Villeneuve's Arrival should be solid actually.

Since you seem to want an answer, no I won't be seeing Bad Moms. Cinema this year has been shit in itself, next movie I can think of which I have to see is probably Rogue One. Or Dr. Strange.

The whole thing is available to watch globally for 30 days. Nice!

classics. Well, what are classics in Finland.

It'll be broadcast later, should be interesting to hear. Friend posted the program to facebook.

Played with the older model for the first time last Easter, really missed the proper waveforms.

At least it didn't come with an outrageous price hike. The XDJ700s look pretty good for me. If they do a similar update on them next year I'm getting them. My CDJ400s still work perfect, but I'd love something at home I can play without burning cds or hooking up a laptop.

Still needs jog adjust... … rekordbox/


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Milo hates women and people of colour. Of course Pricer likes him.

Back at work after 4 weeks off. That's saying it lightly mate.


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FFS … -book.html

Really? One great DJ, one who can maybe be great when he bothers, and a duo who most certainly can't play anything interesting anymore.

furry wrote:
fletcher wrote:

A few of them were available at the time.
Picked this up from £5 in the Fopp bargain bin a few years back! … ease/38340

Pretty sure I paid 20-30$ for it in 02.

I'm also pretty sure Athens was sitting next to it at the front display. Kinda wish I grabbed it tbh.

I've got the Athens-vinyl. Can't remember why I skipped on Ibiza.

Tenaglia was DJeing with just a laptop hooked on to a mixer last time he was on Boiler Room. No controllers of any kind.

Wouldn't say no to a digital release of Sasha Ibiza like they hinted earlier. At least not if they managed to get all the tracks full length included like on the Deep Dish Toronto rerelease. Bought a few singles of that.

Doubt that. More like it was released right after the gig and full of upcoming secret stuff.


Top man.

Link please.

It felt a bit cheap to me.

Grant wrote:

Edge of Tomorrow. Very low expectations to be honest, but actually, and against my will, I enjoyed it. 7/10

Off on holiday on to Mexico on Wednesday, so I'm going on a film fest

Funny thing I read about Tom Cruise. As shithouse nut as he is, he's never once had a movie flop.

Edge of Tomorrow is a great movie BTW. Could've done with a better ending but really enjoyed it.

But which is which? big_smile

Apparently he played it in Dortmund on Saturday.

I think played Guy Gerber - Secret Encounters too. Just listening to this on Soundcloud and I think it was the track that had me grinning like the idiot I am.

Those days are behind me. big_smile

Not that I ever got down to anything that bad.

Great night out with great people. Was great to meet Simon and Newland. And Arielle took me to Wilde Renata which I probably wouldn't have found out by myself. Good to meet HugoP too.

Digweed played a stormer. Nothing I knew, and also didn't sound like he'd "altered" his sound for Berlin. It was however straight to business, reminded me a bit of his BPM set from this year. Had to do a semibenson and leave at six. Was gutted I didn't stay as apparently he ended half an hour later. Same reason I wasn't dancing to my leaving early, I'd walked over 10 kms during the day sightseeing. Was surprised I made it to six.