Did the infamous meet up between Flares & ETC materialise?

Don't be sore because your prog credentials aren't up to scratch BF

The Manor (R.I.P.) was amazing not only for its power prog, but just as importantly for the healthy quota of extremely fit ladies

What more could a man wish for ........

millsy23 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Are good looking women really that rare in Bournemouth?

chocablock with them round these parts Paul. Summer is just one long banking session. The things I've seen!


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Did you go with your 2.05 hunch Dutchy?

Unfortunately I didn't

Got Hidden Cyclone in the 2.40


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DC10 closing is the first Monday in October normally

Cant think of a place where you'd fit in better ETC - scenes akin to the final days of sodom & gomorrah  (not quite, but its pretty hedonistic)

not sure Jo would be too keen though as I suspect you might fall off the wagon


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First Kumquat mixes I've properly listened to - fucking ace

Will be a regular now ......

Particularly love Vermont - Ubersprung (Mano LeTough Remix)


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https://soundcloud.com/thereflex/dee-li … x-revision

He did.  Not released yet. 

Always one of the last ones to emerge ...... reckon they keep it back and host it once tickets for Burning Man 2015 are imminent

mullykid wrote:

That Active Child remix is outstanding. Trying to find my download copy.

Did he play at Burning Man 2014? It was never released.

Not sure if its been mentioned before but ......... Vikings

Rape, pillage, drinking ........ ticks all the boxes

2nd series starting/started on History  (3rd series is on Amazon Prime)


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Are you 'outing' Erick Morillo as heterosexual?


MattBlack wrote:

Eric Morillo liked the young girls apparently


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Presto wrote:

Sex on pills is fantastic tbf.
Well, to the point you've been pounding at her for a good 40 minutes, she's seeing stars while you're just getting frustrated at the lack of your own end product.

this has scarred me for life .......


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Can't argue with that ...... would be the best 3 days of your life

smallman1 wrote:

I'd like to see Prince on the Friday, Fleetwood Mac on the Saturday and Sasha and Digweed doing a late 90's prog marathon on the Sunday headlining.

check your PM's Ed

The future looks pretty fucked up & bleak for you then Grant

Years & years of football misery lie ahead


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What ......  they don't sing on their own songs?

Unbelievable Jeff

Dan Harwood wrote:

I've heard that Disclosure are this generations Milli Vanilli


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Eduardo - I'm there sunshine, both Denise & I have got weekend passes

Its sold out ...... have you got a ticket?

Not exactly sure how childcare of the new bairn is going to work out but small details and all that

Loved the first 2 Dave

General Store & Co is weak

Got through the first half of this yesterday afternoon Japes - loved it

Second half to be enjoyed whilst stripping more wallpaper for the nursery room!! 

Here's to a better 2015 mate

smallman1 wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

you could do an imaginary afters for one of his imaginary nights.

Both Damo and Mike 'The Power Prog Machine' Miller have been to the afters.

Don't think they've ever seen anything like it.

Erm ........cough, cough - although I was a bit disappointed when neither Laurent nor Sasha graced the decks


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The Digweed High Tide boat party last year was certainly full of people going for it

Admittedly, a dark club at 3am is really where its at

No work getting done by me this afternoon - fit chicas galore on this Boiler room

Tis live now - https://boilerroom.tv/session/tulum-diynamic-takeover/

If you fancy staring at some half decent dorises with some toons

Who's looking forward to Sasha's daytime set on Friday?!!!!

Its gonna be life changing lol

10 days before the nippers supposed to arrive

Not sure anyone would be able to swing this one with the wife - shame

They're not crisps

smallman1 wrote:

Nice n spicy Nik Naks.