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zackster wrote:

does little for we bernie supporters, but the donald will have a field day with this, and i am totally ok with that. i hope the dnc totally implodes; they anointed one of the least electable candidates in recent history. she's so unelectable that we may actually end up with president trump.



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Homegrove wrote:

If I understand right what I've been reading all over the internet in the past 30 minutes then the State Department just threw Hillary Clinton under the bus.

Threw her under the bus, but she avoided the tires and being dragged underneath- equates to a slap on the wrist.

Dermatron wrote:

In her prime you'd have fucking ruined her wouldn't you just? And now to be fair.
She's doing a week slot as guest chef on Aussie Masterchef atm. Proper muck ridden innuendo all the time. Dirt, dirt, dirt. Hmmmm Slut..

I'd have a go today...


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Dermatron wrote:

Diggers having him back the answer to his lack of form? Seems coincidental.

Also good to hear him playing proper blokes tunes again. This latest podcast 13 is 80% official return to form for me. Bangin out the prog again what he does best. Hopefully left all of all that fluffy vocal housey gayness.

He can still however shove his festival sets up his bollix.

Downloading now - I'll check it out.


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Dermatron wrote:

Errrr.....would anyone else have noticed Sasha has started to play bedrock releases again recently? 3 in the last few sets. xoxoxoxo

The bromance is back on for multiple events?

Sunny side up on her muffin.

Sbando wrote:

I remember people saying that Moscow was their way to win back the progressive house crow after the mainstream success of Stay Gold (one of the best tunes ever, btw). It's really bland, Toronto is better, in my opinion.

Toronto is better than Moscow.  But Yoshiesque 1 & 2 are tits.


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Homegrove and who?


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Cock-juggling Thunder Cunt.

Still waiting on GU Sasha : Perth release...

I was more into industrial ... Prong,  God lives underwater ,  Machines of loving grace, NIN before I got the Prog bug.

I was 13 and living in Guam at the time.   I went over to my friends house cause his parents went out to a party.   We all lived on Nimitz Hill, overlooking Apra Harbor -  it is an incredible view of the mountains, reef-fringed coastline, and Phillipines Sea  extending off into the horizon.   My friends parents always got back super late like two or three in the morning -  so we had the evening to ourselves and access to his parents liquor cabinet, plus island grown ganja.  Rum & cokes were the first drinks that got me tuned up.   This particular evening was almost magical -  it was a full moon and there were white puffy clouds all around.   The moonbeams were permeating the clouds and forming fantastic patterns on the ocean off into the horizon.   And the ocean was very very calm,  but there was swell hitting the reef,  and on this particular night the bioluminescence was particularly active so every time the waves broke along the reef the waves would light up and glow.   It was the first time that I had witnessed bioluminescence -  truly an incredible thing if you've ever had the pleasure of experiencing it.   So there were seven or eight of us I think three girls and for a five guys all of us knew each other and were friends -  drunk off their asses and high is kites.   I just remember all of us sitting out in his backyard watching the ocean listening to the doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and other classical rock artists of the time.   Great times in a tropical paradise.


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Pets are family members, I have a cat and he is my comrade -  I can't imagine life without him.  Sorry for your loss 303.


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furry wrote:

Great news smile

Run into any Conch fritters?

Mmmmm- nothing like Queen Conch, except for Abalone...

Tim Skinner


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Dermatron wrote:

No probs mate I live in a suburb of Sydney called Vaucluse. Couldn't afford a house of this standard or position in London or anywhere of note in the UK I imagine. It's quite expensive for here but divide it by quids and it's good value.

I hear ya.  You guys have exceptional visa deals with Australia and Canada. Thanks to our fucked up government it's very hard for us to move anywhere on extended visa.   My two brothers lived and worked in New Zealand ( Milford Sound) for five years but they had to do it before their 30th birthday otherwise it would not have been able to work there.   Now it's close to impossible.   My friend used to live in Lewisham, which is in Sydney's  eastern suburbs,  but he moved to Cronulla a few years ago.   If I remember right, Vaucluse is a bit north of Bondi and Tamarama.   When I was there I went as Far north as Stradbroke Island and as far south as Narooma - mostly surfing.   I would love to get out to West Oz one day- I've heard great things about Margaret River and Perth and north of there.  Lots of " wildlife" in the water...


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Yeah Derm, I guess things have changed quite a bit.   I guess prices for houses even in those remote areas have skyrocketed because of money being pumped into the economy but my knowledge I guess is a bit outdated.  Cheers for the update.  Where in OZ do you live?

Best regards,


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Dermatron wrote:

Depends how you want to equate it strudders. Australia has the third highest house price-to-income ratio in the world. To a lot of people the Aussie dream of house and land is well out of reach in and around major cities now. You have to go bush with redneck cunts to achieve it now. It depends on your field of work i suppose. I know we are a lot better off here than we would be in blighty when you look at wages there to here.

I've been to Australia three times.  The second time was in August 2001 - right before 9/11.   I remember talking to a few people I met and they were eager to buy homes in Tasmania because that was one of the few places where it was still pristine, beautiful and affordable.   At that time the government was still giving out money for first-time buyers which I thought was pretty cool, I'm not sure if they do that anymore.   The American dollar was very good at that time as well it was virtually a 2 to 1 ratio.   I'm sure homes are still quite affordable in the interior, places like Alice Springs  and some of the more remote mining towns of the west and northwest  -  but who the hell wants to live there?   The last time I went which was about five years ago after talking to several people would seem that the dream of owning their own homes was slipping away.


