Hannu, can't you just get the old/unused accounts banned and then do sign up on the site through something like Mozilla's Persona?


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It doesn't count if it's just the tip


shaunstrudwick wrote:

Pedro is a good buy imo

Mancs being linked to Neymar now - errr... ok

I thought this had been already outed as bollocks

Pedro making his mark and some.


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Time to buy, gentlemen.


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smashdad wrote:
poirot wrote:
smashdad wrote:

... other tunes from recent years (2005 onwards) that could justifiably be labelled 'progressive' according to the original essence of it...?

Another good tune. Isn't rockets and ponies Timo Maas?

Yeah, with someone else I think - no real idea though - 'Chinese Massage' tune was a huge opener for Sasha when (as it still seems to be) it was de-rigueur to dislike everything he played...

Santos I think

Thanks for all the great listening Sbando

40mil for Stones... fuck me... Desperate times.

Someone reminded me how crap Idris Elba is as an actor when they were talking about Prometheus. Never watched The Wire so I can't understand why everyone was rubbing jizz all over themselves about him. Every film I've seen him in he's been bad.

Same goes for Aaron Paul. Watched Need for Speed (can't remember how I got to watch it... prob on a plane). Didn't get very far tbf because it was fucking shocking. He was cringeworthy. Never bothered with Breaking Bad either, but know he got numerous awards for it. Maybe the script carried them?


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

the free kick routine at the end was just comedy as well - cunt

Perfect camera shot to the crowd after that too. Proper rofl moment


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Only caught the 2nd half, but Milner was pony. Thought Bournemouth gave a good turn there and shame that the goal wasn't given offiside in the 1st.


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Having a deltoid flexing mix with some mates on Friday (which will no doubt end up being pretty heavy)... Recovering Saturday. Family meal & footy Sunday. I'm in my 30s so that's pretty good.

Same. Cheers Millhouse


Port Talbot... grim and the 3rd smelliest place in the UK


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Didn't he say that he couldn't think of doing anything worse than this boiler room stuff?

Think it still comes down to what your mates have got

Big Fella wrote:

Think everybody has used all the funny ones up here.

You could just repeat them like sean did.

"What's the matter? FIFA got you pushing too many pencils?"

"Never did know when to quit"

Funny how 95% of pakistanis are muslims isn't it Matt. Hur hur!

What do you call a man with 3 wooden heads

Back when UT was a great label


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you can answer as 1 though matt


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smallman1 wrote:
Yant wrote:

To be fair Ed, if you did wear some sort of pedometer, it would be constantly stuck on "holy shit is that how far you've run?" setting.

Very true Yant.

I'd probably break it within a week.