I'm in a field for the first and second sales sad

The cricket sounds fun big_smile

261-7 in reply to 136. Broad and Ali getting their eye in and tonking Johnson.
Crowd sound rat-arsed...

Just fyi - this is downloaded onto the Sandisk ready for heavy, if quiet, rotation at this years Camp Bestival once the kids have gone to bed and the vino flows. I hope it's suitable for us mad bastards.

hashtag I haven't even got kids! Wtf am I doing?

didn't he have the sheepdog vaulting picture or am I making that up/confusing it? smile

good lord...I think I've still got some of your cds from 'back in t'day' smile

all the big guns flexing in the one thread....bit claustrophobic!!!


re:Bedrock October - FFS! On sale at either 9am Friday or 9am Monday - I'm at a festival, and therefore, in a field. Millsy - you got a pink pass?

re:Radio1 Ibiza Prom - saw a clip of Cafe Del Mar on facebook, looked good fun. Something about a wee lassie with a cello between her legs...

re:Aliens stole our plane - Chromosome's drinking credentials in tatters

Edit: Sorry to consolidate responses into one post, Yant wink


big mix!


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Yep, many happy returns mr ncable...

what the hell was that from Bell? He should have read that the day could end anytime, was bleak! If the aussies come out barking tomorrow and blitz us for 50, we've got a game on. Hopefully our guys will settle in with a bit of application and hang around long enough to take the wind from the sails before accelerating away in the evening sun!

What's it doing starting on a Wednesday! Caught me on the hop today, but made for a wonderful trawl through TMS for 40 minutes at half two smile


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October shaping up nicely with this, all the WC action and the Bugged Outer Space night...

What about Paul Robinson? Or are we back on track....


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It builds character, Dan...


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millsy23 wrote:

failing to see the scandal here also?? Just a bloke enjoying some downtime. What's he supposed to do instead? Chessington World of Adventures?

I'm pretty disgusted at the reputational damage.... I mean, look at the setting? Grim!! The grade D brass... Using a bloody five pound note!!

Burlesconi is out there laughing at us Brits.


11. Sven Vath - My Name Is Barberella

Spent a lot of time kissing the doob to this number...

Wonderful read over my lunchtime sarnie, bravo big_smile


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Punching well above my weight, so yeah its congratulations, cheers...

Anyone been round Guatemala?


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I'm off to Guatemala in a few weeks...no plan apart from trying to see the usual sights (Tikal, Antigua), and off to stay a few days with an old mate who set up a hostel in Lanquin. Small matter of it being "the honeymoon".

I see Digweed as the Uncle to the Beeb's Auntie.... I'm happy to give the old bugger my brass

big fan of this....had the digi, then bought the cd it was that good


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fletcher wrote:

The last thing I watched on the BBC through live tv was the 6 nations back in march.

Since then I've streamed some Glasto content, and tms on the radio. But that's about it.

All the cheap to put on shit then? wink

Presto wrote:

I still buy CDs. Mainly for collective purposes (although what were they before, if not that?). I'll keep getting the Live In albums on CD.  There's plenty of classic albums I want to source on CD (and likewise with vinyl). They'll be around long after my hard drives have died, and I've forgotten the passwords for my back/they've also gone.

Having your entire life condensed inside some 3.5" hard drives? Not a fan.

same same....I still purchase most of my albums on CD. Some more dance orientated stuff I buy specifically to get the tracks. And singles are mostly digital. I actually find Google Music quite good for catching up on old singles digitally 99p and integrated with my online habits!


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I've got a solar-power casio. Claims to have 5 alarms as well.


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Maybe it's to fund the people who post heavily in the "Pure Power Essential Mixes" post...

I'd happily pay for the BBC (and did until I lost the TV). The minute they legislate to include catch up TV viewers as payees, I'll pay again. Quality output imo, my radio is never off when I'm in, and NO FUCKING ADVERTS!!!!


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