Looking forward to hearing this.

Mines in the post smile allegedly.

I'm sure I enjoyed that creamer set at bedrock.

But it was in the good ol days and i was likely appreciative of anything with a beat

james holden at slide in Oxford many many years ago Absolutely terrible technical skills and boring music.

saw him a couple of years later in the soundshaft at a bedrock and he wa absolutely rocking it so he made up for it.

Unbroken1 wrote:

Bessie Braddock: Winston, you are drunk, and what’s more you are disgustingly drunk.

Winston Churchill: Bessie, my dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.

beaten to it!

Unbroken1 wrote:

..power swim session with the tri club tonight

I need to be doing some of that.

Today, recovering from working my first night shifts in over a year

Doing some hills on my bike tomorrow

Taking advantage of my sofa on sunday and starting to do some running again.

I might drink some beer tomorrow evening


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smallman1 wrote:

We'll all sit down at the afters and have a right laugh.

With GU13 absolutely blaring in the background.

Or possibly Oakey's 007. CD1, natch.

this a very good plan. shame i'm not going to be there

£15 month. Unlimited adsl. About 16meg. When it works.

Which it doesn't. A lot
£35 for full sky

Tenner for the line rental.

Plus £18/month for unlimited 4G inc tethering through three

Can see the home line getting the boot. Except three significantly slow down their network around 8 every night.


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never heard it. genuinely

smallman1 wrote:
roberto wrote:

Ed - get back to me after the marathon de sables wink

The plan is to do one more marathon and then do a triathlon eventually leading to an iron man (o'er missus)

You'll cruise a triathlon.

I reckon another 2 years and I'll be iron man ready.

never even saw those. Just saw a video for something called the arctic enema and knew this was for me!

did a cycling trip to majorca last week. Biggest ride was just shy of 100 km with 3100 metres of climbing.

Felt good to be honest. My mate was struggling big time.

about 5.5 hours total.

I reckon mentally that was as tough as a marathon.

Supposed to be doing brightn next year but my knee is giving me a lot of grief.

Also doing tough mudder in october.

Bring it on.

Sports are the the new afterparties imo.

it's all about the bicycle commute back in the shires for me.

Smashing the PBs on strava.

Feeling sweet.

Much more fun than running!

howells 2007 - absolute belter
tyrant 2000 - still one of the best I have ever heard


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produced some boss stuff

up there with echomen and other prog monsters of my heyday

Didn't he release about 50000000000000 tracks beatport?

A couple of them were quite good if i recall.


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nitron wrote:

I don't see the problem. Would you rather watch Aoki or this...

Jesus wept.


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That's me alright.

And now thanks to my singing I am fighting off hugely rich, blonde girls called Jemima. I'm like a modern day James blunt.

Jokes on you mate.

Not really. I'm on the 1815 from Manchester marvelling at the it consultant who has usedhis phone non stop for 2 hours he must have head cancer by now.


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I have seen people saying "but it is nitrogen and oxygen, just like air"

And that is true. Except there is no free oxygen in it. So when you are inhaling lungful after lungful, it is not just the nitrous making you high, but also the lack of oxygen. You may as well change your name to Michael Hutchence.

His voice is like 10 annoying.

stylustrouble wrote:
benson wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Their Summer Soundsystems were great.

Saw Danny T play 8 hours at one and he was absolutely supoib.

2002 wasn't it? I was there

Was boss.

I seemed to recall he played various mixes of Rui Da Silva "Touch me" for 3 hours and swung a big torch around for a while.

A modern genius.

Like I said. Boss

Did my first decent afters that day.


smallman1 wrote:

Their Summer Soundsystems were great.

Saw Danny T play 8 hours at one and he was absolutely supoib.

2002 wasn't it? I was there

Was boss.

Oh dear.....

smallman1 wrote:

I now work near Exmouth Market, should change my profile..

And yes, Clapham North and Brixton are next door to each other.

Know a couple of people that live round there. It's quite nice. The wilmigton is a nice boozer

millsy23 wrote:

lol @ Grant.

No place for Blackberry at any time.

Saying that, I still have the one my client gave me. Absolutely woeul technology altogether.

It's better than the system we have. To get hold of someone you have to page them. Then you have to hope that the phone from which you have just paged them doesn't get an incoming call because then they can't call you back.

If you get bleeped, you try and ring back, and it's engaged. So you go back to what you were doing, only to get bleeped again 35 seconds later, from the same phone, which again is engaged.

They say we can;t use mobiles, which is rubbish, but it doesn't matter because there is no reception anywhere.

What about wifi. Well seeing as it is20th century technology, decent wifi access hasn't quite filtered into the mainstream yet.

I can;t wait to go back to this.

At least they have decent chairs in theatres now.