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Grant wrote:

Better Off Dead's alright, but I haven't seen that since I was a kid.  I don't especially like Slapstick - I'll watch a Carry on Film every now and again, but that's more because I loved them when I was a kid.

Haven't seen any of the Carry On films...any good?  We only got Monty Python stuff this side of the pond.


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smallman1 wrote:

I know absolutely nothing about NFL but whenever I see Gronkowski play he always stands out.

Don't worry Ed, I feel the same when peeps on here talk about EPL or Footy.

mr rossi wrote:

Thought there would have been a few 'Jedis' on here tbh.

Wally must be on Holiday...


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Grant wrote:

How can Weekend at Bernies 2 be worse than the original - the first one is an abomination of a film

Slapstick comedy Grant...some films are so absurd and improbable you can't help but laugh at the nonsense of it all.  Ever seen 'Better Off Dead' or 'Three O'Clock High'?


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Weekend At Bernie's 2.  Although  I like the idea of Bernie Lomax being revived in a  voodoo ceremony by gangsters,  they didn't exactly run with the idea.  Should have gone full slap-stick horror / comedy in the vein of Fright Night, House, or The Lost Boys.


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303 abuser wrote:
ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
zackster wrote:

bummed with that birds loss, but it was miles better than that cowgirls effort.

After today's performance ...

would've been nice if either one of your teams would've made an effort yesterday.  raiders looked good against a terrible jets team.  2-0 for the first time since 2002 lol.

Don't know what's going on with Zeke - refused to play D when Dak was picked.  Ladainian Tomlinson said it best:  "he quit".  A few more performances like that and heads are going to roll on the coaching staff.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

I hope you all have noted the bombing that Mother has received from da criticz

Not true. It's been quite a polarising film with some very good and some poor review. Poor reviews mind, from critics who I couldn't give a flying shite about/never heard of. And to be honest, would rather sit through something that had me going radge than some innocuous shite that is completely forgettable.

Will be going to see it this weekend. I may of course regret writing all of this.

I liked it...thoroughly twisted and an expedition into anxiety overdrive.  It's different, but I'd take it over a lot of the pointless fodder coming out of Tinsle Town these days.  It's not perfect but, I think that was the point.

Raised Catholic....but let's just delve into that, shall we.... from an early age, I knew something was wrong, horrifically wrong – going to church and having the mass in Latin, genuflecting, eating the body of Christ, singing along and responding to the sermon in some cult-like fashion; drinking his blood and everybody dressing in their finest attire for this very, very special occasion, yeah it's pretty much an ongoing Stephen King novel in the making.   Everybody born with Original Sin – how can anything go right for anybody?    Motivating it's disciples through guilt, oppression, and the very fact that they expect you to sin, and when you do sin, they remind you about it on a Biblical scale - it's a lose/lose situation, yet millions must be gluttons for punishment...not a wonder so many porn starlets came from oppressive, guilt stricken, archaic Catholic families whom, when the situation necessitates after sinning, they go to a dark booth to repent their sins to some guy who wears all black, is hidden, and talks to a Entity he's never met and offers guidance...OK.  Catholicism invented Capitalism - they case can be easily argued, if not the first institution to refine it and exploit its Zombie-like followers.  The Crusades, well Christianity of course, but killing in the name of God, guess it's better than killing in the name of several Gods as the Heathens would do. 
    As for providing a good moral backbone - yes and no.  If you're already guilty of sin, then it seems you never quite get out of the Heinz Red Zone...just a series of 3 & outs.  Guess cretins that can't think for themselves, or come from suspect upbringings it can provide sanctuary, because as we all know the world is an evil place and there's nothing like coming upon a magnificent church filled with Men In Black and women dressed like Quakers to save you.  I will say that Catholic girls offer up the best fucks, no holes barred...a kinky lot... transfixed on escaping their daddy issues while exploring their sexuality...all motivated by guilt of course and the carnal pleasure of breaking the law and getting away with it well, not quite...after going to church and giving them money, the weird guy in black in the modified phone booth forgives your sins, then behold - you got the green light to do it all over again!  What a racket.   Never mind the fact that they utterly and completely confuse you with the convoluted and conflicting theories of the father, the son, the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, and Mary – it all fits neatly into the Old Testament, or was it the New Testament - now, I'm confused...and somehow they expect you to believe all of it.  Noah's Ark?...right.  The Ark Of The Covenant - call Indiana Jones on that one.
    I knew shit was about to get live during my Confirmation Process.  My parents sent me to CCD ( Confraternity Of Christian Doctrine) school every Sunday.  My teacher, a complete helmet named Jack Devaney, was the poster child of middle-age crisis and family disfunction.  The guy spent more time talking about his two drug-addict sons then he did on teaching Catholicism.  A nut-job that wreaked of cheap Scotch...blood-shot eyes and bags under his eyes that Samsonite would be envious of.  Every class he'd cry about something, then ask us to pray with him, pray for his sons, and of course at the end chant over and over " I repel You Satan" ( another character that nobody has seen).  I complained to my parents to no avail.   Then I took matters into my own hands.  My mom would drop me off at class, I'd walk like I was going inside then, when she was out of sight, I would take off & hide for an hour.  Well, after a few sessions skipped, ol Jack, being the dickens he was, called my mom and asked why I stopped going to class.  Mum went full retard, meltdown in me.   The next class, I was  escorted inside the class by mum.  Mum wasn't happy... I think she started taking Prozac around this time.   Upon the start of class, Jack went into this long lecture and stated that we have a new student, a student who was deeply troubled, a student who was under the influence of Satan and drugs just like his two sons.   He instructed the class to all hold hands and pray for me, this lasted almost the entire hour.  Fucking done after that.   I was confirmed in the Catholic church in abstentia,  but I stopped going to church after that.


