Lets just hope the seats aren't nailed down eh?

La Nausee wrote:

Couldn't give a flying fuck about either of them or this nonsense of a fight but kudos to McGregor if he's rinsing 100m out of it. Get a hiding and laugh his ass off about it. And Ali was playing the racist card 40 years' ago. Nothing new in boxing.

So you wont get a big bag for yourself and watch it?

Me hole you wont.


shaunstrudwick wrote:

are these plugged in?

He'd be plugged into your stomach, Strudders

Or a pair of converse.

You complete bastard, Smallman


Signature white-stitching Replays. Textbook.

He has some mickey all joking aside.

Amps wrote:

Barrow, the worst cul-de-sac on the planet. Considering it wouldn't be nuked, it's the perfect setting for a post apocalyptic sci-fi nightmare.

lol lovely


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steelydan wrote:

Perhaps a Glam Rock night?

LOL Maybe. You geebag.


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I only watch current affairs programs. And whatever The Phil has under the drivers seat of Renault.


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Eh... I GREW UP?


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Its shite Millsy.


Selling the gear to the normals on boats on the lake in bibles was beyond horseshit.

I refused to watch another minute. Silly fucking shite.


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Im reneging on my earlier endorsement of Ozark.

Its is fucking pony. Silly auld bollox for the calibre of fuckwitt that thought Breaking Bad was better than The Sopranos.

My silver Cotezes would be better served gracing an event a little bit less shit than that one pal.

Its invite only is it?


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Anybody know how i cant stream the weekend's episode. I cant find any links?


Mono & Chabuddy G tearing it up

Id go to the ends of the earth for you Mono.


Once Ed was told they have those colouring-in drawings as tray liners, it was an easy choice.

Grant wrote:

I downloaded Nike's new Sneakrs app yesterday. Fuck me, there are an awful lot of shit trabbs on there.

I was hoping to find some limited edition 83s or something similar, but they're all tripe, every single one of them.

I got those pegasus zooms i posted the other week, on ebay for 50 quid

Ed, Id say you come out with some amount of complete pipe on your birthday do you?


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fadass wrote:

For such a great footballer, Henry talks complete nonsense about the game.

Complete rhubarb.

He looks like he has been asked to stand in for someone on a pub darts team having never thrown a dart in his life

A film review from Strudders carries the same weight as a trainers review from Smallman