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Rumour is DJ Matt Black won't get out of bed for less than £2k and Homegrove refuses to do charity gigs because 'They're too depressing'. We need more like Smashy.

Does take the edge off hour long conversations about 'her day' though, so not all bad.

mikemiller wrote:
MattBlack wrote:
Amps wrote:

Was he a drinker?

He was Irish, say no more

Watch your fucking mouth you fucking racist

lol. Mike, even your name is alcoholic.


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Vintage Studdersing.


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ryangibson wrote:

Tickets on sale 1st August - http://www.seetickets.com/event/bedrock … ton/807688

Better price here mate:

http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.as … mp;p=lnlbr

It's at times like these I really miss fadas.

Rossi. Cut down but don't go teetotal. Teetotalers are such utter utter utter cunts.

Think we should all just hit the theatre.

Two bottles of wine at the weekend and a few beer chasers.


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The look of joy and wonder on my boy's face will be payment enough chaps.

It's the circle of life.


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Love the theatre. MacBeth at The Globe was fantastic and also really enjoy stuff at the Old Vic - Kevin Spacey is brilliant on stage. Musicals are always shite unless they're something like Spamalot, but I'm taking my son to see The Lion King this weekend which is a great show for the kids. I've been dragged along to a few of the Lloyd Webber abominations too. Gash one and all. Also have enjoyed a lot of comedy plays such as Stones in His Pockets.

I also own many leather bound books.

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Daaaaaaaaaarliiiings! xxx


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MattBlack wrote:

I was more shocked when I found out Betoko was getting nearly 20 grand a set, he's not even what I'd consider a big name

He's a big hitter nowadays Matt.

is that before or after you go on a week long sex tour of SE Asia Dave?

https://soundcloud.com/bleepingsauce/bl … e-set-time

Still not out....

Phil Opian wrote:

Potential tune of the year?

god yes


for some time i have been known to make my love on wastelands, and through the barricades.

....normally basking in the full moon on scrub land just off the a406 , barking.

or sometimes in the back of a white transit on a bit of wickes multi purpose tarpaulin with the van doors held together by string , affording my victims nearest and dearest the occasional glimpse of the carnage inside.

always thought Essex was the capital of 'the scene'. Good to have this confirmed Glen. PM me the car park deets. I'll be the one in the Frankenstein mask.


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fantastic stuff mate. Smooth as silk mixing, great flow and some brilliant tunes throughout. Saw me through a morning of copy writing very nicely indeed. More please.

Nothing better than shunting them from one end of the bed to the other while they look skywards and wonder if they set the video for Midsummer Murders.

I have seen that cover circa 1,000 times and it literally has made me laugh circa 1,000 times.

two guesses where you put his vacuum attachment.

Wally wrote:

Sounds ok - better than digitalism which is officially the worst comp I've ever heard. Absolutely dirge.

Show the cover! Show the cover!!



Bazza. Channel this sensitivity to your love making and behold the dawn of the age of Aquarius!

Preview on Soundcloud. Does sound alright actually.

https://soundcloud.com/balanceseries/b … eview-edit

Hope the cover art involves a horse.