Felch Aid wrote:


Tom Hardy doing a great bit of promotion for BMW Bluetooth as well as concrete.


Saw this last night. Enjoyed it I have to say


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Has there been a date set for that yet chief? Saw the lads confirming the booking for Dec but no date?

You sacrifice some of the punch from the sound system when standing at the bar though. Always liked being  down in the trenches especially late on at Fabric

Personally I love the phrase. I think it works brilliantly when used wisely. Which Ed ALWAYS does.

Caught 45 mins of this today. Particularly good this month. Fair play Damo.


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Its like the gift that keeps on fucking giving for you, isnt it? lol


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My missus actually bought the Lunars thinking they were the ones I have pictured above when she was abroad. She was forced to bring em back the next day following a severe reprimand.


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Not what Im after Im afraid Dan.


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loopdokter wrote:

What about the ankle tattoo, Comer?

Not really my bag, Loopy lol


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smallman1 wrote:

Sean, if you can't find them online then you should try going in store as they may have them there.

On the house that piece of advice!

Ed, My missus was in the states recently and couldn't even find them in any of the nike stores either :-(


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On the look out for a pair of Nike Air Max Hoa's as pictured below but cannot get the bastids anywhere online


Grant wrote:

That must've been ace. Did he do the lead vocals on The Smiths songs? Any highlights?

Yeah he sang everything himself. Hang The Dj, Entended versions of How Soon Is Now, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and loads of other Smiths stuff. Some new tracks that have just been finished for his own album also. He adapts his voice really well to sound like Morrissey for The Smiths stuff.

He was absolutely immense. Mixture of his own stuff & The Smiths (natch).

Really surprised at how well he can sing. I liked his voice on The Messenger album, albeit reluctantly, but live he really is excellent.

Nobody likes a Potty-Mouth Stuart

I was wondering why Millsy was straight in milking the chap's prostate lol

Anyway, hello Maffa!

Bitterness is my only true companion.

Ive seen him not give a fuck in front of some absolutely up-for-it crowds as you might put it.

Space Ibiza (for his birthday), New York, Miami, Dublin. He's been shite. Nought to do with it.

lol @ 'show' as well


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These ones chief? http://www.thomann.de/ie/maudio_bx5_d2.htm


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Yea Damo,  Ive read loads of reviews and the concensus is that they are slightly base heavy which suits me fine. I wonder is there much difference between the 5 and the 6 though?


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I will be purchasing some over the next couple of weeks purely for djing. Looking for something punchy, with base but nice & crisp. At the moment I am deliberating between the Rokit 5 or The Rokit 6. Is there much much of a difference between these?

Any further suggestions welcome lads!

Yeah Im finding the Eq's on the Numark are not as smooth as are on the Traktor equipment.

ok thanks for the responses folks

Great, thanks!

Thanks Grant.

Do you miss the jog wheel function drwho13? Have you ever had issues with finding a track quepoint?