I'll be there in 3 weeks. Looking forward to it

I'm just trying to ensure that you don't all grow up innumerate.

Talking of ledge bantz, someone at work mentioned they were kitchen sinking it today. It was a great day to be fair.

you could definitely say that, in which case you would say it has been lengthened by 4000%, although if it had been lengthened by 4000% then it would be 41 times its original length.

If it is 40 times it's original length it duration would have been increase by 3900%, or it has been lengthen to 4000% of it's original length.

you can;t slow something down by 4000%. If it's 1/40th of it's original speed (presumably what they mean. it's been slowed down by 97.5%, to 2.5% of it;s original speed.

I fucking loathe the co-op as their business model seems to rely on fuckwit lorry drivers nearly running me over, repeatedly

But I'll make an exception for a good muffin

Reminded of another highlight during my beautiful drive to work this morning:

Fleet wood Mac at the O2.

Unbelievably good.

monostereo wrote:

Around the 5 mark is my average innings. I think you need to be prepared to hop around a bit if you want to truly progress, at least in my line of work (successful children's entertainer).

They might release you from contract halfway through for good behaviour.

Pretty standard release clause for most children's entertainers nowadays

Getting a job as a consultant after 17 years of training

Qualifying for a world championship of sorts.

180 km bike ride in Mallorca.

Failing the etape was a low point. Many lessons learned

all those hipster tats and sleeves are going to look amazing in 10 years time

I'm tempted by this. I've never been to South America

I think Neil r-j is going

I went once.

Never again.

Absolutely dreadful experience.


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Mostly long term. Can see it short term and with steroids as well

This is relevant as I have just been to a chilli festival in Abingdon. Properly scorchio sauces.


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poirot wrote:

oh and for what its worth drinking on diclofenac will only give you really bad acid reflux if its short term over your holiday. Ive drunk for weeks about on it without problems. Its only when you live on it that it starts to burn holes in your stomach! It not like a severe reaction or anything.

Cover yourself with some ranitidine(cheap as chips) or esomeprazole (expensive). Both available over the counter. Both stop acid production.

Seen a fair few duodenal perforations due to diclofenac or other NSAIDs.

love that grindy, full spectrum, layered, bedrock sound.

top drawer stuff.

I can tell you with 100% assurance that I was fully immersed in it. I was almost drowning in it. That's why i can;t remember it.

You guys are all being very lovey dovey and melodic about this.

GU014 was a good sound for me. especially "Here I am".

Those 2000-2003 bedrock nights to me involved some lush warm up, but could have some periods of relentless power prog. Mind you, I used to think that I was pretty with it most of those nights but to be honest i'm struggling to remember many actual moments. I'm left with just a recollectin of good times had. How the hell you remember all these bits of music from nights out is beyond me.


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Ncable wrote:

Essential Prog Factoid of the Day.

The first time I heard one of my tracks played out was at Malibu Stacey, courtesy of one Luke Neville.

In other news, I went to Peach once and it was horrendous. Rammed to the gills with knee high white boots and fluffy bras. Every other person was an absolute wreckage - don't think I've ever seen so many pillheads in one place. Total gurnathon and the music was fresh roulade all night long. So many podiums strewn about you'd think it doubled as a parkour training centre during the week. Awful, just awful.

Sounds perfect for some after hours action. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!


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Early night tonight after a busy week at work.

Few beers in oxford with an old uni mate tomorrow.

Try to squeeze in 150km on the bike.

Help my mate build a shed on Sunday

Keeping it simple

The fact that fabric 13 isn't on the list says it all.

poirot wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
poirot wrote:

10 years man and boy. I even got a proper payout and also a discretionary payment for service. 95k in total.

Which was nice.


Quids and back then it was 255k  AUD

you were starting go up in my estimation. Now i'm pissed off at you again for being a jammy bastard

smallman1 wrote:

Dermo bought his summer house in Darwin with his redundancy pay out.

Fair play.

95k in Darwin buys you fuck all.

The flat I lived in was 850k

Never had a payout or shares.

Been with the NHS 11 years now

Start as a consultant tomorrow so that's me sorted for the next 25 years

Presto wrote:

I walked through Kidbrooke battered out of me tree, many years ago. I got lost. I think I called Benson, during this period of uncertainty. But nothing happened to me, so I guess it wasn't all that bad.

I'm not going to lie presto. We were all a bit worried about you that night. Trying to direct you by phone to the train station and we could hear you were very cl;early describing the kidbrooke ferrier which you were walking onto. That's was, i think after a bedrock at fabric and the afters had, as usual, been spectacular.

I was in trouble when I got home that night.


Went there for work last year for an afternoon

It was where hope and aspiration went after they made a suicide pact

Bloody awful placr

I'm surprised arthur daly made it to 90 to be honest.

http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/conten … 45832.html