Fucking love Berlin - heading out for 3rd trip in 2 weeks time

Done Watergate both times previously - brilliant club

Sean - have you managed to get into Berghain/Panoarma?  Only tried once late on Sunday and was battered / wearing shorts, so not that surprising they turned us away.

Thinking I need to dust down the leather chaps?!?


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Can't wait for the photos of you two 'dolled' up at Dekmantel - watch out Holland


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Sounds like sticking to Spotify for the time being was the right choice

Thieving bastards

Agreed .... listened to this a few times over the weekend (which is rare these days)

Yant wrote:
kiz wrote:

This is unbelievable.
I haven't bought the 1st set yet but now have to get the last 3 as well. Great news !!!!!!!!
Cannot wait.

You can't wait but you haven't bought the first lot yet that's been out for over two months?

And you're Digweed's biggest stalker ....... FAIL


And hadn't really heard of SOHN before and got me into their stuff

Double thumbs up from me


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smallman1 wrote:

Fair play to Carter Snr for giving you his bins from the 1970's!

Carter Snr knows how to rock the tortoiseshells

Have we seen yours yet Eduardo?

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Pleasantly surprised by Solomun's GU Hamburg effort.

Its fucking ace and welcome to 2014 Rhouses


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Not heard from DuFunk yet ......... I'm starting to get worried (not really)

The Guv'nor was fucking ace again on Saturday

Do hope that the set is released though as have a fuzzy couple of hours that have affected my recollection a touch

Couple of tunes that got aired

Saw that the original 'Tunnel' is available to download - any cop?

Seeing him in Brighton on Saturday, which will be nice


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Will do Roberto - double checked & all 3 albums are on Spotify

Be blasting it through the Sonos over the weekend

Hop Head - they're both horrendous

Cant believe Dermo hasn't already piled in here - maybe he's above that kind of things these days?1

They're fucking hideous

https://www.size.co.uk/featured/Nike+Ai … esto-image

Ed's probably got them on pre-order  wink

Enjoyed the Paino one Hannu

Onto gig 2 now ....


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Didn't really know their back catalogue so went to see them with fresh ears

Fucking loved it.  Shame I had to go home (babysitter) ....... was well up for getting on it after!

Atmosphere was electric as well.  The Dome pisses all over Brighton Centre

Nice one. Downloading Paino now and will blast out in the car today whilst on my travels

in your opinion Hannu, which is the bestest one?


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Brighton Dome a week Thursday

looking forward to it

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

1, 2 and 4 from that are brilliant first date movies, IMO. Oh and you can add Snowtown and The Mist (for the bleak ending) to this list to make an all time top 5.

I'd try and squeeze Tyrannosaur into that top 5 - but its looking tricky ....

liquitech1 wrote:

..on the subject of belting tracks cool

Cracking little tune

Was at the AME night ....... fan dabby dozy evening


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