The director claimed on Empire that they didn't even think to ask BMW for endorsment until they'd one principal photography. big_smile

jamie wrote:

on one hand I feel quite sorry for there women.

my other hand is.



I felt bad for the women, but come one, there's no way I didn't look at them.

There are a lot of Renaissance mixes on Spotify that you can't buy on iTunes.

Ashley Caselle from 2003.

A guest mix I made for the British Friday Night House Party-show on Eden FM. An hour of my latest favorites, this is more easily digested then my other late mixes which tend to be longer. smile

As always, I hope you dig!

1. Bicep - Satisfy (John Talabot Alt Mix)
2. Tiefschwarz feat Rüde Hagelstein - Fire It Out (Tiefschwarz Extended Mix)
3. Saaed Younan & Filthy Rich - Shamanic Voices (Hermanez Remix)
4. Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy - My Heart
5. Pink Skull - My Other Feet Is My Car (Balcazar & Sordo Remix)
6. Route 94 - Escape
7. Groove Armada - Nothing But Dub
8. &ME - Locust
9. Raw District feat. Ellipsis - Ragged Star (Josh Wink Rethink Pt.2 Bass Mix)
10. Ovr Kill - Jakeball Summer … -guest-mix


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None of these list the equipment, which I think is the only thing on Digweed's raider.

Wally wrote:

Anyone know what the track is on 47 mins on Transitions 519 (Digger's hour at Freeze in April) - it's down as the district from anjuna beats but it's clearly not. :-\



Last time I try to make a joke.

Unbroken1 wrote:, not the 'definitive' mix then wink

I have it on vinyl somewhere if you want it.


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No new material? Shame.


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Good to see you're still young at mind Tom. Jokes like that are still all the rage among 13 year old.


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Too soon.

He did three amazing mixes in a row in 2009 (so not quite yesterday), Transitions guest mix, Resident Advisor and the essential mix. Still play all three  every few months.

nitron wrote:

Why don't you all just leave Dogman alone. He clearly isn't a spiteful or malicious poster so ought to be spared the hysterical You Are Flares witchunt that has become the oxygen of so many. He likes talking abut music and doesn't go out of his way to antagonise others, unlike some on here who can't get a hold of themselves for a single day it seems.

Agree with that, and on that note locking this.


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Phil Opian wrote:

Does she get fully kitted up? Daft Boots and gloves??

Standard leather-stuff only. She's got an old Ducati so bonus points for individuality. I refuse to ride with her because I can't think of a more emasculating thing to do. So she asks if I'd get into a sidecar. I said yes thinking she was joking.

She wasn't, her father has one.

I promise to post pictures if we ever do that, might kill a few of you with laughter. All to a good cause and all that.

Well, that's something new to read next.


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My girlfriend is a biker.... Yeah, I don't get it.


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No less sad, but it was actually Richard Attenborough, not David who passed. … ed-aged-90


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Thanks! New intro-tune right there.

smallman1 wrote:

What I like about Hernan is that you know exactly what you're going to get from him.


Yeah,will give this a pass.


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I loved Stephen King's video. Just because it was great to see a billionare who still dresses in white tube socks and velcro sneakers. I think he's pretty down to earth.


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I still like My Heart. I don't even mind Puff Daddy's "rapping" on it.


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He's done two really great things this year though. The original Conjure-track (liked it more than Conjure Balearica everyone else was playing) and the Maceo's flight home remix (I can't remember who that was for and can't be bothered to check as I'm on a bus atm). Rest were nothing amazing, and the new Whowhatever- remix is bollocks.

smallman1 wrote:

Money for old rope nowadays with Sasha.

Turn up, knock out bland, pedestrian, palm tree tech house and bank the gargantuan pay cheque.

Nice work if you can get it.

Excellent. I hope the Dublin-set gets released, and is actually as good as the reports.


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I'm always too desperate to act and appear cool at Helsinki places like Ääniwalli to even approach the booth. That is, unless it's a friend playing. Last time I was in Kaiku I had two friends playing so I drank most of my beers in the booth lol.

That said, having never heard Dixon play live I think I have to go there this coming Sunday, first work day in four weeks (YAY SCANDINAVIAN HOLIDAYS) or not.