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He played a shocking amount of 2006-tracks somewhere there though.

These guys can't do a bad song it seems. The title track is awesome. Highly recommended for those who don't mind venturing outside of dance music.

If it's as good as his Living in Headphones-mix I have no problem with buying it. That had Charlie May helping though.

This is fucking fantastic.

Franz Lehár – In Ipnosi [Connaisseur]
André Lodemann – Leaving The Comfort Zone [Innervisions]
Timo Maas – Shadows of Your Suns [Rebellion]
Dubspeeka – Outland 1 [Skeleton]
André Lodemann – Between The Notes [Innervisions]
Fur Coat – Limiter [White Label]
Scuba – Glacial [Life and Death]
Goldffinch – Unworthy (Fur Coat Remix) [Twin Turbo]
Candace – Into the Hollow [Kina Music]
Radio Slave – Don’t Stop (Tale Of Us Remix) [Nonplus Records]
Rødhåd – Kinder der Ringwelt [Dystopian]
Agents of Time – Obsidian [Ellum]
Alex Niggemann – Virgo (Fur Coat Remix) [Last Night On Earth]
Alex Niggemann – Angular [White Label]
Rampa – Newborn Soul [Keinemusik]
André Hommen – Centrifuge [Poker Flat Records]
Gemini Voice Archive – Horizonte de Sucesos [Soma Records]
Lee van Dowski – If Jack Was Only Here [Crosstown Rebels]
Matrixxman – Augmented [Ghostly International]
Mark Evemport – Bagus [Sticky Music]
Rework – Acid Control (Fur Coat Remix) [Yakazi]
Bambook – Snowstorms (The Drifter Remix) [Culprit]
Dave DK – Smukke Lyde [Kompakt]
Marc Romboy – Hypernova (Stephan Bodzin Remix) [Systematic]
Cobblestone Jazz – Northern Lights [Itiswhatitis]


Went to see Trainwreck with the wife. Both actually loved it. It had the basic Judd Apatov-movie problem, ie too long for a comedy, but otherwise I enjoyed it. Amy Schumer was a surprisingly good at acting, and John Cena and LeBron James were way too good at acting. They stole all their scenes.

I'd stick to monthly billing, instead of annual, if you haven't already.


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Narcos on Netflix is awesome.

I've listened to this 4 times this week, so there's got to be something to it.

Just watched The Right Stuff. Fantastic movie, never seen it before, which is strange. 3 hours 12 minutes long, and it just (ahem) flew by.

Trainwreck maybe.

He can be good when he wants to (see Moonrise Kingdom, Looper), but yeah, these type of movies he does phone in.

The common opinion is to stop before the last seasons apparently. I heard it goes to shit fast.


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This is fucking fantastic.

Red and Red 2. The first one is a guilty pleasure, the latter just embarrassing. Mary Louise Parker is a minx though, she's aged beautifully. Thinking about starting watching Weeds from the beginning.

The shooter is apparently a former worker at the same news station.

Not watching the video, nope, NOPE, don't need that thank you.


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Yeah, you're a bit behind times on that, but no worries. The attendence rates in Seaworld have dropped quite a lot because of that apparently. Which is nice.


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Was back at work again today after 4 weeks off. It was a nightmare. Hoping things make more sense tomorrow.

Back at work, so looking forward to getting into this the best way, while walking. I've got a 20 minute stroll to work, so it's going to be in cuts, but still.

John Wick. I really don't know. On the other hand it was gloriously OTT, and yet it was also painfully OTT. The gun work was excellent though, can't remember the last time an action movie had as much reloading. He never fired more than 9 bullets from one clip.

Gone already. Can you send it to me Shaun?

Yep. The straightened out Digweed long hair is my favorite.


They had some real crime haircuts ten years ago lol.


snowstorm wrote:

i dunno what he may have done as i checked out for a while but dermo always makes me laugh.

to quote fdr. he may be a bastard but he is our bastard.

Beijing Dave wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

I need the timeline explained to me. You haven't seen her in two years and got divorced this year?

You don't need to see someone face to face to get divorced in the UK.

You can apply for divorce through the courts and the other person may just not contest it.

Ah, ok.

I need the timeline explained to me. You haven't seen her in two years and got divorced this year?