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Tsk, yoof!:)

Went to see them at The Roundhouse on Sunday - incredible show, can't believe how good and on point they were considering the hiatus. And, the music itself hasn't aged at all - most of the set was made up of tracks from their first EPs, Nowhere and Going Blank Again. If you get a chance, go see em...they definitely don't disappoint (although, they need a bit of volume, so avoid Field Day!).

big_smile haha!

This could explain a lot...

Grant wrote:

Dot-to-dot indie

Grant, clearly quoting indie wank mags as opposed to getting all hot and sweaty in the front row....


I only say cos I thougt they were nowt myself. until I saw em.

deadhead wrote:

Just saw on xbox musix.. this is great! thanks for sharing


live in farkin heaven init


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Snowcrash wrote:

Mr Rossi in absolute meltdown here.

like a sloppy Bant and Jerrys

The Jimmy Bant M Bedrock compilation, fine stuff...

Is this where I admit to having a windows phone?

that's piss mate sad pm sent

Thanks to Hannu's latest mix posting, I had a little listen to this (Sorry H, I'll go listen to the mix in a bit smile )

That title threw this old bomb into my head

I watched this again the other day,,,, what a fight, fucking sick maniacs big_smile


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brilliant smile


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remember quite liking this:

http://www.discogs.com/Seb-Fontaine-Ton … ase/147389


millsy23 wrote:

My Dad has always been a rocker, so it was all Led Zepellin and Cream etc in the Fiat Tipo. I think that's what started my general apathy towards guitar music. I would love to say my musical upbringing included the likes of Kraftwerk, but it was more like Peter Gabriel and Genesis, constantly, for ten years straight.

That could explain that all denim look you used to rock smile

If Presto can post two..... Sorry Kev! smile


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the size  of ryder in glack grape?!

Saw him djing with Clint Boon years back....he was in a right state smile

nice one smile congratulations to you both


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ffs, me and the loops....I'm off! wink

sure I have this, let me know if I need to do any 'puter stuff


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get a room you guys, I mean, gays lol!

swededmonkey wrote:

Doc Martin, Hippe & Halo and Tyler Stadius are the best from the earlier end of the series. The more recent have been a decent standard but i thought the matt tolfrey was awful. Very bland and didnt really go anywhere

forgot the hippe & halo one, fell in love with it...then the fucks split. Then got back together but I couldn't go. Not sure what' worse.....#missedtheboat sad


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defo dropping a bit of jonny hates jazz n'all...