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ukhursty wrote:

If the run/ride isn't on strava,  it didn't happen.

Thems the rules.

Fact! Smalls, just be done with it, join strava and buy yourself a GPS watch. 4 hours will be easy once you have done that!

How have your previous efforts gone - blow up big time in the final 6 miles?


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Grant wrote:

If you've got minerals, it's Training Peaks.

Seems like a triathlon based site?


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Ok, needs rephrasing... What do you use to track what you have done?


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smallman1 wrote:

Just the 6k today.

Absolutely motored through it though.

Whats your app of choice Smalls? Garmin? Strava?


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So who else apart from smaller has run a marathon and is there anyone else with some times to boast about?


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Hop_Head wrote:

I think I want to run one before I shuffle off for good.  Any training tips from those that have been there and done it?  On a platter for Ed this thread.

Keep it simple, train sensibly, give yourself a decent lead up to starting a programme and use a plan from something off the net like myasics.com. Other than that get yourself into a local club or group to help break the monotonous amount of time you need to be on your feet training.

smashdad wrote:
0Greeny0 wrote:

Maybe a bit obvious by Moby - Southside - Pete Hellers Remixes would go down a treat!

PMs fella...

Amazing - thank you smile

Maybe a bit obvious by Moby - Southside - Pete Hellers Remixes would go down a treat!

smashdad wrote:

I'm so fucking confused - most people on here had led me to believe Sasha was shit...

*wrings hands*

Nothing more needed to be said...

Just wait for the next podcast where he is shit...

It's in Southampton

Pretty much in the same situation smile Away over Xmas and New Year - Probably aiming for early Jan.

He is playing for 8 hours with two back to back sets in there.

I'll have another go this year smile

millsy23 wrote:

Greeny and I have been in contact and he now has an hour's worth of 90s hip hop to listen to waiting in his inbox. My first ever attempt at such a mix. Took the whole brief on face value and strayed way off script. Greeny will be returning the favour shortly.........unless he's Dermo.

Certainly no issues of being "Dermo" here smile PM and link sent to Millsy23.

Enjoyed his hoip-hop mix last night, bit different, but certainly takes you back smile

I am in too smile

I fancy a go too

smallman1 wrote:

A marathon off will sort all of this out.

Can't quite believe this has got to a 3 pager smile A marathon off... Class

Mogsy wrote:

Seriously, running a marathon is no biggy. If it was 10,000 people every year wouldn't do it, the high majority of them dressed like twats. Its hardly unique. If you are going to brag about achieving something at least choose something pricks in Fred Flintstone outfits cant achieve just the same as yourself without any training at all.

If this thread had moved into 'I am amazing cos I have ran a marathon' or 'look how fast I ran a marathon' then fair comment, but unjustified in my eyes

And yes that is a bite wink

Ran london for the first time this year, entered for next year too.

Agree with Grant over training methods, running any distance isn't just about one method. Your putting together a huge puzzle with loads of different pieces. Miss one and then you will not hit close to your potential.

And people who slate them never have the application to do well smile

All depends on your goal - get round a marathon or actually hit a respectable time! Two very different things!!

I would say that swimming is a pretty bloody dull activity! Makes running positively thrilling!

It's all about using strava - brilliant fitness app/site. Many others use it?


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Think 'love music' gives you 15%.


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Brixton would be a huge swerve for me too - Really don't like the venue, confirmed after nye for the last night on earth party

Amazing - thank you smile