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Bet those guys got a ton of pussay for that show of pure masculine bravery.

Just remembered this one. Piano line nicely tops things off at the right moment.

Another one here for Nightcrawler. Impressed by Gyllenhaal, didn't think he had it in him.

Also saw The Mule, a flick from Oz, but it's really nothing special. Guy gets busted smuggling heroin from Thailand and tries his hardest to not have a shit. Agent Smith is in it.

Would be much better if it didn't have that annoying "this is a house record" sample

smallman1 wrote:

Are there any prog remixes available of these hip hop tracks?

Er...sorry Millsy & ETC in advance. 1st track on this.

Warren G ft Nate Dogg - Regulate (Quivver's Eastside Extended Mix)

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Time to get the chicken dance on...


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

#29 for Digweed?!

#4 for Troxler...


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Kumquat wrote:

Could someone on here from Scotland please enlighten me on who Jackmaster is?

Hadn't heard of him until the end of last year. Think it was Sneddon that was going on about how great he is on a technical level.

Haven't contributed to this thread yet. Here are some I don't think have been posted yet other than Fathoms (though without a nice linky).

Big Sasha Tyrant tune

simeon79 wrote:

watched Predestination the other day...great performance from Sarah Snook.

Holes for days in that film. Still watchable though.


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Great stuff, Millsy. Did anyone make it to the launch party at Village Underground last weekend?


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Um... *cough* no. 1 *cough*

Still have your dates out. Hope that helps.

post Tyrant? Guessing you mean pre... still doesn't fit in with Wide Angle

The Maze Runner - really a kids film in the vein of Solar Babies back in the 80s. Watchable though. Plus it had that saucy minx from Skins on it 6.5/10

Was a bit lost as to why people were wetting themselves over the original too (the new Xpander etc) tbh. Yes, nice melody to it and I like breaks, but wasn't hitting the spot for me.


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Hong Kong CD1 by far

She defo looked more bangable in Blossom than Big Bang Theory


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The best mix and sounded massive on the Heaven soundsystem

Bad Aids


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They should just cut to the chase and do a rework of this...

Trust brown wings were obtained, Glenn the Grey. All the breast.


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Ha, got a message saying the daily mail is banned in this country...