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No love for BT - Ima or ESCM? Tsk.


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Is that a Newland I spy on the left of that pic?

I like 'How soon is now'... so fuck the lot of you! smile


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ETC.... Harry who?


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Cue ETC in 3...2....1....

Bagsie Killahurtz... and BT 'Embracing'... smile


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zackster wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

Liverpool would probably be Pittsburgh.

perhaps; big ben is a rapist after all.

I'd have the 49ers as Liverpool. All full of bravado in the 80's, but done fuck all since.

Homegrove wrote:

It was a different track all together, Carl Craig's remix of Caribou's Your Love Will Set You Free.

You are quite right Hannu. TBH, all this music is starting to sound the same to me. I think I'm getting too old for this shit.


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Grant wrote:

I'm a Redskins fan, I fucking hate the Eagles.  Not as much the Cowboys mind.

I've been a Redskins fan since first seeing it in 1983. I don't hate on the Eagles at all.... Giants and Cowboys can do one though.

A good friend of mine, whilst watching the game the other day, asked who I was going for. As it was the Cowboys playing, naturally it was the Packers. He didn't quite get it. But when I said it was akin to 'United against dippers' he understood.

So.. which version was the finale at Fabric? I'm confused now.


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j.p sykes wrote:

it came onto Channel 4 - 1986 season I think.

It started in the 82-83 season. Nicky Horne was in the chair, with some English kicker called John Smith who was the Pats kicker at the time.

Yes, I'm an 80's NFL geek. Enjoyed the other night but thought GB really fucked it. Should have been home and dry by HT.

As you were....


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In 2004, I was driving to work from where I live to an office in Westbourne,  Bournemouth. Whilst driving to avoid traffic through Canford Cliffs, out in front of me steps this old codger, looking the other way with no regard whatsoever to anything at all. I slam on the brakes, screeching to a halt. The cunt doesn't even bat an eyelid.

A few seconds later, he looks my way.... still totally oblivious.

Gets in his motor on the other side of the road, and fucks off. Cunt.

Was ETC's dearly beloved Harry wasn't it. Nearly killed the twat. My Saints friends (he was Pompey Manager at the time), upon hearing this, wanted me to have hit the gas... although about 2 weeks later, he was the top trump at Soton!

It could all have been different... why didn't I just plough through the jowly gibbon?

Three top choices in this thread alone Gus. Is that a record?

Not going for the luxury yacht option Danny?


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smashdad wrote:

Can you arrange some 'me-time' with that physio Doris?

If this is on the cards, I feel some form of BRF auction should be done. Presto will win it mind.....


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Big Fella wrote:

Only been to three United finals, won them all though and two before Fergal!

1983 - Brighton 0 United 4 (replay)
1984 - Everton 0 United 1 (big norm)
1999 - Munich 1 United 2 (gunnar)

1984? Thought it was 1985 myself.

Good skills sir. A good CQ there too.

The mix was a bit crunchy mind.

... birthday to Diggers.

Amazed no one else mentioned this tbh.

Happy birthday for yesterday squire.


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Homegrove wrote:

Anyone have a digital of the original mix? That still sounds great IMO.

I think I've got a vinyl rip of it. Will that float?

Merry Christmas all.

And well done for keeping the board going in the face of shutdown. smile


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jamie wrote:
spinnerlg wrote:

When I said I'd seen him on the telly, Rik Mayall told me to 'fuck off' backstage at the Pyramid stage in 1982. I was 10.

How did you get backstage at Glastonbury in 82? I was there that year with my old man and his friends (who were working in the Welfare team). That was the year of the big thunderstorms wasn't it?

I don't recall the weather. It was always usually raining/shit as far as I recall.

I used to reside in Pilton from 77 to 83, so went to all the festies then as locals got in free...especially us pesky kids. Also, my Auntie rented at Worthy Farm, so used to help Mr Eavis milk his cows now and then (another klang) and she now runs Hospitality in some way. In '82 there was a little bar backstage which was where Rik, Ade and also Nigel Planer were at.... I just remember Rik as he was quite a memorable face.... went up, said hi... and got told to fuck off.

I'm sure if your folks were working there then they probably know my Auntie, as she was, and still is, quite 'hands on' with things there, and in 82, it was still quite small and a family thing. All there was was the pyramid stage and the childrens play area! lol


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When I said I'd seen him on the telly, Rik Mayall told me to 'fuck off' backstage at the Pyramid stage in 1982. I was 10.


these young cunts simply havent served their apprentership on the prog scene.

I 100% agree.


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Had a great night all in all. Knew that Diggers was suffering, but by god did it not show at all. Cracking night.

I worked all day Saturday and then travelled up and thought there was no way in hell I would make it to 8... but then it was 8! smile

Props to a few folk for getting there from NY and Chicago just to see John. A friend of mine lives a few miles away and was late. Says alot.

Tired like a fecker now, and work tomorrow, but I'll take it.

Thanks John, and hope you (have a speedy recovery) and all the BRF have a good Christmas. Even flares.

Unbroken1 wrote:

..it wasn't just technical ability he lacked though IMO, saw him a few times up North early/mid 90's (NOT Cream) and always seemed to have an ability to play the wrong tunes at the wrong time, hammering it out too early or just completely misjudging the crowd completely. I can forgive some dodgy mixing but he always seemed to get it wrong on multiple levels.

He's always had access to good tunes, Perfecto absolutely epitomised that mid-90's shiny prog/trance era, released some amazing stuff, (thanks in no small part to some quality A&R work from an ex-board member), and produced one or two belting remixes (thanks to Mr Osbourne).

I'm sure he tore the roof off the Courtyard... but really, how hard is it to turn up and crash the top 20 unreleased acetates into each other to a room full of spannered scallies at peak time for an hour or two?

Imagine those tunes at that time in the hands of someone who could actually put it together properly?

..oh wait, that was Sasha.

This. Although tbf to the Monkey man, I did have a few good nights with him on the ones and twos. All pre 2000 mind. Since then he's apparently gone so off the radar he's in space.

The Goa mix for those about at the time was still a bit of an eye opener, no matter how dated the tunes now sound. You can't ignore that.