front row at any point?


Didn't they just finish putting the new roof on the terrace.


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Caught about 5 minutes of synchronised diving last night.

As the Brazil girls were about to jump a police car drove past, sirens blaring, plus as they started the routine someone in the crowd popped a champagne cork and they fucked up their timing.  lol.

Reports of thefts, card fraud, damaged (unfinished) hotels, strikes, protests, heavy handed police and general fuck ups.

Also, looks like poor attendance to the majority of the events. They can forget about profits!

Holding out for New Years Eve.

You heard it here first.