Hula hoops are on offer at work at the moment. 3 packs for £1

Fucking result.

They are more filling than your average snack

Where's presto.

He's the top guy when it comes to crisps

smallman1 wrote:

Used to love smashing back the monster munch as a yoof.

still love them now. With a pepperami. winning snack combo


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Except the guy wasn't standing in front of an ak47 was he?

Other than that. Spot on. And a robust deconstruction of the 'truth' the media are trying force down your throat


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and a round to the chest that disrupts the main vessels could easily lead to a chest full of blood that you can;t see, becuase as pointed out, it is 'internal' bleeding


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Ncable wrote:
benson wrote:

I've seen people die from bleeding and not been able to find the blood unless you look very very hard.

Like internal bleeding, which you can't see because it's internal. Naturally.

that as well. I see a lot more of that becuase I work here and not in the states but still plenty of people where we have been told there isnt much blood loss, and they have lost 4-5 litres.

It can alos go the other way, it can look like they have lost a lot of blood, with it smeared everywhere but they haven;t actually lost a lot.

Good point about the non head shot, that could go anywhere.

A round to the body where there is nothing behind the body will leave a big exit wound, but not if the exit is blocked by pavement.

A human bone can deflect a bullet backwards sideways, any way really, so i'm pretty sure a paving stone can do the same.

I cannot believe peolpe fall for this kind of team truth nonsense.

I could entertain a false flag theory, but a staged 'killing' seriously?


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how many people here have actually seen a head that has been shot or that has brain hanging out of it?

I've not seen exit wounds for head gun shot wounds or noticed legs that were nearly hanging off people when I have been stood over them, let alone from some grainy footage on the internet.

Bullets can ricochet in all kinds of weird and wonderful directions though a body. It means nothing that you didn't get a south park style death to watch on TV

I've seen people die from bleeding and not been able to find the blood unless you look very very hard.


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2 pints since boxing day.

Getting the miles in on the bike and feeling pretty good for it tbh


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The vending machine at work has cherry 7 up. Frequently keeps me going strong until 5-6 am.


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Presto wrote:

Brought a tear to my eye, this did.

I ripped all my CDs to hard disc many moons ago.

Oh yes, Debut. Excellent album. But I am in love with Bjork, so...

Last night I reached the final stages of unpacking myboxes after moving back into my flat. Imoved back in 4 moths ago.

Ripping all the cds is definitely on my resolution list. The issue is finding a good program to rip and playback mix cds so there is no skip between tracks.

Doubtless this is a 20 pager

MattBlack wrote:

No doubt the place will be packed with Leeds Utd footballers and wannabe footballers Wags dressed like Towie rejects and looking more like an Oompa Loompa convention

"Farkin ave it you caaants"

Need more treacle like that round the prog scene if you ask me.


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Last I checked he was on a boat.

That was about 3:30 am

shaunstrudwick wrote:
joeyp wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

Simon R & Andy Newland were there

think the night was the best part of 6hrs in total - and we've got the middle 4hr section across the 3 disks

i believe

Where was the London one recorded from?

Fire or XOYO iirc

It was fire. October 2012. I turned up in a suit. brought several rounds of red stripe ansd then left. I had been at a wedding all day and was pickled in tequila.


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life imitating art

I'll be working nights 21/22 December. No doubt seeing some Xmas party stuff gone wrong or some horrific drink drive accidents. Stay safe kids.

Then Brighton for Xmas and maybe up north on the 27th to see the different sides of the family.

millsy23 wrote:

No. Although I did purchase a rather fetching pullover from NEXT this morning.

NEXT. For when no one else is open yet.

I think you will find that particular award goes to TM Lewin in the stations. Perfect for when you need a jumper to cover the ketchup stains from your bacon baps

just got the old membership card out.

i havent aged a day

the first time i went to heaven this absolutely trashed peruvian girl tried to get on the bus back to oxford with us.

Great times. I knew it was for life back then


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the ubercoolische stories were a right old hoot.

never been a massive fan of the guy tbh


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Almost anything on CD 2 of the lovegrrove dance party series but this in particular
Allium    M.O.T. Venture (Hold Your Pillow)   
2-02    –Yum Yum    Feel Me Now   
2-03    –Man With No Name    Lunar Cycle   
2-04    –U4EA (2)    Sonar Eclipse   
2-05    –DJ Misjah & DJ Tim    Access   
2-06    –Dead Calm (2)    Dancing Dolphin   
2-07    –Shimmon & Woolfson    Stomp "Stack The Galli" (Tony De Vit Mix)
Remix – Tony De Vit
2-08    –Fahrenheit    The Awakening   
2-09    –Power Source    Goaway   
2-10    –Astral Projection Featuring DJ Jörg    Mahadeva
Featuring – DJ Jörg
2-11    –K90    Genesis   
2-12    –L.S.G.    Hidden Sun Of Venus (Oliver Lieb Remix)
Remix – Oliver Lieb
2-13    –Solar Quest    Revelation   
2-14    –Robert Miles    Children


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stone cold classic

makes me want to book a skiing holiday to colorado. Beaver creek or something like that.


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Cafe del Marx.


I'm contemplating a mid April oz side trip. Was going to do Darwin and Sydney.

smallman1 wrote:

When you're at the vanguard of the cultural zeitgeist, The Grauniad is the go to journal t'is true.

the only paper based journalism i get is private eye.

The rest is online.

dutchy101 wrote:


So many good songs!!!!!!

A real favourite of mine