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Squidgy wrote:
jamie wrote:


and just like that.

it's gone... sad

And the immigration, healthcare and civil rights (lol) pages

Lovely breakfast read that


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lol @ three men and a dog turning up to watch it all too.

Grant. Two words mate.

Stephen Port.


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Abstraxion _ Spaxieren   
GYRL - Égalité
Die Wilde Jagd - Drachenfelds
Portishead - S.O.S. (Theatre Of Delays Remix)
Dan Palmer - Tape Recorder
Richard Rossa, Acid Hamam - Shaman Disco    2016/11/28
Theus Mago    Wrong Spell
Rui Maia    - Everything is changing
Antoni Maiovvi - Temple   
Sascha Funke - In Relationen (Autarkic mix)
Synthetic Organs    - Worshore (Wild Pagan Acid mix)
LOR - Factories 1984
Tronik Youth    Never Said, I Never Said (Cabaret Nocturne Remix)
D-Formation    Balkia (Zombies In Miami Remix)
Midland- Decompression Suite
DJ Metatron - State of me

Did you Ed?


Tracklist when I get to my PC. Includes stuff from Dj Metatron, Antoni Maovii, Autarkic and LOR.


New Flugel remix coming soon. Most enjoyable

https://soundcloud.com/tenfemusic/twist … ugel-remix

What would you say is your bestest 'premium' label to wear around town to show off your wealth and status, Yant?


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Yes, that's a top description of Woking for sure.


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Oh go on then - what's good about it Ed?


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Surrey is the pits. Huge house prices for no reason, pikeys everywhere and basically anyone worth their salt commutes into London anyway.

Oh Sean


One step away from Gold Clowns from Index.

seanc80 wrote:

This came up on my FB feed this morning.

300 lids and it pisses in the face of 90% of the watches in here.



Brass is so underrated.

yeah, agree with Sean on the Invicta number. I would wear that one, and I am the absolute epitome of style and grace.

Wally wrote:

nice stuff.

The track on 48 mins in part two is:

always enjoyed this one, like the direction it takes.

Theory of Everything - Eddie Redmayne gives me the heebie-jeebies and should never be left alone with minors, but he does absolutely nail Hawking in this it has to be said. Plus, on the offchance that the wife is out and Felicity Jones comes round demanding a portion, the order would be; arse, gob, arse, and if I've any left, arse again. Cheers.

seanc80 wrote:

He hurt you with that and you didn't like it one bit.

Delighted for you lol

lol. It was a particularly nasty Chinese burn. Don't like to talk about it actually, you bastard.

Will he be coming back as Dermo or another name? Just so I'm fully prepped. Any idea who I can follow around on here now?

Christ I miss him.

steelydan wrote:
Boring wrote:

Hope tomorrow's game is better than the one at Anfield in October.


all sorts of Wong



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Noted. I'll try and up my game. Thanks for the feedback.


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I'll stop as I don't want another toys out of the pram moment where you post pics of disabled people, have a full on meltdown, get banned and come back as someone else. No one wants that. You are integral part of the board ecosystem. Plus it's really confusing keeping up with all your identities, just like Doggy.


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PS: I do love our Friday set-tos Derms big_smile


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Dermatron wrote:

Take some time out Milsy this is a piss poor millsy, new for 2017 maybe where all the old Millsys material ran out., see if you can rediscover the funny. Maybe go and iron a fresh crease up your Replays LOL

Same argument has been levelled at me many times and I bounce back without having to change my user name or flounce off with my Tag and endless lies until it's safe to come back with my tail between my legs. LOL


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Dermatron wrote:

Have you checked in with your chug buddy Drew on this new obsession? Maybe a deal and heart breaker if its not to his taste.

Have you checked with Kumquat?