I liked this. Lovely thing about Guy J is that he seems to lose the fluff and discover some groove for his live-sets.


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No backseat moderating please.


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If Nitron is Flares then I've never seen such thinking ahead. Registered in 2004. And I doubt he could remember having made that account after I tried several times to ban him.

I have no idea who Dogman is, but he behaves himself so I don't care. He's not psychotic enough to be flares.

End this discussion now.


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Phil got the rest of the month off, and I'm closing this thread until Friday so we can see what happens. It's been interesting / horrifying to see the bigotry running in this thread on both sides as a complete outsider.


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iTunes offers 128 AAC as their standard, which is pretty much the same as 320 kbps mp3. I would think their store had an option for AIFF too though.

Not too good. I'm pretty sure it'll turn up in Beatport too, where you can buy it lossless.

Worldwide digital release seems to be on the 19th. iTunes has it at 9,90 € with all tracks included full lenght.


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Some major label signed it and made a music video.


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liquitech1 wrote:

Interesting, it's available here in Dublin, BigFella. It's a US show as far as I know..

edit: it makes a complete mockery of the No vote maybe that's why it's banned in England?!

Sky or some other channel has the show in the UK. So they become available there afterthe airdate.


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Is this a fan mix? Someone trying to mix like Digweed? There's loads of these there. Not a bad tracklist.

http://mixes.beatport.com/mix/john-digw … 014/189056

500 Days of Summer was on the telly tonight here. Lovely movie.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

That's a superb film. Sam Rockwell is good in pretty much everything.

He was amazing acting with himself in Moon.

Don't forget HBO Nordic. I got that too, it's ace.


Jim Jefferies' new special Bare is really fucking good.

I just made a 24 month contract for a 100 M fiber connection for our new place where we're moving in October. 9,90 € a month. I used to pay 40 a month for a similar speed, unreliable cable connection, so I'm well happy.

Made me wonder how it's in other countries? I know Americans and Australians have it rough.


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Grant wrote:

Achtung Baby is their finest hour I reckon and even then...

Correct. One of the finest albums ever made.

I'm pretty sure the RA-stream is available worldwide Henry. Listened it from start to finish today after work. It's amazing. It's not background stuff though, and needs to be played loud.


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We just finished the whole 7 seasons. big_smile


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CD1 for sure is pretty fucking outstanding.

They started at royghly the same time.

smallman1 wrote:

In absolute agony.

He's on agony already Millsy, don't make his pain any worse.

You have the time for that?