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If he ever comes back... Not seen Pricer either.

Love the lack of people at the inauguration (spelling might be not right), Trump also used a pic of Obama's in 2009 in his Twitter. Jesus Christ he's stupid.

Studio mix this week, so that's all she wrote. The tl for the studio mix looks like 90 % upcoming tracks so that's great too though.

Starting with this mix in 2017 I will be posting monthly studio mixes. As always I felt little regard for sticking to just one genre and this mix goes from proggy stuff to trance to techno to proper traditional house music. Hope you dig!

1. Cubenx - Mercurial (Neil Quigley Re-Think)
2. Tapesh & Mr. J - Equnon
3. David Durango & Human Halo - Spike
4. Cubicolor - Dead End Thrills (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
5. Joel Mull - Gloden
6. Tiefschwarz & Rüde Hagelstein - Kalle Spring
7. DkA - Children
8. Few Nolder - Ace of Space
9. Dorian Craft - After Act
10. Mohn - The Night
11. David Bau - The Field
12. Shaded - Touchfade
13. Roland Leesker - Bones
14. David Durango & Human Halo - Electronic Distance
15. Maxxi Soundsystem & Alex Banks - Lost in Memory
16. Camea - Signs (Ian Pooley Remix)
17. Guy Mantzur - Blooming Fields
18. Pablo Say - Green Melody
19. Audio Junkies feat. Haptic - Vitamins (Tiger Stripes Remix)
20. D. Diggler - Trans Central
21. Audio Soul Project - Back to Joy
22. Trevino - Backtracking (Schatrax Remix)

https://soundcloud.com/homegrove/winter … studio-mix

https://hearthis.at/Homegrove/homegrove … armer2017/

https://www.mixcloud.com/Homegrove/wint … tudio-mix/

DJ Metatron is one snobbish cunt for not releasing anything digitally.


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BBC is going to adapt Good Omens for TV with Amazon Prime. Six parts, script by Neil Gaiman. Excited about this.

Public transport.

Wife has a Lancia.

TL updated.

Not agreeing with messy, but after his Groove CD this is a disappointment.

Yeah, I'd call this passable. As in it passed the time on my work commute, but not saving it.

I hope Ed and Rhouses post as much of their usual sort during the next week. Dermo's head will blow off when he can't comment.

Aaaand that gave Dermo a week to cool his head.

Any merit with King comparing it to Alien?

Stephen King raved about it.


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Yeah, just saw that. sad

I would imagine Ultra is best enjoyed at home through Be At TV.

Loopy can't help being Loopy. Staying true to your own character is to be respected.


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13 year old plane which also left at 13:00 hours (that's one PM to you). Made me laugh.


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I suppose those are the kind of situations which make you go an extra mile as a DJ.


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https://gizmodo.com/hail-satan-flight-6 … 1791159970

There's something about that glass that just works best.


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Dermatron wrote:

Its all good Millsy, you just keep on mentioning me every single day like you have been. Perfectly normal that is.

It's alright, Millsy follows you, Fadas follows Millsy. The circle of life on this board.


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Yep, woke up at 8 AM and the stream had ended.


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Just Eagles & Butterflies it seems. Maybe BOg as he was advertizing it.

Shit yank beers so could you couldn't taste anything even if they had a taste of any sort are ok to drink straight from the bottle, otherwise I prefer a glass.

A couple gave us a pair of these as a housewarming present.


I use them sometimes for ales, but I found the edge uncomfortably thin. Feels like it will break into my mouth.

I prefer to drink pretty much all my beers from glasses like these, an ex of mine had nicked a bunch from pubs and after she moved away she left them with me. I know that certain beers should be drunk from certain glasses for issues to do with flavor, aroma etc but I couldn't care less.


My brother also gave me a pair of these when he was living in Brussels. I use one whenever I drink a Belgian beer, which is once every 5 years or so. I prefer my beers bitter, and a lot of those beers from there tend to be too sweet for me.


Figured this might merit a thread of it's own.

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … pid=731042