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monostereo wrote:


The Foo Fighters remind me of a modern day Satus Quo.  A sanitised homage to grunge which is now borderline cringeworthy dad rock.

the only time i went to glasto, one of my clearest memories of the whole event is status quo.

Why would you not repress the worst part of it

Says it all really.

http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/153669 … ence_Day_/


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How can he be sexist when Sarah taught him to DJ.

what a plank


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mr rossi wrote:

Bet Benson drives a mini

No mate. 3 series estate.

Almost as bad.


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monostereo wrote:

Got a 2 year old Audi S3 a couple of months back. The sucker who bought it new paid almost 40K for it with almost every option ticked. 

I love it.  It's my favourite toy big_smile

my mate had the old 3.2 litre a3 quattro. Absolute rocket. No s-line badging or anything but fucking quick.

Can only guess the amount of petrol that thing drank


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5 series estate if you are going to be sensible. Euro 6 diesel (post 2015) 535 would be my choice.

I have an estate, but it;s only to put the bike in the back. I wouldn't soil a nice car with children.

pizza express american hot on romana base

nothing else

http://whnt.com/2017/06/14/local-office … sensation/


After one too many kitchen sinks.

It's like when Ian Beale did the fabric birthday weekender

digitalfix wrote:
monostereo wrote:

What is your take on how preparations are going for the upcoming Brexit negotiations Kevin?  Do you still think we will come away with a good deal?

A good deal is subjective but if some of the adversarial rhetoric can take a back seat, it might not be be a total disaster.

So we went from a close friend with a great deal, to a nation that hopefully will not have a total fucking disaster.

All in the name of bendy bananas

Fucking morons


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smallman1 wrote:

I saw the founder of Rapha, Simon Mottram, talk recently.

Came across brilliantly I must say.

What a brilliant brand he's built.

Got some bang tidy flyweight rapha gear for Mallorca.

It's lovely clobber.

Wally wrote:

An intelligent person for sure but not all sunshine and lollipops - seems a bit of an idealist rather than a realist.

Like Corbyn, only corbyn doesn't have the intelligence either.


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222 km through wales in miserable weather yesterday.

I can only liken the feeling to 6am in a nightclub that is staying open until 9. And there's no option of leaving early.

Emotionally destroyed.

And my pace dropped off epically in the last 60km. Average of just under 24kph which o suppose is ok.

Wally wrote:
benson wrote:
jamie wrote:

Let's be clear - the people that voted for Labour voted for better public servies - a more centrist candidate would not have offered anywhere near what Corbyn did.

I work in the public services and there is no way that momentum and JC will be able to change it from their position.

the issue isn;t the workers, it's the management. That needs to be ably, and robustly managed from the top down until such point as it meets the enthusiasm and ability that is at the front line. He lacks the credibility, wherewithal and nouse to be able to do that meaningfully.

Go into more detail on this one please.

Doctors are an incredibly difficult group of people to manage. 60% of the NHS budget is pay. The rest is drugs and investigations. A small part is management. I trained for 18 years from leaving school to becoming a hospital specialist. I went to countless pointless inductions, but not once was I taught how to be an employee. The Trust I work for pay me and my colleagues, but people do not come to work for the Trust, they come to work for a miox of personal satisfaction and for the patients. Their employer is low down the list of who they care about.

The NHS is grossly underfunded. I will agree with that, but it is not a simple choice between more money and improving efficiency. They need to go hand in hand. Working practices need to improve and change. That requires strong leadership and political will from the government. The government is also responsible for most of our fiscal and performance targets, many of which are mutually exclusive, so you have clinicians chasing clinical quality whilst their management counterparts are worried about cash.

There needs to be a policy move towards reconciling those fundamental differences. If that isn't government responsibility I don;t know what is. There needs to be leadership that brings together the purpose of both side of the divide.

Blair succeeded in health because of the raft of targets he brought in, but he backed it with unprecedented increases in spending. It was well managed.

I wouldn't trust corbyn to run a bath, even acknowledging that he has done well this election on a manifesto he doesn't have to deliver.

jamie wrote:

Let's be clear - the people that voted for Labour voted for better public servies - a more centrist candidate would not have offered anywhere near what Corbyn did.

I work in the public services and there is no way that momentum and JC will be able to change it from their position.

the issue isn;t the workers, it's the management. That needs to be ably, and robustly managed from the top down until such point as it meets the enthusiasm and ability that is at the front line. He lacks the credibility, wherewithal and nouse to be able to do that meaningfully.

fletcher wrote:

Fair play Benson, your hard work paid off (locally at least)

http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/153375 … b&lp=2

I'm chuffed to bits. I could not have asked for a better outcome locally and nationally.

The tories are fucked, which is a delight ads it fucks brexit.

But labour are not so fucked that they have imploded. The real potential PMs in the labour party can continue an orderly ascendancy and orbyn can continue to act as a figure head, offering the sweet shop to all and sundry but without having to deliver it.

The young are engaged in politics again, and this will feed into the Lib Dems in due course.

I'm fucking delighted. And I can walk around work today, with my head held high, knowing that my neighbours have roundly rejected a brexit that will have hge negative consequences for all the EU staff I work with, who do an excellent job.

