A favourite from more youthful days......

Not sure if this has already been posted here but just had a listen to this that was in a big box of CD singles that I've had sitting in a cupboard far too long.

Still sounds trance-tastic.......

Quite partial to this at the moment.....

Love the brazen use of the word 'unity' on a tune in the modern times of 2014 but,I feel,it is in keeping with the nice and safe attitude of the Bedrock Board at present.

James Lavelle has been consistently awful over the years.


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Yant wrote:


November 10th release date.  Fingers crossed this won't be absolute shite.

Released in the run up to Christmas when people will buy any old toss as presents.


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Isn't BedrockMysteryMod someone who already posts on here?

Lifetime ban for such flagrant flouting of the alias regulations.

I've posted these on the board before but well worth revisiting......


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Most Arsenal 'Old Boys' are generally treated very well. It's only the occasional Muppet who left on bad terms (Nasri/Ca$hley/RVP/Adebayor) who come in for vitriolic abuse.

It does annoy me when players who score against their old club don't celebrate out of 'respect'.Always fun to see the other side of the coin.

Just been having a rummage through some old tunes and rediscovered this slice of EPIC from the Flash Brothers.......


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Phil Opian wrote:

going to see blancmange with cousin mick herbage in nov at the forum..

Neil Arthur from Blamanche is responsible for one of my fav tracks ever too

T'other half of Blancmange,Stephen Luscombe,did this favourite of mine,from 1984......

Quite surprised nobody on the board has mentioned this already,with all the other RIPs knocking about.

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/peopl … 26038.html

BedRob knows what to say.......