^Rhouses's first dance song at the nuptials

Call that crying Sly?

lolz. Sean's simmering hatred of all things cor blimey Smallman is easily the best thing on the board at the moment.

1) Arthur Fowler
2) Keith in 'Nuts in May'
3) Lingy
4) Kevin Keegan (I hope they do go down)
5) Basil Fawlty and the car

Keep safe

smallman1 wrote:

I'm that wonderful anomaly in that I smash both runs and nightclubs.

But no dorises yet.

Journey time

blimey. Lakota's is still going?


Bonus points for being openly gay.

mr rossi wrote:

All those wealthy elderly residents of Bournemouth will be rich pickings for the scousers on away day.

The scouse count trebles in the summer months round here. The thought this will become a year-round phenomenon chills the blood. Unless they're here to clear my garden waste they can fuck off back from whence they came.

Big Fella wrote:

Although it was one venue we never got to, Slinky's was the only notable thing to come out of Bournemouth. (one of their cds featuring J.Kaufman)

don't forget Max Bygraves


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seanc80 wrote:

We are all in for it when he gets back.

lol. Guaranteed fire and brimstone.


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It's all water off a swan's neck for Ed.


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Bet he'll miss jogging past all the action in his tangas.


You can never truly say you have the greatest love of all for association football, until your sitting in the bobby moore stand surrounded by bells palsy west ham fans signing out the side of their mouths while the kibbles done a jark prongo and moved out of your system then witnessing a rio ferdinand pass 5 yard pass ( 6 seconds after the west ham 2nd goal) travelling faster than HG Wells time machine and breaking a Morlocks double glazed window .

lol. The real football fans like me wait four years until the World Cup, then immediately buy those brilliant flags to stick on their Nissan Quashqai and eulogise endlessly about the 'flair of the African players' to their workmates. Even if no African side is left in the competition. Up the reds!

go standard and have c£200 left for train beers. Which will get you at least a four pack of pint cans from One Stop.

who the fuck wants to drink train beers in first class? where's the fun in that?


Beijing Dave wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

actually, if Loops was referring to a BLT mayo is an acceptable dressing.

Yes naturally.

Actually I do enjoy a station-bought BLT from Euston which gets demolished with the third can of Stella by about Milton Keynes.

Gives me the energy to bust some pelvic moves in my seat as I blast Springsteen through my white in-ears.

With the bacon that resembles toe skin shavings? You're a class act Dave.

Yant wrote:

That fox wasn't making a BLT.  I don't care how fucking smart he is.

Good point . Loops, you're a fucking cunt.

actually, if Loops was referring to a BLT mayo is an acceptable dressing.

Big Fella wrote:

Fuck Millsy, he has no business in my thread.

Nor does he have a football credentials, i've seen my team lift the treble in Barcelona FFS.

I would have to say my favorite football DVD ever is my 'Top 100 goals Ever!' DVD. I also own a Real Madrid top with 'Millsy' on the back and only attend matches when tickets are laid on by my suppliers and prawn sandwiches are available.

100% the footy! Wahey the lads!

poirot wrote:

We expect full post match analysis each week if you're to be taken seriously.
These will then be examined with a fine tooth comb. by the heavy hitting footy experts.


Grant wrote:

Mustard in a bacon sandwich?  You're a fucking savage Loopy - brown sauce only and don't start about cultural differences, the bacon sandwich is British.

Mustard 'over there' is more like mayonnaise. So Jase is basically advocating the use of Mayonnaise in a bacon sandwich.

poirot wrote:

check out millsy in the footy thread again.
Odds on he's in his shirt and shorts, the full kit wanker.

lolz. Fair comment I suppose. Untested waters for me. But you know full well I'll hold my own as per. You absolute liar.

lol at Dave and BF.


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