I used to play that Ogenki Clinic mix of Digital Reason all the time, absolutely top tune.

Will be giving this mix a whirl.

Well said Dan. For me, this gets played after that.


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I think it will sound huge on a big system. Looking forward to hearing it live.

I agree it isn't immediately identifiable as your classic Leftfield but it'll be interesting to see what the rest of the album sounds like

New track on Soundcloud from the new album. It's a corker


It's what Frankie and Larry would have wanted

I saw Felix play a few years back and he ended with an instrumental remix of Metallica - Enter Sandman. I'd have gladly been turned away at the door that night


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No bother Gavin, keep up the good work!


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Been ages since I recorded a mix, here it is.


Chris Mozio/George Absent - Is Mine (Anturage & Amnesia Haze "Last Disco" mix)
Memory - Freedom
Embassy of Joy - Addiction (Original mix)
Luke Madala - Why (Nantais & Hazendonk mix)
Sevendoors - Rebel Warrior
Stefano Neferini - Air Liquid
Navid Mehr - Elyon
Navid Mehr feat. Amber Long Gathas (Original mix)
Hugo Ibarra/Uvo - Mystery (Silinder Mix)
Luke Brancaccio - Bassline for Archie (John Debo mix)
We Need Cracks - Signals
Banco de Gaia - Heliopolis (Silinder mix)

I asked Henry Winkler if he'd like to cut ahead of me in the queue at a Pizza stand. He politely declined but thanked me for asking.


Same here, it's absolutely crap


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Red Pilot is an absolute classic, love that tune.

This one too -

Flipside of Bladerunner on Loaded. Piano to the maximum.

Great opening tune to a great album

Kasabian's latest effort is excellent


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Think it was Junior

Two pages in and no mention of Jimi Traore. Serious candidate for worst player to ever receive a Champions League medal too

Looks like Val Kilmer's mildly Asian cousin

John Digweed has two other brothers called Paul and Ringo


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Some of the old Bankhead mixes. His 3hr old school mix is fantastic.