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Tried on a pair of the asics last week but ended up with some equivalent by saucony. 

Incredible how vulgar nearly all men's running trainers are? One can only assume they're all designed by Australians?

It's as if Steve Cram's just regurgitated the contents of a glow stick over his own fucking shoes, live on grandstand.  Remarkable.


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Ironically, Slide now works at a water park in Devon.


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Have you tried blowing on it and reinserting?

My world is my joystick.

MarcusR wrote:

sounds like shoving turd in a hair dryer

What a strange analogy.  What the dickens would "shoving shit in a hair dryer" actually sound like? I mean really? Surely it would sound like silence (or at most a small electrical bang).   One would of thought that shitting into any electrical appliance would immediately break it.   

Is this even physically possible?

Presumably you would have to bab stright into the "defuzzer" attachment, the suction vents at the back being too small? Unless of course we are talking about diarrhoea or mashed up dog shit?



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[x] Christmas time.
[x] mistletoe and wine.
[x] children.


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Mr Boring wrote:

They should just let the Palestinian's move over to the UK and away from the Israelis. Problem solved.

Would this have any effect on my house price?

Just asking.


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Ungracious in victory.  How vulgar.


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chromosome_junction wrote:

So, Mono, the same British press which couldn't find a peado ring for forty years has solved the MH17 mystery in three days?


Who said anything about this being solved?  And here's a news flash for you - this isn't just being reported by the British press.



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nitron wrote:
monostereo wrote:

given what's going on out there right now.

How do you know what's going on there right now. Are you posting from the location? I'm guessing you get your info from Reuters like everyone else. Captain Conspiracy gets all his info off the web, so no chance of BS there then. You're both full of it.

Oh look! it's someone posting behind an alias who is overly concerned with people reading Reuters.  I wonder who this could possibly be.

Of course i'm not there. By your logic we are unable to believe anything we do not physically witness.

Good luck with that.


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Ahad Adump wrote:

That flight would have flown the same route every day for years, I don't buy that you can accidentally knock a plane out of the sky, military and commercial aircraft have completely different transponder codes, it would have been obvious that this was a commercial airliner, that's the facts. But besides all this why was the so called evidence on the YouTube clip created BEFORE the plane was shot down, this is the clincher for me. You have to watch this:


http://www.vox.com/2014/7/17/5913089/di … g-down-the

FFS.  You are making a number of false assumptions.  Amongst other things about the information those who shot down the plane where privy to.

The "buk" system has two radar components, the first of which gives information on what's actually in the air at any given time.  The second is purely an acquisition radar component used to target.  Guess which part may of been missing? 

Yet again you are cherry picking information to support another half baked "false flag" theory whist simply ignoring the overwhelming amount of evidence.

A group of amateurs where given access to a powerful weapon without formal training. They shot the wrong plane down.  If for some reason you are unable to accept the above then you are using the wrong forum pal.  I actually find your fuzzy logic an embarrassment to this board, not to mention tasteless, given what's going on out there right now.


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Or maybe just try to avoid war zones en route


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Big Fella wrote:

Shearer and Hansen should be resigning after predicting a Brasil win here.

It's laughable isn't it?  What a fucking waste of time football punditry is.


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Brazil as a nation seem to have an exaggerated sense of their own abilities. To the point of arrogance when you hear them talking down other nations chances.  They are also fucking drama queens on the pitch. I hope they are humbled by this.

surprising how Elbow finally found main stream acceptance after years of show gazing.  They are as boring now as they ever where.


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steelydan wrote:
joeyp wrote:
steelydan wrote:

looks like a proper chav/rat.

Serious ice head

Fairground worker

Also known as Irish people.


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joeyp wrote:

a space where there was a net up with all these females rubbing their arse against. Happy to let you touch

LOL, what type of net? a fishing net? could you elaborate please?


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getting well fucked off with this one eyed coverage whenever brazil play..just like the south africa and the other african nations in front of old nelson mandela weller in 2010.

the bbc practically having unprotected gay sex with minors from the fevelas on a fair trade bear skin rug everytime they play.

was i the only cunt who wanted then to lose to chile last night.

ferdinand ffs last night...

who gives a fuck about brazil winning, i pray for a dour efficent sensible 1 nil victory to the cold , robotic, humorless krauts  who dont care much for fucking lady boys, giles cunting piterson and samba music on the fucking beach.instead embracing krautrock, bratwhurst and sven vath playing his unique take on tutonic techno , in the  forbidding halls of the dorian grey.

lala, lalalalalalala

Seconded pal.  Brazil seem to think they are entitled to the cup these days.


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Good to see Nick Warren representing.  should be banging it out right about now.

I'll just leave this here


[x] fat, punchable faces
[x] from Leeds
[x] ex teachers

Craig Richards went bald because of music like this.

I hope you're happy, you cunt.


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Italy must be gutted.   Who would of predicated the way this group has turned out.


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One thing I've noticed watching competitive England games over the past few years is how rushed we seem on the ball.

The "high tempo" pressing premiership style the pundits love just doesn't seem to cut it at international level.  Sometimes our players look like headless chickens when in possession.   It baffles me why this never seems to be picked up on by the so called "expert" pundits?

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