anything called capita in this country is usually a complete fucking joke

small chance i could be heading to one of those swedish hell holes in the next 3 weeks. I'll hit you up if i do

So ed is the beautician and loops is the guy that got mugged who then kept all the money?

Used up all my energy back then.

Used to be a pace setter.

How times have chdngef

doff of the cap to the departed:
mate green

staples of the old board


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roberto wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

Serious question about all this news with asthma and TUEs.

If I remember rightly from school, anyone who had asthma was severely hampered when it came any kind of aerobic sport due to the impact on the lungs.

With that in mind, how is it many of our top athletes and cyclists are asthma sufferers? I know it can be treated and that is an area of debate, but I would have put money on anyone with asthma not being at the pinnacle of many sports.

Can't remember the details, but you do appear to get a type of hyper performance induced type of asthma. Kind of stands to reason when you are operating in the red as a pro.

edit - here's some article about it --> … yclist-eid

I'm asthmatic. It doesn't hamper my cycling, my love of beer and being fat does. beta 2 agonists are small fry in comparison to oxygen vector doping

Homegrove wrote:

Except for Benson.

And probably me because I didn't last until the end in Watergate.

here since the year dot and that's the love i get??


I was on the old board as well, natch


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5 star seclusion for me.

Then St Lucia next month

None of this falaraki riot


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27th street. Home of Twilo wasn't it?

Weird how they are reporting it;s not linked to terror. It clearly fits the definition of terrorism, but they mean organised islamic extremist terror.


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smallman1 wrote:

Off this afternoon.

Not taking my laptop so I shall incommunicado on here for a week.

Stay safe all and catch up on my return.

Ciao for now.

Was nearly there myself this week, but we have chosen Rhodes instead.

no way would I be without communication for a week!


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furry wrote:

Why not just buy a refurbished one from their webpage and have it shipped? Or Amazon? There's no reason to have to go into some stores nowadays.

I am in the middle of a shit load of work which I need a computer for. Otherwise I have no desire to interact with an apple employee ever

wrongun wrote:
benson wrote:

sorted. cheers.

see you there, front and centre. Anyone want a concorde ticket?

Brighton - Friday 16th Oct
MOS -19th November

Benson - they are over a month apart ........

I work weekends and i'm going to be working one or the other of those.

sorted. cheers.

see you there, front and centre. Anyone want a concorde ticket?

haven't even seen a link yet. it's 10:11 FFS

Sadly both is not an option for aged rocker like myself

rather mos than concorde.

Gonna save my beer tokens for ministry.

smallman1 wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

No London date this year Kiz.

Brighton only.

Fabric it is.

You heard it here first.



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Grant wrote:

It's not a 2 inch though, is it?

no grant, it is not

It's a 12 inch


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It's ultraportable, and also it appears that the 'one' button doesn't work


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my 4.5 year old macbook went awry yesterday, so I went to the apple store to get a new one. What a fucking horrible experience. Basically although they are all dressed the same, you have to speak to them in a certain order. Not that you can identify who the 'specialist' you need to see is.

And then you get interrupted every 5 seconds by somebody else looking for the new iphone, including several fuckwits who wanted to buy one yesterday.

I love their laptops (got a 2 inch macbook and it's lush) but their whole shopping experience is like some nerdy clique that I have no idea how to navigate.

working, cycling and polishing off season 2 of narcos.

Dermatron wrote:

Have to say Im finding the dancing like youre at a pop concert behind metal barriers staring at a curtain well fucking odd. Times have changed. Not for me that thanks. Music sounds ace though.

Don't forget grown men crying at the reunion.

Even I was a little weepy at ministry


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after 9 they will go hexadecimal surely? iPhone A


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liquitech1 wrote:
benson wrote:

I cannot describe the deep hatred I have for Vodafone.

Absolutely useless twats. With even more useless twats in Cape Town who cannot follow simple instructions.

...couldn't agree more, Benson. The management structure is like something from the Fast Show. They are everything that's wrong with corporations. I have a year left and I will have got what I came for, then it's top off, turn over my desk and out the front door.

I actually hand delivered some post to the head office (and went a bit falling down at the same time) because telling them 11 times on the phone that my sim hadnt turned up and i wanted to cancel it, was apparently not clear enough.

