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Where's the cunt put his thighs?

Slender Man (or girl?) exposed...

Sir John of Curlyshire.

Grant wrote:

Farce-book!!! That's a good one.



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TBPH,  The same should be planned for Farce-book headquarters.


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We should be friends on Facebook.

...oh dear.


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poirot wrote:

What are you saying? Unfortunately it wasn't in a Chinese city? Fair do's.

Yes,  unfortunately it wasn't smack in the middle of Beijing – that's exactly what I'm saying .


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This explosion is quite impressive as well.   Fortunately it was out in the middle of the desert but I imagine if it was within the confines of a city there would have been mass casualties .


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This has promise....




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McGregor backed his banter up once again-  he's definitely got a chin, but there's definitely holes in his game at the same time.  He got taken down rather easily.  I wonder how many times Josie Aldo has watched that fight?  Robbie Lawler is a future Hall of Famer -  that was one of the best fights I've ever seen.   I got to say I feel real bad for Rory McDonald -  damn that kid was busted up.

Mayan Theatre x 2.   Their first gig was much better.

Epic.  Will be purchasing.


Never ends...


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It's official....

Danny Tenaglia has mixed Balance 25.

Tenaglia re-edited most of the tracks—there are 36 of them—that appear on the two-disc mix. "I could've never predicted this but I do feel that techno is most definitely better than ever—that's mainly because the tempo has finally gotten below 130 BPM," he says. "This made techno more soulful, more swingin', more bouncy and made you feel it like you never could've felt it at near 140 BPM."

Tough house and techno cuts feature on both discs. Ø [Phase], Nicole Moudaber and Dadub are on disco one, while Regis, Dax J, 2 AM/FM and Brian Sanhaji feature on disc two. Balance 25 will come out in Australia on September 5th, the UK, Europe and Asia on September 15th and the US on September 16th.

For more insight into Tenaglia's storied career, listen back to his RA Exchange from 2013.

01. 04LM - Tragicaller
02. Ugo Carrano - GBass
03. Reboot - Banging Ear Drum
04. Talismann - Zula
05. Cowboy Rhythmbox - Shake
06. Ø [Phase] - Dirtro II
07. MRI - Es Geht Um Mehr
08. Hot Since 82 - Planes & Trains (Dosem Remix)
09. Kernel Key - Out of Body Experience
10. Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - Element 84 (Alex Under Remix)
11. Sanys - Dominance
12. Tom Laws - The Yellow Enemy
13. Pherox feat. Lee Curtiss - Black Copy
14. Nicole Moudaber - Movin' On
15. Mancini (ManJas) - What I Think (Yamen & Eda Remix)
16. Basement Jaxx - Mermaid of Salinas (Michel Cleis Isla Dub)
17. Thomas Schumacher - I'll Do You
18. Dadub - Existence (Kangding Ray remix)

01. Architectural - 04.1
02. Funkndy - Station
03. Regis - Cold Water (Substance Version)
04. The Yellowheads - Red Light District
05. Antigone - The Melody
06. Antigone - The Time Merchant
07. Lewis Fautzi - Binary (Oscar Mulero Remix)
08. Dax J - Dreamscape
09. H.O. - Deletion 3
10. Gregor Tresher - Nightcolors (Garnier Without The B Devotions Remix)
11. Herva - Snow and Clouds
12. 2 AM/FM - Acid Planes
13. Svreca - Overgang (Oscar Mulero Remix)
14. Attemporal - ATT9 (Craig McWhinney Remix)
15. Spear - Cognitive Dissonance (Miki Craven Remix)
16. Brian Sanhaji - Datalogger (Jonas Kopp Remix V1)
17. Sin Sin - Grounded
18. Exploit - UFO

Balance will release Balance 25 in September 2014.


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John, I agree with you there's a lot of a lot of negativity... But for the sake of everybody who likes a bit of sport and contributes a few bad apples shouldn't spoil the fun for the rest of us.  The solution would be to simply ban those people.  I was active on the GU board for many years, when that closed I came here and it enjoyed posting here occasionally.  If you close this board then where do we go?  There has to be a solution, but I don't think shutting the board down is the solution...

Didn't Grayarea do an ambient RMX? - or was it another artist?  Any info on that sublime ambient RMX?


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Steve Lawler.  Nuff.


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Cats rule.  I love their "fuck off, don't bother me" mentality.  Very intuitive animals - everyone should have one...and depending on what kind you get - never a shortage of personality - especially Siamese.


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Nothing more than Putin igniting old cold-war rivalries & flipping a big middle finger at the west...a pathetic attempt at regional domination and a clear sign of a failing economy trying to maintain national pride and relevance.


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Robert Babicz is a mint choice.

Iffy wrote:

5 Guys and In n Out...end of story.

Hamburger Habit and Hook Burger are quite good as well...


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After several listens, I think this mix requires a special mood and setting....some great tunes, but some awkward transitions as well...but I think he intended that way...it's good and a definite grower.  Not his best mix by any stretch, but it's quite different and a lot of the tracks have a complexity about them that's easy to miss on the first few listens.