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millsy23 wrote:

Nice try Adolf, but I can see through that old woman disguise.



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Dermo thinks ET lives in his cornflakes.


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Dermatron wrote:

haha that's comer.

There are synergies. Same 'tache etc.


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Trikk - Proto Rhyth (Black Version) tune

lol and a well deserved entry.

If I had a grain of sense i'd enforce a self imposed exile.

Beijing Dave wrote:
Hop_Head wrote:

What do you reckon?  Do you think that might have been the joke he was making?  I know it was subtle and you had to put the pieces together like a brain damaged Columbo but do you reckon that might have been the point?  Hey I know, let's spell it out just in case anyone else struggled as hard as we did to get there.  And chuck a question mark on the end to cover our ass if we've blown it.

Fuck me swinging, that's fingernails down a blackboard that comment.


I would never touch a Thai bird. They're manipulative, money-grabbing, inscrutable, highly vindictive and to top it off they speak a horrible sounding language.

You don't get that with Chinese birds.

is there not about 80 quid in the difference though?

smallman1 wrote:

Has passed away -



This new tactic of posting up BBC headlines is fucking pitiful Ed.

110% of your posts require no punchline.

Boring wrote:


What did he die of?

A Thursday

smallman1 wrote:

Didn't realise almond milk smoothies were big in Ireland?

Have you realised you are a weapon?

fadass wrote:

I may also be dying but I am rocking some good Calvin Klein skinny jeans since I lost some timber too. I think we should get together. Lol.

pics or STFU

fadass wrote:

Comer in goal in his yellow cardie. Lol.

Actually happened. Cunt next door came out at 6am & tsk'd at us. Get tae fuck.


Caressing the football around the sitting room in my Matty Holland shorts.

Gareth Southgate is the actual manager. Like, the actual one.

Of an actual International team.



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I'll leave the politics to the politicians Dufunk.

But I'll do my fucking nut if I encounter any hassle getting over and back in a few weeks, with the boot of the Mazda filled with Roman candles and Carlsberg export.


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Cant wait for the old border to go up again eh Dufunk? That was some laugh.


Really fun tune?

Have a word with yourself you queer.


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Indeed Señor Millsy.

Like wheel studs from a Scania lorry.


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Vinny loves the blacks. And the gays.


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DuFunk wrote:

250 has to be some loses made there.  He would sell out 2k no problem up here in derry and we have the right venue for it an underground car park!

He doesn't always charge huge fees if there is relationship with certain bookers.


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millsy23 wrote:

Which pullover are you wearing to this one Sean? That Lyle and Scott pink V?

hahah you cunt


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Tickets bought ages ago.

Only 250 on sale apparently. No admission on the door.

millsy23 wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

Can any of you fellow masters of the dark arts recommend a medium that one can can avail of material of a morally questionable nature, more precisely of Eastern European, middle aged dorrises getting their backdoors shunted with such meteoric proportion that it would bring a tear to a glass eye?

I would have thought there's still mileage for you from that vid you shared with me last week.

I can still hear the voices....you rotter

Young Geoffrey made quite the impression alright