That was the best night out I've had in ages. The venue was decent, the sound system crisp, John was playing as though he was having fun, with a great flow but lots of variety. There were two tracks around 11pm and two around 1am that were simply stunning, and all tunes I didn't recognise.

Also I know the night was sold out, but the capacity in there seems reasonable and as the crowd were great there was none of the usual pushing and shoving, just dancing and having fun! I only moved from the dance floor on three quick occasions to grab more water.

Agreed this would make a great release - unlikely as there's already been "live in London", but it'd be great to hear this set again in some form... and hopefully the whole thing! ;-)

Thanks to John and anyone I was dancing with!



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Dermo where'd you get that picture of me?!  Naturally the only chart that counts!  (Everyone's centre of their own universe, right?!)
It's from 9-11pm btw, I'll post the list on here after 2nd Jan when the whole lot's been broadcast.


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Will do 40-21 on Barricade Radio tomorrow, but yeah, Millsy, this has been a massive year for Traum, no doubt about it.

Did anybody stay to the end?  What time did it finish and what did John finish with?  Also, any reports from rooms 2 and 3?

I'm absolutely gutted to have missed this night - was looking forward to it from the moment the bill was announced, and was still looking forward to it less than 12 hours before the event, when a dramatic change in circumstances meant I had to make the difficult but correct decision to give this one a miss.

Very glad that this seemed to be a good night, though!!!

Sitting up to watch the first day and we've actually started really positively.  Which is something.  Thanks to Clarke for giving us a chance to bat first!!!

Any speculation as to who Swanny WAS referring to, then, in world cricket, if not KP?!

Time flies but I only last saw Sasha and Digweed play together December 09 at the Warehouse Project.  Digweed warmed it up nicely with some solid tech-house, Sasha came on and should, by rights have stolen the show, despite only playing for around 45mins... he played an invigorating and original set of melodic music, light on rhythm but special as hell.  But Digweed came back on and ramped things back up with a brilliant selection of no-holds-barred techno, and deserved all the accolades.  After all, given they were billed for around 6 hours, and John played in excess of 5 of those, he probably deserved the props regardless of Sasha's superb cameo.

Still, I've seen both DJs countless times since and they both still have the power to amaze.  I understand they've drifted apart musically, but that, somehow, makes the idea of a "proper" back to back set (e.g. in their case swapping half hours all evening) all the more enticing.  It's sad if this article (which I've not read, to be fair) suggests we'll not hear that again.  Still, we've got some brilliant memories over the years, and at least we still have their individual talents to enjoy.


Oh... My... Fu(king... God...
I thought the room 1 line up was hot.  And now I find Blue Fu(king Amazon are playing?!
John-on-amonday, your room looks sh!t hot.  This is massive news... and thank you!

The design in question is half way down this page: … -28th-2010


This is a long shot, but if anyone has a spare navy Bedrock "B" hoodie (the one that looked like Celtic knotwork from a distance) or would be prepared to part for one for cash please let me know... I've just come back from Glade and this hoodie, an engagement present to my fiancee, has gone missing.  If anyone doesn't wear this any more or would prefer to have cash in its place, please PM me.  It would make my month.  (Alternatively if anyone knows how I can get my hands on one...)


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OK, if this is an official roll call I'm in.  It's good to have Bedrock back as a regular event.


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I've got 2 spare tickets going for this month's Bedrock - please drop me a PM if you're interested in the pair.  I can hand these over in the vicinity of the venue before the night starts.

Our new mix is now up on Mixcloud: … the-night/
The mix title is a Philip K Dick quote.  I think the tracklisting gives you an idea of what to expect.
Any feedback appreciated, PM me if anyone would like a download link.

John Digweed & Nick Muir - Bilder (Wiretappeur Reprise) (Bedrock)
Max Cooper-  Echoes Reality (Si Begg Remix) (Traum Schallplatten)
Denis A - Universe (Original Mix) (DAR)
Legowelt - Wherever We Go
Donnacha Costello - Hello I Must Be Going (Original Mix) (Pokerflat)
Ghosting Season - Dead Man's Switch
Philogresz - Isolated Funk Ensemble (Sarah Goldfarb Mix) (Treibstoff)
Radiohead - Reckoner (Henry Saiz Remix)
Dusky feat. Janai - Lost In You (Dub Mix) (AnjunaDeep)
Jonsson/Alter - En Livfull Skildring (Original Mix) (Kontra Musik)
SLAM - Lifetimes (Pan Pot Tribute To Life Remix) (Soma)
Funk D’Void - Stellar Gardens (Egbert Remix) (Outpost)
Timo Maas - Cash Johnny (Alan Fitzpatrick's Mass Destruction) (Rockets & Ponies)
Filippo Mancinelli & Allen May - The Hills (John Selway Dub) (Darkroom Dubs)
Mike Felks - Blade Runner (Jimmy Le Mac Remix) (405 Blue)
Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch - Off World Wonder (Original Mix) (H-Productions)
Marcel Dettmann - Translation Two (Osgut Ton)
Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Garden Dance (Original Mix) (MB Electronics)
Fergie - Blackout (Original Mix) (Housekeepin’ Records)
Bart Claessen - Fantomah (Original Mix) (Doorn)
Steve Hillage - Garden Of Paradise (Virgin)
The Shamen - Sefirotic Axis (One Little Indian)
Tangerine Dream - Warsaw In The Sun (Part 1) (Jive Electro)
Radiohead - Good Evening Mrs. Magpie (Modeselektor Rmx) (XL)
Alan Fitzpatrick - Moon Palace (Original Mix) (Bedrock)
Agoria - Panta Rei (Balearic Mix)  (Infine)
Scuba - Never (Original Mix) (Hotflush)

...although that said, John really should have a word with the weather prior to next month's event.  It was unacceptably cold outside and my feet still haven't defrosted after the journey home.

