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Disregarding the fact he's a bully and a coward, his music is poorly made, formulaic tosh. A perfect example of quantity over quality.


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seanc80 wrote:

How so Presto, would have thought he is pretty independent when it comes to production?


loopdokter wrote:
mr rossi wrote:

Steve Anderson.The other half of BIR.Was he head of Stress records as well.

There were 3 people to Brothers In Rhythm: Steve Anderson, Alan Bremner and Dave Seaman.

It would appear Mr. Anderson has moved into the pop world:

Alan is still doing music as well, but I think more in the world of scoring music for film and commercials, but is mostly doing photography these days -

Alan works for Apple, don't know where you got that film scoring idea from. He did produce stuff as Freefall (maybe ghost produce others) and also programmed/mixed various compilations for DJs #canofworms

His photography is his bit on the side.

My nominations:

DJ Buck
Pure Science
Serge Santiago

Phil is a teacher now, but still does his own night in Brum every month. He, like you Dan, spun at my wedding.

Dr2DJ-(NR) wrote:

Predicted Track of 2012

DJ Dimitri (the Dutch one) 1994
Leftfield 1994
Ralph Lawson 1994

David Holmes 1997
Digweed 1999

Nothing from recent times that really sticks in my head

MJH wrote:

Aled Jones.

PunBB bbcode test

an occasional poster's brother in law (not me for the record)

I've ordered some smile

loopdokter wrote:

Jackpot are apparently about to relaunch.

Oh, great.

I can see that being house music's equivalent to the Star Wars prequels.

I think it the real reason people are asking for this is because they are producers who want their tracks to appear in the genre charts

I need to do this with all my old vinyl


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ExTractorFan wrote:

You could argue that Casio is just as much a classic as a Rolex, Omega etc.

I have an IWC Mark XVI and a vintage Omega Seamaster which belonged to my wife's grandfather. Explorer II next on my list, but Mrs Q wants a Patek Philippe...uhoh.


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Based on that paragraph she sounds like a twat

Oceanic - 'Insanity'


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I had to block that guy from FB because he kept tagging me in flyers which he had obviously made himself, stuff like him playing MOS with Sven Vath and Jimpster (he could have at least did his homework with his line ups).

Absolute lunatic.


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Diynamic party at The Victor - ace
Everything else - meh

Rodriguez Jnr
The Timewriter

Dennis Ferrer - Transitions


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JD rocking a Panerai there?


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Dan played at my wedding, what more credentials could anyone want/need?


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I should add that is was a long illness during which she never complained once, in public at least. A true tour de force for courage, class and compassion.

If you were lucky enough to have known her, you'll know that she loved to party. So the best tribute we can give this weekend is to rave it up in true Leslie fashion smile