Unbroken1 wrote:

..it wasn't just technical ability he lacked though IMO, saw him a few times up North early/mid 90's (NOT Cream) and always seemed to have an ability to play the wrong tunes at the wrong time, hammering it out too early or just completely misjudging the crowd completely. I can forgive some dodgy mixing but he always seemed to get it wrong on multiple levels.

He's always had access to good tunes, Perfecto absolutely epitomised that mid-90's shiny prog/trance era, released some amazing stuff, (thanks in no small part to some quality A&R work from an ex-board member), and produced one or two belting remixes (thanks to Mr Osbourne).

I'm sure he tore the roof off the Courtyard... but really, how hard is it to turn up and crash the top 20 unreleased acetates into each other to a room full of spannered scallies at peak time for an hour or two?

Imagine those tunes at that time in the hands of someone who could actually put it together properly?

..oh wait, that was Sasha.

This. Although tbf to the Monkey man, I did have a few good nights with him on the ones and twos. All pre 2000 mind. Since then he's apparently gone so off the radar he's in space.

The Goa mix for those about at the time was still a bit of an eye opener, no matter how dated the tunes now sound. You can't ignore that.


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Got the 12 but bought again natch. 99p bargain.

Got mine a week ago. All present and correct as far as I can see regarding casing etc. Even got the vinyl too.

Not listened to it yet... been far too busy.

Have fun. smile


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Big Fella wrote:

Absolutely no idea how we got three points there.

Just hope we are saving ourselves for Sunday.

Hope so.

Presto wrote:

It's really not that big a deal, is it?

^^ This. You lot that are moaning. Reg central.

smashdad wrote:
spinnerlg wrote:

Thanksgiving was last week ffs. Do one.

Thanks for the mixes though smashy. smile

Certain people on here deserve thanking mate.

As for the mixes - you're very welcome - the pleasure is largely mine...

They do... you are right. Apologies. I just seen so many 'thanks' things over the last week that I snapped. Soz.

smashdad wrote:

I'll not be casting 'votes' towards this 'Award Gala' but I would genuinely like to say;

Thank you to those on this board who have listened to my mixes this year and taken the time to comment on them and even nominate them on this thread. 

Thank you to those on this board who regularly post mixes of their own - apologies to anyone whose mix I've listened to and not commented on - I honestly haven't heard one all year that wasn't enjoyable.

Thank you to those on this board who regularly start and/or contribute links to the music threads - the collective taste displayed has broadened my musical horizons considerably this year.

Thank you to those of you who've posted stuff that induced a wry smile here, a chuckle there and the occasional genuine laugh out loud.

And lastly I'm thankful for the fact this board is still here - despite its moderation and certainly not because of it, but here it still is and long may that continue.

*pint drinking smiley*

Thanksgiving was last week ffs. Do one.

Thanks for the mixes though smashy. smile

Presto wrote:
spinnerlg wrote:

Theodore Bullfrog? The one we went to before the Jody boat?

I'm so glad someone can remember things for me. My memory is shot to pieces.

I still have the text from *you know who* saying where to be. Not my personal memory recalling it, but my phone! My memory is fecked! You should know this by now Shirley.

Presto wrote:

There's a decent little pub round one of the alleys nearby. I might find myself in there.

Theodore Bullfrog? The one we went to before the Jody boat?


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Rude not to.

In. Your. Face.

Been up that way a few times. It's nice enough in that you wont find any vomit about.

Hired a boat there once and went around the coastline.. Benirras is just around the corner, so make use of that place. Great sunsets and very strong G+T's. Loads of hippies come out of the woods and play bongos mind.

Hire a car though. That way you can get just about anywhere you want on the Island within 30-45 minutes.

Bit late to the game on this one... did anything happen?

Birthday salutations to you ETC... you old caaant. smile


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Gillactico wrote:


Not seen him live yet... where's he playing?

He's playing Electronic sessions isn't he? Along with the Motion chaps (who used to post on here.... progressivesnake for one)... 29.11.14 at Qube.


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This thread could go on for some time.... I say good!


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dogmanstar888 wrote:
spinnerlg wrote:

another thread ruined. Ffs.

Spinner, if Jim-Bob wants to troll, I'll keep flooring him as long as it gives me the LOLs - but remember that you / the thread can carry on.  Nobody is stopping you / it.

I don't recall saying I would stop (doing what exactly?), or the thread would stop. Merely said it was ruined. As so many are with tedious slanging and alias bollocks. Just MO of course... carry on by all means. smile


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another thread ruined. Ffs.

A good package here. The vocal just takes me mostly to the voice from this monster from a while back mind....

You know it Damien.... you bladdy well know it!

Unbroken1 wrote:

It has these amazing oil-damped rotary faders, really stiff when you first turn it on and slacken-off as it warms-up. Also LOVE mixing with the hi-pass filters, way nicer than EQ's when you get used to them.


I've never used one tbh. What is the great thing about them? Is the main thing being that the volume actually goes from 0-10 in equal amounts rather than on a slider it being 0-6 does nothing, then 6-10 is from nothing to blowing your speakers?

smashdad wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

The PMC03A Dan?


What's that short fader/switch on the mid-right hand side - looks suspiciously like FMG 1 and/or FGM 2 in which case don't let ETC near this thread or we'll never hear the end of it...

It's PGM1 and PGM2. You slide it to monitor each. This was pretty much standard in 2 channel budget mixers circa early 90's I think.


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MattBlack wrote:


Some strike from Lamela

Good hit, but who had the bigger crowd this week... Spurs or Citeh?

I watch over people selling stamps.

Amps wrote:

Amazingly I've seen 18 of them, is that the most, do I win a prize?

Should you be posting on this board with that portfolio? wink