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I'll hold your hand as you slip away.


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Presto will die alone


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I'd make up ghosts just to stop you telling jokes Matt.

steelydan wrote:
Yant wrote:

This is more like it;


agreed...Harvey at 84! he costs a mint now to book.

It's all the cheesy Wotsits and Haribo he eats.

lol. When you do go Glen it's going to be like when Keith goes Chicken Oriental  in 'Nuts in May'. Just with more blood and man yoghurt.

Linghorn's boss said: "I just don't understand it. None of us saw it coming. He was always such a kind and gentle man. It's like he turned from Tony Hart into the Emperor Caligula in a matter of seconds. What he did to Jenny in Accounts will haunt all our dreams for eternity."

I like to imagine Glen in a certain way. I find it adds even more humour to his aleady humourous postings. I imagine him as a slightly plump balding man in a tweed suit and spectacles. He smells a little bit of malt vingar, like he's been pickling onions from his smallholding all weekend.

He has the air of a Mr Chips or Higgins from Magnum. He is methodical in his daily routine. He wakes, he showers, he packs two rounds of cheese and homemade pickle sandwiches into his lunchbox and listens to the Today programme. He drives his ageing Volvo to the Probation Ofice where he has a desk, piled high with papers and with 'Glen Linghorn: Probation Officer' on a small plaque atteched to the side of his cubicle. 

All the local criminals know Glen. He's the Probation officer they want. He's soft as shite and good for a chat. He cares. He makes them tea. He hugs them when they cry. He's like the father they never had.

But underneath this shallow facade is the Glen of the Bedrock Board. The beast of the Captain's Wheel, of Vi's drinks cabinet. The schemer, the debaser, the demon on a knife edge, the green man.

All it's going to take is a someone from HR to ask him why he's filled in his timesheet wrong and he's going to go postal.

Quality album cover that Glen lol

Kaftans are definitely the way forward. The chavs can keep their onesies.

I think Glenn is just one of the unlucky ones from the kib fraternity. It's hard to follow such success stories as Whitney Houston, John Belushi, Ike Turner and Edward Smallman.

I try to drink lots of water, but it makes me go wee wees all the time. Also chocoalate and beer are just fantastic aren't they? Hold on for more insight.

'Everything I touch turns to sold' etc

Communications consultant for my own Ltd company. Currently working for large utility company specialising in change communication. Pays the bills, but as fulfilling as a bag of Snack a Jacks.


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double booking

Good to see ATB is still dining out on 9am (til I come). 16 years later.

Erik. Couldn't knock me up a decent double wardrobe a couple of singles and a bay window seat could you pal? Send them over on  the Wight Link when finished? Cheers braer.


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Bet she's got a right old juicy M n'all. Whore.


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Boo got drops 4 dayz. Believe.


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I'm sticking a few of those bad boys on my remix decks.


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Would quite happily live like Jamie, sounds boss. I have family over there and the whole weekending by the lake thing in a cottage the size of two of my houses is undeniably appealing. The fact I would be closer to Jase is the icing on the cake.


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Grant wrote:

Jesus, that fucking YouTube clip is horrendous, miles worse than I was expecting.

What are you on about Grant? It's chocablock with premo drops! Nice find Sylvia.


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slow burner


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the evening standard top 100 most influential people in london.

number 9. victoria beckham

number 12. the  girl who go shot by the taliban and subsequently got given the nobel peace prize

number 20. bennedict cumberbatch.


Still arguably better than Toronto's list.


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Has anyone got any cool DJ drops they can share? Looking for major drops that make the crowd go woo waar!


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Toronto is great if you want to live under the ground for half the year like a Womble.

decent flow on Mr Tickle

Beijing Dave wrote:

GK Massimo Taibi
D Stuart Nethercott or Roque Jr
D Torben Piechnik
D Igors Stepanovs
D Winston Bogarde
M Bebe
M Eric Djemba Djemba
M Marco Boogers
F Mad Erik Meijer or Sean Dundee
F Stephane Guivarch
F Tomas Brolin

A few tabbed returns would sex that formation right up mate. Maybe some clip art.