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MattBlack wrote:
Uncle Bazza wrote:

im no expert on who is top notch nowadays but obviously Sasha and digweed to me are top notch. For 3k I would be expecting the rubbish one from way out west.

Thats a bit harsh

+1. Ouch!


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millsy23 wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Strudders and Millsy's self employed mortgage repartee is absolutely sizzling!

lol. I was literally boring the hole off myself.

Aye. Perhaps you need to start an 'Official Bedrock Financial Advice' thread or somesuch. With the wealth of some guys on here, I'm sure a 60 pager is on the cards lads. Although the commissions you might miss out on, I dunno.... hmmm.... have a think eh?


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I'm sure I saw/read/heard somewhere that it was going to be moving away from Fire. I can't recall it now though, so apologies.

If it's at fire, then swerve for me too. The layout is just wrong, even if they feed the main room music into two other rooms, jjst not a good thing. Some rumour of Brixton I have seen, although again, tha Academy is not on my fave list after the Bedrock experience there a few years ago. I guess it's hard to find a decent sized venue that pleases everyone though.

As said by some, Fabric is always in the diary in December.


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Well, it seems like this forum is low on love for breaking news as such.

Anyways... save the date for Bedrock 16.

Saturday 4th October. At a 'Central' London location.

If I missed the thread for this one let me know and I'll delete.



I'm almost as shocked that JD played Es Paradis!

I seriously doubt Uncle John is too worried. He's been there, done it, had loads of T-shirts printed etc. Don't lose sleep now, these things happen. Some crowds are just a tough nut. Also, this doesn't say how it finished... might have been a mass love in at the end.

Once went to an Oakey gig in '96 and the same thing happened with the crowd... was just 'one of those' nights. I'm sure the monkey man is sweating it worrying about that night right now..... then again.... perhaps he's not.

Would appear so BF. He is right though. When I saw it I thought that a lingerie catwalk of some description had been pointed in the wrong (or perhaps right) direction.

Gen lol.


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simonr wrote:
fadass wrote:
simonr wrote:

That new Man Utd jersey is awful with the prominence of a Chevvy logo that's twice as big as the club badge.

In the  new spirit of the board, I shall refrain from any name calling.... but isn't every club's sponsor logo many times bigger than the club badge on their shirt?

You complete dipstick.

Sorry for not being clear sweety. I meant the Chevvy badge is bigger than the clubs badge.

Visual aid below:


It's more prominent, but it's ok if you disagree. Have a gander during your next Megastore visit.

Has to be said Si, I'm not quite sure what your point is on this one. It's a sponsor logo. They are usually quite big. I recall seeing 'Crown Paints', 'Candy' and 'Carlsberg' being quite large in memory as well as 'Sharp' and 'Aon' and various others. What's your point?


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Presto wrote:
Yant wrote:

Presto - Fantasy footy now open for next season.

Had my team and league set up on Wednesday. wink

Code for the league is 1385-784. If you don't like a bit of fun during the season then don't join.

Last season's standings:
http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … 55#p590955

In, as per.


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Presto wrote:

I would have to imagine Pioneer have done their research in this department.

The PLX also has a grounding post on the back, which suggests it is not earthed directly at the mains.

Torgue - 4.5kg. Probably overkill, yeah.

50% pitch. Most people won't use it but there it is. It's not really going to be used for beatmatching.

Tonearm... we'll see. As I say, I presume they've done the research on this.

I have a pair of 1210's, and damn nice ones too. Thankfully. Will be interesting to see how these things kick the market though.


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I have a friend who is into his sound stuff and electrics. He also hates apple, and anything digital pretty much... and has said this of these turntables...

Fault number 1) You dont 'rubber insulate' tonearms. it causes problems.
Fault number 2) 50% speed adjustment - Not practical (or needed) on vinyl
Fault number 3) Too much torque, which as we know causes speed wobble problems.

also noted this...

How did i oversee this..... They have made the turntable a class 1 appliance with an earth pin - NO Pioneer - LOL!!! - Its the MIXER which needs to be class 1, turntables MUST be class 2. Only earth is the audio earth which has to be through a separate ground lead. Oh my days PMSL!!!

I have no idea what he is on about, but thought I would share with the Bedrock brothers for discussion, and possible ridicule.


