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new york is severely lacking this year, tiesto, tenaglia, and francois k.

i guess FK is the top choice as tenaglia is going the kanye west route and giving speeches when he plays.


well golly.

yup, sean has found a very beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful person who actually finds him funny. her name is Ms. Christina S. and she is a 26 year old 1st grade teacher, who by happenstance, lives around the road from my parents. she is nothing short of a great match right now. but hey, we are only celebrating our 6 month anniversary next weekend as she and her friend head off to europe for 2 weeks (planned b4 she met me). (she is a keeper so far)

but otherwise, this is about the man called newland.

how u? jenny? club? job? life in general.

hit me up on my MS PM;s (i miss bedrock PM's). or drop me a line at my email. hope all is well in never never land.

where newland at? havent heard from him in like a month.

listen, shoot me an email at napprog@hotmail, or preferebly, a PM over at MS.

its a political question, and i am not bringing it into the forum.

cheers. and thanks


this is a great example why the government should allow free industry. nothing on the conservative vs liberal viewpoints towards economics, but the simple fact that the government will fuck up anything they get thier hands on. same shit here in america. hillary clinton fucked up our healthcare system so badly it really isnt even fixable. the democrats in the early 90's fucked up the markets big time, and furthermore, annihilated the auto manufacturing industry with thier labor regulations. bush..... fucked up a few things, mostly on the gov't spending side, and allowed a few big business scandals under his watch. but his fuckups are mostly out of country.

government should allow free business. let the market dictate what is needed.


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that tantana track is great, i have the other one he did with joanna, "if i could" ,on my feb mix, remixed by simon and shaker as well.

ok, depending on your career stance, i would tell ya this.

if you want to make money, and secure a future for you and your family, the states are begging for doctors, we quite literally are importing them from india, east and europe, and our pay system is superior.

but if just caring for patients is utmost, and you are happy in britian, well, i dunno.

but we are in a severe shortage of qualified medical personal here. and it might make you a handy chunk of change in the process. while the HMO's hurt the doctors, knocking thier incomes down from millions per year to a few hundred grand for extremely qualified ones, even ER docs at young ages are pulling in around 100K american.

just some advice.

here here..

and i LOVE the dub of the last goodbye by attic. what a groove.. /drool/

yes, sick song.

YOu guys should get an attorney and file suit. im sure there is a LA fan who has his lawyer's liscence willing to do it.

that guy is an assclown.


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europe's version of home depot?


any hardware/consrtuction store should have em.


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hey peeps.

i just threw up a mix i recroded in Feb.

its deeper than my previous and live mixes, but i liked it. ill get teh t/l when i look em up.


its the Feb 07 mix


Sean Napolitano- covering ground, last year really. love that guy.

i just came, someone gimme a towel.

when the hell will LA play in NYC. been waiting years now.

oh yeah, get a better music policy please. you guys went from pretty cool to nothing more than MTV on electric beats.

Progsounds wrote:
cjb001 wrote:


soulseek now dear.

got two new sets coming once i actually stay at my house. been sleeping at my parents lately as im working my ass off in tax season and cant deal with the commute to my house on 5 hours of sleep every day.

roberto, go here, www.thesightless.com/mixes and download "covering ground" , its a live set from last november i did at a club called madonna's in hunting beach NY.

and we have large cocks.

agree with rick being a great producer. not much i dont like from him.

Andy IHF wrote:

Its not a digweed production

The original of the track is years & years old, hence the older vibe

details then. go on.

PS any ideas to the applicaltion/programme that he used on this. sounds way different than any other diggers work. the pads are a lot softer to my ears, just has a different sound.

yeah just got this. liking it. minimally well done.

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