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Sign of a good night.


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Amps wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:
Amps wrote:

Now, do call me a cunt and tell me to fuck off, but having an idea of the kind of revenue big clubs pull in, does Fabric really need our financial support?

They lose £ 400,000 in revenue each month they are closed. Their mortgage, they own the building and the lease, is £120k+ a month. So, you can see that even if they have a reserve that wont last that long before the bank starts knocking on the door.

Obviously, to negate costs they have made over 200 non-essential members of staff redundant.

If they have anything less than millions in the bank they and their accountants want shooting.

Maybe they should just raid a club in Ibiza and look under the mattresses. Seems alot of gold can be found there!


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The vids do look pretty nifty tbf.

Awaiting the guys at ourmaninthefield to get in the editing suite and come out with some magic.


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zackster wrote:

if this all pans out, then well done on flares full sustaining it. the helen plant with simonr was next level. and well done on dermo for saying the course and sniffing it out. great quality stuffs all around.

Am I the only one to find all this stuff... like.. really REALLY tedious?


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roberto wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Is that Ian I can see as well?


Hell of a spot that Dutchy!

And a presto...

Surprised not to see a Benson given the finishing time.

There's another Presto? The one I know didn't go. Think you need specsavers Roberto.

It's not called 'doing a Benson' for no reason of course. Fecking lightweight. wink

Presto wrote:
benson wrote:

rather mos than concorde.

Gonna save my beer tokens for ministry.

I have been told that Concorde hast been kitted out with a nice new sound system.

Naturally, I shall be doing both.

As shall I.


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Really sad news. Met many of the board folk in there over the years. Hell, I even put on 'Prefab' parties before JD playing Xmas a few times, which was time consuming but fun. Seems the daggers have been out for a good while. Shocking decision though.

Hopefully something else will come out of the ashes... but for now it's a big loss. Much akin to when the Hac went down.

RIP Fabbers.


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I like the fact that S+D are doing this again. But the hype over them doing it again now after a few years hiatus just doesn't get my juices flowing. I'm sure you will have a great time, but I've seen them b2b so many times before and at the time it wasn't really any kind of holy grail. It was just a bonus. The tunes will flow well, and all will be good.

Some people being mardy about it being 3 hours. Take stock... this is what you would get on a club night 'back in the day'... so yeah, enjoy the festival set.

I'm looking forward to the club nights soon.. and proper 8 hour jobs!


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What's going on here guys? Gus has been posting those pics for god knows how long.. (and yeah, thanks Gus. we all love you).. and then BOOM!

Some need to have a word. My personal opinion is that if you browse an internet messageboard then you get what's coming to you. You should browse as you please. And if you have the luxury of doing that on work time, then you should take the options available to make sure that things you don't want to see in the workplace on board (see Presto for that nugget)... so yeah, meh!


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erik.b wrote:

Live blog of the proceedings

http://b.djmag.com/news/fabrics-licensi … g-liveblog

Cheers Eric.


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Do as you do Gus. People who browse messageboards at work have no excuse anyway. (no offence Wally)

An ID of the track at 36 mins would be most welcome.

In.. again.... for shame!


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did alright with a few quid on Mickleson top 5 at 8/1

Must be doing your nut Zach. Hope all comes out ok for your family.


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The moths know a thing or two about shining lights.....

Thoughts and prayers Ed.


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Enjoy Ed. Don't have 'le Reg'


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Surely Adele should be the last act on the Sunday, going by popular quotes and all.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:
jamie wrote:


not left yet mate, we decided to sack it off today. leaving tomorrow instead when the traffic has died down and the site has dried out a bit. weather report for the rest of the weekend is actually very good

Wise choice matey. Let the buffoons go in first, lay the land, and the proper people stroll on in.

Being local to the place back in the day *Klang* then this is wise.

Vinyl or Digital?

Markkos wrote:
spinnerlg wrote:
Markkos wrote:

they updated the official event on facebook with Rosario Argentina location


Cool. Haven't slept for weeks worrying about this. Gald it's now sorted. wink

thank you mate! glad to know that now you will sleep well!!!!

have a good night fella

best regards from Argentina smile


No probs man. Only 'bantz' etc. I'm sure it was always on the cards that it was where you thought. Amazed you didn't pick up on the 'Gald' typo tbh. God knows how being 'Gald' is a good thing! smile


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Wally wrote:

Good points Presto.

Getting something like Satellite Serenade would have been pretty much impossible pre-internet days

Almost bought it from Virgin Records in Manc in about 1993. 12". Mint. £7.99 iirc. Time machine please!

Nick Sneddon wrote:

weather is looking ok for Glasnost next week - not really too fussed as Im driving this bad boy there


If I were to do Glasters, then this would be the way to go. And I'd have that fucker to myself!