I've watched this too much. It's quite catchy

That tongue roll...


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Don't think too much into that, Boring...


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Presto wrote:

My money is on Chunky, though.

Yes, this is what I thought. Or Sabotini.

got some pace

Mate got a spoon from his brother for Christmas. From the kitchen drawer.

Unbroken1 wrote:

..just discovered there's one in the Toon, will have to check it out.

Not aware of any hipster/hipster backlash connotations with regard to Punk/Brewdog... Until very recently I've been an unashamed fizzy lager wanker, but have developed a liking for some of the lighter, cold, hoppy stuff... there's a Badger beer called Golden Champion which I'm digging too. Any other recommendations in this ballpark welcome.

A week after discovering it's delights, the Punk IPA has disappeared from the bar where I found it... Expressed my disappointment to the barmaid who tells me Brewdog have some kind of cask 'cool-off' period for non-affiliated bars, and as such they can't stock it all the time hmm

The 5am Saint is probably the best Brewdog I've had. Pisses all over the Punk.

mr rossi wrote:

Just hope the soon to be Mrs Flares isn't reading this thread.
Great start to a marriage.

Maybe she was looking over his shoulder with his mum?


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MattBlack wrote:
mr rossi wrote:

I shall be hitting as many immigrants as I can on the roads out of Calais in my car.

That road at Calais is starting to look like something from Mad Max at the moment, maybe the lorries should fit some flame throwers and machine gun turrets to stop them from getting in

My bro-in-law buys the Daily Mail and I flicked to the article on it. 'WORSE THAN AFGHANISTAN' lol


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Don't they have corkscrew cocks too? Literally popped her cork... (Presto don't get too upset)


Ever been to Lyechester, Loopy?

When I was in San Luis Obispo they had beers like that. My missus at the time had one and I was expecting it to be like fruli. Was pleasantly surprised it was more like you described.

The San Luis Obispo Brewing Company is a great place to stop for good food and fantastic beer btw.

Cheers guys. Liking those Novations

poirot wrote:

Roland Jupiter

Thanks Dermo, but I've already got one and looking to downsize


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mr rossi wrote:

Can't beat a frightening tut tut ride whilst on holiday

and a nice way to thin your wallet. a/c taxi for a fraction of the price? ok!

Anyone got any recommendations? Looking for a 49er.

Party Monster looks awful and that's in the top 5

Had some good nights in the Blues Kitchen in Camden. Top chilli in there too.

MattBlack wrote:
Squidgy wrote:

Different track Matt

Well spotted, was on the same Ep though

True and a very good one too.

I'll add this one...

Different track Matt


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Gazza: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/33097139

Champions League Squad of the Season...

Marc-Andre ter Stegen – Barcelona
Gianluigi Buffon – Juventus

Branislav Ivanovic – Chelsea
Gerard Pique – Barcelona
Javier Mascherano – Barcelona
Jordi Alba – Barcelona
Giorgio Chiellini – Juventus

Ivan Rakitic – Barcelona
Sergio Busquets – Barcelona
Andres Iniesta – Barcelona
Claudio Marchisio – Juventus
Andrea Pirlo – Juventus
Toni Kroos – Real Madrid

Luis Suarez – Barcelona
Neymar – Barcelona
Lionel Messi – Barcelona
Alvaro Morata – Juventus
Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

Solid work from Ivanovic as per


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She had the big C. At least that was what the papers said. Maybe it was one of Lenny's jokes?


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poirot wrote:

Pretty funny that she lost all her weight as soon as she left him.

A hysterectomy is pretty funny tbf