I got a PM from Kiz once which simply said "Yes you twat"


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smashdad wrote:

I stand by it Dan - he's having a better season for sure - it's not before time though. 

By definition there can't be too many World Class players and I don't think Ozil is in the top bracket yet - tremendously fucking good yes, World Class no, not yet at least.

Arsenal going sustain a challenge this season then?  When do you play Leicester?!

You seem to be warming too him, so at least that's a start. We've already turned Leicester over at their place 5-2. We're due to play them at The Emirates on Feb 13 but have a feeling that it might get put back to the Sunday for TV if Leicester keep their momentum up.

Our run-in is, on paper, fairly kind. So, if we're in a good position come March I reckon we can mount a challenge.


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That he's not a World Class player. Yet, every single reporter and pundit to a man has been gushing about his performances.


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smashdad wrote:
jamie wrote:

am hoping for a 3 all draw with hatricks from Ozil and De Bruyne.

Another slightly underwhelming Ozil performance but he walks away with two more 'assists' - world class Fantasy football form.

How are those words tasting, Kev?



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benson wrote:

Turns out one of the office girls fancies me. She was saying how lovely I was whilst puking her guts up for an hour.

No means no.

Used to love SPOTY when I was younger. Ever since they've moved it out of the Studio and in to the arenas it just doesn't feel right and its just another Xfactor type farce at times.


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Thanks, fellas.

tbh, its not the baby that's the issue. Its the three year old! He's been waking 2 or 3 times during the night. If he was ok, I'd have had the ticket stamped and I'd have sailed through.


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fadass wrote:

Martial is gonna be good though. Very good.

A big club will pick him up soon if he keeps on developing well.


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I wasnt there. Bit gutted but having a six week old and pulling an all nighter was never gonna be a flyer.


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Oi Oi Spencer! Up the Arse!


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loopdokter wrote:
furry wrote:

Lot of what trump is saying Jay is simply what Americans have been wanting. A break away from the foul progressive movement where pc is a weapon. Obama has proven to not be fit to lead. I do like Ted Cruz though and feel he would be a better fit. Though I'm completely for building a wall.

Obviously I'm not American, but I live right next door and have American family and can state unequivocally that they don't share these beliefs.  I dare say what Trump is saying is tailored to a certain demographic in America - white, rich, devoutly Christian and xenophobic; with little knowledge of the world and how it actually works or too NIMBY/isolationist to care.  'Murica!  Fuck ya!  He's operating under the premise of fear and hate and division.  Unfortunately, there's a decent sized element of the American populace that laps that shit up.

Why on earth you think Obama hasn't been a good president is beyond me, but you're entitled to that opinion.  He's certainly a more competent leader than Bush Jr. and sadly inherited a lot of the previous administration's mess (Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.) that has burdened his rule ever since.  I mean shit, a large chunk of your country still believes the guy is Muslim (which is hilarious), so I suppose it's safe to believe that same chunk probably hates him because he's black with a funny sounding name.  Your country had the greatest opportunity it's ever had to enact universal health care - something that every developed nation in the world but the US has - but the politics of fear from the right put an end to that and turned it into watered down slurry of what could have been a great thing.  The mind boggles that after more than 65 years since McCarthy, the word 'socialism' is such a feared thing in the US and has put an end to so many policies in the US that would actually benefit its citizens.

Building a wall.  I'm chuckling at that.  I really am.  Cause you know, that's clearly working in places such as Israel and Hungary with preventing people from crossing them...  Your economy, whether you like it or not, would be dead without migrant and illegal workers from south of the border.  We've had this debate before, so I'll leave it at that.

So what about the redneck trailer park dwelling southerners?

Just another knife crime I reckon. He actually was shouting "This is for Sierra" his bird who was two timing him with the geezer he chiv'd

Just been announced that it's no longer Sasha all night long.

MattBlack wrote:
erik.b wrote:

The cunt shit all over his fathers legacy

That as maybe but the level of abuse he is getting is pretty shocking, like people threatening to bottle Stella Creasy. I thought this New Labour was all about democracy, so much for kinder politics

I thought one of the main tenets of the Left was to fight Fascism? Isn't that all what Hilary Benn was doing in his speech, saying that the fight was in effect against fascism?

“You were given the choice between war and dishonour.  You chose dishonour and you will have war.”

Keep the bobby and furnish me with goods to the value of on the night, Edward.


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poirot wrote:

Is it true that Wankagenda writes and produces all his tracks? Mad concept/rumour but one ive heard a couple of times.

I have also heard from someone something similar that HS82 is a Milli Vanili type chancer put together by a dance music PR firm.

You know how bad films always draw you in with the trailer showing all the best bits? Well, this trailer needed some padding out.

Watched this on Sky Movies the other night:

Possibly the worst Danny Dyer film ever!


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DuFunk wrote:

Agree with the fact the US Government have fuelled these groups to be created by what they have done to these countries for decades, but you are getting a lot of hippies stating that the US government have directly created ISIS to keep world order and shit like that! A lot of illuminati bullshit.

This is a great piece on the situation in Syria and the subsequent mess:

http://oil-price.net/en/articles/oil-pr … il-war.php


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smallman1 wrote:

Sasha is the only man who can make saying how much he loves playing Fabric sound like he's seen his wife get raped there by Terry Francis.

Aurally rather than physically?


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Boring going for easy kudos for a multi pager.

Thoughts and Prayers.

Willing to go another 10 if needed.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

It was like a proper rave in there, was reminiscent of when Garnier played there in 2003ish

Really? That was something special. Wow!