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It's been a long journey for the club. I joined them when they were down on their uppers and spent 5 great, but tough, years there seeing them go through massive changers and laying the foundations for their current success. Was lucky enough to be in the side that win their first trophy in about ten years back in 2003 and the club has gone on from there. Play-off victories, London and Kent Cups, three first round proper FA Cup appearances and a steady climb through the leagues to the pinnacle of the non-league game.

They have the right backing and the Chairman is extremely passionate about the club having played, and still occasionally turns out in the Vets team, for the club and has backed it with a lot of his own money.

Will they hold their own in what is essentially a professional league these days? I dont know? But, if you use Welling Utd as a yard stick, then they have more than a fighting chance.

He's actually been doing that for years. Proper House head too.


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Danny Murphy was certainly the chief flag waver for the underdog today. He is almost as bad a pundit as Andy Townsend and both should be banished from ever getting behind a mic!

Couldn't be arsed with the other game, tbh.

It seems that the majority of people who have posted in this thread are centre-right leaning. Not much support for Milliband's merry mob of hypocrites!


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Historic day today for my old team, Bromley, as they won their first title since 1961 and gaining promotion to the National Conference in the process. Nearly 3,000 people were there today to see it too.

Oh, and Arsenal made it to a consecutive FA Cup final as well.

Great stuff all round.

erik.b wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:
roberto wrote:

seriously, letting the general population vote is a fucking catastrophe.

Last time I checked, the UK was a democracy?

I suppose you'd advocate living in a communist dictatorship instead?

In theory Communism is a great idea.

True. However, its infinitely more elitist than the old Class system and stops people bettering themselves.

roberto wrote:

seriously, letting the general population vote is a fucking catastrophe.

Last time I checked, the UK was a democracy?

I suppose you'd advocate living in a communist dictatorship instead?

jules72 wrote:
chromosome_junction wrote:

the tories inherited a bankrupt state and began the task of turning it around - the UK electorate will not, therefore, now kick them out and put Labour back in, so it can only be a Lib_Con outcome.

I wish you were right Chromo....but how do you reconcile this with the polls saying a Labour + SNP coalition are the most likely outcome?

God help all of us if that happens!

How the pair of them could work together after last nights shambolic debate anyway after all they did was slag each other off! Thought no one came out of it very well, especially Nige who came out with some well reasoned comments before ruining it with some overtly racist comment. The housing idea sounded extremely reasonable until he said 'for British people only' and he had the crowd on his side up until that point. The room went from a near round of applause to uncomfortable silence in seconds. Nige was right about the hand picked crowd and that comment just showed up the uncomfortable nature we've been conditioned to feel due to the last 2 decades of liberal media overload.

I wouldn't be surprised if on the day before the GE (if the opinion polls remain static and it looks like another hung parliament) Nige comes out and tells those who were going to vote UKIP to vote Conservative.

There is only one record you uncool cunts:

Close thread!


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jamie wrote:
BedRob wrote:

Due to the overwhelming success of the cheese on toast thread i just thought i would let you know that i have started work on this years, bigger, more improved vegetable patch

some other Dad's were talking about their veggie patches at the school drop off this morning. I had to tell them that I wasn't ready for that level of 'being an old cunt'.

How's the meth lab doing?

MattBlack wrote:

Last year i was living in a Labour borough and council tax went up nearly 4% while massive cuts were still made and it was frankly a bit of a shit hole, you could argue that they got a much worse council tax settlement than a Tory stronghold yet they still manage to squirrel money away and waste it on vanity projects like most Labour councils seem to do, Lambeth, Southwark and all the other labour councils are more interested in diversity training than actually serving the people who pay their wages so for that reason and the fact that Ed Millibland is wetter than a wet weekend in Manchester i hope the Tories stay in, but i think in some ways the Lib Dems have helped to water down some of their more harsh policies so i think maybe they need that influence still though im not sure id want the Lib Dems in government on their own

This is why Labour can never be trusted with the purse strings. Local labour-run councils have always mismanaged taxes and this has contributed, albeit it not to the level of other industries, to the financial problems the country has faced. Whilst some of the vanity projects are well meaning it has been abused by such ridiculous one-role jobs as Diversity Inclusion officers being paid stupid money for a local job. That is seen as more important than re-surfacing the roads or bin collections.

dutchy101 wrote:

My constituency is a Tory constituency. Since I moved into  the area 6 years ago, all the roads have been resurfaced,  the shops on the high St have all been given funds to modernise their frontage, the pavements have all been relaid, council tax has stayed the same since I moved here and my house has virtually doubled in value. Hmmm
No brainer really.



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I cancelled my last two gigs, in March and this weekend, through illness.

RIP to that extremely rare breed. A likable Australian.


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Isn't Aussie Rules the Australian equivalent of NASCAR?


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To be fair, Che Neville is always going to come out on top when compared to Enoch Campbell, regardless of footballing intelligence.


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No. Nothing sordid like that happened. Dave was fairly loved up at the time and I was just freshly divorced and surprised I'd lucked out so early in the trip.


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Certainly a banger!


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smallman1 wrote:

How did you end up in his shorts though Dan?

There was a bit of pool action after the club and seeing as hadnt been in my hotel since landing I needed something to wear. It's the only time I've ever worn Leeds Utd apperal.


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I once wore a pair of Dave Seaman's (the dj) shorts in Ibiza. Long story short, landed in Ibiza, dumped bags and straight to Pacha for Diggers, bump in to Nick Muir who was with Dave who was with this rather fecthing pair of russian dancers. Needless to say he couldnt handle both of them so I did the only decent thing and struck up an  anglo-russian relationship.

She dumped me after three days as I didnt have a black amex at the time.

Grant wrote:

La Esquina - amazing Mexican. Need to book, and actually not easy to find, the entrance is a deli - great food, great experience. Not too expensive either.


Another vote for this place. The Margaritas are ridiculously good.

Fuck me! Talk about ripping off Mark Knight and Funkygenda!!!!!!!!!!


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benson wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

I shall be heading up to Sydney in April sometime to see Steve Marx, I shall PM you for a beer chief, on me, natch.

The 2 afters heavy weights!

Behemoths even!


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katakana wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:
katakana wrote:

Right then, where do I start..

-regular at Shellys
-had a residency in Derby in 91 which had sasha, seamen, garnier, cox as guests
-monthly resident at Renaissance in Mansfield
-was pretty much in partnership with Nigel Dawson for a few years
-played a 4 hour set before sasha at subway in Sheffield (also a residency)
-played all over the world, including being the first international guest at club xiii moscow (and had a monthly residency there with Rowan Blades)
-managed by wiggy / red parrot at one point
-ran the 'sonambulist' label..yes, then one that signed loopy wink
-produced and remixed numerous tracks for labels like baroque, electro fly, red parrot, caged, positiva, perfecto
-produced tracks with quiver, parks and Wilson, Marshall Jefferson
-gave james zabiela a monthly residency at my night 'silicon' before he was massive, played back to back with him most months

I'll leave it at that for now..;)

Don't see any mention of seeing Sasha at Space there, pal.

Ledged it to sasha in space about 3 or 4 times, 1999-2001, natch wink

WiPS wink