Welp, sold my Louis CK in Helsinki tickets for that night, so yeah I'm going.


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How the hell is this going to work? Have read a few articles, and none yet tell that.

http://pulseradio.net/articles/2016/05/ … ream-mixes

Did you get hacked by Smallman?

Listening to the earlier release tonight, will dl the finale from iTunes as soon as I wake up.

CD is on it's way too naturally.

seanc80 wrote:

Going to a Digweed gig in Berlin is like going to an Irish Bar in Ibiza


Real tempted. Last saw Digweed in 2012 and haven't ever been to Berlin. Got friends there too so skip the hotel.


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furry wrote:

Being patriotic is now considered cuntery? How odd.

Flying your flag to everyone's facing and telling everyone your country is the greatest is considered cuntery pretty much everywhere in the western world outside of the US. Well it must be nice to have something in common with Russia.

I've been trying to think of a mix if mine all week, and coming up blank. A few come to mind, but no clear winner.


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If I understand right what I've been reading all over the internet in the past 30 minutes then the State Department just threw Hillary Clinton under the bus.


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The BR box finally came on sale here too, bought it for 37 €. The picture and sound quality is fucking phenomenal. Can't believe this was a shot for tv-show made in the late 80's. Whoever did the mastering knows what he's doing.


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Children of the Forests and yeah. They created the White Walkers to fight men, who they were losing their war against. A bit like cleaning your house with a nuclear weapon.


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A lot of the prog DJs are usually playing a lot in South America in January, as it's the summer there then, Digweed certainly had some dates there last January.


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I can drill a hole in a concrete wall in order to hang a picture, and put together an Ikea set without cursing too much, but that's the extend of it. And naturally all day long at work I deal with professionals.


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He claims it's 95 % new music, which is certainly a good sign.

Some of us know our tracks better than others.

I've gotten it from Traktor archive but fucking Aki had to try a million tracks before settling with one to actually play, so it'll be awhile.

Hearthis download apparently gives some people grief, so here's an alternative source.


Gift from my wife.

Dermatron wrote:

3hrs short and b2b? Not many chart tokens there im afraid.

I did record that too (though it ended half an hour early, and the recording is "only" 8 hours), but thought this was a better mix to share.

5,5 hours of us playing b2b. It was an absolute pleasure.


https://hearthis.at/Homegrove/akiahomeg … may212016/


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Haista vittu saatanan sekasikiö.

Cheers! 8,5 hour set at one of Turku's riverboats tonight, permitting the weather (looks amazing, but might turn too cold for outdoors after midnight). I'll make sure to record that Dermo.

I'm one of the two people on this planet who really like Moscow. Listened to it fairly recently (last summer) on a road trip and still loved it.


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More useless than a bag of dicks without a handle.

Thank you latest episode of Silicon Valley.

Got to echo the afterhours-mixes opinions. They were excellent. The main mix wasn't bad,  but also not amazing.

I play in vinyl only situations (house party usually) about once a year, and it really is like riding a bike.