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fadass wrote:

He's been trying to do that for years already, you plank.

There's no fuckin characters.

Did you not clock Luca Brecel's shoes that he borrowed from Comer?


WHAT a Character!


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https://soundcloud.com/carlosarrieta-2/ … -occultism

Dermatron wrote:
monostereo wrote:

ITT:  Users of MDMA/MDA/SMACK pills bulked out with rat poison & drain cleaner for the last 20 years wax lyrical about not drinking diet coke.

At least taking class a's has a desirable effect and has a purpose. What does Coke Zero achieve? Apart from highlighting to everyone what a stupid ill informed/ignorant/silly fucking twat you are?
Id like to take all 365 cans that Edward idiotically drinks per annum, empty them all into a vat, immerse him into it, then leave him until he's been devoured by it down to his frail little 13 year old girls skeleton then sit back and watch the rest slowly dissolve.


fadass wrote:

I was there just before it all kicked off & they started burying their next door neighbours. Stunning place. Really beautiful. Only beer was Tuborg & there were people selling their belongings at the side of the road. Scored some nice calipers & some brown Farahs.

When it was Yugoslavia?

fadass wrote:

Is Sandals not a place for fat oul ones to get serviced by local black gentlemen or am I watching too much Sky?


Next on Sky One: Sandra gets Serviced.

Once you've seen Moon what's the point in seeing it again? It's all about the rather obvious twist, and once you've seen that a re-watch seems pointless IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

You basically make the tea.

Ed is a leading light in Business Development.

Middle aged ska wankers are the worst

Ger_Stokes wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Logan 5/10

Another stinker from Marvel.

Seems to be a bit of a Marmite film this one, I loved it

Don't think so, seems like it's good reviews all round. Haven't seen or heard a bad review about it, apart from Star Wars wankers there.

lol. Star Wars Vs superhero films is it? What are we? 12?

lol. Bambi's legs too

she looks like she's got you in her pocket there.


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Love it when Derms occasionally lets the mask slip to reveal his squidgy soft centre. He's like a big, loveable teddy bear!

Felch Aid wrote:

Did Smalls attend this?

Melted faces everywhere? Yeah, he was there


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factories is a great track. Threw it on a mix a few months back.


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smashdad wrote:

Been given tickets to see Sean Lock in a couple of weeks time - 'stand by for feedback'...

Me too. Love a bit of Lock.

fadass wrote:

Lol. millsy full of train beers...

"You know what Mark, I fuckin love you... "

Lol. He has a head like an anvil.


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Fletch, I'll be taking up the wood block floor of my gaff soon. We can share pics and tips! Yes!!!!121!!!

Christ. Imagine trekking back from Island Peak, exhausted beyond imagination having watched a good friend almost die from altitude sickness, to be faced with ape boy playing his usual brand of rancid cunt trance. I would stab him with a crampon and feed him to a yak.


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Flew united back from nyc last year. Fucking atrocious airline.

Does he get his hammer out?

We all knew you would Sean lol

Yant's film stock rising today. Slates Thor and rates Groundhog. Good man.