Few sherries tonight, Henry? lol

Quiet one for me as our BH is next weekend obvs.

I shall be heading to Forbidden Fruit On the Sunday. Underworld, The Field & Âme etc


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Hannu's missus is over at a conference.

She'll be delighted with you coming windmilling through the hotel room door after having 14 pints of Amstel as she's blow drying her hair in prep for listening to 3 hrs from some shitehawk motivational speaker in the hotel conference suite

Does anybody know anywhere that does a nice Caesar Salad?

Leeroy taking no prisoners at the finale, wiping your spleen off the top of this flute

Its no coincidence that all establishments on your list have these on the menu card


If your Babylons Are Burning its probably due to to the Friggin in the Riggin

I can confirm i had black Stan Smiths on Strudders.

And what of it? lol

millsy23 wrote:

So in summary, everyone can get into Berghain apart from Sean?


I even grew a beard and everything. Sssake


You probably will get in.

My mate was there a few weeks ago and the first thing he saw was this fat bloke in a 'love swing' completely starkers aside from a padlock around his balls.

Haha thanks Dan. I opened my heart in that post. I didn't do it so you could rip the piss you fucking bastard

I haven't managed to gain entry despite trying 3 times on different visits. Its fucking soul destroying mate.

There is no rhyme nor reason for not getting in. Its purely the luck of the draw. I think if you are too rigid and don't look as if you are going to completely run amok in there they are less likely to let you in. They want people that are going to absolutely have it for 14 hrs straight in there.

I think it may have been the only time that I haven't gained access into a club for being too 'together' lol

Watergate is a great club to be fair. Saw Talabot, SB & Patlac there a few months ago.

Going to a Digweed gig in Berlin is like going to an Irish Bar in Ibiza


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Furry may I ask what in good fuck is all that for?


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You remind me of one of them xx

Ah that's nice of you Ed. She'll be delighted to see you no doubt.


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If you sent Ed to Swanage and told him it was Ibiza he'd be delighted with himself.


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smallman1 wrote:

Elt is magnificent live, a one man hit factory.

Can you understand why people may not take anything you seriously Edward? And I mean anything.


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Yep totally agree with Derms on that. Cunts pretending to be out of it as well, I certainly wasn't and I'll tell you that for fuck all.


I always said that Hitachi & Grant knew their onions...


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Ibiza epitomises everything I've hated about dance music. There are really lovely parts to the island however I certainly never experienced the idyllic heritage that its apparently famous for. Always found it to be a brash, ugly kip.

Cock-juggling Thunder Cunts