my super organised mate has over booked, currently having some pre drinks, let me know if you want them, tenner each??

@bigedd on twitter is probably the best way to get in touch.

let me know...
Eddie smile

ps. whos the guest?

Beijing Dave wrote:

Please list your nominees here.

Keep it topical. Don't say, for instance, Tom Jones, because that dirty old bastard thankfully hasn't been in the news too much this year.

For me, Frankie Cocozza. I don't even watch the X Factor but his goony ugly smashable mug is plastered all over the British papers.

Lets all give some undeserved publicity to some mugs who've been trying to get on the box/web for too long... loving your work Hoisin dave. … jing-3.JPG


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In other news.
How I nearly made the most important barn find in motorsports history. … ts-history


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That's not an F1 car dave.

Beijing Dave wrote:

It's another classic from bigedd.

Dermo wrote:

He only posts when there's something really special to say. Thank fuck.

Nice to see the bedrock board's equivalent of 'dick and dom' are still trolling the board. loving your work guys...

What?! no Mingey Monday, Tittie Tuesday, wanky wednesday, tittie thursday, flangey friday??

[shakes head]

[post to genuinely remove email subscription, thats a great feature]

yeah, shut up Rhouses.

Longest 'i told you so' ever?! shame Norris McWhirter wasnt here to witness it.

[turning off the mail alert now]

Mickos1 wrote:

If android does get ported to it then thats a bonus.

CyanogenMod team puts Android on the TouchPad … -touchpad/

Mickos1 wrote:

If android does get ported to it then thats a bonus.

I believe its possible... android seems to work on pretty much anything tbf.

it started getting good when they played 'block rockin' beats'.

Nah, you're wrong, it just felt a bit too polished, lacking that 'live' element imo.

I know others loved it, my sister said it was 'the best thing she'd ever seen'*, it just wasn't as good as i hoped it'd be.

*Bit of a glasto meltdown on her part smile

roberto wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:

he played an hour and a half, was there really any point seeing as he was on the same time as The Chemical Brothers anyway?

I thought the chems were pretty meh,,,,should have gone and checked him out.

agreed... why the fk did we spend hours infront of chem's greatest hits at the sacrifice of a digweed set... mildy miffed about this....

the prancing horse was mildy amusing though...

Highlight of glasto for me was t.e.e.d. and possibly dreadzone. irritatingly busy, missed steve lawler too :\

Hey Wez, I've had a(an?) HTC Desire HD for ~8months, previously had a HTC hero.

On the whole, its an awesome phone thats more than capable of everything you'd want from it. the screens large and clear (pics often look better on the phone than a PC). Its responsive and handles multitasking well. good camera on it, good wireless (wifi/mobile) connectivity.

the downsides... as mentioned before, battery can be lame. I used to have 'mobile network' constantly on for emails/fb/twitter, if i had an impromptu night out (without a charger) i'd be screwed in the morning as the battery would die. Since i've been toggling the 'mobile network' i can easily get 30hrs out of it. Sometimes i've left the handset unattended and been surprised that the battery has hardly been used... Not sure how this happens, i think its associated with good mobile signal strength/less transmissions from the handset.
another inconvenience, which i think it related to my specific handset is the sim card can sometimes move a tiny bit which seems to cause the phone to think there isnt a sim fitted...

I've not owned an Iphone, i dont think i will, i'm not sure about selling my sole to steve jobs.

I almost forgot, the most useful thing about it (and any other android handset) is that it functions as an extension to the online google stuff, it doesnt matter if i'm infront of a PC or on the phone, i'm just as connected, with all the data sync'd. If i loose/rest the handset i can get it back to 'norm' within about 10mins... this is genius imo.

hope this helps smile


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ok, so i've got the opportunity to volunteer for marshal type duties during the Olympics...

what would you fine young pillars of the community do with this chance??

I was warned i could be asked to stand on a street in cardiff at 6am, waiting for some  lean mean marathon running tw@ts to jog past me after running fking miles.... or i could be in the place where the greatest sporting event of the era occurs...

i'm a bit torn so i thought i'd ask you respectable lot to give me some advice... what would you do?

ps. presto/NE1 - if you know of any fappable types, give me a heads up, i might sneak in a camera just for you.

I really want to see this... i think one needs to put the apple thing behind and engorge on what the film has to offer. His recent mix 'pianist envy' mix shows how good a 'musician' he is. He even seemed to make 'fiddy' seem palatable.

I hear Tiga makes a good effort in it too...

worth a punt i reckon, better than alot of the carp peddled out of Hollywood.

Someone must have seen it1???!!?!!11

pre '4minutes' sto.... good workf fella!!!!!!

i struggle to churn out out in less than 4m10s smile


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Good work Hannu, looks immense!!! bet it was a night to remember! is it recorded?? soundcloud??

Beijing Dave wrote:

It's as dull as all the other djs' tour diaries I've read.


unlike your posts...


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I love the purple umbrella at 1:20, that dude has some mixed priorities...


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my kinda girl...

wez saunders wrote:
bigedd1 wrote:

I'm liking weatherspoons more and more, i think its the ales... found a cracking guest ale for £1.50 just before xmas.

If they had some decent tunes playing it'd be quite enjoyable!

Do they play any tunes? One I used to frequent in the City (Cross Keys) never had any music, just Sky News or Sports!

nah, i think its part of their no frills 'policy', agreed news seems to be streamed from big plasmas. No sport either i think...