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DJ booth in Kaiku, the premier club in Helsinki at the moment.


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Dunno about that, but I love to play with it. Lil Tony, the guy who runs the best clubs in Helsinki, maintains either that or Xone 92 in all his clubs. I've had the pleasure to play in his places a few times, and it's a perfect mixer for me. Well, both are.

I'm still waiting a chance to try DB4.


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Unbroken1 wrote:

..played on the PMC-25 with the built-in isolators a few times, really nice mixer:

Friend of mine had that back in the day, I was too wet behind the ears DJ wise at the time to really try it out, so to speak. Loved it nevertheless. He's now got this at home so I think's it's safe to say he's got a thing for knobs.


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Standout mix this week. I mean really good. … 014-10-24/

Big Fella wrote:

Is your mate aware of Purps, HG?

I'll be sure to ask.

Thanks! Yeah I thought it went pretty fucking well.:)

Craig Bibby: Do you still have the Vestax decks in the fish pond?
No I had to send them back! I don't want to get in trouble again but I don't particularly like using those decks and I had a bad experience using them last year. I couldn`t beat mix and I`d been sent a pair of decks to the house to get to grips with them before they installed them in clubs but I had no time to get used to using them. I turned up at Homelands and I`d never used them before. It was probably one of my worst nights as a DJ! I came home from Homelands, opened up the box with the brand new deck and dropped it into the bottom of the pond. It kept the fish entertained!

Nick Sneddon wrote:
dogmanstar888 wrote:
Jim-bob wrote:

I'll take it that it sailed over your head then.

Dermo, you are one of life's biggest failures and it's out there in public;  a dissociative identity disorder played out online for the dance music world to behold over a tragic decade of messageboard rage, bullying, pitiful one upmanship and weird aliases, complete with lies about your employment, your experiences and even your identity.

You will forever hold the title of 'biggest online weirdo ever'.

I thought Jim Bob was James Talk?

He is. Dogman seems to see Dermo behind every tree and rock. But maybe paranoia is just awareness on a higher level.

Lol. The full tracklisting added.


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Tracklists (my tracks, I'll try and bully Aki to list his.)

Part 1:

1. G-Prod - Posession
2. Ian Pooley - Floris
3. Huxley - I Want You (Youandewan Version)
4. Maher Daniel - A Call from Within
5. Phil Decker - Go Ahead (Herb Lf Mix)
6. Powel - I Don't Want To Waste My Tears On You (Lake People Tell Me Now Mix)
7. Sisterhood - Tunnels (Bicep Mix)
8. Bob Moses - Far From The Tree
9. Matthew Herbert - It's Only (DJ Koze Remix)
10. Superpitcher - Delta
11. Riccardo Rinaldo - Truth on Truth
12. Douglas Greed feat. Mooryc - Driven (Seth Troxler Mix)
13. Thatmanmonkz - Girl I Know It
14. The Trp & Michael Tousana - Catching Fire (Ripperton's Cholo Mix)
15. Solomun - See You Everyday Alone
16. Fur - Pulp (Linkwood Remix)
17. Vincenzo feat Minako - Just Like Heaven (Dave DK Remix)
18. Dance Spirit - Sous Sol
19. Korablove - Mermaid Song (Mihai Popoviciu Mix)
20. Sezer Uysal - Le Grande Labyrinthe (Mow Mix)
21. Dance Spirit - Late Night Early Mornings (Bedouin Remix)
22. Saschienne - Unknown (Dixon Remix)

Part 2:

