Been offered a cheeky option to come to this. But it would be straight from work and I would be on the wagon.

there's probably quite a lot of interesting medicine over there. But seeing as i like y head attached to my body I won't be taking my atheist, alcohol loving self over there


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smallman1 wrote:

I shall be heading up to Sydney in April sometime to see Steve Marx, I shall PM you for a beer chief, on me, natch.

The 2 afters heavy weights!


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jesus wept that stewart lee thing is unfunny. Is he alway that boring? It's like jack dee but with less charisma


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Bedrock at the beach is missing.

Some very good times in there

The more muscular amongst us have done the double thurs/fri on the bounce


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Bedrock 4th birthday. And the 3rd for the kiss set that was mentioned in the other thread. And the one from love parade in leeds.

That's not too demanding imo


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And there has to be a photo of you on clubdisso

Ajos was undoubtedly the final arbiter of the credentials


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1 - every time from October 2000 for at least 4 years.

2 - Digweed and Zabelia July 2004 - my only ibiza trip. No sarsha.

3 - Can't say I've done that.

Do I just retire from here now?

This actually goes back to child maintenance (for the child they had) she was trying to claim in 1995 then stopped because she said she was scared of him etc etc etc

Which is why it's dragged on so long.

Rather shockingly the headlines have made it a bit more simple than it actually is. Whatever next

From a blog this morning:

Isn't it fabulous! Vanguard. No one understands it. It takes ages to explain; new models, multispecialty, integrated, enhanced, bridges, informed. Not even Tarzan can do it. There is no central theme or plan or plot or proposal. It is just people doing fabulous stuff that they know will work for them... and you know how I like Fabulous Stuff. This is the work of anarcho-syndicalists.  It doesn't get any better

We should be circling back to paradigm shifts


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The post special was a great show. I wish they'd been a bit more honest about the support cars. Like they do at the end of those nature documentaries but it was still great

The show can be a bit samey but still good for a chuckle

Great after a night shift on Dave.

The quality chop house in Exmouth market is good. If you like diced Ox heart and snooty shit like that

Just watched that Ross Kemp extreme world on tUK shitholes.

I'm a little more grateful for my meagre existence now.

it was the second birthday wasn't it?

My first bedrock smile

I missed the RITM thing as I was a bis discombibulated in another room. Whoops

I was also present.

I remember very little. As was customary from back then.

smallman1 wrote:

That's Clapham Junction you idiot.

Those of a more refined persuasion live near the common, which is absolutely stunning.

cycled past it most days for 9 months. looked like a shithole to me.

When my sister lived there it was lots of boys in turned up polo shirts going to 'ferns', mainly spending money on daddy's credit card.

As superficial and soulless as every other shithole mentioned on this thread.

Sorry ed, you are wide of the mark on this one

Nick Sneddon wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

In fact, Docklands does have an All Bar One.

I live round the corner from it, if you mean the one in Canary Wharf. During the week its pretty busy, the bars along the river are absolutely rammed ( full of bankers, mind ) in the summer – when the shopping centre closes down at the weekends the place is like a ghost town which suits me fine. If I want to go out I can be in central London within 20 minutes on the DLR. I agree the place is very concrete though, but if I want to get in the sun I just pop down to Greenwich Park again using the DLR

and you can pretend you are driving the train. Double fucking win imo

Nowhere is shit when you are the train driver

I moved from the genteel surroundings of a 15th century central oxford college, to continue my studies in the big smoke.

I lived near the walworth road. Before it got gentrified.

Then I lived in some old crims road in St Johns, the place just before Lewisham where the trains never stop. They were nice enough but you didn't really want to cross them

Then I lived in Dagenham. Bought my first flat just off the rush green road. The first night at work in Romford there was some brutal stabbing, which my ex happened across the foresics tent for on her way back to the pad. Then, a few months later, someone tipped their car and died during a police chase. Again just outside the flat. It was pretty grim.

Now I'm back here in Oxfordshire. I think I'll stay here now thanks.

Although, and I'm sure fletcher will appreciate this given his reference to the goldfish story, I do live pretty close (within 100m)  to one of the most arrested men in Abingdon who regularly features in the local rag scales of justice.

sadly not that occassion, because I didn't go for the first time until Oct 2000.

It was circa 2001, I was in a bit of a state and the lights were so very very purple.

I was mesmerised. It could have been anything to be honest. GU014 was on serious rotation for me so anything that sounded vaguely familar may have triggered some form of memory

My only regret is not hitting it harder when I was younger and the stamina

Turning up as a broke student in 2002, not planning to go. Blagged free entry, got into my usual stride, met my ex who i stayed with for 5 years.

The night sander finished. I think that was when I first heard rumblefish.

Stand out tracks for me:

iio - rapture (creamer and k) cheesy as fuck but was proper good prog
bedrock remix of new order - crystal
one that raggy put up on facebook today - narcotic thrust
I am sure I heard lexicon avenue - here I am once, but i wasn't in full focus at the time, but it is a favourite of mine, so i am going pretend that I did here it

As for a track I could happily live without hearing again - wavy bloody gravy

And that birthday kiss show is absolutely boss

I went to nearly all of them at Heaven for 4 years (2000-2004). Loved it. And a fair few in Brighton. Made a lot of friends over the years.


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i think ajos' photos are still around somewhere as well.


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The last time i lost my shit to music was in a bar called under the hill in Natchez, Mississippi. Some old bloke who looked like Yosemite Sam did a rendition of house of the rising sun and the whole place was on their feet, singing along etc.

People not giving a shit and enjoying themselves.

We need more of that in the clubs imo

The heaven days of 2000-2004 were top notch if my fading memory serves me correctly. But i was much younger back then

loving the fact that the adverts on the youtube clip are related to religion specific dating sites