I couldn't get into the cordoned off Guardian VIP area, so didn't get to chat with Smalls or his entourage. Sorry boss.

Good bits
Weatherall until about 3:55am
No Q at the bar. Ever. And top bar staff.
Decent crowd
"No phones" message, either by card as you entered or from the security around the club. Nice one!

Bad bits
Weatherall from about 3:55am
Closing the smokes half an hour before the end

I like Phonox - decent proper little club.

haha nice one Ed!

why are the red team upset when they were happy earlier?

Them what like guitars - check this...

https://volarrecords.bandcamp.com/album … debut-7-ep

think parquet courts, thee oh sees


https://www.mixcloud.com/secretlifemusi … mber-2016/

Which is: Leo Mas Live @ Secret Life - Pikes Hotel Ibiza - September 2016

Fuck, I could do with some sun right now...

proper lol @ cerebral smallsy

Warning - middle class middle aged post alert:

I've managed to move the antenatal classes from this Saturday until April, so I'm back in for this.

fuck you Bairn, not yet kid, not yet!

Dan Harwood wrote:

Flame away lads.

Where's your PASSION blud, where's your FIGHT blud?!?


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The Wales England game, with Welsh - straight to classic, lol

Taboo is waay dark for a mainstream channel. Big thumbs up. Hardy is pretty easy with that blade.

Diggers TBT from FB...

John Digweed @ Hacienda, Oct 1993
1. Mass! - Klepto-Maniac (the store detective mix) briefly
2. K Klass - Let Me Show You Love (Pharmacy Dub)
3. Tranquil Voice - Acid India
4. Tranquil Voice - Acid India (Little Rascal Remix)
5. The Delorme - Beatniks (Dharma Bums Remix) [ZYX]
6. Power Circle - Garden of Peace
7. Jomanda - Never (Sasha Remix)
8. Leftfield - Open Up (Dervish Overdrive mix)
9. Forthright - You Blow My Mind [Tomohawak Records]
10. Sabres Of Paradise - Inter-Lergen-Ten-Ko
11. Sultana - Te Amo (Powertrack Mix)
12. Hall Of Jambo - Work Your Body (Total Mix)
13. D:Ream - I Like It (Ramp New Game Dub)
14. Back II Front - Viewfinder (I Want You All Night)
15. Sharada House Gang - Dancing Through The Night
16. Quivver - Saxy Lady
17. Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Pierre Trance Mix)
18. Bedrock - For What You Dream Of
19. Moby - Move (Kid Paul Remix)


smallman1 wrote:
roberto wrote:

Seemed like a top lass who partied hard.  A female Smalls if you will...

Much obliged Bobby!

Only had the minerals to get her to 45 mind wink

Not surprised at DuTheFunk's comments; strikes me as the sort who would be tugging on your sleeve all the way through Lion King trying to keep up with the plot.

Seemed like a top lass who partied hard.  A female Smalls if you will...

Quite apt this thread - Honest guv, I have no idea how this got in my cart!!



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Munchkin less so...

Happy Birthday Loopy; can you give us a story? smile


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I feel I need to bone up on the quotation rules... smile

Last time I saw Andy C was under Arcadia - Fairly disappointed as he seemed to be knocking out the vocal heavy teen pleasing shite. Groups of "edgy" kids singing along to all the words and barging round the place like tits. Hype came on and started playing a bit more tough* and they all fucked off.

(Hype = tough, lol)

One of the best places to catch Intalex / Calibre is up at Band On The Wall in Manc. Intalex does a monthly night called Soul:ution - it's a cracking little night. Well friendly. Excellent soundsytem, Strong Reception. Coat room above average etc...

No Enigma?! Sweeeerve!

millsy23 wrote:
roberto wrote:

tea and flapjack over here - hope I don't ruin dinner!

don't want to upset her who must be obeyed in her current state! Fireworks!

I'm lucky her aim is rubbish...

tea and flapjack over here - hope I don't ruin dinner!

out today mate....

303 abuser wrote:

loving this ...

Slow Learner - Honey .... love it...

All over HG's 2015 mixes I now see. Must pay more attention smile