poirot wrote:
Ncable wrote:

Marco Bailey and Tom Hades - Stars and Shines


Ayyy! Alright our lad - please be nice xx

steelydan wrote:

Playing at the horse & groom Sunday night. Your all welcome smile. Mark E guests downstairs...Micheal Cook (Lowlife) guests upstairs.

good luck with it all mate,

reading this whilst playing "Lowlife" by l&b!....spooky man!!

millsy23 wrote:

Mrs Mills is in Bruges with her brother and Ma so I will be spending four days with my children. Probably go to Corfe Castle, Sandbanks for crazy golf and go watch inside out. And in the evenings I will be reading many leather bound books by a roaring fire I would imagine.

I'm "sorting" out my records - I might stuff a few in the old UDG bag and pop down smile

jeeeesus.....I'd forgotten what a track this was #gin #sortingoldrecords

I like it :-D


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smallman1 wrote:

Mama Smalls is MattBlack.

Is that another alias out?

MattBlack wrote:

I really can't see how this is enforceable, are we going to have Smoking enforcers speeding up and down the M1 trying to catch fag ash Lil lighting up in her Mondeo?

Exactly this, there's no rozzas on the roads as it is? It's going to be up to me with my viddycam patrolling the streets snitchin'

We've got an local arty place which we're members at so we go to that fairly regularly which shows stuff like Trash, Mr Holmes, Love and Mercy, Grand Budapest Hotel etc but I've got a voucher for the Vue so I'll check those out. Anyone seen the Pixar effort? Always up for a silly chuckle smile

Edit - Matt, I think that'll be at the arty place for sure.... me and the blue rinse doris' on a Thursday night, digging the drop!

Anything worth seeing at the flicks in the next month? I need to take the missus...

Can't be bothered to trawl back through the thread sorry. TV/Movies ain't my thing...

aural wrote:

I just gave this a first listen and I didn't think it was that bad. You guys certainly painted picture much worse than what is presented here.

It is definitely nothing special as far as mixes go and certainly not as good as his balance effort. It was worth a listen and I'll give it another shot at some point.

Checking out Hot Since 82's CD on the new Pete Tong comp now. Starting off pretty nice over here.

Maybe you should thank "the guys" for being pleasantly surprised smile



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dutchy101 wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
Ahad Adump wrote:

28 trillion dollars.


Made me lol.

me too.... Smalls could navigate this crisis with some gains!

fletcher wrote:
Wally wrote:

Overall I quite enjoyed it - it was more tech that handbag house which is good - I think it really needed a couple of "Big hitters" to break up the flow a bit - On Balance, he dropped tunes like that Beach Kisses inbetween all the four track trickery and that's missing here. Very skillfully put together though.


Definitely lacks big hitters.

My mate saw him at Antz Ushuaia last week, his videos were full of.loads of tunage.

After some.helpful IDs.... oxia - Domino was the bif hitter

long weekend Fletch? wink

Liking the new Max Cooper mix:

https://soundcloud.com/xlr8r/landside-s … slide-pt-i

yeah, I've had a many a set from your links.,,thank you very much xx

bedrock at heaven
ride at the roundhouse
underworld at paradiso, dam

smallman1 wrote:
roberto wrote:

I did have a horrible experience a few years back.

What happened Roberto?

A number of incidents really, we were right by a big ruck with blades out and the resultant walking wounded. Another place and some bloke was just set upon by a group who went to town on him, all smashed through stalls and the like. Then finally, was in a street when the whole crowd started screaming and running towards us. Nothing came of it but it was pretty fucking scary.

All in all a grim experience after many trouble free years for me.

I had many many happy years going along from the early 90s, but, I did have a horrible experience a few years back. Not really been interested in it since.


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I didn't realise they were filming. Better put my best trendies on...

Crafts evening tonight whoop
Calais tomorrow to fight with the scum shouting loudly at "foreigners" and get a shit load of wine
ADID on Sunday

http://www.soundcrashmusic.com/squarepu … live-show/

http://www.soundcrashmusic.com/autechre … ndon-show/

All in....


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Presto wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

So tell me Presto, how do you really feel about Windows 10?

I think it's alright, but has stupid niggles/features. I know paragraphs might be difficult, for you, but some appreciate hearing some actual reasoning, rather then "OMG!! Worst Windoze eva!!!!!"

I even got distracted from this - was it yes or no?

blimey...Dan, great mix mate!! hit the spot dans chez Roberto. Had to scamper out and get another couple of bottles of cab sav once the rioja had been rinsed.


to the latest chug from the man who started this epic thread....top gent Dan, top mix...


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zackster wrote:

as opposed to the guy that fell flat on his face...

well yeah, the video is about him being an over-reacting twat but you can't argue with his points, just his delivery.


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scroll down for the tracklisting mate wink