The moooooon and ArsenalTV are the gifts you gave....

Arsene Wenger: "It's definitely NOT a friendly"

ArsenalTV: "The pitch was awful...fam"

Milan giving Bayern a pasting... Just caught the end of it.

Hope Zouma regains his form at Stoke. Loved to watch him.

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smallman1 wrote:

That is because I would always prefer an intelligent player in my team. Even if he doesn't score as many goals, even if he doesn't do whatever he needs to.

Jaysus lol

Heard some bird pretty much say that word for word on some footy ad. I'm not saying that because she's a woman her opinion is any less valid, obviously.

Hmm,  some of his decisions with the ball are poor, but definitely welcome over lukaku. Much better first touch (not hard I know) and turns up in big games. Lukaku often disappears. Doesn't bode well for United in the CL, but he is young.

£7 for a bottle of beer? Hahahahahahaha........


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DJ Innit

Lol. Winner. 2-step and rnb?


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Don't think my comment deserved moderating ffs... Idris Elba and a bearded Muslim are too much for the Bedrock forum?


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Ah, to think of the days when sleepy and boo ruled the promo section...


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Looking forward to the return of Mighty White.

Trippier will make up for it. Said my brother in law through gritted teeth.

Season hasn't started Derms wink . Watching Arsenal isn't anything to shout about either. I saw them once for a mate's birthday years back. All I heard all game was the mc shouting 'Cesc...' and the crowd shouting 'Fabreeegaassssss!'


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More importantly, are you a Yoogo, Hoogo or Hyoogo? Or is it meant to be a funny username? Like, HugoP whilst I get the drinks in. Then get banned obviously.

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Joe Pesci officially back from retirement for one more dance with Scorcese for the Irishman.

Now if he can only make DeNiro and Pacino not phone it in.

Harvey Keitel also on board.

Sounds like a pretty big conference call tbf...

He was great in Bill & Ted.

Dermatron wrote:

Cannot stand hearing or seeing the cunt over cooking everything he's in. Plus he's a fucking annoying wanker to cap it off.

Think you got him mixed up with Ainsley Harriot, Dermo... They all look the same don't they!

It was QoS that they wrote themselves because of the strike.

Can we resurrect the topic of Idris Elba being a good Bond and label anyone that disagrees as a disgusting racist?


You need a vibe to watch a film? Do you do that in the cinema as well?

Think we can all agree the last 2 could've been better. Casino Royale was fantastic though and should be regarded as one of the best Bond films.

Didn't most of the staff go on some Film Actor's Guild strike or something so the actors had to write it themselves?

Edit - apart from the naff writing I do think he's a great Bond, if not the best... (Sacrilege, I know. We all know it's really Roger Moore)

Was pleasantly reminded about this one. Listening now.

Never understood the fuss over currywurst. Had been heavily recommended as something you need to have if you go to Germany. Tasted rank when I was in Berlin. Tried it again in London in some wanky pop up full of cunts (me included obvs) with my optimist hat on and it was still shit.

Colossal - not quite colossally shit, but swervable.