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The visual aspect is some of the appeal. The latest episode had some terrific cinematography. The elevator scene and the walk in the woods for example.

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Sasha has always got to go one better though, he did the Involver series as he felt that the old style mix cd was passe and everyone was doing them so he wanted to remix all the tracks on it so they were more exclusive. What he needs to realise is that Diggers has proved with his live in series that you can do a decent mix cd with some upfront tunes and a few known tracks and it will still sell

hmmmmm, not really.

The mix comp is dead and has been for years now - too many free mixes of comparable quality these days and piracy is too easy now. Only genuine acolytes of the DJ in question will buy a two disc comp these days. Balance keeps going because all the other competition have dropped out the race and they have taken chances on up and coming DJs or people you would generally class as being producers rather than DJs. People who still have the hunger or something to prove so knock it out the park given the chance. (Having said that, theyve released some utter dross too)

With such a reduction in sales, the production costs of the CDs needed to come down or they had to stop altogether. First the stylish covers on (renaissance) CDs got cut, then we switched to "novelty" disc 1's with the DJs generally doing chillout mixes so people couldn't just download a similar mix etc etc.

Uncle John is a very astute business man. He worked out a way to release comps without having to spend the time (two months ish) putting them together and cutting licensing costs by generally using stuff from bedrock.

It's not that they sell any better or even as well as the old 2CD comps used to sell - it's that they are cheaper to produce so profit percentages are comparable.

Live in albums do need very little studio-time, but I doubt they're still not too cheap to produce.


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I think that Fargo's second season just might surpass nearly everything else that's been on TV before.

Of course not, but speculating is what we do.

I hate it that DJs these days feel the need to do something like make a mix cd full of their own edits. If you want to do something special, don't make it full of exclusives, do it like Chris Fortier did with his Balance 10 years ago. It was full of music that was all already released and people could buy, but was mostly stuff not a lot of people knew about. Man I love that mix still.

I think it's the next Balance. In which he tries to do something "special" instead of just mixing decent tunes well together. And we know how that will end up.


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I'm quite happy the Finnish equivalent to SWAT isn't quite as militarized and triggerhappy.


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Never underestimate lonely, disturbed people on the internet.

http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/29/magaz … r&_r=0


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Wedding gig last night was a lot of fun. Mainly played a lot of 80s and 90s alternative pop and rock, was surprised how much they liked that stuff. This was also surprisingly one of the biggest hits on the dancefloor.



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benson wrote:

Or learn to ski Hannu? it's pretty good fun

I'm 37. I don't think so.

Millsy I can crosscountry ski. Naturally, I guess I could do that there.


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Wife skiis. She'd like to go to Koli (where we went on summer to do some hiking) during winter because they have some nice slopes there. I don't ski, so I don't know what to do there for 4 days. Drink? Snowshoeing sounds like those things that is fun for about 5 minutes.

The scenery is nice though.



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I have no such dreams. I couldn't take the lifestyle with trying to party while traveling all the time. I'm happy just to play somewhere nice about twice a month like I do now, and get paid enough to cover all the music I buy. I've had months where I've had six gigs on top of working all week, and they nearly killed me.

Samuli Kemppi works five days a week, regularly flies for gigs on weekends, and manages to have family time on top of it. Some have better stamina then others.


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A club opening tonight with free booze, a wedding DJ gig tomorrow which I'll do purely for money and very little inconvinience, since it's located 100 metres from my front door, and someone else takes care of all the gear, I'll just show up with my laptop and get a few hundred euros for about 3 hours of work. If only the DJ gigs I love to play payed as well.


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The old way IMO.

Thanks for the offer, but I'm playing that night. Not in London obviously.

Last promotional mix containing new music this year. Next month it's time for the best of 2015-mix.

1. Julian Ganzer - Instant Belief (Sasse Remix) [Soundcloud]
2. 2000 and One - Burnin' Dub (D'Julz Remix) [100 %]
3. Terrence Parker - Alarm the Sound (John Tejada Remix) [Abstract Theory]
4. Folic State - Another (NoGo) Zone (Gurwan Remix) [Buena Onda]
5. Marco Effe - Silly Toys [My Little Dog]
6. Rancido - Thief [Atjazz Recording Company]
7. Han Haak - Redemption (King Unique Remix) [Sudbeat]
8. Rosie Lowe - Worry About Us (Ewan Pearson Remix) [Wolf Tone]
9. Mulder - Aeolus [Rejected]
10. Fur Coat ft. Bon Homme - Kick Your Smile [Soundcloud]
11. Robert Owens, Beanfield, Christian Prommer, Roland Appel, Michael Reinboth, Compost Allstars - Good Day (SHOW-B Instrumental )[Compost]
12. Nick Curly - All People [8Bit]
13. Lee Van Dowski - Odds and Sods [Rebellion]
14. André Kronert - The Throne Room (Len Faki Dub) [Figure]
15. Ian O'Donovan - Arena [Intec]
16. The Yellowheads - The Beginning (Cari Lekebusch Remix) [Black Label]
17. Blue Hour - Axis Motive (Answer Code Request Remix) [Blue Hour]
18. Phil Kieran - Wasps under a Toy Boat (Planetary Assault System Remix) [Cocoon]
19. Vakabular - Everything [Resopal Schallware]
20. Trikk - Deviation 33 (Locked Groove Remix) [Man Make Music]
21. Tiger Stripes & Jerome Sydenhamn - Elevation (Ink & Needle Remix) [Ibadan]
22. Reset Robot - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon [Truesoul]
23. Baio - All the Idiots (DJ Tennis Remix) [Glassnote]
24. Joy Wellboy - Before the Sunrise (Safet Scissors Remix) [Bpitch Control]

https://soundcloud.com/homegrove/homegr … r-mix-2015

Golden Eye was released 20 years ago apparently. Is it really that good everyone makes it up to be? All I can remember from it is that Famke Jennsen is insanely hot in it, and that Sean Bean dies. Which is not saying much.

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Michael Jordan's had HIV for two decades or something now. Hardly a death sentence these days if you have the money.

Magic Johnson you mean?

lol. They're all the same to Hanners, the daft racialist.

Oops. Michael Jordan was the one who was a huge cunt, Magic Johnson the one with HIV.

Michael Jordan's had HIV for two decades or something now. Hardly a death sentence these days if you have the money.


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I've had the roughest Monday in my living memory. Fengler was excellent, played a lot "softer" then I expected.

They take the videos down fast.



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Presto wrote:

America and it's allies bomb the likes of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq etc in to the stone age, murdering thousands of innocent lives. Nobody bats an eyelid. 100 people in Paris are killed and everyone changes their Facebook profile picture to a French flag.

The terrorist attack in Lebanon on Thursday (also done by those lovely rascals ISIS) also didn't gather much news coverage. Death tall was less, yes, but still...

Him and Snedders should have a battle who has which tune.


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For my recollection two Finnish soldiers have died abroad, one was killed in combat in Afganistan by rebels, the other was killed by Israel "accidentally."

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internati … ebanon_War