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mullykid wrote:

This is epic though.

Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z - Our foggy trips - Lost & Found

The whole album sounds interesting but this is probably the best track on it

'The Greenwich Tunnel' for me... it's in Guy Mantzur's last live mix.

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djdiggers wrote:

he lives ‘off the grid’, hiding behind a secret identity due to his beliefs regarding the intrusiveness of the modern state and digital society

... so decided to join Twitter recently


http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … p?id=58864


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Not seen him live yet... where's he playing?

Push looks all twinkly and exciting but I resisted parting with my money.

I find CMD+D, CMD+C, CMD+V and automation lanes much quicker and cheaper!

No, I don't have any (except a midi controller)

Not if you do your research and pick the right ones that you will use time and time again. I don't think I have a plugin I've regretted buying but then I only have about 5-6, each carefully chosen.

My advice is... less is more. It's easy to be tempted to buy the latest outboard remake or softsynth but you're just wasting your money and time.

The real challenge is not learning another synth but finishing a track, start to finish, and mixing it down.

Until you've done that, and done it well a few times over, you'll never feel like you're getting anywhere and you'll be stuck in a constant loop (excuse the pun).

I know you said it's just a hobby but I think you'll gain more satisfaction from learning the full process and then you will really know what you should spend your money on next.

I pick my plugins carefully and wait for offers too. It's very easy to get excited and splash the cash but think twice and you'll benefit in the long run.

erik.b wrote:

Nice one dude smile

jamie wrote:

cheers for the DL - is a great track smile

mikb wrote:

nice 1

mattegg wrote:

thanks for the download, great work on this

Thanks guys cool


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1. Erik Lake - Fragments Of Memory
2. Aiden Lavelle & Robbie Akbal ft Shawni - Stars
3. Sea - Young Lovers Searching Stars
4. Simon Shackleton - We All Shine On (Cid Inc Remix)
5. Marc Romboy - Hypernova

Cid Inc live @ Pacha, BA

https://soundcloud.com/cid-inc/pacha-bu … res-111014

Still listening to Pearl Jam's Lightning Bolt and the Milton Keynes National Bowl 2014 gig official bootleg.

Now available to DOWNLOAD on my Soundcloud page:


Thanks for all the feedback on this cool


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I absolutely rinsed his remix of Wankelmut...

https://soundcloud.com/gillactico/sets/ … aster-eggs

Listened to the Balance preview today, sounds good from the 25 mins they've put out...

https://twitter.com/gillactico/status/5 … 8098301952


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Looks good!


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Dr Flaps wrote:

Fantastic! I was disappointed when the soundcloud page closed.  A great source for mixes.

I was wondering what happened to that... must have been the SC police.

Cheers Mully!

I'm still hoping to hear the Mike Griego remix of 'Walking On Fire' on one of Guy J's mixes. I know he's been playing it. Mike released his remix of 'Love In Traffic' but won't make 'Walking On Fire' public. I asked him nicely... but he said no.

erik.b wrote:

JDNMGJ -Trezzfall (Gillactico's rerub)

Thanks buddy cool

mileeband wrote:


Cheers Ed!

erik.b wrote:

Really good mate smile

Thanks mate cool

shaunstrudwick wrote:

JD-NM-WOW - Trezzfall (Gillactico booty)

Cheers mate cool

My 5...

1. Dosem - Runnerpark
2. Brian Cid - Myst
3. Dale Middleton - Corrosion
4. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z - The Greenwich Tunnel
5. JD/NM/GJ/WOW - Trezzzfall (Gillactico 'Back To L.A.' Reload)


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My Sennheiser MM70i earphones (not headphones; I have HD-25s) broke yesterday. 2nd pair I've owned as I love the flat response but a repeat fault where one ear piece just stops working suddenly, outside of warranty period of course!

I like to hear the music as it was intended. Nothing worse than over inflated bass and top end.

Can anyone recommend any good in-ear earphones with a flat response?

Are Beats actually any good? Any other brands?



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Here's my 50 fav tunes of 2014 so far...

https://soundcloud.com/gillactico/sets/ … hype-chart

https://soundcloud.com/gillactico/sets/ … aster-eggs


https://soundcloud.com/gillactico/sets/ … ghts-dream

https://soundcloud.com/gillactico/sets/ … sing-party

Good year so far

Maybe later

Division Bell tour, 1994. Earls Court... first and best gig I've ever been to.

'Pulse' was the release of the show... check it out if you haven't already.