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Tried listening to this at a peaceful summer cottage by a lake on Saturday. Works much better as commuting soundtrack on a pissed off Monday! Relentless.


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http://mixing.dj/2017/livesets/john-dig … 4-06-2017/


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Tale of Us – Red Sky [Afterlife Records]
Lee van Dowski & Nakadia Petrosys – Unknown
Sollscher & Siech – Pulse Train [Cocoon]
Maceo Plex & Swayzak – 5th Dimensional Groove [Ellum]
Lee van Dowski – Rapidplatz [Crosstown Rebels]
Universal Principles – Flyin’ High (Scuba’s Illicit Surveillance Mix) [Soma Records]
Mongo – Planet Mongo (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) [High Tide]
Pig&Dan – In My Mind
Hydra – Tiefstone
Sian – Medicine Man (Mark Reeve Remix) [Octopus Records]
Martin Eyerer & Patrick Chardronnet – Frequencies
Emerson & John Digweed & Nick Muir – Tracer [Bedrock]
Ross Evans – Flatline (Pele & Shawnecy Remix) [Knee Deep In Sound]
Hot Since 82 – Evole Or Die [Moon Harbour Recordings]
Christian Nielsen – Black Ceiling [Of Unsound Mind]
Blackbill – 05-1 [BLCKBLL]
Victor Ruiz – Clutch [Octopus Records]
Phillip Straub & Charlie Tostenson – Miracle Of Existence [Bedrock]

Wally wrote:

Did the Mrs tell you to turn the racket down when the lighthouse family come on or something?

The waveform on soundcloud sounds / looks like the volume suddenly dropped by about half.


I trusted Traktor's autolevel. Sounds alright though. She actually fell asleep on the sofa while I was mixing this. A common occurance.


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One morning in November particularly. Had the worst case of deja vu ever then.

Luckily the French and you guys again a few weeks ago made sure it didn't happen third and fourth time.

seanc80 wrote:

New &Me track Avalon is fantastic as well. Ame played and Dixon

That was my favorite track of his in Stockholm! Good to have a name for it.


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That was a depressing morning.

Missed doing a studio mix in May, so here's a 3 hour mix for June. Hope you dig and share!

Listen to the sounds
1. Dauwd - Macadam Therapy
2. Trus'me - Here and Now (DJ Seinfeld Piano Mix)
3. Pablo Bolivar - Space & Form
4. Lee Burridge & Lost Desert - Loopyness
5. Lost Desert - Seringeti Nightfall
6. Jon Sable - Grey Paper Moon (Chaos in the CBD Mix)
7. Superlounge - Jazzmatazz
8. Aparde feat. Anne - Prologue (Powel Remix)
9. Sentre - Sunshine (Sentre Club Mix)
10. Eitan Reiter & Muzarco feat. Omri Klein - Oh Death (Guy Manzur Remix)
11. Hans Thalau - Soul Adventure
12. Marvin & Guy - Superior Conjuction
13. Locked Groove - Dawn
14. Maceo Plex - The Tesseract
15. Bicep - Aura (12" Mix)
16. Catz'N Dogz - Fire Burning when We Are
17. Oblik - Seeking
18. Kaled - The Field and the Sun
19. Patrice Baümel - Glutes
20. Santiago Garcia - Changalia
21. Lessons - Tempest (Adam Port Europa Remix)
22. Fort Romeau - Reasons
23. Robot Koch feat. Delhia De France - Reach (Chi Thanh Remix)
24. Fort Romeau - C.E.M.
25. M.A.N.D.Y. - Planlos in Seattle (Rework)
26. Margot - Moderno (Marc Pinol Acid Remix)
27. Dennis Young, Robytek, Liquid Liquid, Shield & Sal P - Now (Paranoid London Remix)
28. Swayzak & Maceo Plex - 5th Dimensional Groove
29. Slam - Eterna (Petrichor Remix)
30. Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drive (Blue Amazon Remix)


https://hearthis.at/Homegrove/homegrove … magic2017/

https://www.mixcloud.com/Homegrove/mids … agic-2017/

He's finished filming the new Paul Thomas Anderson though, so we'll get one more film with him.


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Naturally also can't mix to save his life.


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Huge for the RA crowd. The Black Madonna's Twitter has some gold stuff about him today. From what I can gather he is a grade A cunt.

1 hour 47 minutes.


I still remember when Dusted reached 10000 on GU as a first person to do it.


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I'm partial to VW's. Currently a real green party voter, and carless (missus has one, seemed too expensive to have two because I can get to work easily with my bike on summers, and with the bus during winters, her workplace is situated in the middle of nowhere), but I've owned three and all have been excellent. Just get a higher model than Polo, those are riddled with problems.

Emerson's remix is really good.


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1998 / 1999 that one.

Beautifully shot at least.

Sounds pretty big on the EDC video Diggers posted on his Facebook. The essential mix will indeed be a banger if the rest is like that.


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Live mix from EDC, Las Vegas.


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Great news!


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Official death toll is now 70 if you count the missing people as presumed dead. Which they most likely are.



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As per my post, nevermind the cause of the fire, why the fuck did it spread the way it did?


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Here's to hoping both will get fucked because of that.

Gattaca for sure is. As is Closer.

Can't get a real good deep dish pizza anywhere in Turku. Makes me sad.