I personally prefer the type of music Digweed was playing thursday over the last fabric - really smooth, percussive, atmospheric and spacious.  Thought he was really on form - absolutely amazing!

Went to see Digweed at bedrock last thur. I've only been clubbing before a handfull of times (seen sasha&digweed (together), sasha, laurent garnier) but this turned out to be something seriously special - 1000 times better than anything else I have ever heard!!!! I'm pretty sure he wasn't this amazing when I saw him with sasha at fabric last year! I've never been moved like this when listening to music in a club before! I listen to his GU/Bedrock/MMII cds all the time - but was beginning to think that I would never be able to appricate this sort of music to its full if it was played in a club - as I had never had an end-of-hong-kong-cd1 monent in a club before - until 6/2/03!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my own 'review' of thursday night - forgive me if I go on a bit - I've only been to bedrock once before this (sasha - no where near as good), and it still feels like i've got the adrenaline running through my veins now!!!

Danny Howells was playing his zig - zaggy crowd pleasing style. (I have since listened to some nubreed, and thats how he was playing). Near the end he played this almost techno track. You could have almost been in the middle of laurent garnier. It had this sample 'drop the needle... d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-drop the needle....' Crazy, and went on for ages. Everyone was going mental. He was playing what seemed like end-of-the-night stuff - massive strange noises-fast and hard - trancy, yet techy, crazy mahem. He was pulling faces at the crowd, putting his hands out in front of him and wiggling his fingers - having serious fun. The atmostphere was electric - each tune he played got the exact response he wanted. I was thinking '@#%$ after this there's 2 hours of digweed!!!!'

And then the moment came - a complete contrast in personalities - crazy danny howells welcomed on the shy bloke barely looking up from the decks and mixer for the first 25mins of his set - the no. 1 DJ in the world - John Digweed. The music was suddenly a lot less hectic - yet it lost no energy AT ALL - the big grinding basslines under a far less crowded soundscape still had everyone screaming. Every track maintained elements of the previous - to start with this was the swooshy spacy noises. He kept it smooth but interesting - everything staying the same on a superficial level, but everything changing on a more detailed level. And then every track seemed to have some distant reverbed trace of vocal in it. And then it just got harder and harder.... and harder... Without ever getting difficult to follow or clostrofobic sounding. You could look around at some points and there were so many smiling/laughing faces just because the music was so amazing.

At the end he stopped. Then started. And headhones on - fvck he's mixing more tracks! Then stopped to a delerious crowd after 15-20 mins. The lights came on. Then he started again! Lights off - one more track. People were crazy!

AND IT WASN'T JUST ME. Queuing for the coat room, in a sort of trance, I could hear this american girl who seemed to be just as amazed as I was, talking with her friends. 'My friends aren't going to believe me...................... I was just like 'I love you''......... 'He never looked you in the eye... He wasn't shy but.......'.....'I wish I could have got his autograph or something...'

What are there, 2000 people in the main room? I think there must have been at least 200 walking out of there in a daze thinking 'fvck me!'.

Anyone else had this sort of experience?