Unbroken1 wrote:

..I must pay more attention around here

Likewise, no idea what's going on. Someone found my (seldom used) Facebook profile? It's the end of the world.

What did I miss?

millsy23 wrote:

Mogsy dear. Reading said thread you gave as good as you got. Hardly worth getting upset about as it was Loopy and Presto. Hang in there.

Savage, unprovoked attack from Millsy there. This place really is a bear pit, and the worst kind of bear bit to boot. A bear pit full of paedophiles.


Only solo thing Jagger ever did that's half decent:

Dunno if this sort of stuff counts, love this though:

He's now a wedding photographer: http://stevegerrard.com


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But no one will do a thing. We'll keep on buying their gas.

All my horses are under par or even. Got a feelin' in me bones.

Just stumbled across the vinyl of the this:


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I can't understand any possible use for that?

Strong feelings. Imagine how you'd feel if you'd ever touched them!

zackster wrote:

on the off chance that you don't know what he ruined...

I'd argue he definitely made that better. Do your sets often descend into 4 minutes of a capella wailing?

I somehow find Alliss more irritating. Monty is clearly a massive narcissistic wand, but he at least knows a bit about golf and talks about it. Alliss seems to take great pleasure in talking about absolutely nothing to do with golf, but not in an endearing Henry Blofeld way, just in a "fuck you and your license fee, I'm using this as my annual bulletin board for my stupid Tory cunt friends around the UK".

Rose, 15.00 (favourite, lol)
Fowler, 41.00 (seems to get it done in majors of late)
Westwood, 51.00 (not been playing much, or well, but still seems a good price?)
Spieth, 41.00 (probably an awful bet, doubt he's ever played links golf before)

All e/w, natch. The Open is always a double edged sword for me; one of those weeks I love "working" from home but on the other hand, Peter Alliss. Please, Peter, tell me more about Brigadier Lance Corporal Stanley McTachehaven, captain of the weekly Stableford at Dunstable GC, a lovely little parkland course just outside the town, who happened to die last week in a BLAH BLAH BLAH TALK ABOUT THE FUCKING GOLF IN FRONT OF YOU, YOU FUCKING GERTCHA.


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a shocking yarn for sure, but fk me that geeers 44!!.

i may have the look of an overfed decadent dandy gone to seed but at 46 i look ten years younger.


bear in mind he's cut his own arm off with an improvised axe guillotine. it's going to add a few years, you'd imagine.

Fuck you, Eminem.

klooptheloop wrote:

Well done.

I have no idea. Is that even a proper question? I don't care.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

how hard is it to ban Flares and all his aliases ffs (and then get him sectioned)?

Pretty much impossible. If they're determined to be pricks, we can't stop them; it's not hard to keep getting a new IP.

Possibly the worst test pitch of all time? hopefully lords will serve up something better, although the pitches of late there have been roads too.

*Insert Beijing Dave comment here*