smallman1 wrote:

Malcolm Tucker.

or dr cox.

Or JD as he gets to run though sarah chalke.

It;s a close call.


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smallman1 wrote:

12 hours sleep and a 13k run.

Sorts any come down out.

Not for everyone I know.

I salute you for that. My problem is sleep. I just can't sleep for that long. Doesn't matter if it's working a night shift or staying out, it takes me days to make up the sleep.

I reckon it's working night shifts that's messed that up for he.

I remember after a friday bedrock in Brighton many many many years ago staying at my dads, going out the next day to the local criminals boozer, necking 10 pints of beater, and then coming back to see my dad just starting out wtching a film.

So i sat down to w`tch it. It was that fucking snuff movie with nicholas cage (8mm I think).

Absolutely fucking abysmal choice of day after movie.

The day up till then had been quite good. 10 pints in the boozer is the discerning choice for the day after.

sonic wrote:

Well jealous of those who went - thinking my last Bedrock was Rabbit in the Moon at Heaven. Ahem, a few years ago although admittedly I'm not local!

15 years ago to be precise.

My first,

Back then I didn;t have a care in the world.

dutchy101 wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

There's absolutely no way I'm working the day after the rock nowadays. Fair play to the soldiers who are today, but I would be crawling under my desk in the first hour making animal noises and demanding someone fetch me some sort of cuddly toy.

^^^This. If I am out past 12 any more I really struggle to get into work the next day now. Friday off - long weekend = nice afterparty session.

Never anything other than that.

Saw somebody getting chuekd out of the queue becuase they were with a girl who was pretty drunk. He looked like a fairly major fan. Felt sorry for him

Grant wrote:
Ncable wrote:

Remember the once-a-month shindigs at Heaven? Never seemed to come around quick enough. I often wonder how many chaps from here I'd stood next to at the bar or in the bogs, or whooping it up with on the dancefloor.

Great times.

I concur.

Sent from XOYO smile


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I reckon about 270 based on what I've done.

But I did a CPET test the other day at work and came out at 253

Pretty piss poor.

VO2 Max of 45 ml/kg/min

Anaerobic threshold of 35 ml/kg/min

Again piss poor

But I'm committed to properly cycling now

never complained to a a mod ever.

I may be a lightweight twat when it comes to staying out, but grow a pair ffs.


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the only thing I do t leave early is work.

fletcher wrote:


It was the 3am finish that put me off going tbf.

If it carries on until 4am or later then i'll be a bit peeved - could have strung it out with a trip to a fried chicken shack before getting the first train home.

It's a nightmare. Can you get the oxford rd tube? Although that is soul destroying


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loopdokter wrote:
Big Fellaa wrote:

Big Ronnie lol

I love how his missus is just sat there, completely complacent the whole time. Good ole Ronnie's probably slapped her about enough times for her to know better than to interfere.

When you say "slapped her about" do you say in a Canadian accent? I reckon it loses some of its affect.

Not sure what you are on about loops. I'm pretty certain I'm still in with a shot at the top 20

smallman1 wrote:

If The George wasn't 500 odd years old it would be a horrendous boozer.

it's much better inside in the winter when there are fewer people. Can be a bit rubbish when it's packed out in the summer.

the george is a good pub. Used to spend a lot of time in there when I was a student at Guys

John didn't play until 5. 1-4 will not have covered him

don't forget the original cream anthems cd.

still gets played.

love groove dance party . The first 4 cds are the bomb.


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smallman1 wrote:

ETC's out there for the closing party H.

Which is next week!

The day after I'll be kitchin sinking it at XOYO begging forgiveness from John


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I wish this thread could just do a benson!!

Wishing Glen a fantastic holiday of course

I'd definitely be leaving by 4am


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no further action from the police

Gotta hand it to the guy!


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smallman1 wrote:

I'm on the pinot noir.

Which is nice.



Gotcha son.


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whos tuffer out of mano and karl 'tuff enuff' brown?

these are important questions


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It was the man himself.

First time in 15 years I've scored a guest list. Ill be 50 before I get another chance.


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Looking forward to banking a 5 pager out of this, with input from the main man.

Prog credentials taking a battering but surely an improvement in board rankings?