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Loved morzine for the cycling last year (as i bet grant did) but there was absolutely fuck all snow there, and to be honest the party atmosphere wasn't great.

I also got the shits for 2 days. Properly got them.

Mind you, I went over to Les Gets and did mont chery which was lovely for an afternoon. Empty pistes and live in south beach on the headphones if I recall.

But you had to get lifts back down into town which was rubbish.

The swiss wall was shit and nowhere near as hard or technical as people make it out to be.

I'll take espace killy over portes du soleil any year.

landing on a dirt strip when you are not expecting it. At 1 am. Suddenly there is this almighty racket and dust and shit flying up everywhere outside the window.

He's banging them out.

roberto wrote:

He's due a no fucking about Slovakia style work-out session.

proper muscular that is. Love it


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did you hear it on a mix somewhere then just download it?

smallman1 wrote:

Being single is an absolute riot Derm!

Second date went well then?

mr rossi wrote:

Lol Id hardly doff my cap for a 7/10 but well done anyway.

Must of lost marks on the looks.

he gave her a straight 10. Unlike our ed to be so enthusiastic straight out of the blocks

cap doffed ed.

Not back to casa smalls for the afters though....


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monostereo wrote:

Apart from the fact Blair was wholly complicit (as a toady) in one of the worst US foreign policy SNAFUs of the past century, i quite liked the bloke.  Still do in fact. 

When he speaks, people listen. Not simply due to him being the UK's greatest living toss pot, but because he seems to poses an eloquence and clarity of vision absent from the current shower with have in parliament (Ken Clare and a couple other notable exceptions aside).

Could not agree more.


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monostereo wrote:

Regardless of this I will be "surprising" her with a used HTC "VIVE" virtual reality headset complete with NVIDIA GTX 1600 high performance graphics card off ebay.

are they any good for the grot sites? What else do you use it for?


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Cheeky night away last night at a Cotswolds spa hotel.

Good food and she had great company.

dutchy101 wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions folks. The Gin bar is amazing.

Went here for dinner last night which was immense.


Just checked where thr wife had booked dinner for tonight and it's Claytons Benson. Lol

we went for brunch. it'll be fine for dinner. Hopefully

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

So this is an RIP thread for an older, uglier, British version of Kim Kardashian?

New low for smalls and the bedrock forum imo.

Are you high?

TPT over KK any day of the week.


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latest analysis shows very strong correlation between high academic achievement and voting remain.

Odo wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Going next weekend. Anyone got any good restaurant / bar recommendations?

Had dinner here. Thought the food was very good. There's a cocktail place a few minutes away from here which was okay.


went here recently. Good shout. I think it was on odo's suggestion in a previous thread.

Had a pizza in joya which was awesome for a laid back pizza, The mrs loved the goats cheese bruschetta.

personally I would probably avoid the spa. Been a couple of times now but not that great.

Stayed at the gainsborough which was top hole.

Claytons kitchen was shit.


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303 abuser wrote:

where is his team of legal advisors during all this?  they had to see a constitutional challenge coming when you start denying green card holder access back into the country, no?

i'm wondering if this is part of a plan to deal with a month of chaos to let trump hang himself and then impeach him.  i'm not sure pence is any better, but i'm sure the republicans think he is.

hasn't he sacked the acting attorney general?

He's removing the checks and balances

dutchy101 wrote:

Don't fucking drag me into this, Benson.

we both redeemed ourselves in November if I hazily remember

Felch Aid wrote:

What exactly did Benson (?) do last year?

stayed until the bitter end mate. As i did in November.

In fact I'm even in the video that Ian took that went viral with S&D back together for the first time, only the back of my head but me for sure

It was dutchy that screwed up at easter

The big man came on here to give me a bit of grief, but only friendly joshing smile

I'm not allowed to wear watch in case I lose it at work.

But all this talk of fabulous watches, and they do come across as really quite fabulous, has made me pack my job in  just so I can rock a bling watch with a strap slightly too big for me that keeps falling down my wrist so I have to conspicuously rearrange it every 3 minutes.

High fucking rolling.

320d touring.

Efficiency dynamics

60mpg from that bad boy.


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Sounds like the right outcome.

The being honest and upfront bit is what did it for him.

Grant wrote:

By far and away the worst experience of going to see it, were the trailers. Fuck me, what an utter load of fucking tripe we've got coming to our screens next year. Hannu, Yant, Matt and Strudders will need extra tissues.

I concur. Marvel bollocks and fast and furious 8 looks utterly desperate.

Don't forget power rangers.


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Nice bike ride tomorrow.

Evening in the local.

Reboot for 2017 exercise / booze / work life balance wise.

Odo wrote:

Raphael in bath was very nice.

Went there last weekend. Good shout.

labour want to have laws for algorithms over here.

https://www.theguardian.com/business/20 … tech-firms

That'll work