Did the Hacienda once

15th birthday party (one of the last nights there) with Sasha & Laurent Garnier .... cant find rest of the line up online anywhere but expect Mike Pickering, Graeme Park

25th May 1997 ....... fuck me I'm getting old

I'm going for what its worth

Adele will be getting the S to the WERVE obvs

Seen that Grimes will be playing. Since everyone heres been banging on about her, think I'll try and catch that

Date night??

Definitely feel underwhelmed by it being Richie Hawtin

Sure it will still be an ace night, but probably just save my raving tokens for Digweed the following week

AME remix of something ........ nearly always is

He did a Benson ........ left at 4ish with a couple of other mates

Spot on.  Which reminds me of one journey from Matter to Casa Smallman for some afters .....

involved Riverboat, tube, 35 minute semi-lost walk about Clapham North ........

Left club about 7, probably walked through your front door around 9.30am

And fucked up your legs after 6 hours of stomping / shuffling

By the comments on RA, looks like the 1st release was a bit of a joke

smallman1 wrote:

T'was a top night.

Myself and Wrong'un were ledging it from the get go, natch.

hahaha ........ as per Eduardo, as per

Shame they haven't booked him this year but I'll be there for Digweed

sweet - was at this night

was this the one where the setlist was on facebook afterwards?


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loopdokter wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

I think he misread my instructions when I said I wanted a cunt tattooed on my leg


News to me that Bono looks like Tom Jones.

More like Peter Sutcliffe with sunglasses

hahahaha - brightened up my afternoon no end

That gif with the cat head is mesmerisingly hypnotic

Michael Mayer in brighton last night was fucking mint - 4 hours of quality music

To quote a good man .... I was spangle dangled

Lucy 2/10

Total crock of shit not even redeemed by Scarlet Johanson (might have got 5/10 if there had been some bappage)


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smallman1 wrote:

2 hrs in and this is absolutely fcuking brilliant!

Cartsy - Been way too long, lets get a night out organised!

Agreed - on both counts Eduardo

Although its a bit trickier to throw kitchen sinks these days as need to factor in cover for little Sidney

I am heading to this with Denise & Taste - http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?732666

Back on topic ......

Birth of my son Sidney in March

Homegrove wrote:

Getting married.

Winning the weather lottery when it comes to my holiday-weather. It's rained nearly every day here during the summer, but the last two weeks we've had rain just once. This (my last holiday) week promises also nothing but sunshine and +20 degrees temperatures. It's a Finnish tradition that the country shuts down for July, but I've always taken my four weeks in August and not once had shit luck with weather.

Those two come to mind first.

Shotgun wedding?

Are you sure you're not expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet?!


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Its a 3 hour set Ed - some DJ's like to build things up y'know wink

Personally, I loved this & feel the need to see Jobby Jobberson out somewhere soon

Haven't seen Gravity so can't comment

However saying that because its best seen in iMax 3D doesn't automatically make it a shite film

steelydan wrote:

Mad Max

2/10  shite

Needed to be seen on an iMAX 3D - wouldn't have thought it translated as well to home viewing

seanc80 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Looks good that, do like Olivia Coleman, search out a low budget film she did called Tyrannosaur

Very good indeed.

Seen it, very good.

Dark but brilliant

Paddy Considine's first (& only) film as Director

Not your best recommendation Ed ............ S to the WERVE


Not sure Aril Bikha live is going to be up the right strasse for a stag do ....... Soul Clap might be a bit more 'accesible'

No bars or strippies though lads?

Off to Munich at the weekend (stag do)

It seemed a popular choice amongst the well travelled Bedrock cognoscenti

Any hot tips / recommendations?

(clubs / bars / strippies etc)