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What's next?



Gary Busey to star in upcoming Biographical Drama about Boris Johnson, directed by Clint Eastwood.


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jamie wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

I'm just going to get the Financial Times, get the Financial Times

gen lol for that

Dutchy 2x


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deadhead wrote:

Trump in charge of the US... Boris Johnson running the UK ... at that point Brexit the planet ?

BC here I come...


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Definitely has never had good sex before...poor thing.


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303 abuser wrote:

so i'm only vaguely aware of the eu vote and the potential consequences, but how close is this to the trump movement in the states?  as in an uneducated populace (a minority i'm sure) following a right wing movement without any thought as to the consequences?

Not very, the only thing leaving will be Trump come Election Day, not sure if his toupee will stay...Klingon will unfortunately win and ring in another 4 years of fork-tongued, deceptive tomfoolery.


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ukhursty wrote:

I am always puzzled why people get angry about voting results and start slating people who voted different to them.

Just because the reasons you decide to vote for something  doesn't mean they are the right reasons for someone else.

True,  especially put into the context of who stands to lose and who stands to gain.


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It's over.  Britain is out.  Good for the people that voted out,  I would have done the same.   It will be rough for a while, but I feel that Britain will be much better in the long run.  Massive cajones, I think Britain has a lot to be proud of.


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Nice, thanks for the tip - I will check it out.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

The original series was blinding IMO.

Lawler, Kleinenberg, Howells, and most of all Burridge's efforts were excellent.

Satoshi Tomiie's was not bad, if a little BSPF in places.

Pappa's was decent, especially the build-up to 'Vanguard' but it peaks to early and he tries to cram too many big choons on there.

Not really ever revisited Sultan or Rivers after 1 or 2 listens though.

Forgot about Pappa's mix, damn good that one.  Wonder what happened to him?


The eponymous Carl Cox Global Mix cd from 2002 was an Event horizon journey into the High Dojo Of Prog and  should be compulsory listening to those that wish to embark on such a journey,  and thus circumnavigate  the outer limits of unknown pleasures of EDM Utopia.

Lol...how eloquent!

We need a female lesbian moderator with massive daddy issues,  makes molds of dog poop in her spare time and sells them on eBay,  has a butterfly collection that doesn't seem to be flying anywhere,  thinks grasshoppers are actually spiders,  wants to combine question marks and exclamation marks into one unified meaning,  still bitter she wasn't nominated to become a Rhodes scholar,  and almost achieves orgasm while taking a dump.


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Rory Macdonald:   Quiet is the tone, yet the tempest is exploding inside his scrambled egg of a violent brain.  Freshly shorn melon and still bent 180° backwards after his loss to Robbie Lawler, he will squash Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson like a South Carolina Watermelon.  Wonderboy's 'aw shucks, good ol boy' bullshit is better suited for a Kenny Chesney music video.

Chinese press conferences:  why bother?  More staged than a Russian Bank on Cypress... Heavily vetted questions, predetermined answers, and  preselected journalists.  Are you surprised? No,  considering they flipped a big middle finger to the United Nations permanent court of arbitration with respect to The  Spratley islands and basically created their own court to sidestep the issue, not at all.  Free press in China? -  not a snowflake's chance in hell,  as a matter fact, is anybody really free in China?


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Homegrove wrote:

America suffers from a painkiller addiction epidemy. Bill Maher had a guest talk about it recently, shame it's not on Youtube, it was an enlightening piece. You couldn't get the drugs American doctors prescribe for light back pain for cancer pains in Finland.

True.  It's fucking out of control here.   Oxycontin, oxycodone, klonopin, fentanyl, Percocet, Vicodin -it's all over the fucking streets.   Easier to get and cheaper than street drugs.


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Presto wrote:

NE3 does always seem to get lost when the other two come in to the mix. Its an utterly brilliant release, in it's own right.
Maybe that's the problem, though, NE1+2 were so groundbreaking, NE3 couldn't come close. NE3 was a straight up trance comp. NE1+2 had all manner of genres going for it.

Agreed.  A timeless mix.


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Dermatron wrote:

Has anyone else encountered  it yet? I had a nasal infection and it took 4 different lots to finally kill the infection. The first three flat out didn't work. I had to have a swab on the end of the third to send away to identify the strain then they gave me some major shit that basically killed everything in my stomach so I'm having to rebuild my gut flora with probiotics that I'm sceptical about.

Yep,  had a middle ear infection  that persisted for two months.  First Z pack was nil.   The doctor had to resort to a stronger form of antibiotic in addition to eardrops.   Bacteria are evolving much quicker than we are and our ability to cope with devastating strains of them, so yeah I'm all on board for bacteria wiping us out or fungus or a virus but coupled with global warming or climate change – we're fucked-  if the next medical miracle does not present itself soon.   Ironic how  penicillin came about as an accident.   I guess we need more accidents in the chemistry lab.


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303 abuser wrote:

i always thought the howells and lawler efforts were quite good as well although, again, neither were exactly "new" dj's at the time.

Lee Burridge's effort was immense.  Satoshi's Nubreed got shredded on the old GU board, but I quite liked it, albeit nothing groundbreaking.  Always loved Lawler's and Howells'. Sander's was ho-hum, but had some massive tracks, especially the Scorchio rmx.


