I am a right character though. Seriously.

Ah stop. I was coming out with unbelievable tripe.


There's a new remix of Take Words In Return which they are all hammering as well.

New &Me track Avalon is fantastic as well. Ame played and Dixon

Oh right sorry lol.

Im a glass case of emotion today.

Dermatron wrote:

Sticker over their phones but what they really need is a claw hammer just behind he ear. Stupid cunts.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that if you were there you would have been blown away.

I know you have invested too much in hating Innvervisions to renege on it now, especially on here, but I know what floats your boat musically and I know that if you were in front of that stage you would have fucking loved it.

95% of the music that was splayed on Sunday was unreleased. Its those people in the crowd that post them on the various groups that help identify them.

You had to have a sticker over you phones in the VIP apparently

smallman1 wrote:

World's gone mad.

Why he isn't rocking a Billionaire Boys Club t-shirt, a pair of Nudie jeans and some bang on Nike Air Odyssey's I'll never know.

*Burns Nudie jeans*

he does have quite an arsenal of records at his disposal though.

Anja Schneider

smallman1 wrote:

What were the Mick Mills like?

Top drawer contact for chandler.

Like 2 hrs sleep in the first 4 days. You'd need it.


he was wearing a white tshirt. Oh that reminds me - Wait til i show you the pic of Ame's sandles

[video] Talabot


Baikal was unreal at the Maeve rave. Nitsa is a brilliant venue.

Just back in work today. What a week.

Sensational. I know most wont have any interests but The Innervisions gig was probably the best dance music gig I have ever been at.

Dixon & Talabot in particular served up an absolute masterclass in an unbelievable venue. Dixon dropping the acapella of Depeche Mode - Cover Me into DAF - Sato Sato (Westbam Remix) being the highlight. Not a dry eye in the house. I balled my fucking eyes out.


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All of them

Yea would not be for me i must say

The absolute cheek to talk about music events on you know..an actual music messageboard  lol

Heading out this Thursday for 5 days

Thursday night

Saturday (day)

Saturday (night)


millsy23 wrote:

all water off a swan's neck for Smallsy. Lovely apology from Sean. Proper waterworks over here. Beautiful.

I rarely apologise for anything. I'm sorry its just something i never do.

I have to say i apologise publicly to Edward for yesterday's posts. I was in absolute ribbons.

Completely out of line and uncalled for. Sorry Ed.

Christ, you're handicapped.

Don't even speak to me you johnagod.

If I ever thought you even looked at anything that I owned I would immediately kill myself you absolute fucking truncheon