https://soundcloud.com/homegrove/homegr … er-20-2014

This is awesome.

https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/bicep-essen … 014-09-27/


Best DJ gig is still Parks & Wilson in Helsinki at the Screen-club. September 2002. I'd give quite a lot of a live recording of that, which is not an impossibility since it was streamed live, as were all other Screen-events at the Kaivohuone-venue.

Henry you were at the Kaapelitehdas-event, which was a lot bigger. Kaivohuone took about 800 people so it was much more intimate. Parks & Wilson too had to follow a horrendous warm up, Helsinki trance duo Slusnik Luna of the Sun fame played a live PA before them. Mick Park looked pissed behind the decks waiting for their turn. He then started with Jark Prongo's Wave 2081 and it was fabulous. Pure prog in it's finest form for 2,5 hours.

Presto wrote:

If I never heard this on the Movie Killers album CD there's a good chance I would not be on this forum now.

Also where I first heard that. Funny coincidence. That cd still travels with me to my indie gigs, Jungle Boogie of it is a great late night dance floor anthem for drunken hipsters.


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No fucking idea. Mike was most likely throwing shit at wall and seeing if something stuck. It seems some did. And we might as well close this discussion too.


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Mike's the real angriest man in dance music.


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Yep. He's not Dermo though, it was Mike Miller. big_smile


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Might be that he shared an IP with some alias that got banned.


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There's now an official iPhone-app, Android-app probably isn't long to come either.


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Worth the effort (one google-search) IMO, it amounts to quite a lot over time.

10 € in Beatport? With all the tracks included? Bought!

He's learned fluint Finnish quickly. A few back seat moderators also came to the meeting.


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Rambo III had taleban as the good guys lol.


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McConaghey had done Killer Joe and Mud previously.


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Ahad Adump wrote:

The USA created ISIS now they're bombing their own Frankenstein monster whilst arming "moderates" who will become fanatics who will require bombing again. All the while the original flimsy story regarding Assad killing his own people disintegrates.

Both can be true.


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For once I doubt no one disagrees with Ahad.

Nine Inch Nails in 2007 and Metallica in 1996 are up there for me. Both in Helsinki, and neither in a period thought best for them. I REALLY wish I'd been able to see Depeche Mode on their Devotional-tour.

It's a great DVD. Some cable channel here showed it live, I wore my VHS copy of it to death.

I did the math, it checks out.

As is the Simian Mobile Disco-tune. I find them quite often hit and miss, but this is ace.

I seriously doubt this place has seen anyone under the age of 25 in 10 years.

Shut up Rhouses, Mayas DJKicks is still ace. I listen to it quite regularly. Her first Essential Mix was superb, the other a bit of a letdown. Anja Schneider is superb.


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sylvianorth wrote:

Has anyone ever stood on a dancefloor and declared with any accuracy that an MP3 is playing? I mean anyone that didn't leave alone that night?

Brilliant. big_smile

nitron wrote:

I don't buy this idea that every weekend has to have a packed itinerary. Sometimes there's nothing better than spending three days doing absolutely naff all. A day in bed reading the papers, a few cold ones down the pub with a pointless Super Sunday such as Burnley vs West Brom. Feet up and a crap Chinese Friday night flicking between Brit Cops: Zero Tolerance or Classic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.


Apart from the telly bit couldn't agree more.