I enjoyed it.  Dare I say electroey?!?!?!?!

Played the last tune -

-  at The Colombian on Friday. 

Worth watching the Boiler room vid just for the crowds reaction to it

wrongun wrote:

Job Jobse -Boileroom, Dekmantel 2017

Hes the last hour.




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D/L por favor Jamie


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smashdad wrote:

People Just Do Nothing

It's not the funniest thing you've ever seen but it's the funniest thing I've seen on the BBC for just about as long as I can remember.

Agreed.  Its not bad at all.

Know this was mentioned before but did really enjoy This Country as a BBC3 comedy

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe- … ws_central

Nice one SD

This track has brightened up my morning - Marvin & Guy "Superior Conjunction" (Original Mix) [Life And Death]



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smallman1 wrote:
Amps wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

as soon as that wanker tastes his first Big Mac meal he'll be welcoming the US with open arms.

He went to school in Switzerland, so it's all nuttella and toblerone for the fat mentaler.

Had two pieces of Toblerone before heading to a meeting at The Groucho Club yesterday.

Really got the engines fired up.

Wow. ....... Scenes / Vibes  etc etc


Listened to 1hr15 in gym this morning - larvely

Job Jobse -Boileroom, Dekmantel 2017

Hes the last hour.


Grant wrote:

Films on the plane home:

Straw Dogs. Sweet fucking mother of god that was a shit film - I'm certain someone on here recommended it, but nothing came up when I searched for the culprit. I can't believe someone backed it and made a film of it. Total bollocks. 0/10

Jacob's Ladder. First watch since I saw it at the cinema in 1990. Had no idea Tim Robbins was in it - his bird in it was fit enough for me to investigate on Google - time has not been kind to her, I'm sorry to report. Cracking film - 8/10

Straw Dogs 1971?  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067800/
Straw Dogs 2011? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067800/

Haven't watched the second one but the original is good

Bit hazy on the Fanciulli Social set TBH, but his last track was fucking brilliant

Would love to know what it was

I;d go and see S&D at Social again this year rather then trek it up to a Northern car park - chance to ogle at the Kent chav fanny as well

Unfortunately I'll be flying back from holiday that day so got no chance


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liquitech1 wrote:

..finished Gomorra finally, Sopranos just shades it because of its humour side but only just. Did someone say a third series is in the works?

edit: Nov 6th 2018 sad

Reckon its Autumn this year but not 100% sure

They just did a launch event at end of May for Series 3, according to the official Facebook page


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Wally wrote:

Really enjoyed this - the guest mix especially - some lovely tuneage big_smile

Seconded on the guest mix

Sounds acers - well jels

Team Innervision - https://www.instagram.com/p/BVhS2peFoIX … &hl=en

Think the ears need turning the right way round

His name is amazing - Bazza Lazza Tezza

I'm registered as postal vote.

will be doing what I did last time though and just handing it in at local polling station (as havent been convinced until v recently who to give my vote)


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Dan Harwood wrote:

You've been with a bird six months and got her up the duff already? Talk about entrapment!!!

Congrats Loopy

Although there wont be one person on this board that is thinking, "what the fucking hell have you done?" / "does she know what she's let herself into?"


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That wasn't my point, thanks Dan

However do LOVE the mix of imagination on the Balance SOS CD's

Its Camerons fucking fault the cunt. 

No power hungry, look at me, here's my legacy Brexit vote and we wouldn't have had any of this bollox

May is shit, Labour has more appealing polices but Corbyn is too entrenched as a far left to really want to get in (and the less said about Abbot the better)

Woe is me


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smallman1 wrote:

This little Bobby Dazzler.


TBF George from Peppa Pig would be absolutely all over that Ed  (not so sure about the treacles)


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universoGus wrote:
spinnerlg wrote:

It's an odd one Gus, but I think for me the first half of the night was more an audible thing. People were not too sure what was going to happen, and just 'took it all in' rather than get their phones out and video it. There are a few things on youtube of 'Rooms' which was in the first half IIRC. But it was just more a soaking up of the sounds going on. The second part was more upbeat.. plus I think things made more of a connection with people so the thought was more 'I have to get a snip of this'. Well, that was my thinking of it anyway...

aaaa okkkk,

thats really really good !!
i don´t like at all People immersed in their shit cell phones, in whatever situation I mean,
Is part of the current bizarre human being

so I am part of this bizarre shit asking this now,

We are a very fucked up specie

Amen Gus, amem