Jon, Barry and Sasha Came Outta Nowhere

So happy to let everyone know I'm off to see Morrissey again.
Swivel on that.

...and he was very very good.
At ease all

Still after a Shelleys one. Good night. Piss off.

Spectral exile, where did that ID come from. Massive breasts to you.

Agreed. Tune .

Sounds like an old Ghentlon track, which is good

Spot on Steve, excellent work.

...and its the original of western approaches not the evolution mix

the last track is skylab 2000 - auburn

should be good, i was at the Dubai party the night before Beirut and bearly recognised anything from the 1st hour, apart from the Invisible Inc intro

John Digweed

Andry Nalin - One Of These Days (Parts 1+2)
Yunus Guvenen - Seyo in Blue
Legend of The Talking Dog - My Shadow Dances (Red Jerry Remix)
Astrom - Deep
Mandy - Tonight
Muzo B & Barish Turker - Adequate Medication


Sabres of Paradise - Smokebelch (2003 Mix)
Panoptic - Surface
Matthew Dekay - Beautiful Monday
Joshua Collins - Project 3 (Chris Lake Mix)
Sasha - Wavy Gravy (Yunus Mix)
Freddy B - Inner Voices EP