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Wow, great news!   Will DEF check out the samples and minimixes when they're up for a potential purchase.


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liquitech1 wrote:

..Cenk is great, Jamie. The girl he has on his news show is great also, helps that she's a little minx. YoungTurks is probably the best news source from over there.

btw, some thoughts from Jeremy Scahill on G4S. Think there was trouble with that company either during the building of the Olympic stadium in London or during the olympics. Pretty sure it's them.

Scahill - “Re Omar Mateen and G4S: Let's assume what we know is the full story (which may be the truth): He worked low-level private security. Staff at these posts often are lead to believe that they are bad asses with a ton of authority. It's embedded in the culture. My friend's son was strangled to death by a rent-a-cop at Best Buy in the 90s. G4S tells its employees they are part of this epic global firm, that they have a real mandate.

How is this culture of where Mateen worked not relevant? Why is this fact insignificant? The sub-cultures of private security -- both International and at shopping malls – can be very dangerous. In some ways, the lower paid rent-a-soldiers working in war zones are more scary than the tier 1 former Special Ops guys. Whatever the full truth turns out to be, Mateen's work at G4S is relevant and should be examined fully. Curious how some seem to want to dismiss this whole cloth.”

Background screens for security guards are not that thorough, however he was denied an application for the police department in Florida and they declined to disclose why they did not except his application.   Police background checks are 10 times more thorough than any security guard – and that is unfortunate.   Background check for police departments include talking to your neighbors of everyplace you've ever lived your ex girlfriends and all of them your parents your friends all of your previous employers etc. etc. etc.   many high-powered corporations will actually hire their own independent private investigators who often times turns up facts that standard background checks do not find out.   He did have the necessary licenses to purchase an AR 15, it's not like he just showed up at a gun store and bought one off the shelf.


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Anybody get the feeling that the world in general is going tits up ??   The amalgamation of incidences around the world coupled with hostility across nationstates the rise of extremism and terrorism – I mean holy fucking shit!!!


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smashdad wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
furry wrote:

You're already writing off your fellow countrymen funkeey? I would certainly expect more support for them on this issue smile Since I don't live in your country its a bit hard to debate something of this magnitude. But I read somewhere that Britain must adhere to the ECOJ? Does that meant that Britain court decisions can be trumped by EU courts? Are these court officials of the EU elected by the Brit population?

We don't elect our judges in uk furry. The notion being a distinct separation between the legislature and the executive eliminates certain bias and politics agendas in legal decision making.

A far more worthwhile, effective and beneficial distinction than the Founding Septics separation of church and State.

Separation of church and state is just one aspect of our constitution. But by saying that it has little to do with his debate.  The United States government operates on the principle of checks and balances.  We have the judicial, legislative, and the executive.   Only Supreme Court justices have lifetime appointments and are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate.   Federal judges I believe have appointments of 8 to 10 years.   Local judges can be biased but,  but often times the defense will request a change of venue and/or to have the jury sequestered and under a gag order by the judge.   There are 11 Circuit Court of appeals in the United States most cases involving state matters are adjudicated at the state level first and then possibly appealed at the federal level depending on the nature of the crime or how many states it may affect,  and more importantly if it becomes a constitutional issue.
https://ballotpedia.org/Judicial_select … the_states


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Unfold - John "00" Fleming
Unfold - Christopher Lawrence

Not prog, but pumping Trance - good for the gym.


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Retroid - Arctic Exposure.


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fletcher wrote:

For those wishing to remain in the EU, can you honestly say that you see the situation within the EU improving over the coming  years / decades? That our annual fees for being part of the union will hold steady and not increase?

That the economic situation of Greece, Spain, Portugal etc. Is going to remarkably improve and that they will be able to start paying back the deficits and suddenly find jobs for their growing unemployed populations? There are going grim employment statistics for parts of Greece where the youth unemployment is pushing 50% - that's a whole generation of adults in 10 years times who don't know what work is or who to do it.

The whole thing is descending into further mess, buy don't worry Turkey will save us all if they manage to join up.

Oh yeah, I'm Out



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funkeey wrote:

I get that Matt supports an exit, passionately - and with a light sprinkling of nationalism.

But can some non UK folk on here comment on how people/politicians/media in their countries view the possibility of an exit?  Are people shitting it / not bothered / other?

The consensus among many of my friends is that it's best for Britain to leave the EU.   There are certain countries like Greece and possibly Portugal and Spain that are simply dragging the rest of Europe's economy down this trending spiral of economic abyss.   If you add to this the immigrant problem, it's bound to get worse.   Pursuing more of an isolationist policy does have its merits, although the road maybe bumpy for a year or two after the exit.   In the long run I feel that Britain has more financial security to offer and investors are more likely to invest or bank in Britain rather then the EU because of certain destabilizing factors, like countries that cannot pull their own weight coupled this with social unrest due to vast amounts of immigrants pouring into the Southern and Eastern Europe.   Germany, France and Britain seem to be tired footing the bulk of the bailout packages.   Sooner or later they're just simply going to get tired of bailing them out.   When that happens, it will get very ugly.   It seems that the EU has no centralized bank like the Fed in the United States – and I think this is complicating matters when certain countries cannot support themselves through GDP alone.   The UK is still in somewhat of a unique position because they use the pound rather then the Euro, which gives them an advantage in a potential exit.