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Desyn Masiello Kiss 100 2004-09-06....sheer class!

Nice.... not heard this before. 25mins in and sounding fantastic. What happened to him?

Or here...

Be it dealing with wankers at work, the missus is not letting you get your brown wings or you've had too much of a good weekend and feeling sorry for yourself.

This is mine. From an essential mix where on 1st listen I thought the early part wasn't my cup of tea to loving it...

A Bedrock regular was Graham...

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whatever happened to Keeley Hazell btw?

She's in some new movie I think, she went to Hollywood to try and make it as an actress

I saw her in a really really shit film a couple of months back where she played a gangsters mistress. Her acting skills were so bad, I'm not sure she would even be able to make it in porn.

St George's Day or some wank like that I think

Indeed. Not that I actually remember it being played lol. Had to refer to this...

Hard to think they weren't making money with genius ideas like that eh....

There's a link at the bottom to Beatport Classic

Not Luke Solomon then...

At one point I was spending about £70 a week when breaks was exploding along with the west coast sound. Already had a prog and deep house habit, but I didn't care because the music was great. Now it's maybe £100 per quarter, but I just get so tired trawling through shit on Beatport.

Anyone know how to turn this piece of shit off?


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You can still buy vinyl, Erik

Birdman 9/10. Really enjoyed it and some great stuff in there from Keaton

Fury 7.5/10 Not a bad film, but still not getting why people think Shia Laboeuf is a great actor...

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Just went online at 9am using the link in the email reminder from yesterday and picked a few up at £5 a pop.

So now we know who took them all... tch...

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Ghastly cloakroom queue at the end of the bar arch iirc.

The other one was always so much quicker


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Used to love the basketball playing crow from the Kia-Ora ads

Ah... a great advert, banned for racism sad


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Leave it out, we all know it's all about Um Bongo ffs...


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Saved by the Bellend

Great vid Loopy

My mate was the creator of Goldenballs. KLANGable?

Have a great new year, Glenn and all!


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I thought we'd established that Ncable was


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Bit late to the party. Went to school with Jimmy Carr, Shlomo (the beatboxer), Matt Dawson and Luke Donald the golfer. Same school as Ian Dury which was odd when I found out as he was more cockney than most and this was home counties, but just goes to show the mix of people that went there.

Met Graham Gold on the Bedrock dancefloor at Heaven. Nice enough bloke, but seriously charged up and tried to convince me that Rank 1 - Airwave was "a CHOON!" Also, met POB and Patrick Reid on there shortly after the release of one of Patrick's biggies (forget which one, might have been the i-ching one). Patrick was a top guy.

Met Goldie once in the local Sainsbury's. Cheery chappy, believe it or not.

Dad made cricket history for this century with a double hat trick. Six wickets in six balls. It was an Old Boys team, nothing professional, but he got in the papers and obviously still impressive.