Thanks Matt and Beats. It is indeed the track I thought it was!

Jamie - where d'you hear that?

Excited about this release. Loved the original.

Edit- they're on Soundcloud now … antzur-sad

Gents, where are you listening to these remixes? I can find shit-all online. Hoping the D-Nox and Beckers version is the unknown track that Nick has been rinsing.

Some great tracks on both parts of this mix inc rerub of Sad Robot.

If anyone can ID the track at 1h50 on part 1 I'd appreciate it...

I'm in for this.

I fully expect to be a regretful, walking shambles of a man tomorrow.


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Brilliant mix. One of the best I've heard for ages. Flow and build both spot on.


jules72 wrote: … 2-01-2016/

Right on cue another stonking set from Warren.... Personally think he is on fire these days

Agree with Jules - this is a great example of what he's good at. Nick is a tremendous DJ. I've never had a bad night with him behind the decks - and that's not something I could say about any of his peers.

Who cares if all his mixes aren't perfectly in phrase? That's the least interesting thing about what makes a good DJ.

And whoever said he's more of a producer than a DJ has his prog creds in utter tatters.

This mix is tremendous. It's so refreshing to listen to something a bit different to the usual prog fests I tend to favor. The track selection, programming and mixing are all really impressive.

I really like that track. Really classy production.


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ADE isn't really a festival with arenas. It's largely separate nights hosted in clubs.

You buy tickets for each of the parties. Digweed is usually on at Melkweg on the Friday and you buy tickets from the club website - you also have to buy a temporary membership but it's not expensive.

Nick and Hernan do a B2B thing on the Sat night, at least they have done in recent years. Was at Panama when I've been.

Recommend both of the above (unless John phones in his set like he did in 2014).

Airbnb is a good shout. Steer clear of cheap hotels in the Dam imo - they're usually horrendous. If it's your 40th and you want to style it, Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky ticks all the boxes.

poirot wrote:

That picture was taken 1pm in the afternoon, Comer.

Thanks for clarifying which 1pm you refer to.

Grant wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
elrobertos wrote:

Agreed at the bus tour. Both in terms of being surprised and at how good it was. Again the result of a nagging wife.

Anyone interesting playing at Output? Is the Duchess a raver? Now there's a club that's on my bucket list.

I quite fancy a tour by bus. What companies are worthwhile as there are loads to choose from.

I can't remember which one I took, but can't imagine they'll be much difference - see what the guide book recommends

Yep, this. We just hopped on one at Time Sq. Worth haggling with the ticket seller on the pavement - I got 50% off.

Agreed at the bus tour. Both in terms of being surprised and at how good it was. Again the result of a nagging wife.

Anyone interesting playing at Output? Is the Duchess a raver? Now there's a club that's on my bucket list.

Balls. Was really hoping for Heaven. I've never once had a good night at MOS.

seanc80 wrote:

This thread is even more predictable & pointless than the favourite Sasha track shite.

Put up or shut it, rent boy.



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Tremendous mix. Always been a fan of your sound. Classy house music imo.

On a related note, I went to 'University' in Luton. The thought of growing up there is bleak in the extreme.

Tremendous night. Venue, music and crowd all spot on.

It has taken me this long to fully recover tbf.

As above, was it recorded? Love to relisten/remind myself.

Are roll calls still a thing? I'm so out of the loop.

Really looking forward to hearing John play from start to finish tonight. This will be the first Bedrock I've been to since it was last regularly at Heaven!

Anyway - here's to pretending I'm not the wrong side of 40, forgetting for one night the fact I have children and responsibilities and finally, to lamenting my indulgence for many days to come.

Who else is in?!


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Thanks all, Rokits it is then. I'm surprised at how inexpensive they are, tbh, given the love they're getting on here.

Dermo - what ones have you got?


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zackster wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

In terms of literal 'boom'-for-bucks... hard to see past the KRK's.

that's the answer.

Excellent, thanks chaps. I'll go and have a listen this weekend.

Dutchy - are the Rokit 6s 3g really overkill?


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Some 20 years (!) after purchasing a Pioneer amp and a pair of floor standing Tangent speakers to accompany my 1210s, I'm in the market for a pair of powered speakers. And I'm looking for some advice, please.

I'll use them for infrequent mucking around on my S2 and laptop. I want speakers that will be good for house parties, rather than producing music.

Budget around £500 the pair. KRK? Genelec?

Any advice on the best boom for my buck appreciated.

Talk to me.

Cheers in advance.


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Just last week I got a Samsung 48" UHD. It's absolutely tremendous. The upscaling of the input HD signal is really smooth.

Only 4K services I have for it atm are Netflix and Amazon - neither of which currently has a very wide content offer.

I don't get Ncables remark that it's only worth having 4K/HD for movies and sport. Some people appreciate quality in the everyday things. Even the music I buy for my daughters (hi Taylor Swift!) is in 320. Why buy or settle lower quality?

Please could I get a link to this?


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loopdokter wrote:

Anyone remember how tedious Sasha became when he got a hold of Ableton and track stems back in around 2005?  No?  Well that's likely what's going to happen here.

I don't see the point.  Tracks are meant to be just that... Tracks.  Sometimes all of this digital DJing can go a bit too far.

My thoughts exactly.

Another big vote for the TA boat parties here. Been to two Wisternoffs and two Warrens and they've all been superb. The boats aren't the best (the bogs are a horror show) but that is eclipsed by the music and the crowd. Proper old school clubbing.


shaunstrudwick wrote:

i'm considering an X5 M50D or some version of the Porsche Cayanne for the next 'family' car

test drove a Q7 but it was like driving a tank - even the 4l version

Yeah, the Q7 is monstrous. The 3L TD Q5 is nippy enough tho. Had mine 3 years and love it.