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Homegrove wrote:

Sam really should've listened to Gilly.

Danny won't be happy.

And what a merry bunch of men that get reunited at the end.

Game on for the next episode

Dan Harwood wrote:

Arielle's birthday. This lot are going to Berghain.

ah. that explains it.

I'm sure it'll be a blast. Donner kebabs and cheap beer are a great companion to hours of ruthless techno

i'm still unclear as to why everybody is going to berlin? Clearly it's not some on point event or smalls would be there.

Loved living in tooting for a few months.

Back on topic. What are recommendations for skyscraper restaurants in London?

Come 11.30am at Fabric, there is chatter about Villalobos playing afterwards at an east London bar – somewhere he has played after previous Fabric dates, pushing the definition of “afterparty” into psychedelically sleep-deprived new territory. But he heads back to his wife and kids instead. “Socialising is even more important than mixing two records, to maintain a connection to the scene,” he says. “It is very difficult for me to go home, to not go on socialising. But sleeping is by far the best drug in the world, and children are a reality that you can’t escape any more – they are my social obligation, and also very healthy for me. They provide me with a limit, which, until now, I never had. I have to be a father – I can’t die now. I’ll say: it’s 10am, I think I should go home.” Perhaps most dads think: “It’s 10pm, I think I should go home,” but you take his point.

Fair play. Can't beat an early night. He looks quite together in most of those photos.


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climbing is really punishing. The issue I have is stamina. I can go for a couple of hours now, but at the tail end of 160km I am shot and getting up an HC climb is purgatory.

I'm not sure about flat training. I used to think that, and according to what I do on the flat I am getting fitter and fitter, but that doesn't translate into better times for hours of grinding out at a cadence of 60 on an 8% climb in 38 degree heat. Hitting the wall was a big issue for me and fuelling properly is part of my challenge.

Plus I really enjoy the mental stimulation of going fast on the flat. You have to keep your wits about you, potholes, tarffic etc. Going up a hill at 10kph your mind wanders. It becomes a much bigger mental challenge.

But the sense of satisfaction, and the downhill, make the hill climb worth it.

the first time you see the garmin click over 200km is a great feeling.

How the pros do this day after day is beyond me.


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smallman1 wrote:

FAO Grant and Benson -

https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyl … s-for-200m

Love my Asda clobber.

Quite frankly it looks like my idea of hell. I struggle generally with other people these days and the thought of being surrounded by lots of people, absolutely determined to be seen to be having a good time, fills me with a sense of dread and rage.


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smallman1 wrote:

I was in Ilford chief.

yeah, miles away, my mistake


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smallman1 wrote:

Have just got back from there.

What an awful part of the world.

I didn't know places like that actually existed.

Purchased my first flat in Romford. Lovely part of the world


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Homegrove wrote:
benson wrote:
monostereo wrote:

Enjoying fact that it's all pulling together now despite the dialogue, which it's fair to say is now on par with Bananaman or Robocop 3.


"Who taught you to fight like that?"

Sublime dialogue

That one was actually refering to the faceless men. But yeah, it's not great at times. Davos dropping some Stannis-references was funny though.

I know. It was actually a great exchange. But to those who didn't understand it, it looks dull as hell.

Supposed to be a nod to those in the know hanners


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monostereo wrote:

Enjoying fact that it's all pulling together now despite the dialogue, which it's fair to say is now on par with Bananaman or Robocop 3.


"Who taught you to fight like that?"

Sublime dialogue


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Her riding the dragons is rubbish. I hate those scenes.

Yeah the battle of the bastards was great to, but this brought the plot lines together so was a great episode in a series.


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millsy23 wrote:

Bit dull this series so far. Not enough Bristols and I didn't think much of Ep4. Bit battle scenes aren't as good as stuff like the red wedding and BBQing your daughter.

What are you talking about? That was the money shot after 6 seasons of stroking. Phenomenal and finally starting to come together. Except that whinging fuck Bran.

monostereo wrote:

Agreed.  For me it more than lived up to the hype.  Cant believe it's that old already.

The mid week album launch party in Sankeys was memorable, mainly for the fact that everyone in the room was seemingly off their fucking tits on a school night.  Good laugh.

there was a launch nigh at bedrock as well. I was at that. The set went out on kiss didn;t it? I'm sure I have it somehwhere

dutchy101 wrote:

Remember being so gutted when this came out. Not sure I've even listened to it twice. Should give it a go

I'm with you. i was quite underwhelmed.

Agree with a lot of people here. If you are retired, for good, with nothing to lose, then ranging out into more exciting, if slightly clandestine, occupations had to be an option.

Fadass escobar.

millsy23 wrote:
fadass wrote:

Is LEAN still a thing?

I could do 400 training courses in that & then die before I get a job at it. Or just commit suicide due to boredom.

LEAN SIGMA? Christ. Post It notes all over the special room the cunts have made specially for all the stuff they're getting up to. Don't you get black belts and 'dans' with it as well? Fucking riot.

Fucking love this shit.

Let's process map the shot out of this workflow.

I like that club in Brixton that's above the KFC. The one with the hot tubs. Nothing like soaking your troubles away while the smell of fried chicken wafts up.

dermo can shit his cake hole on this one.

After a long day at work I stopped off for my first ozzie KFC. What a total fucking let down it was. Lacked any of the balance or refinement of the English version. Fuck knows what the stuff was on the chicken, but it was missing most of the secret spices.

A total and utter letdown.


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Tank Top wrote:

Currently cycling from Manchester to Berlin, finish tomorrow actually. Cycling on the continent is a plasure albeit flat.

The UK could learn a thing or two from our European cousins.

The northern bits are flat. Mallorca is where it's at.

Alpe dhuez in 80 mins. Not bad for a warm up.


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smashdad wrote:

Let's be honest, it's fucking poor isn't it... 

The writing seems to have been getting progressively worse - some of the dialogue is excruciating and a lot of the acting is laughable - and yet here I am still watching it after 62 episodes and much against my better judgement I know full well I'll watch the last five too - I can only put it down to the Mother of Bosoms and her magnificent dragons...

she has been shit this season. And everybody spaffing their pants about sansa, she still sounds nasal and grumpy.

littlefinger isn't the man about town he used to be.

All my hopes are pinned on Tyrion and Arya.

This is one of those tunes that really lifts the spirits.

I have a vague memory of losing my shit to it in heaven once, but quite frankly it may have just been me making it up.

I wish I was 20 years younger


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Grant wrote:

60g of carbs an hour.  I have half a banana, a gel and third of a bottle of glucose-based drink over the course of every hour - mind you, I very rarely ride over 4 hours.

The food stops are good on the Etape mind, aren't they?

Not so good this year. Only 3. Anf minging energy bars.

Plus the first part was so quick that I got behind. I was just smashing it out.

3-4 hours is fine. 8 is a different ball game.


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I'm not so good at the endurance. Fuelling is a big issue for me.

Over 5000 calories down by that point and the bars I had were disgusting and I wanted to pile.

oxygen isn't the issue. It's glucose.