Some nice tuneage on here... … st-dasilva

Just started. Seems Uncle John and his T-Shirt sales are steadfast.


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Always been plenty of staircase zombies sat down when I've been to break the fall.


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I don't get why 19 year olds are fine, but if you're 18 (lucky sods) you're not allowed. Seems a nonsense to me. You're either legal to drink etc, or not. Simples. Why the segregation?

As said, Fabric are a fine institution who have strived to be at the forefront of keeping the club running well, and within regulations. The writing is definitely on the wall with all the property interest in it from other firms, so one strike and it's curtains. Agree with the MOS comment too... I went in without the security even looking at my ID, and a quick frisk and nothing more... in you go. Fabric actually checked people going out for their phones to make sure they could unlock them and use them (as I guess some scallies were nicking them)... this sort of forward thinking and progress is to be praised, not shut down.


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Felch Aid wrote:

Pre xmas diggers set?

From accounts from those who know, this is not happening.


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I can confirm that Benson was still there when I left at about 6.10.

Strings of life was nice to hear near the end.

Perhaps XL mislabelled it and it's actually 45rpm. Play it at 33 and that'll get nearer?


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Gus is back!!!

I'm sure I heard of someone throwing up on the shoes of Mr Warren in the booth once upon a yesteryear. Can't recall who it was, but it was a funny story.


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Away from home and get a point = weakness and bottling it/not attacking enough with all the money being spunked.

Citeh go away and try and play and get dicked 4-0. Plenty of money there being spunked... but will the dippers say this? hmmm???

Work out the maths on those. smile


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One that Dermo loves.... from Sashas Space finale. … call-booty


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I play a football pool with some folk I know in Wyoming. And never do I ever put in a win for the Redskins, even though they are my team. Have learned that from many seasons now.


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vinnyt77 wrote:

Does three hours really represent an 'extended'  set?!

I'd say the industry standard would be 2 hours, so on that basis, yes.

I might be wrong though.

mr rossi wrote:

Lol,you've got a deep fat fryer in your office?

Nah, just what the businesses I deal with try and bank. One was a chippy. Not BF though, as I'm too far south for him to have his empire.

Had about 5 or 6 in the office so far that have been shredded, mutilated, or ironed/dropped in deep fat fryer. So yeah, they are indestructable... but not quite.

Many customers ask about how they are odd, but as said, the Aussies etc have had them for years, so doing bureau as well I'm quite used to them. Even Loopy will testify to this now, as even Canada have them now.

So I'd say it's Sennheisers and a pot of vaseline then!

the amount of nose pinching he was doing I was thinking he'd be on it more. Although I thought it was pretty spot on throughout, so what the fuck do I know eh?

Just gone through the be@tv vids..... last one was Cox for 5 hours.... WT actual F is going on asking people to sit down on a breakdown? I mean WTF?? Screw sitting on a San Miguel soaked floor! Tsk.

Eds got his blinkers on for sure. Which explains alot about all his posts tbf.

Been to Space many times. Sasha nights were a highlight... but for me, the one memory that sticks out is on the 'old' terrace.. and Danny T playing out. In 2001 this was one that I think he played 3 times in his set....

Genuine contender for a 5-pager this one.


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Sign of a good night.


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Amps wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:
Amps wrote:

Now, do call me a cunt and tell me to fuck off, but having an idea of the kind of revenue big clubs pull in, does Fabric really need our financial support?

They lose £ 400,000 in revenue each month they are closed. Their mortgage, they own the building and the lease, is £120k+ a month. So, you can see that even if they have a reserve that wont last that long before the bank starts knocking on the door.

Obviously, to negate costs they have made over 200 non-essential members of staff redundant.

If they have anything less than millions in the bank they and their accountants want shooting.

Maybe they should just raid a club in Ibiza and look under the mattresses. Seems alot of gold can be found there!


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The vids do look pretty nifty tbf.

Awaiting the guys at ourmaninthefield to get in the editing suite and come out with some magic.


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zackster wrote:

if this all pans out, then well done on flares full sustaining it. the helen plant with simonr was next level. and well done on dermo for saying the course and sniffing it out. great quality stuffs all around.

Am I the only one to find all this stuff... like.. really REALLY tedious?