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Nick Sneddon wrote:

these guys are well trendy aren't they

lol - they are the hipsters of the scene imo


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Unbroken1 wrote:


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/E-S-DJR-400-R … 4d2c68ed2c

that's tech porn right there - oooof

Presto wrote:

I have dogs to fill that void.

Yeh it"s totally the same thing Presto

*rolls eyes emoticon*

vinnyt77 wrote:

Remix of  Your Eyes is tremenballs.

Matt Thomas is defo making some good music

hopefully some original material coming soon also smile

millsy23 wrote:

are you two going to start tag teaming again?

cross continent reach-arounds?

presumably via Skype

smashdad wrote:

Who's still not done/received their mix?!

me and Marxy haven't done ours but I am recording something at the weekend

That BT with his fuzzy face on the cover?


roberto wrote:

come on lads, was expecting a bit more "advice"? What's Glen got to say on the matter?

advice would work better in a Q & A format

go ahead caller

the wife wanted kids moreso than i - but that's pretty standard right?

Love em to bits - tho i'm quite happy with 2 boys however the mrs wants to try for a girl

i might have to put my foot down there like

tracklist looks great mate smile

liquitech1 wrote:

Slowly working my way through everyones recent uploads....enjoyed this Strudders but pressed stop when Hot Since 82 came on.. (kidding!)....well played cool

the brief was 'best of' - it's a cracking party track smile

if you want 'heads down' prog check this one... my 'Toronto'

https://hearthis.at/shaun.strudwick/ede … sidentmix/

MattBlack wrote:

Quivvers remix is better Imo

both are "ooosh"

simonr wrote:

Out 02-Feb w. Quivver rmx included.


yeh it's a bit of a disappointment when your doris who has a cut glass British accent turns out to not be rich sad

You could clean it up Strudders.

you sound like my Mrs


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Kumquat wrote:

Benotmane Feat. Simon Jinadu  - Oat Opera
Space Echo – Journey
Round Table Knights - Spasdo
Dear David - I've Been Waiting (Los Suruba Remix)
Climbers - Down Under (HearThuG and Darlyn Vlys Remix)

is Climbers out Monday?

Your Eyes is good as well

when is 'acid' out?

jamie wrote:

surely the joy of having a 6 year old daughter throw up all over you at 4.30am after she has just been sick in her bed onto clean for the 3rd time that night is worth it all?

that's what I tell myself.

that virus is horrible

it's worse when they get it as babies as they vomit all over themselves and continue to lie in it for a bit before waking up

steelydan wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Don't have kids.

Thread closed.

what he said

hindsight is a wonderful thing

howver that sort of attitude does not help out our fellow Bedrockers who are first time Dads

mr rossi wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

I've called social services Strudders.

You're not fit for fatherhood.

This was 7 years ago - i was still learning the ropes back then

i'm a pro now

Ah yes,you send the kids round to the offy now.
It's a learning curve.

exactly Rossi - exactly smile

smallman1 wrote:

I've called social services Strudders.

You're not fit for fatherhood.

This was 7 years ago - i was still learning the ropes back then

i'm a pro now

any tips / advice for the new fathers on the board can be posted here

I'll start

Don't leave your 4 week old baby alone downstairs while you pop out to get beer - even if he is fast asleep in his moses basket on the floor away from any sharp objects and the mother is upstairs

apparently that does not go down so well...

roberto wrote:
smashdad wrote:

If I need an album's worth...

good call! this and 101 were my younger years go-to albums

i feel a certain affinity with you there Roberto - immense tunage

like anyone gives a shit what Paul thinks - the self appointed board 'heavy hitter' lol

liquitech1 wrote:


him murdering the Transformers The Movie song "you got the touch - you got the power" was also good