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smallman1 wrote:

What I like about Hernan is that you know exactly what you're going to get from him.


Yeah,will give this a pass.


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I loved Stephen King's video. Just because it was great to see a billionare who still dresses in white tube socks and velcro sneakers. I think he's pretty down to earth.


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I still like My Heart. I don't even mind Puff Daddy's "rapping" on it.


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He's done two really great things this year though. The original Conjure-track (liked it more than Conjure Balearica everyone else was playing) and the Maceo's flight home remix (I can't remember who that was for and can't be bothered to check as I'm on a bus atm). Rest were nothing amazing, and the new Whowhatever- remix is bollocks.

smallman1 wrote:

Money for old rope nowadays with Sasha.

Turn up, knock out bland, pedestrian, palm tree tech house and bank the gargantuan pay cheque.

Nice work if you can get it.

Excellent. I hope the Dublin-set gets released, and is actually as good as the reports.


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I'm always too desperate to act and appear cool at Helsinki places like Ääniwalli to even approach the booth. That is, unless it's a friend playing. Last time I was in Kaiku I had two friends playing so I drank most of my beers in the booth lol.

That said, having never heard Dixon play live I think I have to go there this coming Sunday, first work day in four weeks (YAY SCANDINAVIAN HOLIDAYS) or not.


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Lil Tony, the guy who has been behind pretty much all of the best clubs in Helsinki (Kerma, Redrum etc) and now runs Kaiku and the Ääniwalli event just posted on the upcoming Dixon-gig event on Facebook that he first brought him to play in Helsinki in 1995 when Dixon was 17. Jesus christ. I knew he'd been coming to Finland for quite some time but...


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simonr wrote:

Which other tracks impressed you H ? Will check out longer clips.

Favorites are (didn't have any of these before) besides the The Field-track:

Partial Arts (I had the original before though)
Maceo Plex
Dave DK

Yeah, not a fan either.


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The first Kompakt-album I've bought in awhile.


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Looks like it's back to Helsinki next Sunday too...



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Mano was great, recommended! His biggest track reaction-wise was Tarkus. It sounds AWESOME on a proper system.

Time to thank Sbando and curse Soundcloud. From his Facebook:

"Hence you have left us with no choice but to terminate your account, your sounds, your followers and your stats. In order to avoid further infringement, you are prohibited from accessing or creating any other SoundCloud account."

Bye bye Everybodywantstobethedj-soundcloud page. Fucking hell this hit me hard, it's been my go to page every week, mostly for Transitions, but for countless other mixes too, the back catalogue of Essential mixes was amazing.

I know that the late rise in my own Soundcloud-popularity is very much because the right people reposted my mixes, Sbando without doubt being the most important one.

The page is still up, make sure to download stuff while it's still there... sad


La Nausee wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Naus needs to post in this thread again. Especially with all the Affleck talk (I know he's a fan)

Lol. Right, he made one good flick I think of ....but not the name...the blaggers in Boston...The Town, that's the one. Which he directed I think. Apart from that he was made for stuff like Armageddon, Independence Day, Pearl Harbour, anything which involves puttin things to right, y'all. He was in some of them, wasn't he?
Btw, Armageddon is  Hannu's fifth fave movie of all time after the four Batman films. His only gripe is that he didn't wear a cape.

He wasn't in Independence Day. I've not seen Armageddon or Pearl Harbour. I love shit movies, but can't stand Michael Bay, apart from the first Bad Boys-movie. The Town is really great IMO.

Only one.

I trust he'll do great in the next Fincher-flick Gone Girl. I've read the book and Affleck is perfect for the character. Everything you hate about him is in the character.


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Moving this. Also I could do one, PM me with the timetable. smile


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The "a lot of people brush it off" comment made a bit peeved that's all, knowsing several people with mental problems. Goes with being Finnish I guess.


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Loopy is a fucking Daily Mail-reader.



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Going to this on Sunday. Looks good, the VUM-thing has seen some amazing DJs every Sunday in Helsinki, this is the first I can manage, despite it only being a 90 minute drive away. Dixon will probably close the season, as he did last year.

Anything similar going elsewhere, in normal places (ie, not Ibiza)?


That haircut is unfortunately making it's way back among hipsters.


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Now that's some feedback.


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Still waiting for feedback from Ed... hmm

Dave, read on Reddit (the most reliable source surely) that the guy who wrote the Cheers tune never had to work another day in his life, still getting a shitload of royalties off that. Stuff like that makes me happy.

True Blood-opening is boss. Not a fan of country usually, but love that.