Been posting here since about 2001. Remember the old board.

Met some great people over the years. Many of them now good friends.

I'll have to follow grant on strava for cycle drivel now. I'll keep my eyes peeled for smalls in the guardian.

But it is time

I've got a 14 hour day at work tomorrow so I will not be attending. Which makes me sad as it is the first time in a long time I have not made it out for a birthday.

I shall be wincing at the thought of the horror show that'll be tomorrow mornings kitchen sink.

Have a good one lads.


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this is actually the topic of conversation at work at this very moment.

One of the lads is recommending this stuff: … lsrc=aw.ds

230 sheets a bottle. May as well get 2 at that price

fletcher wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

£5 a pint and you'll pay £5 for a bottle of beer in XOYO.

Outside of London it's £1.65 for both.

Crumbs, where do you drink that's £1.65 a pint?
I know Oxfordshire ain't a cheap county, but its pushing £4.50 a pint in the trendier establishments around these parts.

Spoons in Abingdon still cheap. And with good reason.


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so lil peep is different to lil pump?

Those videos are so shit I thought they were parodies. But it's actually serious. I weep for the future

Stay strong millsy. Always best to be completely honest in those situations.

I've just flown back from Africa. I was over there for a week for various reasons. I feel my week there was a great success.

I'm not gonna lie, Rwanda is a beautiful country from the air. It's like all that boring ox-bow lake stuff but in real life and with lush green flood plains. Really beautiful.

Just missed out on doing the Kampala marathon reckon that would have been right up Ed's street.

What a load of old shite. That list reads like a PR persons wet dream. But it's all total bollocks.

I have to say I am ambivalent about the Jugged Hare. My mate lives in the barbican and every time I have been there I have found it overcrowded and lacking whatever it is people say it is supposed to have.


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Grant wrote:

How much do you weigh?

key question.

I fell off a couple fo weeks ago. Still smarting. Plus 15 hours days at work. Back on it soon


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dutchy101 wrote:

Haha. I got my wedding suit out again recently and the trousers  look absolutely horrific. Thought it looked great at the time as well. Had it made from A Suit That Fits.

Last suit I bought was from ASOS. It's a Selected Homme suit and fits perfectly. 3 piece for less than £160. Ordered each piece in 3 sizes and sent the bits that didn't fit back.

Dutchy shopping like a girl.


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Another etape in the alps.....Not too sure at the moment.

May aim for the maratona

Signed up for the Mallorca 312 which is the big ride for me next year.

got asked to do one next week, and it has to be off a laptop.

Bit of a disaster as I haven't actually used traktor for years and I need some inspiration. 90s/early 00s nostalgia is the order of the night.

some good solid remixes from then would be useful. Save me from hours of beatport hell.

I've looked through the old thread on the matter and that industrial techno thing that Zack put up is going to be the starter for 10.


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this was on the tracklist:

I have to say that a 'radio edit' of those vocals is a touch optimistic

It's also quite a derivative and boring track


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looks a bit like matter. Only without the £100 cab ride home.

Also seems to be a bit sausage heavy

sadly not working the Friday is not an option for me. So I am out.

No doubt it'll be a good knees up though

Anything tucker related


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chromosome_junction wrote:

Ok, maybe they were up until they shot all those people, but the point is that if you are planning on committing mass-homicide you are unlikely to be dissuaded from doing so by the laws on gun ownership, right?

What you guys are really talking about is reducing the number and availability of guns to make it less convenient for these people to lay their hands on a cache of guns. That’s a whole different challenge imo, and arguably not something that can be achieved just by making it illegal for responsible people to own them, but I agree it could have made a difference in these specific cases.

So all those right wingers who say that making it illegal wont affect the availability, and accept that the product causes harm, presumably will be happy if all drugs were legal. After all the argument for them being illegal is the harm they cause, and you are saying that making stuff illegal doesn't affect supply, so it's pointless.

This point was made by john Oliver on an old clip doing the rounds on FB. The poor gun bloke looks utterly confused and realises he has been had.


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This thread is like a less funny version of Jim Jeffries.

Everything that's being said was said by him years ago. And he was a lot funnier than you lot.


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smallman1 wrote:

What hotel are you staying at Bens?

1 hotel. 12 nights.


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I really did mean tickets.

Where do I get the inside info.

It's actually a mostly relaxing 5* holiday. Not looking to get shot or robbed.


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Looks like my trip there next year coincides with WMC. What's the score with tickets etc.

Got a lovely hotel so should be well rested for any partying.


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I work every Friday now.

So I will not be in attendance.

Desperately sad times


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Basically I will only fly business on long haul now. Even then it's BA so hardly a world class offering.

Premium economy is a massive scam.

Easyjet fine for going to Mallorca, but BA are actually cheaper a lot of the time and LHR is closer. They also fly at civilised times, rather than the 6am scrum amongst the half cut at luton airport.

Apart from skiing, I'll put with the charter flights on the way to Val

edit: I forgot I am going to Uganda in November, for that I am flying qatar and at the back of the plane. I'm less keen on that and looking for a cheeky upgrade

smallman1 wrote:

Just had a look at Mission Burrito.

The 'Carnitas' one sounds ace!

It's amazing food. The best burritos I have eaten. And the habanero sauce is proper amazing spicy taste and outrageously hot. Not to be eaten unless you can be assured of immediate toilet access for the next 24 hours

really? I used to go in there a fair amount when I worked in Traf square and found it to be mediocre at best. Not a patch on mission burrito which we have here in Oxford.