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liquitech1 wrote:
fletcher wrote:

The guy on the left doesn't look English?


..that's exactly what the guy behind him is saying to his mate

"I say chaps, who's that fellow at the front. He's not one of our lads is he?"


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Easy answer to this poster, dont be a lazy cunt, be better at your job, then there's no problem.


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Personally, I cant wait for Friday when the democratic process has been fulfilled and, regardless of the result, we can all move forward together in a unified Britain to build a greater country as one. Happy in the knowledge that the referendum is over and the nation has decided the journey that it wants to take.

Cry God for Harry, England and St. George (with apologies to our cousins in Scotland, Wales and Northern Island).


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He's looked like a flat track bully so far this tournament.


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I'm just hoping that I appear in one of his secret dossiers.


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Deffo before the winning goal was scored. What a melt!

Talking of melts, I wonder how Al Williamzzzzzzz....... is?


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Wouldnt say he was poor, I just thought he tried too hard to make a difference. Which he obviously did because he had a major part in both goals. So, I dont blame him as we won the game. He just seemed to be in Rooney's space all the time.


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Lets hope that this gets treated as an Act of Terror in the same way as the Lee Rigby murder if that is the case.


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Maybe he should go back to taking corners?


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Alli was fucked by the end of the game. He should be rested for the final game of the tournament. Bold subs by Roy and full credit to him. Although Sturridge was guilty of trying far too hard at times, did he not want to pass to Rooney at all?, he fully deserved his goal and hopefully will start in the next game.


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What did I miss?

I have had the pleasure/displeasure of seeing both sides. Always got on well with him, but was warming up for him once when one of his minions basically came over to me and ordered me off the decks saying that "Steve is going to play now".

He's also had some pretty sketchy tour managers in his time.

Once bumped in to him at Space once as he was chatting to someone else and started asking how he was as I hadn't seen him for a while etc, interrupting the conversation he was already having. Only to realize mid flow that the person he was talking to was Sasha.


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You really are the happiest man in the world, Dermo.


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I've heard Morillo absolutely tear the roof of a club and I've also heard him tank it too. In the right setting he is pretty good to be fair. Certainly one of the better accessible House DJs out there, but has often been hampered but his indulgencies (havent we all?) when performing.

Always found him a top bloke and once attempted to teach him some cockney at fabric once.

He is a Party in a tin can.


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Not rammed, but certainly busy enough. Dance floor was busy all night but you could move about fairly freely without getting/giving the elbow.

Probably in the carpark of DC10 one Monday morning after being in Space all night.


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Fucking smashed the fucking granny out of the place. I don't think I've ever heard him play that hard before.

Good to see everyone, but missed Smalls once again. I think he was hiding from me seeing as he owes me money.

smallman1 wrote:

See you down there Presto.

I'll have that Bobby of you, tonight.

benson wrote:

Major job interview a week on Monday and I'm doing everything possible to put it to the back of my mind for this weekend

Get yourself down Fabbers on Saturday night. That'll put the interview to the back of the mind.


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jamie wrote:
Grant wrote:

I had to clear my back garden just after we'd moved in.  I had to rotorvate it, then turf the lot.  It took me all day and I hadn't slept a wink after a proper Bedrock session the night before.

One of the worst days of my life.

just finished our back garden. we got quoted 20 grand to re landscape it and returf it all as they said they couldn't get any machinery in and it would all have to be manual labour.

I wasn't having any of that so decided to do it ourselves - think it came in at 1.5k all in for material plus the time taken to do it ourselves. Sat in it last night for the first time with a cold drink and a feeling of smugness at how great it looks.

unfortunately the pressure is now on for me to fix all of the other holes and damage I've done in the rest of the house... sad

You do realise that you're going to have to spend the next 6 to 8 weeks off the lawn until it has taken. You have to water it every couple of days; Mow it once a week on its highest setting otherwise your going to fuck it up massively and have to start over again.

Not ideal if you have kids. Luckily we done it at the right time of year and its starting to take really well. Got to water it tonight and mow it Saturday morning and it'll be looking very lush.

Dont forget the feed and weed in Autumn.

Been to Watergate and it was great. Same trip went to Berghain and got in no trouble (My Aryan good looks clearly came in handy). Didn't stay long though as we didn't have the necessary accoutrements at hand for a decent sesh. Also went to Weekend which was also pretty decent.


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Give me a flatpack and I'll put it together sturdy as fuck. Attach stuff to walls or build from scratch? Not a scooby, mate!

Just had the front and back gardens cleared and lawned for just shy of 2 bags. It looks lush and its going to be great for the nippers once its fully taken. Now, I'm fairly handy with a lawn mower despite breaking the (now discontinued) blade on it last summer going over a tree root. However, we have a raised patio and a couple of tricky edges so I bought myself an edge trimmer at the weekend. Almost fucked the lawn trying to get it nice and even all round.

Missus H was not best pleased.



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smallman1 wrote:

Roll on Paris, going to be buy myself a Le Coq Sportif tracksuit.

Pwopa football fans would just chore the trackie.


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Funniest St Totteringham Day yet!. Spent in a bar (after a pretty hefty day/night) in NY on a football tour with a load of Spurs fans (my roomie being one) made it even sweeter.

Heard that the Magic Man was going mental coating off Spurs on Sky Sports.

When will the scum ever learn.

Our worst season in a long time when we should have won the league and we still finish above those cunts.