That Dixon remix of Cover me is the worst thing i have heard from him in years. Its like he forgot he signed up to do a remix and did one in 2 mins to the deadline using a commodore 64.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

My dad's side of the family are English, my mum's side are Irish Catholic

After all the vitriol you have spewed in the past about being Irish and it turns out your old dear is a Mick.

You are some can of piss Dave lol

At the risk of sounding like a tart, I do like Fenners' jacket i must say.

As for Edward we've been down this road before regarding this particular picture.

Office fancy dress party vibes. Complete shit-show.

He went there on his holidays once


Myself and MikeM were very cautious and rarely ventured outside. Only to briefly meet my mate Barry.

BedRob wrote:

Tru Fax - Use to live on the Kiltipper Estate, Marlfield Close to be exact, 2 mins from the boozer. Was there for the grand opening in about 2006 if i recall
Used to quite enjoy it in there

Very good Rob!

I like it because nobody really bats an eyelid whether you jaunt in there after work in a tin of fruit on Wednesday evening masquerading as a normal, or if you windmill in on a Sunday morning in smithereens. Its all gravy.

ukhursty wrote:

Can anyone recommend a decent restaurant near the Roundhouse / Camden?

Taking the Mrs to refracted in Feb so making a weekend of it!

I dont think an hr in some Bistro will disguise the night as anything other than a drug fulled jaunt down memory lane mate

Bean pole more like

They'd eat you alive in there Edward.


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monostereo wrote:

Awful news.  Just dreadful. One feels for all of the multi millionairesses effected, and also poor old Matthew Kelly who alleges he got his balls farted on during an audition for Bergerac

lol brilliant

I had loaded fries with some beef sizzler thing and 6 pints of Heinken in The Kiltipper last night.

I was mad for a bag.

overall 4/5
Nay bad.

jamie wrote:

new cleveland track. bloody lovely! … vern-discs

'Payback' is super too. Both tracks are lovely

I used to have a 05 Corolla you cunt lol

do you wear them with jeans Slabs?


Or Dave can flick between watching Sarrrsha and playing death dragon 9 on this U-Googlizer whilst licking the knees of his moth.


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send me a picture of her hole

i watched the first episode as well.

not enough people riding at the start. The Phil would have had another 15 people crammed into an even smaller space (oooh er) like the downstairs toilet. All of them blokes.

They really are a whole new level of fucking shite.

Im not sure if you wear it or fill it full of domestic heating oil

Amps wrote:



Kill yourself

La Nausee wrote:

Any bloke anywhere who wears boots is a cunt