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zackster wrote:

bummed with that birds loss, but it was miles better than that cowgirls effort. holy shit huff, zeke shaking his head after that pick 6... lol! the birds nearly rolled the best team in the league, and on the road to boot. doug p is a shit coach, and can't possibly fill his knowledge gap to become thee head coach that they need, but still a good game. missed field goal by a rookie kicker, jason kelce needs to take a seat, and blunt needs to be a 3 down back or be cut. still, in spite of those issues, the eagles look to be the team to beat in the division. 

and get it together huff. no one is going away from dak. he could string games like that together, and he would still be the starter.

After today's performance, I agree – the Eagles are the team to beat in the NFC East....still early, but god damn, what a shit-show that was.   I wasn't sold on Prescott last year, and I'm not sold on him this year - can't throw the ball deep to save his life.   I have a feeling Ron Leary had a lot to do with knowing Dallas' plays, which helps the Broncos quite a bit, but that's no excuse.  Zeke:  9 carries for 8 yards - are you kidding me?  Dak picked twice....3 for 14 on 3rd down conversions -  you won't win games alone on that stat.  Only 5 1st downs in the first half alone.  Prescott: 30 for 50 on a total of 238 yds- oh yes, that's a QB rating of 67% fuck you very much.  Oh,  and if the Cowboys go eight and eight, or have a losing season this year Jason Garrett is finished.   In my opinion, he is way too conservative of a coach.


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smashdad wrote:
ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Split decision draw....pfffft.  This fight was a joke and DID NOT deliver.

That's a bit harsh, no?

I thought it was a good fight that had a couple of great rounds.  I thought Golovkin lost the first couple of rounds but thereafter he was a machine who didn't look troubled by anything that Canelo landed and was relentless coming forward, closing Canelo down and increasingly troubling him. 

I'm nowhere near a boxing 'afficionado' but I'd've given Golovkin at least eight rounds and Canelo probably three with one, maybe two, possibly going either way.  I cannot for the fucking life of me see how anybody watching that gives ten out of the twelve rounds to Canelo...

There were some great rounds for sure, my frustration is aimed at the judges and their absurd, convoluted reasoning on how they arrived at their decision.  I would love to see a rematch...sure the boxers wouldn't mind having their pockets lined again as well.


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Horrific.  Dallas needs to get their shit together, including the coaches.  There is no excuse for that pathetic display of a so-called team.  It's gut-check time for Dallas....the league ain't gonna spoon feed you a playoff birth.  A few more pathetic games for Dak, and they'll be taking a good hard look at Cooper Rush who, in my opinion, can move the needle and throw the ball deep.  Fucking disaster...I'm not gonna sugar coat this loss & say aw shucks, dem Boyz will be back next week - fuck that!  Bullshit performance by a supposed playoff caliber team.  Nothing to be proud of.  Fix your problems Dallas!!!  Missing Brandon Carr & Barry Church yet??  No depth at Cornerback now with all rookies playing.  Every QB in the league is gonna exploit that.


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Breakin 2 - Electric Boogaloo...seriously?   Come to think of it, was there ever a Breakin 1 - or was that on an episode of Cops??


