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Wow. No holding tight for feedback... Maybe you've turned a corner, sunshine.


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Haha, he used to shoehorn in tracks on vinyl plenty. normally near the end.

To be fair, Diggers was hardly a natural. Took him a few shows to settle into it all

When I heard the 8s my jaw dropped. They had a discount on too. Then I put my tongue and eyes back in, saw they were fucking massive and would cause a shit storm with my neighbours and went with the 6s. I wanted to have a house in the middle of nowhere that day...


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Neko wrote:

It seems like he's just trying to drive through as many tracks as possible on CD1, first half is great though, rest is meh

Hmm, long mixes and great transitions rather than driving through as many tracks possible imo. Love the finish from Slap me some skin to Air. Great stuff

People want quality sound and that tends to be associated with studio monitors. That is what has been spoken on music forums since I've used them and why you get people buying Genelecs for djing, when really you might get a lot more pleasing sound out of specific home 2.1 systems with a donk button when you need to pretend you're in a club havin it large.

At 128bpm too. Diggers knew all the way back then.

I'm with Rhouses here. I think it will be so unbelievably shit it will be funny. 

It's all about 128bpm...

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/boxing … ision.html

Also, point 5 in their conclusions seems to suggest they read Dermo's posts lol

The conclusions here include:
1) The fight was far closer than the judges, especially Moretti, and most pundits perceived
2) Many rounds were exceptionally difficult if not too close to call.
3) The punch stats as counted in the heat of the night are profoundly suspect (one US commentator who had Pacquaio winning asked if they were compiled by ‘kids from the HBO and Showtime offices’ and was told ‘Yes.’)
4) Pacquiao’s claim that he had won the fight was reasonable, not outrageous as the in-ring interviewer implied.
5) If watching on television, maybe better to mute the sound commentary.
6) Mayweather is very wise to keep insisting on home-town advantage in Las Vegas, which benefits from the huge economic impact of his fights.

does speed garage come under UK garage? always saw UKG as sweet like chocolate, it's a london ting stuff, not 187 lockdown and double 99.

As Wally might say...


I suppose it depends on what they put on the table as part of this new deal.

Made me think of this beauty...

http://www.discogs.com/Airwave-Above-Th … ease/50562

Snowcrash vs Muir

Festies and having limitless energy. Straight from the off it takes me back there.

You might want to reword that.

Not sure if this one has been posted before...

It actually might have been this before Snap

poirot wrote:

Had to watch it with the sound down as the Mrs brought some friends round. Made me realise that without being influenced by hearing commentary i might not actually know what im on about with boxing.

To me it looked like Pacquiao dominated the first 9 rounds and Mayweather spent most of it holding Pacquiao's head down early doors.

Yeah similar. Can't get my head round a 6 point lead by one of the judges, but I'll watch the replay and maybe being more awake will help.

dutchy101 wrote:

Did you  hear the state of the chart remix of Rhythm Is A Dancer last year?  Fucking criminal.

Just listened to it...  My ears have been soiled. Should have expected it to sound like that really.

Dark Star wrote:
Squidgy wrote:

Loved it. Was only 9 when it came out, but hit the spot. Still does.

'Twas popular at the school disco when I was 14.  As popular back then as probably stuff like Ed Sheeran, Bastille or something like that is now.  Wasn't my fave from them though - Rhythm Is A Dancer was the one for me.  Even when I realised they (Snap!) had totally ripped off a Newcleus riff for it.  Still a fuckin great tune, if you're gonna plagiarise that's the way to do it ...

Yes, RIAD was great too. My sister had the 7 inch single with some spacey version on the flip.

And then there was this...


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https://soundcloud.com/sasse/chopstick- … asse-remix

Loved it. Was only 9 when it came out, but hit the spot. Still does.

1. Ecano - Run (Z2 mix)
2. WOW - The Fall (Bedrock GU mix)
3. Paul Robinson - Neighbours
4. Starecase - Firstfloor Deadlock (Divided by Zero remix)
5. Ian Beale - Eastenders

Beijing Dave wrote:
benson wrote:

it's all about the swayzak one.

Ridiculously cool music for cool people

Good tunes, horribly sequenced/mixed.

Sounds like the Jon Marsh one tbf