Something about this thread looks distinctly different from last night?

Anyone care to guess what that is?

Dermo showing his true colours as the hateful human being he is again then having to backtrack. I'm surprised he hasn;t had to start a new alias.


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Doing good things with their drugs policy as well.

smallman1 wrote:

And then Ibiza in September.

my mate is trying to talk me into beefa in september. I've only been back once since the fateful trip of 2004, and that was only a 2 hour work visit.

Obviously we will be binging it up a bit more this time but I can't help but feel that there are better holiday options.

I'm going to Mallorca in August for a week of cycling. Much more civilised.

also used to drive past that on the way to another work. It;s about 5 miles away from me. Never stopped but I've heard good things

i thought it went bust?

smallman1 wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

It's very difficult to get a decent meal outside London and that is a fact.

And all the pubs are shitholes these days. Carlsberg on draft? No thanks.

Head here Dave - … fordshire/

Might treat myself to a little manoir action soon.

no. i don;t have that one

I think I have this somewhere. Is that the one with yothu yindi as the opening track?

Who'd have thought that you could combine Maslow's heiracrchy and mein kampf into one logical sentence.

Bravo sir

but i still want the european nurses.

we get some nice spanish nurses at work. So I'm in.

I can't get past the couple in the first few minutes.

For those of you that have been here a while you might remember Adam. Anyway it turns out the poor bastard crashed his skateboard in Canada and they have found a brain tumour when they scanned him after the accident. Theyve taken a lot of it out, and he's ok but he'll need chemo / radio etc.

I met him through here and Bedrock and he's been a good mate for about 14 years.

He'd only just moved back to canada so insurance / sick leave is a bit scant. There is a find going. PM me for deets

Wishing him all the best


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Darwin kicks the shit our of melbs for weather mate.

Miss beers and steak in this place

Neko wrote:
Neko wrote:

You're getting mixed up with Randall Jones, DJ Three never played bedrock @ the beach
Randall Jones played a brilliant set at both venues.

Then again, I'm doubting myself now (pretty sure he didn't)

I know randall jones definitely did Brighton. he brought me a few beers if I remember correctly.

three may not have played the beach but he definitely did heaven. Or I may have completely made it all up and basically cannot remember a fucking thing from my 20s

smashdad wrote:
benson wrote:

him and randall jones were two of the best guests ever at bedrock imo.

Vague memories of Three playing Brighton on one of the few occasions I did the Bedrock double - Lisle did the warm-up maybe?

And epic pingers...

I think that I may well have been there.

Good times

him and randall jones were two of the best guests ever at bedrock imo. They were even better than john creamer

Dark Star wrote:

It is a compliment Benson, whenever I read that name I hear it in a strong, drawn-out West Indian accent.  The picture you posted recently hasn't upset that, I might add ...

I am Oxford's answer to David Roddigan and Tim Westwood

Not sure what I've done to deserve the elongated name, but i'l take it as a compliment.

I quite like about 50% of wunderground stuff that I read. Which is better than buzzfeed bt not nearly as great as the bantz on this board

that happened to me at about fabric 48.

Never bothered rejoining but he cds i have do sit in a pleasing numerically ordered line … ms-report/

Me, I just narrowly missed out on a PB for the cycle back from work. Gutted

jamie wrote:

he's taken up marathon running now hasn't he?

running them in something like 2 hrs 40mins or something ridiculous?

was always a boss runner. And i suspect 90% of that comes from his mind.

Fun times back in the day.

Thackers was and as far as i am aware, still is a great guy. I haveen;t aged a day since this photo was taken 12 years ago. By Ajos. Where the dickens is he.

Harks back to a friendlier time.


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Hop_Head wrote:
joeyp wrote:

Personally I'm happy to see derm back. Funny fucker and the board suffered without him imo

What's the funniest thing he's ever said?

that he used to work at eastern bloc


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Smalls and Marx, that's an an afterparty combination.

Smalls, how long are you in Melbourne for btw?


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I think I was watching prodigy.

This may be a useful thread