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the size  of ryder in glack grape?!

Saw him djing with Clint Boon years back....he was in a right state smile

nice one smile congratulations to you both

ffs, me and the loops....I'm off! wink

sure I have this, let me know if I need to do any 'puter stuff


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get a room you guys, I mean, gays lol!

swededmonkey wrote:

Doc Martin, Hippe & Halo and Tyler Stadius are the best from the earlier end of the series. The more recent have been a decent standard but i thought the matt tolfrey was awful. Very bland and didnt really go anywhere

forgot the hippe & halo one, fell in love with it...then the fucks split. Then got back together but I couldn't go. Not sure what' worse.....#missedtheboat sad


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defo dropping a bit of jonny hates jazz n'all...

Matt Black and Katie Hopkins
Sitting in a tree


that wasn't me - that was the wine dick who lives with me.

actually to be serious.... I work in the "space" industry. You know, how your phone knows where you are, your little garmin knows where you are? How many hundreds of football pitches of the Amazon we've razed in a day? How shite the ice-caps are looking? That sort of shit. Satellites. Amazing things, give you sport and everything.

Anyway, I digress - the company, based in Guildford, Surrah! The workforce totals about 500 give or take. About 200-300 of those are "immigrants". What about that? I've never seen so many people with an MSC or PHD or even the whole fucking hog level Professor anywhere I work and yet a huge percentage of people are these famed immigrants. Working hard. Towards a better Britain. A better Europe. You fucking twats - educate yourself. Everyone else, as you were.


seriously, letting the general population vote is a fucking catastrophe. Matt Black being a bone fide example of some twat who actually lives by the headlines.

Wooo....thanks for voting on our 'betterness' you fucking tool. Wonderful jokes, shite at running a country. #headinhands


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BedRob wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

After reading Hannu and Ncable's tete a tete messages here I'm off to the veg thread.

Sage advice that dutchy



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He's at fabric tomorrow night, and village underground end may BH for those of you who still go out wink


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A concerning lack of black pudding chat so far...

MattBlack wrote:

The EU is not just a common market anymore, it is an undemocratic dictatorship which pretty much tells us what we can and can't do and we pay over 8 billion for the privilege. The Tories and UKIP both want a referendum and they both want sensible taxation, I would much rather have controlled immigration than the current free for all where we have no control over our own borders and the only way that will happen is if we leave the EU

Bloody hell Matt - proper little ukip bunny now aren't we?

I'll just leave you some FACTS to mull over as opposed to some RED TOP PROPAGANDA...... this is my worry, people with no idea being allowed to vote. Sorry, it is.

Less than 0.5% of UK government spending goes on our EU membership. As a result of membership the UK receives 52% of all its trade from the EU, worth more than £400billion a year, which is free from customs duties or tariffs. As EU citizens we have the freedom to travel, live, work, study, and retire anywhere in the union; we have also enjoyed the longest period of peace in Europe for two millennia; have set targets for sustainability thanks to EU green targets; and are protected by the European Arrest Warrant, which prevents European criminals evading arrest by entering the UK - and ensures that British criminals fleeing into Europe face justice. The EU is also currently working on closing tax loopholes to increase competition and recoup the billions of pounds lost through tax fraud and avoidance.

Here's a bit more FACT for you, oops! Look a bit silly now don't we?

Immigrants make a net contribution to the UK. A recent study by University College London found that since 2000, European immigrants have paid 34% more in taxes than they claim back from the state; non-European immigrants paid 2% more. Over the same period, British people paid 11% less in tax than they claimed back. The study also found that immigrants are 45% less likely to receive state benefits or tax credits than people native to the UK, and 3% less likely to live in social housing. Only 0.15% of the NHS budget is lost to 'health tourism'.

Public satisfaction with the NHS was at an all time high in 2011, but increasing austerity measures and the handing over of NHS contracts to private providers has lead to increased waiting times, as public health providers are having to cut back on services. Ukip's manifesto pledges even more budget cuts. They plan to cut two million more public sector jobs (more than the entire NHS workforce) and to get rid of National Insurance, which raises over £100billion a year (more than the entire NHS budget). This is not even taking into account the massive loss to public spending that would result from their wish to introduce a flat 31% tax for people of all incomes over £11,500.


MattBlack wrote:

Ive just been reading UKIPs manifesto and i have to say i do quite agree with some of their policies, its a pity the party has so many nut jobs in their party it makes them virtually unelectable, id certainly take them over the loony left Greens though

Matt, they are ridiculous - quite apart from anything else, they wish to withdraw us from the biggest free market we have available to us, right on our doorstep. That and they completely fuck up any rational debate on immigration and Europe through the use of one liner soundbites that sound fantastic to the layman. They want to bring back discrimination ffs. Cunts. Absolute cunts,,,pandering to the concerns of dimwits by appearing to be "alright".


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smashdad wrote:
roberto wrote:

Rather pleased with my cheese on toast effort.

Not sure I carrot all for this thread though...

BOOM - there it is...


Ahem, cressfallen? wink

poirot wrote:

Its easy to see the seamless transition to prog house.

If you went to the hippo Club in Cardiff in the 90s you'd have seen your fair share of rockers giving some on the dance floor because there was a metal night on the ground floor. The two queues to get in were quite a contrast smile


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smashdad wrote:

Searched the thread in vain for a vegetable based pun - can't find a single one - hoping one will turnip soon...

You missed mine? #cressfallen


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One for the breaks heads - 10 years old... from the incredible (imo) Phil K Y4k comp...
https://soundcloud.com/habersham/habers … the-lizard

crikey, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfUjws4k68A

apt we should be talking about swazak and amalgamation of soundz and then this pops up. What a track.


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fletcher wrote:
poirot wrote:

I'm sure that's what dozey Aussies are getting fed too. It defo ain't chocolate anyway.

Don't they get a lot of Boursin Australia?

They do at the cricket Fletch...mind you, no denying the fact they make a right old raclette


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Rather pleased with my cheese on toast effort.

Not sure I carrot all for this thread though...


Old Larry does a decent job with this of that comp as well: Jersey Street - Brand New Day