Dan Harwood wrote:
benson wrote:

Major job interview a week on Monday and I'm doing everything possible to put it to the back of my mind for this weekend

Get yourself down Fabbers on Saturday night. That'll put the interview to the back of the mind.

Im catching up with the american girl tonight, I think that;s enough for one weekend!

Mind you some dave clark could be the perfect antidote


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TitianWarrior wrote:
benson wrote:

Went to bodeans in balham once with a girl who had taken some diazepam before we went out.

That is not a good date...

It wasn't. I would say it ranks as one of the weirder evenings I have spent in south london.

Mind you, I've still not been to one of the legendary afters that ed keeps talking about.


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Went to bodeans in balham once with a girl who had taken some diazepam before we went out.

It's not a place that has happy memories.

The buffalo wings at TGI are bang on. Proper factory chikcen with franks hot sauce. You can;t beat it

Off to London today to see my sister who is back from the carribean for a week. She's whinging she is going to have to stay out there for another 2 years. Tough life

Catching up wth other friends in london tonight, probably sef laothing tomorrow, family sunday, working monday.

Major job interview a week on Monday and I'm doing everything possible to put it to the back of my mind for this weekend


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Back in 2003 when I was in south africa for a while, I got bang into nandos. They do wraps over there that are absolutely bang on. Extra hot. Obviously

Byron was shit the one and only time I went.

Can't beat a pizza express for consistency. maybe not the best but you know it;s not going to be shit

But for true high street food it's greggs. And you all fucking know it

fadass wrote:

Abortion of a thread, lads. Sort it out.

5 pager and a nudge on the spreadsheet

I'm feeling good.

No. The occasional thing inserted into various openings. But not the national enquirer level proper self castration type stuff. Which can probably be described as a good thing

No more ikea now I'm a minted NHS consultant.

Glad to see I'm in good company with being a bit shit at it all. I tiled my en suite. Total disster. It's so shit I haven;t got the nuts to get someone round to fix it because I'm so fucking embarrassed by it. I'm going to rip the whole thing out before anyone with any form of tradey skills sets eyes on it.

My ex once thought she'd do me a favour by painting the bathroom whilst I was at work. Bright lime green. It was like that scene from only fools when he nicks the flourescent paint. Hideous. took 4 coats of white to hide the stuff.

Anyone who does this after an all nighter deserves medal

I do quite a lot of emergency surgery and have seen all manner of hand injuries from DIY. Some of it might seem obvious, ladders and circular saws etc, but loads of really interesting ways to injure yourself.

My bathroom still isn't finished 2 years on. I'm too proud to call a man in to fix it.

I was thinking about finishing it this weekend. obviously I won't actually do that

I reckon the frustrated middle aged male population here must have houses full f wonky home made deck stands and shelves for vinyl collections. Not to mention draughty and rickety sheds for the nigella porn.

Except for Ed of course. He built the taj mahal from scratch when he was there in 1935

I'd say you need to have worked in a record shop to be properly knowledgable.

I haven't washed one of my T-shirts since October 4th 2001.

I call it Heaven Scent

Last I heard Neil RJ has purchased the whole stock.

All my bedrock t-shrts are in humidifed controlled storage greatly appreciating in value.

Poor bastard can't catch a break

https://www.buzzfeed.com/emilyashton/fl … #.dmW88g4n


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All is not lost.

I'm driving this bad boy as a temp car

https://twitter.com/drthomasduncan/stat … 6591980544


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Bike shop sorting the bike out

Bloke has admitted liability int he car accident.

Monday has been a bit of a turnaround. Helped by an epic afternoon nap before a cheeky 7 hour evening shift at work.

Got a weekend up london tahn planned for next weekend so looking forward to resumption of normality.

Was doing the chiltern 100 ride. Have to say there was some shocking riding by cyclists on open roads. Remeninded me of why I hate going on group rides


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My brand new bike fell to pieces (scott addict 15 since you weren't asking) with the chain and rear mech ending up in the back wheel after a gear change.

Then as I was leaving the car park early to go home, someone ploughed into my car and wrote it off.

I've had better weekends.

last night was the last time

first time was about 14. Allegedly got pissed on 2 cups of cider, and the name 2 cups stuck with me forever


heat lost

No bensons. Plenty of afternoon naps though.

Didn't go out clubbing but went to Deuce and drank a bucket of rancid tequila. Went to miami heat playoff. Ate a lot atthe 11th stret diner.

Had to pop my eyes back in a few times round the pool at the hotel. Outrageous stuff. Miserable as fuck though and spent most of their time perfecting their selfies

smallman1 wrote:

Always take the runners when I'm away.

Keeps me toight.

Smashed my previous 5k PB whilst away. A great running track in flamingo park.

South beach was great for food and booze. But frankly I'm getting a little older and WA t something more relaxed.

Smashing back champagne by the pool isok for s day or 2 but that's enough for me.

looks pretty much like every "individual" in east london.

fletcher wrote:


You might have just persuaded me to vote.

Thames Valley Police Commissioner voting only in our region - and why they have to be alligned to a political party is beyond me.

If there is a Commissioner Gordon on the list, i'm voting for him.

I hear you fletch. I went down to Abingdon guild hall for my annual democracy thursday outing and I get the choice of a political PCC.

In terms of first thursdays of the month, it's not really up there.

cheers wally. It's the last bit i was confused about. Public and private keys i got before, but the bitcoin signing thing I didn;t understand.

Clever things those bitchips!

Wally wrote:
benson wrote:


Does anybody understand any of that??

Yes - all of it.

Can you explain it in fluent idiot for somebody like me?


Does anybody understand any of that??