6music's day of 1989 - it's been top class all the way through, well, nearly lol classic!


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the opening nights will be no worse than any of their big nights. Fabric regularly run a capacity - it's just this time there'll be a bunch of dead chuffed fans. I reckon it'll be fantastic, getting close to the End's closing parties but with more hope.

The next Soul:ution I'm there....


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fuck it! I'm away that weekend.... it's going to be a belter!

Friday night would be my choice.


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bit of a shit celebration, but I'll let him off...

isn't there a dowry transfer to be considered? If #2 offered #1 a few bob as some kind of sweetener?

FWIW - #2 was effectively grooming imo...

Dan Harwood wrote:

This FTW:

I can't access this at work so I can only assume it is the one from Dirty Dancing...

yeah, Up has an ace montage in it. And Anchorman...

smallman1 wrote:

Adidas are the trabb of loosers and men in their 40's who still think they've got 'it.'

guilty m'lud

top mix this - bit more interesting than norm. Cheers Jamie...

managed to find these in jd sports gatwick as an emergency pair of stompers.... quite like them!


ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

..... some kind of detachable butt-plug tbh.

mr rossi wrote:

That last one brings back a few memories.Filed along with Angel Delight and Creamola Foam.


I listened to it on the way in this morning and was immediately struck by how appropriate it was that I had on my grey hoody and brown Fat Face gilet....

No surprises this set has all the 40 year old couch ravers frothing.

you're so one dimensional Ed....

I wish I could go back to my first 20 visits and get completely lost on those stairs. Or the other stairs. Eh...where the fk am I?


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BedRob wrote:

Looks like we're all gonna have to "double drop" before we go in. ......fuckin nazis

It's going to be like a warzone halfway down those stairs...


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steelydan wrote:

Those new security measures mean we're gonna have to be old school and double drop whilst queuing up.

the ridiculous thing is you speak the truth!

nobody actually gives a shit about the punter in these cases. Well, Fabric did, but they're not allowed to now.

How do we still live in a society which creates and fuels an unregulated black market run by cartels? Insane isn't it? They worked it out with booze in a few years - this shit with other types of drugs has been going on for 100 years now.


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"literally" lol....ffs, written by some twonk on his first journalism essay at school. Yep, believe all that too.


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Odo wrote:

gotta say odo - if you had been shining a phone in my face for over a minute, I'd have launched said phone across the room!


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smallman1 wrote:
steelydan wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Been caught having an affair and his game is shot.

Djok that is.

what's your source for this nugget?

Have heard it from 4 different people who work in tennis.

It's well known.

Is that your three doubles partner and the barman at the afters?


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liquitech1 wrote:

Many will still believe the fact the US pissed people off enough for a big old terrorist attack even when presented with papers like this. Doesn't surprise me.

I think is a little more realistic.


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really? found the crowd quite decent... but I was far from sober; you'd have got a hug from me.

As always with MoS, you had to burrow to the front to find space.


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The other stories on that website seem equally as believable....

I was looking into it a while ago - there were a lot of lesser known brands offering some decent specs for not that much. All big brands out in the east... I'll try to find what I was looking at.


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still got 10 year old AOC - fat fucker, but does the job.

why do you say that mate? I've always had a soft spot for sony phones...

Hannu - go chinese, mega performance, cheap as chips...do a little bit of research on em first.