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This has been released today


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Murghder She Wrote


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'fazebeat' gives 15% off currently


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

Bale only 21 which surprised me a little

That's because he's 23

All over this - I try to get to fabric every time Mayer's there, which isn't often enough!

He usually plays 5-8, but hopefully playing an extended set this time. As others already mentioned, plenty going on in room 2 as well. I've never seen Ben Klock DJ, but enjoyed his Fabric mix and Marcel Dettmann when I saw him last year.

All in all, should be a corker.

John Farnham - you're the voice

seanc80 wrote:

I think most people would regard Smagghe & Fairmont as techno artists, yes.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but wouldn't classify Gazebo or Down The Rabbit Hole as techno - tunes though, regardless

If you're after something a bit more downtempo, Sean, Aeroplane are playing at XOYO, also on the Friday

Yeah, cos those guys are massive techno artists

Hardly Mills, Rush or Ruskin

Ivan Smagghe, Tim Paris and Fairmont (live) all playing at The Loft on 25th Jan

Same place as the Sasha All Night Long - bit out of town, but decent little venue


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Probably a bit overplayed as released at the start of the year...

Pachanga Boys - Time


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He used to play out under his stopmakingme moniker. I him play at Cable when it first opened and he smashed it.

He went on to have a monthly residency at Fabric on Fridays, which is probably why this is a Fabric Live release.

Agreed on Water Jump. Great tune!


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Dusty Kid - Jknoussa (Dave DK Mix)
Kramnik- Viclone (Gabriel Ananda Mix)
John Talabot - When The Past Was Present (Pachanga Boys Purple Mix)
Ray Okpara - Chi This Wonder Up (Rodriguez Jr Mix)
Flako Brocksieper - Outsider A Crisis (Original Mix)


Robag Wruhme - Wortkabular (Original Mix)

smallman1 wrote:

Ticket has arrived.

Listened to GU13 Cd 1 earlier, still gargantuan.

The kitchen sink's mad fer it too.

Unlikely, but anything played from that CD or Hale Bopp and I may wet myself

smallman1 wrote:

Has anyone's ticket arrived?

Not yet. I contacted RA - they said tickets are being sent 1st class today

Aye - he's been playing all night long sets on his Mantasy tour, so hopefully he'll be in the main room from start to finish.

16th feb, I think


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Did anyone hear the commentary when Jack Nicklaus was in the booth with Montgomery?

Think he was talking about Donald initially

'You’ve got to win some majors to be rated. Oh, sorry Colin’

sabotini wrote:

Google is my friend....

http://www.corsicastudios.com/index.php … -14th-july

No Superpitcher, alas.

Think Kompakt are doing a series of nights - the first one, also at Corsica, had Robag Wruhme and Sascha Funke. Hopefully Superpitcher will play one at some point too

Al Williamz wrote:

Micheal Mayer is totally on the case this past year or so.

And for at least 10 years before that

He's playing 2 x 4 hour sets on the same Kompakt night at Corsica Studios in July if that's of any interest? I am on zero commission


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Grant wrote:
sabotini wrote:

Should be seeing them at Bloc - they were awesome at Glasto a few years back. Proper unashamed dance music, no pretentious pissing about.

That Belinda Carlisle "Heaven is a Place on Earth" shite they do could come under pretentious pissing about

I'm glad they got that one out of the way early on tbh

In total agreement on the sound quality - such an amazing venue

Pretty sure they played Belfast, maybe a couple of tracks before the 'encore'


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The only tune i recognised was Laurent Garnier - Our Future (Detroit Mix), played around 2:30am

Not youtube samples, but defo on beatport and well worth a listen

haha - not at all

I dont take offense to people i dont even know writing on a messsageboard - just thought id point out your hypocrisy

Dermo wrote:
Gay Dance wrote:

Joel Mull - Sensory (Aril Brikha Mix)

hmmm odd choice.

Dermo wrote:

What is it with the Bedrock faithful? Their sole source of humour is changing user names into a hilarious insult.

You know who you are and you are all fucking goofy cunts.

Joel Mull - Sensory (Aril Brikha Mix)


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pube85 wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

I'm just gonna go get the papers, go get the papers

Tommy two times. Classic.

Jimmy's brother?