Not HG's week really

Is anyone actually in front of him in that vid?

Saw him twice donkeys years ago, once at Bedrock where he was outstanding and once at Home (only time I went too) where it was pretty average... Never really gone out of my way to see him after that. He's never played Fabric has he?

Last time I do you a favour Strudders you lazy git

Homegrove wrote:

Doubt that. More like it was released right after the gig and full of upcoming secret stuff.

I was being 100% serious, H

Was probably meant to be the first 'Live in...'

Not even a thankyou from Strudders... How rude

Soundcloud Strudders! … n-28022004


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deathbysmurf wrote:
Dermo wrote:

DBS, have you ever been out of America?

Mexico, Canada, Honduras, Fiji, New Zealand. I like candlelight dinners and smooth jazz after midnight as well.

So once on a joint trip to Fiji and Kiwiland?

LOL, Smashy. Bit of a late one was it?

You lost me at oftentimes


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Looked like quite a thin pitch with peeps quite a way from it all

Seem to remember Vanilla Sky being really good.

Suicide Squad wasn't my choice tbh. Bourne would've been a better watch.

Suicide Squad - just about scrapes at 7/10 and that's mainly for Margot Robbie who is great in it in a 'I will fucking ruin you' kind of way. Didn't think Leto lived up to all the hype and it was generally a bit weak.

When it comes to Tom Cruise, he's made the most rewatchable films for me. Edge of Tomorrow is quite good I thought. Oblivion was alright, though the end was a massive cheese on toast whilst cringing till your face cracks moment.


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If anyone ever has the need but not the patience there's always the 'clip on' bun...

Matt might need a few of those though

and i'll add a lol for Ed too


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Lol @Louis


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I seem to remember it was Sasha that was the first guest and I was gutted I couldn't go because I was off to start uni then. Then it got moved to later and Digweed was billed instead (and Sasha turned up as a surprise guest).


roberto wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
roberto wrote:

Have they not sold any tickets? We've had a generic email today saying we've won free tickets to either day.

Are you going to take them up on it?

If not, send them my way for the Friday please!

No problem, send us a sweetener via PayPal

Lol. Chaos ensues


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I thought that was SimonR... wait...

Si-mon R
Hu-go P

Both 2 syllables followed by a single letter in the alphabet...
Both first names followed by an abbreviated surname...

SimonR rhymes with Dogmanstar....

SimonR is DOGGY!

Anyone got a spare tinfoil hat going?


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Went there on the opening night and pretty much every Tyrant after that. Was such a great club and atmosphere back then. Didn't care so much for the DNB nights though. Some serious attitude for True Playaz.

Whatever way you put it, Derms, we won and it was a good start.

424 did the business. Stopped Costa from straying to the left.

Come on Nick. We did terribly last season, it was an important victory.


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They're all rhetorical questions


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Wenger out!