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Cheers all for feedback.  Tickets booked

HTFF etc etc


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Yant wrote:
wrongun wrote:


Like those.


hahahaha - no problem Yant - things are on the up for you trabbs wise!!
Wronguns trabbs cred in tatters in one fell swoop


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In the words of Ed Smallman ....... any cop?

Playing in Brighton on Thurs 7th April & extra tickets just been released

And who doesnt like Maleven



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Good luck.  Heres the queue from Jobby Jobse last week

https://www.instagram.com/p/BA4bjThuiB1 … y=jobjobse

smallman1 wrote:
jamie wrote:

This is fucking MINT

Edu Imberdon -

https://soundcloud.com/imbernonmusic/ed … ve-the-bpm

Some decent tackle on here tbf.

Yeah, enjoyed the cut of Edu's jib in this set  (Imbernons, not Smallmans)

Doesnt really play in the UK enough as would go and check him out.


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(the Craig Charles version natch)


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I'd love it to be Fabric too ...... for the purely selfish reason that I was there and it was fackin tremenballs  (copyright Ed Smallman)


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Quite simply ...... is he any cop when you're out having a boogie?

Came 4th in the RA top 100 poll but not sure that means much

Any links to sets that will get the juices flowing would be appreciated

Beats'N'Pieces wrote:

That Dele Sosimi track - Too much information (Lalou remix) sounded so good. When I listened to it at home I didn't see the hype but it was intense.

What time did this get played?  Sure I had my hands in the air for about 4 minutes to it but the memory is haazzzyyyyyy

Also ..... what a bonus to get into Fabric and get Richards & Digweed for absolutely nada

Now I've fully recovered ....... feel the need to re-add that this night was absolutely mint

More posts of tunes played that night are most welcome

Or alternatively Digweed to release the set over a series of Transitions some time next year

Fully enjoyed myself at my annual sojourn to see Digweed smash it Fabric

No idea on any of the tracks but that Instagram clip sums it up nicely

P.S.  Didnt pull a Benson / Smallman and rolled out of there at half 8 wink


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Seen em once.  Some good good tracks played but too up & down for me .... no flow maaaan

Always partial to this one though


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Great trolling ..... Dermo would be proud

Lovin this JP - good work me ol mucka

Did the Hacienda once

15th birthday party (one of the last nights there) with Sasha & Laurent Garnier .... cant find rest of the line up online anywhere but expect Mike Pickering, Graeme Park

25th May 1997 ....... fuck me I'm getting old

I'm going for what its worth

Adele will be getting the S to the WERVE obvs

Seen that Grimes will be playing. Since everyone heres been banging on about her, think I'll try and catch that

Date night??

Definitely feel underwhelmed by it being Richie Hawtin

Sure it will still be an ace night, but probably just save my raving tokens for Digweed the following week

AME remix of something ........ nearly always is

He did a Benson ........ left at 4ish with a couple of other mates

Spot on.  Which reminds me of one journey from Matter to Casa Smallman for some afters .....

involved Riverboat, tube, 35 minute semi-lost walk about Clapham North ........

Left club about 7, probably walked through your front door around 9.30am

And fucked up your legs after 6 hours of stomping / shuffling