Also Dusk till Dawn doesn't count, because while written by Tarantino, it was not directed by him.

Jackie Brown? It's one of his best. Definitely his most mature work ever.


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Cheers Yant, not sure I agree about the mixing, some nice techno clashes in there. big_smile

1997? Dermo will probably like it.

Good man.

My favorite oxymoron, a live in the studio mix. Got a new mixer this week, and this is me putting it through the paces for the first time. I always record everything so might as well share it. Genres go from techno to deep house to proggy stuff and back. Some roughness around the edges.

Mixed with an Allen & Heath Xone PX:5 mixer and K2 midi controller running Traktor Pro 2.

ART, not deliberate, not random
1. Quivver - Mumbo Jumbo (Reprise)
2. Freunde der Familie - Monday (Marko Fürstenberg Remix)
3. Lehar - The Cave (Charles Webster's Dub the First)
4. Aaaron feat. Hazel & Carolina Melean - Entropy
5. Chaos in the CBD - Subterranean Storm
6. Ferrer & Sydenham - Timbuktu (Pan-African Electro Dub)
7. Jinady, E&P - Sundroina (Manoo Remix)
8. Sasha - Rivaldo (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
9. Fairmont - Carthage
10. Karim Sahraoui - Once We are There
11. Reboot - Just Hang (Kölsch Dub)
12. Pan-Pot - Lose Yourself (Marcel Fengler Remix)
13. Quivver - Lights Down (Part 2)
14. 747 - Ammon
15. Rodriquez Jr. - Miles Away
16. Aitor Ronda - Pure
17. Ian O'Donovan - Crucible
18. 747 - Depth Sounder
19. Pig & Dan - Chemistry
20. Man with No Shadow - Drumfeld
21. Pan-Pot - Solace
22. Kerri Chandler - Pong (Ben Klock's Bones & Strings Rework)
23. Kevin Saunders aka e-Dancer - Into the Future
24. Skream - Minor Smooth
25. Daniel Avery - A Mechanical Sky
26. White Collar Boy - New Year (Dave DK Remix)
27. Tycho - Division (Heathered Pearls Remix) … ember-2016 … mber-2016/

Point Break was amazing when you were 14, not so much these days. Today the best part is the first few minutes, and only if you love tracking shots like me. Kathryn Bigelow is really good at these.

Strange Days was full of these, most POV (not that kind you perverts), sadly none seem to be on Youtube. Damn, might need to track down a copy and buy it.

Ooh look at the hipster from Brooklyn who doesn't like someone popular.

Friend ditched Google Music for the same reason.

If I plan on playing more I put them on the floor behind me. The Ikea is good for storing, but yeah, not for playing.

Recording my first mix with this tomorrow, hold tight!

One a year. Aprox. Usually something that's a collector's item.

Fuck no. They just cost only 160 € a pair and will do for me just fine, also the weight was an issue as the shelf is a bit flimsy, the Pioneers weigh much less. I've had friends over and all have agreed that they're just fine for DJeing, wouldn't use them for production though.

If you have the money and a better shelf go with the Rokits. Always.

Talking about nerdy...

Spotify's logarithm for recommended weekly is pretty fucking impressive. It's nearly always 90 % new music for me which I like.

Pretty happy with this:

1 x Allen & Heath Xone PX:5 mixer
1 x Allen & Heath Xone K2 midi controller
1 x Asus laptop running Traktor Pro 2
2 x Pioneer CDJ 400
1 x Technics SL-1200 MKII
2 x Pioneer DM-40 monitors
Audio Technica Ath-m50x headphones
Tascam DR 1 Recorder

Not using the Xlink, but an USB cable each on the mixer and the controller sorted it out for now, but it's annoying. The beauty of the XLink is that frees USB ports on the computer. But then again the amount of cables you need to take with you stays the same.


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Grant wrote:

Sned's was about a club night with Laurent Garnier though wasn't it - the only connection is he's a DJ.  You could close a significant number of threads on that basis.


Homegrove wrote:

SMH as the kids say Nick.

Oopsie daisy, that now goes for me.

Dermatron wrote:

Fascinating LOL

Just goes to show you lot shouldn't watch geeky stuff. Yant's post was all about how this show is for us. The nerds.


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This being the other one.

millsy23 wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Plug & play after I installed the driver.

Cool. Any complex mapping to be done?

Looks like I was wrong, there is some midi mappaple stuff on this, and it's now causing me grief because they now trigger stuff on my Traktor. Have e-mailed A&H customer support and they replied straight away with focusing questions, I'm confident I have this settled by the end of the day. Meanwhile I'm using the K2 soundcard, which sounds way better than using my old CDJs as soundcards, but still miles from the PX5's own soundcard. It sounds amazing.

A History of Violence. 5/5 and not just for Marie Bello's full frontal.


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Because there is no need for two threads on the same subject.

SMH as the kids say Nick.