Thanks for the tune IDs Mr Dump.  Fantastic night all round if you exclude the fire alarms.  Space to dance; no overheating; friendly staff; fantastic flow, mixing and tune selection throughout the night; a friendly, knowledgable crowd with a variety of ages, decent gender split,  dressed to dance not to pose; a sense of community on the dancefloor not seen at Bedrock for many years; oh, and an awful lot of smiling faces throughout the night.  I was tee total yet still danced harder than I've done for some time.
Great to hear some updated classics thrown in - Voices sounded superb as did the Slacker tracks, also some great techno moments around 2am.  Does anyone know the name of the old melodic tune with the vocal sample "ahh" that was played at around 1:30am?  Altogether the set was well crafted, mixing hard edged beats with lots of melody and bass, emotional and euphoric without ever sounding cheesy.


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I just wanted to repost this as we've been judged to be in the Top 10 and are now in the final of the competition!  Which is really pleasing, as this is the first mix we've put online. … mp;theater

You can link to the mix here, please give it a listen and "like" it if it's to your taste!


Thank you Simon for a great post, loads of info and a great link!


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Hi all,
Please check out the new Cloud and Girl mix we've done for the Glade mix competition.  I've posted the tracklist below.  The mix moves from experimental sounds through afrobeat, tech house, techno, progressive and ends with some dub-folk.
Any comments or criticism will be gratefully received, plus I'd be interested to hear if any other board members had a stab at this - feel free to post links to your efforts below.

Edoheart - Monsoon In Ibadan
Fela Kuti- I.T.T. (Barclay)
Audiofly - Fela (Orginal Mix) (Get Physical Music)
Phunk Investigation - Spirit (Original Mix) (Respekt)
Soundprank - Cloudsound (Anjunadeep)
Ryan Davis - Roads (Traum)
Microtrauma - Contrast (Max Cooper Mix) (Traum)
Elephant Talk - Bretonish


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Wow, I had no idea that the following were grounds for so much vitriol:
1. Not enjoying a night and being bold enough to mention it
2. Going to an art event before hand
As I said in my post, I'm glad other people had a good time.  I wish I had done so too.


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Simon I usually love "under the arches" clubs and accept that these will always be a little warmer, but I didn't feel able to relax or enjoy myself last night.  I do recall sweating an awful lot in Heaven but to nowhere near the same extent.  I'm glad that I'm seemingly one of the only dissenting voices though and that the night seems to have been a hit.


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It's funny how different people have completely opposite experiences of an evening.  Did no-one else have a problem wtith the temperature?
I've been attending Bedrock for over 10 years and my fiancee, who is relatively new to the scene, has been going for 2-3 years.  My attendance record in this time is pretty good and I've never really been one to moan.  As Digweed and his cohorts have moved forward, away from the progressive sound I once fell in love with, I've moved and changed with them.  I've never been a detractor and bought my tickets for this party months ago, and have been literally counting down the days in anticipation.
We arrived at around 1am, having been to a squatted art event in Walthamstow to warm up.  We left Arcadia within an hour.  Upon arrival, I was in good spirits and these were buoyed when I realised that Omid would be standing in for Dennis A.
Whilst my fiancee was using the toilet, I spoke to one random fan and had a pleasant chat for a couple of minutes.  It did occur to me that the sound in the bar was fairly poor, but I wasn't overly concerned as I figured we'd head on through to the main room.
Pushing through the main room, where people's tempers were being shortened by the oppressive heat and general overcrowding, I had no intention of staying put there.  The sound was fine and Digweed seemed to be playing decent material, but I was glad of arriving at the other side of the room.  Whilst there was more space to dance in rooms 2 and 3, neither of these appeared to be air conditioned either and by the time I was served at the bar (a 20 minute wait maybe) the only place I could bear to be was outside.  As it started lightly raining on the smoking area, from which only a dull thud could be heard over the noise of people talking, I realised that this wasn't really what we'd paid our money for.  The decision to leave was something of a relief.
I'm sure that, had I stuck it out until 4am, the crowd would have thinned out and the last couple of hours been really special - let me reitarate that musically, everything I heard suggested the DJs were on form.  Those responsible for (a) booking and (b) running the venue, on the other hand, ruined my night.

I've not got either his ATC or Balance mix, but was really impressed by the Fabric disc; the jazz elements worked for me, and the pacing and mixing is really good.  The mix starts slowly enough but by 25 mins in I was won over.


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I doubt it.
Does anyone know the set times yet?

What do people reckon to the rest of the line-up?
I'm excited about Jozif, he's a good DJ and his Transitions guest mix was tasty.
Does anyone know who Robert James is?  I've checked his biography on Resident Advisor but I've not heard his name prior to this bill being announced.

Not for me, it's too purposefully noisy, not really my cup of tea.
That said, he did a couple of really good tracks with Erol.


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Glastonbury's about MORE than the music, rather than not being about the music at all.  Beyonce's an awful booking, but it'll just be another act I'll miss on the Pyramid stage, which isn't really one I frequent all the often these days anyway.