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It's official.  I'm now a grumpy middle aged cunt.


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Shit for cunts.  I think music "festivals" in general jumped the proverbial shark in the last decade.  At least the major ones anyway.  I'm talking about the rise in attendance of upper middle class white girls and "festival fashion" in particular.


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Bruno will surely now go down as one of the greats.


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What an incredible fight that was.   Both where dead on their feet in the 5th.


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How come everyone knows who's going to win?  I don't have a fucking clue.  Looking forward to finding out though.

Hull Lad fighting on the undercard looking good so far.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Who will you be voting for out of interest? Apologies if you’ve already mentioned

Not sure TBH Nick.  Fuck left-right-middle or any domestic policy, i'll vote for whichever candidate has the best ideas for getting the UK out of this hard exit path which the loony Tory right seem to be pushing us down. 

I find Labour's official position on Brexit to be absurd. The only person with any competency on Labours front bench seems to be Keir Starmer.   So that leaves us with Paddy Pantsdown's lot.  With the possible exception of a tactical vote for the Lib Dems, there is simply no one worth voting for IMO.

Boring wrote:

Hull supporters vote LibDem because of the colours. Likewise Chelsea fans vote Conservative and Liverpool fans vote Socialist Worker.


Nick Sneddon wrote:

Theresa May may be at church every sunday, but I dont believe religion would skew her decision on something, with Tim I think it would which is a very dangerous precedent to set in politics in this country

You don't believe religion would skew May's decision on something?  You mean like the time she voted against repealing Section 28? 

He's an evangelical christian - of course he probably thinks gay sex is wrong according to the bible. He also probably thinks straight sex is wrong unless it is in marriage. 

Farron campaigns for LGBT equality, he has actively helped trans people with his campaigning. He's also consistently voted for gay rights. He voted for the same-sex marriage bill on its second reading in 2013 (he was absent for its third reading – something he has said he regrets).


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Graham Dott's Wikipedia entry:

Wikipedia wrote:

As a real connoisseur of life's pleasures, in his spare time Graham enjoys updating his C.V or aimlessly queueing up in the post office, usually without actually buying anything after reaching the kiosk.

This is usually followed up by a night spent rhythmically chalking his cue watching Scrapheap Challenge.


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Cheeky Nandos.  It was probably a term invented by some gopping Essex fat cunt slag to obfuscate the fact that she's ingesting an additional 900 calories between her OTHER meals by making it sound all bubbly and vivacious.  IT'S FINE!  It's light-hearted and illicit and has a 'cheeky' element!

How about a cheeky' Holocaust? or a cheeky' amputation below the knee?

Can someone please just shoot me.


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Barry Hawkings VS Gray-Ham Dott on the telly right now.  Steve Davis on commentary duties.

Surely this broadcast will go down in history as the greatest Trinity of boring bastards ever to grace the world of sport?


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Got a bit wasted last night on some GTs ...<<<STUFF>>>..... and some cheeky Nandos as well.

You got a bit wasted?    cheeky Nandos, yeah?

You most certainly did get a bit wasted pal.  You got a bit wasted on cultural appropriation courtesy of nouveau Cockneys on ITV Three mate.  You got wasted on Marbs mate.  You got wasted on sleeve tats mate. You got a bit wasted on the art and the intellectual achievements of Barry Shitpeas as he rolls in and around town in his Mondeo mate.

You got a bit wasted.  You got a bit wasted on cheeky Nandos.

Ah shame.  I'm flying back early doors on the 21st.

Anyway yeah Sandles, apart from the obnoxious clientele talking down to the staff I did actually enjoy it.  We where staying next door and bought a day pass to see what it was like. 

Hardly fine dining but then I do like a decent breakfast buffet truth be told.  First time i'd ever been to an all inclusive so i went absolutely fucking mental, I  actually had to be escorted off the premises after taking full advantage of the drinks.  LOL.


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What's going on with his settee?  Is that the right arm piece without the actual seat?

Grant wrote:

Mate of mine was getting married in New York in July. I booked flights and hotel last week and was quite excited. He emailed overnight to let me know that his Venezuelan partner can't get a visa. Surely to cunting Christ that's something you'd check before inviting people to spunk a load of money?

Still, I can hopefully get to watch Book of Mormon without sleeping through the second half.

When you heading to NY chief?  I'm there mid July.

fadass wrote:

I'm intrigued Grant. What happened with them? Do tell...

Is Sandals not a place for fat oul ones to get serviced by local black gentlemen or am I watching too much Sky?

Yeah pretty much.  I had a fabulous time and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  DeAndre couldn't have been more hospitable and went way above and beyond, providing my ex wife with free tennis coaching while I drank at the bar.  Must have been quite a brisk workout come to think of it as she would often return drowsy and drenched in sweat. 

Anyway the only slight gripe we had was that our bedroom smelt strongly of polyurethane and general sex smells.


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fadass wrote:

Lol - oh in that case...

What about Blue Stratos?

LOL.  Amazon review: "The scent itself has a nice manly smell, and is not disgusting"


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Another vote for Hendricks here.   Having said that after a few of them i'll drink any old shit.   I used to enjoy a good gin tasting sesh. That was before I got banned from the Oxford wine tasting society unfortunately.


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Just so you know.  Methanol is classed as a spirit.


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right now i'm listening to Sasha + Charlie May "Baja"

stone cold classic.

benson wrote:

What that has to do with Tim Farron's impeccable voting record to improve the lives of all around us I do not know but it seems to be a feature


Claiming Farron is homophobic due to his voting record is a nonsense.


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Puntes Des Control "Peneoh" is an absolutely fucking banging tune.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

ITT:  Users of MDMA/MDA/SMACK pills bulked out with rat poison & drain cleaner for the last 20 years wax lyrical about not drinking diet coke.


smallman1 wrote:

Tell me you didn't buy those monstrosities Mono?

Of course not.  ahem.