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Not a problem finding good tunes to many other DJs, including the guy who owns this board.

Finale's going to be 90 minutes BTW. Episode 7 was awesome.

Frank's got one hell of a grocery list.



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Flares is Ncable, who unlike who is rumored to be his music partner, learned his lesson.

Amps wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

the 'he looked us straight in the eye and just continued' approach. That's a ledge right there.

Used to work with a bloke, who, when on a 'works weekend away', stripped off, climbed on top of the hotel wardrobe and started wanking off whilst smiling and winking at everyone. He genuinely couldn't fathom why he was sacked on the Monday morning.

New trailer for Black Mass. Benedict Cumberpatch with a Boston accent should be interesting to hear.


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One week bans as a slap in the wrist-method are still an option. Maybe replace the three strikes you're out with those sounds like an option to me.

Intermixed with Digweedinitus with 1 % of originality.

Cheers. And moved.

Formation Flying is a fucking bomb, I bust that one out once a year aprox and it always gets people going.

Yep.  It is glorious.

Enabled now. Sorry, hit the wrong box or something.

July mix a week or so late, please listen and hopefully enjoy. smile

John Goodman- The Position of Fuck You
1. Midnight Special - Hog's Back [Tsuba]
2. Eddie Fowlkes - That's What I Think About (Culoe De Song Remix) [Defected]
3. Dj Koze - XTC [Pampa]
4. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Vermillion (Agoria Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
5. @ME - Woods [Keinemusik]
6. Tube & Berger - When They Come [Kittball]
7. Yousef & Bontan feat. The Angel - Believe (ANNA Remix) [Circus]
8. Raw District feat. Aquarius Heaven (Martin Buttrich Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
9. Lehar - Zephyr [Connaisseur]
10. Rampue - Sephiroth [URSL]
11. @ME feat. Sabota - Trilogy [Keinemusik]
12. Audiofly - Chiaroscuro [Supernature]
13. BOg - Rakuten [Bedrock]
14. Simon Baker presents BKR Project - Burnt Out [Drumcode]
15. Confute & R.E.C. - 2002 [Bedrock]
16. André Hommen - Centrifuge [Poker Flat]
17. Tim Green - Eclipse [Cocoon]
18. Warm Hall - 115 (Marc Marzenit Planet Techno Remix) [Paradigma Musik]
19. Blond:ish - Endless Games (Patrice Baumel Dub Mix) [Kompakt]
20. I Have a Tribe - Yellow Raincoats (Frank Wiedermann Remix Club Version) [Grönland]

https://soundcloud.com/homegrove/homegr … the-ground

Can't find the original thread atm (some mod lol).

http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2 … ament.html

Details of a written warning from Sir Antony Duff, the director general of MI5, to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet Secretary emerged on Wednesday night after the government slipped it online as parliament closed for the summer.

I'd like to think that someone did that without a permission.

Out next Monday.


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You seem quite sure that she's not aware of you posting here lol.


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It's.... Actually really him....



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Not for me either.


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We're only going away for a week to do some hiking, other than that probably just day trips around the country. I'm not into traveling, which might come as a shock to some.


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Seeing as I'm one work day away from fucking off for four whole weeks, I'm interested in how much time away the employed people of Bedrock-forum will be taking. The Americans probably not at all, lest they get viewed as lazy.

Junodownload also has WAV.

The exclusive dance music Apple-music now has might not be so exclusive long.

http://www.engadget.com/2015/07/22/spot … _truncated

That was a right laugh. But I doubt it's a law that will be monitored. According to that law if you also bought something as a FLAC (like Snedders or Henry would) and it doesn't play in, say, iTunes, you can't make a different format copy of it, you have to buy it again as an MP3 or AAC.

Like I said, nobody will ever get prosecuted for that.

That is also true. But in my opinion the CDs also cost surprising little, considering that the recent trend has been three CDs.

I'm quite sure it does since I bet multiple people buy bough. You are, after all, talking about an extra 10 € or so for 50 or so tracks.