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benson wrote:

that hooj choons cd that came with the first ever minitsry magazine ad was mixed by Judge Jools of all people is still a pretty good shout.

Must be getting on for 20 years for a lot of this stuff

I've still got that somewhere

I will continue to smash it in the gym and hopefully get my back sorted so I can squat and deadlift properly again.


Of all people I never expected Smalls to spell beef bourguignon wrong.

Also around the same time Sog were putting out some fucking sensational stuff.

This too.  Proper 4am heads down stuff.

Absolute monster.

Property manager for a high end lettings agent.  It's absolutely as shit as it sounds.


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Man City letting in 8 at Middlesborough a few years back was worse TBF.

I once spent about £200 on a pair of Maharishi trousers with a map of the solar system embroidered on them.  Only had the courage to wear them twice.

I also ruined another pair of Maharishis by sitting on candle wax at Junktion.


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Amps wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

I heard it for the first time around the year 2000. I'm so sorry…

Yeah, didn't hear it until about 98, in JPs house if I remember correctly. Fell in love with CD2 straight away.

I don't think I first heard it until 2004. That and the Infusion Essential Mix were all I listened to for about 6 months.


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My Friend Sam - It's My Pleasure.


joeyp wrote:
namistai wrote:

The food at the Fat Duck is sen-fucking-sational.

They gave me an Ipod when eating. That was too much.

Went to the Hand and Flowers last Christmas which was more kind of thing. Great grub and top booze.

Yep I went to booth in the same weekend. I enjoyed the Hand & Flowers more but you can't beat the experience of the Fat Duck.

The food at the Fat Duck is sen-fucking-sational.

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Royal Male wrote:

Has Hastings pier been torched yet? I haven't seen any post from Digweed crying.

Burned down a few years ago.  Currently being rebuilt.

I actually heard that years ago on Capital's Sunday morning chill out show.

Chris Difford's wife is a pain in the arse.  Trufax.


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The blurb about the project on the Soundcloud page made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.


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Yeah I'm never getting on a plane again.

dutchy101 wrote:
Mr Boring wrote:

What's wrong with Panesar? The commentators keep hinting he has something seriously wrong - I'm thinking drink and drug addiction.

Have any of the Essex lads seen him at Sugar Hut and Faces?

Didn't he get done for pissing on a bouncer? Lol

Amongst other things.  He managed to rapidly acquire a reputation around Brighton for being a complete prick.  Allegedly assaulted a Sussex fan after he overheard the fan criticising his bowling performance in a T20 game last year.  Apparently everyone on the staff at Sussex hated him as well.


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Had a pint of Estrella last night. It was quite pleasant.  £4.50 a pint though.

sabotini wrote:

Possibly the worst test pitch of all time? hopefully lords will serve up something better, although the pitches of late there have been roads too.

Surely the worst ones are the ones in the West Indies where matches have had to be abandoned because the wicket was so bad.