Solomun - gets a thumbs up from me

Theres countless live sets online for those that can be arsed to make an opinion

Its obviously not techno but certainly knows how to get a crowd going

Hardest set is probably the one from Goa @ Fabrik, Madrid

Fuck me, Terry Pointon!!  Not heard that name in a long time

Had a couple of messy nights at Tangled when a mate was there at Uni.  His housemate would never shut up about TP

Basically used to play loads of records Sasha would play at the time if memory serves .......

I frequented Cream & the Bugged Out nights circa 97-2000  (went to uni at Lancaster but had mates at liverpool Uni)

Awesome line ups - Northern Exposure tour (I & II) & the Birthdays were amazing

All this nostalgia has made me determined to find out if I still have all the flyers I collected and stuck on my wall at the time - even had one the fucking massive posters from one of the birthdays

Remember sitting down chatting shit to my mate nearish the toilets at the top of the stairs - will never forget seeing some a group of Scally birds walk past, all wearing high heels, all wearing white pop socks underneath them - never seen anything like it before

also remember when all the Scally girls started wearing long pringle socks pulled up & over the knees

Happy days indeed

smallman1 wrote:

What were the Mick Mills like though HR?


Right up there - if you haven't seen it, watch this film immediately

strummerjones wrote:

WTF.Try again. I Saw The Devil.


chromosome_junction wrote:


Say what you like bout Maceo Plex but he makes some cracking tunes & muscular remixes

He played as Maetrik at DC10 in the Main Room mid June and was fucking superb, hands down the best set of the day/night

And this was amongst this line up

millsy23 wrote:

Whatever happened to Steve Gerrard? 

And save the Liverpool jokes lads

sabotini wrote:

Just stumbled across the vinyl of the this:


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steelydan wrote:
smashdad wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

You said that about my Child of the 80s mix sad

He seems to say that generically - I can't hold on much tighter for much longer...

I'm sure he means well

I've definitely got deja vu .....

..... looks like Ed's gone for all his cliches in one hit this time as well


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DuFunk wrote:

Thursdays at pacha look good

ooooohhhh Du Funk, you little japester you

You'll find most of the sets from Enter appear online a few days after because of the live stream. Havent listedn to it yet but here's Maceo Plex from the opening - … ace,_Ibiza


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Two of the biggest culprits doing the very thing the board is going to be closed down for ....... in the stay of execution thread

However I'm sure the irony isn't lost on either of you, as we know from your constant postings that you are both the sharpest/cleverest/wittiest/most knowledgeable people ever to troll the internet

Here we go ........


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Bloody hell Gizze - moneybags!!

Currently live in a flat so started off with a Play 3 to test out how easy the set-up is - piece of piss as even I did it in 5 minutes.  Have consequently bought a Play 1 for the bedroom.

Hopefully moving into a house later this year so will add Playbar and buy another Play 1 to start getting home cinema set up together

Eventually the Sub to finish it off

With the Soundlcoud hack and ease of integrating Spotify (or any other streaming service), plus every internet radio station you could think of, makes it a no brainer (just not very cheap)

gIzzE wrote:

I was using Meridian M80 units, they are superb, utterly superb, but they are £1500 a pop and don't stream.

I wanted something that streamed so I bought a couple of B&W A7's, but thought they were so far behind the Meridian that I returned them.
I then bought a Play 5 used for £200 to put in the a new bathroom we were doing, it was when they allowed you to stream straight from an iPhone, thought that would be perfect for a bathroom.
I have to say that I was really impressed with it, so much so I sold my Meridian M80s and put Play 5s in.

I bought a pair of Play 1's as I fancied it in stereo, but thought it was just the wrong side of acceptable bass wise, but our rooms are pretty big which doesn't help bass. So bought another Play 5 and just set them up in stereo mode when needed. I will grab another play 5 at some point.

Tis yet another gooder mix from Unbroken

listened to it in the gym, on the bike and at home - spot on each time

keep em coming


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

Sasha is playing on the Wed night iirc

Its Thursday night in the Glade

Circoloco also doing something on the Thursday - going to try and catch both (sasha better not disappoint)

Diminished Responsibility wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Loving Fargo at the minute. Very well put together and mental that its a true story.

yep - this and G.O.T are the only decent things on atm IMO

Mad Men was on point. And Louie is just smashing it. As is John Oliver.

What the fuck does 'on point' mean?

Thanks for the tracklisting - bonzer mix

This is the one for me - Ane Brun “To Let Myself Go” (Andre Hommen Remix) [Objektivity]

Hopefully 'the demi-god' that is Dixon plays it tonight wink

Never heard of any of them (except Wang Chung)

However rest assured I'll be on it like the proverbial


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AME seems to be the one that rinses out a bit more

Dixon plays great tunes but of the more 'fluffy' variety

(disclaimer: I've heard ONE live B2B set featuring the pair!!!!)

Ah, The Regis!  Thank fuck I got out of dodge a few years back

Couldn't think of anything worse than having to sit by that fucking ball pit, listening to kids crying/screaming, whilst pretending that having a Fosters shandy is me 'getting out'

I'll just do it somewhere more expensive in Hove instead

Big Fella wrote:

These Brewer Fayre's type pubs where they do 2 means for a tenner and such, dregs of society.

theres one in clacton on sea, and bognor regis  which says it all.

Come & join me on the bandwagon ...... … ail/dixon/

On the Mixmag Defected CD - cant help but love the bouncy bassline

Grant wrote:
ahmedfadooq wrote:
wrongun wrote:

Are we not thinking that ahmedfadooq is Flares?

Based on?

Spouting shit about football probably.

Thats about the sum of it - just call me Columbo


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And a fine job you did as well JP

Catered for the oldies early doors which is obligatory.  tTen a combo of 80's & early 90's dance (in my requested case - piano house)

By that time, everyones hammered & up on the dancefloor, and you can drop pretty much anything you want

........aaaahhhh memories ........

j.p sykes wrote:

Done a few weddings, mostly my clubbing mates. In fact, I djed at Wrongun's who posts on here...

I usually Manage to get a decent mix of classic prog and eighties nu wave and electro, combined with some of the usual cheese for the brides.

As long as you have a late license  you can really start banging it out when the kids / grandparents are tucked up in bed.

Make sure you have a good collection of oasis and shit like that for when everyone is wankered...

Must have been something in the pills all those years ago (when Dermo actually did go out & Flares was a whippersnapper on the scene)

Are we not thinking that ahmedfadooq is Flares? 

To be honest I cant keep up with the suspense of it all any more

sabotini wrote:

Flaresy heading down the same path as Dermopian here, a tragic one way to trip into utter schizophrenic dementia. Another heart wrenching case of one of prog's greats being struck down well after their prime. What is it that links those uplifting 132bpm beats and a latter decline such as this? Is it a fate destined for us all? A tragic marker has been thrown down.

Its fucking brilliant.

Think Once Upon A Time in America edges it for me

Homegrove wrote:

Upgraded my copy of Once Upon a Time in the West to Blu Ray. Looking forward to finding time to give that bad boy a viewing again. Best western ever.