1. Sei A - Let It Go
2. Thyladomid ft. Mâhfoud - The Real Thing (Adriatique Mix)
3. Culoe De Song - Y.O.U.D.
4. Djuma Soundsystem & Shades Of Grey - Madness (Djuma Soundsystem Mix)
5. Odd Parents - Learn to Fly (Maceo's Flight Home)
6. Jemmy - Breathe (Zombies in Miami Remix)
7. Âme - Tatischeff
8. Motorcitysoul - Sirens (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Mix)
9. Tim Engelhardt - Nothing Is Ever Changed
10. Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause - Wolkenreise (DJ Qu Mix)
11. King Roc - Beautiful But Weird (Sasse Remix)
12. Lehar - Sargas (Mario Basanov Remix)
13. Gabriel Ananda - Tale Of The Oblivious Llama
14. New Musik - Warp (Ilo Edit)
15. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Gigawave (Fairmont Remix)
16. Sapphirecut - Free Your Mind (Sapphirecut's Epic Mix)
17. Neil Quigley & Cari Golden - Time (Danton Eeprom Mix)
18. Edpar Peng - Paraphase
19. Sailer & I - Tough Love (Aril Brikha Remix)

severe wrote:


erik.b wrote:

Master carpenter

Wanna buy some screws and power tools?

Big Fella wrote:

Technically selling what Homey?

Power tools, normal tools, construction and autorepair chemicals, nails, screws and bolts. A big German-originated company.

Technical sales.

Fresh live mix from last night, with my perfect heterosexual life partner Aki. We played a 4 hour back to back warm up at my own club night, Cielå, here in Turku. I think this is pretty fucking decent. Aki looks like a perv though.

We'll try and do a tracklisting at some point. … 2014part1/ … 2014part2/

An ex of mine at a party asked me and my mates "what does bukkake mean" and without missing a beat said "step right into this ring and we'll show you!"

What about Unforgiven Phil?

smallman1 wrote:

Halfway through Cd1.

Hernan has managed to put out a cd that's even more pedestrian than anything else he's ever done.

Incredible scenes.

Pretty much. It's so nice. I think Spotify will do for me.

I laughed and missus asked what's so funny.

"Just your dreamboy on Bedrock-forum getting shown his place love."

Good job from the warm up master. Someone on MS shazamed the whole fucking thing too.

01. [000] Marc DePulse - Seriously? (Original Mix)
02. [005] Chris Carrier - Wicked Night (Original Mix)
03. [009] Saschienne - Unknown (Dixon Mix)
04. [017] Anja Schneider feat Kiki - Little Creatures (Ray Okpara's Acid Paradise Remix)
05. [022] Davide Squillace, Philip Bader - Free The Visa
06. [026] Quenum - 5AM (Tiefschwarz Remix)
07. [032] Rodriguez Jr - Persistence Of Vision (Re.You Remix)
08. [036] Traumer - Hoodlum
09. [042] Midland - Duster
10. [046] David Abarca - What You Want
11. [050] Roach Motel - Wild Luv (John Aquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
12. [056] D Nox & Beckers - Appetizer (Dousk Remix)
13. [062] Bambook - Slip Away (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
14. [066] Ross Evans & Aya - Deep Water
15. [073] Thomas Schneider - Dopamin
16. [078] Stereo Mc's - Good Feeling (Terranova Remix)
17. [083] Terranova - Headlock
18. [088] Agents Of Time - Magdalene
19. [093] &ME - Locust
20. [099] Van Bonn - Access (Dubspeeka Remix)
21. [105] Julian Jeweil - Funky Skull
22. [109] Julian Jeweil - Frida
23. [115] Ramiro Lopez & Miguel Lobo - Dodasch (Original)
24. [120] Dosem - Tell Me
25. [125] Saeed Younan & Filthy Rich - Shamanic Voices (Hermanez Remix)
26. [129] Sasha Carassi - Hustle (Original Mix)
27. [134] Sasha Carassi - Black Propaganda (Tiger Stripes Remix)
28. [138] Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx - Neglected
29. [144] Fabio Florido - Houston
30. [149] Paul Ritch - Brainwash
31. [153] Nancy Whang & Audiojack - Like An Eagle (Extended Version)
32. [160] Lineki - J'adore La Musique (Retro Version Mix) … uver-oct-3

This is a great thread. Haven't listened to the mix yet.