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Lower! Didn't he do well etc.

Is this actually a real thread?


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So just to recap then.  You had a business meeting with a beautiful woman in a world renowned bohemian private members club, all of which you prepared for by eating a Toblerone?


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smallman1 wrote:
Amps wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

as soon as that wanker tastes his first Big Mac meal he'll be welcoming the US with open arms.

He went to school in Switzerland, so it's all nuttella and toblerone for the fat mentaler.

Had two pieces of Toblerone before heading to a meeting at The Groucho Club yesterday.

Really got the engines fired up.

Who where you meeting in the Groucho club Smalls?  I'm intrigued.  Was Tracey Emin stood on a pool table playing the ucalaly?

Thanks for your support Sean.

Needed a new pair of shoes for a wedding so treated myself to a nice pair of crocodile textured loafers this weekend. 

They're actually made by Ferrari but unlike those distasteful Porsche trabs the branding here is quite subtle. Well happy with them TBH.



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Nice.  The unity star does look good but out of my price range at the mo, i've spaffed to much money on toys recently.  That said I got a little QB for the kitchen and it's a nice bit of kit for the money.  The built in sub packs a surprising punch.

smallman1 wrote:

Can't see fried bread being served anywhere Mono?


French toast.

Grant wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Heading here for some birthday breakfast on Saturday -


Hold tight for feedback!

Go somewhere else, it's shit. Honestly. A restaurant disgracefully living on past glories for the last ten years

Seconded.  We breakfasted here a couple of years back and I would say it's probably mid to upper tier service station quality.  Not cheap either.  Ive had better fried bread in my local Tesco cafe. 

Roast or the Hawksmoore are both superior choices for a full on opulent fry up.  Be sure to wear your elasticated trousers.

The most affordable option for those worried about the impending end of the world is Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria

Isn't this where all of our Trident nuclear subs are berthed?

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Took a few listens. But Lusine's recent album is excellent. Top of the pops for me:

nice one.  didnt realise he had a new LP out.

loving this:

I've never really understood his brand of Doncaster Smackhead House TBH.  Seems like an honest bloke mind.

This wouldn't happen to be interspersed with clips of Margaret Thatcher addressing "conference" while Arthur Scargill gets his tits ruff housed by a load of bent south yorkshire coppers would it?

All soundtracked by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.  du-gun digige gun du-gun digige gun "when twoooo tribes go to war ..."

Cut to a solemn looking Michael Beurk who reads early 90s news like he just accidentally ran over his wife's dog.

Edmunds thinks the world is being messed up by electro smog and that nobody actually dies.  The Mirror is reporting that he's killing people by dropping huge diamonds on them from a helicopter. 

Some may recall he was declared dangerous a few years back by one expert.

It's clear to me now that Mr Blobby was some kind of alter ego/proxy for yer Edmonds.  Tis a shame as I've grown up with avoiding watching absolutely anything he's been in on the telly, so i shall miss that.

Well this is a turn up for the books.

Brexit caused by low levels of education, study finds

The paper, published in the peer-reviewed journal World Development, applied a multivariate regression analysis and logit model to areas of the country to identify why people voted the way they did.

The level of higher education in an area was far more important than age, gender, the number of immigrants, or income in predicting the way an area voted, the researchers found.

Age and gender were both significant but not as important as education level, the researchers found. Income and number of immigrants in an area were not found to be a significant factor in how people voted.

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po … 81441.html

Band Of Skulls - Hoochie Coochie


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I hope he used a sheath Smalls.


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benson wrote:
monostereo wrote:

Enjoying fact that it's all pulling together now despite the dialogue, which it's fair to say is now on par with Bananaman or Robocop 3.


"Who taught you to fight like that?"

Sublime dialogue

hession-esq in its prose.

Another cracker was when Sansa asked Arya where she had been all this time.  Her response was along the lines of "all over the place" as if she'd been slightly delayed on the fucking bus on her way back from swimming.


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Enjoying fact that it's all pulling together now despite the dialogue, which it's fair to say is now on par with Bananaman or Robocop 3.


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steelydan wrote:
monostereo wrote:

Handbags ladies.

sorry Mono...it's just it has taken 7 series for any excitement to happen. Ironically one of my old school mates is a stuntman on the show and he said exactly the same thing.

Fair enough!


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Handbags ladies.

LOL.  Unfortunately I've now got a detailed picture in my mind of his whole body spasming in time to that muffled trumpet at 14 seconds.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

run by fat cunt sexpat Yorkshiremen with their Pinoy wives


millsy23 wrote:

While we're sharing. I much prefer dubnobass to Leftism. Glad to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening.

We're always here for you hun xx

Can I just shock you.  I prefer Airdrawndagger to both Leftism and Rhythm & Stealth.   It's clearly subjective and trying to draw a meaningful comparison is pointless and tiresome.

Anyway my dads harder then yours.