I did a downtempo / indie-mix for a friend who started a Sunday-mix blog. Melancholic stuff for a comedown Sunday.

Moby - Stock Radio
Karen O - Rapt
Morly - Seraphese
Henry Green - Barcelona
SG Lewis - Warm
The Durutti Column - Sketch for Summer
Sensible Soccers - AFG
Still Corners - The Trip
Tei Shi - Bassically
The National - Pink Rabbits
Oaktree - A Little Tenderness
Sasha - Rooms
Taragana Pyjarama - Ariel
Turtle - Colours
Rival Consoles - Afterglow
Haelos - Dust
Stevan Vincent - The Void She Left
Christopher Bissonnette - Jour Et Nuit
Cocteau Twins - Cherry-Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix)
Amen Dunes - Song to the Siren
Daughter - Numbers

https://hearthis.at/soundslikesunday/so … kotilehto/


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Seems like 2006 was yesterday.

Hey, it's actually on that cemetary.

Cheers for the info, got to go check that one out. There's a huge cemetary here just outside of the city proper where I've been meaning to go for a walk. It looks beautiful when you drive by it.


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I think I better not comment on this. It's been ten years but I don't think Dan's forgiven me yet.

Who might that be? I know we've had some great architects here in Finland, but don't know which of them was born here in Turku.

My set from Paino on Easter:

https://soundcloud.com/homegrove/homegr … ilogy-2016

Now we need to book Digweed to play. smile

https://news.beatport.com/en/how-a-litt … echno-map/

I should think the booth has a toilet adjacent. Or then these old school djs have some might big bladders.

But then again Digweed's not chugging down beers as he plays.

Full details released next Tuesday.


I'm up for a new mixer from this year's tax returns, but I doubt this will be it. Too specialist-type of a thing from what I've gathered. What we do know is that instead of a normal it has a normal middle equ and a high pass and low pass filters for the highs and lows. Six channels. Equ for the booth (which is a brilliant idea).

A lot of shops have stopped selling DB4 so I hope A&H has some sort of a update coming to it this year. Can't believe the mixer was released 4 years ago.

j.p sykes wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Then it turns out that it was Mouth to Mouth after all.

Interesting. It's on the new Alan Fitzpatrick Fabric cd too.

Was just speculating.

Then it turns out that it was Mouth to Mouth after all.

Cd 1 seems a bit relentless. Looking forward to that.

I wonder which track was the hardest to clear? Come on Boy or Perfect Motion?



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Presto wrote:

It says 1pm GMT, Hannu. That's 2pm, British time.

You'll have to hold your cock for a little while longer.

I'm a "can do" man. No problem.


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Woah, only hour left. My customers will have to help themselves today. Not that it's any different any other day.

Yeah that seemed horrifying too.


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The Republican plan b got even more horrifying.

http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/28/us/po … ;smtyp=cur

BedRob wrote:

I watched London Has Fallen on the train home last night. 1/10 worst fucking film i have seen since Olympus has fallen. It was so effortlessly racist and terrible plot/acting effects all round

Strudders will love it

Why would anyone watch that? And this is me honestly asking.

liquitech1 wrote:

..happy to point out that nobody has ever been right when guessing these things. Would the last 2 hours of Montreal need this big of a surprise??? Some letdown if it is.

That is also true. That we've always been wrong. Rest of the Montreal-set wouldn't however be a letdown.

mullykid wrote:

Final piece of Montreal was the best shout out.

Yeah, that seems logical.


That's 3 pm here. A bit late for lunch.

Shit. Still at work then.


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smallman1 wrote:

Is he perma banned?

Can a mod grow some cojones and let us know?