Does anyone have a good digi copy of The PQM Project & Phil K - 'They Just Won't Let Me Be' that they could share please? My vinyl is skipping so I can't record it and it's not on Beatport or other similar sites by the looks of it. Thanks


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fletcher wrote:

Belting night.
First couple of hours was pure groove, loved it.
He dropped a track about 1:30 with a massive bassline breakdown section in, so great.

Tune of the night for me, well between 12-3:30 before I left anyway. Tore the roof off. Need to know what it is. Hope someone caught a video on their phone. Place went nuts.


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Box opened at midnight last time. Diggers was walking around the club while BOg, I think, was on in the bar area. Nice early vibes.


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Just looked on HTFR and found it!

Great end of the night record this was...


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No not Matrix & Danny J but thanks. I already ruled that out. I've tried Discogs but no luck.

I'm sure the artist and track was just one word.

Sasha played it at Fabric once I'm sure.


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No, it wasn't a well known producer of that era. I'm sure the vinyl had a light blue label in a plain white sleeve.


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I have a track on vinyl, from 2003 I think. Dug thru the crates but can't find it. It was a Sasha and Digweed secret weapon for a while before it eventually came out. Either the artist was called 'Vertigo' or the track was called 'Vertigo'. I can't remember which way around. Definitely not thinking of Vector 'Rise'. Need to find it. Any help IDing it appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, anyone know where I can find a digi copy of Shawn Astrom 'Bring Out The Love' Trisco remix please? Thanks

Anyone give this a spin? Let me know what you thought. Cheers.

Yes and thanks for your support over on SoundCloud mate

60 minutes of my usual...

01.    Mike Griego – Idioglossia (Original Mix) [microCastle]
02.    Mike Griego – Idioglossia (BOg Remix) [microCastle]
03.    Robert R. Hardy – I Love You (Original Mix) [Spring Tube Limitied]
04.    Kedra – Hope (Fabio Giannelli Remix) [Perpetualis]
05.    Robert Babicz – Red (Dahu Remix) [Selador]
06.    Monkey Safari – On (Original Mix) [Hommage]
07.    Michael A – Distance (Nicholas Van Orton Rmx) [Superordinate]
w/    Affkt ft. Sutja Gutierrez – Someone In The Sky (Audio Junkies Remix) [Sincopat]
08.    Definition & Def:Play – Devils Off (Original Mix) [Parquet]
09.    Cid Inc – Contrite (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
10.    Khen – Never Lose Your Innocence (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
w/    Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z - Temporary Sanity (Cornucopia Remix) [Lost&Found]
11.    Marc Romboy – Counting Comets (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) [Bedrock]

Please listen, like and share... if you want to cool

shaunstrudwick wrote:
Gillactico wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

you still looking for a host Gillactico?

So, the night I posted this thread, I had a complete hard drive failure in my MacBook Pro. It's 9 years old so doesn't cope with El Capitan very well. Unfortunately, my Time Machine backup wasn't plugged in when I rendered my mix so I lost it. Fast forward a week and after a lot of hassle I've managed to recover it.

Have I missed your show? It was a few days ago right?

i'm sure there is a spot available this week

my show is on again on 25th

Thanks, I'll DM you.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

you still looking for a host Gillactico?

So, the night I posted this thread, I had a complete hard drive failure in my MacBook Pro. It's 9 years old so doesn't cope with El Capitan very well. Unfortunately, my Time Machine backup wasn't plugged in when I rendered my mix so I lost it. Fast forward a week and after a lot of hassle I've managed to recover it.

Have I missed your show? It was a few days ago right?

I've just finished and am very pleased with what I would probably just upload as Theory VII but it's only 1 hour long this episode, as not an annual mix, and it would be a shame if it didn't get more air time than the usual few hundred SoundCloud plays.

Does anyone on here host a radio show or music site/page interested in hosting it as a 1hr guest mix?

Thanks, G.

dutchy101 wrote:

I'd say from 12 Ed.

You going mate?


wasily wrote:

any update on a download of this? smile


chuffer wrote:

had this on in the office this avo while doing a load of boring quotes - this has helped it pass by much more pleasantly....lovely mood/flow and some really nice tunes in there......not sure if it's this mix or problems with S/C and work but it keeps cutting out/stopping which is being a pain in the arse having to re-start it

Thanks Chuffer - this flowed well when it came together. I think it was probably a Soundcloud buffering issue as I know the mix is fine.

wasily wrote:

Any update on a downlink link Gallactico

However, I did notice the sound was a bit crunchy around Dubfire and BOg. I think that's my limiter being pushed when I mastered it, so I better re-render and upload it again before I enable the download button. Thanks.

Big_Fella wrote:

Enjoyed this Gilly.

Cheers Biggy cool

erik.b wrote:

Really good mix Gil. Some superb tracks on here, quite a few of which i've not heard.

Nice one dude smile

Thanks Erik... Pleased that a several listeners have now mentioned how there's quite a few of the tracks they've not heard before smile

smallman1 wrote:

Reet enjoyed this Gillactico.

Well paced with some real bang to it too.

Smallman1 likes.

Thanks Smallman, interesting it came across with some real bang to it as the whole mix is only a well paced...122bpm.

