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smashdad wrote:

It's a shame that America's genuine achievement of having a woman elected as a viable Presidential candidate is massively cheapened by the fact she's only there because she's an ex-President's Doris who chooses to ignore her old man's numerous and blatant philanderings because her career means more to her than her husband's fidelity.

Reminds me of something Christopher Hitchens used to write/speak about at length - Obama broke the perceived glass ceiling with regard to race, Hilary Clinton could well break the perceived glass ceiling for women - the biggest glass ceiling remaining in place will only be broken when America elects a President who is openly non-religious - to which end it will be interesting to watch the extent to which Trump now strokes the shaft of the religious right...

I imagine Bill and Hillary only appear together for public engagements.   Probably live completely seperate lives . and sleep in separate beds and pretty much have separate living quarters and houses.  Bill will probably spend most of his time camped out at " David".  I guess the big question however is, if elected, will they try to steal White House furniture again?


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millsy23 wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Class the other day from Don when asked what he would do if Russian jets did fly by's on US battle ships if he was in charge? " Well the first thing i would do is ring Putin, ask him why and try and sort it with diplomacy. But if he carried on then you gotta shoot them down".  LOL Showed a lot of promise with the first half of the answer then oh dear. Old Donald has shown his true colors and 3/4's of Ameerica are throwing their truckers hats in the air.

lol. All that's true apart from the phone call bit.

Imagine him and fucking Putin swinging their dicks about the place for four years, releasing competing promo DVDs of them wrestling crocodiles and shooting AK47s at tethered goats before just going 'fuck it' and firing their entire nuclear arsenal at each other's palaces.

I imagine Trump having his own personal banana plantation - probably on one of his South Pacific islands that he leases...doesn't eat the bananas of course, but every time someone makes a dig at his chewbacca inspired, aquanet rug - he dons his USA bandana around his mellon and hacks away at said banana plants - really gives him a "hand on" feel to slogging it out in hand-to-hand combat in some third world banana republic.


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Dermatron wrote:

Can i just add that these pair are two of the main reasons i have a major disliking of a lot of what America stands for. Two of the biggest wankers i've ever had the displeasure of witnessing.



Yes I agree complete idiots – but I would not be caught dead watching Fox News -  that should be relabeled the GOP channel.


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Dermatron wrote:

Angry, disenfranchised Americans? I think he speaks for a country then dont he ? LOL

When they come head to head I don't think Hillary has the minerals to withstand his uncouth onslaught. She's going to have to be really clever to counter whatever shite he dribbles out and again I don't think she's quick witted or smart enough to do that.
Dummy ass red necks will lap it up.

Forgot to mention uneducated too.   A lot of Americans, but I wouldn't qualify all of them.   We'll see what happens I think that the first debate will set the tone as to who has the upper hand.   The first debate will be a cracker.   Many states will always be democratic and there's nothing that can be done about that.   It's the swing states that matter.   But I agree, Hillary better be on top of her game to deal with that moonfruit Trump.


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Slabs wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Would the sepo's who said you'll never see Trump as President all come forward now please?

I said it. It's still true. There's a gigantic difference between winning a party nomination against a bunch of Republican moonfruits and a general election.

Good point,  but the percentage by which Donald Trump is winning has increased since he first started.   Bernie just won Indiana but it's a long road ahead if he is to beat Hillary Clinton and her pledged superdelegates.   I still think Hillary is going to win the entire thing.   There is really still no substance behind what Donald Trump is saying.   He says exactly what angry, disenfranchised Americans want to hear -  I personally can't wait to hear the debates of Hillary and Donald, that's if Hillary gets the nomination.  The gloves will come off for sure.


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Interesting -  I wonder why he decided to reveal himself?



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If not already mentioned, one of my favorite mixes from that era...


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zackster wrote:

well done on furry's stepson!

Talladega Knight.  Git er done zombie slayer.

Watched " It Follows" last night.  A devilish, twisted romp.


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liquitech1 wrote:

...a DVD of the whole night please smile

That's a great idea!!!

Bam!!!  Thank you Diggers!


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zackster wrote:

totally disagree with crowder on socialism, however i am in full alignment with his disdain for pc culture. i hate that just because i am a liberal i have to agree that everyone is special, and i have to aggressively argue that there is nothing humorous about stereotyping. fuck that, i like richard pryor, and chris rock so i am a bigot? how the does that make any kind of sense. if you can't find humor in your situation you are probably a self satisfying piece of shit.

Well said.


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Yant wrote:


Nothing short of epic...hahaha


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Possibly on an extended IV drip due to loose stool pooh parties.  Metamucil smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner are simply not the go.


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Grant wrote:

Christ al-fucking-mighty, every fucker in the office is going on about Game of Thrones all the fucking time.

I've never seen an episode and never will, it looks and sounds rubbish.  And it's got dragons in it.

I'm just in it for more ungreased, backdoor, hammertime lovemaking sessions &  maybe a few dragons.

smallman1 wrote:

That sounds absolutely awful ghostriddenhuffy.

Lol, it's actually a feel good movie -  it just takes a while to get there.

Just watched " The Salton Sea" -  Another movie underrated, that flew under the radar, but highly recommended.   A movie about redemption, self discovery, love, and the willingness to do what it takes to avenge something that was taken from you and in the process find meaning in life,  as twisted and warped as the route to your goal may be in the seedy Meth Underworld.  Highly recommended.  Starring: Val Kilmer, Vincent D'Onofrio, Peter Sarsgaard, Adam Goldberg, and Doborah Kara Unger.


LA Crowds used to be good.  Pretty much dis-clued, selfie, look at me types.  Miss the days of Giant & Spundae & of course the Mayan.  Sound has great sound though.


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roberto wrote:

Amazeballs and all that sort.... Sometimes it pays to listen to the sweet swee sound that it is the sunny guitar, the Rickenbacker. Beautiful...
that's all kids, cheers

The sound that came out of that era will never be duplicated.


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monostereo wrote:

If this clip is for real then fair play to Big Fella here. Chronic diarrhoea is now bang on trend/bang on message @ #Clubland.  Not that any of you jaded old cunts would know about it of course. 

Ricardo Villalobos often holds a microphone up against his harris as he squirts out the brown during his more "flamboyant" sets in Berghain, whilst Ivan Smagghe now includes Buscopan tablets on his rider.



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Medway - My Release.


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Fuck!!!  No shortage of fiber in BF's diet!!!

Amps, make sure you try " southern style Grits" at least one time if you go out for breakfast.  Corn/Polenta are the best - mixed in with some Cajun spices and butter.


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Hop_Head wrote:

Don't worry huffy they're all up in heaven having a wonderful concert and rejoicing in The Lord. What a privilege it will be to join them one day and what fun!

I like that idea...something to look forward to.


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Another musical prodigy has left us...words escape me.  Just wow.  Can't believe it...