Giving Cd3 a good listen this morning. Couple of quite old school echoes with suden piercing vocals. Properly rolling basslines.

The kind of music that really makes me want to go clubbing and completely lose myself.


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poirot wrote:

Its only normal coffee too Millsy. None of this fancy soy latte that you drink.

Unlikely to just be normal coffee. Australians are insufferably pretentious pricks when it comes to coffee.

When I questioned one barista as to why it was taking 20 mins to make my coffee I was told not to disturb him while he was 'in the zone'

This mix is the business

It has echoes of that 2000 era proper prog

At times I felt like I was coming round out of some kind of trance and mesmerised. Really brought out memories of the good old days. Volkwein is a real standout for me.

I'm a wee bit jealous of Stevo, Andy, neil all being there.

I have mixed feelings about this

dutchy101 wrote:

I was there for the launch night of Ibiza. Was Immense. Sasha followed a 5 hour Tenaglia set and smashed it by all accounts.

One of those nights where you had to rely on the accounts of others?

Ncable wrote:

Cordoba is really good.

This is OMG

cordoba cd 1 is absolutely sublime. I will be getting south beach on the download tomorrow.

what are the chances this is staged.?

extremely poor form to be bringing out bags of boutros round children.


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dutchy101 wrote:

An all time favourite. Can't pick between that and the Nalin & Kane mix. Both equally immense.

GU007 melt with the Balkan and Kane remix all the way.

It's not on my list of films that i want to see.

I like the TV series for the first 2 seasons when i watched them a few years ago. I went back to it recently and realised that Ari is the only likeable character and the rest are just plain boring.

The real athletes are down the pub once they've smashed their pb. Not poncing around to somebody who says he used to work in a record shop playing bsthf.

I watched the inbetweeners 2 last night and thinkng about it, the intro with jay and his DJing career in Australia does sound a bit like dermot.

Those of you who know me on facebook will know that my record with anything DIY is frankly appalling (the bathroom still isn;t finished) so I will no give any advice on that matter


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twilo fire alarm kiss shows is a top 5 diggers set of mine

Never went. Wish I had.


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This is turning into an embarrassment. Next thing dermo will be saying he worked at Eastern Bloc.

This thread wins the bedrock yoga award for the most up it;s own arse prog thread of the year


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Fair play to Boris for giving it the beans though, and his more considered reply this morning of saying he was just getting the ball back over the net.

Ncable wrote:

And Rhouses, you're still spouting a load of old twigs my son. Adele's last album has sold 30 million copies, second only to Sgt Peppers in the UK list. Not because it's soulless, derivative shite, but because it's a genuine record full of very well crafted songs, sung beautifully. It's not my bag, and I wouldn't ever buy one, but she will still be selling records in 20 years and be getting rave reviews whether you like or not.

As for Gaga, she is a cultural phenomenon in the same vein as Madonna was over 30 years ago and will have a similarly lengthy career, through clever musical direction and stylistic reinvention that continues to feed her massive and rabid fanbase. Her music is far more sophisticated than Bieber and Rihanna, which is why I see those two moving into films and television sooner rather than later, as their scope for development in the music industry is more limited.

I have to say I find myself completely agreeing with this.

Cheers mate. Love encona chilli sauces.

smallman1 wrote:

The best thing about a BBQ is the gargantuan line of chisel post food.

I've heard it an be difficult to wait until after the food, and the descent into debauchary can be swift and unforgiving.

Esepcially if you are then forced to try and pretend you haven't got involved,and are try to eat burned and dry chickin wing (wangs)

poirot wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:
poirot wrote:

Lamb rosettes and Stilton burgers are a big fav. As is Moroccan spiced chicken.

Got an amazing Moraccan spiced harissa paste from Tesco for the chicken wings on Saturday. Lovely stuff.

Yeh thats the stuff. Harrisa. Savage hot some of it.

Not heard of this stuff before. I'll be checking it out tonight. Do they have it in waitrose?

Smalls, did you BBQ any roo meat in Melborne?

Bit gamey for my liking.

Agree about the marinade.

Not normally a fish man, but the barramundi up north in Oz, done with a lemon / chill crust over a ridiculously hot grill were amazing.

We had a nice weber kettle thng on the balcony in Darwin. BBQ every night

Totally agree on the gas. Definitely minus man points for that.

Sadly I do nat have a garden so no BBQ for me.

But I do have a top notch kebab joint round the corner and they do a mean shish


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what happened to the maven?

I remember being very underwhelmed by that whole era.


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I listened to arkham asylum the other day. That still sounds wonderful. ADD does not. The whole sound was a bit of a wrong turn int he musical direction imo.


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smallman1 wrote:

I hoping for gargantuan things and it didn't deliver on my expectations.

Basically Sasha all over


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Beijing Dave wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Yeh, I think that was the joke Matt.


Was Airdrawndagger any good really? Apart from Fundamental, Boileroom and Bloodlock which were bangers.

It wasn;t a great album as far as I recall. And Wavy Gravy wasn't the best end to the night in bedrock

Twisted audio.

Always been the best imo.