May the fourth...



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This is excellent.

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Thanks for the download smile

You're welcome - link's dead now after 49 downloads...

One of them was me I've just remembered, Ta Kev. I'll plonk it on now...

I hadn't actually watched that and thought Fury was being a knob but he comes across far better in the vid than in text. It will be interesting to see if WK has him worked out this time. Certainly, he will have done more homework and I suspect will have more drive.

Khan next week as well, up 2 weights...not sure I fancy his chances tbh. He's got to get the job done quick and avoid getting tagged or he's going to blow out.

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anyone been watching The A Word? I've been enjoying it for some nice light-hearted sofa-with-the-wife evenings...

Yeah, but mainly 'cos it's filmed in and around Keswick and it looks gorgeous when they're outdoors - the two parents, especially the Doris, are painfully fucking irritating though - I know they're being used to make a point but fucking hell...

Yeah, beautiful isn't it? Fair point about the parents...


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It's been a hotspot for Canadians on a cheap holiday for decades now.

Oh bollocks.... still, I'm sure the insurance will cover my cancellation wink

I've just received a fiver via paypal saying "can you bump it mate?"

dirty work....


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I'm off there for a couple of weeks in a month or so, have a look see before the Americans get in and fuck it up with McDonalds and Coca-Cola.

Any of you well traveled guys'n'dolls been? I'm planning Havana, Viñales, Trinidad and some north coast beach action...

Bad Company....are back cool

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The start of this mix is more sexual than a Steelydan wearing nothing but a pair of tight-fitting Slazenger spandex trunks, pressed up hard against the window of the women's Boxercise class down at David Lloyd, Kingston Upon Thames.

It's that fucking good!!!!!

And I was just about to have a bottle of rouge and press play...


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Well, there you go Dan, apparently he was in "chugger" mode! … x?id=19073

any vocals? I'm not listening unless there's any vocals...


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Austin Reed gone bang today. Few sad faces in this thread.

farewell pale salmon v-neck, for I loved you so

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Great acting & a fairly unnerving film. The possibility of this happening is neigh on certain in the future. I have to admit it got me in parts.

Think of the part in Demolition Man where they have VR sex but not as cheesy as that scene or any of that abomination of a film.

I really enjoyed Her as well... beautiful film.

Off to see Joy tonight - hold tight and all that.

keep it in the football thread eh lads?


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anyone been watching The A Word? I've been enjoying it for some nice light-hearted sofa-with-the-wife evenings...


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what is it with posting the "911 full post-script" as seen at the bottom of the sky news page? God I fucking hate the media and it's real-life entertainment. Something bad happens and we have 24hr coverage of the same shit, saying the same thing. Just tell me there's been an earthquake and get on with the day. No, I don't want to see or read the transcript of someone being reported as collapsed. Why would I? What relevance does it have to my daily life? How will my day be benefitted from a conversation that surely reads "ambulance please, bloke looks dead, might be alive, but looks dead. Send an ambulance. Ta"


anyone checked out the latest ep from sudbeat? … moonstruck

Comes up after the Bedrock jobba. Strong release.

So, it's not free but, if any of you have a google account and use the google play / google music service, I've just found that I have a promo banner for 75% off an album.

Just got me the new GU Afterhours cd for £2.50....

cheers, Del xx


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Homegrove wrote:

Son of Mars sounds ace.

yeah, I agree.... although, it has a small whiff of this about it don'tchathink?

what with Holden and Zabs walking up and down the queue at Bedrock stuffing cds and flyers in your mits, I realise there was a LOT of hair in them days.

not sure whether to be chuffed that Zackster has given his seal of approval to my-fave-mix-cd-evah or not.... (As in the Balance CD01 mix, although Fear Of is also pretty sublime imo)


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Amazeballs and all that sort.... Sometimes it pays to listen to the sweet swee sound that it is the sunny guitar, the Rickenbacker. Beautiful...
that's all kids, cheers

steelydan wrote:

I'm off to see JZ next Friday in Dublin.

Mr Steely, I trust your appraisals and will not be surprised when you say he's kicked the spotty arse out of it. Cos that's what he does. Ledg...

jules72 wrote:

Enjoyed that.... Nice scratching by Zabiela - shame no one can be arsed doing it anymore. Also a shame he plays a load of noise these days

lol, seen him have you? Or did the mates tell you?



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After a slow start, comer's got it trundling....well I never!

Wallets next is it?