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Well that's me at mos from opening then...

You going with Stu and Big Edd, Rob?

We don't talk about Edd anymore. He's moved 'north'. Millsy's changed his number and won't answer my pms since he went all big time with bio's and the like. So I think I'm on my own.

Well that's me at mos from opening then...

Like me a bit of Lowlife now and again... this is from the underrated San Antorium album

(and also from the recent Still In A Dream; sound of Shoegaze compilation, which is equally superb. 5 discs of droning guitar and muffled vocals if you like that sort of thing)

can you still get a dirty burger in the smoking area at mos? Not been there in a couple of years...

I know what you mean Sean... I would have thought you can't make an old lappy good again. But, the reviews seem fine and you get a "better" spec for not much cash.

It is just as Dan says, for mucking about. Gone are the days of 10 hour house parties. It's just me playing tunes to the missus whilst she knocks up a Jamie risotto for us.

I want a dedicated laptop to support my fortnightly late-night-drunk serato sessions, so I've been looking at buying a refurb unit; any thoughts on buying a half decent from yesteryear? Or should I be looking at a budget brand new mass produced heavily discounted lump of crap from one of the supermarkets.

Example yesteryear: … 1548227158

Example budget:

I would be interested in your advice. Cheers lads,

my new years resolution is to comment on mixes more (I was shamed by Gallatico!) but alas, I've haven't had time to get around this yet. If I truthful, you've been bumped by a '95 bukem mix tonight - soz!

My thoughts are with Kev in that horrible position No.11

world peace for me.... ommmmmm.....

and a chalet in the mountains

ahem, thanks smile

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A pitch control wouldn't go a miss for some of these YouTube vids.

lol, often thought that...

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smallman1 wrote:

That Gluteus Maximus remix is absolutely mintos SD.

Love it.

your welcome

It's a piss stop record alright, in fact, you could probably crimp one off, splash some cologne, get a round in and still have a smoke before getting back to the booth

sublime.... give yourself 40 minutes. Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheheradze

Slaves were good value at an NME tour I went to about a year ago. Coincidently, Fat White Family were on the bill and killed it, I thought they were the best of the lot on the night. Also had The Wytches who were a bit teen angst and Palma Violets who were decent enough. Pretty pissed off that The Amazing Snakeheads had been on the original line-up but had split after a few shows. I'd have liked to have seen them live!

chuffer wrote:

quite liking these guys efforts ATM:

hoping for a pet shop boys collab

check this -->

And I have no understanding why Working For A Nuclear Free City don't have more of a following; their first two albums were insanely good.
Here's a track you'll all know from 2006... it was used in Breaking Bad

smashdad wrote:

My d'n'b mix for loopy is now posted...

oi oi oi - where did this go Kev? Working my way through the thread.... smile

There's a lot of lube in this thread big_smile

Glen wrote:

If it's anything like New Emissions of Light and Sound count me in!

brilliant that!

amazing isn't it? What with stunts like this, and the big congloms paying piss all tax, how the fuck are the normal punters meant to compete? … .html?_r=0

Well, SFX have... Beatport to remain "operational"

It appears my mate got the last 4 tickets (arse end / restricted view etc)

Tickets, of course, now available on seconds sites as people realise they can't go and they look to move them on at £500 the fucking cunts.


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now that's some popcorn!