I'll play it on my show tonight mate, it's like hospital radio without the hospital. Think lounge. The missus might listen. Sling it across!

amen brother...

Already popping them out...


Arrived today cool

anyone know where that DM track should have been then?

I like that new vegan place in Chelsea, I mean Putney, called Plucking The Tree Of Low Hanging Fruit

shameful Ed

Disc 7 - locked in power hour!!

Scuba Black on Black Faki mix is mint, as is Montel At night, And Pig & Dan Complex..... oh and Clarian Space Noir...

How can Wales let the Manics trot out that fucking dirge when the Furrys have written Bing Bong for the Euros?


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oh, those flag poles....thank fuck!


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Changed me a plug the other day. I had two to do but it got to 3:30 so I thought I better call it a day and get down the boozer

a crowd of bedrockers all standing around in bandanas, making low throat sounds, stroking their love truncheons, waiting their turn on nigella who's all trussed up on a butchers table...lovely stuff chaps


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Awesome stuff mate. Loved it... where's that Perception / Mac's Rehash version from? smile

Looking forward to catching to Sasha closing his Glastonbury set with "For What You Pander"

Diminished Responsibility wrote:
ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

LA Crowds used to be good.  Pretty much dis-clued, selfie, look at me types.  Miss the days of Giant & Spundae & of course the Mayan.  Sound has great sound though.

Giant and Mayan were immense, when it came to a clued in crowd. As was Monday Night Social.

Spundae was great, but it did get a bit trancey towards the end.

Don't tease Fletcher like that...

I'm only track two and I'm rushing of the weekend's stag activities again

HAGO Dannyboy

millsy23 wrote:

Had a grunge/metal club near me called the Agincourt. Had some great nights there although it stunk like Bella Donna's kebab after a gang bang. They used to play Prodigy in between bouts of unlistenable dirge and the plastic pint glasses woyuld fly like celebratory piss rockets over the assembled Joey from Blossom lookalikes.

Still going, I saw Sensor there fairly recently. Can't remember too much as I sneaked a bottle of Glens to try and fit in with the young stude types. Probably ended up looking like some wankered perv of an uncle.

Back to metal / house, The 'Legendary' Hippo Club in Cardiff used to have two floors with two queues, one for the downstairs leading to a heavy rock night, one for the upstairs which was one of the early house/trance clubs. Many was a time when you'd get an archetypical slayer type giving it big fish little fish on the stage alongside the top off white gloved farmer, both giving it the big gurn.

On a sad note, I noticed that one of the original founders of the hippo club recently died, chap called Peter Loughlin....RIP

Looking forward to scorching up the table with this latest spot-on id cool

I wish I had Helen, I was way up high...

First time I'd heard our even realised that China Girl was a Pop song,albeit co written with Bowie during the 'Berlin' years.. Homme and co really beefed it up, it sounded heavy!!

Iggys got a book coming out towards the end of this year, that'll be some read.

steelydan wrote:

It was one NYE at my Mate's house. The same year Den left Angie on Eastenders.

Drank about 3 cans of carlsberg and was sick as a dog.

From that day I swore never to drink again.


3 or 4 cans of special brew for me, in the woods aged 14 or 15 - fucking annihilated.


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smallman1 wrote:

When he passes away the headline will be Ian Brown Bread.

You heard it here first.

well in Ed lol

What a show! From the whole band who were outstanding, but, especially from from Iggy. 69 years old and he's still ripping the place apart! I think he spent more time in the crowd than on stage. His top was off by about track 2 or 3. He was diving into the crowd by track 4.... Diving into the crowd! At The Royal Albert Hall!

Despite only having managed to get tickets up in the circle to the side, that was one of the most compelling rock and roll gigs I've ever been to. There were cameras around, I hope it was for a film of the gig. Amazing stuff.


millsy23 wrote:

I'll upload the tracklist once they send it over to me.

You've been taking lessons from the Bump Master wink


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Thanks hannu

This is fucking horrible mate, absolutely gutted for you... I hope somehow it makes its way back home. Will def keep an eye out for you.