Hype Chart - Compiled by Jerome Robins/Adam Nathan/Mitch Alexander
Chart Updated - Nov 05/02

......./Artist .Title (Remix) .Label

1 Ilay & Beat C I Saw (Original/Yahel/Fungi) Cyber
2 Paul Rogers Krafty (Original/G-Pal) Sumsonic
3 Pole Folder Dust Bedrock
4 Loudeast Sonido Profundo (Original/Loudeast/G-Pal) Yoshitoshi
5 Snap! Rhythm is a Dancer (Magal & Lyla Bootleg Mix) White Label
6 DJ Tiesto vs Junkie XL Obsession (All Mixes) Nebula
7 Chaos Theory Flashback (Original/Soul Driver) Spundae
8 Funktion Seduction Alternative Route
9 Luke Chable Haw (Original/Julez) Mechanism
10 Living Wreck I Sent Your Head Player 1
11 Lee Kavanaugh Ellie (Original/Trisco) Pod
12 Patrick Marsh & Steve Lawrence Trip to the Underground Sounds Good
13 Procut Feels So Right (All Mixes) Plastic Fantastic
14 Andy Moor Crazy Lady EP Baroque
15 Ortus Ascendant/Refractions Plastica
16 Steve Porter Nordica/The Return  Fade
17 Retiscent Loos (Original/Precision)  Nascent
18 Space Manouvers Pluto Disko (Original/Mike Monday) Rip
19 Stephane K Numb Saw
20 Sublime Doin' Time (Luke Fair) RR1000
21 Fred Numf vs Ettiene Overdijk Jamaica Skunk EP Minimal
22 George Jung  Get Together  EQ Gey 
23 Peter Martin Co-Da Baroque
24 Earth Dueley Polythene/Meta 4 Addicitve Lowlit
25 Gabriel & Dresden Lament Saw
26 Nu Ground Brand New Day Addictive
27 Yahel You Feel/Butterfly  Cyber
28 Yunus Guvenan Euphrates Silver Planet
29 Nugen Braaj (Original/Lemon8/Nathan Maners) Release
30 Decepticons The Beast Dorigen
31 DJ Nukem vs Chab Music Play (Original/DJ Gogo) Cyber
32 Blackwatch feat. Mykel Im Here (All Mixes) Hooj Choons
33 Humate  Choose Life (Rob Rives) Yoshitoshi
34 Gruvhaus pres. Colour Freq Mind Lattice Polyester
35 Sultan & Tonedepth Sagbes Alola
36 Dimension Be the One Tonkin
37 Lustral Broken (Yunus)  Lost Language 
38 Kirsty Hawkshaw Fine Day (James Holden) Mainline
39 Ossia & Einhorn La Fee  Whoop!
40 Electric Tease Python Song Automatic

you can also find it at plastic fantastic & yoshitoshi

thanks for all the support...the record sales are great...


Snap! Rhythm Is a Dancer (MAGAL & LYLA MIX) White Label "We have just been handed a limited stack of whites for this naughty little bootleg number! Initially thought of as a Superchumbo remix, word has now surfaced that this is the work of 2 young Pennsylvannia natives & they have delived a monster! Awesome layers of percussion, a dark & thick analogue bassline & the vocal from the 80's classic make this one a must for any DJ's record box. The thing that makes this bootleg so good is how they stayed away from 'the cheese factor' & made this a credible track for any underground dancefloor! Extremely limited stock on this one so get in there before theyre gone"!

halloween@ club metropol pittsburgh, thursday the 31st.

main floor:


a spacial 8 hrs set
doors open at 7:30pm

it's so big !it's been playing by deep dish,the low end specialists...
this massive progressive remix of rhythm is a dancer by MAGAL & LYLA(Catrina Starr)...

here is the link for Catrina Starr's pictures from motiva2 in tenerife.



she is anly 19 and she is alredy spinning heads where ever she spinns...
Catrina Starr a 19 years old pittsburgh based dj/producer is taking the dance flors by storm...
as a progressiv house dj u wan't bellive she is anly 19 years old,when u see her dj...
i was lucky 2 see here last week @ MOTIVA2 BEACH FASTIVAL in tenerife,spain end i was amaized.
as a producThe er she is under Lyla who was the 1 who did the buzzed remix of snap's ryhthm is a dancer(now avil. on white lable,in the uk)played by deep dish,the l.e s,victor calderone,
and ...so...if any one has more info on Catrina Starr(tha's her real name )please let me know...
peace,27zboy  :!: