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Tremendous mix. Always been a fan of your sound. Classy house music imo.

On a related note, I went to 'University' in Luton. The thought of growing up there is bleak in the extreme.

Tremendous night. Venue, music and crowd all spot on.

It has taken me this long to fully recover tbf.

As above, was it recorded? Love to relisten/remind myself.

Are roll calls still a thing? I'm so out of the loop.

Really looking forward to hearing John play from start to finish tonight. This will be the first Bedrock I've been to since it was last regularly at Heaven!

Anyway - here's to pretending I'm not the wrong side of 40, forgetting for one night the fact I have children and responsibilities and finally, to lamenting my indulgence for many days to come.

Who else is in?!


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Thanks all, Rokits it is then. I'm surprised at how inexpensive they are, tbh, given the love they're getting on here.

Dermo - what ones have you got?


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zackster wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

In terms of literal 'boom'-for-bucks... hard to see past the KRK's.

that's the answer.

Excellent, thanks chaps. I'll go and have a listen this weekend.

Dutchy - are the Rokit 6s 3g really overkill?

Some 20 years (!) after purchasing a Pioneer amp and a pair of floor standing Tangent speakers to accompany my 1210s, I'm in the market for a pair of powered speakers. And I'm looking for some advice, please.

I'll use them for infrequent mucking around on my S2 and laptop. I want speakers that will be good for house parties, rather than producing music.

Budget around £500 the pair. KRK? Genelec?

Any advice on the best boom for my buck appreciated.

Talk to me.

Cheers in advance.


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Just last week I got a Samsung 48" UHD. It's absolutely tremendous. The upscaling of the input HD signal is really smooth.

Only 4K services I have for it atm are Netflix and Amazon - neither of which currently has a very wide content offer.

I don't get Ncables remark that it's only worth having 4K/HD for movies and sport. Some people appreciate quality in the everyday things. Even the music I buy for my daughters (hi Taylor Swift!) is in 320. Why buy or settle lower quality?

Please could I get a link to this?


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loopdokter wrote:

Anyone remember how tedious Sasha became when he got a hold of Ableton and track stems back in around 2005?  No?  Well that's likely what's going to happen here.

I don't see the point.  Tracks are meant to be just that... Tracks.  Sometimes all of this digital DJing can go a bit too far.

My thoughts exactly.

Another big vote for the TA boat parties here. Been to two Wisternoffs and two Warrens and they've all been superb. The boats aren't the best (the bogs are a horror show) but that is eclipsed by the music and the crowd. Proper old school clubbing.


shaunstrudwick wrote:

i'm considering an X5 M50D or some version of the Porsche Cayanne for the next 'family' car

test drove a Q7 but it was like driving a tank - even the 4l version

Yeah, the Q7 is monstrous. The 3L TD Q5 is nippy enough tho. Had mine 3 years and love it.


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Speculation has begun.

Will it be the recent Heaven Bedrock? Would guess not as clearing the classics would be troublesome? Unless he planned it advance...

BedRob wrote:

Nice to see my town Leigh On sea, 4th in The Times "best places to live in the UK" today

Would send on a link, but i doubt many of you subscribe to the times

i took my family there on Saturday and really liked it. Both the town and the seaside bit were both really nice.

I bought 3 huge, cooked crabs for £7 too, which added to the good feeling.

My favourite DJ. Never had a bad night with Nick on the decks.

Enormous prog credentials. Also spins some great chillout.

Ncable wrote:
steelydan wrote:

The Linton Estate was truly awful. I went to price a job there once and there was bloody trail.

Wanstead is  an expensive oasis ...

... next to manor park.

which is a shithole.

Love me some Wanstead, although the Dai Viet restaurant being bought out by developers and shut down is a disgusting slur on the nature of our society. The fish courses were superb. Very villagey feel to Wanstead with some nice little shops opening up, but you are correct about Manor Park. A piss stain on the earth if ever I've seen one.

Agree about Wanstead but then I live there so I would.

The vast majority of places that surround it are utter khazies - Manor Park and also Leytonstone, Redbridge & Walthamstow. Ugh.


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loopdokter wrote:
303 abuser wrote:
smashdad wrote:

April '95 ...

best story ever. hahaha

my wife would've killed me.

That would have resulted in an immediate annulment for me with my current beau.  Strictly a drug free zone.

Belle. Not beau - that's the man. For a Canadian, your French is shocking.

For my contribution, I'll admit to doing far too much nose, failing spectacularly to get wood, and then trying to knock myself out/dull the embarrassment afterwards with a hefty dose of Valium.

Having little previous experience of Valium, I had no idea it would make me sleep so soundly that I would violently shit the bed.

I have never seen a girl exit a scratcher faster before or since.


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These days I get to DJ increasingly rarely. One such opportunity presents itself in late March. It's fair to say that I'm planning the first hour and I've a fairly good idea of what I'll play in the second hour - depending on how the crowd react to my initial effort. And when I say 'crowd' I do of course refer to the 4 goons who will be drunk enough to dance to my racket.

It's nothing to be ashamed of though, is it? I'd prefer to be relaxed and confident and not ruin other people's night. I also seem to remember Phil Thompson saying he meticulously planned his warm ups at Bedrock, so I'm in good company.

Thoroughly underwhelmed by this mix.


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Also doing a stepped discount scheme over next few weeks. Details via opt-in on the site.


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I can only hope that Uncle John has a better night this year than last, which ranks as the poorest set I have ever heard from him.

Phoned it in.

Just got sent a link for a free party at Fabric for the launch of the S8. Sir Terry of Francis is playing. And some other bloke I've never heard of.

Downside - it's on Monday night.

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/traktor- … 3602869549


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Can't do better than the HD 25s imo. I've had mine for 20-odd years and only had to replace the padded bit of the cups (and this due to sweating like a pregnant Nun when I'm mixing).

j.p sykes wrote:
GregWhelan wrote:

being the old fucker that i am i saw daft punk at the astoria in 1996.

orbital at the allly pally mount universe nye 1996 was a rum do.

but nothing beats lilo thomas at the hammesmith odeon 1986...except perhaps everything, everything everything .

i remember being at some do, fuck knows where, waiting for kraftwerk who hadnt played in the uk for about a thousand years...and being bored shitless...1997/8....mount universe/creamfields???

armand van heldon at the battersea power station was terrrible in about 97, he played the' funk phenomina 'for 2 and three quarter hours.

Didnt Kraftwerk play Tribal Gathering at Luton Hoo in 1996? Amazed theres been no other festivals there, its just as good as Knebworth IMO

Yes I was there, but it was 1997 - didn't listen to much of kraftwerk to be honest, you could hardly get in the tent.

Great festival though, sasha and john b2b, blue amazon live, orbital, daft punk, way out west, fluke, garnier etc.

Most of my mates ended up in the medical tent though, it was like Vietnam in there...

Yeah I was at that, too. Utter carnage from the very outset.

For some reason we had backstage passes and I stood on the side of the stage for Sasha and John's B2B bit. All very epic house from memory. When Diggers eventually descended from the elevated decks, he wandered past me and said "alright mate" (which considering we'd never met was very polite of him imo). Utterly starstruck and unprepared my response will haunt me forever: "I think you're fucking brilliant." This marked the end of the conversation.


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Another vote for PowerAmp here...

Enjoyed this, can anyone ID the last tune, after the KiNK remix?

Merci en avance.

Edit: Found it

JJ Salinas - Don't Feed The Fears