Seeing as its out on my birthday, any of you cunts wanna buy it for me?

Surely this breaches the boards views on Homophobia and should immediately be subject to review by the Mods?

I did frequent that establishment. However, despite its obvious name, I was mainly oblivious as to the real wares on sale!

Big Fella wrote:

lol at his footwear in photo two, typical cockerknee.

Bang on trend!

tbh, I stole that line from the faith board.

First Ben E King, now BB King. Carol King must be shitting herself right now!

Ch ch ch Chuka cant, chuka cant!

Actually, of all the people who put themselves up for nomination he was the one that I liked the most. He is certainly more charismatic than the other reprobates.

I guess pictures of him swigging from a bottle of Moet wouldn't go down too well with the proletariat?

I see Chuka has chucked in the towel already?


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So are probably 90% of the posts on here?


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Can we have an official statement at least?


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Beijing Dave wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

What are the Mick Mills like in Beijing?

Absolutely none.

Everyone shitting themselves after Migas got busted last year. Doors locked, everyone drug tested, a whole load of people deported (and the local dealers probably got a bullet).

How about the Opium dens?

Poor bants whoever pulled it.



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Big Fella wrote:

Stick a load of Pixar films on it instead of interacting with your nipper Dutchy.

I must have seen Cars and Cars 2 at least 50 times each! My boy is obsessed with it. Now its Cars Books at bedtime.


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Have had the Tab 3 for about 18 months, so a version down from the current ones out in the market. Great for videos, surfing the web, emails etc. Lags a bit of Flash-based (Beatport) websites and can be a bit slow if you have my missus patience.

Overall, its suited us down to the ground and as BF said the SD slot is great if you have a load of videos for Holidays, car trips etc. No real complaints.

smashdad wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

I fucking hated UK Garage with a passion. Tst tst tst tst tst


With the very rare exception. The presented evidence being one of those rare cuts.

I fucking hated UK Garage with a passion. Tst tst tst tst tst

Quelle suprise! The RMT has voted on Industrial Action, just now. I say the RMT, it's actually the Network Rail members of the RMT. Not all of the members, mind you. Just 21% of them!


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Beijing Dave wrote:


Manager: Jose Moaninho

1. Flappihandski
3. Cashley Cole - traditionally a left back is no. 3, but decent contribution anyway
5. Rio Turdinhand
8. Joke Hole
9. Robin Van Pur$e$ring$
10. Philippe Coutinohno


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That wasnt supposed to happen!

Just one of those nights. Flappihandski was everything but and fair play too him. Top, top performance. Best 'keeping display at The Emirates this season edging De Gea's for Man U.

Panorama tomorrow night will be leading the anti-Conservative charge, no doubt, with a live show prophesing to tell you what the result of the election means to everyone. And, with the well know left-wing bias at the Beeb, it'll be packed with political commentators rushing to paint a bleak view of things.

I'll allude to being a little drunk this morning when I posted my retort.

Why hide behind an alias?

Agreed on the Liberal influence. The best thing George Osborne could do is give Danny Alexander a job.

What gets me is Mr Ra-Ra Rasputin had to raise an account to do so. Obviously ashamed to front up and show their true colours on a day to day basis on here. Socialism is a cult based on elitism and hatred, they have no answers because it is stuck in a time that has passed and hasn't evolved to met the needs of a modern society and never will.