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unbelievable - a thread to mourn the passing of some young filly and you see fit to try and crack some gag. ffs.

smashdad wrote:

Bless you Frankie Knuckles

this,,,great tune
If there's one small consolation, it's that I've been introduced to no end of incredible FK mixes over the past few days...
legend indeed

I find this really brings the crowd together...

james degale next champion, lol get it sorted ETC!

just to let everyone know, I'll be tweeting the line-up from the Village Underground tonight, if the reception's good, as...I...read....it*!!! Want you all to hear it first. Thank me laters yeh

*apologies in advance for any typos, I'll be one handed in the bog no doubt, reading a poster and trying not to get busted for taking photos of cocks.....

some russian bar up dalston way...

ta, will give it a listen....

Hannu - can you point the big man in the direction of Ed's thread, not sure we need two? roll

paul simon - graceland
prince - purple rain
PE - it takes a million....
Jacko - Thriller

Phil Opian wrote:

i've never listened to this before so i've just had a scoot through the tracks and it's not aged well at all imo.

I recommend a dark room, a serious bong mix and several listens right through... scooting does it a disservice

20 years young... kinda what started it all for me.


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Presto wrote:

Have to be honest, I thought this was going to be a thread about celebrity crushes again.

Bit disappointed now.



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MJH wrote:

His daughter played the girl in the film Wish You Were Here. She was gorgeous back then.


people moaning about heat and congestion clearly didn't go to any of the Heaven biggies.... that Sasha one with the velvet curtains, fuck me!


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vote for http://garufa.co.uk/ here.... up highbury barn way.

Or Buen Ayre, out London Fields way...

I reckon Marcus has got another night coming up...


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Matt Black - Massive Bell End wink

you lot have a different idea of non-dance to me...


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flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Still on the undercard, watching two Manc reds beating on each other now which is always quite satisfying. Froch/Groves at around 10:30 I'm told...

you dude, cheers mate....

ah, balls. Top mix tho eh? smile

I'm going to sound like a sasha whore here then but his V-jobba from Glastonbury in 2010 is a keeper for me. Helps that I was there and it was the culmination of an incredible afternoon for me and the missus off our tits listening to Way Out West, Hybrid Live, Slacker (God bless) followed by Mr Coe.... sniff, totes emosh etc


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froch is always good for a bit of heart on sleeve bravado. None of this delicate technical boxing shite...

sasha at homelands...err 1999? Kicked me from trance to prog. Massive impression.

01. John Johnston - Impact (Van Bellen Mix)

02. Northface - Entity

03. Apparition - Chipinque (Peyote Dub or Main Mix)

04. The Idjut Boys & Quakerman - Radio Rage (16B Club Mix, Original Mix or 16B Club Mix - Idjut Boys Edit)

05. Harry Mariani - E-Tales

06. Dulux Connection - Let's Beuk

07. Halo Varga - Future! (ID Mix)

08. Moonface - You Get So Give

09. Aquatherium - All Night Long

10. Expansion - Feel

11. bt - Dreaming (Evolution Mix)

12. Timo Maas - Ubik (The Dance)

13. Killahurtz - West On 27th

14. Alchemy – Bruiser (Evolution Mix)

15. DJ Remy - Pumped Up

16. La Forge - Second Contact

17. Twister - Muana Kea (Volcanic Mix)

18. 12 Moons - Beyond Infinity (Long Version)


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koff...best feed for this lads? Not paying boxoffice if its me on me own on the sofa in my pants...

smallman1 wrote:

Bell and Prior should hang their heads in shame getting out to Nathan Lyon.

this,,,,looks like a fucking peodo....

oh,,,, I feel loved (tenaglia's plenty of time for a big shite mix)