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I thought you'd never ask....Here you go Kevin!






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Some of this blokes comic strips are hilarious.  Here's a selection of my favourites:








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Ahad Adump wrote:

Used to work for Ryanair Millsy on the 737-800, based down in Charleroi initially which was a dump, Liverpool and finally Stansted. Always windy up in Prestwick, so much so that I landed on the short runway once as the crosswind was out of limits on the ILS on 13. Think it was runway 21 if I'm not mistaken.

The life of a pilot must be an interesting one. Lots of crusty old minge I would imagine.

Prior to getting your leg over with a slightly weathered stewardess, do you ever feel the urge to say something like  "Good news smile We’re just finishing up some last minute paperwork and should be underway shortly…” ?


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loopdokter wrote:
monostereo wrote:

Did you actually DJ with Carl Cox then? He looks quite personable in that photo?

Ahhh, right.  'They' all look alike don't 'they'?

I beg your pardon?


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Dog Man Star XXXXIII wrote:

I am a complete tool of the highest order.

How many times has this fucking crackpot re-registered now?  You can almost feel the Autism.


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Snorting gak off a brasses hairy tits shows that he's in touch with "Mondeo Man".  A true man of the people/working class hero.  Sewel should be reinstated immediately. 

This episode reminds me of when Neil Kinnock used to take his wife dogging.  Engaging local taxi drivers as they lick your wifes arsehole can provide a real bellwether.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Loopy, why have you never nameKLANGED Paul Ince (3rd photo)?

He's black, therefore he's Paul Ince? FFS.  Consider yourself Reported Dave. 

Did you actually DJ with Carl Cox then? He looks quite personable in that photo?


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poirot wrote:
Boring wrote:

The prison service could cut costs by building all new prisons in Africa.

Im actually surprised that prisons haven't been contracted to places abroad for much cheaper.

We used to have one a long long way away. I believe you're living in it.


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Beijing Dave wrote:
Boring wrote:

Private schools always get good results because they filter out bad parents/kids.

This is a good point, often overlooked in the drive to 'improve standards'.

I know a few teachers in the state sector in Britain, hard-working people, overworked in fact, fucking knowledgeable and good at their jobs I expect.

They all pretty much say the hardest part of the job in many schools is discipline - how can you raise standards for everyone else if you're  dealing with the disruptive one or two who keep getting let back into the school and your class?

Basically, what I think I am saying is some kids and families need to be written off and just flung in a massive pit and burned and then standards in most state schools could be raised and the aspirational working class can make something of themselves.

I know a few reasonably smart teachers, but then I also know some real wet cunts who fell into the professional for want of anything better to do.  Idealist lefties who think Steven Fry's an intellectual, you know the stereotype.   It's invariably the dull-witted ones who piss and moan about how "stressful" the job is. 

Clearly teaching is about crowd control as much as anything else in state schools.  Yes it's hard but so fucking what?  Teachers are well paid and get lots of time off. 

Those who claim to be working 24 hours a day aren't managing their time correctly - thats according to other teachers, not least some Doris from the nation teachers' union on radio 4 the other week.

Rhouses:  Can we have our steam trains back please?


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Ncable wrote:

nauseating attention seeking behaviour and atrocious tune selections were accompanied by a Leeds accent so coarse it could prepare skirting board for glossing.


Big case here in Oxford over the past couple or years.  All very sad really.


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Grant wrote:


The official "Bedrock Blue Peter Presto Wank Totaliser" (TM)  is well on course I see.


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Hold tight for the mysterious MOS classic at 15 Dave.  Tonight he is a DJ.  This is his church.


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Gotta love BBC Four, Radio 4 and 6 Music.  The last of which seems squarely aimed at the overweight message board using jaded clubber demographic.


Surprised no ones mentioned the Parks and Wilson Essential Mix from 17/02/2002.

This mix represents the pinnacle of post millennial Turbo-Prog.

millsy23 wrote:

Reminds me of my old snuff collection on VHS.

PM sent.


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Would it really be that much of a big deal if Queeny was a Nazi?

For starters, palace staff would finally be able to incorporate Prince Andrew's extensive collection of swastika flags into the Bucks Palace tour.  South Africans would fucking love it, probably the Chinese too.

A fantastic boost to tourism.  I'm all for it.

Ncable wrote:

Consultants can also stop blabbing like little babies about having to work Saturdays. Most of them take home way more than GP's and their 'work' involves swanning in to confirm the diagnosis of a minion, or being fawned over by junior doctors and senior nurses. I don't begrudge them their position, mind, since they have to be super spiffing at their exams and stuff and also put in some serious hourage over the years to even get close.

The other half's old man recently retired as an ENT consultant surgeon.  The amount of hours he put in even towards the end of his career was bonkers. Of course they are well remunerated but you have to remember they are making life or death decisions on a daily basis.  I can't think of many other jobs with such a high amount of responsibilty. 

With regards to people saying we should simply employ more nurses - where are all these extra nurses going to come from exactly?  The NHS is already having to recruit from overseas as it is.  No one wants to do it because it's fucking stressful and the pay is shit.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

What an owning.

Consider yourself reported for trolling.


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So the queen is a Nazi, and most probably a paedo too.  Team truth called this months back.  Props to you guys. 

I bet David Icke literally shat his rompers when he read the headlines yesterday.


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Ain't that the truth. Show me a man who comprehends macroeconomics and I'll shit you out a signed copy of GU002 - IN LONG BOX FORMAT.

If a politician ever said to me "you know what mono? we are at the whim of globalisation and I don't have a fucking scooby"  I'd vote for him.


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liquitech1 wrote:
monostereo wrote:

The proposition that the banks caused this on behalf some shady unknown entities is laughable really

Not that laughable when each and every one of those "shady unknowns" can be named..

Name and shame...


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Boring wrote:
jamie wrote:

is there no way of just stopping new membership, restricting the membership to certain users (as most forums do with mod boards) or maybe placing a password on the forums? there are plenty of regulars now and hardly any new members. the admin can hand out the PW via email for them. seen a few invite only forums where this is done. members can join but the mods control who can get on and post?

maybe a little bit of ball ache to set up but it should be a one off task and which will be easier than constantly banning / deleting crap that gets posted?

going through the what am I listening to now thread would be a good place to get an idea of who is posting regularly and here for the music?

I don't think creating an exclusive forum for 30 blokes in their forties is part of the Bedrock business model.


I think he has a point though.  why not just close new auto membership and instead new prospective users needs to email a mod.  That sad prick would soon get board and fuck off with any luck.