It's great if you just concentrate on the technical side, Kathryn Bigelow is a great director.

The Fast and Furious-generation will lap up the remake.


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You just need to download the driver for it on your computer. Mac works straight away, windows needs the driver.


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Also went missing, the baseball hat.


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My ex is living there atm so I'd advice to avoid the place like it had the black death.

Next you're telling me lesbians don't scissor. sad

Like the woman in Ireland two years ago or so who had a life threatening pregrancy but was denied abortion. Both the mother and the baby then died.

Progressive Obsessive is also automatical. smile

Also, you can download Transitions from here:

Not my doing, it comes from the amount of your posts. wink

I'm happy to provide you with a custom title if you have one in mind. smile

It's pretty great to see someone that is still a "bedrock virgin" after registering in 2002.

And if you think downloading Transitions is a hassle you should check out Everybody wants to be DJ and Mercury Server in Soundcloud. Both offer the show for dl every Sunday. smile

Finland is also getting gay marriage in 2017. It was voted on in last November by the parliament, but for some reason it takes them 2,5 years to put it into effect.

Anyway, can't wait to get an invitation to my first gay wedding, I bet it'll be fabulous.

Any reason to post these two....

Oh I'll be keeping a close eye on it. Which one you think is the more controversial issue, gay marriage or abortion?

Well done. smile

Now if you could only give women the right to have an abortion, so they wouldn't need to travel abroad to have them done, or worse, resort to back alley solutions.

It's a young man's game Joey, for someone who is still hungry to impress.


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303 abuser wrote:

yeah, love disc 2 as well.

i hate the feeling that i'm getting old and clinging to yesterday's music, but i just can't find anything now that moves me in the same way.

Absolute opposite, never got into Disc 2, even in my younger years. It's way too banging.


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Yant wrote:

Most of us are good eggs!

Yes you are. I only noticed because that part also says if there are new registered users. For some unknown reason that rhymes with rocky I need to keep my eye on that today.


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Not really. Just giving you a hint why the guy who pays the bills to keep us afloat might want this place not to make him look bad.


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43 guests, 6 registered users. It's not just us guys.

Last movie I went to see by myself was Scream 2. I don't know why I don't do it more often, nothing weird about it, it's not like you'd want to talk to your friend or spouse during the movie. Unless you're American apparently.

We loved Ex Machina, saw it last night. The missus was annoyed it didn't end a few minutes earlier, at the elevator, I don't know, I think we needed to see the ending.

As per usual, nobody guessed the location right.

Nice one, three cds again. Looks good, pretty damn good place to stop the mix too, when you have to because of classics being hard to clear.

Soooooo... Today we'll know.


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simonr wrote:

Hoping for Treehouse or Kristal ... but think this may be from Columbia.

Looking at his gig schedule, I think you're right.