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Hope you had a good day dude.


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1. You got yourself banned
2. I'm hardly crowing about your banning am I? Not sure I've ever mentioned it since.
3. At the time of your banning I said it was harsh (I may have omitted the wonderful human being part at that time because I was still a little mad at you, you ruffian)
4. I hope you save me some sunshine drops.


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What a wonderful human.


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Loving the probationary Paul. Taken his medicine and is now showering us all with his rainbow unicorn sunshine drops.


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May well be all in for this. Fancy seeing Barnt twisting people's melons.

Brilliant stuff. Good to cop an eyeful of the fabled pendulums in the process too. Magic.

I like to think our Glenn wooed Jo like this Glenn.


Stuart is indeed a shit name for cunts.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

the pool parties @ chez Mills must be immense

Can't wait to unleash this bad boy Strudders. The Strudwick family will be more than welcome natch.


MattBlack wrote:


I don't think he loves himself enough

called Paul too #justsayin'


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it's almost as bad as all that broo-ha-ha over 9/11.

It's alright lads. I can take it

but i'm 37 and from Surrey/Hants.

Big Fella wrote:

Are all cunts called Stu?

lol. Was waiting for that

great minds Danny boy

Ahad Adump wrote:

Used to work for Ryanair Millsy on the 737-800, based down in Charleroi initially which was a dump, Liverpool and finally Stansted. Always windy up in Prestwick, so much so that I landed on the short runway once as the crosswind was out of limits on the ILS on 13. Think it was runway 21 if I'm not mistaken.

Sounds dicey. Liverpool, not the flying bit.

The best Ahad has landed is that cute pilot who always does the Munich to Bogota route.



Cheeky booty I put together. Thoughts?

https://soundcloud.com/themills23/runni … bratislava


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Dog Man Star XXXXIII wrote:

Lord Sewel instantly elevated to hero status amongst the unhappily married, sex-starved, out-of-shape and middle-aged men of this forum.

I assume you don't include yourself in that description?

nicely done Matt

Boring wrote:

Putin: You! You're still dangerous. You can be my wingman any time
Blatter: Bullshit - you can be mine.


It's going to be sold out at this rate. Hoping Amazon still have some left.


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failing to see the scandal here also?? Just a bloke enjoying some downtime. What's he supposed to do instead? Chessington World of Adventures?

Plenty of eastern European gangs trafficking all flavour of underage girls too. Really isn't exclusive to Muslim men who hate infidel girls. Although they don't sell as many papers in the current climate.