Put your face at F. It's win-win.


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Will be interesting to see how Jose works tbf. Under Chelsea he had Abramovic to work with, who is, well, not of football calibre shall we say. At United he has SAF and Bobby and many others, so maybe that might help keep him grounded.

I have no idea of the setups at Inter and Real, but maybe as this was 'the' job he wanted all along, then maybe he won't be such a wand?

Feel free to discuss. smile

jules72 wrote:
mr rossi wrote:

Poor form by the Utd board regarding LvG imo.

Maybe could have waited a couple of days before leaking this, but it was remarkably generous giving LVG this long in the first place.

This news didn't come with a Smalls 'You heard it here first' post. So therefore, I am gobsmacked!

dutchy101 wrote:

One here too please spinnerlg. I know Strudders would love this one too.

PM smile I think Strudders already has this. wink

marauder wrote:

Anyone with this oldie - Spirits dont bring me down chris & james dmc? Cannot find it anywhere. Even on vinyl its limited.

Check PM mate.

Aye. Good night that one. Top tunes and great folk. Always a good combo.

Aiming for the Ship about 10ish pre MOS. Just saying like.

At the moment, I'm in for this one. Boat party in Poole the day before too, so, why not?

I'm in.


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Just had an email

Try QIEUDS. Worth a go.

seanc80 wrote:

Sasha looks absolutely wrecked. Dan couldn't give two fucks though as he launches the kitchen sink at it lol

Yup, he seemed pretty 'into it' for sure. Head down all set, none of that playing up to the crowd and clapping nonsense, although he did a few times toward the end of his set. Just pure tunes. Was good to witness.

I think he only had about one fag break too. Could be wrong mind.

roberto wrote:
spinnerlg wrote:

Good to see you Roberto. Was a very good afternoon knees up for sure.

He did look to be a tad battered mind. wink Which is probably why it was a really good set!

Good to see you too mate - can't beat a good boat smile

Anyone contact you re:coat?

Nah, not as of yet. I'm hoping it was someone who was muntered so much that it will take til next tuesday until they realise their folly.

And yeah, t'was me that posted a certain pic of Mr Harwood mid Daddy dance. He was having a good time though... so thought it should be remembered!

Blimey.... the £380 I paid in 2002 seems a snip! Although that was, of course, folded (thanks John).

Good to see you Roberto. Was a very good afternoon knees up for sure.

He did look to be a tad battered mind. wink Which is probably why it was a really good set!

smashdad wrote:
aural wrote:

Absolutely brilliant night of music in the box. I can't imagine there's many complaints other than from those who didn't turn up. There was just an amazing buzz of energy in the crowd.

Staff was friendly. Fast entry. Free, fast WiFi. Drink queues weren't out of control.

Hats off to you fella - anyone who endures a 5+ hour delay flight delay from New York deserves to be rewarded with a decent night of good tunes.

No pain, no gain and all that.

Seems like it was one of those nights. The bants going on the feeds on FB are off the scale right now. Some saying that a tour is in the bag. Geoff Oakes has Ren back and it plays into his hands etc.... Can two friends not just have a night together without the world going into meltdown?

Dr2DJ-(NR) wrote:

So excited for this. The night was incredible!!!!!!!................
One of Digweed's best ever IMO.

Welcome back sir. Been a while since you posted.

I take it he didn't have to mix out of the Bog remix of Emerald in the first Vid then?

Rave Lizard wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

I thought he played for 6 hours?

I was told that too. But Digweed came on at 2.30 and finished at 6.00. The warm up DJ's came on again at 6, I don't know what time it finished as, we went to an afterparty, that Andy Newland was supposed to play.

I believe Andy had a bit of a 'passport misplacement' moment on the flight over.


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One of the points of it though is that you only need one?

Edit... just seen thee links there. Forgive me.

Rave Lizard wrote:
Big_Fella wrote:

Can you imagine if John or Alex offered to do one of these?

I'm pretty sure Digweed did something similar, but it was a competition prize in Mixmag around 02/03. I could be wrong though.

He auctioned off a 5ft by 3ft Renaissance poster in 2002 as part of Mixmags charity thing. Other entries included an Oakenfold Perfecto jacket (Dermo probably bid on that), various Carl Cox and Judge Jules CDs, and a pair of Dave Clarkes leather trousers.

I know this, because I 'won' the Ren poster.

There might have been another one later than this, but I kind of stopped buying Mixmag around this time.

joeyp wrote:

Ordered but you wouldn't see me in one of those t shirts.

It's like grown men in football shirts.

Will anyone from here actually see you though?


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There's a pile of shit (IMHO) music out there that people pay for. If it's freely available, then highlighting it here is fine. I'm not expecting  that it's good, but it's nice to listen to and not hit the DL tab. You do have that option you know.

Thought the Goyte one was pretty sweet tbf. Cheers.


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After HG revelations about the 1995 EM, I have no reason to listen to anything he has to say about anything ever. wink

Sorry missed this one... have D/L.. and as Regward would say... 'hold tight for feedback'.

aural wrote:
aural wrote:

PM me if you guys are interested in a shared cloud drive. I have unlimited storage. Just send me a PM with your gmail email and I'll add you in.

A few fellas who have sent me their emails are in already. erik.b - check your PM.
Anyone else want in, just shoot me a PM with your gmail email address.

Jay... do you actually read the 'new posts' when you log on?