Thank god for the upturn in the economy or else we would have gotten a right rinsing here Tom

poirot wrote:

Fully sheathed? As in a condom?

Yes Matt

Given the over-inflated value I place on my own life I have decided t that I am left with little alternative other than to protect myself during this volatile time.

I am now fully-sheathed underneath my suit 24/7


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Gold lol, was she fit? (Not that it matters)


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millsy23 wrote:

The magic died when she caught you pulling your guts out that time.


liquitech1 wrote:
La Nausee wrote:

Hutch's brother getting capped last night. Looked like a soft target, petty criminal, not in the Premiership. Kinahan has a long reach and deep pockets. Running one of the biggest cartels in Europe. Hutch was a big time bank-robber, carried out a lot of memorable heists, each one the biggest at the time....supposedly gone straight. He'd deffo want to leave this alone now but the genie's out of the bottle. And loony tunes on both sides armed to the teeth and looking for retaliation.
We're gonna need a bigger morgue.

..sounds like Thompson was involved in the murder last night. He had blood on his clothes when they arrested him after the car chase, not the sharpest tool. Paying off his debt to Kinehan with some dirty work seemingly.

Arrested outside my old gaff!

Do you live in Crumlin Vinny?

I know little about either gang but i can only imagine how primitive they are when compared to the sophistication of the Manc outfits Bigfella.

You just love that video don't you? lol

poirot wrote:

haha yeh but a normal little gun would do the job. Bit of a blunderbuss approach with a gun that can take an aircraft down shot from a few feet.

poirot wrote:

Don't you think AK47's are a bit overkill ?

Im going to go out on a limb here and speculate that that was the idea?

I know absolutely nothing about computers however buying a refurb from ebay doesn't seem like the brightest move?

The monk's brother got 9 in his nut last night

dutchy101 wrote:

Doesn't block the window - sits about 18 inches off the floor on a low table and only goes 8 inches or so above the windowsill.

That's all very impressive but what about the tv?

millsy23 wrote:

It certainly keeps us all on our toes until the real thing in December.

If I could be bothered and wasnt so busy I would do a mix and post it up it & it would be better than everyone elses.

In the world.

Perhaps Smashdad might feature in the next board dj top 10 if he did a mix of all the  tracks on the free popcorn thread?

Id love a load of hoover now.


lol. Its absolute flannel. Watched 10 minutes of it and deleted form my computer. Yant was obviously completely bananas watching.

I just wish Millsy wasn't so narrow minded and parochial.

So mixed reviews from the board so far...

poirot wrote:

Looks like an advert for AIDS.


I haven't listened to the song Dave however I'd say its fucking diabolical.

Good bang for your 99c in Glamorgan all the same

Absolutely love this, new one on the horizon from Burridge … st-snippet