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Are you 'outing' Erick Morillo as heterosexual?


MattBlack wrote:

Eric Morillo liked the young girls apparently


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Presto wrote:

Sex on pills is fantastic tbf.
Well, to the point you've been pounding at her for a good 40 minutes, she's seeing stars while you're just getting frustrated at the lack of your own end product.

this has scarred me for life .......


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Can't argue with that ...... would be the best 3 days of your life

smallman1 wrote:

I'd like to see Prince on the Friday, Fleetwood Mac on the Saturday and Sasha and Digweed doing a late 90's prog marathon on the Sunday headlining.

check your PM's Ed

The future looks pretty fucked up & bleak for you then Grant

Years & years of football misery lie ahead

What ......  they don't sing on their own songs?

Unbelievable Jeff

Dan Harwood wrote:

I've heard that Disclosure are this generations Milli Vanilli

Eduardo - I'm there sunshine, both Denise & I have got weekend passes

Its sold out ...... have you got a ticket?

Not exactly sure how childcare of the new bairn is going to work out but small details and all that

Loved the first 2 Dave

General Store & Co is weak

Got through the first half of this yesterday afternoon Japes - loved it

Second half to be enjoyed whilst stripping more wallpaper for the nursery room!! 

Here's to a better 2015 mate

smallman1 wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

you could do an imaginary afters for one of his imaginary nights.

Both Damo and Mike 'The Power Prog Machine' Miller have been to the afters.

Don't think they've ever seen anything like it.

Erm ........cough, cough - although I was a bit disappointed when neither Laurent nor Sasha graced the decks


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The Digweed High Tide boat party last year was certainly full of people going for it

Admittedly, a dark club at 3am is really where its at

No work getting done by me this afternoon - fit chicas galore on this Boiler room

Tis live now - https://boilerroom.tv/session/tulum-diynamic-takeover/

If you fancy staring at some half decent dorises with some toons

Who's looking forward to Sasha's daytime set on Friday?!!!!

Its gonna be life changing lol

10 days before the nippers supposed to arrive

Not sure anyone would be able to swing this one with the wife - shame

They're not crisps

smallman1 wrote:

Nice n spicy Nik Naks.



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Mad Frankie's son - Frank Fraser (natch) - has brokered my mortgage on 2 occasions  KLANG

All above board guv .... honest

Nice work Smash - the first track is right up me alley, so appreciate the effort

smashdad wrote:

I've made a Spotify playlist of the ALFOS top 100 of 2014 - managed to find 79 of them - there's probably even more of them on Spotify but there's only so much time I could spend searching spelling variables...

Here you go for those that are interested,

http://open.spotify.com/user/smashdad/p … NETgFrYqyt

"This adage also applies in an unexpected place – to broccoli, the luvvie of the high-street “superfood” detox salad. Broccoli does help the liver out but, unlike the broad-shouldered, cape-wearing image that its superfood moniker suggests, it is no hero.
Broccoli, as with all brassicas – sprouts, mustard plants, cabbages – contains cyanide. Eating it provides a tiny bit of poison that, like alcohol, primes the enzymes in your liver to deal better with any other poisons."

http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle … -ignorance

From MAW's playlist ...... this is the mcdizzle - https://soundcloud.com/love-harder-reco … s-leo-kane

furry wrote:

Maria Anne West put one together as well.

https://soundcloud.com/maria-anne-west/ … -for-alfos


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Panda Cola is cheap, orrible shite - right down the pecking order when it came to fizzy drinks (IMO)

Grant wrote:
wrongun wrote:

Oh the irony ......

Grant wrote:

A poor man's Panda Cola



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Oh the irony ......

Grant wrote:
Yant wrote:

No votes for Tizer then?

A poor man's Panda Cola

Sorted your merch Man out then wink

smallman1 wrote:

Talabot was ace.

I was so spangle dangled that I have absolutely no idea what he played.

It all sounded mint though, hope that helps.

millsy23 wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Nice way to welcome in the new year

Cheers Dan. Looks like Charlie Sheen would after being locked in a room and forced to listen to extreme muscular prog for eight days straight.

....... and a nice healthy dose of 'bath salts'


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He was on radio silence ................ in other words No

I've already communicated how disappointed I am with him