The NHS is not being fucked by immigrants, it would be fucked without them


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simonr wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Go on the Loops, congrats chief!

Are you in charge of the whip round for the baby shower Ed ?

Anything to do with smalls and money usually ends up being a total shower

Wally wrote:

Incidentally - is no one even remotely fussed about May's latest "I'll tear up human rights"?

That, on top of "Controlled Internet" should scare the living shit out of anybody right?

Yes, that's why as a liberal I am voting lib dem!

Wally wrote:

I got shouted down - told to get off my high horse and called santimonious so I gave up.
I like to think I was reasonable civil about it so you know, who's unable to have a polite discussion?

Slight digs aside, this and the trump thread have been some of the most civilised discussions, with points from all sides, that I have seen on the internet. My doctors forum is far less balanced than here (as you might expect from a stratum of society that is quite well off).

Excellent work all in all. Keep it up

monostereo wrote:
Wally wrote:

Q. Where do the university make up the shortfall from / How do they stay in business?

The funding gap is plugged from a mixture of sources which include government teaching grants, income from fees charged to non-EU students and also tapping up alumni for a few quid.

Non-EU. Big source of income. And I get tapped for cash all the time.


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smallman1 wrote:

Fairly sure I'll never go to Qatar.


You can't kitchen sink it up for starters.

I'm about to book some flights via doha to uganda.

Can't be doing with it all kicking off.

http://www.brightonandhovenews.org/2016 … our-party/

https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2016/07/l … buse-mps/#

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/carl-sa … 30518.html

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07 … -bully-an/

smashdad wrote:
Grant wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

University is a choice. It's not a right or a privilege.

It's for the greater good though - the benefits of a better educated society are obvious.

Grant - how has our society benefited since Blair's policy of getting 50%+ of all 18 year-olds into tertiary education was enacted?

Tens of thousands of cunts leaving Uni in their early 20s with utterly pointless degrees, not one iota more useful experience than they had aged 18 but with woefully raised expectations and, increasingly, shocking levels of debt to pay off as well...

I'm all for Universities and the education they could offer the brightest minds but too much of any good thing is ultimately a bad thing.

I have to say I agree with this. There was a R4 documentary about the rise of the modern apprenticeship (bottom line maybe) and it shows how the pendulum is thankfully swinging back.

That wa sone of the most foolish bits of logic I ever heard from a politician:
20% of people go to uni and have average earnings of 40% more than those that don't therefore send 50% of people to uni and everybody will be rich.

double facepalm

Wally wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

Momentum? Hmm... Nasty bunch of people. Wouldn't give them the time of day.

You and Benson both said the same thing - why's that?

I admit they (and the Canary) are total left wing zealots but I've not read anything to make me think they are nasty - what did they do?

Because Dan is a sensible man.

Their local campaigning and take over of local parties has been extremely hostile, and they tolerate diversity of thought in the same way that Napoleon the pig does.

They proclaim to be for the many, but unless you are aligned to their very narrow view of the world you can expect to be ostricised, ridiculed and abused far more than you would get from any right wing toff.


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Grant wrote:

You doing the full Dragon Ride?!

just the 230km

Wait a minute. We were asked a question last year about whether we should remain part of the EU or not.

A decision was made that we should not. The ramifications of that decision are far reaching and complex, and yes, i do believe that the public should have a chance to decide whether they wish to accept the deal that is reached.

Corbvyn has gone up in my estimation, but from a very low starting point. Momentum are poisonous and vicious. i couldn't give a shit whether TF will turn his basement into a gay sex dungeon or whether he would prefer to go to Church, as a liberal he has voted not with his conscience and personal faith, but consistently in favour of LGBT rights. that is being a true liberal. Allowing others to enjoy their lifestyle, even if you might not agree with it.

In stark contrast to May who wants to join in with my viewing of pornhub.

Tuition fees was a mighty blow, yes, but look at what they did to the Tories in government. they stabilised them. 12 months after the LD had left, we were voting out of Europe. Now we are having the worst GE campaign of my lifetime. The tories are imploding. The LD gave ground on that and they shouldn't have done. Nobody, but nobody is proud of that.

fletcher wrote:

At present I want to vote to exercise my democrat right, but honestly cannot align myself enough with any of the candidates.

Lib Dems are the only ones with a possible chance of dethroning the Tory's in West Oxfordshire, but I can't see that happening.

I was out knocking on doors with Layla yesterday. I have to say i can see it happening. LD did extremely well in the county elections recently. A lot of the industry at culham, and around Oxford depends on EU funding and staffing.

Some die hard brexiteers who were labour, have gone to the tories via ukip, but most people who I spoke to were lib dem.

I have to say, that I am also impressed by her generally. She is far more ballsy, charismatic and pragmatic than I was expecting.

Nicola Blackwood is a disaster. Weak willed and loyal to the core. Right wing, even for a tory, presumably to bolster her support within the party and to make up for her lack of real world jobs and intellectual ability. She has also been spinning stuff about childrnes centres that appears to be untrue as well as talkjing about non-existent funding fro a34 infrastructure improvements. She will not represent the constituency views when it comes to brexit

cross the box  for the mellow yellow, you know it makes sense.