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I had this when i was in Ireland.

Oh My!

Those Irish sure know how to microwave a block of cheese.


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last time i logged into spotifyhalf of  my library had gone "walkies".  Presumably  because they can't be arsed licensing obscure house/techno as it aint paying the bills.   I can only assume this tidal thing will be even more squarely aimed at the mass market?


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It doesn't matter which fucking continent these cunts live on.  The only real variable is the level of intolerable humidity. Be that NASCAR/Super league/Aussie Rules fans.

They will fight, fuck and drink thier way to glory.  All in a nice smart pair of slacks from NEXT.


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Fuck me.  One can only imagine the state of the clientele.

You see the thing your all missing here, is the point that the elusive tune is valuable because you don't have it. 

It's a bit like the office slag's milky white tits.  It's all in the chase, but as soon as you get that bra off out come the saggy dog ears.

Once you finally lay your grubby mits on the tune, you realise that the last third of it is in fact shit, and the start is un-mixable.

Vapourspace has grown on me actually. At first I thought it was a bit shit, then I came to the realisation that it's not really suitable in the mondeo on a wednesday afternoon, even with my Maplin sub woofer, LOL.

This recording is purely designed for maximum collateral damage whilst HIGN ON EURO E @CLUBING -- AVA'A BANG ON THAT YOU FUCKING CUNTS ---  SASHA 5AM ROOM 1 --  coke type excursion.


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millsy23 wrote:
Diminished Responsibility wrote:

What do you think of the trabbs Millsy? Would you rock them?

stone washed Tesco jeans.

I have fucking had it with Tesco jeans.  I'm on my third pair now and EVERY SINGLE PAIR have perished at the gusset.  I've gone George this time.  Value AND quality.


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my ceiling just called.

It wants some of it's plaster back.

millsy23 wrote:

Skimmed? It's not farkin milk pal!

au contraire Millsy. 

A veritable smorgasbord of of pasteurised tech house cream, of which listeners suckled through your muscular prog "teats".  4/5 IMO.

smallman1 wrote:

This mix from Millsy -


It's an absolute ripper mate.

Just skimmed through this Millsy.  Nice work fella.

strummerjones wrote:

That's actually Cass of Cass n' Slide running under a pseudonym.  Top bloke and a Great tune.  Great key change during the break down.  oldie but a goodie.

fuck culture.  Fuck pride.  Book the budget airline of your choice to where greatest concentration of desparate smack addict slags are likely to be.

Eastern Europe is a good bet for the required levels of social and economic depravation.  Get the umbro shirt on, get the gak out and " Whollop!  You facking wot you cunt?! " etc etc. 

bonus points for one of the lads coming back with the AIDES and accidentally infecting the Mrs  LOL! "Oh-my-days!" etc etc


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Ed Rush and Optical: Wormhole

Ladies and gentleman.  It's 4am.   You can't fucking see straight and your having a great trip. Then somthimg like this drops:

Nick Warren: La fabrica: warehouse mix.

For me, this sums up that globe trotting funky evil sound that only Nick , Sasha and a couple of others used to be capable of.  It's that global underground sound. It's tracks like this that make me want to start going out and taking lots of drugs again.

Nice one Nick.

So I just listened to this, expecting good things since a few people seem to be cock in hand over it.

It's not shit, but it's not great either.  It starts out promisingly enought and then just plateaus around half way through.  It's a similar feeling to the one in which you start to realise that the banger you dropped 45 minutes ago isn't really doing much for you.

dutchy101 wrote:

Tennessee Fried Chicken and Ribs South Harrow. The food is to die for. And after 10pm this is quite literal.

particularly found of their 15" Donna Meat Calzone.

The Pigs Head Poutine on Hawksmore's bar menu is tres bon

loopdokter wrote:
monostereo wrote:

So what your actually saying here is that he wasn't anything like Tim Westwood?

He championed a sound on a station that has one of the highest wattages in the country and was one of the first to pave the way, then brought others along with him for the ride.

Nope still getting it I'm afraid. What about your man's Alloy Rims?  Was he rolling on the 24's?  If so I get your jist bro.  RIP btw.

Yes, Westwood's father, can you Adam n' Eve it? Is in actual fact a Vicar.
In other breaking news, Princess Dianna is dead and there's trouble "on the cobbles" as Deirdre Rachid is falsely improsonned on fraud charges. Meanwhile,  SJP and her gaggle of weathered old slags parrade there collective AIDES ridden minge in a hit new C4 show.

loopdokter wrote:

He was sort of like our Tim Westwood, except not a cunt and for trance and progressive house.

So what your actually saying here is that he wasn't anything like Tim Westwood?


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747man wrote:


Gotta love Aussies, living up to their stereotypes wherever they may be ...

Apart from them being drunken homophobic misogynists, completely devoid of culture and with a penchant for "progressive breaks" (amongst numerous other signals of vulgarity)  I can't really think of any either?

He's brown bread?
Well in that case, RIP.  He was our queen of Hearts/Pederasts.  Black armbands and an extended 6 minutes silence to take place at Anfield next saturday.


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Potential convicted pederast mega-group?

VOX: Richards
BASS: Glitter

Paul Gambaccini & Steve Lawler on warmup duties, as per.


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Maud Grimes.


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RIP.  I''ll miss that sudden twinge of buyers remorse, when you've somehow ended up with half a dozen records that are all a bit shit.
Nothing quite like having Ray Keith, joint hanging over his bottom lip,  aggressively trying to sell you "dub plates" which he clearly couldn't shift to anyone but dem's dem's middle class students.