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Harsh work there son... telling it how it is!


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delged wrote:

Bought tickets as the missus is a massive HS82 and we spent the grand total of 10 minutes in his room.

Firstly, it was packed, well packed. Then there was the sound system which struggled.

Truth be told I'm not his biggest fan, but some of his stuff is good.

Didn't matter a shit as Andhim and M.A.N.D.Y smashed the back room. Was a pleasure having space to dance and listening to a masterclass.

(Cloakroom was a nightmare)

And the phone signal? Geez...half a review!

trying to get it out the system before the kids come along

djdiggers wrote:

Lets see your favourite

Track - Ravissante Baby (Negro Phasing) - Francis The Great (although a re-release)

Album - Aphex Twin

Comp - South Beach

Mix - Drew K's Alright Tonight

Producer -

Remix - Four Tet on Opus (marmite this track...I think it's the bomb)

Club gig - Bedrock at Heaven

Festival - Gastonbury

Film - Love & Mercy

concert - Ride at The Roundhouse

trabs - Rocking some Ridgemonts

How many gigs  attended - U.K. - 23 gigs, 3 festivals

How many gigs  attended - Abroad - 1 - Underworld in Amsterdam

Benson Award - Did you make it t the main act or leave early ? - Always last man standing smile

the legend that is Django Reinhardt....

AC/DC would be immense...

I'm hoping for a bit of Underworld and Massive Attack on the other stage. And for them to get Iggy and the Stooges back,,,

poirot wrote:

I expected it to go over matts heaad. Little more surprised with you. Maybe I've been giving you too much credit.




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benson wrote:

....smoothly carving my way down.

Me too Benson, me too...

poirot wrote:
roberto wrote:

Derms having a Big R

Are you sure about that?

It would appear I'm not the only one thinking along those lines... there will be others as well. I'd hate to see you having a slip down the table due to a lack of concentration so late in the season.

Derms having a Big R

would I be right in remembering Groove Armada tearing the place apart djing in that mega place next to the Cross one Bank Holiday?


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just trying to sort flights out - fucking thieving cunts charging so much for kit nowadays. Hardly seems worth it for a week. I might wear my board boots out there smile


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steelydan wrote:

would love to go, but after having my cruciate replaced last year..maybe not a good idea.

So the old one was an excruciate? Ha!

The wife (still weird) tore her cruciate in January a couple of years ago. She had an op in April (April the 1st, consultant was called Mr Chisel! I kid you not!) and was back on the slopes the following April. However, she was obsessed with exercising it so I'd say that was best case. A further year on and she still exercises the knee morning and night.

Mind you, that geezer that won the mad board-cross a few years back had a snapped cruciate! Just go for it smile


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Nice, I've heard good things about Morzine but not been myself. We're doing a week in Selva Val Gardena - I love Italy for skiing. Decent food and booze on or off the mountain. The little rifugios you get dotted about are real gems. The skiing is incredible for the 1 week a year office worker. Red runs all over that are huge confidence boosters. Not much in the way of black runs, but if the conditions are right you can get some excellent off piste. Scenery in the Dolomites is breath-taking as well. Fuck knows what we're doing living here in the UK...


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1st big dump of the year coming into the Alps this weekend,,, Anyone off out on the mountain this year? I'm going back end of Feb. Can't bloody wait.

Doesn't help getting reviews and reports on all the new gear - quite fancy a blat on this --> http://whitelines.com/snowboard-gear/re … omon-derby

Might see if I can borrow one for a go down the Aldershot Ski Slope, live the dream!

Rather good that!! Epic indeed...

steelydan wrote:

oldie...proper gallops along. Pitch control needed for these youtube vids.

I've got that PVD box set.... the bpm throughout just ratchets up and up! Fucking hilarious listening to it now smile


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If you've got a morning, have a read through this. It explains a lot about ISIS, what they stand for, what they believe in and what they want. Basically, a very religious group who adhere to very old scriptures, hate "moderners"and are intent on bringing the Apocalypse.

http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/arc … ts/384980/


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liquitech1 wrote:
fadass wrote:

Shame on Amps & Dave. The lad was a force of nature at the age of 15 when his whole family life was fucked. Don't believe he even had enough time/opportunity to get on the gear before his career went into slide due to the illness.

Just unlucky to get a shit deal imo.

True dat, here's his high school athletics honour board from '89 when he was 14...

100M - Jonah Lomu
100M Hurdles - Jonah Lomu
200M - Jonah Lomu
400M - Jonah Lomu
800M - J Steedman
1500M - J Steedman
Discus - Jonah Lomu
Shot - Jonah Lomu
Javelin - Jonah Lomu
Cricket Ball - S Bradley
Long Jump - Jonah Lomu
High Jump - Jonah Lomu
Triple Jump - Jonah Lomu

Roids would likely have slowed him down imo...doubt he ever used

Someone said that the cricket ball never came down...

Mystic Bill on the biz...


fletcher wrote:

...you'd have about a fiver

nearly six isn't it?

If I had a penny for every time our Uncle John said this when entering into a mix...

Hawtin? Phew, lucky swerve...

I've never been offended whilst hanging on to a pole for dear life late at night in the Glade Lounge...but I've generally left my critique hours well behind by that stage.

lee coombs' crystal is an oldie goldie for me.

And a bit of thin white duke mix of royksopp was always an obvs pleasure. It helped going clubbing with a bunch of ladies #hugs #fuckingloveyouido etc

With the advance of the digi instant gratification age, I tend to skip breakdowns now smile