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shaunstrudwick wrote:
MattBlack wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

can't stand BGT

substitute with Keeping Up With The Kardashians and you're bang on

oh the joys of domesticity *sigh*

And i thought you watching Gilmore girls was bad enough

wife loves it for some reason

Modesty, Strudders. It's because you're hung like a post and warm as toast.


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With you on that J. Very greasy burgers in my experience. Nothing to write home about and always a queue of Japanese tourists at the Covent Garden or Villiers St one.


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Three course set menu at Bella Pasta. Kids do the wordsearch and colourings in while Struds and the Mrs polish off a nice Chablis. £60 for a family of four?! With wine! Wow. Excellent. On to the multiplex. Zootropolis please, we've got these cinema vouchers, are they still valid? Bags of Maltesers and Haribo Star Mix bought from the garage and smuggled in? Cashback! Back home, kids to bed, cuddles on the sofa while watching BGT. Blamma blam blam!


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Quite like Strada on the South Bank when I'm coming home late.

Squidgy wrote:


I will never be embarrassed of a mother willing to put it all on the line to fulfill her lifelong dream.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

This board is just one tedious, neverending struggle against idiocy, until you just wish Rhouses and Smallman were dead.


So in summary, everyone can get into Berghain apart from Sean?

lots of lols for Sean here


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Decent Fritzl set up that, furry. You can actually see them put the lotion in the basket.


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I brush my teeth with one of them


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I hate flapjack too.


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what a generation of workshy. layabout drug takers we all are lol

Even Dermo's generation seems hopeless. I'm hoping Matt Black can recover the thread with tales of his skills learned as an asbestos fabrication apprentice in 1958.


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is that the little bit of wee you did when you tried to pick it up?                                                          ^

Dermatron wrote:

LOL you have your own sound Millsy. Its similar to Melvin Bragg.

Stop trying to besmirch my personal brand Derms. Expect a letter from my lawyer.


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lol. This one Derms? Small wonder you put your back out pooky.


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I find DIY a game of two halves. One minute I'm laying some decking and it's all looking rather gravy, the next I've pile drived a hole in my wall the size of a pineapple when trying to hang up a picture. The curse/benefit of renovating a house from top to toe means I do have a good list of trades people though, so I usually leave the big stuff to them.


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The Follower....still gets a bosh from me.

One day you will have your own sound JP.

One. Day.

I hope you learned a lot JP. Being a newcomer to all this and that.

Weatherall's mate, Duncan Gray. His new mix for 44,100 Hz.

https://soundcloud.com/44100hzsocialclu … uncan-gray


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La Nausee wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

Ibiza epitomises everything I've hated about dance music. There are really lovely parts to the island however I certainly never experienced the idyllic heritage that its apparently famous for. Always found it to be a brash, ugly kip.

The Old Town is lovely, Sean. That art gallery, down the street from the little cafe?


One word. Boutiques.

I always follow the brief Derms


Your favourite sandwich

This one is probably my favourite of mine. Just came together and flowed well. Took me a while to source the tracks.

https://soundcloud.com/themills23/come- … -spaceship

Lucha Libre (Original Mix)    Demian
L.O.V.E.R. (Hallo Halo Supa Drone Dub)    John Monkman
Be You (Original Mix)    This Is A Recording
Basic Space (Jamie XX Space Bass Remix Bonus Track)    The XX
Straight to the Moon (Original Mix)    Tanner Ross
Garden (Daniel Avery Remix)    Ricardo Tobar
Unknown Destination (Original Mix)    This Is A Recording
Pink Is Pink (Original Mix)    Dionigi
Welcome Back My Sun (feat. Mirza) (Original Mix)    Sigward, Mirza, Oliver Sudden
Disruptism (Principles of Geometry Remix)    Gyrls
Hello Universe (Molecule Remix)    Acid Washed
Surabaya    Mattia
Alika (Original Mix)    Oscar Rocha, Schez
Reindeer Salsa (Jumungus Jingle Jungle Morning Mix)- The Knights Of Jumungus
Too Early To Wake (Original Mix)    Neil Browne
Vero (Original Mix)    Nicolas Masseyeff
Will She - Brown Shoes   
Colours Of House (Original Mix)    Dionigi
Nu House From Upstate (Original Mix)    Dionigi
What Your Eyes Can Do (Original Mix)    Alden Tyrell
Cosmic Efficacy (Slow Motion Mix)    Baldelli, Dionigi
Analogue (Original Mix)    Voodoo Corporation
Inside My Head (Dombrance Remix)    Luluxpo
Skraeling (Original Mix)    Eskimo Twins
Insurrection feat. Justine (Original Mix)    Heretic
Viaggio Verso Pegaso (Original Mix)    Discodromo
Helios    Rival Consoles