I came out of school thicker than when I went in. Hope you're not too scarred smile

His case is to be reopened: … opens-case

I also think he's guilty, he'll be displeased to hear.

Thanks for listening all, much obliged.

Grew up in Luton, prison would be a picnic.


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Thanks for all the feedback chaps!

Hello all,

After quite a long hiatus I've decided to return to the podcast world. The first episode came out at exactly 66 minutes, so I thought I might as well make them all that length.

Hope you enjoy it, and any feedback/constructive criticism will be welcomed as I try to improve with every show. … ober-2015/ … tober-2015

Kidnap Kid - Fall (Oxia remix) [FFRR]
Spettro - Get Tropical [Get Physical]
Phon.o - SOAG [BPitch Control]
GAPS - All Me, All You (Alex Arnout remix) [I/AM/ME]
Milton Jackson - Territory [Tsuba]
Jose Padilla - Lollipop (I:Cube remix) [International Feel]
Tuff City Kids - Highlights feat. Shan [Permanent Vacation]
Schlepp Geist - Tura [Connaisseur Recordings]
Right On - Wir Wissen [Gruuv]
Kate Simko & Tevo Howard - Beat Behaviour feat. Jem Cooke [Last Night On Earth]
NiCe7 - Dark Walls (Paul C & Paolo Martini remix) [Noir Music]
Jiggler - Dancing With Androids [Tonkind]
Rich Vom Dorf - Complication [Ton Liebt Klang]
Right On - Augen Zu [Gruuv]

Going to see him do some 'performance' with an orchestra on Saturday, so I better avoid that clip.

Thanks all

Despacio Soundsystem
Danton Eeprom
Patrice Baumel

Where can I hear the Kumquat mixes?


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Warmed up for him in Miami a few years back. People were only starting to filter in by the time he was due on, so he let me play for another hour. Lovely chap.

No idea, seemingly some guys who rush home inspired by what they've heard. The mixes are great.

They must also Shazam there even more than me, and I do A LOT - shameful behaviour.

jules72 wrote:

... time to check whether Despacio have any mixes on the net and try and catch them one of these days - one big regret i have is not seeing Murphy's LCD Soundsystem live when they were together.

They did a studio mix for B Traits' Radio 1 show a few months back, but the best representations are from these guys: … -by-dylan/ … -by-dylan/

Been to a few of them; they are amazing and have almost singlehandedly revived my love of clubbing.

I imagine they're the closest thing to the parties Holloway, Oakenfold, Rampling and co discovered in Ibiza.

I bore all my friends to tears going on about them and insisting they all go.

Made me want to punch the nearest woman.

poirot wrote:

Greatest ever remixes?  This unsurprisingly has turned into 'Chuck in any old remix I happen to like'. Or just name as many remixes as you possibly can.

Poor thread control. Should have laid the law down early.

On the whole, an absolutely tragic read. Amehyst remix of Robbie Williams FFS.


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To echo what many have said already, from 1991 to 1993 the two Colin's (backed up by Judge Jules' Friday night show) were my main sources of music and I still have many of their shows on dusty C90s.

Although Abstrakt Dance was for me the better show (if only quantified by the amount of music it caused me to buy), Faver regularly introduced me to belters such as:

Dragon Fly - Visions Of Rage

Outlander - Vamp

A Homeboy, Hippie & A Funky Dredd - Freedom

Wow they really dug deep to get that list.

Mr Poirot, I genuinely cannot take my eyes off that watch. It reminds me of when Homer Simpson designed that car. Definitely a collectors item you'll be able to cash in on one day, so fair play.

Speaking of collectable, here's my grail watch - a rare Speedmaster from 1975, commemorating the space docking of the Apollo and Soyuz that year:

loopdokter wrote:
staygold wrote:

Toronto is/was ace and I shall buy this book on my next visit #thereIsaidit

I've always enjoyed the times I've caught you play Quiggers. 

FYI, you can grab it on for $21.99, so it would be cheaper than grabbing it from the publisher.

Thanks squire.

Toronto is/was ace and I shall buy this book on my next visit #thereIsaidit … ve-ecstasy


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Amps wrote:

Used to regularly play 5/6 hour sets, always thought the best approach was stringing together lots of little pre planed bits.

I'm in this camp. When I discover two tracks that 'belong' together, I'll make a note of it. Doesn't necessarily mean I'll play them together in a live setting as the vibe might not lend itself to it, but I would always have that to fall back on.

Take a certain Welsh DJ for instance. Remember when you came home from a party waxing lyrical about how he played this tune with that; perhaps the basslines swapped at just the right time, or the intros/outros met at just the right think they were coincidences? It was the result of hours of practice. People turning their noses up at pre-planned mixes always baffled me.

Finding two records together that when played together make a third - that's what always floated my boat. Hell, I bought decks after listening to Ralph Lawson mix two particular records together on an E-Mix, and I wanted to replicate that mix.

Nowadays the Welshman doesn't bother with it anymore, and the sets are significantly poorer for it - it was his USP.

dutchy101 wrote:
staygold wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Track ids?  Recognise the last one but have no idea of the name.

4 For Money - Moment In Time

Nice one Quiggers.  You old git.  Haha

I should clarify I wasn't old enough to go clubbing in 1990!

But I was in 1993 sad

dutchy101 wrote:

Track ids?  Recognise the last one but have no idea of the name.

4 For Money - Moment In Time