JMJ Oxygene for me too. Listening to it whilst staring at the album cover was an intense experience for a young chap.

Dark Star wrote:

Corrected, official rankings below.   

1. BMM - moderator
2. ETC - unique posting style, lolPP ratio off the scale
3. Smashdad - exceptional music knowledge and contribution, rises above the #bantz
4. Smallman1 - mild mannered in the face of extreme provocation / trashed creds, exceptional "lifestyle" contributor with heavy klanging
5. NCable - eloquent/funny, ignores predictable baiting and klangs with class, high music creds, cooking tips are good
6. Beijing Dave - entertaining #bantz and lols on a consistent basis
7. Loopdokter - gets trolled left right & centre for klanging and having been in the scene and doesn't give a shit
8. Millsy - providing the funnies with great consistency for a very long time
9. MattBlack - for defending a UKIP position without shame and taking endless abuse without ever taking it personally
10. universoGus - quite simply for bonkers posts which are absolutely essential reading, and curating tasteful images of fine females for our viewing pleasure

Aside from #1 reserved for the mod, these rankings are based on a mix of quality of posts, lolsPP, exceptional knowledge or authority in some area, patience with provocation, lack of personal spats, music credentials or providing something uniquely interesting to the board ...

I actually agree with most of that. Although Gus should be higher up.

Congrats Hannu... best of british etc... oh, hold on...

Uhm.... 'Finest of Finnish'??

Best of luck to you both.

smallman1 wrote:

If it wasn't for Ossia and Dawson, there wouldn't have been Sasha and Digweed.

Did you think before you typed this? And I mean really think?

House Harkonnen wrote:
Wally wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Went to the last ever Renaissance at The Cross.

Ossia and Dawson did 8 hours b2b, supoib.

I went to that. Tried to vault over a sofa to get past a queue, landed on a puddle and backflipped into the air / on the floor so hard the lass i crashed into was genuinely concerned id not broken something rather than being pissed off she'd just got her drink sent flying.

Decent night. Seaman played a cracker in the main room IIRC


Was there too ... Bad sound in the Ossia/Dawson room so was in the main where Seaman smashed it.  Great mashup of Carl Craig and Inner City - Til We Meet Again near the end if I remember rightly.

It was recorded and available on the internets that 5 hour progathon (Seaman set that is.. where all the big hitters were at)


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jamie wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:
jules72 wrote:

Right well if no one else is going to mention it i will - new series of Games of Thrones tad subdued so far (not that much happening) but I still love it

I cant watch one a week, Im waiting for 3 or 4 to go up then binge on them

you know the first 5 episodes are out there to DL?. Means you will have to wait for 2 months to see what happens next though.

Or just go to … online-01/

Stream it in your own time. Quality isn't too shabby neither. Put it on the plasma through the HDMI and it was fine.

That's a lazy listing for sure. No actual track names. A picture of a stack of tunes in white sleeves (well kept and loved, obviously).

Oh, and a Klang rather than actually saying why you were selling them.

I'd be pleasantly surprised if you got more than a tenner.


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When I first saw the thread title, somehow I thought of this.... random.

As you were..... I myself just have an external.


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No love for BT - Ima or ESCM? Tsk.


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Is that a Newland I spy on the left of that pic?

I like 'How soon is now'... so fuck the lot of you! smile


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ETC.... Harry who?


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Cue ETC in 3...2....1....

Bagsie Killahurtz... and BT 'Embracing'... smile


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zackster wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

Liverpool would probably be Pittsburgh.

perhaps; big ben is a rapist after all.

I'd have the 49ers as Liverpool. All full of bravado in the 80's, but done fuck all since.

Homegrove wrote:

It was a different track all together, Carl Craig's remix of Caribou's Your Love Will Set You Free.

You are quite right Hannu. TBH, all this music is starting to sound the same to me. I think I'm getting too old for this shit.


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Grant wrote:

I'm a Redskins fan, I fucking hate the Eagles.  Not as much the Cowboys mind.

I've been a Redskins fan since first seeing it in 1983. I don't hate on the Eagles at all.... Giants and Cowboys can do one though.

A good friend of mine, whilst watching the game the other day, asked who I was going for. As it was the Cowboys playing, naturally it was the Packers. He didn't quite get it. But when I said it was akin to 'United against dippers' he understood.

So.. which version was the finale at Fabric? I'm confused now.


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j.p sykes wrote:

it came onto Channel 4 - 1986 season I think.

It started in the 82-83 season. Nicky Horne was in the chair, with some English kicker called John Smith who was the Pats kicker at the time.

Yes, I'm an 80's NFL geek. Enjoyed the other night but thought GB really fucked it. Should have been home and dry by HT.

As you were....


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In 2004, I was driving to work from where I live to an office in Westbourne,  Bournemouth. Whilst driving to avoid traffic through Canford Cliffs, out in front of me steps this old codger, looking the other way with no regard whatsoever to anything at all. I slam on the brakes, screeching to a halt. The cunt doesn't even bat an eyelid.

A few seconds later, he looks my way.... still totally oblivious.

Gets in his motor on the other side of the road, and fucks off. Cunt.

Was ETC's dearly beloved Harry wasn't it. Nearly killed the twat. My Saints friends (he was Pompey Manager at the time), upon hearing this, wanted me to have hit the gas... although about 2 weeks later, he was the top trump at Soton!

It could all have been different... why didn't I just plough through the jowly gibbon?

Three top choices in this thread alone Gus. Is that a record?

Not going for the luxury yacht option Danny?


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smashdad wrote:

Can you arrange some 'me-time' with that physio Doris?

If this is on the cards, I feel some form of BRF auction should be done. Presto will win it mind.....


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Big Fella wrote:

Only been to three United finals, won them all though and two before Fergal!

1983 - Brighton 0 United 4 (replay)
1984 - Everton 0 United 1 (big norm)
1999 - Munich 1 United 2 (gunnar)

1984? Thought it was 1985 myself.

Good skills sir. A good CQ there too.

The mix was a bit crunchy mind.