Judging by the pics and videos and all that.

MattBlack wrote:

Maybe if Diggers wants to attract more women he should start playing more girlie house music, like he used to at Renaissance

He has no problem attracting women in South America.

Let's see what this is all about.

Area Forty_one - Reminiscence - DELSIN RECORDS
L.B. Dub Corp - Take A Ride (Feat. Benjamin Zephaniah) (Original Mix) - OSTGUT TON
Conforce - Abundance Of Selves - DELSIN RECORDS
Tobias Freund - Fast Null - OSTGUT TON
Rolando - Time Adjustment - ROLAND ROCHA RECORDS
Reade Truth - Blessing Of Luh - N S Y D E
Prince of Denmark - Your Body - FORUM
Planetary Assault Systems - Riot In Silo 12 - MOTE EVOLVER
Physical Therapy - Million Years Crushed (Norman Nodge Remix) - ALLERGY SEASON
Ø [Phase] - Self Deceit - TOKEN RECORDS
Laibach - Eurovision (Remix) - WHITE LABEL
Esteban Adame - Rise & Shine - EPM MUSIC
Chris Clark - Superscope - WARP RECORDS
Dario Zenker - WM2 - WHITE LABEL
Joey Anderson - Come Behind The Tree - SYNCROPHONE RECORDINGS
Marcel Dettmann - Apron (Luke Slater PAS Remix) - WHITE LABEL
Marcel Dettmann - Seduction (Anthony Parasole Remix) - OSTGUT TON
Marco Shuttle - Sing Like A Bird - TIME TO EXPRESS
Mike Storm and GRG - Rainy Mondays - ORBIS RECORDS
L.B. Dub Corp - Nearly Africa - OSTGUT TON
Crystal Maze - Orchidea Nera - ECHOVOLT
Dillon - A Matter Of Time (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - WHITE LABEL
XDB - Ganivon (Answer Code Request Remix) - DOLLY
Staffan Linzatti - View From The Collapsing Centre - BALANS HOLLAND
Orlando Voorn - Gain Upwards - WHITE LABEL
Louis Haiman - Ghost Of Gratiot - PLAZA IN CROWD

https://soundcloud.com/everybodywantsto … ential-mix


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Amps wrote:
Amps wrote:

Bought this for the plane ride to the Algarve last week... fucking awful drivel. Left it on the plane as I didn't have the nerve to pass it on to a mate.

FACK ME!  i was looking at that yesterday amps...bleedin hard to get into..

Hannu needs to get in here and explain himself imo.

I thought it was similar to Banks... Simmons is deffo easier to get into though.


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Now reading John Connolly's latest Parker-novel. Devoured 200 pages in 24 hours which with my attention span these days is no small feat.

Big Fella wrote:

I can just imagine HGs scramble to post the link, will be first on this one and all that.

Has sunk many a ship that notion.

No regrets or backsies.

3 CDs so it should be pretty near to 4 hours.

I spotted it on the Transitions 500-set.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

You've got balls. We'll give you that.

That Dixon-remix everybody loves has nothing on this.

It's not easy being right. A cross I must bear.

This is really really good.

https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amste … kids-remix

Out on the 25th.

I send maybe 1 letter per year and you bet I'm going to buy these beauties.

The Finnish equivalent for BNP are getting crazy over this, loving it.

http://gawker.com/finlands-new-stamps-a … 476265/all

Already on pre-order. smile



It's the obvious for once. This is going to be epic.

Oh yeah, that was pretty recent too.
I'm still saying Vagabond.


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Hook, line etc Ed.

Uncle John just posted in Facebook that a new album is coming right on time again before summer.

I'll throw in Vagabond and Kristal. Both were apparently really good sets from him.


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Thursday - home night
Friday - Go to the movies
Saturday - no idea yet
Sunday - couple of parties in two clubs locally
Monday - hangover

Closing the double thread. Head to the free stuff-forum to discuss this.

And seeing as there's a thread in the free stuff-forum also...

Yep. 2005. This is a reworking if that.

You're welcome. I shall cherish this mental picture.


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If I was in Australia I would've posted a selfie with Phil already.

We're being spoilt with good Essential Mixes again, thank fuck.

https://soundcloud.com/everybodywantsto … ix-2014-04