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Split decision draw....pfffft.  This fight was a joke and DID NOT deliver.

monostereo wrote:

Rhouses:  Next time you and the rest of your coach party, from Bhopal, end up haplessly lost on the M25 anti-clockwise trying to find Princess Diana's grave, why not take a comfort break at Clacket Lane Services? (junction 34 opposite Carpet Right).

In the atrium area just next to the toilets you'll find some of Blighty's most popular franchise restaurants catering for even the most basic of tastes

From the pastries of Newcastle with Greg's viscous mixture of grayish-brown beef slop, through to the fine fare of Blackpool in Harry Ramsden's where you can enjoy a crab stick whilst being dive bombed by one of the mechanical seagulls hanging from the ceiling.

Narrowed it down between McDonald's or Pizza Hut but can't make your mind up?  No problemo!  Go for the Happy Meal Pizza:

What, no cheese??


Dave & Buster's Funnel Cake Burger

Other selections from Dave Buster's

Hamburger Habit's Double Char with Bacon and cheese

In & Out Burger's  double double with animal style fries


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Bummer.  An oft overlooked actor, but excellent nonetheless.


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zackster wrote:

can't begin to imagine why the woman accusing him of horrific assault and battery wouldn't want to face him in court. defo a con. job. footage clearly shows that zeke loves and respects women.


lol! take it like a man huff.

Lol, whatever.  I've found some CCTV footage from his marijuana shop foray in Seattle last year...



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zackster wrote:

just a matter of time. the players union signed off on these proceedings, so them boys don't really have a leg to stand on. zeke and his 8 lawyers (6 of which are being paid by the players union) can only delay. a 6 game band for next season suits me just fine. gives the birds time to get another c- draft class under their belts.

Yes, I agree - the Players Union did sign off on these agreements with the NFL BUT, even the senior arbitrator on the NFL's side ( can't think of her name) said the suspension should not be pursued because of reasons including:  lack of material witnesses; conflicting accounts of what actually happened - and to what extent; lack of evidence ( circumstantial at best); Goodell not testifying ( the pig-faced super-cunt that he is)...which all culminated in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Federal Judge siding with Elliott that he did not have a fair arbitration - that is the meat of the issue...the lack of proper and fair procedure which the courts should have decided in the event that the DA from Ohio had even pursued the case in the first place, which he didn't, due to lack of evidence.  This absurd policy could prove detrimental to any NFL player, not just Zeke Elliott.


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zackster wrote:

zeke suspension back on! yeah yeah yeah!

No, it's not.  This will drag out most of the year.  The NFL is doing their best to justify and validate their own bullshit.  Closer they get to playoffs, the most likely it will be implemented next year, if at all.  Unlike Deflategate, which happened within the sphere of the league itself, this was supposedly a personal conduct issue that was never adjudicated, so the NFL's absurd construct of applying a preponderance of the evidence as would be the case in a civil action is too broad and over-reaching for a case, that if it actually went to court, would rely on the premise of 'beyond a reasonable doubt' in a criminal case of domestic abuse - never mind the fact that the primary witness ( his ex-girlfriend) refused to testify as well as Goodell.  I'd say the NFL's policy has a good chance of being shot down completely- their fighting hard of course, because they have more to lose.

fadass wrote:

Coinkydinkely, I watched midnight run last night. Great stuff.

Grodin is class in that.

RIP Billy Bats.

Midnight Run is a great movie.  RIP Frank Vincent

La Nausee wrote:

Goodfellas: yes, we've seen it a million times and I swore I'd never watch it again. But it was on terrestrial Tv and fuck all else on. Still a masterpiece and the characters are amazing. Good old yarn and the Billy Batts scene is as good as anything you'll ever see. A classic.

RIP Billy Batts ( Frank Vincent).  So many movies this guy made.  Goodfellas, Casino, Reindeer Games, Midnight Run, Sopranos...the list goes on.  Legend.

Mother 8.5/10.  Head spinning madness that only Darren Aranofsky can create.  You'll wanna double down on your happy pills after this film.  Jennifer Lawrence is great as is Michelle Pfieffer.  Ed Harris and Javier Bardem are solid as well.

Steadily gone downhill and most assuredly, up their asses since '93.


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Holding on to my 6S Plus for one more year. That 8 model is a total farce and when it comes to the x, generally like to wait for the second gen when there is such a radical hardware change.

Apple Watch 3 worth looking at? Not really convinced by that, either.

Couldn't agree more.  No way in hell I'd drop a K for a frickin phone - price is bound to come down.  I am intrigued by the 8 Plus.  Resolution and camera modifications seem solid.

Damn, this is mental.  Preordered.  X-pander live is immense.