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Thought you would mean this one Ger_Stokes....

I actually prefer the album version over this and the extended ver, with this coming second


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If you're going to be round Covent Garden way then you might as well check out The Porterhouse which does beers from all over the world

A nightmare indeed. Trying way too hard...

She didn't half talk some rubbish...

We may need to draft him in to work this whole thing out...

More of a Columbo man myself

jamie wrote:
steelydan wrote:
jamie wrote:

I can't believe no one has suggested the baguio track.

massive oversight IMO.

Brother Dermo mentioned it

poirot wrote:

so many it's virtually impossible.

Baguio track remix.

everyone else seemed to have missed his comment so I thought I'd join in.

He said the remix rather than the original. The remix presumably being Bedrock because this entire thread might be about Bedrock remixes.

poirot wrote:

I think the Evolution remix of Bruiser was one of their finest.

Very true

Oko Tek - Luminous (Fade remix)
Amber - Anyway (Steve Porter mixes)
Shmuel Flash - Chilling Moments (Bedrock mix)
Tom Mangan - Chutney (Nick Muir edit)
Alchemy - Bruiser

Neko wrote:

too new?

It was before Yant's choice, Emerald

Yant wrote:
Neko wrote:

Kosheen - Hide U

This wasn't really the early days.

you what?

Baguio track, original

Taps ahf laddies!

I think he found the name when he listened to the mix, but good start Rave Lizard. You'll go far here.

self facilitating media node

Big Fella wrote:

Do you really receive emails from Vice Presidents Loopy?

Stuff like that happens all the time when you work in an office, BF.


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Big Fella wrote:

I like to go on journeys.

Yeh, I know what you mean about them mostly being a bit naff. Think we've got some good examples of the exceptions here though tbf. And Into The Deep is a nice trip away.


dave clarke archive one.

20 years old.ffs..

What was the issue he had with Bush Recs over this one?

Beijing Dave wrote:

Can I give another mention to FSOL's Environment Five (2014) being something of an overlooked gem?

Great album.

Didn't even know it had come out. Had a listen to some samples and sounds impressive!

And no Leftfield, Underworld, Spooky, Prodigy... but what do you think is a great dance album other than the obvious aforementioned.

Always hard to pull a dance album that seamlessly ties together.

This is one....

LSG Into Deep

Phorous being a massive highlight for me

Some old footage from Heaven... If you look closely @ 2:10 you can see Harwood


benson wrote:

I am sure I heard lexicon avenue - here I am once, but i wasn't in full focus at the time, but it is a favourite of mine, so i am going pretend that I did here it

Def played the deep dub at Fabric around that time

Ace wrote:
Squidgy wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

I know it's cheesy as fuck and way off trend and all that, but I've never seen Bedrock go off quite as much as when Digweed dropped 'Lovely Day' for the first time. Summer 2002 IIRC.

He also dropped this and the place went mental... In fairness, it seemed to be a dub.

May have been this

No, it was definitely the original


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Amps wrote:

Nice choice Millisey... very Sasha...

Lol, Diggers has been using it...