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I've got 3 tickets for the Sunday if anybody wants to buy them? Stalls row K. Face value of £93, collect from Farringdon area.

smallman1 wrote:

Bought some flatbreads with hummus in mind on the weekend, couldn't find any for toffee and had to settle for guacamole instead.

That's probably the most middle class sentence I've ever written.

In a similar vein I had a mild tantrum trying to spell the fucker on Waitrose's website for the big shop.

Looking forward to this. Dependable DJ, Warren.

Thought the first half of slasher was plop.

The Vonda7 guest mix was utter dirge. Appalling tracks and mixing.

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elrobertos wrote:

Does anyone have a digi copy of Golden Girls 'Kinetic' (Frank De Wulf Remix)?

Thanks in advance.

...check your PM's

Legend. Thanks.

Does anyone have a digi copy of Golden Girls 'Kinetic' (Frank De Wulf Remix)?

Thanks in advance.

Fucking awful racket.

Reminds me of everything I dislike about dance music.


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smallman1 wrote:

Might head here later -


Hold tight for feedback.

Tremendous sour dough pizza. The one on Exmouth Market (dunno if there's more of them)? It's like Franco Manca before that went mainstream. Recommended.

Senns for me. Have had mine 20 years. Rock solid and great sound.


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Nice one chief, cheers.


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Great mix - really enjoyed it. Any chance of a d/l, please?

Thinks we'd be better off without that horde of Johnny foreigners and intends to vote to leave the EU.


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If the venue can play music from an iPod, why can't they use another device that has a 3.5mm jack output? Like a phone?

seanc80 wrote:

how to set the grid in order to avoid fucking about with the touch strip please Jamie

I'd also really benefit from this plus the settings you mention. I've also had no luck finding a decent tutorial elosewhere


Thanks Matt and Beats. It is indeed the track I thought it was!

Jamie - where d'you hear that?

Excited about this release. Loved the original.

Edit- they're on Soundcloud now https://soundcloud.com/bedrock_rec/sets … antzur-sad

Gents, where are you listening to these remixes? I can find shit-all online. Hoping the D-Nox and Beckers version is the unknown track that Nick has been rinsing.

Some great tracks on both parts of this mix inc rerub of Sad Robot.

If anyone can ID the track at 1h50 on part 1 I'd appreciate it...

Edit - it's Jamin Hernandez, Sutja Gutierrez, Gabriel I - Wunderlust (Sasse Dub)

I'm in for this.

I fully expect to be a regretful, walking shambles of a man tomorrow.


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Brilliant mix. One of the best I've heard for ages. Flow and build both spot on.


jules72 wrote:

http://mixing.dj/2016/livesets/nick-war … 2-01-2016/

Right on cue another stonking set from Warren.... Personally think he is on fire these days

Agree with Jules - this is a great example of what he's good at. Nick is a tremendous DJ. I've never had a bad night with him behind the decks - and that's not something I could say about any of his peers.

Who cares if all his mixes aren't perfectly in phrase? That's the least interesting thing about what makes a good DJ.

And whoever said he's more of a producer than a DJ has his prog creds in utter tatters.

This mix is tremendous. It's so refreshing to listen to something a bit different to the usual prog fests I tend to favor. The track selection, programming and mixing are all really impressive.

I really like that track. Really classy production.


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ADE isn't really a festival with arenas. It's largely separate nights hosted in clubs.

You buy tickets for each of the parties. Digweed is usually on at Melkweg on the Friday and you buy tickets from the club website - you also have to buy a temporary membership but it's not expensive.

Nick and Hernan do a B2B thing on the Sat night, at least they have done in recent years. Was at Panama when I've been.

Recommend both of the above (unless John phones in his set like he did in 2014).

Airbnb is a good shout. Steer clear of cheap hotels in the Dam imo - they're usually horrendous. If it's your 40th and you want to style it, Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky ticks all the boxes.

poirot wrote:

That picture was taken 1pm in the afternoon, Comer.

Thanks for clarifying which 1pm you refer to.

Grant wrote:
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elrobertos wrote:

Agreed at the bus tour. Both in terms of being surprised and at how good it was. Again the result of a nagging wife.

Anyone interesting playing at Output? Is the Duchess a raver? Now there's a club that's on my bucket list.

I quite fancy a tour by bus. What companies are worthwhile as there are loads to choose from.

I can't remember which one I took, but can't imagine they'll be much difference - see what the guide book recommends

Yep, this. We just hopped on one at Time Sq. Worth haggling with the ticket seller on the pavement - I got 50% off.