I found this on my computer yesterday, and asked Danny if it's cool to share it in it's entirety now. He said yes. An hour was aired on YleX, Finland's equivalent for Radio One, the next week, otherwise this hasn't been anywhere before. I played the warm up, Nick Warren played after Howells, and they ended the evening with a short b2b set. Thanks for Sbando for hosting it!

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/d … ls-live-at

Always the best track is unidentified...


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smallman1 wrote:

Are any of these any good?

I'd pay for any of these gladly:

https://soundcloud.com/xlr8r/pulp-disco … -story-mix

https://soundcloud.com/maceoplex/chelse … plex-remix

https://feelmybicep.bandcamp.com/track/ … ot-alt-mix

I came across this and decided to reupload it to Hearthis... My biggest gig ever so far, pressure wise. Danny played after me, followed by Nick and they ended the night with some quality b2b. It was a great night, what didn't help the next day was that the promoters had stocked the DJ booth with a LOT of alcohol. If I remember correctly I exited the stage to throw up shortly after this was taken during their encores:


1. Kura & Fanney Osk Thorisdottir - Gg (Lulu Rouge Remix) [Bujakasja]
2. Sascha Funke - Hiddensee [Bpitch Control]
3. Martin Eyerer - The Shark (Sasse & Phonogenic Remix) [Blu Fin]
4. Dave DK - Will Be Gone [Mood Music]
5. Pirupa feat. Baz - Clarity Of Love (Tevo Howard Beat Mix) [Rebirth]
6. Cora Novoa - Icaro (Sistema Remix) [Natura Sonoris]
7. Beth Orton - Central Reservation (Deep Dish Modern Redneck 2000 Dub) [Deconstruction]
8. Culoe De Song - Webaba [Innervisions]
9. Deniz Kurtel feat. Jada - The L Word (Guy Gerber's Countryside Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
10. Tom Middleton - Cicadas (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Lo Rise]
11. Bas Amro - Le Huitieme Arrondissement [Wolfskuil]
12. Deep Blast - One (D. Diggler's Early Years Remix) [Rip N Burn]
13. Andreas Bergmann - Toast (Estroe Remix) [Klopfgeist]
14. Terry Lee Brown Junior - Deeper Solidity [Plastic City]
15. Pig & Dan - Love Song [Balushi]
16. Kinobe - Butterfly (Swag's Falling Further Dub) [Pepper]
17. Bat For Lashes - Pearl's Dream (Pseydonym Edit) [cdr]

https://hearthis.at/Homegrove/homegrove … ary192011/

Just finished Stephen King's latest, Revival. The ending was his bleakest since Pet Sematary. Pure Lovecraftian horror.

Big Fella wrote:

Bet John is chuffed this is a sticky.

Oops. Damn phone.

Cliff Huxtable was a gyno...

Holy fuck.


A bit snowy there eh?

Didn't participate last year, will do this year. In.

My father commented on the photo: "So you fancy yourself a terrorist eh?"

Final promo mix for 2014. This one is on a bit proggier edge, hopefully you don't mind.

1. Atnarko - Closer (Ricky Ryan & Kosmas Remix) [Union Jack]
2. John Talabot - When the Past Was Present (Pachanga Boys Purple Mix) [Beats in Space]
3. Aufgang - Channel 7 (John Talabot Remix) [Discograph]
4. Leo Leal & Adrian Garza - Boaz [Musik Gewinnt Freunde]
5. Art Department feat. Seth Troxler - Cruel Intentions (Jerome Sydenham Deep Space Dub) [No. 19]
6. Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen - Dem Howl (Michael Mayer Remix) [Kompakt]
7. Sascha Funke - Zug Um Zug [Kompakt]
8. Noir & HRRSN - My Fault (Alberto Ruiz Remix) [Noir Music]
9. Steve Porter - Nordica [Fade]
10. Locked Groove - Enigma (Scuba's Warehouse Remix) [HOTFLUSH]
11. Sven Väth - L'esperanza (Âme Remix) [Cocoon]
12. Schlepp Geist, Benotmane & Jinadu - Stuck in My Head (Rampue Remix) [Fenou]
13. Sohn - Lights [4AD]

https://soundcloud.com/homegrove/homegr … -on-comets


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Jimbo got carried away with his hatred of women a bit there.



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I suddenly feel pretty fucking handsome.

Also saw Interstellar last night. Amazing.

Edge of Tomorrow yesterday. Agree with others here, way better than I expected.


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Great for playing mp3s.


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I started walking to and from walk after my recent house move. 4 kilometres in total.

Should be in marathon shape in a few weeks of that.


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smallman1 wrote:

Reading this has put me off getting married and having kids.

All in for the hair transplant though.

Ditto. I'm open for getting married though, it doesn't have to mean kids. I know two childfree married couples, and they seem happy as fuck, great vacations, money to spend. Both also nearing age where you have to have the kids if you want them, so I'm keeping an interested eye on how their life goes in the next few years.

Presto wrote:

Some absolute belters  in here.

This is his most muscular work.

Watched Prometheus again yesterday. No matter what you think of the movie, nobody can say it doesn't look bloody marvellous.


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smallman1 wrote:

When does this get released?

December 8th.

London is the best easily.