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Sorry to hear that you have a tough task, Millsy. Makes my quandary very insignificant. sad


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Supposed to be going Fabbers tonight but the missus is stressing about doing the airport run for the first time so might have to temper it. I'll also have to do swimming at 10.30am (in the pool) with the boy if I end up doing the run. Going feel great when rocking up at the front door at 8am!


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Derms, is that a personal invite from you to Ed?


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Congrats, Jay. Great name despite the K. Glad all is well and we look forward to the Stag invites.

My boy has been invited to a screening of Despicable Me 3 for a friends party on Sunday. Hopefully, I'll still be out from Saturday night as the missus has drawn the short straw for that one.

The Gun dealer was quality. Proper scene stealer.

Soon they'll have to whitewash every movie that has ever been made! They all seem to be at it!

See, I loved Baby Driver. The Soundtrack was ace, the pay off at the end was clever. Jon Hamm was a pretty good boogie man as was Jamie Foxx. It steals heavily from Tarantino (Baby and Deborah have a touch of the Clarence and Alabama's about them and the villains could easily be lifted from any number of his catalouge) but pulled together with aplomb. It was a great three act piece.

9/10 from me.


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The Libs should have had that as part of their manifesto last time around and should have (should be) been targeting Pro-Brexit Labour MPs to switch.

It seems bizarre that [Sir] Starmer is anywhere near Corbyn's cadre being part of the Liberal elite him and McDonall so despise!


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Not without unanimous support from all sitting MPs, I suspect. Those passionate, non-smashdad, luddite Brexiteers might call for civil war and blood on the streets but I'm not sure if they'd be bothered to get out of bed in sufficient numbers.

What would need to happen, again, is all the party leaders getting together and making a joint statement (with the Queen) outlining the reasons why we would retain membership of the EU. But, can you ever see that happening with the current clowns in charge of the main parties?


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I dont think incompetence is necessarily exclusive of the tories on this particular issue. If anything needed cross party support and thinking it is this.

The first thing that should have been down is a sub cabinet, a war cabinet if you like, made up of cross party figures should have been formed to sort this mess out. But, no, that's not going to happen is it.

Maybe this is the opportunity to bail out and withdraw our withdrawal notice?

My Sister in Law is in town and she is a school teacher. She say's that they have lockdown exercises. I mean, can they not see that that alone is wrong on so many levels! No one should have to have a lock down excercise as a matter of fact, ffs Fire drills just get us in to a state of an irritation and inconvenience as it is.

In her defence she is anti gun and is in agreement with my viewpoint.

Whilst DJ'ing once, one of the barman at the venue where I was playing said that he really wanted to have sex with me. He also hugged me and run his hand over my chest.

I was flattered but crushed his dreams when I told him I was straight.

Every other time I played at that venue he would still try it on.

Thankfully, I am comfortable with my sexuality.

Seems like the topic de jour right now.

Feel free to share your story?


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smallman1 wrote:

Apols all for the mahoosive KLANG!

kitchen supplies?


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The three day week, and the Flying Pickets riding high in the chance once again.


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This one?



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Rumour has it that Land of Hope and Glory at The Last Night of the Proms is going to be replaced by this:


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It'll be like living in Cuba. But, instead of driving around in dilapidated 50's American Muscle Cars, we'll all be driving around in reconditioned versions of this:



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smashdad wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

... a Hard Brexit.

Dan, what does that actually mean...  Is there an objective definition?

If so, please elucidate...

It's pretty opaque, but generally if we leave Europe with no trade deal we go on to WTO rules. Which, as I understand it are not very positive considering the trade deals we currently have in place. Then, yes, we would be free to set up our own trade deals around the world. But, as we have seen with the US imposing 220% Tariffs on aircraft parts isnt going to be a walk in the park. And, any deals that we try to do will take a very long time to get from A to Z.

This doesnt even cover the wall we'll have to built around our islands, and across in the channel tunnel, to keep THEM out!!! Out means Out GRRR!!!!!!


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Corbyn wants a Hard Brexit. That's the irony of those on the extreme right wanting it too. They are literally voting for a Socialist Government. Everything they despise. Its also the irony of the young who want to stay in the EU and a Corbyn led Labour Government.


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I've been on a facebook group called the Football Lads Alliance. As much as they protest as to not being racist or far right they fail miserably on all aspects. I love a bit of banter with them and there is no changing them. Even asked if they were on the negotiating team what would their aims been. Their response: Out means out, deal with it you remoaner.


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Anyone see the Fox Interview on Wednesday night with Lou Dobbs. Worth watching for the gringe inducing sycophancy. Even for Fox standards it was ridiculous.

Top mix this.


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But Ray Charles played the harmonica?