Flipside of Bladerunner on Loaded. Piano to the maximum.

Great opening tune to a great album

Kasabian's latest effort is excellent


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Think it was Junior

Two pages in and no mention of Jimi Traore. Serious candidate for worst player to ever receive a Champions League medal too

Looks like Val Kilmer's mildly Asian cousin

John Digweed has two other brothers called Paul and Ringo


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Some of the old Bankhead mixes. His 3hr old school mix is fantastic.

Always loved this Chicane track

Just got round to listening to this Comer and it's fucking quality. Well done son. This will be getting repeat plays.

Another classic Terra Ferma track...

Avalon - couple of good tunes on it but most of it was drivel

Global Underground - Darren Emerson Singapore. Shit sandwich wouldn't do justice as a description for this. Maybe shit baguette

Disco Shit was by Prawler, better known as Oliver Moldan, I think.

I always wondered where the sample in Pole Folder - Apollo Vibes comes from.

Now that he has finished the Involver series (with a whimper) I wonder would someone like Balance ask him to do a mix? It might be interesting to see what he could do. It's been a long time since he's done that

Leftield - Leftism
Sasha and Digweed - NE 1
GU 13
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the 36 Chambers
Nirvana Unplugged
Metallica - Justice For All
Ian Brown - Solarized

SOG and assorted spin-off SOG labels

Yoshitoshi used to do something similar. They used to have double packs with the one mix you wanted but you had to shell out of the other 4/5 shite mixes too.

Sure was mate, great win. It wasn't a classic but Dublin were just about the better team on the day.

Were you at it?