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Anybody awake yet?

Lovely mix from 2007 from MG to me, couple of great tracks I'd completely forgot on it.


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smallman1 wrote:

You never get this type of variety from HG and Damo.

They're all cutting edge and bang on the moolah du jour tech and prog house, you look in their locker after that though and what is it?

I'll tell you what it is, it's fcuking empty!

I've been meaning to do a mix of the stuff I play on my indie gigs at bars here in Turku for about two years... One day Ed.


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Big Fella wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

I wonder if another 'London' mix was planned from this night? It seems Diggers' recent mix releases from clubs are quite the poison chalice for the clubs hosting.

Haha the DIgweed Closes series


I liked the techno bits a lot on CD3.

It is pretty fucking outstanding remix though.

DJ - Uncle John
Producer - Âme
Film - Her


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The police stormed the cafe 10 minutes ago according to Twitter.


CD came in the post today, all intact.

PM sent at 6 AM to MG.


I really hope my first threeway won't be with two blokes from this forum.

I also really hope I get paired up with someone who likes prog, because my mix clocks 3 hours 22 minutes. When I started the recording I had some difficulties stopping. It seems Saturday mornings after a proper night of sleep are a good time to record mixes.

Sunrise around 10 AM, sunset at 3PM. So unless we have clear skies (usually it's always gray).... Yeah.

Snow on the ground makes a huge difference to the amount of light though. That stuff reflects any little light amazingly. Even starlight.

Saturday morning, 8:55 AM, snow is falling outside, all still dark. And I'm recording my mix.



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Quite surprisingly making registering mandatory for the links to be shown didn't hurt the trafic. When was that, 5 years ago?


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Big Fella wrote:

Do we need to be scared?

They have MUCH bigger trafic than us, making them more appealing.



I believe it's recorded from the start. I've heard he once again pulled out the classics like We Are Connected later, and that's probably why it's just 3 cds, licensing issues of the classics.

Simonr was there, I bet he can confirm.


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I deemed it as a personal attack. I'm sure Dave can PM it to you since he obviously wrote it on some other platform, since he was able to copy and paste it thrice.


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It got deleted three times.

I'm never going to be too old for eloquent poop humor.

http://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfi … e/.compact

Oh, I wasn't looking for it per se. SomethinG I realized later. It was also in such a contrast because so much of the other CGI was really bad. Movements and so forth.

Thanks. Mobile is difficult for butterfingers.

Lack of any sort of plot. I felt the first two had a story in them, this was basically nothing but 2 hours of bad CGI fighting. Saruman kicking ass was amazing though, Weta really did their stuff there, it was impossible to tell where Christopher Lee went from himself to a CGI creation. I really doubt he's that nimble at 90, or however old he is now.

Orlando Bloom is also the anti-Keanu, he looks way too old now.