Another vote for me for Cassy

Was top notch at DC10 in June - pissed all over Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, Art Department

On that note ...... anyone got any links to decent sets from Cassy??

smallman1 wrote:

Cassy and Tini are great shouts.

Cassy was either born or raised in Kingston Upon Thames, tru fax.

Ditto - Loopys twisted my mind in knots with his wordsmithery

Cant wait to listen to a mix of this amazing new 'sound' he's revealed to be a type of music masquerading as another sound etc etc

Annoyingly this clashes with Terranova & Michael Mayer at the Egg
Absolutely no doubt which will be better music wise (see above)

However wondering of the 2 could be combined????? ..... just in case Sasha pulls out his 1 good set in every 3 years routine (if hes going to do it anywhere, he'll do it at Fabric)

He was amazing in 2010 but a bit pony when he stepped in last minute and played the earlier set, followed by Richards


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I'm going to have to dig this out & give it a blast in the car


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....... and broccoli, lots & lots of broccoli

smallman1 wrote:

Looks in decent nick there John.

This leads me to think one thing - He must be running.

Good lad.


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Had one of these bad bwoys - grip stick gear change (which wasnt the best desing to be honest!)

Spot on with Bony comment ..... see Michu (admittedly he got injured but has done absolutely fuck all since that good 1st season)

Similar to Roberto, been playing this a fair bit over the Summer - in fact only yesterday at house BBQ

noice one Millsy - would love a couple more mixes like this .........

(for those that haven't, check out the Flight Facilities decades ones on their Soundcloud account)


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erik.b wrote:
dogmanstar888 wrote:

the Maetrik gear still sounds brilliant

loved the remixes of Fever and Crossfade

I'm more in this camp. Heard him play as Maetrik in DC10 - Crossfade sounded fucking supoib

Granted not everything he does or plays is top notch, but then who's is?

Homegrove wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Money for old rope nowadays with Sasha.

Turn up, knock out bland, pedestrian, palm tree tech house and bank the gargantuan pay cheque.

Nice work if you can get it.

Excellent. I hope the Dublin-set gets released, and is actually as good as the reports.

Or might just be that there were some decent gary abletts flying around Dublin that weekend


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I'm a Branstons man as well I'm afraid Ed


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I'd highly recommend Piknik Barcelona

Every Sunday starting in June, ending mid September - if you're out there for a weekend before it finishes, definitely check it

Starts 1(ish), finishes around half 10

Saw Michael Mayer, Terranova & Coma live last year for €10


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Ha ha - gets a lol from me

Grant wrote:

Or that Cliff is a misunderstood genius and suffers from depression?

Pulse Radio podcast by Alex Niggemann … -niggemann


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Middle Aged Men thinking they're still 'with it'

A step above Converse All Stars mind

smallman1 wrote:

Anyone who rocks Adidas trabbs needs to go and see a head doctor.

Wont that mainly be because there were a couple of drug related deaths there last year?

Ridiculously hot & dodgy pills (IIRC - have noticed this phrase is all the rage on Bedrock board these days)

Pricer wrote:

Fuck this

"But it expects its licence, according to the application, to insist on at least four police officers - plus a drugs dog - at every night.

There would be a drugs amnesty box as part of what it describes as a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to illegal susbstances"

Solomun - gets a thumbs up from me

Theres countless live sets online for those that can be arsed to make an opinion

Its obviously not techno but certainly knows how to get a crowd going

Hardest set is probably the one from Goa @ Fabrik, Madrid

Fuck me, Terry Pointon!!  Not heard that name in a long time

Had a couple of messy nights at Tangled when a mate was there at Uni.  His housemate would never shut up about TP

Basically used to play loads of records Sasha would play at the time if memory serves .......

I frequented Cream & the Bugged Out nights circa 97-2000  (went to uni at Lancaster but had mates at liverpool Uni)

Awesome line ups - Northern Exposure tour (I & II) & the Birthdays were amazing

All this nostalgia has made me determined to find out if I still have all the flyers I collected and stuck on my wall at the time - even had one the fucking massive posters from one of the birthdays

Remember sitting down chatting shit to my mate nearish the toilets at the top of the stairs - will never forget seeing some a group of Scally birds walk past, all wearing high heels, all wearing white pop socks underneath them - never seen anything like it before

also remember when all the Scally girls started wearing long pringle socks pulled up & over the knees

Happy days indeed

smallman1 wrote:

What were the Mick Mills like though HR?


Right up there - if you haven't seen it, watch this film immediately

strummerjones wrote:

WTF.Try again. I Saw The Devil.


chromosome_junction wrote:


Say what you like bout Maceo Plex but he makes some cracking tunes & muscular remixes

He played as Maetrik at DC10 in the Main Room mid June and was fucking superb, hands down the best set of the day/night

And this was amongst this line up

millsy23 wrote:

Whatever happened to Steve Gerrard? 

And save the Liverpool jokes lads

sabotini wrote:

Just stumbled across the vinyl of the this: