poirot wrote:

Nice to see an emerging country keeping up with the latest in justice techniques.

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/ho … 76581.html

If you can't do the time....

In wayf there's apparently a section where Effron espouses how185bpm or something is the ideal speed for EDM as it matches your heartbeat and you become one with the music. So it's scientific too. Yay.


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poirot wrote:

Is this a tribute mix, millsy?

Yep. RIP Frankie Knuckles

poirot wrote:



God I love this photo.


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Grant wrote:

Superb that Millsy

Thanks mate

Probably best for all concerned if threads like these are first put past Derms before being posted. Would save a lot of creds.

smallman1 wrote:

Very kind of you James but I shall see you in Dixon.

Blue t-shirt, jeans, Nike Air Max, short hair, glasses and absolutely ledging it.

That'll be me.

Glad to see you're swerving those  Converse All Star monstrosities.


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erik.b wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

I just mixed the Solomon Boiler Room into a vines compilation! GTFI!

Aee you mixing inthe adverts too..... like Peter Hook does with idents on mixmag cds?

no mate, that would sound shit.

Love it when Dermsy goes all prog policeman. He's so butch and authoritative.


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I just mixed the Solomon Boiler Room into a vines compilation! GTFI!

You're a strange one Zachary Matthews! But I'm willing to let that one go on account of your horrendous disability.

is Hybrid not prog because it has a break? How strange you are Dermsy.

In fact. My ten for what it's worth.

This fucker has two breakdowns FFS.

And I'll also stick this is in there too as it has a five minute intro to a 5 minute breakdown.  Don't make em etc....


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Homegrove wrote:

Narcos on Netflix is awesome.

Yes it is mate.

Mrs Mills is in Bruges with her brother and Ma so I will be spending four days with my children. Probably go to Corfe Castle, Sandbanks for crazy golf and go watch inside out. And in the evenings I will be reading many leather bound books by a roaring fire I would imagine.


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lol. Rhouses firing one into him while he holds his cock and balls out the way. Horrific

Springsteen is a poor man's Kenny Loggins

jamie wrote:

the other sites are ok but come on - none of them offer anything like SC with respect to the music you are exposed to? I think that 90% of the music I buy comes from tracks I have heard on SC first.

ditto chief.

Homegrove wrote:

I'd stick to monthly billing, instead of annual, if you haven't already.

3 months too late on that #FML

Not sure what drugs you have to be taking to pay $15k for a Bruce Springsteen concert, but they must pack a decent wallop. Probably mescaline and DMT mixed and taken anally or something I would imagine.

Who do I complain to Grant? Is Hanners/BMM/Simonr able to help?

Thanks to Erik for making me aware of this.

http://www.prsformusic.com/SiteCollecti … CD1789%2C1

I for one would be gutted if Soundcloud went tits up.

Proper work out this Strudders. Only comment I have is start a little slower/subtler next time,  my deltoids can't take 120+ for 2 hours mate. Love the last track especially.


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It's all the trip to Pizza Hut Ed can't stand.