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Jesus H Corbett.  I seem to be in conversation with a progressive house fan with dissociative Identity disorder.  Which of you should I be addressing here?


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Ncable wrote:
mr rossi wrote:

Going in September.Will I get more bang with my buck?

I'll keep an eye out for you at the Acropolis. My missus found a full package deal in September for four of us that came in under a grand. There's rich pickings to be had holiday-wise at the minute.

So it turns out the bloke who quaffs cabernet sauvignon while cutting 100% pure butros with unicorn horn holidays using budget Teletext deals.


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He's only gone and bloody done it again!



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Back in the real world now.  Ncable wanks into a primark sock whilst watching Sky Sports News.

Much as i respect him as a DJ, he doesn't half wang on a bit.  His beef at being billed after other DJ's far more popular then him with the young crowd sounds like sour grapes TBH.


watching a  dwarf having a stroke in the tony de vit tent at creamfields @1998 pleased me greatly.

what a cunt.

LOL.  It was fashionable to have a cheeky stroke whist @ clubbing back then. Especially @ clubbing @ creamfields.  Those where the day.  Jumpers for goal posts etc etc.

Used to see plenty of black blokes riving about on the deck at the back of the Benson and Hedges Super-king promotional tent.  I naively thought they where all just break dancing.

Ahad Adump wrote:

Banning the Confederate flag is a whole new level of Politically Correct insanity, it scares me sometimes how bizarre this world is getting. It makes me wonder if this is more about brush stroking one of the more shameful periods of American History and this is the perfect excuse. Hell, why wasn't the flag banned after the civil war if it was that offensive!
No, it's just today we live in a world run by softy left leaning liberals who want everyone to have the same opinion as the next man.

The Lizards called.  They want their flag back. 

Yee haw!


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My office chair is due an upgrade next week. It turns out it's exactly the same as the old chair, only the mesh on the seat has been completely "re-architected". 

The hardware vendor (whom i trust implicitly never to bullshit customers) says my bollocks should receive 15% percent more air flow.  Hold tight for increased productivity levels and a new found sense of purpose.

Elton John to perform a 12 hour celebratory show in Time Square.


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Does anyone really give a fuck about operating systems?  They are simply a tool.  I liken it to getting excited about a new screwdriver.


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"Jon Venables found loitering on princess diana's memorial playground" Liverpool to hold a minute's applause/black arm bands"



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poirot wrote:

I thought yewtree had caught up with Tarbuck?

I believe he was released without charge.  deal with the judge over the 19th I expect.   Once witnessed him kicking a spastic on his way out of the Palladium.  Terrible scenes IMHO.


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LOL@ Liverpool's local rag. 

A selection of todays headlines.  Check 'em:

"Toxteth alcoholic jailed for beating up mum for third time"

"Hillsborough victim Paul Hewitson pleaded to friend in pen "get me out!" "ARRRRHGGG!!!!", inquests hear"

"Jimmy Tarbuck AKA "Tarbo" and "the gang" (Tom O'Connor, Stan Boardman, Forsythe, etc etc) to host yet another fucking celebrity golf tournament"


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Dropping a shot of Tesco Value brandy into the can makes for an affordable alternative to a Jägerbomb


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Boring wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
Boring wrote:

Definite KLANG. Possibly the most desperate and lowest profile KLANG in board history. Although, I'm sure you and Loopy could challenge that.


Here's me in an Alvin Stardust music video for starters -

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x18x4t … nner_music

Alvin Stardust? 1980s? Is there anything you want to share with us Smalls?

I have a Sasha's dad fact. He played for Wrexham in the European Cup Winners Cup (or he's a liar).

What colour are his dads eyes?  are they a deep blue?  is he a handsome man?  a kind man? Did the conversation touch on his political stance at all? Opinons on Neil Kinnock?

Next time you meet him, if you wouldn't mind attempting to perhaps tease some info out in regards to which night of the week his son put's his recycling out, that would be appreciated, by my friend.

It's not as if my friend plans to riffle through his sons personal information, or door step him again.  But he really needs to know.  Soon please.  He is counting on you, he says.


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Welcome to disruptive technology.  Cabbies need to shit or get off the pot. 

You didn't hear us lot moaning when we lost all of our record shops.......oh.

millsy23 wrote:

I feel so alive. Touran into first. Let's roll.



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Consider that much of the socio-economic identity shaping the fabric of (INSERT NORTHERN EX-BRITISH COAL SHITHOUSE HERE) is considered to be "Haram" according to the teachings of Allah.

Given the above, and the promise of free ammunition used to indiscriminately fire your AK47 skyward, whilst burning an effigy of Salman Rushdie/Edith fucking Bowman.  It's beginning to look like a no brainer. 

Big group of mates, all jockeying for position, shouting, clement weather, a nice ruby murray cooked for you by a few of the wives etc etc all in a comfortable pair of leather sandals from Clarks.


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Heathen Scent wrote:

Cast were quality.

Quality Indeed.  A level of which resulted in the need to disguise your fucking identity, for fear of derision.


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benson wrote:
Ncable wrote:
benson wrote:

didn't realise smalls was an oxford boy. bravo.

Oxford Brookes, so more Championship Manager than FIFA 15. Nonetheless, the dreaming spires are never forgotten by those who attend...

those who did it properly cannot remember things that clearly.

In fairness to brookes, they can row better than Oxford and the talent was way better, as were their student nights. Except when James Holden(St Johns, Oxford)  played crunchy. That was abysmal.

You still venture up to this neck of the woods mate?  we should meet for a beer or two.


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Just got back from Hong Kong on monday.  The place is sweaty and bonkers. 

I'm left with no real wish to visit China or Singapore.


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Presto wrote:
Diminished Responsibility wrote:

maybe i was just the token Indian dude relationship.

I can't help but feel a little jealous.

Didn't realise you where that way inclined Presto? 

Perhaps go for a drivers job in your local Tandoori restaurant?  Spark up a meaningful friendship with a colleague, shoulder to cry on etc.  Who knows where that might lead?


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Boring wrote:
monostereo wrote:

I was at lords for this.  We where given a couple of freebie tickets in the posh debenture stand which was full of some of the most objectionable cunt's i've ever had the misfortune to spend a day with TBH. Didnt really have a problem with bankers, until i actually met them.

Were you near the four really annoying Henrys who kept trying to have some bantz with Broad-y?

You owe me an apology if you were one of them.

Are you the young black toilet attendant who me and Rory bowled a urinal lozenge at during tea? 
if so, i apologise profusely.