Good skills there Smashy. I've only put £20 in and that was after the first round of group games. Been up to £40 and down to almost nothing, but have £15 left for all out assault for the final.

dutchy101 wrote:

Couldn't find any terms. Where did you find that Spinnerlg?

http://www.paddypower.com/football/foot … ds=1798141

*Applies to the first phrase said by the BBC Match Commentators AFTER the match begins.
*Exact phrase must be said for bet to be a winner.
*Only these selections count.
*90 Minutes Betting Only.

So... is it only the first thing uttered and that's it?

Edit : Ah... I'm guessing it's the first phrase used from the choices given that pays out. A little bit tougher to guess. My house will be safe thanks!

smashdad wrote:
smashdad wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

I still cant see past a Brazil - Argie final though i have to admit without Neymar even the refs will struggle to help Brazil beat Germany

Reckon Brazil will miss their skipper more than their show pony - going Germany to qualify at 10/11

Germany 1st goal before 80 minutes @ 8/11 - BOOM
Germany 2nd goal before 80 minutes @ 10/11 - BOOM
Germany 3rd goal before 80 minutes @ 1/1 - BOOM

Didn't have time to get back on it for the 4th goal.

And they've just got a fifth while I was typing this instead of placing money...

When there's money to be had... you are here, posting. Tsk.

Mods for me:

Erik B

Sorry it's 4, but as there's not really any rules atm, ner!


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Presto is taking his time on this one. I think he sky+'d "8 out of 10 cats does countdown" and obviously has it on loop for the foreseeable. wink

Ben Wand wrote:
Ben Wand wrote:

I lost my virginity whilst listening to John Digweed's Journeys by DJ mix CD. There, I said it. If that doesn't reach inside the conscience of our Great Leader and bring a lump to his throat, then I don't know what will. It certainly brought a lump to the throat of the young strumpet I was with, but I digress somewhat...

was it atlantic oceans 'waterfall'??

I was all done by Deep Inside. Pity, if I'd held off the vinegar stroke until Open Up it might have seemed more appropriate.

Perhaps if you'd skipped forward to 'Keep on Truckin' you might have lasted a bit longer.

Thanks guys

As said, it's for the 'rents, so has to be simple. Raspberrypi and all that is not in this factor. Playstation... maybe. Still think a Blueray with smart is the way forward maybe and no horror stories from it here this evening, so we shall see.

Cheers lads.


..will the last one here please turn out the light...

..So long, and thanks for all the fish...

Etc etc etc....

Strudders linked what my last tune would be with FWYDO

Will miss some of the banter here, but not all of it if being honest. Met up with a fair few of the folk on here over the 13 or so years, who have pretty much all been sound. Hope you all get whatever it is you are looking for in life, or somesuch...

Not good at farewells.... so I guess this is 'See ya!'

I did hear rumblings of this a couple of months ago. Shame, but understand.

I do find it annoying when clicking on a link to a topic with an interesting thread title, only to find that within the first page the usual suspects are throwing insults at each other. I think they all know who they are. Perhaps a thread dedicated to throwing insults at each other should have been created about 2 years ago (a la 'general footy thread') then this might have averted Johns decision.

Hey ho.... Token Old Raver signing out....

Hi Guys

Some advice would be welcome here. Got a 43" plasma here that only has free TV. Looking at upgrading but don't want a dish on the wall. Virgin doesn't do the area. Free TV here doesn't even do Dave, ITV3 or 4. It's gash.

Option 1. Buy a new TV with Smart inbuilt. Nice and thin, although the sound from these new TV's is pants so a soundbar would need to be bought too. The 'new' generation of them have smart built in where you can just highlight it on the channel menu and select it. The older ones you have to go into an 'App' screen, then select it from there. Cost of this is about £300-£600 for a 42"

Option 2. Get a Blueray player with smart options. Use the same telly. Some have limited app, some more. Cost about £60-£200.

It's for my folks to use, so needs to be fucking easy to navigate!

Anyone with a scooby please feel free.... Cheers in advance.


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La Nausee wrote:

Can't believe they're still banging on about this. It's like 1966. If ever there was a reason not to have another World War would be the endless fucking shite and Poppy Days and Remembrance Days and wreath-laying and solemn fucking nonsense bollocks some old gadge waffling on about the Hun when his life would've ended in a fucking coal mine anyway.
Stick this in the Fuck Off thread.

No Offence like, but you and this comment can go in that thread too.


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benson wrote:

ETC's obituary to AS is a thread closer. I cannot add to that. Sums it up perfectly

I concur. Close it. RIP Dr Shilgin.