didn't add the obligatory "Thursday Bedrock's are the best" comment. Top night that was packed out and jumping from the off!


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In contrast to all other reviews, I went along to the Hammersmith show when they first started and thought it was shite. Clearly they've got their act together now but it was completely disjointed, lurching from one track to another, then the lights came on for the finish, then off, then on and they managed half a classic for an encore which had to finish before it even got to the first break.

And it was full of groups of 5 or 6 males with neat hair and big beards. Cunts.

erik.b wrote:

When's the Bog remix of Emerald getting a release John?

December from what I've read online somewhere Erik...

Ncable wrote:

"£8 for a bottle of water! Yeth pleathe! Can't wait for Foo Fighterth, they're sooooo cool!"

back on the doob?


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Free Reginald?

Homegrove wrote:

Just because it's my 9/11 track (receiver my vinyl on that day), Lee Coombs remix of New Order's Crystal.

Only just seen this, bravo HG, bravo!!! This used to make me go weak at the knees...



on reloop now... http://boilerroom.tv/session/born-elect … s-zabiela/


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have you seen one of the other headlines? WTF?
http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liv … d-10058857

I'm not really reporting you x

Not sure I should admit to this one, but read Alex Marwood The Wicked Girls - absolute fucking drivel. Avoid. I should have clocked that all the one liner reviews were from bored housewives. Wicked my arse. Predictable load of tosh that I skimmed for the last quarter simply to get to the end. Even then I wondered if it was worth it.

On the plus side, read Nick Cave - The Death of Bunny Monroe which was entertaining enough with a decent anti-hero who sprirals out of control. Cave writes very well.

And currently 3/4's of the way through McEwan's The Children Act which I have to say is utterly compelling. It's been a long time since I read prose that pulls my full attention word by word. It's beautifully written. Get on it...


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isn't it "sk8er"?

Hannu been paying you off? 5th? Maybe in the Fluffy Kitten Edition....


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Albini produced Pixies – Surfer Rosa, PJ Harvey – Rid of Me, Nirvana – In Utero, Manic Street Preachers – Journal For Plague Lovers (you'll probably notice that these are usually the artist in question's best album), no need to be a smartarse and name his side project, Ncable, you're usually better than that.

that is quite some back catalogue...

Grant wrote:

I'm in, got a crack squad of three this end, including a bird.

should be easy to spot - I'll come and say hello.

£25 for Sasha in London is ok, especially for NYE. Last big one before I'm saddled with kids and it's a bottle of warm fizz and the tele on mute

I went to Centre Parcs once ....got a free lift home from a car with blue lights!

I did actually go, with no kids, for some reunion jobber. What a waste of money! They fucking fleece you...

From IDJ admittedly but I used to love this cd



Whilst rummaging through old compilations(sunnyside up's 2001 comp), found this belter from 20 years ago.

thanks erik...

erik.b wrote:
vinnyt77 wrote:
erik.b wrote:

If you can't find Simon's remix let me know and I'll dig it up later and upload it

Yes please...

Inbox dude

koff! cheers mate...


(Look at the crowd avin it at 1:11)

smashdad wrote:

"Somewhere II" on Something Happening Somewhere


only £7 for lossless on Juno

1 Malbetrieb - Nim 08:27 
2 SB - According To 07:01 
3 Locked Groove - Namibia 06:27 
4 Stefan Vincent - How It Could've Been 07:38 
5 Quince - Europa 07:16 
6 Kid Culture - Arp313 06:37 
7 Paul Hughes - Unity (Chymera 2015 remix) 09:04

Only seven tracks but not a duff one amongst them...

Some good tracks judging by the clips Kev, however, Quince - Europa is a little monotonous for me..

He's going to practice a bit for NYE