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went through a phrase of drinking real ale  a few months ago but ended up growing tits and being asked to go to   'womad' and 'crop ready' festivals by mulligan from mulligan and o hare and women with brain damage.

even looked at a tidy little drum that you could play on both sides like the gadge in the 'spinners' in habitat.perhaps not, i may have made that bit up as ive got 4 hours till my next fukin appointment...who can say ?..not me,  thats for damn straight.

suffice to say, back on the cu nting piss with moretti, samual adams boston lager, Kingfisher, estrella, cruz campo reserve, bitburger, paulaner and the odd bottle of 'rolling rock' or 'Castle' if available. natrually , all in a thin glass .

one never, ever, drinks from cans due to my digestive tract being destroyed by heavily cut drugs in the nineties and noughties.

i also hate people who imbibe straight from the bottle..vulgarity,  and i cant imagine frankie fraser or one of the lambrianou twins doing such a thing in mixed company.

fosters, carling, carlseberg and budweiser is lower league riffing for the masses at its most foul.

you might as well drink hooch distilled in a slop bucket by a sex case on e wing

i had mahou on holiday and it was quite terrible, a horrible aftertaste that tasted like that non alcoholic bottle lager that lawrie mcmenemy used to advertise.'.kaliber'..

i know there has been a lager thread around a year ago, but i would appeal to you all , here and now, to wipe the slate clean and advise me of lagers/ ales  that i could cast my eye over.

thank you.

Specialty Ales are good, but yeah,  you will grow tits in a short amount of time.   I'm all about Lagers myself.   You drink enough hoppy ales  and you'll start growing oatmeal instead of pubic hair.  Steinlager Pure is one of the best Lagers I've ever had.  Sierra Navada Summer Lager is also good as is Anchor Steam Lager.


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I read that the last remaining convoy got stuck because the flames were too close to the highway leading out of town -  seen quite a few videos- man oh man this is some serious shit prayers to the people of that town -  sounds like the Canadian military and firefighters are on top of it as much as they can be.  That is a massive fire.   I saw a video of a guy leaving his house literally the guy was saying that's the last time he would see his house -  he was hoping his insurance would cover it.


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Dermatron wrote:

Oh dont get me wrong im only talking 1st world. The uk is a shambles that's why i left and America is a train wreck with awful political moral standards. Terror cant really reach or penetrate Ausstraaalia also the weather is mint and the lifestyle standard high. Id probably only add Canada and a couple of Euro countries to my list but even they dont have the weather im after.

OZ has great whether - except the far north - too hot.


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Dermatron wrote:

As complete political mess and badly run countries go between America, The UK and Australia id defo say i'm in the right place.

Lol - * scratches head and wonders*.  Why the hell do so many people want to live in those countries then ?   The reality is those three countries that you mentioned are  better on any day then one of these two bit, third rate, banana republic, dictator induced shit storm of a republic countries ( Venezuela).


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furry wrote:

Ha! We haven't even hit 2018 yet! 15$ hr might be a certain disaster but a reasonable increase might be due.

Wages are flat because of the yearly influx of little to no skilled workers. Add H1B visas given out like candy and you have problems.

True,   China's continuing devaluation of their currency and keeping wages low also inhibits the GDP in the US.   Hard to compete with a country where they house workers in their factories, pay them shite wages, there are no labor unions, and there is no such thing as EPA.   China could've been a model for the rest of the world but they have aspirations to be a world power and a world military power.   I have a feeling that their shortcuts to convert their economy to a GDP based consumer economy will backfire because they are  ignoring too many rules concerning diversified growth.   Makes me wonder which idiot decided to set up shop in a communist country that has aspirations to trample the notion of western global power.   Somebody called in sick on geopolitics day.

Interesting...a ploy to quell the rise of Islamic Extremism, or a legit stand-up guy who has his thumb on the pulse of London's needs??  Thoughts??


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furry wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:
furry wrote:

Were you for the min wage hike too? I can never see it getting to fifteen dollars. Or needing to.

..maybe I'm picking this up wrong but why wouldn't it need to? Maybe there isn't a need for people working 4 jobs just to get by but there's defo a need for people to be earning a decent living wage. Do you own your own business, Furry?

I almost bought a company years ago but the timing was just not there...so no to answer your question.

Are the young teens entering the labor force, pre college individuals and the second income people really in need of a 15$ an hour wage? Is it a reasonable wage considering lower skilled workers currently earn their way to a wage increase? You should check out what White Castle has said about the hike in NY.

Wages have been flat for several years now,  which is why they're hiking the minimum wage. In California by 2022 the minimum wage will be $20 an hour -  you cannot rely on the private sector to give you raises every year. There are companies out there that will say "well the company is not performing well so we're not going to give out raises this year" – complete and utter bullshit,  so I support the minimum wage increase.   Don't get me started on Obamacare however, a lot of employers are simply hiring part-time workers because they don't want to pay the benefits for full-time workers.   Obamacare has become a disaster,  but at least he had the balls to try something new-  it wasn't exactly working before him either.  I feel that it's a catalyst in the overall movement of healthcare reform that will take years to complete.   There are too many people entrenched in healthcare that are making too much money. It's a technology driven sector of the economy and when you have that many people making that much money they're not exactly just going to sit idle while you try to take their money away from them – this process will take years.