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Well it's not supposed to be actioon, right?


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Three episodes in Mindhunter and it's fantastic so far. That guy playing Ed Kemper has got some talent.

October mix done. 2 hours long, and kept it deep and chugging. As always, hope you like and share. smile

1. Sangam - Ignore [Bandcamp]
2. Cid Inc. - The Innocent [Armadillo]
3. Kiani & His Legion presents Far Out Radio System - Spheres [Curle]
4. Boddhi Satva feat. Omar - Benefit (MYNY Remix) [Offering]
5. Mono & Ben feat. Jemeni - Jesus Was a B-Boy (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) [Compost]
6. Hyenah feat. Nonku - Phases [Freerange]
7. Benedikt Frey - H For Hysteria [ESP Institute]
8. Altered Natives - Majestic Pussy Purrrr [Eye4Eye]
9. Afro Warriors - Uyankenteza (Enoo Napa Instrumental Remix) [Tribal UK]
10. Afro Warriors - Uyankenteza (Enoo Napa Vocal Remix) [Tribal UK]
11. Wally Lopez - Sphera (Neil Flynn - Ohm Remix) [Selador]
12. Trikk - Saitama [Innervisions]
13. Moonwax - Cameae (Hermanez Dub Mix) [Zeitlos Music]
14. Kettenkarussel - Everything [Giegling]
15. Steve Bug & Langenberg - Chord Cluster [Poker Flat]
16. Anja Schneider - Got Me with a Bang [Sous Music]
17. Ricardo Tobar - Rue Calme (Pional Remix) [Musar]
18. Cassy - One (Cassy Reshape) [Cassy]
19. DJ Tennis feat. Fink - Certain Angles (Club Mix) [K7]
20. Gui Boratto & Leo Janeiro - MooDisco (Rodriquez Jr. Remix) [D.O.C.]
21. TML - Crying (Piano Mix) [Hotflush]
22. One Dove - White Love (Psychic Masturbation) [FFRR]




The second mix is a bit of a special live mix. I'm a member of The X-Rust Organization, we are a techno and UG organization based in Turku. On October 7th and 8th we held an electronic music festival called Wambience in the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum here in Turku. I played during brunch on Saturday afternoon, this is 2+ hour edit of my 3 hour set.

1. Cid Inc. - Hindas
2. Underworld & John Murphy - Mercury
3. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Rain
4. Four Tet - Tremper
5. Max Richter Orchestra & Lorenz Dangel - On the Nature of Daylight
6. Johnny Jewel - Windswept (Reprise)
7. Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues
8. S. Carey - Bulletproof... I Wish I Was
9. Sufjan Stevens - 4th of July
10. Grouper - Heavy Water/ I'd Rather Be Sleeping
11. Depeche Mode - One Caress
12. Induction - Epitrachelion
13. Cid Inc. - Yhi
14. Global Communication - 8:07
15. Sasha - Rooms
16. Radiohead - True Love Waits
17. This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren
18. Rebekah Del Rio - Crying (Llorando)
19. Rebekah Del Rio - No Stars
20. Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place
21. Angelo Badalamenti - The Fireman
22. Stefan Vincent - The Void She Left
23. Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)
24. Cocteau Twins - Cherry-Colored Funk (Seefeel Remix)
25. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - What If We Could
26. Hans Zimmer - Time
27. Sigur Ros - Saegplor
29. Underworld - Capa Meets the Sun (To Heal)

https://hearthis.at/Homegrove/homegrove … wambience/

https://www.mixcloud.com/Homegrove/live … er-7-2017/

Normally not a fan of his, but this is the business.

Slabs wrote:

Her movie Somewhere was one of the worst films I've ever seen. Pointless.

Yeah, that's what it was.

Rosario 4 this weekend. Aces.

Grant wrote:
ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Really?   I thought Lost In Translation was nothing short of brilliant -  if you really understand Sofia Coppola, that is.  Surprised you weren't all in for that one Grant?!

I love a slow moving film where nothing happens as much as the next man, but this was too much.

