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Lalwer's Lights Out parties in Miami were superb. Clive Henry on warm up duties was so good also.
Lawler was a superb dj back in 2000/01/02 imo.


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Loopy you Hellraiser

Homegrove wrote:

He's an alright DJ these days, judging by his set in Helsinki last summer. It was far from perfect, but an improvement to his earlier sets from a few years back.

From which sets have you formed this opinion H?

Laughable bollox

82. Mano Le Tough

Disco and house are this Irish DJ’s home turf, and he’s unafraid of chucking a dirty great pop melody into the mix. Though the Berlin transplant has played all the best clubs, he remains mysteriously underappreciated.

I have never read more misleading tripe in all my life. Reeks of ill-informed fuckwit-journalism.

Hedge of the seat stuff

Outstanding stuff lads lol

It kind of takes the edge off all the other scorers in Champions League finals though.

And indeed the Champions League.

Vladimír Šmicer. Awful.

Kumquat wrote:

Mind Against remix of Peter for me.

https://soundcloud.com/liquid-youth-ams … ed-preview

jamie wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

The Drifter remix of Peter is where its all happening Jamie

although I like that mix (heard it on a few TOU sets) I found it a bit 'wishy washy'

Must give this a whirl later. Wasn't aware of it. Cheers Simon

The Drifter remix of Peter is where its all happening Jamie

Had been waiting patiently for the Flowers & Sea Creatures remix to come out. Serious track.


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Thanks as always for the info. HD 25-'s it is.

My Pioneer 1500's broke on Saturday and so Im in the hunt for a new pair. I was less than enamored by them anyway.

Im leaning toward the HD 25-1 II at the moment. I know this is a regular thread but just wondering what you lot are favoring at the moment.

Yea looks quality

Running is a load of bollox lads.

Ken Barlow wrote:
Sasha fan boyz wrote:

Killer beatz
'the man like'
dirty infectious house grooves


lol - I know I thought the exact same. Putting faith in review like that is like accepting a film recommendation from Hannu.


Aye, its a balls of a month for me financially to be honest but Im seriously considering heading over lunch time on Saturday and leaving Lunchtime Sunday. Flights aren't too bad at €70 return which is even more tempting.

As in Id rather keep my powder dry and go to The Fabric birthday weekender!

15th Birthday party weekender for me.

Thanks Phil.

For the Hi-Tec bag.

Very Nice

Apologies - had heard the Kwabs remix. Its all very pedestrian as expected.