Yea id agree with you there Jamie. im not really into it but could see it sounding much better out


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All the Doris needs to do is do a quick search of all his posts and prepare herself for a scat-athon.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

If I was looking for your opinion sean, I'd have posted a pair of fluorescent yellow shoes with glitter all over them and cowboy tassles for laces.

Its hard to get them with tassels id say?

You're shit Rhouse. An you know you are.


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Rhouses cant resist screaming his shitness from the rooftops


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Have a great holiday you mad fucking cunt.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I don't think he owns them.

Get up.

jamie wrote:
Neko wrote:

heard Cicadelia track off of his new album today along with a few of the other tracks. first impressions are - phenomenal record and probably my album of the year.

Very nice Neko

smallman1 wrote:

Was looking over my shoulders like you can't believe yesterday.

Easier for you to do than most.

You refereed 3 games? lol

Do you get paid for that Loopy?

I really don't see the point of these mixes. We all have the tracks on vinyl, i have given away most of mine.

Adidas Ginger Forest Hills

A favoured look by Juice in The Dame Tavern

Edward is not as sloppy with his work attire

millsy23 wrote:

lol. Get security to put warning cones around your feet when dancing mate.


Ed goes to the bar for a vodka and cranberry to nurse all night and manages to lasso the whole dj booth and most of the dancefloor dragging the full carnage with him.


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Dermatron wrote:

Ha ha fucking hell Sean you been in your shed all day?


This was the first thread i clicked into!

The second one was Millsy pulling Wally's hair.


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any particular reason for that?


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Which would you rather Ed?

A one page thread started by you with only one witty/informative relevant comment (made by you strangely) and no replies, or a 6 page shit-show started (naturally enough) by you with a child-like header which has everybody this side of the Mississippi rinsing the piss and insulting you relentlessly?


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Its ledge bantz dont you know?

This is what happens when Ed veers away form the 'whats you favourite colour?' type threads.


Its not gonna milk itself

Prob needs to stop running directionless around Kensington and focus on those chicken-like biceps

smallman1 wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

its a coffeeshop apparently

The clue's in Kantine chief. de

its a coffeeshop apparently