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Hop_Head wrote:
joeyp wrote:

Personally I'm happy to see derm back. Funny fucker and the board suffered without him imo

What's the funniest thing he's ever said?

that he used to work at eastern bloc


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Smalls and Marx, that's an an afterparty combination.

Smalls, how long are you in Melbourne for btw?

I think I was watching prodigy.

This may be a useful thread

I'll get round to this in the next few days. Don't expect commitment like that from me. 320 mp3 all the way

Sadly I still have a lot of these CDs. If someone can tell me where to put them up I'll rip them

terrible in long walk to freedom, hampered by a terrible screenplay from what should have bee a very easy slam dunk of a biopic.

I liked him in the wire

It's sad that this forum is providing some of the best debate about the upcoming ejection I have seen online

Great for this forum. Sad for humanity.


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poirot wrote:

Charlie Sheen believes he's a winner too. But ultimately he's just a coke sniffing tool.

with a plethora of fit women to shag It must be a tough life

chromosome_junction wrote:

the people who say "europe are our biggest trade partners" - you do realise that would be true regardless of whether we were in or out? the eu is unquestionably fucked because of aforementioned issues, so we can expect to do less trade with them and more with the ROW in future. let them try to impose all the duties and tariffs they like - they'll only harm themselves and boost their competition.

the tories inherited a bankrupt state and began the task of turning it around - the UK electorate will not, therefore, now kick them out and put Labour back in, so it can only be a Lib_Con outcome.

TTIP is a big concern for me, especially in terms of opening up the health sector. I vehemently oppose prvatisation of healthcare, or private provision of publicly funded heathcare. But I am very much in favour of much more robust management within health. The sums of money I see wasted on a daily basis are astronomical

Totally agree on the second point. Brown and Balls said it was the end of boom and bust. They rode a hge global wave, took credit for it and were far too short sighted to udnerstand the total mess that was coming. They were still borrowing money at the end, depsite years of unprecdented growth.

When I'm a bit short on cash, I slow down the spending or earn more money. I'm not sure a country is that different to a household in that regard.

Thet are both as bad as each other on PFI which is a total fuckng con

fletcher wrote:
poirot wrote:

Try growing up somewhere with a population of 165k and then adding 15,000 immigrants in 3 years. Like I did and that's on top of one of the largest West Indian populations already residing from the 50s. Believe me from my experience (I was 34 when I left) integration of cultures works a lot fucking better in Australia than it does in the UK.

Oxford is a very ethnically diverse place to live. 

Oxford is an ethnically diverse city.  22% of residents were from a black or minority ethnic group in 2011, compared to 13% in England.

    An additional 14% of residents are from a white but non-British ethnic background.

    Ethnic diversity increased between 2001 and 2011.  The number of people from all ethnic groups increased, with the exception of people in the White British and White Irish ethnic groups.

    The largest non-white ethnic groups represented in Oxford are Pakistani, Indian, Black African, 'other Asian' and Chinese ethnic groups.

    The child population is considerably more ethnically diverse than the older population, which is one reason why the population is expected to become more ethnically diverse in the future.

I'll certainly concede that the college residences of the university may not be so well represented in terms of diversity. A sticking point in previous electiins if I remember correctly. But I now mostly deal with bad health, and that affects all.

We had an edl march here recently. This was stoked by child sexual exploitation. And if you couple that with some. Of the more traditional English villages around the area you can get quite a heady mix

The years I spent living and working in South East London would be lost on dermo who has me down as red trouser wearing buffoon. That's ok. It means ifwe are ever out at the same night, he will ever recognise me. Suits me.

Back on message, I will probably vote lib dem. Whilst they have proven themselves laughably inept at doing anything positive, I do get the sense they have been a forceful and much needed moderating factor in Tory policy.

Abingdon is marginal, I have no doubt the Tories will retain the majority and maybe widen it from the 172 over the lib dens last time, but I want it to be close so that the general Tory lunacy doesn't go unchallenged.

As for Europe, all for it. Cheap booze and great skiing

Tally ho

poirot wrote:

I wasn't talking policy was I dumb dick. Everyone knows Australia is as institutionally racist as it gets. I was talking immigration and integration of culture working and with all due respect being from the leafy Oxfordshire countryside (you have mentioned it once)  and then attending the local university to become a Dr, what the fuck would you know about being brought up and living in a multicultural immigrant infested area?

Try growing up somewhere with a population of 165k and then adding 15,000 immigrants in 3 years. Like I did and that's on top of one of the largest West Indian populations already residing from the 50s. Believe me from my experience (I was 34 when I left) integration of cultures works a lot fucking better in Australia than it does in the UK.

The comment about the sun was obviously me taking the piss.

Just a shame the immigrants treat the locals so badly isn't it.

It was laughable listening to gillard and abbot go on about indigenous health shortly after Mandawuy Yunupingu died.

Maybe that was just my experience up north, maybe in the cultural centres of the south like sydney and melbourne integration of the immigrants with the indigenous population is a lot better.

I didn't grow up in Oxford.

poirot wrote:

Somehow immigration seems to work better here. Probably because everyone is essentially an immigrant. But more likely that everyone is a lot happier being outside in sunny weather by the sea.

you are having a fucking bubble right?

Australian immigration policies, particularly with respect to asylum seekers, make UKIP look like hemp wearing hippies.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandatory_ … _Australia


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On the occasions where I do have a grill up at home, it's proper strong yorkshire tea and lashings of encona chilli sauce on it to kick start the day.

This is useful for me. I may try and use these suggestions at work. My colleagues is usually insipid, lowest common denominator derivative shite. On repeat.

I heard so much adele and the like the other day my ovaries were hurting.

Banging on live in slovenia is likely to end up with me taking a scalpel to the head from an angry surgeon (unless it dutchy's brother in which case he'd be bang up for it)

I'll give these are shout on a spotify playlust


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If I remember I have a triple shot latte after cycling 30 mins to work and building up a sweat.

I usually keep going on that until a belgian bun for elevenses


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They said they wouldn;t do it. I wil be sad if they are headlining as I really like them

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benson wrote:

it's all about the swayzak one.

Ridiculously cool music for cool people

Brilliant cd.

Always loved this -

Smalls once again proving why he is such a big hitter.

I was lying in bed listening to this for the first time when that tune came on. It was one of those morning after the night before things and both me and my girlfriend were totally perplexed by the song.

It's such a great sequence of tracks. Akufen - skidoos is also pretty awesome.

I don't think I heard an album like it until I heard balance 14 to be honest. Nothing that quite did that weird journey thing in the same way.

my first thoughts, when I first heard it all those years ago, but as I listened to it more it grew on me and actually I rather enjoy the quirkiness of it now

it's all about the swayzak one.

Ridiculously cool music for cool people

thursday/ friday double headers.

I think digweed once cancelled a bedrock at heaven because he wasn't well and sasha stood in.

But it was many many years ago so I could be wrong

poirot wrote:

People remembering tracks at 5 or 6 am in the morning? Poor form.

we agree on something

i can hardly remember my name at that time

Skydney wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Apologies for my non attendance but I'm currently in Sydney.

Looking forward to catching up with big Steve Marx either on Friday or Saturday.

Normal service will be resumed ref the afters in October.


I'm expecting big stories from the board big hitters when it coms to afters

both good shouts.

Cheshire cheese is a good pub. Have lost a fair few evenings in there