Have to say that Digweeds set at Bedrock 10 was up there, along with Sasha's 8 hour loftathon a couple of years ago.

steelydan wrote:

Just hearing Misplastico in there made my night....that track was made for that room

Of all the 'space' mixes of tunes, this quote makes alot of sense. I'm pissed that I never heard it played in there.

Back on OP... Best gig would have to be Rage Against the Machine at the Ritz Manchester 1993. A few months after the release of the first album, and alot of angst going on. One chap descended from the balcony only to hit his head on the corner of the PA system on the way down and be dragged out to A+E. I got my hair caught in some blokes earring which ripped it from his ear.... and at the end of the gig I (while being a fine and dandy chap who was in his prime) pretty much passed out from the exhaustion of the mosh pit for the previous few hours of Tool, Wool and RATM. Happy days!! smile

elrobertos wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:
GregWhelan wrote:

Didnt Kraftwerk play Tribal Gathering at Luton Hoo in 1996? Amazed theres been no other festivals there, its just as good as Knebworth IMO

Yes I was there, but it was 1997 - didn't listen to much of kraftwerk to be honest, you could hardly get in the tent.

Great festival though, sasha and john b2b, blue amazon live, orbital, daft punk, way out west, fluke, garnier etc.

Most of my mates ended up in the medical tent though, it was like Vietnam in there...

Yeah I was at that, too. Utter carnage from the very outset.

For some reason we had backstage passes and I stood on the side of the stage for Sasha and John's B2B bit. All very epic house from memory. When Diggers eventually descended from the elevated decks, he wandered past me and said "alright mate" (which considering we'd never met was very polite of him imo). Utterly starstruck and unprepared my response will haunt me forever: "I think you're fucking brilliant." This marked the end of the conversation.

Haha.. tops. I was there front left. Diggers even had a camcorder out when Sasha was playing, as he was within grabbing distance. Obv I kept myself in check for this, I aint no nutter like! wink Was a great set from the guys, and also from Way Out West before them. Tony De Vit bossed it after too.... happy days all round.

dutchy101 wrote:

Reports are that he nailed Space on Sunday in a pounding progathon.

even a mate of mine who is renowned for being a 'hard to please' twat regarding decent music and such said 'he played a storming set'...  we shall see....

I'm in for Fabrica.... be there front centre after a few scoops upstairs first. smile

I'm sure I saw a Loopy video of some description once. I've blanked the links and everything from my mind, but obviously I still recall it, and it is there, somewhere, in the internetness.


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La Nausee wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

1-1 at Citeh tomorrow.

You heard it here first.

As always, Ed really sticking his neck out.

Can't fault his powers though.

dogmanstar888 wrote:
Presto wrote:


Liverpool's 1-4 win at O.T with Torres scoring will irritate him more than that Gerrard slip imo.

That's your opinion. And it is, IMO, way off the mark. I think Liverpool not winning the league comes a bit higher than one bad result. wink


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Nick Sneddon wrote:


Presto.... THIS!


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Todays the day. Happy 20th Ren1. smile

Thanks to Uncle John for not closing the board, when, lets face it, he had every intention of doing so with pretty good reason.


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Didn't Ozil cost something like £42m?


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MattBlack wrote:

Tag records was the first specialist store i discovered in London and used to go in there nearly every week, then i found Plastic fantastic and that became my regular haunt though i still used to go into Tag before it closed down, Mark used to keep me promos under the counter and i once stood next to John Digweed but couldnt actually say anything to him

first heard jondi and spesh 'we are connected ' in there a fucking stampede to the counter ..it was like the somme. carnage!

Gen Lol


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La Nausee wrote:

Yewtree about to catch up, no doubt. Although, being nonced by Sinden would be something to put on your CV. Would he lose the posh voice, I wonder, and go all cockney as he wrecked your back passage?
I'd pay extra for the plummy accent and get him to quote Hamlet as he spent himself.
Oh what a rogue and peasant's slave am I.

I mean Reaaaaallly. wink


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I'm sorry, but WTF are you guys talking about? Soaps??

Have a word.

RIP squire, but seriously.

I'm with Post Office BB here. Never fucked me about, and get unlimited D/L. Albeit a tad slower 5-24MB speed, for £23 a month, it does the job and usually stream stuff reasonably.

As a job perk, the BB is free... so it's actually £13 a month for line rental. Have a Chromecast to watch this and that on telly if needs be... or use a HDMI cable if other things need playing on the big screen. No issues here thanks... paying over £50 a month to me seems like muppetry in motion. IMHO. smile


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In my OP I did request a couple of things.. as in 'Keep it nice, and keep it positive'. Not THAT hard is it?

And someone gets banned.

Well done guys, well done.


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nitron wrote:

Disc 1 of NE1 is clearly far more chilled out and suitable for home listening/after parties, therefore whomever it was who postulated it 'bangs hard' is talking out of their hoop.

I've looked back on the thread, and cannot see this being mentioned/quoted at all. Smashy I think pointed this out, but didn't make it clear I think.

As said... be nice. smile


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This thread is about Ren1. Northern Exposure will have its own one in a couple of years.

As said in OP, keep it nice guys. smile

Another note... I've probably spent the best part of at least £300 tracking down the tunes from it.. and still don't have all of them. A few are rare as chuff, or unreleased.

How many here though have tried to do some of the mixes... and how many done it live to an audience? If so, how did it go down?



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MattBlack wrote:

Ren 1 was the first comp i ever bought, before that it was dodgy mixtapes from clothes shops, it showed me that house music didnt have to be cheesy chart crap and it was the main reason i switched from playing drum and bass in the first place

TBF I bought JDJ4 about a week or so before after going on a mad one in Bournemouth and a mate banging on about some bloke called 'Digweed' and his choice of tunes being 'on the right strasse', as Edward would say. Before that it was a comp called 'Club Together', which had some really great tunes on... and also some horrors.


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Following on from Johns JDJ thread about that being 20 years old, then 19/09/14 is the date that THE Ren 1 was released.

This thread is for all things Ren1. Maybe tunes you thought from around the time that might have made the cut. Remixers who have gone the way of the dodo since. Stories such as those told by Geoff on the sleevenotes... anything really.

Keep it nice, and keep it positive! smile

I'll start with.. when I bought it (on first day release from HMV Manchester obv)... when I got home, I had never heard of pretty much all of the tracks, and thought it was shit! smile Trufax. The only ones that caught my ear on first listen were Grace - Not over yet, and 2 Bad mice - Bombscare. It took going out to some good proggy nights over the next few months at Home and the Hac to make me understand things...


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MattBlack wrote:
erik.b wrote:

The Grid - Swamp Thing

Was that the country and western type one or was that a different tune by The Grid?

It was the one with loads of Banjo goings on. Awful racket. Although on a certain night at the Academy in Manc in Sept 94 (on a tuesday night of all nights) with K-Klass and a few dj's like Sasha, Mike Pickering, Justin Robertson and Graeme Park and a fistful of nonsense, it sounded quite good! wink


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MattBlack wrote:

There was plenty of good tunes Leon, were trying to remember some of the shit ones

I know Matt.... I was trying to assert some balance!