He's got great visual style but likes to please the studios too much, hence the disappointments. The director's cut of Kingdom of Heaven is a good example. That is one of his great movies, the theater version is terrible. Studio wanted him to cut, and he did. Losing one complete character which only motivated a shitlot other characters did.

I suspect Damon Lindeloff was brought along to Prometheus because the studio wanted him, and he's pretty much to blame with everything that's wrong with that picture. I've read the synopsis for the original screenplay and that was way better.

I'm a big Ridley Scott fan and have still refused to see anything he did after Prometheus. He should just retire already.


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If he isn't then the angriest man in dance music is going to be a whole lot angrier.


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10 % off.

Ok ok, it's not me, the wife refuses to stay up past 11 on a school-night.

zackster wrote:

anyone see ex machina?

The only movie theatre in town only shows it at 9.00 PM, one showing a day. Considering most mornings I have to get up to work before 6 AM I'm waiting for it to move to an earlier time, or when it comes out on Blu Ray. Everybody who I know who's seen it loved it.


Nick Sneddon wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Saw Boyhood on the plane.

Loved it.

is it good? its on Netflix but Ive heard mixed reviews

UK Netflix? Not on US or Nordic.

We watched a Jack Ryan combo yesterday, Sum of All Fears and The Hunt for Red October. Ben Affleck is a painfully bad actor without a right director. For some reason he's good in his own movies, at least in The Town.

Was surprised how much this dominated my Facebook-feed this morning. Didn't realize that many people were into boxing.


Watched The Departed for the first time since it was released, and it was way better than I remembered. I loved it originally but felt it was tainted by what most people thought a pity Oscar for Scorcese. Now I thought it a masterpiece.

One guestion about the Ultra-stage... Looks to be only one set up, hard to fathom every DJ there having same rider. How did they do the changes...

Both videos look mint though, big fucking set ups. We've come some way from Delta Heavy.


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New Traktor-update refuses to work with my CDJ 400s. Fuck's sake...

Thankfully a friend told me I can use the old version from the back up-folder.

This thread.


I love the Bwana-stuff.....


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You all having supporting wives bodes well for me.


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Steve Googan's new Showtime show Happyish seems a bit shit judging by the first episode. A 44 year man working in advertising having a midlife crisis and being unable to cope with the young people who are now his bosses? Well that has surely never been tried before. The only surprise was a supporting wife, instead of a ballbuster.

One of those CDs I bought, and listened to maybe twice... Found it now, and this is really good. Aged really well, which a lot of stuff from 2007 hasn't.

Excellent show this week.

This was particularly amazing: Chicola - Addikted (Guy Mantzur Remix ) [plattenbank Records]


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Nope. I think he actually might be the real House Harkkonnen from GU. That guy was also a few french fries short of a happy meal.

You plan on traveling back in time Rhouses? Congrats however!


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It's actually the one repeat offender in my opinion. How did he dare use Liquid Bass' avatar I don't understand.

No joke. The internet community known as message boards has been a big thing in my life since 2000 or so.

She said yes. I'm a married man now.


Avengers: The Age of Ultron.

You can really sum this up in four words: More of the same. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is entirely up to you, I naturally had a hoot. I also realized that I could listen to James Spader read a phone book, as long as he did it with a sharp menacing tongue. I think I might be gay for Spader.


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This is really good, thanks Furry.