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IMAX 3D aiiiight

so that 'Bicep - Just' is a vinyl rip or a digi?

can't work it out from the description in Beatport

decent write up re: Rodgers and his transfer failings

http://www.theguardian.com/football/blo … d-sterling

sounding good - could do with some more percussion like you say

chromosome_junction wrote:

Some vintage Loopy in this thread:)


BedRob wrote:

I reckon the great man needs to read this

http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/guest_posts … me-mothers

Duckdeamon Tue 26-May-15 12:29:11
A big factor is the extent to which fathers share in childcare and domestic work and alter their ambition and work arrangements.

fuck that

Yant wrote:

Constantine was hideous, Shaun.

i quite like stuff like "Supernatural" (tv show) tho

i have a soft spot for Constantine - a great cast and Reeves is alright in it

mr rossi wrote:

Knowing Soton so well I would expect the Dippers to go for Koeman if Rodgers gets the elbow

and end up paying massively over the odds for him to boot

Yant wrote:

Point Break remade.  Here's the trailer.  Actually looks half decent and don't know why they didn't just change the character names and call it something else.  Make it a movie in its own right.  Looks ok;

saw this earlier - looks alright


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poirot wrote:

Has strudders just put the dippers in the same bracket as the top 4? LOL

would wager we've outspent Spurs and Arsenal

Mancs must be close - would've said we've spent more prior to last summer's activity

top spenders?



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Yant wrote:

Throw enough shit and I guess some of it will stick.

Real ground breaking stuff that Chelsea are doing there, spend as much as you like until you win.  Genius and so fulfilling.

we seem to have taken a slightly different approach:

spend a shit load and win fuck all

the whole 10 year.anniversary of Istanbul makes the recent failings all the more despairing - given the 'quality' of the team that won that night

bottom line is that you need a decent manager to win things

so Ancelotti contacted by all accounts - doubt he'd go anywhere near us tho


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thanks smile


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Homegrove wrote:

You just need to download the driver for it on your computer. Mac works straight away, windows needs the driver.

thanks H


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have listened on Youtube - it's ok

not really memorable mind


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was looking for a proggier version for a house party - have Jimmy Gomez and Starcatcher mixes


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did someone mention there was a Sunday Club mix of Perfect Motion released?

anyone have a decent digi version at all?


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MarcusR wrote:

What CDJs do you have? Do you have a Mac ? If you have 900s/2000s then download the cdj aggregator from the pioneer website to merge the sound cards on the CDJs into a 4 out- make sure you have the CDJs connected via USB first to your Mac

One done, load up traktor and select the aggregate device as your sound card. On the CDJs it will tell you to connect via HID and you should be all set.....simples

Not sure if 850s are HID compliant yet

thanks Marcus - what about for windows?



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Glen wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

..no, haven't tried one, not really for me but feature-wise think they are great and reports suggest the build quality on the mixer section is much better than previous NI efforts.

2x D2's & a DB4 though...........

how much for that set up?

An arm & a leg and your left nut.

yeh - about £2k new


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so... how do you set up CDJs to control Traktor again?


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gotta fill that stadium somehow - lol


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Beijing Dave wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
poirot wrote:

So come on dippers chaps. Who thinks Brenda high heels will still be there next season?

the board don't seem to have a clue / not interested - so yes he will still be there

Rodgers should have done the honourable thing yesterday and resigned - not come out with some "if the board want me to go I'll go" bollocks

cue Dave in 3-2-1 to chime in with how Rodgers is misunderstood and we're lucky to have him etc - or some cuntyballs like that

Missed this.

Never said I loved Rodgers, just that he's not done as bad a job as you seem to think he has and I'm not quite as fickle as you Shaun.

Let us not forget that you were all in favour of Benitez being sacked (the same Benitez, soon to be manager of Real Madrid, who won us a European Cup and consistently got us in a top 4 spot and actually made very good signings WHEN he was given proper money to spend e.g. Alonso, Torres, Mascherano and battered heavyweight European opponents on a regular basis) and completely in favour of Hodgson's appointment. Non-Liverpool fans can toss all the fat Spanish waiter jibes in here they want, but he is clearly a respected European coach with the trophies to prove it.

I would rather have Rodgers than your fucking hard-on for appointing Hodgson, the most inept manager we've appointed in my lifetime (including Souness).

Who's the fucking thicket?

i never had a "hard on" for Hodgson - he opitimised the tenure of Hicks & Gillette - not to mention bringing Paul fucking Konchesky to LFC

but iunderstood that we were never going to get anyone of note with G&H in charge - they wanted a 'yes' man who wouldn't rock the boat

re: Rafa - he lost the plot at the end - yes it may have had a lot to do with the behind the scenes shenanigans going on - but he let that affect him and the performances on the pitch rather than speaking out against the owners

Rafa isn't a bad manager - certainly better than Rodgers - but when he left that was the right thing to happen as he looked defeated by the whole situation/power struggle

smashdad wrote:

I fucking love this...

the track is nae bad either

a most violent year

the main character can defo act

but the ginger wan doesn't get em out or get on it so minus points for that and for being a bit boring really