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Amps has just committed credential hara-kiri across numerous dimensions within this one thread!


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Presto wrote:
Ncable wrote:

butt-f*cking trojans par for the course with Windows rubbish.

Not had a trojan or virus on any of my machines for a very, very long time. Any malicious files that have cropped up have been swiftly dealt with. It's usually user stupidity where these sort of things get introduced.

I find they come along when I've only got one hand free to deal with them...

sat at home with this belting out the speakers behind my head.... very nice, cheers! I hadn't been that impressed when I first heard the clip on the video from a while back. Shows how you can't trust a tinny clip init!

I think it's released Damo, I bought a 4 track ep a month or so ago.


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whole lotta lol in this thread, good work lads...

1 yes
2 only diggers
3 is the Solent is International Waters?

just hunt out the two Sancho Panza Carnival cds from a few years back, that's 4 cds and you can get on with some proper drinking.... smile

some of my old faves are
eat static - abduction
herbert - around the house
smallman's mate Lozz - Unreasonable Behaviour
Hybrid Wide Angle

Then some more recent stuff is Moderat's 1st effort, Four Tet There is love in you.

Quite like a bit of the old Layo and Bushwacka! LPs as well...

Also looking forward to Big "Authority" Fella's low-down on where to get the best fish and chips. Hopefully it includes a sub-section on the mushy peas, bread and butter, and tea.

Tay Do - Vietnamese - Kingsland Road - communal tables byob - as close as I've got to the tucker we had out there.

try the fresh summer rolls - just like the back streets of Saigon (HCMC)
there's also some dish which is not far off a Bun Cha which is from oop north, Hanoi. Think its the grilled pork with vermicelli noodles.

I'm now hungry. And I miss London for it's authentic little restaurants.

Plastica Red <3

Loving the memories folks... My first one was "the one after Tenaglia dropped in" annoyingly! Then, barring one or two, every one in the next decade!

Need a bit of love for Chiller Twist - Driverz of the Deep

any links please? can't immediately find one without checking I'm not dling something stoopid

stream of the latest late night tales from that Hopkins lad:

millsy23 wrote:

We did have a habit of overdoing it Rob.

I think I had 2.5 cheese toasties one night, haha! Can you imagine doing that nowadays? mind you....cheese toasties back then....

I recall a couple of hours well spent under the influence of a certain Dr in the Soundshaft. Being utterly toasted, you could spend a few hours at the top of that spiral staircase trying to spot a gap and get down.

Anyone for a cheese toasty?


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strudders, just do some elbows out twisty bass knobs - when you've got everyone locked in to a nice hi-hat intro - hit em with full bass! yeah!!!


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Beijing Dave wrote:
MarcusR wrote:

Seems like Glasto is getting a bit obsessed with US rockers - Metallica....Foo Fighters....filed under post Nirvana US grunge bollocks like Pearl Jam and the like. Surely there are UK artists that should be headlining.

Just stick The Orb, Progidy, Underworld, Chems and Orbital on rotation. Job done !

Foo Fighters aren't even in the same league as Pearl Jam.

Nirvana/Smashing Pumpkins/Pearl Jam (I'm not counting Sonic Youth as they were well detached from and predate the scene) are the grunge holy trinity really, probably with Mudhoney, Soundgarden and Hole on the next rung, then way, way down the list is 15 year old retards' entry-level rock band Foo Fighters, just above Silverchair.

Grohl should have stuck to drumming.

Don't forget Alice In Chains and certainly Screaming Trees! I'm not sure you can put FF on a grunge list,


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smallman1 wrote:

Rumours gathering about Kanye West headlining on Saturday night.

Maybe put Beck on at the same time

I'd just like to point out how "on key" I was cool

woohoo! well done brain....

blimey, bit swift isn't it? smile


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ryangibson wrote:


seconded... nice one Si

been the soundtrack to my afternoon, cheers!


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New photo of BF online


3 tracks in and it's like I'm back in the mid-90s!! #palpitations

can you advise on the bpm in and out please

don't want to waste my bandwidth like...

Trying to recall an old classic from around the 2000 mark... and my mind has gone completely blank.

Play these three notes from the kinda-breakdown and I'm sure you'll have it... E F C
http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resourc … sic/piano/