smashdad wrote:

I basically know the square root of fuck all about art but, about fifteen years ago, I had a mate, from New York, tell me all about Mark Rothko and his stuff - found it fascinating and took the opportunity to see some of his work for the first time when Tate Modern had a big exhibition six or seven years ago - loved it - big Rothko fan me - 'Black on Maroon' for me (the one in the middle)...

The Rothko thing on permanent display at the Tate is pretty cool. No idea what it's called but it's white with some blue streaks on it.
I'm quite into complelty pointless modern art, especially stuff that seems to reflect a sense of humour.  I think I enjoy it because it mirrors the mostly pointless pompous futility of life.

Went to see the hurst retrospective at the Tate modern last year.  Really enjoyed watching middle aged women almost vomiting into their neck scarfs at the site of 1000s of blue bottle flies buzzing around a dead cow. Great stuff


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Goldie is the drum n bass equivalent of Catherdral City cheddar or Pete Tong..not entirely shit but certainly no Doc Scott.  Seen him play a couple of times back in my youth.  3/5 imo


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benson wrote:

fucking loads of crocs in the northern territory and northern queensland. And those jellyfish that derms talks about that I can't spell which sting you and you basically die of pain unless you pour vinegar over yourself.

Those crocs are angry fuckers. I did the yelow river cruise in the NT and saw hundreds of them. Did the same thing in the everglades and the yanks were pissing themselves over a couple of freshwater ones.


Grim. Possibly the most morbid/harrowing story I've ever read: … ing-ghosts

Nice one kev.  Solid selections so far!

I've kicked off a collaborative playlist on Spotify. … jNIMM4aQSP

Anything goes - House/Techno/Jungle/Dub/Ambient/Indy/Rock.  Let's see how this goes.  Only one rule: Please make sure your contribution isn't shit.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

fucking awful shitcunt she is

I'm a bloke fella.


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If I where a Jock I would probably want out at this point TBH, even after taking into account that fact that oil revenues have collapsed over the last few years. 

So the question for Brexit voters is will the potential break up of the United Kingdom be "acceptable" collateral damage for getting ma freedums back?

OK here is my initial rendering.  I went with MS Comic Sans 12, but we can easily modify the typography to whatever suits.

Gillactico wrote:

Let me know or drop me a PM.

Unless anyone knows any free/cheap apps that could do stuff similar to photoshop etc?


Hi there Gillactico,  I do this for a living.  You looking at a logo? 3D text?  Transform effects?  If you give me a broad idea of the type of thing you're after i'll knock something up for you in Photoshop this arvo.

BTW my PM inbox isn't working, so post your requirements below.



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Best exchange of Trump's presidency so far:

Ken, go ahead.

MR. FRAZIER:  Thank you, Mr. President, it’s good to be here.  Ken Frazier from Merck & Co., Inc.

MR. FIELDS:  Thank you, Mr. President.  Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Company.

MS. MORRISON:  Thank you, Mr. President.  Denise Morrison from Campbell Soup Company.

THE PRESIDENT:  Good soup.

MS. MORRISON:  Thank you.

So far we've had:

Prodigy: No good (start the dance)
Oakey: Goa Mix
And currently playing: Bedrock: For what you dream of

Good times

Nick Sneddon wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Sonique - It Feels So Good

No it doesn't, love. OK, I'm well aware I'm now straying away from the original thread purpose, but she needs telling.

Proper stone cold classic that is mate

I seem to remember Terence Thackery's critical appraisal of DJ Sonique being laugh out loud funny.

steelydan wrote:

LOL.  Look at them.  Just look at them.


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:


Dude, you realise that's actually a Liverpool shirt you and your mate on the right are wearing, yeah?

Enjoying your facebook feed BTW.


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Apparently one of the birds who administered the nerve agent was "vomiting profusely" after the incident.  It's a miracle that she didn't wind up dead herself TBH.  That stuff is some potent shit by all accounts.

Give or take a couple of early tacks pretty much anything by "The Chems".  Special consideration to Star Guitar, which seems to of developed into a call to arms for podgy teenage festival wankers in hotpants and wellys.

I don't even hate the Chemical brothers, i just find myself completely apathetic. Pure lightweight Glastonbury fodder.

smashdad wrote:

- the vomit/piss/shit was sloshing around in the bathrooms several inches deep.  Folk were just spewing their guts out wherever they were.  Dreadful scenes.

Not to dissimilar to the vision of Cerberus that was Sankey's horror-toilet back in the day then.

Fond memories while absolutely off my banger at 6am wading through a river of Mancunion shit, wank, piss & vomit as urianal soaps (having broken free from confinement of the trough) gently bob up and down around your ankles.

"Voyager" cross-country Oxford to London last Wednesday.  As per the vestibule area smelled of boiled cabbage.  Various "powerfully built" executives all dropping anchor in rapid succession in the same toilet, without flushing, seemingly in an attempt to create a mountain of shit that "crests" the water level in the toilet bowl.  Horrendous experience.


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Extraordinary scenes in the Leprechaun Tandori's mens restroom, as the lads take it in turns to drop a most violent e-poo just 25 minutes after necking a couple of bangers and a Lamb Pasanda.


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Have you told her you're a member of a progressive house music forum yet? Maybe leave it for now.


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jonthechef wrote:



Yo flares!

Love the artwork on this and the new Quiver single.


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it's funny because it's got the word kak in it, which incidentally is South Africanism for Shit Pronunced: KUK

Ugh.   I used to know a generic fat bloke who played drums for Shed Seven years ago, he was a part time youth worker and basic knob head. 

If you're reading this Alan, you're a crushed malteser, stuck on my shoe.  LICK YOURSELF OFF MY SHOE.  YOU CUNT.


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Boring wrote:

"Man farts every time other half leaves the room"

Good to see chivalry isn't dead after all.