the juggling at the end is good

wish I could see them do a concert where they just play all night...
Mini documentary here -->

what time did it all finish? It felt like groundhog day going to bed and saying to the missus "they'll still be raving at Fabric"   (amongst other such middle-aged bedtime utterings such as hot water bottles, just finishing chapters, B&Q tomorrow, parents for roast etc FML)

The Wiggle 20 years old mix - tasty

And bouncing along to this last night: … merachka-3

Big Fella wrote:

Have a funny feeling there might be a special plagiarism award in a few months.

"Offline", he's been promising a second 80's outing, however, I think he's waiting for the next Greg Wilson mix to be posted for inspiration.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

2 absolutely massive nights coming up at Fabric, this being one of them

Marcus Intalex's 6 hour set in Room 3 being the other yes?

michael231423423 wrote:
fletcher wrote:
michael231423423 wrote:

I have listened to the mix 4 times and each hour melts away.  It is fantastic.  Does anyone know the track selection on the mix?

And you obviously havn't obtained this legally

On the digital version there is a mix its the 14th track.  I obtained it from Juno download. I live in Texas there are no cds of the traveler in Houston. I never steal music.  I want the artist to get paid.  I am unemployed I had to scratch and save to buy this.  I couldn't afford the cd through amazon so I went digital so I could hear it.  I didn't download the tracks, Ill do that and piece together the mix order.

Ignore him, he's just a grumpy dad with no sleep wink


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millsy23 wrote:

The stage area was a great spot during Digweed but the whole up and down staircase thing was annoying.

Spent most of Diggers up there malaka - must have strolled past each other <theshame>

Ed - get back to me after the marathon de sables wink

benson wrote:

it's all about the bicycle commute back in the shires for me.

Smashing the PBs on strava.

Feeling sweet.

Much more fun than running!

I hear you bruvva! Farnham to Guildford for me...

Just need to add big props to the Mills for this mix. It's been a bit of a guilty pleasure through out the summer. Just wish that Criticise remix didn't loop. This is the mutts Stu - I like to think I inspired you all those years ago when I ripped the needle across whatever cutting edge prog borer you were playing and dropped a Nik Kershaw bomb smile

" 98 we all rotate..."


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If everyone could follow gus and glen's example in the what are you listening to.... thread, that'd be grand. no bird, no tune!


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dc10 have got the pioneers atm


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enjoying my personal mix of the club bangers sent to me thank you very much.

when does the cd arrive? I've been wearing my soundgarden hoody, beany and scarf for months now... no sign of the music though

Oh yeah, *that* Tenaglia remix was epic as well smile

Late to the thread,,, Fave DM tracks are anything from 101 which was the first I heard of them pwoppa. Aged 13, that album was a huge influence on my musical tastes. I remember being so excited for Violator. I skipped the morning off school to catch the first play of what was Personal Jesus. I still remember hearing the screeeeeech at the start and thinking WTF??!!

From a remix pov - the Lexicon Av mix of Only When.. was huge for me at the time. Still remains one of my favourite tracks. Another which I don't think has been mentioned is the Lexicon Av remix of Behind the Wheel which I first heard at NYE in a tiny club in Dubrovnik whilst smashing the local speed. I recall a low ceiling and a disregard for the off setting on the strobe. Pretty intense stuff!

Top band and massive influencers... Criminal how they're not feted and mobbed in this country imo. I'm gagging for the Greatest Hits headline set at Glastonbury one year.

Turns out I was there as well - spotted myself in the crowd smile

there was a good kenny ken 6mix t'other day...

loving this so far

Put it in google and it reads like a Gus record review....

some good stuff going on there... disappointed not to be going along sad

I love the photo on soundcloud - a real arms in the air moment and the lad at the front is fully concentrating on looking down the young minker's chest. Can't say I blame him from what I can see....

liquitech1 wrote:

Saved on the phone

that's one for the cover, Millsy

no surprises where I perked up listening to this mate wink

unfortunately, dl now not available - pm me yeh!