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We shall tip a gin perhaps?


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He's playing Dublin on the 16th Grant. My mates are on warm up duties.

Yant wrote:

Sad to hear that Miguel Ferrer has died at 61.  He will always be Bob Morton to me.

He had an unbelievable return of serve. He will be missed indeed.

10 pages of vomit


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Just draw it if that's handier?


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Can i see your cock please?

Beijing Dave wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

I completely forgot that Rhouses is actually married.

Imagine that.

Fuck lol

He is Indian.

If your family is rich enough to own a house with an inside can, you can force the bird who takes your fancy from the nearby village to marry you by giving her family a new ox. And if she refuses, gang rape and burn her to death.

Similar to Dunleer then

The two of them together can be a bit bogie.

We'll see.

This thread is primed for that picture of Thackers with his flute up the exhaust.

I completely forgot that Rhouses is actually married.

Imagine that.

Fuck lol

I am not professing to be able to read Grant's mind, Rhouses, but Id say its because you sound like a cunt.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Comer will pay 500+ euros on a pair of purple nike huaraches, shoes that essentially look like they're made for children with down syndrome.

But is wondering why people would pay 3K for a classic watch, that will last a life-time. The fact that his first pick for this thread is "rose gold", really speaks volumes.

Why would I want to wear the same thing for a lifetime?

If its functionality and durability that blows your Sherwani up, you should buy a Transit van.

roberto wrote:

That jobse mix. I'm feeling a little sorry for those that think it's meh...

He is a superb dj.

He dropped this the last time i saw him.


The Sunday looks the best Ed. The Saturday is shite this year. I wanne see Tennis so I'll prob do the Friday though.

Quality time pieces?


You are a ring-piece Yant.

FAO Rhouses & Smallman.

Do you pair of simpletons really think I bought it?

If I were to walk around with dog intestines on my feet and a can of baked beads taped to my wrist you would still not be in a position to commentate.

You pair of half-handicapped, noveaus chique ballbags.

Anybody looking at this? Was great last year.

The lineup is more diverse this year and not as up my strasse as it was last year so going to split it up a bit.

Going to Tennis & Ame on The Friday night, fuck Saturday off (brasses) and smash the absolute granny out of Sunday with Dixon, Jobse, Rampa/&Me, Koze etc

smallman1 wrote:

What's chamomile?

Its a type of banana.

Well i think its 'on point' and i will enjoy wearing it around the town.

I think its lovely and I've bought one.
Its distressed Rose Gold btw.

jamie wrote:

You'll need a new coat and trabbs if you're gonna wear that sean.

brass and silver should never be worn together and all that.

lol you prick

You can say 'piss' Ed. You aren't round in your auld' wans drinking chamomile, melting the Jaysus heads off one another.

This came up on my FB feed this morning.

300 lids and it pisses in the face of 90% of the watches in here.


liquitech1 wrote:



That's the nicest watch i have seen in this thread. By a country mile.