Bet Strudders could get 5 Across though Sean.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

The Aussies are really fucking pissing me off. There's an advert on Fox banging on about how they beat us in 2003. Like it was the world cup final. Proper wankers.
Forgetting completely it was a fucking friendly 13 fucking years ago.
Some fucker walks up to me this morning walking the dog and says 'Watching the game Friday? 'I'm like yeh will do'. He says 'See if you can do better than last time?'. been eating me up all day it has.

Hold tight as i'm going to record it and post it. Laughable. the cheeky hard faced cunts.

2003 must have been when Kewell and Viduka were in their pomp

Don't worry, Dermo. You can rub it in their faces when we scrape through 1-0

smallman1 wrote:

Big Fella and Creepy, two big losses.

You need to work on your spelling, Ed

BedRob wrote:
Michael of Norcross wrote:

Xhaka confirmed at Arsenal, hopefully a top class striker next.

and another CB please, reckon we will also sign a couple of young promising players as well just to fill the squad

...and the whole scene unfolds with a tedious inevitability

Giggs offered Old Man Hiddink's role but at Man U... wallop. That should make him clear off.

There's no way Giggs could stay in that position with Mourinho. He's toxic.

Anyone recommend some good drum sample packs knocking about at the moment?

Mourinho no doubt hates the idea of LVG sticking around. Giggs'll have to leave too.

A toss up between Smashy and 'Nicey'

Remember being in a fit of rage and calling someone a breasthead. Not my greatest effort. The thought of a wobbling tit in place of a head did defuse the situation though.

A new addition to the yearly awards...

You could also add...

Person to most likely guarantee a team's failure by predicting their success

Have a good one!

Not to be confused with this guy....


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MattBlack wrote:

Dont you have to make 5 posts before being approved or something like that

Surely you have to be approved before you can make any posts


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Think the only one that's been approved recently and talks on here is one of simonr's mates

erik.b wrote:

First time I got drunk I was 12 my brother and I found a bottle of sherry in Mum's kitchen. We drunk a fair bit of it and when she came home shee found us both passed out, lying in puddles of puke.

What a drink to break you in...

Wally wrote:
Squidgy wrote:

Anyone picked up Doom yet? Looks pretty silky from the Let's Play vids I've seen

Yeah. Not played it yet but its getting generally positive reviews. Quite like the odd FPS with extreme violence for a laugh between more serious games on occasion.

There's a nice T2 easter egg I've seen in it. I'm really trying to not purchase one of the new gen consoles so it's going to have to be the odd vid instead.

Any FIFA 16 gamers on here that buy FIFA points? I stupidly bought £30 worth of PS4 points for my nephew from Game and he's got an XBone. Can't get a refund. PM me if anyone is interested.

Anyone picked up Doom yet? Looks pretty silky from the Let's Play vids I've seen


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I misread it, Matt. Carry on.


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He's got another year, Matt

That's really fucking awful to hear mate...

All 4 on this EP are great

Yeh, a good package overall Neko