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Anyone up for a drone / electronic / dark techno mix... Step right this way.

Its either that or you will get a "best of live in" vinyl mix.


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Well it is an important cultural discussion.

Yant wrote:

It's snow joke, Hannu.

Yeah Hannu, chill out

Im up for both. 
Just gotta clear it with the boss.

Picked up his Asleep Versions EP on vinyl.  Very fucking good.

Were you the guy that drove the minibus back from Global Gathering to Kings Cross many moons ago?

It still haunts me.

Gets me every time and draws me right in for the duration...

Kazimier hasn't been open that long, bummer. Never made it up to Nation but did mission up for Cream fields once.

I did enjoy The End... Caught Garnier in there once which was ace. Also that Wednesday night launch party for Diggers Choice album in AKA... That was awesome and slightly messy


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"Banned Aids"?

I tend to avoid the minimixes and wait for the full shebang.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Already pre ordered, looking forward to blasting this out over xmas

Same here, went for the vinyl as well as the CD, some new tracks to mix up over the festive period

They're all plonkers. But I think Cameron has done alright given the mess he was handed after Brown got the boot.

Milliband has the sort of face you just want to slap with a raw trout. I'd love to do that.

steelydan wrote:

Can't beat Corsica's main room

Yep.  Massive soundsystem, dark room. Strobes and a ball. Job done.

Basically this, once Jeff lets go of the Mic:


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

this is right up there for me:

Probably my favourite Hooj choon, absolute massive track.

+1 on the Judge Jules Ministry CD, great mix that was.  Found it last week when I was clearing out for a music magpie haul.


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I had to punch a new hole in my favourite leather belt (the short end!) so im guessing whatever it is im doing is making me lose weight.

Lack of sleep / drinking more coffee / stress is probably the cause.

But I knows loss of weight /= getting fit, so I need to get back out on my bike.

... straight from the Mersey?

See I would go for mixed CDs, and give a disc each to Surgeon and Digweed.  They can sort the tracklistings.



What a crap website that is.

Lot 234 if you are interested.


https://www.hilcoind.com/sale-details?v … 579bd48161

Right - can any of you spotters ID any of the spine colours on this lot?


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OK pre-ordered. 

Note to Scott or whoever does the packing: Please do not send me another copy of the "tale of two cities" DVD, I am running out of ingenious places to hide them all.

London disc 1… Argentina discs 2/3... Cordoba 1.


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Will probably cave in and splash out for the vinyl. Again.

Swans - To Be Kind.
Massive droning noise rock with plenty of balls and swagger.  Not usually the sort of thing I listen to, but quite frankly its rather bloody good.  Will check out their last album "The Seer" which according to reviews is even better.

A friend of mine Ags released his debut album earlier this year, a singer song writer of Americana country type stuff.  Again, not my usual bag, but actually really rather good.

He has received great reviews from the "country circuit" and those in the know.  Watch out for big things in the future.
He has a great voice for singing, and rather different to his Oxfordshire yokal speaking voice.

That Darkside album from last year was rather good too, Nicholas Jaar does it again.