St George's Day... I thought I would never remember that travesty ever again. Absolutely dreadful film... was laughing very early one at how bad it was only to be looking for the nearest rope and broken glass by the end of it

Er... Ebeneezer Goode... said by our very own loveable cockney... "Got any salmon? Sorted..."

You must've been walking round with your ears shut BedRob. Heard it all the time

millsy23 wrote:

The hyenas are circling.  Next Hannu will announce a rebrand of the board with 'social media functionality' and it will all be over. Fun while it lasted.

It was a brave move, Millsy. Just too late.

Managing to hide your iPhone in your ass... impressive. I can see why it's a definite 9 on the scale of possibilities.

Very impressive stuff. Thoroughly enjoyed that.

Did anything really happen in America after the Snowdon leak?

More like Keith Slade or something dermo


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Or just write 'ugly'

Glad you cleared that one up, Dave.

I'm hoping the Bedrock Trinity of Truth can shed some light on this.

No doubt an Oscar nomination for Dyer in the running following his 'stenders masterclass.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

My point was no-one in Surrey or Hampshire or Cambridgeshire would delude themselves that Pizza Express is 'posh'.

Not a very good one when u missed out a pretty fair chunk of the south.


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Beijing Dave wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

people who think they are posh cos they frequent Pizza Express.

Admittedly, this could only happen in the north of England.

Even Gerrards Cross has one now


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Homegrove wrote:

It's being merely replaced. *phew* … ve-on-wood

Poor show in your own thread, Homegrove. Faible mentioned this earlier.

Nick Sneddon wrote:
zackster wrote:

or like evil 9, remember those guys? more of the same crap.

Off the top of my head, Cakehole and their remix of Hazy Way are both absolutely brilliant so that makes that statement redundant already

With you, Nick, but after a while all their stuff just sounded the same.


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Because he was reborn

Digby & Oliver - Human (from Blade)

It's whoever started the thread or Hannu's responsibility to post said link in this thread for redirection. Until such times...

Didn't Aspel get caught out on some morning show for denying he'd met Saville or one of the other ones?

HER foam filled parties are all the rage in "IBEEZA".

That does surprise me

Always like this one in a similar vein

Those manual brakes must've been a nightmare, Jase.

Dufunk pictured earlier...


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Best ask Smallman, BF


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Tony Blair added some credibility to it all with his speech