I understand I am spamming. It is for a good cause for those I love.

Does anyone have a a heaven scent 12" sleeve?

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … p?id=56978

Does anyone have a good 12" vinyl artwork of Bedrock Heaven Scent. Need cover artwork!

I have my copy in drab black. Looking for original beige cover, large red B in top right corner. Wedding present for a best mate who I first met at bedrock so many years ago. Thanks jD!

No worries if collecting of record sleeves is less than cool. eBay has failed me.  Want to frame it with bride & groom's names overlaid in the bedrock font. Can offer similar service as payment...


Need a bit of guidance - which will best see me through until 2nd Oct?? Steve Lawler is awesome, but never seen Seaman, and the Cross is a good club -- any ideas??

What's good in London this Friday?  Regular Bedrocker is suffering withdrawl, and would welcome a few suggestion...

looking for something on till late

Any ideas??

Guys -- I'm popping my Homelands cherry this weekend, and would like some advice/info from all you veterans out there.  Some things that have been bugging me:

1/ What time to arrive (v.interested in the sasha/digweed event)
2/ Will there be a massive queue at the door?
3/ Will my picnic hamper be confiscated at the door?
4/ Is there a car park, or is it wiser to ditch the car and walk the last mile?
5/ Will this be the best day yet of our short lives?


am I mistaken (possibly considering my circumstances) but did DJ Hyper play a coulpe of years back with a live drummer?  I also have memories of a bald white MC gabbling over the top of breaks in the Star bar...

did this happen, or have my merry synapses rewired themselves to remember brighter and happier times?? roll

Not that I think either of these soundtracks are great, but, did anyone else notice a similarity between the soundtrack to the Twin Towers and Gangs of New York??  Lots of celtic twaddle

(Three cheers for Michael Nyman!!  "The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover" has to be my favourite film score.)


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I'm seriously overexcited about tonight!!

Any nice people want to come and say hello, I'll be looking conspicuously happy in the Granulated Cane Sugar T-Shirt near the front of the big room.