So which camp are you Starcreeper, 'football educated' or 'purist layman', I can't tell from your post


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So they're happy to run shit shows like the Big Weekend but cancel the Bugged Out Weekender???

"It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that the Bugged Out weekender 2017 will no longer be taking place at Butlin’s Bognor Regis in January.

A Butlin’s spokesman said: “We regularly make changes at all of our resorts, both in terms of the breaks we offer and our accommodation and facilities. Our key product always has been family breaks, and because we need to develop areas of our resorts with those in mind, it means we are unable to host Bugged Out in 2017. We have seen some amazing acts and characters over the last few years, and we wish the organisers every success.”

We are hugely disappointed about this decision but would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who made the Weekender so special at the Butlins resort.

We’ve had 5 amazing years of Bugged Out Weekender and it will return. We are currently working on a new date and location.

We’d like to offer our sincere apologies to everyone who had already bought a ticket and full refunds will be issued. 

This is not goodbye, just a See you in the arcade soon…



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Totally agree with Roberto - below is the bollocks they spout

Whether 'extended' = 3 hours is debatable (i;d argue not).  However if you;re going to pay a top DJ money to play, sell tickets on the back of it, then surely you put them on to close the night??

"Extended is an innovative electronic music series which will host a carefully curated line-up involving some of the world’s most legendary DJs, each from diverse musical origins and styles, performing extended sets in the Concorde2's unique location and atmosphere.

Extended is the ultimate stripped back, organic approach to clubbing."


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Sweet - thanks for the heads up

5 hours of John *fist pumps*

Which reminded me of this old fave

Ace wrote:
jamie wrote:

I think this might be a partial airing of that mix on Kiss 100 - love this one. … 2001-11-09

01. Marc Kelso - Half Lit World
02. Austin Leed vs Deep Funk Project - Sub Ritual [Zero Tolerance]
03. Lexicon Avenue - From DuskTill Dawn [Forensic]
04. Ashtrax - Digital Reason (Filterheadz Remix) [Deviant]
05. Flash Brothers - Protect The Senses [Agnosia]
06. Guy Garber & Sahar Z - Kennys Back [Whoop!]
07. Groove Juice Feat. Yamil Thian - Back To Africa (Little Green Men Remix)
08. Reach & Spin - Go Hyper [Go Beat]
09. PQM - You Are Sleeping [Yoshitoshi]

Add my name to the list that was there that day / night.  All sorts of amazingness ...... as Smashy says, it also being the day after we smashed the Germans 5-1 helped

Echo the comment on Superstylin - the reaction it got on the Terrace .......... whole place pogoin' like mad

Never knew that this recording existed so well chuffed for it to appear here - don't suppose theres a second part anywhere??


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All in

Notice flyer now has support featured ........ how many hours is 'extended' John?

Perhaps know more after Sasha's one tonight

jules72 wrote:
Diminished Responsibility wrote:
jules72 wrote:

Mourinho out!

Depay especially is shite but Martial's form is worrying.

Might be wrong, but I think Martial has a bit of a chip on his shoulder after he lost his number (and starting role) to Zlatan.

Think it is more likely he lost confidence after not been played in Euros... plus he also split up with his missus

ah poor diddums

benson wrote:

sorted. cheers.

see you there, front and centre. Anyone want a concorde ticket?

Brighton - Friday 16th Oct
MOS -19th November

Benson - they are over a month apart ........


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Wally definitely one of the people that wanted Fabric shut too


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Will be in attendance, mates 40th so a couple of the group 'coming out of retirement'!!

Full sinkage, get in there from about 2 to make the most of it.

Hop_Head wrote:

Takes his Mick Mills in quarters and announces every time "I'm going quartsies!"


Admittedly Daves are shit but don't think we'll forget the abominations you posted Rhouses

smallman1 wrote:

What a thread MDD was / is.

Top top stuff, shame it ended with Wiggy doing the offski but you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs etc etc.


loved this. 

Obviously not up front muscle flexing prog ...... summery vibes, with enough build & drive to get you dancin

All over this like a cheap suit

Enjoyed this in the car yesterday - some tracks which Id forgotten about and loved so refreshing to hear them in the mix

Thumbs up

Track at 75 is the shizzle - still no ID on it though unfortuantely ......

Fucking love Berlin - heading out for 3rd trip in 2 weeks time

Done Watergate both times previously - brilliant club

Sean - have you managed to get into Berghain/Panoarma?  Only tried once late on Sunday and was battered / wearing shorts, so not that surprising they turned us away.

Thinking I need to dust down the leather chaps?!?


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Can't wait for the photos of you two 'dolled' up at Dekmantel - watch out Holland


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Sounds like sticking to Spotify for the time being was the right choice

Thieving bastards

Agreed .... listened to this a few times over the weekend (which is rare these days)

Yant wrote:
kiz wrote:

This is unbelievable.
I haven't bought the 1st set yet but now have to get the last 3 as well. Great news !!!!!!!!
Cannot wait.

You can't wait but you haven't bought the first lot yet that's been out for over two months?

And you're Digweed's biggest stalker ....... FAIL


And hadn't really heard of SOHN before and got me into their stuff

Double thumbs up from me