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theyre all just as bad for you

Citation please.

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Got it.

Noir - 'Bataille'

yeh good track this

  The track actually sounds much better when it's clipping in that slightly low-fi phone recording way.  Listening to the actual recording reveals it to be a pony sounding slab of BSPF(TM).  Meh.


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Right out of the box the Bedrock Subwoofer "B" shirt changed my life.  It's right up there with my wolf T-Shirt in terms of compliments.   I wore it to the gym last week and hit PBs on every lift.

5/5 IMO

Bloke down the Bell n' Compass yesterday trying to flog Black Lace's entire back catalog, a flymo and a pair of secateurs.  Not sure if relevant?

In all seriousness Kevin, it might be worth making a list of all the records in your collection (that you can remember) and posting it here.  I reckon between us the Bedrock collective can plug a few gaps for you, gratis, given the circumstances.

i used to really enjoy radiohead a few years back around the time of Kid A/Amnesiac.  I particularly appreciated the band’s left turn after OK Computer. It was the only way really wasn't it.  A very smart move.

Even more enjoyable was the predictable response it provoked from those who enjoy a rousing sing-along to “creep” in their local club after having failed to pull due, in part, to spilling half a pint of Carlsberg Export down their smart black slacks from Next. 

I still enjoy bits of their more electronic sounding stuff as it tends to be less introspective and a bit more immediate to my ears at least. 

Anyway “Burn the witch” is a great tune but could of easily sat on one of York’s solo efforts, which kind of begs the question: whats the fucking point in it all?

After that promising start the album quickly tails off into endless get the shots in Barry shoe gazing mode.  The bourgeoisie already have this band pegged in the same bracket as “The Bead-ulls”/Presto's Crisps/it ain't arf hot mum!/Steven Fry’s bum.  They are in danger of turning into a "national treasure". An irrelevance.  They should disband immediately. 

2/5 IMO.


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He's still looking well for his age though init?


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Devon wearing just a shirt, loosened paisley tie and black socks/shoes masturbating furiously in a burgundy leather Chesterfield in the corner.




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iTunes is a shambles.  Why Apple insist on one single application that does everything from device management through to online shopping and music streaming is beyond me.  It's a bloated fucking mess which I used to put up with due to using an iPhone and a Mac. 

Used to use streaming services but don't really trust "the cloud" which is ironic really given my line of work.  So I fucked it all off and bought myself a Synology NAS box and bunged my entire collection of stuff on that. I can stream stuff via DNLA to my hifi or any other device across the net and not worry about my collection suddenly disappearing.  Owning your own shit for the win.


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In general I think the fantasy genre is shit. 

However. I do enjoy various games and also have a keen interest in cod-medieval furniture (specifically thrones). I'm a big fan of this television program as it combines the two nicely.  smile smile smile smile

The only thing that gets on my tits about this show is the fact that horses are used like cars.  Why is the evil wizard that lives in the floating castle constantly looking for his fucking keys? sad sad sad sad

The Macc Lads - Fat Bastard


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If this clip is for real then fair play to Big Fella here. Chronic diarrhoea is now bang on trend/bang on message @ #Clubland.  Not that any of you jaded old cunts would know about it of course. 

Ricardo Villalobos often holds a microphone up against his harris as he squirts out the brown during his more "flamboyant" sets in Berghain, whilst Ivan Smagghe now includes Buscopan tablets on his rider.


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Just driven passed a pair of purple velvet strides draped over the railings in front of McDonald's in Shoreditch. 

A fitting tribute to the man, i'm sure you'll all agree.


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Listening to one of his songs right now, the one that goes "Whooo Hooo hooo whoo-hoo". I'm literally crying tears of purple rain. 

The verse where he rhymes the words "Delores" with "brontosaurus" just set me off again.

Grant wrote:

Snowtown is some powerful film alright.

Agreed. Warp Films seem to have a real knack for making films that stay with you.

I found Daniel Henshall's character "Jon" particularly unsettling.

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ID for this would be good.



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I've said it before, I'll say it again... play Wonderwall or Don't Look Back in Anger in any pub any day of the week around the world... and you'll have at least 50% of the crowd singing along.


Rhouses.  Please rate the record below out of 5.  Please be honest in your appraisal:

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anyone posted this up yet? Bill having a natter with Sasha.

http://www.datatransmission.co.uk/news/ … versation/

Thanks for that Bill Brewster link fella.   Good listen that was.   Interesting that "cheekypaul" from the GU crew was involved

On the other hand that Guardian abortion is about par for a Sasha interview.  The constant factor in all of this poor bloke's interviews seems to be a glorified past that can never be recreated.  Respect to Brewster for scratching below.

As for the album itself.  I got round to listening to it tonight. At the risk of sounding like a kiss-my-girlfriend mong I reckon the first 2 thirds of this album are exceptional.  It's got a deftness of touch missing from anything post Airdrawndagger.  This reminds me of the melancholic sound that drew us all in.

For example the track that starts at 42:00 seems reminiscent of those incidental loopy techno records he used to drop as "bridges" during his early sets at fabric . The type of hypnotic stuff you get completely lost in when high on drugs,  all while having your testis groped by some vested Spanish tourist in room 1. 

Mans still got an ear for a tune, even without Mr May.  Bring on his next record in 2026

4/5 IMO.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Considering Sasha is playing at Fabric

Nice one.  Might dust off the old white whistle n' horn for this.

millsy23 wrote:

lol @ mono. Prog poetry.

There was a young DJ from Wales,
Whose career was a series of fails,
He called on his mate,
And agreed on a date,
To impress a bunch of 40-something males.


Henry Rindhoops wrote:

That's beautiful. It really is. Did you write some poetry about it at all?

Here's a quick one i wrote whilst queuing for a piss:

There was an old DJ with a beard
Who said, "it’s just how I feared!
Two owls and a hen
Four larks and a wren
Have all built their nests in my [progressive house] beard.

Great stuff from Bodzin.  Surely the man of the moment.  Toying with the idea of making the effor t see him at fabers this sunday


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I was woken up by this band a few years back while living in an 8 person house share, when the thick black rimmed "media spectacled" tosspot FAT FUCKING SLAG downstairs decided to bang an albums worth out at 4am, on a fucking school night.  God I love my own house.

Anyways turns out this is a cracking tune.  The chorus is properly "rousing"


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Thoughts and prayers to Laurie Penny & her "non-standard feminist hairstyle" at this most difficult time.

Laurie Penny @PennyRed wrote:

This is a tragedy. The fact that misogynists and racists see it as an occasion to attack individuals says everything about them. #brussels

The Archetypal Misery Of Noise lineup.

Morillo in room 2 yeah? Hold tight for temporary loss of peripheral vision caused by strobe lights reflecting off his smooth dark slaphead.

2/5 imo