So May calls an unnecessary election and the consequence of her incompetent judgement is a £1bn pork barrel bribe to buy the votes of ten Northern Irish MPs to prop up this rancid government.  Meanwhile no money for police, nurses, doctors, the disabled, or schools.

Strong and stable.


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Charlie May's playing later on tonight at the Rabbit Hole's Funkingham Palace.  Loads of great electronic music on this year.


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The Foo Fighters remind me of a modern day Satus Quo.  A sanitised homage to grunge which is now borderline cringeworthy dad rock.


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LOL.  That's one of the blokes I cycled passed this morning.

millsy23 wrote:


'Ame, what's this one mate?'
'Ame, I've got this''s....Ame what's this one mate?'
'I'm from Lavey Parish. You heard of it Ame? Ame?'
'Where did you get your boss strides from Ame?'

*Slides off booth giving Ame double thumbs up*

LOL.  We've all been there.

I’m a big fan of this nuanced riff on dogs playing pool by Gerhard Richter.  A splendid articulation. “Any of you lot voted remain? you're all cunts mate.  Fuck off”.

There is no ambiguity in this peace.


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This explains what the two old boys I cycled passed on my way to work this morning are up to.  Both where Sat outside a council house flat with union jacks proudly draped over their mobility scooters.  Both with beers in hand at 8:00am this morning. FFS.


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Not sure about all these birds turning up in hair curlers?


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Got a 2 year old Audi S3 a couple of months back. The sucker who bought it new paid almost 40K for it with almost every option ticked. 

I love it.  It's my favourite toy big_smile

Amps wrote:

Oh yeah, meant to say, I joined the Internationalist club too:



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This stinks.  Many many dead poor people in a fire in the richest place in London. Clearly the cladding wasn't for the benefit of the people living inside of this tower. 

Look at the website of Kensington and Chelsea and the Councillors that govern there. You don't get a more privalidged bunch of people. The fucking state of Council Leader Nicholas Paget-Brown who was interviewed by the BBC. He displayed a total lack of empathy.  Wankers.

Surely this is the embodiment of the gross inequality of London.

smashdad wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Our GDP growth in the UK was lowest in Europe at start of year at 0.2%. Contrast that with Greece at 0.4%. While this may not trend, it does show the bite of brexit and signs of recovery for Greece which is the country always cited in these arguments. The notion that past performance or growth is a worthwhile indicator of future would have most economists and actuaries dying in the aisles, so not sure why we should assume the eu won't recover and thrive? … S&IR=T
hmm … SKBN17Z0UK
Euro zone economy outperforms U.S. with robust start to year … -economies
Brighter skies over eurozone as growth and employment pick up … -traction/
Eurozone's record employment signals recovery is gaining traction … ec08aca14e
Momentum in the eurozone economy has been quietly building over the last few quarters, as unemployment has fallen to its lowest since 2009 and the recovery has spread across the continent. All 19 eurozone members registered positive growth at the start of the year.

Challenges to overcome?  yes, of course.  But the Eurozone is hardly in meltdown.

So essentially you voted based on a hunch of what may or may not happen to other EU member state's Economies in the future? 


What is your take on how preparations are going for the upcoming Brexit negotiations Kevin?  Do you still think we will come away with a good deal?

According to the FT The Brexit department has seen two of its four key ministers, George Bridges & David Jones out the door this week.

“Bridges is said to have quit on policy grounds, convinced Brexit couldn’t work,” said one Whitehall figure. “There is some disarray.”

To say the "wheels are coming off the Brexiter's wagon" would be a lie because it never had any fucking wheels on it in the first place.

Nice summary of the election from the Times:


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I had a fiver on England winning.  lol.  Fucking hell.  I'm not really a massive England fan so perhaps someone better informed can tell me, what (if any) remedial action has been taken since we lost to Iceland?  Are the FA just gonna continually keep sacking managers every couple of tournaments?

Southgate has an impossible job on his hands given the pool of "talent" at his disposal. Apart from Rashford and maybe a couple of others we should just let the young lads have a go.

Hold tight for an afternoon of loud Trouser Jazz blurting out the back of an artisanal street food van.

smashdad wrote:

No cunt on earth can yet give ANY sort of detailed definition to 'Brexit' - nobody - not one - which is why after Theresa May fired the starting gun on her 'Brexit Election' not one single party talked about Brexit in any substantial way - because no cunt on earth has any actual insight into what the forthcoming negotiations will produce.  And no-one should be surprised by that - it's never been done before - there is no precedent to draw from...

smashdad wrote:

In one respect Theresa May was right - Brexit does mean Brexit.  At this stage the one word has but one macro definition.  Tories and Labour are both committed to following through on withdrawing freedom of movement and the EC is abundantly clear that that will mean having to fully leave the single market.  That is Brexit.  .

You seem to be contradicting yourself here?

Anyone else find George Orsborne's reaction to all this on ITV last night massively entertaining?

twitter wrote:

"is it possible to die of Schadenfreude?"

It's not all bad.  If anything the Cons working with the DUP is a good thing. 

Can't say I know an awful lot about politics in Northern Ireland, but from what I've seen on telly the DUP at least seem like a reasonable set of blokes:


It's already clear that the majority of the population don't know full implications of Brexit.   It's unknowable at this point.

Far better that a hung parliament debate and reach reasonable consensus on the final Brexit bill then a larage Tory majority's loony right wing push through their batshit "no deal is better then a bad deal".  Still early days though and the exit poll may be well out of course.