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Rave Lizard wrote:
spinnerlg wrote:
Rave Lizard wrote:

I was told that too. But Digweed came on at 2.30 and finished at 6.00. The warm up DJ's came on again at 6, I don't know what time it finished as, we went to an afterparty, that Andy Newland was supposed to play.

I believe Andy had a bit of a 'passport misplacement' moment on the flight over.

Yeah. He left it on the plane and by the time he realised, the plane was flying back to Blighty.

Getting knocked back by an eastern european should be par for the course for any good night out. For most of us it is a doris, for Andy it was the whole country. Fair play to him

Hop_Head wrote:

Did we confirm that Gwill Morris was a doctor now?  Benson?

I've checked my Filofax and he's not in it.

EDIT: Well I'll be damned, he's just popped up on facebook with a single mutual friend, and a slightly unlikely one at that, and I can confirm that he appears to be interested in medical stuff so is likely to be a doctor.

I must get myself a new filofax.


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Grant wrote:

Whilst I'm here, I'd like to point out that I increased my FTP to 401W last week.

I'm way behind. Struggling to pop 300 but I've lost 6 kilos in the last year without much effort other than cycling. w/kg still going in the right dircetion!

I've pushed back Sunday commitments to make room for this event.

Looking forward to giving John full support

2007 is all about D Howells

Absolutely smashes it clean out of the ballpark


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chuffer wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

...always been a no-no for me, navy blue yes, black were always the trainers you could just about get away with at school

Don't mind the black gazelles but prefer the navy too.

all time fave adidas trainers are these from when I was about 16 - mad fer it!!:


the shoes I am currently wearing

This is genuinely beyond parody.

As for SP. Is it weird that I'd be up for her and Katie Hopkins as a double team?

Thank God. There was nothing.

Usually I go first week in Jan but it's was a disaster this year.

Heading off to Morzine week on Sunday. Never been there before. Whats the low down? Aprt from me being a posh twat. Obviusly

I had the misfortune of having to go into an apple store to get my phone fixed the other day. They take pretence and condescension to new levels. Apparently it was my fault for not reading the terms and coditions that I had to check in with a 'specialist' before i should have presented myself at the genius bar where I waited 15 minutes some form of eye contact from the shifty fuckers. it turns out that there is only one specialist, easily identifiable by wearing exactly the fucking same clothes as every other twat in there, who had a massive queue of people. Weird that I swerved the queue for the unknown thing and went straight to the place where I had an appointment.

I then proceeded to watch one of their staff fail miserably to be able to count over a grand in used notes that some shifty looking geezer was using to buy a shiny new mac. 3 fucking times they had to count and kept losing count at £200. they;d be fuck all use at an afterparty!

After being told it was my fault, again, for not properly reading the email they had sent me when I booked the appointment, I decided to read every single fucking word of the terms and conditions of repair. And offer up some banal and inane questions. Then I remembered the human centiPad and gave them another quick read. Then they asked me for my passcode, presumably so they could read all my emails. The twats.

I fucking hate apple

But they make some great equipment

Skydney wrote:

Very much looking forward to the seeing John play this weekend. I have also been booked to play at After party that he is headlining so rather stoked about that too. Roll on Saturday.

Prog belters and a couple of "never you mind" remixes?

Big_Fella wrote:

Eh, i can get lost in a housing estate as well as the next man?

Presto did it with panache and style. I doubt you could do it better.

Big_Fella wrote:

Not so sure i could get excited about an afters settee packed with Presto, Benson & Wally.

Horrendous Bants.

Like it or not mate I earned my spurs back in the day.

Seen some great times rocking out ledge bants.

The great era of Brighton bedrock afters. The infamous presto lost in the kidbrooke "nil by mouth" ferrier estate. The fantastic hospitality of one of our antipodean members. geniube tear in my eye

I've booked a hotel. So I am now in.


poirot wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

...Digweed there next week too. Chance of guestlist surely, Dermo?

He has been known to offer, yes. Doubtful ill oblige. Hard to get etc. He turned my lure of carrot cake down last time.

Mate, your chances of guestlist have to be worse than mine


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smallman1 wrote:

All booked for a double nawty 4 day stint there in June.

I can't wait!

Where are you staying?

I hear pacha is amazing.

smallman1 wrote:

Being Stanford and Cambridge graduates respectively they tend to go for men with ambition, intellect and refinement.

That rules everyone out on this board.

Not me mate.

dutchy101 wrote:

Why bother with a hotel, Benson?  Surely you'll still catch the last train when you leave?

It'll surprise no-one to know I got an early bird ticket.

MattBlack wrote:
benson wrote:
fletcher wrote:

Probably the usual story that there are only 6 pre-sale tickets.

Awaiting "PRE-SALE SOLD OUT IN RECORD TIME" gumf e-mail.

to be fair it's only £4 difference. I just need to find a hotel now. Or uber back to Oxford.

Theres a Hampton by Hilton near Waterloo, thats only about 15 mins walk away

I'm benson, not kiz, I'm capable of finding a hotel. Thanks though. Uber home is cheaper though. It;s the new deluxe verison of clubbing.

fletcher wrote:
ryangibson wrote:

Ticket sorted - £11.22. Bargain!

I ordered mine through the MOS website.

http://www.ministryofsound.com/events/c … LDXm4XK.97

edit: pre-sale sold out. Well that was quick!

Probably the usual story that there are only 6 pre-sale tickets.

Awaiting "PRE-SALE SOLD OUT IN RECORD TIME" gumf e-mail.

to be fair it's only £4 difference. I just need to find a hotel now. Or uber back to Oxford.

seanc80 wrote:

Is Finland any craic at all Hannu?

I once took a patient back there. I was there for about 2 hours.  The nurses were all ridiculously hot. It is my omny experience but certainly made me think that there could be some benefit to the perpetual cold and dark.

smallman1 wrote:

Afters confirmed.

Looking forward to it chief.

Edit: Ticket in the bag. Just need to turn up now.

Wally wrote:
benson wrote:

I could tell you stories about wally at afters!

A well behaved bon vivant with many a witty anecdote to regale the audience?


No doubt you'd say the same.

Looking at hotel options to stay in London for this. Sweet

smallman1 wrote:

More than welcome to the afters Wally.

Just up the road in Clapham North too.

I could tell you stories about wally at afters!

MOS will be mint. It's a fantastic main room

If Kiz needs any tips on how to get to see Uncle John I'm always happy to provide a step by step guide of how to fuck it up