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Cracking result for Hull given the absolute shambles the club is in at the moment.

what about the cheapo version of Live?

Boring wrote:

So what's the theory being floated? Doggy hired an escort to go to Bedrock and then approach simonr, who being unused to female attention fell for it hook, line and sinker?

It's sounds unlikely but I wouldn't rule it out completely.

There's only one way to resolve this. Helen needs to friend request Presto on Facebook, if he starts sex pesting her then she's real.

LOL.  I almost spat my drink out reading that.

What do you do for a living?


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furry wrote:

Maybe Muslim migrant rape cases haven't made it to your news feed? 

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … logne.html

http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/610 … entimiglia

[x] Supports Donald Trump
[x] Sources low quality right-wing sensationalist tabloids



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Does anyone actually believe afeworki helen isn't our resident weirdo neckbeard?

Here's our helen, pictured roosting in her Parisian pied-à-terre:


Grant wrote:
ryangibson wrote:

Stephen Hawking
David Attenborough
Maggie Smith
Helen Mirren
Judi Dench

LOL, fucking hell.


Hard to narrow this down to a single Individual, but if pushed I would have to say June Sarpong


Corden's schtick revolves around his self portrayal as the "everyman fat bastard".  He's that fat cunt down the student union bar who remains jolly despite the fact his gran's dead and he's flunked his exams (again).  He's the fat bastard down the bookies.  He's the fat bastard in sales etc etc. He's the fat bastard you grew up with.

He's also a roaring sycophant who excels at bootlicking the BBC "right-on" lefty brigade which includes the likes of Gary Barlow, Tarby, Princess Dianna's butler Paul Burrell (complete weirdo).  This is the circle he operates in.

Deadpool is really funny because the main protagonist is a homosexual.
Simon Pegg is really funny because he talks like Groundskeeper Willie.
Batman vs superman is really funny because it's based on BREXIT and is mildly racist (screenplay penned by DJ Mattblack)

Have we reached an all time low point in film?

I thought it was just me who thinks he's a basic geek. 

He was on the telly the other week wanging on about a fucking garden chair that Jeff Bridges gave him. He carries around with him when on set and calls it "a zero-gravity garden lounger".

I didn't mind the first two Star Trek reboots, good fun.  I had a feeling this one was going to be shit when i read that Simon Pegg was penning the script.

I actually fell asleep half way through watching it in the cinema, I shit you not. First time that's ever happened.  Absolute bobbins.

La Nausee wrote:

Space ship, space, Kirk, aliens, world threatened, world saved, space ship.

You might of at least given us a spoiler warning before ruining the entire film. FFS.

As played by DJ sarshar at fabbers:

The sound was fucking pony as well, i seem to recall.

Sasha fell out with Renaissance after accidentally POISONING AND KILLING Geoff Oakes's dear old Grandma, after a practical joke went spectacularly wrong.

Just FYI.

First Princes Di (RIP queen of hearts) then David Bowie,  and now this.  Seriously. I'm not sure how much more I can take.  Ken Barrie, the bloke who voiced postman Pat has been returned to sender. 

As a mark of respect I'll be off down to my nearest shit council estate shopping precinct to ride a Postman Pat Van coin operated vehicle.


benson wrote:

Flying horse at the south terminal

Sounds like a shoreditch festival headliner.

Presto wrote:
Mr. C's Acting Career wrote:

Is is still going? When Louthy switched to the new format I never went back.

That's basically it. He killed it by trying to turn it in to Facebook. Everybody left.

Although, just like this place, it was only a matter of time before it was down to the same few posters.

I enjoyed 4four but much like the rest of you sacked it off after Louthy "upgraded" the forum. 

If this is the real original Eddie off 4four then good to have you back sir.  You are one funny motherfucker.

erik.b wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Has anyone seen The BFG?

Strudders? Hannu?

Yup. Luka loved it

Nice of your key support worker to take you to the movies.  Did you like it too Erik?


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Was that in reply to me Derms?  I was on about the track just before Patrice Bäumel  - Surge


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I love that loopy little techno ditty at 1h29m with the big fuck off break down.  Anyone know what it is?


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That's an old bogus Meme.


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Pricer wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
Pricer wrote:

Can I ask a question to the anti-Trumpers on this board.

Is there anything you like about Trump? Is there anything you agree with him on?

He's just made history by getting the most delegates ever. Tens of millions love him. I personally know several highly educated and successful Americans who think he's great.

So, why do you think he's so bad?

Not heard anything from him that I agree with. But could be the filter we have over here on our news. Can I ask the same of you pricer?

I think he's an egomaniac. But not all egomaniacs are bad. Egomaniacs built some of our great cities and civilizations.

I've watched tons of his rallies, and I've come to the conclusion that he's not perfect but definitely a genuine man.

He's disgusted at what has happened to America, and he just wants to turn it around.

Sounds just like that charismatic moustached bloke, what's his name again? You know the one. He joined the German Workers' Party after WW1 and promised everyone he was gonna make German trains great again.

Absolutely no idea how I managed to get into Berghain last time I was there.  The obnoxiously loud American bird directly in front of us spent most of her time throwing up while waiting in line.

I can only assume the bouncer thought I looked like the type of bloke who enjoys being on the receiving end of a good FULL POWER fisting, thanks in part to my orange corduroy trousers.

Anyway you'll have a blast in Watergate, it's a great club.