Does sticking a fucking sparkler in your drink / bottle of spirits make it taste better?

It seems I've been missing out here

Erm .... surely some dark recess of the tinterweb has this for our viewing pleasure ...?

smallman1 wrote:

I was on a TV show called SexBomb that was filmed in Time and Envy (I think) in Romford.


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My pleasure. Think we were stationed around the 17 mile mark & thought you were trucking along nicely & still reasonably fresh

Great time & effort Ed - no gay headband this year though!!

smallman1 wrote:

Thanks all for the best wishes etc. Much appreciated.

Glad it's all over. Apart from seeing friends, family and Bedrockers down there (top man Cartsy) it wasn't fun at all.

Started too slowly, then picked things up before realising I was absolutely spent at around the 13 / 14 mile mark.

Nurofen plus and jelly babies got me over the line.

Hope you're legs are as sore as mine Danose!


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Download the Brighton Marathon App and load in Ed's number

Et voila, you can avoid standing in the rain and run out of the pub in time to catch the Kitchen Sink running by

Presto wrote:

That's cool. I'll probs have to find a bar with a bit of shelter then.

Or we could GPS tag you so we know when to stand outside and look supportive.


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I'll be there Eduardo - 'kitchen sink' banner' at the ready!

Can you make sure its a nice day please

Part of Solomuns crew innit?

Like it

smallman1 wrote:

The Sven Vath My Name Is Barbarella remix is stunning.

hhmmmm ....cough, cough … 32#p575132

Preferring Georgina Burnett over Rachel Mackley at the moment

Presto wrote:
wrongun wrote:
Presto wrote:

Was hoping this would be a thread on your local BBC News tarts or such... ah well...

Who's your favourite on BBC South East Presto?

Bryony MacKenzie is my usual go to for a quick shufty. But she's gone on maternity leave so won't be seeing her for a while.

Chrissie Reidy looks filth.

Presto wrote:

Was hoping this would be a thread on your local BBC News tarts or such... ah well...

Who's your favourite on BBC South East Presto?


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Last purchase (few months ago so not sure if still available)
Nike Air Max Venom


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Can also stick this in the Things that can simply FUCK OFF thread

What an absolute fucking joke getting tickets was.  Seetickets (who I believe also do Glastonbury) are a complete shower of shit
Their business is to sell tickets (which they charge handsome booking fees for) and they cant fucking cope with an event like this.

And no, you may have already guessed, I didn't get any tickets

P.S.  Anyone got any spares?!!!!

You're soooooooo Patrick Bateman ETC

smashdad wrote:

Women carrying bags in the crook of their arm.

Fuck off.

yeah, whilst carrying huge cups of molten hot de cafe twist.  de rigueur in the square mile.

me and my fellow kibble merchants  would  dream of walking  up behind them and slashing their achilles heel or the tightly packed  tendons in their  tanned,smooth muscular calf's, the high heel shoes acting as a plinth displaying a trophy .

id be dizzy with the excitement and would have to sit down, drunk on the anticipation, the need to act upon this impulse making my hands shake.

in my twenties and thirties one would get an apprecitive smile from these women in the street, now at 45 i either get ignored as if i dont exist or looks of pathalogical hatred and disgust , which naturally ,i drink in with great glee and satisfaction.

lunchtimes would be spent in drakes wine bar leadenhall market , discussing how we would take bolt cutters to the bones on the joint of the inner thigh ,rendering the woman like a broken cindy doll and therefor more easy to mould to our wishes , like malleable ,like clay, like putty.

we would push our steaks/encroute/calves liver around the plate with no intention of ever eating it, while shouting "wear it! through gritted teeth at any woman within radius .

"I rode on the back decks of a blinker and watched c-beams glitter in the dark, near the Tanhauser Gate.... All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain"

the lovely jo will be appearing in this months bedrock version of 'readers wifes'

im now  but a humble servant to the public, a jumped up pantry boy , who never knew his place....

Where floats your boat these days then Phil?

Good work Dan

Play 2
Disco Xstasis

Dan Harwood wrote:

1. Gorms Garage
2. Trops
3. Cheers Karaoke Bar

DuFunk wrote:

Since 2007 ibiza has been getting shitter and shitter every season apart from dc10 which stayed true to itself musically the rest have been getting lost to commercialisation its all about berlin creativity and musically and everyone knows it and the people are a hell of lot nicer and open minded than the spanish and tourists who hit ibiza.

Would it have hurt to use at least 1 full stop or comma!

Space back in the day (post Manumission from 6am being a highlight)

Got it, cheers

Give it a road test tomorrow

steelydan wrote:

Looking forward to seeing Avery & Weatherall@audio in April

See you there Dan

Cheers H, much obliged

Its now stream only .... anyone got a copy they can share please?


Great cast .......Rafe Spall is nice & disturbing and the main mans done alright for himself .....


Just got 'shadowline' on ebay for a couple of quid . on bbc2 a couple of years ago.
smart, left of center and fackin well good.

'The Hunt' - Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) as main character

Not the cheeriest subject matter for a Saturday night in but pisses all over anything Strudders/Hannu might be into

Love Sven Vath - Barberella (deep dish mix)

Love Berlin, been lucky enough to go the last 2 Summers - fucking fantastic place

If its clubs that the stag group is interested in, then good luck.  The door policy on virtually every club is impossible to work out. 

It seems they don't like big groups, or noisy pissed up people.  We've rocked up in a group which had 3 blokes, 5 girls and got turned away. 

I can highly recommend Chalet (if you get in .......)