ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Annabelle: Creation.  Not bad, but a bit jumbled from a storytelling standpoint.  Clearly Sandburg cut his teeth on making short films, and it was noticeable here as the transition to full-length film left me desiring the skillful craftsman that James Wan has become as a director, but his input as a producer most likely saved this film from disaster.  Tried and true delivery method, but sometimes it's how the package is unraveled that really teases the recipient.  7.5



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smallman1 wrote:

Sned and Kev won't be happy!

meh. the best we could have hoped for was a draw.


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was either West Brom or Stoke wasnt it


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Dermatron wrote:

I did think it was serious a bit back but now its just fucking silly. As if you'd post a pic of you planning your first attack on America?? Its just Kim being a massive fuckpot with no intention of firing anything. He knows full well he's getting made into a car park the minute it launches. He hasn't even got the capability to land the missile without it getting shot down as soon as it takes off.

been thinking this all along - he hasn't got the capacity to do much imo

Slabs wrote:

So then everyone, what is the most disturbing film you've seen?

Another one for me was The Snowtown Murders. fuck. There's a couple movies that are supposed to be vile like Audition, A Serbian Film that I won't watch because they're just meant to be sadistic and nothing else.

‘Grotesque’ – not so much disturbing just fucking horrible. Ive heard about ‘Snowtown’ just need to get round to watching it


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millsy23 wrote:

lol. They basically use that same clip for every review show featuring the 1980s. Throw in a few shots of yuppies on massive mobile phones and Janet Street Porter in a C5 and you're good to go.

haha so true

Annie Mac is in this isn’t she? Shes 39 ffs

Dermatron wrote:

Kill list genuinely freaked me out. All kinds of fucking weird.

yep. fucking grim as well

Kill List is good, but fuck knows what happened toward the end


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friday afternoon pal

Grant wrote:

True Romance. First watch since I saw it at the cinema - still strong. 8/10

Immense film. Still flies under the radar of a lot of people as well


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smallman1 wrote:
fadass wrote:

Can I just shock you... I have never seen this programme.

I think I've seen one episode.

Absolute dog shit.

you saw one random episode?


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never went there mate, did spent a few saturday nights at 5th Avenue though


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I grew up in Ilford, what the fuck were you doing there? last time I was there they had metal detectors at the station


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I'm watching a full fat 1080 stream. hope that helps


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Grant wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

What is even the point of football?

An excellent point.

In stark contrast, Bolton have signed a 37 year old striker from Bristol City who scored 5 goals in 36 games last season. Christ.

Dermo, I'm not looking forward to Bolton 0-3 Leeds on Sunday.

interested to see how our youngers get on round your way

Tenaglia is 1st October

all in for the Tenaglia date


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Felch Aid wrote:

Neymar to psg 198 million. Fuck.

If this deal goes through, am I finally justified in calling him ‘overrated’?

utter perfection

monostereo wrote:

I watched a film about a dog that keeps getting reincarnated the other day.  I think that says it all.

any good?

Yeah the Imax at the science museum – it’s a bit of a hidden gem

No not gonna be there mate, im in Manchester then gonna catch the last few hours of ADID?

What about Mood 2 Swing the week after? We can completely miss each other again?

i disagree mate - theres plenty of films from all genres still being made, both good and bad. I dont think these type of films are in some way stifling the production of other films from independent production companies, for example

smallman1 wrote:

Watched Dunkirk last night at the IMAX, a quite magnificent film not without it's flaws.

Go see on a big fuck off screen and smoke a mahoosive spliff beforehand.

This is Barry Norman signing out.

one of the most relentless films ive ever seen. fantastic stuff

you werent at the science museum as well were you?

Grant wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
Grant wrote:

LOL Strudders, it's one of those rare things - a blockbuster with mass appeal. See it an an IMAX. It's far from a 'serious' 'film'.

decent director (Nolan) = check
weighty subject matter = check
Kermode seal of approval = check

Quite an easy game this one, Strudders

This is how my S to the Werve Monitor rolls:

Comic book reboot = check
Vacuous story line = check
Hannu / Wally seal of approval = check

Boring predictable moans about them, even though I have no interest in them - check

millsy23 wrote:

Justice League looks all kind of amaze. Batman, wonder woman, the flash, sea man, cool ninja nunchucks man, barman and binman all teaming up to defeat an awesome foe with cool powers? Yes please. Roll on the sequel. Actually, is this a sequel? I forget. What happened in the last one? Is that the one where batman and superman fight? Which one was the one where wolverine fights Dr Zhivago? I love the one with all the cool transformers where he-man makes a cameo and Stan Lee plays a drag queen.

hows the new Star Wars looking?