This is rather enjoyable too ........


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No idea on times but the Bedrock Resurrection email confirmed he'll be playing 6 hours

So on at 2am??  Power it through to gone 9?!


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Time to resurrect this one methinks - who's in??!!

Still deciding on what t-shirt to wear ........... (don't want to clash with Ed's gay house one)

But what if you don't want a phone that requires a man bag the size of Ed's/Millsys's to carry around?

Need something you can put in your jeans pockets on a night out without the fear of snapping it when you sit down

this is why we get on Ed.  love it

insisted on it being played at my wedding - Mama Wrongun lapped it up

smallman1 wrote:


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hahahahaha (which finished at 11pm)


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smallman1 wrote:

Glad I've seen Dixon 3 times this year.

Do like seeing the world's George absolutely smash it.

It could have been 4 if you'd have manned up on NYD and come see Mano Le Tough / Dixon / AME at Fire wink

good spot - liked this ........ a lot

Particularly the last 20 minutes

Exceptional timing - got to drive to the arsehole of Sussex that is Hastings this morning

Will cover the return journey perfectly.  Don't hold tight but will do my best to feedback later ..........


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In with Christmas Bells on

Listening now & stumbled upon a piano track around the 1hr 42 mark - might be the one

Aye, another good man has his raving wings clipped

Thank you Big Fella - tips a gin n all that

Big Fella wrote:

Not another Bedrock baby, congrats Wrongun?

okey dokey - that'll do for me then

Dome is a great venue (much better than Brighton Centre) so should be gooder

Happy to confirm that I'll be in FULL attendance for Digweed on 20th Dec

Kitchen sinked right up with Tasty  (could be last serious blow out before little wrongun arrives in March)

Must admit, I'd not really heard of this guy before (hangs head in shame)

He's playing at Brighton Dome on Thurs 4th December

So probably a stupid question ........... but would I be even more of an idiot for not sorting some tickets out straight away??!?!


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Yant wrote:

Absolute toilet final episode to Boardwalk empire. Massive letdown IMO.

Im not completely disagreeing with you Yant, but what did you expect/want to happen? 

I'd certainly say the whole last series wasn't a fitting finale.  They took 4 series to build up all the various characters & storylines & then somehow expected to draw them all to a decent conclusion in just 8 episodes - cop out

The series with Gyp Rosetti was by far & away the best

The standard 4 for me .....

Cox, Hawtin, PVD & Oakenfold

Ridiculous (but unsurprising) that on the back of Get Lucky, Daft Punk are right up there

In other words shit ........

Not exactly selling it there Jamie, certainly wont be finding that endoresement on the sleeve notes

jamie wrote:

listened to them both again - both are growers for sure. Some nice 'chug' on disc 1 - I'm finding disc 2 is a bit more subtle at the moment.

I think I can actually see the Wisdom oozing from that glove

Would have been there with bells on but clashes with a trip down to the New Forest for the wife's birthday (the sacrifices we make)

Enjoy Ed & the other fortunate ones who are going

Agree re the negativity. He produces & remixes lots of tracks & some of them sound similar - no shocker there

Have I mentiuoned yet that I heard him at DC10 this year & was fucking 'tremenballs'?  wink

millsy23 wrote:

I would love to be in a Boiler Room crowd. The wardrobe choice would be the most difficult. I think I would either dress as some sort of dandy highwayman, dropping a silk handkerchief in approval when I hear a good tune, or like Elton John in a straw boater and red and white blazer. This mix is great. Never understood the Maceo negativity on here. I've always rated him as a DJ and producer.

Fuck the tracklisting, hows about a recording?

You could have done it in a hotel in Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle ........ Runcorn

Should have come to Sasha instead

Looked like he'd lost a load of 'terry' as well

Nick Sneddon wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

To be fair Terry Francis is rarely off his game.

Terry Francis is arguably the best house dj in the country

Back on track ........ Sasha

Was a bit reluctant going to be honest, as most recent sets that have appeared online have been a bit gash

Very glad I went though.  Sasha looked like he was up for it & as a result the music was what I had been hoping for when he plays Fabric

As Ed said - Terry Francis was spot on too.  Throw in a load of mates who were up for it (and a decent crowd in general) & hey presto - top night

8am came round very quickly

A+, Gold* lolz

liquitech1 wrote:

summer of 96' ...southend sea front surrounded by essex burberry clad  carrion , dancing with all the aggression of jake la mota pounding  the hamhocks of some prittlewell slag.

my nose a river of blood from the kib and the amyl...i was that  leader of the basildon house nation, leading them up and down the sea front like a  pied piper to a an abandonded  rettendon land rover.

lol brilliant