Bloody clickbait!

Cheers Grant...Black Friday deals here I come!!!! #consumermadness

cos you can never too much hear:

Is anyone a BT Sport / Apple sort? My missus has got this from EE supposedly. Can I watch the cricket on the tele with one of those blackmagic cast things?

A think a rebrand to Lil Digs might help. Certainly with some fans.

Watched the frampton fight this weekend. He started well, looking dead sharp. Picking the Mexican off well, but faded and started getting caught. I thought he did well to tough it out and get the result...

Good entertainment...

Savage KO that dufunk. Right on the button!


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Anyone been watching "I know who you are" on BBC4?

I've only watched the first couple but it seems pretty intense...


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Dave needs his own shit-show of a thread to post all this plop in, along the lines of Ed's RA cobblers...

as pointed out before, there is a mass shooting on 9 out of every 10 days in the US... never mind month!

Frankly, I'm just surprised the guns got em before the sharks did

not Johnson obvs...

lives along the road from me ma n'pa.... is that a klang?

Chirst, I'm now actually listening to Eighth Wonder...

smallman1 wrote:

From Harvey's Pikes mix comp, absolutely magnificent -

A good compilation?

smallman1 wrote:

An hour and 7 minutes in and I'm thoroughly enjoying this.

Is that how long it is?



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Congrats Loops. Say good bye to your sleep...

6 month old Dad, Roberto


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some pretty savage body shots from Taylor...

millsy23 wrote:

Paddington 2 on Saturday!!


Date night with the duchess?

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jamie wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Jesus H Christ I hope I don't get caught up in any of this next March.

fingers crossed

I would say you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning or attacked by a shark.

Well, considering there have been 1000 odd shark attacks in the USA since the 50s (34 fatal), you would probably be talking out your arse dude


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I like to think the Tories are fucking this up out of incompetence, but, I wonder whether it isn't so obvious that they are simply opening the option to bail out. Praise be... … fline.html

I guess you could look into something like the above and play it in any old player offline

Dermatron wrote:

Thinking at the rate people are getting cleaned up this is a sure fire (apols) 100 pager in the coming years. At least one mass shooting a month should see it right up there in no time.
Until then we can all just sit back and enjoy there being no problems with guns or it's laws in the good ol US of A

Derms, the figure is actually a mass shooting on 9 of every 10 days.... but, y'know, it's nothing more guns won't sort out

I might be staying the obvious, but seeing as diggers plays his shit out in mixcloud, try the mixcloud app?


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Isn't Smalls a huge AG/PC fan?


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Will check this, thanks for the heads up...

Any wetherspoons will offer you just about to go off ale for around 1.60