Why? You have something against fanboying? sad

Junodownload has the samples already, and some additional info. The mix is, by my math, about 450 minutes long, and the digital release has 74 full length tracks. That's quite a package.


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As if you wouldn't sell your soul for that kind of money.


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He's doing very well working on the music side of television. And he does the odd mashup every now and then.

Prog days are long behind though.

His second remix of Amber's Anyway on Bedrock is probably my favorite older prog track that I still play couple of times a year.


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They play big arenas and even stadiums. Quite a lot.


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Clearly the people at Forbes haven't yet heard of my new 150 € a gig residency.

Found a decent clip of Val Kilmer changing clips:

Speaking of Michael Mann-movies and guns. Tom Cruise is nutty as hell, but damn he was amazing in this.


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smashdad wrote:



Beats'N'Pieces wrote:

Some good tracks but this sound is so samey, a full mix of the same synths etc just don't do it for me and it quite frankly bored me a bit. Loved Bodzin when I saw him in 2014, Powers of 10 for me was pretty much the same sound just re-arranged though.

Only The Dj Tennis track stood out.

The Baumel-track is awesomeballs, otherwise I agree.

44 million losses. Jesus.

http://www.factmag.com/2016/02/11/sound … 4m-losses/


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Having to google "Room 101."

poirot wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

...yeah Dermo its class, the score is brilliant aswell. The shootout is immense but you can't beat the scene where he goes back to the hotel for Wayne Gro, epic.

Yeh thats ace too. I was lucky enough to go the cinema to watch it. When the gun fight started it was that loud it was like being in the middle of it. One of the best things ive ever seen to be fair. Movie wise anyway.

Had a similar experience. It actually made my ears ring in the cinema. Fun fact, gun sounds are usually always foley in movies, Heat used the real recording from the shoot. Because nothing the sound guys could come up with came even close to the real thing. Val Kilmer's clip changing technique was also 5/5 according to military instructors they used. The actors did a week long gun training for the film.

Sicario. I don't know what your problem with it is, thought it was damn near perfect.

I thought he played for 6 hours?

Sooooo, any ideas on the track on video 1?

Cue Uncle John saying "forthcoming on Bedrock..."

Digweed's hair has mellowed quite a bit since 2006.

This lovely hairdo debuted 10 years ago, time does fly.


Was it Presto who made a Myspace-page for his hair?

Intro sounds like a nice throwback to the 2000/2001 dark prog-sound. Would love to know the track on video 1. Also try to pick out Kiz in the comments on the intro-video.

Must be annoying have the video guy so in you personal space. That shit wouldn't fly if Digweed was Finnish, we need at least two meters between two people.

Buick Project - Chancer was a great tune. Might take that along for my gig this weekend.

Quite amazing. It's on the Stephan Bodzin-essential mix from last weekend.

Any idea about a release date?

Is your custom title accurate again?

He's been playing together with Joris Voorn a lot lately. That's about the extent of my knowledge about him.


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Freebie from Josh Wink.

https://www.hive.co/downloads/download/ … spotlight/

Second is my favorite. This small clip has me a bit worried, it looks too much like a "regular" action flick than a Bourne-movie. Especially blowing the cars in Vegas looked shit, and un-Bourne.

I read books again and watch movies again. Why? I still get pleasure out of them on the second, or fifth time (in some cases). Why else do it? Simple thing really. People who read books or watch movies to know what happens in the end probably won't see the point in repeating the action.

Got the new Empire in the mail today, the missus is away riding her horses. Might get to listen to this through in one sitting. smile