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I wouldn't know enough about football to even fake an opinion. My point is people in this board take actual offense to what other people find entertaining. Here's another analogy for you: Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J. I find both boring, but I recognize some people REALLY enjoy their DJeing. It doesn't bother me, it just means I don't spend my time listening to them.

I just find it a bit sad.

Deriding and taking the piss out of all and sundry is the British and Irish way Hanners. Thought you would be used to that by now.

Edward Smallman stating the film is too smug should tell you something about quite how smug the film is.

A bit like Ed Gein saying he found Silence of the Lambs a bit too gory and upsetting.

I say go with it mate. Life's too short to deprive ourselves of double desserts and the right to get around by mobility scooter and wear tracksuits and kaftans. Fuck em.

Ocean's Eleven is absolutely horrific.

Bet they don't even bother with the line 'would sir like to see a dessert menu?' when they see Rhouses drive in on his mobility scooter blaring the latest tape from Abdul's emporium on his boom box.

lol. Quality.

Top to toe leisure wear too I'd wager. Elasticated waistline an absolute must.

Quite enjoyed Lure when I went to NYC http://lurefishbar.com/

And Sunday brunch at The Rainbow Room on top of the Rockerfeller Centre was quality. Chelsea Market for lobster rolls and beer was probably my highlight though. I meant to go to Sylvia's in Harlem but never had time in the end. Wanted to get me some southern fried chicken and grits.


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all the meffs predictably piling onto the soundcloud comments to tell everyone they were 'there, man'

Fuck off


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

It was Nymeria, and I think Yara is still alive.

It was the annoying Sand daughters all hung up on the boat. I think.

terrible character tbh

yeah, the Uniqlo debacle hasn't helped him either.


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nice one mate

Homegrove wrote:

Original blockbusters are dying Grant, original indie is going strong.

which in itself is an issue.

Jacobs Ladder is a top film. Might have to dig that one out again myself.


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True. You've not gone a year without winning some kind of category Smalls.


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smallman1 wrote:

Stuart 'Not A Clue" Mills having a right old reg!

and Dixon too

and of course you, but that's a given.


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Turning up with a nice pre-planned set that you all must sit through while he builds up, even though it's 2am and you've just double dropped? I'd be heading for room 2 in no time after throwing my pint over his pullover.

We love you Strudders, we do
We love you Strudders, we do
We love you Strudders, we do
Oh Strudders, we love you.

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Grant wrote:

Tom Hardy flying his Spitfire for a few hours without any fuel - what was that about?

Few minutes. The whole of Tom Hardy's timeline in the story happened within an hour.

The plane was very low when it glided past the beach, but then heroically turns around around to take out a bomber? Do me a favour.

It doesn't ruin the film mind, it's just a bit silly and I'll give Nolan some artistic licence. I'm kind like that.

He probably put it in so the Americans could whoop at something and fire their guns in the air (like they just don't care).


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Just watching Ozark. Good so far.

Justice League looks all kind of amaze. Batman, wonder woman, the flash, sea man, cool ninja nunchucks man, barman and binman all teaming up to defeat an awesome foe with cool powers? Yes please. Roll on the sequel. Actually, is this a sequel? I forget. What happened in the last one? Is that the one where batman and superman fight? Which one was the one where wolverine fights Dr Zhivago? I love the one with all the cool transformers where he-man makes a cameo and Stan Lee plays a drag queen.

Dunkirk. Good film without a ridiculous Hollywood sheen and need for a gun toting hero at every turn. Understated and therefore real performances, although Hardy could have been Barry from Eastenders. Enjoyed more as was in an all recliner cinema. 7/10

Derms doesn't post mixes as that's what saddos do.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

HR got some hoodies made for our marketing team offsite (in Goa, in the summer) - boss insisted we have "MARKOS" on them, like a play on "NARCOS".

Suffice to say it's still in the plastic bag, untouched in my car boot. Need to gift it to my security guard.  haha they did organize a XXL size for me, in fairness though.


A hoodie branded with where you work though Wally? Have a word.

Torso pics are the only way to settle this


Clothing needs to be easily removed so the wife can wash you with a sponge on a stick.