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mr rossi wrote:

Yeah I'm surprised no premier league team has come in for Jordan Rhodes.

Flat Track bully


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LVG is already talking up retirement at the end of his three year deal.


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..and captains of Industry and Prime Ministers.


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chromosome_junction wrote:
Boring wrote:

The MOD have been trying to privatise the supply, maintenance and training chain. (pretty much everything bar the guys who press the red button or pull on the trigger). Agree that it's unlikely to happen.

How about schools? Private schools always get good results because they filter out bad parents/kids. There must be a case for privatising some of the better state schools - i.e the school bills the state and then also charges the parents for a top-up premium. A number of the poor/thick kids will get replaced by kids from middle class families so results for the school should improve further.

In other words, they've been trying to privatise the non-core functions.

Private schools generate a lot of social value but are bad in many less tangible ways because they reinforce social stratification and deprive the state schools of teaching talent. They should be highly taxed and should be forced to include pupils from deprived backgrounds.

Most of the Private Schools do have bursary programmes where less fortunate kids can come and get laughed at, generally abused (physically, sexually and mentally) and then sent back to their sink estates to get the same treatment by their equally depraved peers.

I enjoyed this mix.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

yeah looking forward to seeing this, reviews have been great. Heard that her dad isn't painted in a good light either...

Lets just say her vabid ex wasnt the only one taking her for all she was worth.

Yet only three men were back in traps before lunch. Fair play to Root on the ton and at a lick too.

I am merely an old man steadying the ship, BF.

Currently 190/3, so a good toss to win on a flat wicket that should deteriorate over the course of the five days.

Big Fella wrote:

Place called Pergatory Dan, you'll experience it soon enough.

If its anything like Purgatory, I've spent many a time there.

Summer Holiday BF? Anywhere nice?

Interesting morning/afternoon's play so far. Honours almost even but if you use the Boycott equation (add two wickets to the score) and it's all Australia. Solid fightback from 43-3.

erik.b wrote:

i still find it hard to believe that in a time when information is instant and news is delivered to your phone/tablet/computer that there is any place left for yesterday's news today

crosswords i like tho

Some traditions are better of left unchanged. Always need a paper for the daily commute. Reading the sunday papers with a mug of tea and a bacon sandwich. Curling one out in the bogs with a quality broadsheet (which are great for hiding grot mags) etc.

Agreed. Big blow for them. Cummins is another injury prone quick. Played one test and took 7 wickets against SA so is no mug. But have they got another bowler to tie down an end?


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Rashid should have been blooded in the WI but the slot was given to Tredwell (in Ali's absence) and that was one of the many contributing factors to the Woodpeckers (second) dismissal. So, it's an overdue call up. Btw, the Spain trip wasn't a training camp it was a jolly boys. Cook has even said the same himself.

A lot will rest on the bowling unit clicking. The fact that Broad has started to get some form is important, as I think he'll be a big player this series. Hopefully he'll also get some useful lower order runs too. That score in the NZ series should go someway to getting some confidence with the wood back.

Wood looked good against NZ but, by his own and the teams admission, he will fall apart at the seams (ala Ryno for the Aussies) if he plays the full five. Anderson should get 15-20 during the series and will be obdurate with the bat if called upon.

Bell is a concern for me. He has had a wretched run over the last 18 months and must be hanging by a thread (if there were more candidates other than KP) for his place in the XI. Ballance has looked good, if very dour, at first drop but this is a big big series and needs to improve on his poor showing against NZ to warrant his place or be known as a flat track bully. Like Smith on the Australian side. To me he is ordinary, but his recent stat's (obviously) tell a different story? Much like Clarke, who I have never really been a massive fan of?

If Johnson clicks for Australia then it could be horrible for England. However, it's a Duke ball we're playing with and that could be important.

I think the Aussies might edge it. But, it's made for a Stokes or Rashid to really announce themselves on the International stage.

He must have been wearing the worlds thickest flak jacket to have survived that blast.


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Just did a weeks all inclusive in Kos.

Very enjoyable break with the fam!


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Uncle John's starting to look a bit jowly in some of those pictures!

Its my birthday and none of you cunts came through so no review from me. Fuck the lot of yous!

Love you


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I went to an intimate Album Launch Party for this in Red Bar in Kingly St. Didn't cover myself in glory.


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Given up the ghost on the hair too!


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It had its moments and probably benefited from being slap bang in the Brit Pop / Cool Brittania era and the fact that there was fuck all else on tele at that time. File alongside The Big Breakfast.

Matt, I'm resigning.

i.e. You're trapped unless you have a boat or Helicopter to get you off the island in Essex.

That's the day of my last ever DJ gig.