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I have.

Judging by the trailer the movie will show that Jobs was a cunt.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

It's the aliases on top of other aliases that require real skills. Stacking up the aliases like the cornflake boxes on an Asda nightshift, aisle 16. Or like some demented scene from Inception. Once you are 5 aliases in, only a tweak from the missus of your plums can bring you right back out of it again. And back into your armchair with your Lenovo laptop burning fiercely onto your thighs, and drool hanging out of your mouth.

Surely a nice Excel-spreadsheet would make that easy?


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You've been stated multiple times by everyone that you are not welcome here, yet you keep coming back. This is your third new ip and alias today.

Could some less lazy kind soul please add this to Gracenotes? I don't want to write the track-info myself when I add the CDs to my iTunes.


Usually this takes a week, I've waited that long, getting impatient.


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monostereo wrote:

Also what type of hapless spaz has the time to constantly re-register aliases on a daily basis?  Bonkers.

He also needs to get a new ip and e-mail everytime. Let that one sink in for a minute.


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Roman S is a friend of mine, and he said he listened to some old BT-album recently and said it sounded shit.

Shocking, I know.


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She's doing just fine in Australia.

Hard the get better than the guestion whether Jesus used a saddle when riding a dinosaur or not.

http://www.rawstory.com/2015/06/did-jes … backfires/


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Ncable, Big Fella, BedRob, poirot have been banned for a week following the Wimbles-thread. Anyone of them making an alias during the week will result in a lot longer ban.

And as always Dog Man Star continues to get banned everytime he starts another roman numeral.

That thread was so bad I didn't even bother with warnings.

Enjoy the holiday.

Critical reviews in Rotten Tomatoes are sitting at 26 % at the moment, so neither did anyone else either apparently.

The effects and design on that one were really good, the Hunter Killers and so forth looked amazing. That's about it for it though.

Robert Patrick was pretty damn amazing, I'll give you that. The female terminator in the otherwise shit Terminator 3 did a pretty good job too.

I'm of the minority who thinks the first Terminator-movie is still the best. Humanizing the T-800 never worked for me.

Got a hymn book from my grandmother as a Christmas-present when I was 15. Glad my mother warned me beforehand, doubt she bought my fake enthusiasm though.

Someone on Reddit noticed something interesting. I think I should've noticed it too, but it's been a decade since I read The Big Nowhere.

http://www.reddit.com/r/TrueDetective/c … g_nowhere/


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I installed the media hint extension on my Firefox year and a half ago and it still works, I can view US selection through that, it's just always a pain in the ass to hook up my laptop to my TV. I can view the Finnish selection through my Smart TV blu ray-player which is well handy. 

That said, watching The Trip to Italy from the US-selection now and enjoying it.

I keep it for the tv-shows. Don't watch many movies from there actually. Oh, and stand up-specials.

millsy23 wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

Ex-Machina - summary: man with beard invents sexbot & drinks beer


I only dream of unventing sex-bots.

Watched Safety Not Guaranteed last night on Netflix. Liked it a lot. It's a small indie time travel romantic comedy by the Jurassic World-director. Shot beautifully, and great acting from everyone except for Abrey Plaza who is exactly the same in anything she's in.


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Ncable would you like to spoil last night's True Detective too? Like one yank did for me and all his other facebook-friends first thing this morning...


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Somebody had a flag of Kim sucking the other guy's dick from Kim's movie and was holding it up during Kanye's set.

Eleventymillion I guess.