I prefer it slower, so it chugs along.

liquitech1 wrote:

...enjoyed the deeper/darker first hour on this, Gillactico, nicely put together dude

Thanks L, some nice moody stuff came out last year. I was digging a lot of tracks on those labels and mixes by Alex Niggemann and Justin Massai which influenced my direction... Check 'em out for more of the same.

smashdad wrote:
Gillactico wrote:

01.   Christian Loffler – York [20/20 Vision]
02.   Luis Junior – Numina [KX]
03.   Luis Junior – On A Dream [Warung]
04.   Junge Junge ft. Kyle Pearce – Beautiful Girl (Blond:ish Remix) [Get Physical]
05.   Blond:ish – Endless Games (Patrice Baumel Dub Mix) [Kompakt]
06.   Fabio Giannelli – Whispers [Perpetualis]
07.   Speaking Minds – Yaounde [Aeon]
08.   Gardens of God – Montana [Ellum]
09.   Hot Since 82 & Habischman – Leave Me (Dubfire Playa Remix) [Moda Black]
10.   BOg – Drawing Board [Bedrock]
11.   Jeremy Olander – Goliath (Marc Marzenit Remix) [microCastle]
12.   Quivver – Wait For You (Habischman Remix) [Selador]
13.   Andre Sobota – Morning Lust (Microtrauma Remix) [microCastle]
14.   Lexicon Avenue & Andrew Best ft. Slim Wall – Slide (Third Son Remix) [Perspectives Digital]
15.   Monkey Safari – Walls (Guy Gerber’s Office Sex Remix) [Hommage]
16.   Jamie Stevens – My Tears Don’t Help Me (Guy J Remix) [microCastle]
17.   Brian Cid – Allure [Extinct]
18.   Guy J – Stolen Memory [Plattenbank]
19.   Fabio Giannelli – Stuck In Reverse [Perpetualis]
20.   Robert Babicz – Auralphase (Cid Inc vs. Darin Epsilon Remix) [Selador]
21.   Luzon – The Baguio Track (Igorot Vocal 'Yoshitoshi 20th Anniversary' 2015 Remaster) [Yoshitoshi]
22.   Danny Oliveira – Stargazer [Chapter 24]
23.   Disclosure ft. Lorde – Magnets (Jon Hopkins Remix) [Universal/Island]


Happy New Year!

Thank you for sharing mate - I'm shit at remembering track names but listening to it through and rescanning the t/list I'm struck by how SO many, good, different, 2015 'review' mixes have been put together, this one definitely included, based on tracks that I completely missed!  I reckon I've got three of the above, maybe two - not 100% sure!  Really good mix though and right up the alley of most on here I would've thought...

I thought the same thing this year. I think Homegrove and I had none of the same tracks except 2 different remixes. One of the main objectives of putting a mix together in my view is still to introduce people to new music, something even harder to do on a 'best of' mix, so great you've discovered some new records. Thanks.

millsy23 wrote:

Had a proper listen. This mix is smooth as silk, some top tunes throughout and brilliantly mixed and programmed. I usually avoid anything with Guy J's name in it, but this all worked well together. Well played Gillactico!

Thanks Mills, worthwhile when others appreciate the technique as well as the track selection. Some top tracks from the usual suspects last year plus found a few hidden gems.

I know what you mean about Guy J, even though I'm a fan it's like an EDM DJ putting a Guetta track in their pop mix, feels a bit dirty like you're cheating. However, a great remix on the excellent microCastle and a moody original that was low key on Mantzur's Plattenbank. His best work last year, I didn't love the album to be honest. Both tracks just fit right in but how good is that Brian Cid track in the middle? Stormer!

smashdad wrote:
Gillactico wrote:

Thanks for all the positive comments and feedback acknowledging the weeks of effort it took to carefully arrange and mix this by key to create a retrospective musical journey for your listening pleasure roll

Innit mate...

I couldn't agree more but be aware, based on my experience, there are some on here who may now attempt to ridicule you for posting that...

I would say if you're doing mixes to get feedback from this rabble you're doing them for the wrong reason - and expecting people to appreciate your mix's harmonic qualities is never going to happen, trust me. 

But collectively we've all become spoilt cunts - click a link, listen for two hours and move on - some people feel so fucking entitled they even moan if they can't download to listen as it suits them - and when it's heard and finished they move on - why else do you think my latest series of mixes is called 'Short Shelf Life' - I've posted nine of them on here in the last five months and I've had feedback from precisely four people!

There's half a dozen or so people who post mixes on here and seem to try and listen to others and feedback when they have - a small handful who don't post their own mixes but will listen and feedback and countless dozens of others who are serial hit-and-run merchants.

FWIW, I've enjoyed the first 20 minutes or so of your mix and I'll do the rest of it tomorrow...  smile

My comment was sarcastic and tongue in cheek but it seems to have sparked a healthy debate regardless, plus the listens and comments I was hoping for so thanks.

I don't get much time myself but when I do, I try and listen to other board members mixes and comment whenever I can; Erik B, Matt Black, Homegrove and others but can't remember names right now. I'll give your 'Short Shelf Life mixes a whirl next. Cheers.