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Think 'love music' gives you 15%.


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Brixton would be a huge swerve for me too - Really don't like the venue, confirmed after nye for the last night on earth party

Amazing - thank you smile

Can anyone I'd the track at about 14 mins?

Was a good night, Tresher smashed it in my opinion, Diggers reliably good as usual.

Only shame was that there was too many coked up dickheads in the main room and the general smell of the club!

What kind of times did you run loopy?

Shame you didn't enjoy - suppose Sasha has been crossed off your 'to see' listin the future now?

Looked like most people enjoyed the night though. Will be interested to hear some other views.

Had so much of a goodnight he stayed and danced all night!
Surely if he thought it was that bad you would leave! I actually really enjoyed it, venue was quite good too!


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Sounded like Celeda - Be Yourself with the Walking in Fire bit over the top.

Thats why i cannot find the right remix smile

Thanks anyway smile

Can anyone ID this tune from Sasha's SW4 set?


Terrible - Iwan Thomas isnt much better!


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Did he start with his edit of max coopers mix of hot chip like on Friday?

Hardly 'inventive' and that vocal. oh my god!


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1) Twist and Shout
2) Dreamtime
3) Angry Skies

namistai wrote:

This confirmed?  Looks like a decent venue.

There is a little flyer on the main bedrock page

Anyone been to this venue? Could be interesting

Did anyone clock the bloke upstairs who was dancing in just his boxer shorts. Never seen someone that smashed, shocking! He must have felt a total teat when reality started to hit again!

I have a spare ticket for tonight after a mate has dropped out at very late notice. It is an early bird one so only a tenner. Message me if you are interested.

Mutant Clan from 1-3 then joris Voorn. That is on the SW4 site. Nothin else as yet

oh i get you, glad about that one!

Interesting, not sure about them. A dubstep remix????


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Thats the KU bootleg - moroder was the bass or something along that line

Steve Arnold wrote:

Sasha - 4 hour set in the Courtyard at Cream in 2001 (or possibly 2002). James Zabiela was on warm up and set the tone for the evening.

Finished with Cosmos and Cowpander. JX immortals remix was a massive tune of the night!

I would also say the Gatecrasher Summer Sound System (2000) the first one was immense - first time of seeing them both


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Which remix? I quite like one (digweed and muir), but the other is far too similar to other stuff that he has remixed (fergie)