This is really good. Threatening a return to form?

Its only been about 8 years since he's done something remotely impressive.

millsy23 wrote:

the temerity on display here is sickening. This board is full of workshy layabouts, dole scum, trogladytes, sex cases, sex workers, meffs, dangerously disabled meltcases, know-it-all music bores, washed up queens, failed mods, gypsies, pill freaks, fashion victims, deviants and thieves. You expect us to know what to do in such a situation? My advice would be for #1 and #2 to kill you and bury you in a shallow grave.

I am NOT washed up.

ah mayan

Are we talking about the white puffa?

How come Nick doesn't get the vitriol that i do by the way?

Millsy's lad is not the sharpest it appears.


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So are people still persevering with Westworld at this stage?

Its beyond tripe now.


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oh dear lol

Basketball shoe cowboy boots

bump lol

I hope he's at home in some shanty piss-hut biting the knuckles off himslef reading this, the geebag.

Good one.

The Romeo Cleaners.

AKA Millsy and Beijing Dave

La Nausse still hasn't given me back the video that i recorded the 4 episodes of Eurotrash on. Sake.

Shock it hasn't. Just more silly 'auld shite clothes that you wear.

You have some balls criticising anybody for the quality of their posts given the fucking complete tosh you have posted recently lol.

And nobody gives a fuck about China Dave, so save it for whatever ditch-monster is beside you at the bar on Friday like a good chap.

Absolutely spot on lads! The brown fucking shoes is right lol.

The only person i have seen dressed like that, that isn't and out & out Rugby fan, is Fadas.


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He did play the track in that video you posted from Troxy. Its deadly.


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He was so/so I would say. Played a lot of techno which I wasn't really into to be honest. Overall it was a super night and weekend.

Tale Of Us this Friday.

I cannot stomach the cunts that watch Rugby in Ireland. All of them. Worse than aids.

The majority of them have never played any sport in their lives and hate football as its too poncy. Because they are so hard.

They all wear their Leinster/Munster rain jackets too just to let everyone know they are weapons.


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jules72 wrote:

Breaking Bad is decent entertainment but hardly the classic some make out imo

Its a fucking glorified soap opera. Heralded as genius TV but fuckwits who simply don't know any better.


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Fassbenders are brutal. I like Beckham's if they were black!


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Dermatron wrote:

LOL  All the smelly greebs at school would mope around wishing they were dead with this shite on their t-shirts and headphones. Its not music.


Shit clothes, shit hair, shit music.

Shit cunts.