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Took the Mrs to meet my dad for the first time.

Stayed in the only fucking hotel in the first world without air conditioning.

Repainted the bathroom and the kitchen.

Drank several bottles of wine.

If you've not had a few near misses, you've not been pushing yourselves hard enough.

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benson wrote:


Looked for him at mos. but not too hard as I was catching up with carrie and Andy and then had great afters. Not chez smalls

Never found him.

Even in my old age I reckon I could give him a run for his money. But he's never showed up

Lets be honest here, even a hare krishna would wipe the floor with both of you...

Excuse me?

This again.

But fair play to ed. he's a good sport and infectiously enthusiastic.

Dan Harwood wrote:

In all the time I've known him, I've never actually met him and we've been out at the same nights dozens of times. Plus, he still owes me twenty quid.


Looked for him at mos. but not too hard as I was catching up with carrie and Andy and then had great afters. Not chez smalls

Never found him.

Even in my old age I reckon I could give him a run for his money. But he's never showed up


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remember seeing Milo there once then having a massive afters in Lewisham. Great times

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Tom Stephan playing beforehand?

Was that the one we went to where we smashed the magic stuff and I thought everyone was a Cyber Man?

Great times.

He had the halogens out for that one IIRC.

Oh yeah - I'd forgotten that one - GCSSS on that airfield site - fucking shambles - remember wandering into this tent and thinking some pilled up moron had taken over the lighting desk - turned out it was the DJ - stuck with it for a while but fucked it off as soon as he started mewling on down the mic.  Last time I ever heard Oaky play that weekend .  Plus vague memories of the Chemical Brothers live...?

That was a monster of a weekend. I was in all sorts of trouble. Wish I could carry on like that nowadays. Tenaglia was great.


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smallman1 wrote:

Not the most refined are the Australians.

they pretend to be by taking coffee way to seriously.

But you gotta love the grit of the outback.

remember seeing diggers at fabric in late 2000 sometime.

Dynamite stuff.

That was my first proper exprience there. Then got into the sound. The tyrant albums, and the burridge / richards ess mix from 200 are spot on. Opened my ears to great music.

The end was a bit more progtastic for me. KhZ, dig deeper and harlem nights were my bag.

i do wonder what has precipitated the deaths. Still reported as 'suspected overdoses. No real difference in fabric compared to ay other club in london that i have been to in my time.

just seen his alleged response to Piers Morgan. I take it all back. the guy's a fine piece of workl

Grant wrote:

Get out Benson. If Froome was the better rider, he'd have been the lead, not support

what i mean by that, is that during 2012 TdF, it became clear froome was the better rider. But him winning wasn't the plan, and froome had to pass up. Froome got his chance, and has sown his class by repeating it twice since.

He's got the minerals on the track. But he won the tour because froome had to let him win.

But he deserves his golds. And his hour record.


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roberto wrote:

+1 for disingenuous. He's definitely cultivating / playing the I'm just a geezah like you angle. Like I said before, I've heard he's a right cock to work with behind closed doors. He's consistently shown a lack of class in his behaviour towards others (just yesterday flicking off the officials who had the gall to ask to measure his equipment). That interview that Kev linked to earlier stinks. My best memory of the whole Tour - yeah, definitely helping my mate who I fucked over big time in 2008.

As for his skills, he's very good but not world class in anything but the time trail. He's being carried a bit at the mo imo. Did you see the team pursuit last night? Unless it was planned that he would drop out first , he seemed to be holding the team up at one point. Froome and the rest of the team got him round the TdF. Fuck me, even Benson could have got that yellow with that Sky team!

Each to their own, but I don't buy the lamb-chops / mates with Weller / n'er a bad word spoken spin that comes with him. Froome should have 4 TdF wins imo...

pretty much agree with all of that.


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Rave Lizard wrote:

The whole scene was pretty much built on drugs Benson. No one went to the Hacenda until extacy arrived. If it wasn't for drugs, the 90's raves would have never got anywhere near the size they did.

You learn something new every day


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Dermatron wrote:

You make taking drugs sound so incredibly mundane, Benson.

Drugs are for mugs mate

You know that as well as i do.

Just bagged my first ever permanent job.

No intention of moving anywhere and planning on enjoying the year on year pay rises and public sector pension.

£1 hovis for me btw


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The LD 50 (dose at which 50% of people who take it will die) isn;t known but guessed at being 10-20mg/kg.

This means that even a single dose of 250mg, as is being reported, is unlikely to be fatal.

I've not heard of pills being laced with fentanyl.

Ultimately is a balance of risk. You don't hear of off piste skiing being banned because people die. Nor driving banned because people die (I was about 90 seconds behind that horror crash on the a34 2 days ago). Ultimately people develop harm reduction strategies. But engaging with those strategies is really difficult when drugs are illegal. The work done at secret garden party is a good step in the right direction. Let people know what they are taking.

We may never find out, but PMA has been the culprit in a lot of previous cases. I had dinner with David Nutt a couple of years ago (the drugs professor guy) and he told me exactly the same story that I had heard from more underground sources. The Beijing olympics meant the precursors for MDMA were clamped down on by the chinese authorities, making real MDMA much harder to make. Hence the PMA. Maybe that has changed becuase they are obviously getting stronger.

People need to feel they can seek help if they are in a pickle. The threat of criminalisation for people, who would otherwise be completely law abiding, have good jobs and and could lose it all, really puts people off seeking help. That has to change.

really sad news for the friends and family of those 2 kids.

Tried some new stuff last week at le manoir. Seared duck liver. Actually quite nice. Although the texture was a little odd

There were some mushrooms that went with the beef. Tried them. fucking horrible things. Fish and mushrooms can all fuck off.

I try to stick to things I like eating and doing. generally makes life easier.

Grant wrote:

Don't worry Kiz, hopefully they'll invent trains before the gig and you can buy a return ticket (which takes you there and back) - you can arrive a few hours early and soak up some of the ambiance and then join the other dribbling, mullered fellas on the train back when you get kicked out at 5am.

Book early and it'll probably be under £20.

have you seen the state of southern rail?? They are completely fucked and seem to have univented trains.

simonr wrote:

Definitely no Bedrock Birthday this year. Sorry Kiz.

I've just had it confirmed from sources as well.

Sad times, espcially as it is the 18th birthday. Mind you, a tip of the cap to Brighton and all the good rimes we used to have down there.

Tickets for concorde purchased, accommodation booked smile

Nice interview that.

Need more ubercoplische episodes IMO. Funniest thing to come out of that forum

jules72 wrote:

Would only fly biz class on business... Paying for it out of your own pocket is one of the stupidest ways there is to rid yourself of money.

Was well worth it when I went to australia.

Only about 1 grand more, for 50 hours of my life cooped up in a plane. I had a fucking horror show of a hangover coming back as well. It would have been unthinkable doing the hole thing bsiness. It was bad enough doing the first 4 hours in extra legroom on a death star plane.

But for a short trip to europe, no point at all. Flying horse at the south terminal is as good a lounge as anyone needs

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Eddie, whatever happened to 4four?

God. Not posted in there for years.

There was good crossover from here on that forum

Is is still going? When Louthy switched to the new format I never went back.

Don't know. I was the same. Although I had posted far less after 2010

afeworki helen wrote:

Eddie, whatever happened to 4four?

God. Not posted in there for years.

There was good crossover from here on that forum