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In a sad and pathetic way you use to amuse me.

Sadly you no longer do, you crossed a line and showed what you really believe in.  Your best chance is to fuck off and repost as an alias.

Dermo wrote:

Shut up Rhouses.

Comedy gold.

Dermo wrote:
steelydan72 wrote:

you love it Pesto

LOL i just imagine Pesto meeting his  Mrs' parents for the 1st time.  "And what do you enjoy to do in your spare time, Simon?"

Fuck me, rumors have it your in-laws are living in a sty, odds are i'll eat them with me eggs for my breakfast!!

People in glasshouses..........!

Dermo wrote:

Lets face it you were a client of the people running this board you'd have been 'released' from your contract ages ago.
They downgraded a board with an upgrade. They failed to deal with spam and destroyed the board in the process. They have huge outages without so much as an apology an explanation or a notification.
The board is virtually unusable. All its functions are useless. Its badly designed and badly maintained. They publicly announced changes yet failed to deliver any of them.
The board was sparse in its old form, but now it’s a joke, especially with the size of its membership.

Yep you'd be looking for a new employer if it was me.

Dermo, you are one bitch of a corporate shill. I am tres disappoint.

Any shred of respect you may have had is now lost. Suck my balls you loser.

As for the board, well jd.com was still up during the "crisis", good business sense imo.

Will you be trusting your coat in the cloak then Al?

Stalking DJs for years is ok, but when it comes to fucking a pig....

loopdokter wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Giving this a massive swerve.

Thanks Ed.  I wouldn't want you developing massive pecs after the workout of power and muscular tunes.  All of those deadlifts would tire you out.

There is no danger of that.

Mix was ok, petered out towards the end.

prefer a blazing open fire with a nice real ale and a pipe down the local boozer, this apres ski out door type milarkey is basically the french spreading their so called culture, its european and very, very wrong.


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Tempted, but not got a ticket and stuff.

Presto would not kick any klunge out of bed.

BOBCATS Millsey, bobcats.


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That ghetto bastler is older than them,   Fuck i feel old.

Gabba Prog is up and coming.

Do you get out much BF? You sound like a right armchair clubber.

Big Fella wrote:

Feel sorry for a Millsy underling, taking the brunt of glens comment.

I bet the underling is well trolleyed about now, slagging millsy right off.


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Pier is a right cunt - shames the name.

Old people make the best tea.

People who do not take milk in their tea, unless having a medical condition are generally avid mincers and to be avoided at all cost.


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One for Ahad

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WBiTnBw … p;t=15m48s

Your thread was dead BF until we all saw Ed blowing an abnormal pencil with his special friends.  Meth is certianly one hell of ride.

Do you all live on council estates and drink cider all day?


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Rumour has it Digweed is actual a space alien who crash landed on the earth and needs a vast quanailty of cash to buy the exotic rare earth elements to repair his spaceship so he can return to his home world, he manipulates the punters via telepathic link to ensure they always have a vortexual time on the dancefloor - to guarantee his record sales and repeat gig ticket buying.  Is it any condincidence that his DJ fees rise in line with rare earth commodity prices - some think not.

Can't say I subscribe to this theory, but many do...

Ed out on the town



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Stress levels at max in the emporium BF?  Not got your fish delivered or something?


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Kudos for the PLUR in this thread


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Never did SBW any harm.