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You'e my go-to guy for sunshine and rainbows, Dermestos.


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Quality Dutch. Sorry I missed that first time around.


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Random apostrophe too


Kauf - Through- The -Yard - Fort -Romeau- Remix

https://soundcloud.com/permvac/kauf-thr … meau-remix


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smallman1 wrote:

Been a while Millsy so look forward to giving this the proverbial whirl.

Hold tight for feedback!

I've been hiding from the horrid bullies and their anti-chug agenda. Just about managed to dry them long enough to record this mix.


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are they from that website Comer?


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Do you like all the little lions with their little flags Dave? lol


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jamie wrote:

listened to this a couple of times over the last few days - excellent as ever Mr Mills - very enjoyable!


smashdad wrote:

I like 'chuggy' - the word, 'the sound' (at least as it exists in my mind) and the fact that it's becoming A Thing is hilarious.

I didn't think it was a new term - Hodgy and I used to refer to 'chuggy' tracks years and years ago - 'chuggy disco', 'chuggy house' - got loads of unfinished 'chuggy mixes' that we'd half-compile and I'd never get round to finishing.

Can't be long till Beatport co-opt it as a genre and ruin the whole fucking thing...

Indeed on all points. Crap term obv, but it's an amalgam of loads of different genres in my opinion. Anything sub 115 bpm gets badged 'chuggy'


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Dermatron wrote:

Class the other day from Don when asked what he would do if Russian jets did fly by's on US battle ships if he was in charge? " Well the first thing i would do is ring Putin, ask him why and try and sort it with diplomacy. But if he carried on then you gotta shoot them down".  LOL Showed a lot of promise with the first half of the answer then oh dear. Old Donald has shown his true colors and 3/4's of Ameerica are throwing their truckers hats in the air.

lol. All that's true apart from the phone call bit.

Imagine him and fucking Putin swinging their dicks about the place for four years, releasing competing promo DVDs of them wrestling crocodiles and shooting AK47s at tethered goats before just going 'fuck it' and firing their entire nuclear arsenal at each other's palaces.


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Only Marty McFly could have saved us.

But he has Parkinsons.


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anyone thinking Trump will somehow save the day has to be taking some serious DMT-laced Cheerios in the morning. Yes, he doesn't seem at all the type to fly off the handle and start pressing buttons in his crushed velvet-lined Trump bunker when the shit inevitably hits the fan does he.

Dermatron wrote:

Aye i'm well pleased with this. Been on repeat in the car. More from Bedrock like this plz.

Part 5 is a bit chuggy though. Avoid.

enjoyed this Mario - very nice

Great mix this JP. Really nice flow and pace changes throughout.


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j.p sykes wrote:

All over this like a cheap suit.

D/L option?

ah yes - enabled now mate

would go along with Sean's assertion there. Avery is more techno-inclined than Weatherall.

yup - good mix this. Y Llwynog - The Long Champs is one of my tracks of the year. Lane has a good remix of it too.

smallman1 wrote:

What is the main benefit in buying / using bitcoins?

Always been a cold hard cash is king man personally.

Have you ever tried rolling up a ten pound bitcoin to imbibe the old wing-wang? Nightmare.


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An assortment of stuff in the usual style.


Secret Destroyers - Death Comes For Us All (feat. Phantom Viper)
Maud Geffrey - 1994
SwitchSt(d)ance - Daydreaming
Lea Porcelain - Loose Life (Roman Flugel remix)   
PlageBeachStrand - Loop im Sand
Tim Paris - Outback, Stones, & Vinyl    
Melokind - Lorde    
Pulp Disco and The Outcasts - Down and Out in Paris & Manchester (Lost Mix)   
Klanken - Drie
Ego Troopers - Her Poolparty (2 many DJs mix)   
Moderna and Theus Mago - Asesino Psicotico (Mijo and Macauley mix)
Nick Warren - Devil's Elbow (Club Mix)
Krycek - 1991 (Natural Magic's Covarrubias Version)   
Geistech - The New Space
A Copy for Collapse - Lost In Decay
Natural Magic - Cosmic Power (album extended cut)
40 Thieves - Crystal Mountain Thunderlude
Johnson (BE) - Until the Sun
Fred Berthet - Lost In Colony    
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Tapes & Money (John Talabot Remix)   
Death In Vegas - You Disco I Freak
The Field - The Follower
Man Power - Trans (Discodromo Remix)   
Modifier - Eko (Silicone Soul Remix)   
Brassica - Tears I Can Afford (Bicep Remix)   
My Favorite Robot - Cast


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Being sat in a Pizza Express on a bank holiday Monday. 'Ooh, i dont know whether to go with a Romana or Classic base' Gertcha!

Lol. You've piqued my interest. Was it wear it as in, like a hat, or wear it as in weather the storm? Can you remember the context? If it was during the money shot, was she ordered to 'wear it' like a pearl necklace? So many questions that need answers.


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Nice one. Might give it a go

Wally wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
Wally wrote:

http://uk.ign.com/videos/2016/04/28/spa … ay-trailer

12 year old me would be passing out with excitement at this one. One to keep an eye on.

were you a regular at those Games Workshop places?

Infrequent visitor - again, when I was 12. I work with 35 year olds that still do it. lol

lol. Dear lord. Does that make you one of the cool ones then? lol