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He's got a cock the size Gandy's flip flop.


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Ncable wrote:
monostereo wrote:

high tech pre-soiled knickers vending machines

Where can I find such a machine in London?

Is it spent knickers your after specifically? or will a pair of Medium M&S undercarckers do?  I will be happy to oblige you.


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So I've just been in Dixons. They had a 4K demo loop of Coronation Street's "Maud Gimes" remonstrating with a traffic warden after  catching the heel of her shoe on a cobble. 

The sales drone informed me that the image was made up of over 6000 Billion pixels.  One could almost taste the moth balls.  Quite remarkable really. 



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Don't really see the point in being an early adopter when there's no decent content.  4K might be a lame duck technology anyway. 

As well as creating new high tech pre-soiled knickers vending machines, Japanese MEGA-BOFFINS are already working towards 8K broadcasts, starting with the 2020 Olympics.

http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/127997- … o-olympics


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This is yet another example of the nanny state.  I will do what the fuck I like in my own coupe, thank you very much. 

I smoke in the Jag with my kids in the back all the time.   Of course I take precautions, ensuring that the drivers windows is open and smoke/ash is tipped outside. The kids have never once told me that they are uncomfortable with this arrangement.  So fuck you.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

I happened upon the "Bitches" thread before it got deleted mono, you scoundrel.

I just want to make clear, I'm not some yank frat boy that refers to women as "bitches", as you had alluded.

Hey man.  I was surprised that thread was deleted TBH.  It was supposed to be a riff no the fact that you may have a penchant for trannys.  No offence meant fella!

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Faxes generally have more prominence at these media offices, gets a lot more attention than sifting through a shit load of emails.

...in bangalore

Tinfoil brigade wrote:

>>blanks were used
>>Assume video is fake
>>Welp.  It's all just another government ploy to take our guns away


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Homegrove wrote:

The attendence rates in Seaworld have dropped quite a lot because of that apparently

That pleases me.  What type of cunt watches that shit.


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Not sure if captain but watched a great doc called "Black fish" on BBC 4 the other week.  It's the story of a captive killer whale called Tilikum,  who basically kills several people over the course of a few years. 

Basically, Seaworld come out of this terribly.  I'm no animal rights nut job but what they are doing to these highly intelligent animals isn't far from torture.


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Well well.  And so it begins.  Black Monday.  Trading rooms plunged into chaos today.  "What's Happening!! What's Happening!!"


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Judicious use of this will be fine and everyone will sound great, because clearly DJs aren't narcissistic....oh

So what we'll essentially end up with is DJ-Lee-McBedroom turning what was previously a neat arrangement into 10 fucking minutes worth of bongo tedium before a deeply unsatisfactory breakdown.  YEAH! Awesome!

This Thread is now officially concerned with DJMattBlack's dining habits.

DJMattBlack's favourite Apéritif is a 330ml can of Tango.

DJ Mattblack pictured enjoying the ambiance of the BHS department store cafe, Penge. This guys opulence knows no bounds.

MattBlack wrote:
Ncable wrote:

Who the hell is that anyway?

Josh Widdicombe, hes a stand up comedian and appears on stuff like Mock the week and The Last Leg

Many Thanks Matt.


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Squidgy wrote:

Time to buy, gentlemen.

Surely you mean sell?

I have some cash to invest but i'm holding off for the mo.  A correction is overdue.

Burridge's head is well muscular init.  Pure tech house. 



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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Let put it this way, something like this wouldn't fly anywhere but in the far east - can just imagine the horror shows in an England Micky Ds: http://uproxx.com/webculture/2015/08/mc … n-goddess/

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/ … -real.html

That says more about Asian mens paedophilic tendencies then it does about fashion.

The argument that Asian girls are more "fashionable" than their western counterparts is a misnomer.   Both have a different concept of fashion.

Around the 5 mark is my average innings. I think you need to be prepared to hop around a bit if you want to truly progress, at least in my line of work (successful children's entertainer).

Nice melancholy sounding groover from Rob Babicz....

Rhouses:  The area around the bottom hinge on your door frame is disgustingly dirty.  Have you no cleaner? Give her a verbal warning please.  Also check that she's done behind the toilet basin, properly.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

NiuBi, which is equivalent to saying "The Dog's Bollocks" in the UK.

Hmm. NiuBi is a menu item at the local Chinese, The Golden Stool. 

I had assumed I was eating battered spam balls?  I may have to reconsider my order from now on.

Cheers for the heads up.

An absolute nonsense:


shaunstrudwick wrote:

my mate is the tour manager for Squarepusher

Nice one.


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ITT:  Lot's of people (myself included) get trolled.

Nice subtle trolling here.  4/5 IMO.