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It started a bit dull to be honest, but by the time the Jessie Ware-remix comes along it gets pretty great. I lost interest again for a bit at the middle, but liked the finish.

Here's a link BTW:

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/t … 24/s-rdJUf


Not the same remix of Roaches, but I think this is more than a decent effort too.

https://soundcloud.com/stripped99/tranc … -remixes-3

smashdad wrote:

I became a dad relatively young and almost all my mates only now have newborns/toddlers and the only 'advice' I've ever felt qualified to give them is to encourage them to spoil their kids with experiences rather than toys/things.  Their kids are unlikely to ever want for anything material so if they're going to have money spent on them, take them the theatre, take them to concerts, take them on adventurous holidays, show them some poverty and let them work out how lucky they are - create memories for them rather than giving them an iPad for their 8th birthday and hoping they'll entertain themselves.

This seems to me incredibly smart and an amazingly good idea. Can't see me telling my friends with kids this to them though, seeing as everyone who knows me knows my stand on this whole kids thing.

I have as high hopes for this as I had for the Dixon-one in 2013. He delivered, we'll see about these guys.


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I feel like the actor choices they did, Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrel, will do wonders for both careers. I have faith. Both have proven they can act, but have just chosen to do 98% of their career complete bullshit. I feel like they were chosen just because of that.


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Might've fucked it up. It was a complete story now, with no filler.

vinnyt77 wrote:

Absolute won't. Love our mates' kids to bits, but just never wanted any of our own.... We're planning a six month sabbatical in a few years to travel round the Americas. Fuck all chance of that happening if we had our own kids.

I think most of our friends and family have got over the 'strangeness' of not wanting to have kids. Helps a lot that my sister delivered the much wanted grandchild for my parents a couple of years back though.

Neither of us have ever had that burning desire to start a family, and frankly we're far too selfish about protecting the lifestyle we lead to risk fucking it up.

Agreed, except I still stay at home, except for DJ gigs (in other cities in Finland lol). My brother has two kids, so no worries there. My sister is also adamantely childfree. Our mom has no problem with my stance but she still can't understand why my sister doesn't want kids, even though she's been with the same man for close to 20 years.

Beats'N'Pieces wrote:

Loving both, King Unique's version is a little bit more raw for me though hence I prefer that.

Nail on the head.

Terrible work with the tracklisting dude.

I shall give this a whirl. I'm going hiking tomorrow, let's see if I get lost in the woods because of this.

Oh yeah I know, besides my lousy genes I'd also make a terrible parent.

I asked him about it in Facebook, no reply. sad

smallman1 wrote:

Won't or can't HG?

Won't. Known this since I was about 18 and I've felt stronger and stronger about it the older I get.

Yep. Another bomb from him after Candyland. He's bring back quality 90's style prog track at a time.

Big Fella wrote:

Don't have kids.

Thread closed.

I won't.

And people complain about drugs not being as good as they once were.

My first gigs ever were playing deep house on a terrace in Rauma back in 2001. After that I went prog.

However now I seem to be going towards harder sounds again, at least that's what I seem to buy a lot.

This is really fucking good. I thought the first part was deep, but he kept the pace on the second hour too. Some amazing real deep house tunes on it. Will need to buy loads once Simonr spots them all.

Part 1:

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/t … und-london

Part 2:

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/t … 2015-01-23

smallman1 wrote:

Does using a better mixer make you a better Dj?

It makes DJeing a whole lot more fun.

The Departed. He was good in that.

http://dj.rane.com/blog/rane-introduces … tary-mixer

Blue Ruin. 4,5/5. You might have a bit trouble finding it because, it's kinda a small movie, didn't know anyone in it. But for once all the people in the internet raving about it were right. I watched it on the US Netflix, so that's one place.

And I never leave Finland.

Lars Ulrich also goes with just 5 hours of sleep. He can't keep a beat, but is a multimillionare with a (has been) movie star wife though.

MattBlack wrote:

So who was Sancho Panda then, a Dermo alias that manged to sneak under the ban umbrella?

An oversight of 28 posts.