Regarding Horns, read the book ghosty. It's deliciously evil. Joe Hill is a genius when it comes to depicting ugly people.

Way better than it has any right to be. Scum especially is great.


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The voting's supposed to be this morning in the US.


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Hi res scans of EW's three Twin Peaks-covers. This should make you feel old.


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joeyp wrote:

On reflection I actually wouldn't

Yeah. No.

Hell or High Water. Great, if not amazing. Didn't see it ending the way it did, which is always a plus.


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Two new specials from Dave Chappelle from his vaults in Netflix now. Just watched them both. The man is still funnier at his worst then most really popular new comics at their best.

March studio mix here, this time managed to keep it just under two hours. Mostly melodic house, with a good beat that you can dance to. As always, hope you dig, and share. smile

1. NASA - main_emfisis_chorus_1
2. Khen - Imaginal Cells (Guy J Remix) [Lost & Found]
3. Marbert Rocel - With Your Love (Quarion Remix) [Compost]
4. Eagles & Butterfiels - Experiment G [Art Imitating Life]
5. Ruede Hagelstein - Flash Balls (Extended Mix) [Watergate]
6. krankbrother - Dreamscape (Fort Romeau Remix) [Krankbrother]
7. Miss Kittin & Dubfire - Ride (Solomun Remix) [SCI + TEC]
8. Analyst - Freedom [Nervous]
9. Eddoh - Era of Consiousness (Tuff City Kids Remix) [Smile for a While]
10. Benjamin Fröhlich - Holloway (Shan Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
11. Tiger Stripes - Boogie till You Barf [Karlovak]
12. Auntie Flo - So in Love (Kornel Kovacs Remix) [Highlife]
13. youANDme - Tube (Timo Maas Remix) [Rotary Coctail]
14. Steven Cock - Raw Stuff [House Stewardess]
15. Basti Grub - Lost Soul [Karmaloft Music]
16. House of 909 - The Blandford Superfly [Alola]
17. C. Vogt - Purple Hills (YokoO Remix) [All Day I Dream]
18. Nick Höppner - Out of Sight [Ostgut Ton]
19. Khen - Land of Goshen (Patrice Baümel Remix) [Lost & Found]
20. Auntie Flo feat. Anbuley - Waiting for a Woman (The Revenge Remix - Dixon Beat Edit) [Highlife]
21. Patlac - Auroa [Moodmusic] … march-2017 … march2017/ … arch-2017/


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Pricer wrote:

Sasha was great...........very old crowd, but well up for it.

LOL at Sean melting the face off Baumel. Talking utter nonsense, I imagine...!!!

Everybody just wants to ignore he showed up again?


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Yep. Just stick to alcohol. It's great, I know because I've been using it since I was 15.


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Sasha & Baumel-reviews please.

Felch Aid wrote:

Only other date appears to be futur festival in Italy which has fuck all to do with Ultra so the world tour isnt exclusive to ultra.

Would the social festival do it again although they've moved that to the end of September.

I've seen a lot of clips from various past Futur-festivals and it looks really cool.


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For the uneventful political climate maybe?

Dermatron wrote:

There's always Art Dept. Ouch!

The two people who've heard the mix have said it'd actually decent.

Was just about to post that too. Geoff keeping it cool. big_smile

Looks like the set will not be broadcast. sad


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This is amazing. … e&_r=0


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Free weekend. smile

Tomorrow record a new mix after work. Saturday mate's surprise 30th birthday-party. Can't believe I have mates that young.

It's a great film. No doubt.

Aaaaaanyway, back to the topic.

Midnight Special. The guy who did the excellent Mud does Sci Fi. Pretty good IMO. The end went a bit Contact and might not be for everyone.

Great little blog post about why Ridley Scott is so inconsistant as a director, and has always been. … bb73d80be4


What's the track at 30 minutes? Before the Domina remixes?

Reason I love physically having mixes on my phone is that half the time Soundcloud or Mixcloud app doesn't remember where I was in the mix in the morning by the time I'm leaving work in the afternoon. The music player I have on my phone remembers it even if I boot the phone during the day.