3 aren;t much better but it;s free in europe and the states which is a bonus


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I cannot describe the deep hatred I have for Vodafone.

Absolutely useless twats. With even more useless twats in Cape Town who cannot follow simple instructions.

He obviously read my facebook post from yesterday. I had dinner with him a couple of years ago. Sound as a pound and bang on the money.

First of all I must start by saying that my sympathies and condolences go out to the family and friends of the 2 young men who died at Fabric. No parent should have to go to their child’s funeral. But the solution to that is not to close down a club described as a beacon of good behaviour.

It is an uncomfortable truth that dance music and drugs have both benefitted from each other and that drug taking is endemic in clubs. In the early 2000s it was estimated that up to a million people were taking MDMA every weekend. 2.5% of people aged 16-59, and 7.5% of those aged 16-24 had used a class a drug in the last 12 months according to 2014-15 Drugs Survey. There seems to have been a marked increase in MDMA use since 2012/13, particularly among young people where the proportion increased from 3% to about 5.4%.…/attac…/file/462885 … e-1415.pdf

There is a reason for this that is difficult to acknowledge, it is because it is an enjoyable experience:…/is-ecstas … at-danger…

According to the police’s own report, on fabric, up to 80% (how this was measured is unclear) of patrons appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Let us assume that it was, on average, 20%, even by that measure, over a million people have passed through the doors of fabric and taken drugs. There have been 6 deaths. With a similar number being taken to hospital.
In 2014 there were of a total 50 deaths from MDMA in England and Wales.
Ecstasy is safer than horse riding according to Professor David Nutt.…/Ecstasy-no … rous-than…

In the last month near me on a 10mile stretch of road, there have been multiple crashes and fatalities, including many children, yet nothing is being done to manage this stretch of road. There is no heavy handed police enforcement. There are no reports of increased undercover police activity. As somebody pointed out, the economy that depends on that road is more important than the lives lost.

It is time to stop moralising. People will always do things that they derive pleasure from. Sex, drugs, sporting activities. You name it, somebody probably is into it. And much of it is not 100% safe. Very little is. Sadly, there are deaths every year off piste skiing, yet people are not prevented from undertaking it. They are provided with harm reduction strategies such as airbags, and beacons.

Even those who champion equality and diversity have told me that they simply do not understand throngs of people taking drugs listening to repetitive music. You do not have to like it, or understand it, to be able to respect that others do, That is what a tolerant society is all about. It respects others and their right to undertake those activities where they do not impinge on consent or the wellbeing of others. You do not have to enjoy it yourself, to understand that others might.

If we can get past the moral argument you can move to the pragmatic argument. Controlling the supply of drugs is by far the best way to control content and dosing. My understanding of one of the deaths is that several tablets were taken, followed by some MDMA that had been purchased in the club. With the possibility that a pill might be duff, then there is a temptation to take more, knowing for certain it is not, means you are likely to wait for effects. Controlling content means less PMA, a deadly substitute for MDMA that was found in a lot of tablets in the 2000s because MDMA precursors were hard to come by so manufacturing changed.
Controlling supply takes the supply out of the criminal supply chain, and taxes and controls it.

Consider a young profession in their 20s out clubbing. They might have a couple of pills on them, almost certain to lose their job if caught. They start to feel a bit wobbly. But they are not going to get help because the repercussions of seeking help, because of the moralising about drug use, so they wait and wait, and things get worse and worse.

So what about the long term effects. Well I do not know if generation X has shown a spike in depression or anxiety. They were the first to really get stuck into MDMA as a drug. Are any of them, later on in their career, now mid level rising executive stars in their 30s/40s, likely to come forward for research about the long term effects of drugs. Of course not.

Quite simply you are not going to stop people taking drugs. Current drug policy potentially criminalises large portions of an otherwise perfectly law abiding population. It perpetuates a criminal supply chain. One which many of those who enjoy recreational drugs would, I suspect, far rather not have to engage with. The only reason we have to have warnings about dodgy drugs is that content and dosing are unknown. Controlling the supply chain eliminates these risks. The real question is hat price are you willing to pay for that enjoyment? Many young people take drugs, look around and see very little evidence of harm. Then the government tells them they are playing Russian roulette, so they stop listening to the government. Then somebody from the government explains risks rationally, then gets sacked. No wonder nobody listens. Current policy has failed.