I would struggle to have the presence of mind, at 4am in a club, to do anything.


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Just to clarify Jase. There's no 'best GIF poster' award.


smallman1 wrote:

Another big up for Yant and his gif's.

Definitely for a gif-t for it.

I'm here all week.




That gif is brilliant!

Unbroken1 wrote:

Kerb Staller “Siren Song” (Thugfucker’s Lio’s Wide Shut Rework) [Leftroom Records]... absolute belter.


big fan of that one Damo. Good choice.


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Unbroken1 wrote:

..cool, have a bit of a plan for something a little different

When/how do you match folk up?

Same here. You all like Christian Rock yeah?


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seanc80 wrote:

Polina and Agents of Time in general  have been getting a monumental rinsing from me over the past 12 months

Agents of Time
Genius of Time
Lord of the Isles
Gardens of God

Basically anyone with 'of' in their title will get played round my way.


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You just know Bill gonna cry like this.


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i say put one of those magic fish you get in xmas crackers in his hand :

" if it curls , his member it  unfurls,
if its straight , then surely , he did not plate ..."

lol. As sure and true as a polygraph, the rape fish.

Both vinyl only. Yay


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Can't be arsed to go through the thread and see if this has been posted. But dear lord what a tune this has been this year. And the Smoke remix is also wonderful.

Big Fella wrote:

Oh great Millsy has finished his house moving,

Cigars and billiards in the drawing room Paul?

Yant wrote:

Just be thankful i'm not entering, Stu.

I'm always glad you're not entering me Jase.

Lads, lads, lads. It's not a competition.

But for the record,  if it was, I would win.

Severe lack of respect for other artists from Jase here. I bet he never even listened to the mix.

In of course


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I imagine you would be like the Great Whitre Shark in Finding Nemo Glenn. One sniff of kib on a passing breeze and your pupils dilate to the full extent of your eyeball before you charge around four square miles looking for its source, kicking small children and pensioners out of your way in a frenzied quest for your lost elixir.


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They're all very more-ish I find. Like Thai Chilli Walkers.


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Pink champagne is a blast from the past. Used to cane that stuff. I'm sort of on the same page as BF ref kib. I think it probably affects me, but I am always expecting this massive high which never comes. I do find myself rubbing up against things like a dog on heat however.


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We doing the mix swap this year old bean?


Grooving along nicely mate. My daughter thinks you are a 'scary man' in the accompanying photo. I told her to stay away from strangers.

The neckerchief is an oft overlooked accessory. But overlook it at your peril!

I bet you look like Joey from Blossom, J.

I'm no expert but If I was starting out an American clothing company, my initial creative session would involve watching box sets of Doogie Howzer, Blossom and Party of Five as well as getting Nick Knowles in as a guest speaker.

somecunt wrote:

Men's Classic Bootcut Jeans
You can’t go wrong with a classic. And that’s exactly what our Men’s Classic Bootcut Jeans at American Eagle Outfitters are… classic. So much so, in fact, that we built it right into the name of the jean!

That's clever!1111!