Not seen it myself, but what I've read about you'd probably best stay away from her movie Somewhere.

Helsinki-prices. Check. Techno clubs in Helsinki charge less though.

This is very very good BTW.

Not his finest film, Ghostbusters 2. The first one is a classic though.

Will accept gladly. How much are beers there anyway?

Mate is offering me flights, pretty hard to say no to that. Might need to do some "extra favors" but I'm willing to try some new things for next to nothing flights to London.

See you here apparently.

Part 1: https://soundcloud.com/sethtroxler/seth … -blitz-pt1

Part 2: https://soundcloud.com/sethtroxler/seth … -blitz-pt2


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Really looking forward to seeing them live next May though, got tickets for their last show of their current European tour.


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Trump + military is going great. Yesterday he comforted a grieving widow with "he knew what he signed up for." Great thread on that:

https://twitter.com/BFriedmanDC/status/ … 8634888193

How fucking good is that club mix of Certain Angles though? The KiNK-track is also bit of a monster. Out in November on his album.


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Dusted was on a plane from Amsterdam to Belfast today. Must've been a fun landing. big_smile


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https://twitter.com/NadineORegan/status … 4192007168


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fadass wrote:

Gen lol Mono.

Btw, does Hannu start a thread about every disaster/natural weather occurrence? Is he a meteorologist?

I do like to talk about the weather.


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A hurricane expected to hit Ireland. Ireland? What the fuck? Weather is all messed up.

Oora - Orion - Sonntag Morgen
Magna Pia - Akasha - Arcing Seas
Ausgang - SDX4N - Ausgang
Janice & Bill Youngman - B - Janice 3
Roseen - Toxin - Ausgang
Aquarian - Hambuglar Helper - Hanger Management
LA-4A - Box Prologue - Hotflush
30Drop - Patch Tweaked - Unreleased
Dave Clarke - Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears) Terence Fixmer remix - Skint
JoeFarr - At Last - User Experience
Rebekah - Loose Mechanics - Sonic Groove
I Murdered Bowels - Mord
Clouds - Overflow Ya - Headstrong
ABSL- K - Blocaus
Oake - Anhedon (Stephanie Sykes remix) - SNTS
Phase Fatale - Operate Within - Hospital Records
Killawatt - Psi - 47 Records
Deapmash - Wrong Meta - Them Recordings
Benjamin Damage - Montreal - R&S
Neil Landstrumm - Sugar Experiment Station - Unreleased
Alexander D’niel - Serenity - Betanol
VSK - Attention - Genesa
Vapauten - Lost - LSE
B.L.I.M - The Wall - Botchit & Scarper
Deapmash - Basement Space Party - Them Recordings
ABSL - Sleepwalker Race - Blocaus
Oleka - Dismay - Genesa
Silex - Device - Ownlife
Regal - Trave Generation - Involve Records
Blackman - The Collective - Blacknation Recordings
Avatism - Killing The Hour - Non Plus
Ancient Methods - Autumn Mix - Linda Records
Cyberpsychose - Cyberpsychose 2 - Diki Records
Ivannog - Rebel - Dirty Minds
Alhek - Pioggia Nera - Mechanical Thougts
I Hate Models - She Said Fuck People I have Drugs - Monnomblack
Adam X - Shed My Skin - Sonic Groove
London Modular Alliance - Tremors - Hypercolour
Randomer - Spooky Hermann - Headstrong
Valura - Exalted Encounter (Lag Remix) - Elements 2
Carlo Ciferni - MK4 (Reckless Device Remix) - Connective
D. Carbonne - Dance With Me - Green Fetish
BNJMN - Severance - Tresor
Terence Fixmer - Warm - Planet Rouge
NX1 - 015 (Orph remix) - Nexe Records
Ike Yard - Tear Drop feat. Tropic of Cancer - Noiztank


Worst last track ever.

Otherwise it was alright, certainly better than his dull DJ Kicks.


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Grant wrote:

This is fucking brilliant.

As always with Jamie.


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Too djaerk for me.