Cracking boat. Not heard Shady - 'Pearls' out for..err.... 20 years!

Feel properly broken today mind.


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This one always got an airing at the Boardwalk in Manc on Saturday nights in '94.


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Read NME and MM from about 92-94. My Indie years. Then Mixmag, Muzik and then the interweb came into being.

Always love those papers though. Looking for Neds gigs etc...

Another season of 'doing quite well' until about March, and then royally fucking it up.

Ok.... I'm in.

dutchy101 wrote:

Thought the Glastonbury set looked amazing personally.


I'm not a massive fan of their tunes. In fact I don't think I've bought a single one, but have to say that for those there, and the guys I've seen this week who watched, they nailed it. So what if they 'played all the things they usually do'... erm.. well, when I have seen bands and other acts, bizarrely they play their own tunes. Funny that.

Just because you don't like their music doesn't mean it's bad. Just saying like.....


Oh dear....


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But.... they do... Carlsberg Export. Would take that over Stella for non-lupiness.

And also alot of very nice reds... the Taragonna Gran reserva is something silly like £4.99. Fucking lovely quaffing stuff which is in the £7 bracket in other places. Had a few Riojas too which are about £5.99 and are also rather noice.


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zackster wrote:

yes, i've taken xtxc. now i'm listening to 7 ways for the second time, crying tears of joy, and cathartically smashing all of my jeff mills records.

Have you tried IMA yet though?


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Oh... on the thread topic... TFI was good... apart from Lewis Hamilton. He should be banned.

Bring back Zig and Zag!


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According to his interview tonight... you can audition for a presenter role in the 'new' TG. I think we should maybe have a vote on the board as to who we put forward to maybe do this role.

Minerals needed are:

A liking for cars

A real liking for cars.. otherwise you will easily get 'found out'

That's it......

I still think a good rack will help mind. Just MHO.


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where there is footy, there are bets to be had.

I go to the TA boats more often than not. Ticket sorted for Nick Warren next month.

Electronic Sessions do some good ones too, which can have Guy J doing the business. Be wary that on occasion the other floor of these ones can have some god awful noise going on.


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Big Fella wrote:

Must admit to finding it most distasteful the bullying Edward has had to endure recently.

Karma's a bitch eh? He's spouted plenty on plenty of threads, so needs to be able to suck it up too. IMO. Which I think he does admirably. Although shying away from comment is frowned upon tbh.

Snorky needs to chill I think. Otherwise a big hitter might say he's having a 'Reg'.

Mike Freeman wrote:

Jesus, people gush over old Sasha but what you're seeing in this video is the equivalent of a nightclub today playing David Guetta.  It's chart music - that first track was number 10 or something in the UK single charts.

I think it's called playing good music. If it's in the charts or not, good music is good music.

I was there, cracking night.

When is enough 'enough'....??

poirot wrote:

Smalls being handed a severe prog owning there by flares.

I would think that any club, anywhere in the world, that the main man requests something be done, should be done. I've never been to the Arches, but I do know the name (and I think an EM from '95)... the same as Cream at Nation, the Hac, MOS, Fabric etc etc.... you don't have to have been there to appreciate the fact that it is something that needs to be retained for the future. I used to go to Madisons in Bournemouth.... legendary stuff... would love for that place to still be there. Fair enough, the building was fecked, but if it wasn't, and some piss pot politics closed it, I would be rightly peeved.

I shall sign. Smalls... have a word.

Tbh, I prefer the Que club May 95 live mix from Sasha from the studio one the week before. Flat out prog.

Even the BBC got in on the act.... tried to sneak in a poll on the live text feed of the game with a 'Who is the greatest central midfielder of the prem era?' poll on it.

Thank fuck that word got out as after 10 mins of the game Stevie Me was at 40 fucking %! Ended up on 28% and the rightful answer of Scholes was on 36%.

matttymm wrote:

Thanks to those that have posted - unfortunately the versions posted are the same file.

Was hoping that someone out there might have a special copy tucked away somewhere.

Totally gutted to have damaged that disk - totally loving that 95/96 sound at the moment.

The essential mix from Dave Seaman in 1996 is pure class along with Digweed's 95 Essential Mix.

If there is anyone out there with Sasha 1995 please let me know - getting a bit down!!

Thanks all.

Enjoy the Jeremy Healey mix.

Da Da Da ..... Smooth Criminal

I have this on Minidisc somewhere in the loft, although I *think* it was a mono copy (as a disc was 74 minutes long stereo, but double that mono)... I would wager that the copy on my external would be the same rip you have.

JMJ Oxygene for me too. Listening to it whilst staring at the album cover was an intense experience for a young chap.

Dark Star wrote:

Corrected, official rankings below.   

1. BMM - moderator
2. ETC - unique posting style, lolPP ratio off the scale
3. Smashdad - exceptional music knowledge and contribution, rises above the #bantz
4. Smallman1 - mild mannered in the face of extreme provocation / trashed creds, exceptional "lifestyle" contributor with heavy klanging
5. NCable - eloquent/funny, ignores predictable baiting and klangs with class, high music creds, cooking tips are good
6. Beijing Dave - entertaining #bantz and lols on a consistent basis
7. Loopdokter - gets trolled left right & centre for klanging and having been in the scene and doesn't give a shit
8. Millsy - providing the funnies with great consistency for a very long time
9. MattBlack - for defending a UKIP position without shame and taking endless abuse without ever taking it personally
10. universoGus - quite simply for bonkers posts which are absolutely essential reading, and curating tasteful images of fine females for our viewing pleasure

Aside from #1 reserved for the mod, these rankings are based on a mix of quality of posts, lolsPP, exceptional knowledge or authority in some area, patience with provocation, lack of personal spats, music credentials or providing something uniquely interesting to the board ...

I actually agree with most of that. Although Gus should be higher up.

Congrats Hannu... best of british etc... oh, hold on...

Uhm.... 'Finest of Finnish'??

Best of luck to you both.